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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by blubeast1237, May 13, 2007.

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  1. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    It has been 20 years since the ?last? battle between Harry Potter and the Lord Voldemort. Although there were confirmations that Voldemort was destroyed in a flash of light, there were no reports of what happened to Potter and he has not been seen since. After the final battle, his best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were married and now live in London where Ronald works for the Ministry of Magic as an Auror and Hermione bases her S.P.E.W Headquarters.

    Ginny Weasley has currently taken over as the new Charms teacher. Ever since losing Harry she has never been the same. Neville Longbottom, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, convinced her to come and live in Hogwarts. There is a new Headmaster at Hogwarts and his name is Robert Glister, a fun loving, free spirited newcomer to Hogwarts. He has ordered new rules to fit and protect the new Hogwarts? students and teachers from an incident like the one that occurred in Hogwarts long ago that costs them their legendary Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

    The letters have been sent out to all new students who have magical capabilities and the returning students are eager to get the year started. The feeling of amazement and excitement for the new school year has never been more electrifying, yet the new Headmaster has never been so worried.

    The deathmark has not shined in many years, but Glistar has discovered something horrible. There has been an incident near London that has stirred the Magical Community. A group of self proclaimed Death Eaters, with ages ranging from 15 to 19, rose up and began attacking muggles and wizards at random. Though the group was quickly disposed of, Glistar suspects something is happening that involves the Dark Lord.

    Why would a group of teenagers suddenly rise up and take the name of Death Eaters?

    The Ministry dismissed it and said it was a bunch of crazy kid who were playing around, who wanted to scare people, Glistar suspects something sinister. The Headmaster understands that this is indeed a problem that needs to be investigated, but the New Year is starting and the students will not be turned away. The New Year awaits?

    Character Sheet


    You can be superior, average, or poor in these abilities, but you can only be superior at one.
    Magical Understanding:
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: (only if he/she plays)
    Best Class:

    Hair Color/style:
    Eye Color:
    Out of School clothes:
    Accessories: (Brooms, special cloaks, personal items, etc.)


    Hogwarts: Floors and Classes

    I created this list based off the things established in the books. I also did this so there will be no ?I went to the Potions room directly from Divination? statements made. It?s to show where everything is and where people are in relation to where they want to be. I?ve have added some rooms to the Castle as well.


    Potions Classroom- The potions room is quite large in comparison to some of the other Classrooms. The room is surrounded by jars of chemicals and animal parts. The storage room contains cauldrons, tubes, and other necessary equipment to potions. The room is abnormally colder than the rest of the school.

    Hufflepuff Common room- Though being located in the dungeons, it should be known that it is in fact not a dungeon, more of a cellar.

    Slytherin Common Room- This room is actually a Dungeon. Has greenish lighting and stays warm by an almost always ongoing fire because it is partially under the lake.


    Ground Floor:

    Great Hall- Has four tables lined up beside each other representing one of the four houses. The ceiling has the ability to show the actual weather outside.

    Entrance Hall- The main entrance to Hogwarts. The Hall is massive in size. It has a main staircase that leads to the First floor and two branching stairwells, one leading to the
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    Aug 9, 2003
    [hl=teal]GM APPROVED!!!![/hl]

    Character Sheet

    Name: Josephine ?Jo? Weasley
    Age: 11 (almost 12)
    Gender: Female
    House: ??????????????
    Year: First
    Relationships: Charlie Weasley?s daughter (who married a woman named Mary Ann Moore who also attended Hogwarts)

    Magical Abilities:
    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Poor
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class:
    -Above Average at Potions
    -Excels with magical creatures

    Hair Color/style: The Weasley?s red hair, worn long and keeps it curled in loose spirals
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: tall and lanky
    Out of School clothes: blue jeans and a simple t-shirt
    Wand: 10 inches, cherry wood, heart string of a Welsh Green Dragon
    Accessories: None
    Pet: Grey cat with blue eyes named Aria

    Traits: Personable, usually positive (except when stressed), but has quiet the temper towards those she doesn?t like. Procrastinates, but ALWAYS gets the job done.
    Likes: Just having a good time, and maybe creating a bit of trouble.
    Dislikes: Fake people and their fake agendas
    Habits: When nervous, she talks a lot and really fast.


