CT Favorite side charecters in ANH?.

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    Cheers :) .......I was meaning the original 1970s line of characters.....he's such a cool looking alien
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    The droid on the right. I dunno, he seems like the loneliest, most pathetic droid in the galaxy.

    Oh and in this scene, that Grand Admiral (? No gold shoulder tassels like Thrawn though) on the left. What's his story?
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    The Grand Admiral has been retconed into being an older Admiral Yularen from the clone wars cartoon per Wookiepedia.

    now my favorites from A New Hope are

    1.Wedge Antilles
    2. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes also know as the cantina band.
    3. Chief bast(the guy who warns tarkin that the rebel plan may pose a danger and asks if he should prepare tarkins shuttle)
    4. Kabe the Chadra fan who is getting a drink at the bar in the cantina(Kabe has one of the coolest EU backstories too, in the EU she is the adopted daughter of Muftak the Talz that is scene in the catina, the mental image of a Talz carrying a drunk Chadra-fan is hilarous.
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    Chief Bast, Biggs Darklighter, Admiral Motti, General Tagge, General Dodonna.
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    Did the guy in the white have a name other than Yularen before TCW?
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    Wedge, Biggs, Red Leader, Pops, Porkins, Tyree, Hutch, Gold Leader... Are you sensing a pattern here? FYI, I am a pilot.
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