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  1. MOC Vober Dand Manager Emeritus

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    I was watching ANH the other night and I particularly enjoyed the performance of Peter Cushing as Tarkin.
  2. Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost

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    Updated list:

    1. Tarkin
    2. Dooku
    3.Obi-Wan (Ewan)
    4. Luke
    5. R2
  3. PiettsHat Jedi Grand Master

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    Just out of curiosity, but why did you specify Ewan's Obi-Wan? I too prefer Ewan McGregor's version. That's not to say that Alec Guinness did a poor job, but I preferred the way the character was handled in the PT.
  4. Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost

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    Basically the same reason you stated. I thought Ewan's handling of the character was better and much easier to understand and relate to. I don't mind Sir Alec it's just he's not well explored we have more time with Ewan's. I do wish people would stop saying Alec's Old Ben lied though. It's not his fault the OT and PT have different approaches.
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  5. MOC Vober Dand Manager Emeritus

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    Poor old Sir Alec / Ben was a casualty of make it up as you go along storytelling.
  6. Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost

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    Yes he was and he gets labelled liar when it isn't his fault. I think it's rather unfair.
  7. Ilias Karagiannis Jedi Youngling

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    1.Luke Skywalker
    2.Han Solo
    4.Grand Moff Tarkin
    5.Wedge Antilles
    6.Boba Fett
    7.Lando Calrissian
    8.General Ackbar
  8. MekaGojira3k Jedi Padawan

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    1. Darth Vader
    2. Han Solo
    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    4. Yoda
    5. R2-D2
    6. C-3PO
    7. Boba Fett
    8. Jabba the Hutt
    9. Emperor Palpatine
    10. General Grievous
  9. Rolf Larsen Jedi Youngling

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    In order from most favorite to least favorite:

    -Obi-Wan Kenobi (both trilogies)
    -Yoda (both trilogies)
    -Darth Vader (both trilogies)
    -Qui-Gon Jinn
    -Darth Maul
    -R2-D2 (both trilogies)
    -Mace Windu
    -Anakin Skywalker
    -General Grevious
    -C-3PO (both trilogies)
    -Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine/the Emporer (both trilogies)
    -Chewbacca (both trilogies)
    -Han Solo
    -Boba Fett (both trilogies, didn't mind his character at all in Attack of the Clones)
    -Jango Fett
    -Any regular droideka
    -Luke Skywalker
    -Any battle droid
    -Any super battle droid

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  10. NileQT87 Jedi Master

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    1. Han Solo
    2. Luke Skywalker
    3. Leia Organa
    4. Chewbacca
    5. Lando Calrissian
    6. Emperor Palpatine
    7. Darth Vader
    8. R2-D2
    9. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    10. Grand Moff Tarkin
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  11. Darth Ardyti Jedi Padawan

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    In no particular order (because it would be subject to change depending on mood), and my short version:

    R2-D2 (both trilogies)
    Leia (specifically in ANH)
    Luke (more so in ESB)
  12. MOC Vober Dand Manager Emeritus

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    I haven't put a list down because I keep changing it around, but I have discovered that the top places in my list are invariably dominated by non-Force users. Hmmmm...
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  13. Pearlsaber Jedi Master

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    1. Luke
    2. Han
    3. Yoda
    4. Sidious/Palpatine
    5. Qui Gon
    6. Obi Wan
    6. Mace Windu
    7. Ani/Vader
  14. Redneck Jedi Jedi Youngling

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    Top 3
    Qui Gon Jinn
    Boba Fett
  15. Padmes_love_slave24 Jedi Master

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    I know I am going to touch a nerve with many when I go on this rant but here goes, whenver I see someone rated Han Solo as their favorite Star Wars character I am guessing they must be a casual Star Wars fan and not a devoted fan. I know this is all subjective but I don't know how someone comes way watching the OT not having Darth Vader as their favorite character. To me Han is a great supporting character, he is just a notch above Boba Fett as someone fans want to give way too much increased importance to. Yes I know he saved Luke's life twice and he was a key leader in the rebellion, still he wasn't irreplacable. Luke and Leia were irraplacable so much was on their shoulders if either of them failed it would be a key victory for the empire. I will always think Lucas put Han's character to attract the casual viewer who would have otherwise said what are all these weird sci-fi characters in this movie, Han is the renegade cowboy that viewers related to. Even with a new hope which is many people's first Star Wars movie they watched I thought the movie was more Luke's journey and the mission to rescue a captive princess.

    Here is my top 10:

    1.Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker
    2.Luke Skywalker
    4.Emperor Palpaltine
    5.Amidala/Leia: TIE
    6.Obi Wan Kenobi
    8.Qui Gon
    9.Darth Maul
    10.C3PO and R2D2
  16. Darth Maul Apprentice Jedi Knight

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  17. GrandMoffMoff Jedi Master

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    1. R2
    2. Luke
    3. Anakin
    4. Palpatine
    5. Yoda
    6. Han
    7. Chewie
    8. Maul
    9. Jango
    10. Obi
  18. skyrimcat9416 Jedi Knight

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    1. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
    2. Qui-Gon Jinn
    3. Darth Maul
    4. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    5. Han Solo
    6. Mace Windu
    7. Count Dooku
    8. Padme Amidala
    9. Sidious and Yoda
    10. Jabba the Hut
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  19. Matthew_Wolverine Jedi Master

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    My current Top 10 (subject to change periodically)

    1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (helped by the fact that I read Kenobi last month but would be in the top 5 regardless)
    2. Luke Skywalker
    3. Han Solo
    4. Darth Vader
    5. R2D2
    6. Yoda
    7. Leia Organa
    8. Qui-Gon Jinn
    9. Padme Amidala
    10. C-3PO
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  20. BenKenobi1138 Jedi Youngling

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    1.Obi-wan Kenobi
    2. Boba Fett
    3. Aayla Secura
    4. Jango Fett
    5. Lando Calrissian
    6. Han Solo
    7. Padme
    8. Leia
    9. Zuckuss
    10. C-3PO
  21. Darth Dominikkus Jedi Knight

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    1. Anakin
    2. Yoda
    3. Padme (mostly because of Portman)
    4. Luke
    5. Kenobi
    6. Jinn
    7. Palpatine
    8. Boba Fett
    9. Han
    10. Leia
  22. Darth Dominikkus Jedi Knight

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    I enjoyed Maul's portion of TPM, but I feel like I would have liked him more if he was included in more of the movies, or had more screen time.
  23. Antlers Jedi Knight

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    I only need one slot:


    No one else matters.
  24. scooper121s Jedi Youngling

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    1. Yoda

    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    3. Qui-Gon Jinn

    4. Luke Skywalker

    5. R2-D2

    6. C-3PO

    7. Anakin Skywalker

    8. Han Solo

    9. Chewbacca

    10. Leia
  25. Oberst Hans Landa Jedi Knight

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    1. Luke
    2. OT Yoda
    3. Senator Palpatine/The Emperor
    4. C-3PO
    5. Chewbacca
    6. R2D2

    I've never been much of a Han Solo or Leia fan.
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