    Growing up with a man of dragons and a woman who is the head for the Ministry of Magical Creatures, Jo naturally grew up with various kinds of experience with Magical Creatures. While her cousins and younger brother, Liam, played tricks on each other or zoomed around on their brooms on their family reunions at their grandparent?s, Jo was always capturing the local creatures to study and keep as pets.

    Josephine?s parents were excited when their oldest child got her acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately for Jo, it meant leaving her young Welsh Green, Frank, at home.

    Although her family is not as poor as what Charlie had grown up in, Jo did grow up in a slightly tight budgeted family. She wears hand-me-down clothes from her cousins, but nothing to ratty. New clothes, although not common, is nothing big for her family.

    All set with her school gear (new robs, a wand, new caldron, new and hand-me-down books), Jo awaits her first day of class with excitement? and dread.
  3. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004

    This is basically the same character I had in the last HP RPG, with some small changes made.

    Name: Lilly-Rose Weasley (was born Lilly-Rose Carter)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    House: Gryffindor
    Year: 6

    No close friends.

    Acquaintances: Hogwarts students, teachers.
    (though no longer in contact): Father Richard Carter, Mother Clara Ann, elder brother Jonathon, and elder sister Kathryn.
    Adoptive: Father Bill Weasley, Mother Fleur, Grandparents Arthur and Molly, 5 uncles, at least 4 aunts, and various cousins, among them Liam and Josephine.

    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: N/A
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: Charms

    Hair Color/style:
    Light reddish-blonde/straight, waist-length, either worn down or in a braid.
    Eye Color: Violet
    Build: Slender, stands at 5?5?
    Out of School clothes: Typically blue jeans and a shirt or sweater.
    Wand: Ash and unicorn hair, 10 and 3/4 inches.
    Accessories: Owns a ring that once belonged to her biological mother.
    Pet: Orange tabby cat (a former stray she found wandering the streets) named Soleil.

    Traits: Very quiet, shy girl, but generally friendly. Is a bit of a loner and tends to keep to herself, which has become somewhat difficult since she was adopted into the large Weasley family.
    Likes: Studying, reading in general.
    Dislikes: Bullies, having nothing to do.
    Habits: Likes to keep busy, and gets nervous and agitated when bored, often wandering around aimlessly.

    Biography: Lilly-Rose was born into a Muggle family, the youngest of three children. Her mother Clara Ann was a quiet, timid woman, but her father, Richard, was extremely controlling, and very religious. Although several strange incidents hinted at her raw magical talent, her parents did not consider the possibility until she turned eleven, and received her Hogwarts letter. Horrified, and completely ignoring his wife?s pleas, Richard drove Lilly-Rose from the house, warning her never to return. She found refuge at the local orphanage, where she spent her summer holidays, despite taunts from the other children. At school, however, she excelled in her studies, and made prefect her fifth year. Recently, she was adopted by Bill and Fleur Weasley, after being brought to their attention by Bill?s sister Ginny. Now, Lilly-Rose is trying to adjust to her new family, and while the incident in London has left her slightly unnerved, she is looking forward to the new term as she returns to Hogwarts for her sixth year.
  4. starwarsbeauty

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    Feb 1, 2005

    Character Sheet

    Name: Roxanna(Roxy) Tonks
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    House: Hufflepuff
    Year: 6th
    Relationships: Father and Mother: Joseph and Marie Louis Tonks, Uncle: Ted Tonks, Cousin: Nymphadora Tonks

    Magical Understanding: average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: none
    Dueling: poor
    Best Class: Muggle Studies

