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  1. DAKAI_SERAKI Jedi Youngling

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    lol I wanted to post a topic where ppl can post their favorite quotes. well here i go!

    "He who laughs last, thinks slowest"~my freind Rei


    "you must be like water, if you want to master any martial art. water can help, aswell as destroy. when you put water in a container, it assumes the shape of the container, thus 'becoming' the container. you must relax and 'become' your surroundings to master any form of fighing"~Bruce Lee


    "martial arts is not all fighing and brutality; there's a softer side that not many people see because of the movies"~Chan Kong Sang (AKA: jackie chan)


    "Let's paaaaaarrrrtyyyyy!"some guy from my school named john.

    "sit down, John!"~my Math teacher.
  2. Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan

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    *Eye twitches*

    *** School ***

    "If I need repeating, I?ll get a parrot.? --- Mrs. Macintosh

    ?I love your pants Rachel!? --- Angela
    ?Hey Rachel! There?s a clown downstairs, he wants his pants back.? --- Shawn
    ?I?m sorry, I don?t consort with lower life forms.? --- Me
    ?Ha ha ha!? --- Everyone else

    ?Hey! Someone threw paper at me!? --- Samantha
    ?Me too!? --- Jessica
    ?Mr. Savant, Ricky is shooting paper out of his nose!? --- Me
    ?EW!? --- Sam and Jess

    ?Here?s the word.? --- Laura
    *Draws, no one guesses*
    ?What was it?? --- Alex
    ?Grande!? --- Laura
    ?How is that suppose to be grande?!? --- Karen
    ?I was trying to draw a Starbucks coffee mug!? --- Laura

    ?My brother never eats his lunch, he inhales it. At ninety miles per hour, it?s a extremly vile thing to watch!? --- Substitute Teacher

    ?If God went mad, who would save us?? --- Me

    ?I?m going to let you do pretty much what ever you want to your dream home, but try to keep it realistic. Don?t gold plate your walls.? --- Mr. Merchant
    ?I?d rather have cromium.? --- Shawn
    ?Shawn, your walls should be padded.? --- Me

    ?Hey, I got three bonus marks! No wait, four!? --- Micheal
    ?That?s just a smudge.? --- Rowan
    ?Oh fine, lower my self-esteem.? --- Micheal
    ?Okay, you're an idiot.? --- Rowan

    ?La la la la la la!? --- Max
    ?You can stop that anytime.? --- Micheal
    ?La la la la la-OW!? --- Max
    ?Thanks, Rowen.? --- Micheal
    ?He stabbed me!? --- Max
    ?Good.? --- Micheal

    ?ACHOO!? --- Me
    ?Bless you.? --- Ricky
    ?Thanks..... ACHOO!? --- Me
    ?Bless you times two.? --- Ricky

    ?Mr. Mah? Can you move Shawn?? --- Max
    ?....Into a box?? --- Sam

    ?Can you go number four again?? --- Robert
    ?Yes I can, but I?m not going to.? --- Mr. Gault

    ?Okay class, open your books to page 23, ?Tender Places?.? --- Mr. Gault
    ?Hey! I got a stamp in my book!? --- Ryan
    ?It?s suppose to be there.? --- Mr. Gault
    ?Does anyone else have a stamp on their tender places?? --- Ryan
    ?I can?t even get mad at that, it was such a good line.? --- Mr. Gault

    ?We could all try a little harder to get along? --- Mr. Jay
    *David throws pencils across class*
    ?OW!? --- Max
    ?I won?t even ask.? --- Mr. Jay

    "We have a test today?!" --- Al
    ?Wake up Al, you?re having a nightmare.? --- Mr. Jay

    ?What are you talking about?? --- Ms. Koo
    ?Raising the dead.? --- Andrew
    ?That?s not appropriate for Math Class? --- Ms. Koo
    ?It?s Halloween? --- Jack
    ?I keep hearing all these weird things like ?he is your minion?, it?s disturbing.? --- Ms. Koo

    ?Bite me!? --- Keegan
    ?Oh, gum disease!? --- Al

    ?You?ve only done 3 questions in 20 minutes, that?s horrible and sad.? --- Ms. Koo

    ?Are we going to be disecting a human?? --- Al
    ?Only if you volunteer.? --- Mr. Jay

    "I'm a blond trapped in a brunettes body." --- Angela


    I have more...

  3. vaderdude_3 Jedi Youngling

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    "dee di diddle di do, i think you are a big fat ** dee di"-my friend

  4. AT-ST_DRIVER Jedi Padawan

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    [link=] click here for my quotes and some songs [/link]
  5. DAKAI_SERAKI Jedi Youngling

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    "Boba, I've told you a thousand times, quit playing near that sarlacc or one of these days you're going to fall in."~ Jango Fett from the 'father knows best' fanfic.
  6. Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan

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    "Insult Star Wars one more time and I'm goning to do the Wookiee stomp on your ass!"
  7. DAKAI_SERAKI Jedi Youngling

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    May 7, 2002
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