    Hair Color/style: Long, wavy, deep red hair, sometimes worn in a ponytail or bun or just left down
    Eye Color: green
    Build: Roxy is 5'2", fairly thin, looks quite fragile
    Out of School clothes: She will be found in the latest styles, jeans and a cute top or a dress of some sort
    Wand: 12" Rosewood and unicorn hair
    Accessories: Nimbus 2001
    Pet: Exotic cat named Muffin
    Personality: Roxy's personality is quite energetic. She is almost always happy and cheerful. Very few things can bring her down. She is loyal, caring, sweet, and always ready to give advice.
    Likes: People, animals, some classes, and fashion
    Dislikes: People who think they are better than others, some classes, snakes, spiders
    Habits: Bites the inside of her cheek when nervous

    Biography: Roxy was born in London to Joseph and Marie Tonks. Her mother stayed at home with her while her father worked as a banker. The idea of wizards and witches was completely unknown to her until the day she recieved a letter two months before her 11th birthday from her uncles Ted Tonks. He asked her if she had recieved a letter from Hogwarts.

    This letter stirred many emotions in her family. Roxy couldn't believe that her uncle had been kept secret or that she had an aunt and cousin who are witches. One month later she recieved a letter from Hogwarts telling of her acceptance into the school.

    This is Roxy's 6th year at Hogwarts. She scored well on her OWLs and can't wait to start this next year in school and get reunited with all her friends.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM Approved!

    Name: Thorbald Black
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    House: Gryffandor
    Year: 7th

    Relationships: (I'm stealing what you did, JMA, if you don't mind)
    No close friends.

    Biological: The entire Black family

    Adoptive: None

    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average
    Dueling: Superior
    Best Class: DADA

    Hair Color/style: Blond, shaggy
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: Muscular, but average build
    Out of School clothes: Indy Punk Rock
    Wand: 11", phoenix feather
    Accessories: Many books, as Thor is fascinated with magic and learning
    Pet: A cat named Nigel, and Owl named Theodore

    Traits: Calm, very analytical, great leadership ability
    Likes: Learning, magic, Quidditch, religions/philosophy, mature friends
    Dislikes: Immaturity, Dark Arts, Ignorance

    Born to the Black clan, Thorbald was never made aware of who his true parents were, or what had happened to them. As such, it would be safe to say that he was granted a bit more "freedom" than the average wizard of his age. With these liberties, Thor delved deeply into the world of the Dark Arts, and his family history. At the age of 10, Thorbald saw death for the first time--in the form of one of his family killing another, using an unforgivable curse. Repulsed by this sight--as well as others he had seen throughout the years--Thorblad decided to strike it out on his own, never to see the Dark Arts again.

    Life on the streets is tough for anybody, let alone those of ten years of age. Thor was continually fighting for his life, and he became a very good duelist. Having to literally fight for every meal, Thor did not have time to pursue his true passion, which was magical understanding, but he did exhibit an unusually high aptitude for magic. So it is no surprise that when Thor received his letter inviting him to Hogwarts, he jumped on the opportunity. For the first time in his life, Thor was given the opportunity to make friends, and actually learn about magic and its uses. Naturally, the young man excelled, and made many friends (including those who taught him)--though none of them very close. As he enters his seventh year, Thor is working towards becoming and Auror (encouraged by all who know him and his abilities), and is expected to do great things with his life, he is also looking for (though he would never admit this) a group of good, reliable friends.
  6. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved by a certain friendly Blubeast. If he wasn't friendly I wouldn't be approved

    Name: Deatrimijous Clark (called D, even by some professors)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    House: Gryffindor
    Year: 4th
    Relationships: Uncle Hunt

    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Superior (Seeker)
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts

    Hair Color/style: Red/ Fine Shoulder Length
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: Tall Muscular
    Out of School clothes: Jeans and T-shirt
    Wand: 13 in, Willow, Dragon Heartstring
    Accessories: New Dark Dragon Broomstick, Mood Changing Necklace
    Pet: Jet Black Horned Owl
    Traits: Well-liked, Funny, Natural Leader
    Likes: Lake, Quidditch
    Dislikes: Dark Arts, Death
    Habits: Drums on tables, cracks knuckles

    Biography: Born in London, his parents were originally from London, along with his British brother but moved to Florida. They moved back when he was 2 years old. He only remembers a little about America. His total time was only about a year. All of D?s family are witches and wizards. His parents were part of the original order of the Pheonix. They moved away after Voldemort?s fall. D is a lot younger than his brother by 20 years.

    When D?s family came back to London they were killed in a Death Eater stunt. His brother was killed as well but they surprisingly left D alone. A retired wizard heard what happened and claimed to be the boy?s uncle and took him from a foster care. Gregory was his name and he had once taught at Hogwarts. When D was 11 and got his letter his ?uncle? paid for all of his supplies and saw him. His uncle, also being mischievous himself, bought him a broomstick. He tried to send it to him first year but was denied. So when D got it second year he went on all of the time. He made the Gryffindor team that year also.
  7. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    [hl=black]Beast Approved[/hl]

    Name: Drucilla Lestrange
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    House: Slytherin
    Year: 6
    Relationships: Daughter of Nina and Jared Lestrange. She is the grand daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. She is of Pure Blood and her family has always been in the forefront of the Dark Lord Voldermorts movement in the past. Her family still believes in it as well as she.

    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average, Seeker
    Dueling: Very Good top of her year - Superior
    Best Class: DADA

    Hair Color/style: Long Blond hair to her waist
    Eye Color: Striking Deep Icy Blue
    Build: Athletic, but feminine
    Out of School clothes: Dark clothing very gothic attire
    Wand: Phoenix Feather with Mahogony 11'
    Accessories: The latest edition that money can afford. The Dragon Fire
    Pet: Black Cat named Isis

    Traits: She is a very aggressive and quick witted. She has a sharp tongue that can sting with words.
    Likes: She loves the Dark Arts and only associates with purebloods and Slytherins. Is a supporter of the Dark Lord Voldermort
    Dislikes: Mudbloods, Traitors, Gryffyndor and anything that reminds her of Harry Potter
    Habits: She is very sneaky and likes to know everyones business.

    Biography: She is the grand daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. She is of Pure Blood and her family has always been in the forefront of the Dark Lord Voldermorts movement in the past. Her family still believes in it as well as she.

    Drucilla had learned alot of jinxes and spells even before she went to Hogwarts. It was common among her family to make sure their children get a head start in the wizarding world.

    Pressure was always on her to be the best and to not let any mudbloods pass her on anything school related or not. So Dru made sure to keep her studies up. She was top of her year and Capt. of the Slytherin Quidditch team. She and her friends usually picked on the lesser people which is a Slytherin tradition.

    The Dark Arts was also a favorite of hers and she was always making new type of spells and potions which the teachers never knew. What she wanted most was to make her family proud by following in their footsteps of ridding the school of mudbloods and those who were traitors to their own kind. It wasnt an easy job for it meant secrecy for the teachers of Hogwarts were afraid of the past. Dru wouldnt stop until she found a way to continue what her family and Lord Voldermort had started.
  8. Tog

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Gm Approved

    Name: Territ Goere
    Race: Goblin
    Age: 56
    Gender: Male
    House: RavenClaw
    Year: Graduated
    Relationships: Sister: Shion Hori
    Job at Hogworts: Care Taker

    You can be superior, average, or poor in these abilities, but you can only be superior at one.
    Magical Understanding: Superior in Curses
    Dueling: None
    Best Class: Was Curses

    Hair Color/style: Bald
    Eye Color: Light Green
    Skin: Black
    Build: Strong and fit for a goblin
    Out of School clothes: Black and Gray robe.
    Wand: Dragon Scale and Werewolf fur
    Accessories: Marauder?s Map, donated to the school by Harry Potter
    Pet: A Black Crow
    Personality: Grumpy
    Traits: Keeps to himself
    Likes: Takeing a nap next to the womping willow that seems to like him
    Dislikes: Troublesum Students
    Habits: Flick all his fingers and lean back in chairs

    Biography: Territ was born in London to Fedre Goere and Sisu Goere. On the day he was born a wizard barged in and cursed Territ for no reason at all, Territ's skin went pitch black. Territ got regular goblin schooling and was teased often for his black skin, then he got a letter from Hogworts and went to school and was put into the Ravenclaw house. He graduated with curses as his major, he went on to work at Gringots for a while.
    Around the age of 40 Territ was fired cause of the break in at the Sorcerer?s Stone empty vault. He found small work over the wizarding world, from broom polisher to wand crafter. He later took over Filchs old job when he retired.
  9. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    [hl=teal]Stamped with Beast Approval[/hl]

    Name: Victoria ?Tory? Riddle
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    House: ????????
    Year: First
    Relationships: Granddaughter to Tom Riddle (Voldemort), but lineage was hidden from Tory?s father until after Harry?s second defeat of Voldemort, when He changed his name to his father?s rightful last name. Tom Riddle didn?t even know of his child, for the mother hid in fear of him.

    Magical Abilities
    Magical Understanding: Average
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: average, could develop into a decent player.
    Dueling: average, but has quite the room to grow!!
    Best Class:
    -Excels at the Defense against the Dark Arts.

    Hair Color/style: long dark brown hair with long side bangs that she allows to hang over her left eye.
    Eye Color: large sad blue eyes
    Build: average height and build
    Out of School clothes: blue jeans and dressy t-shirts
    Wand: 15 inch, oak, unicorn hair
    Accessories: thin glasses, that she hates wearing
    Pet: A brown and white owl named Vinny

    Traits: Quiet, and used to being by herself. Isn?t shy, but is used to people hating her for who her grandfather is.
    Likes: Reading and watching people
    Dislikes: People judging her before they know her.
    Habits: Tends to stay away from large crowds, but close enough to watch what?s going on.


    Victoria grew up in a normal home, secluded just outside London. Her father made sure to keep people far away from their humble home, but try as he might, Timothy Riddle couldn?t keep everyone out. Victoria usually stayed in her room, reading books, ignoring the people at the edge of their property calling them ?the spawn of evil?.

    Timothy almost didn?t allow his daughter to attend Hogwarts, but she begged night and day until he allowed her to go. ?Mum would?ve let me!? She?d cry softly, remembering her mother who had died when she was a small child. ?Let me do this. I can do this.?

    When she woke up on her eleventh birthday, she received a card from her father, telling her he would allow her to attend the school.
  10. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Mighty Beast Character Sheet!!

    Name:Headmaster Robert Glistar
    Age: 53
    Gender: Male
    House: Hufflepuff
    Year: Graduated/Head of House
    Relationships: Friends with all students.

    Magical Understanding: Superior
    Dueling: Superior
    Best Class: Potions Master

    Hair Color/style: Long silver hair that goes down his back.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: Large and muscular for his age.
    Out of School clothes: White pants and loose long sleeve white shirt.
    Wand: Hungarian Horntail and Phoenix Feather intertwined core. Mahogany wood. 17 in.
    Accessories: Magic Carpet.
    Pet: White and Black 40 foot Reticulated Python. It roams the school freely.
    Traits: Very loud and talkative
    Likes: Quidditch, lake, broomsticks, studying, and making potions.
    Dislikes: Dark Arts, ignorance, muggles but doesn't discriminate, fighting.
    Habits: Tends to laugh and gets angry when students are mistreated and misjudged. Walks around school alot, but at other times can never be found.
    Biography: Glistar has traveled the world and explored many kinds of Magic. He was just beginning in the Ministry of Magic as Head Auror when Dumbledore was killed. Angry that his old teacher was killed, he led campaigns against the Death Eaters and killed many of them, becoming a legend in the Ministry. He was the only one present at the final duel between Voldemort and Harry Potter. It has been suspected that he might have seen what happened to the two great wizards at the end, but to this day he has never told anyone the entire story, only stating that there was never a brighter light in all of history. People have said that he is either the most loyal Death Eater of all, or, as he has become known throughout the wizarding world,El mago que es silencioso al sepulcro, or The Magician who is quiet to the Tomb.

    He was asked by the Ministry many years later to become the new Headmaster and he gladly accepted. Establishing certain rooms and rules to fit almost any potential danger, Glistar is ready to present himself to the students, hoping for a kind reception.
  11. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    GM OOC: Okay guys. Just wanted to say I'm very happy with the response and support you all have given to this RPG. We will be starting soon, I'm just giving everyone a chance to read it and submit sheets if they want to.

    We should start on either Thursday or Friday. I am eager to began and I hope you all are to.

    Thank You again.

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    Feb 13, 2003
    *Stamped with Beast Approval* :)

    Name: Kendrix McCully
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    House: Ravenclaw
    Year: 7
    Relationships: Aiden McCully (Magician father) Heather McCully (Muggle mother) Daisy (McCully familys golden labrador)

    Magical Understanding: Superior
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average, Ravenclaw goalkeeper
    Dueling: Average
    Best Class: Defense against the dark arts/Transfigeration

    Hair Color/style: Red Blonde just past shoulder length, naturally curly, usually tied back
    Eye Color: Blueish gray
    Build: Small for her age, average build not to big not too skinny
    Out of School clothes: Comfortable hooded top, jeans and baseball style shoes
    Wand: Rosewood 9 1/2 inches - unicorn hair
    Accessories: Quidditch broom, silver bracelet with a moonstone charm, journal and pen
    Pet: White and gray owl called Starr
    Traits: Studious, friendly and approachable, quite shy (especially when it comes to guys), spirited and determined, dry sense of humour, protective of her friends
    Likes: Reading and drawing, Quidditch, swimming (is a strong swimmer)
    Dislikes: Bullies, backstabbing, people using magic for malicious purposes, smoking
    Habits: Chewing on her nails when thinking or nervous

    Biography: Kendrix's was born in the north east of England in the outskirts of a large city. The child of a magician and a muggle, Kendrix was very gifted academically, which sometimes led her to be shunned by her peers. But despite that she lived a fairly uneventful life.

    But at times Kendrix was sure she saw strange things happening at home whenever she was around her father (who was a former ravenclaw). They were dismissed as an overactive imagination by her mother, until one day when he came home. He had been followed home from the leaky cauldron by a bad wizard and in a scuffle, became cursed and seriously ill. He made it home but collapsed in the living room in front of his terrified wife and daughter.

    A week or two later, before her 11th birthday. Kendrix heard her parents arguing about "telling Kendrix the truth" And everything came out in the open soon after. She recieved an acceptance to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry on the eve of her birthday. Her mother was against it but her father convinced her that it would be the best thing for Kendrix. After a lot of thought, Heather agreed and Kendrix left for hogwarts.

    Upon arrival the sorting hat chose her to be in Ravenclaw. After a few unsteady weeks, Kendrix eventually settled into Hogwarts, making friends and adjusting to the wizarding world, and her natural academic ability helped her greatly through her classes.

    Now beginning year 7, Kendrix is a capable student, especially in defence against the dark arts class and transfiguration. She is always on hand to help a student who needs it, eg, help with their studys or if they just need someone to talk too.
  13. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    SephyClone...with a non-droid Character?

    Will the Harry Potter RP change everything?

    GM Approved
    Name: Silas Boones
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    House: Unsorted
    Year: First
    [li]Parents: Lila (witch) and David (Muggle) Boones[/li]
    [li]Girlfriend: Allie Helmuth (Muggle)[/li]
    Magical Understanding: A natural born alchemist, loves mixing potions and outrageous magical candies. Even in his heavily Muggle-influenced home life, he spends a lot of time trying to find useful or palatable applications for the weeds in his father's garden or the more bitter of his father's liquor. Below average at most other skills
    Dueling: average-to-poor
    Best Class: Potions and Herbology.

    Hair Color/style: Dark Brown, usually combed the way his father 'makes' him do it, although now that he's away at Hogwarts, he hopes to finally be able to do what he wants with his hair: absolutely nothing
    Eye Color: Green
    Build: Average
    Out of School clothes: Muggle Casual
    Wand: Oak, with Unicorn Horn Core
    Pet: Stanley, a small pig that loves exotic herbs and spices almost as much as Silas. Known to sniff around for strange weeds and roots, and also tends to be the Guinea Pig for some of Silas' improvised potions.
    Personality: Silas is usually more comfortable with plants and animals than with people. He tends to believe that if he won't respond, you'll leave him to his work, but if you're persistant, you can get a conversation out of him.
    Traits: It's rare to find Silas without a pocketful of herbs or a mortar and pestle or an arsenal of homemade potions.
    Likes: Experimenting with new and unusual ingredients.
    Dislikes: Silas can rarely eat any food as it is served. He usually needs to make himself a sauce or seasoning on the spot for his food. Usually without trying the food in advance.

    Biography: David Boones married Lila Hummergum, and it wasn't until their first son, Silas, was born that David even learned he was married to a witch. The wizard's blood in both his wife and son isolated David, and he insisted that Silas not be exposed to any of that wizard business until he went to that blasted school, so he could at least have a few years with his son before he went off to things David could never hope to comprehend. Not wanting trouble, Lila assented.
    When Silas was found poking around the garden as a youngster, David chose to interpret this as a Muggle interest in gardening, and got very into it with his son. David ended up more interested in the gardening than Silas was. Silas was, of course, interested in little more than the various plants in the garden, not the garden itself. His natural potion-making aptitude carried over into the rest of his Muggle life; he first met Allie Helmuth when he offered her a potion to "make you even more pretty". She found the shy young boy cute, and they started going out as young Muggles do, watching movies and eating ice cream and sharing kisses. After learning about Hogwarts, Silas promised to send her an owl every week, filled with all the stories and fun stuff he learned and whatnot.
    And then he bought his supplies with his mom and hopped through to platform 9 and 3/4 and headed off to Hogwarts
  14. Darth_Sadis

    Darth_Sadis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 31, 2005
    CHARACTER SHEET (Approved)

    Name: Rhys Jiffer
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    House: Slytherin
    Year: 7th
    Relationships: Parents - Todd and Rania Jiffer.

    Magical Understanding: Superior
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Good / Seeker
    Dueling: Good
    Best Class: DADA

    Hair Color/style: Black, cropped
    Eye Color: Brown
    Build: Tall, average muscles
    Out of School clothes: Jeans, T-Shirts, Trainers
    Wand: 10 inch, ebony, phoenix core
    Accessories: Broom - Nimbus 2021, Green and black Slytherin Scarf with the abbreviation TMR sewn in
    Pet: Grey female owl called Faffle
    Traits: Smiley, happy, friendly, never talks about himself
    Likes: Muggle food, Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, Quidditch, Animals, Spellcasting, learning about the Dark Arts
    Dislikes: Other Slytherins, being betrayed
    Habits: Smiles awkwardly when nervous

    Biography: Rhys is a pureblood, born into a prestigious Wizarding family. He was instructed in magic by his mother at a very early age. His parents have been known to disappear oddly at times, leaving him with his House Elf which led to Rhys becoming a strong believer in giving Elves more rights (although being raised by a pureblood family he believes they shouldn't be freed from their positions).

    At the age of 10 Rhys received an invitation to Hogwarts and gleefully accepted. He arrived there and, after much Ooohing and Aaahming from the Sorting Hat, was placed in Slytherin as his parents had been. He immediately steered clear of his Housemates, choosing to associate with students from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff mainly. It was in his second year that he was enlisted as the Slytherin Seeker and has never been replaced since.

    Rhys studies hard and is top of his class in DADA. He is capable of spellcasting both verbally and silently and has mastered many of the spells he has been taught, some he hasn't (and some which fall under the category of "Unforgivable Curses"). Although he is a generally nice person, his studies often lead him into dark territory. At the age of 16 he had studied everything there was to know about Voldemort, and at 17 he had made friends with people whose parents had been Death Eaters.

    Rhys is known to most of Hogwarts as a nice guy but there are some who have made him angry and seen another side of him...
  15. Fanficfan

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Hey Sephy, if you ask really nicely blubeast might let you have some form of magical construct which would probably behave something like a droid ;)

    GM approved
    Name: Adam Guild.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    House: Gryffindor
    Year: 3rd year
    Relationships: Parents - David and Susan Guild (both magic)

    Magical Understanding: Average to Superior
    Quidditch Skills and/or Position: Average, trying out this year.
    Dueling: Poor to Average
    Best Class: Charms

    Hair Color/style: Brown, hair does it's own thing, which usually turns out ok. about 3 inches long
    Eye Color: Blue
    Build: Slight but with implied strength in his frame
    Out of School clothes: Jeans, funny t-shirt.
    Wand: 12 inches, willow, Unicorn hair
    Accessories: Firebolt, Collection of Weasely's Wizard Wheezes (WWW) products.
    Pet: Brown and white owl named Wiggan
    Personality: A bit of a prankster but he wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm someone.
    Traits: Tries to lighten up serious things with jokes, positive and friendly with almost everyone, always there for his friends.
    Likes: Practical jokes, interesting people, Charms
    Dislikes: Stupid people, people who can't take a joke, deliberately malicious people. History of Magic classes.
    Habits: Discreetly setting off WWW firecrackers in History of magic to liven up Proffessor Binns droning.

    Biography: Born into a pretty average Wizard family, Adam's parents were delighted when he got his letter for Hogwarts. They weren't so pleased when they saw his conduct report after his first year, but his marks nearly made up for it. In a subject he finds interesting Adam will go all out to be good at it, if there's nothing to interest him he's more likely to muck around and set of firecrackers. That said, even the in subjects he doesn't like he manages at least a pass.
  16. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: @Fanficfan [face_laugh]

    And first year is 11 y/o? Geeze, been too long since I read HP. I guess I should've had Silas be 11. Consider this an official revision to my CS:

    Age: 11

    That is all)
  17. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    This sheet is GraySaberFreque's sheet. Of course it is Approved!!

    Name: Ace Garlac
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    House: hufflepuff
    Year: four
    Relationships:Mother, Father who abandoned them.

    Magical Apptitude
    Magical Understanding: poor
    Quidditch Skills/Position: Average
    Dueling: poor
    Best Class: muggle studies

    Hair Color/style: Spiked, blonde
    Eye Color: green
    Build: average
    Out of School clothes: jeans,greenday shirt, sweatshirt
    Wand: 9' dragon heartstring
    Accessories: Muggle Technological equipment. Punk rocker items.
    Pet: owl
    Traits: Fun loving, creative,class-clownish,nice most of the time
    Likes:Writing, Muggle technology, muggle cities, muggle history,punk rock music and bands
    Dislikes: Wands, brooms, muggle-bashing,potions class
    Habits: Listening to Ipod,obssesing over muggle things, countering any anti-muggle argument he hears,buying muggle items over the internet.

    Ace is a normal teenager, victim to the corperate menace, listener to punk rock, and likes joking around and goofing off. The only thing that seperates him from this stereo-type, is that he is magical. The wizard part of his life came as shock that tenth summer. That was when he got the letter to Hogwarts, revealed his mom was infact a witch, and scared his father away.

    At that time, Ace was intergrated into the muggle community almost entirely. He went to elementary school, he had muggle friends, and had watched and listened to muggle media all his life. Yet his mother decided to send him to Hogwarts anyway.

    However, Ace still held strong ties to the muggle world. He wasn't attracted to quidditch and other magical things like the other students. He loved to play video games, participate in muggle sports, and by the time he turned 12, muggle music.

    So now, Ace considers himself a normal human, just thrown into this odd magical world. He barely passes his magical studies. However, he excels in Muggle studies. He has many muggle gadgets.
  18. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    GM OOC: I have written this starting and posted it early because of a certain bossy RPGer who shall go unnamed, for now...
    I have a post for the rest of you and I will be posting it later on today, so please be patient, Thank you.

    Unknown Area out side of London

    Newly elected Headmaster Robert Glistar walked quietly with his snake entangled around him, hissing in his ear. He had journeyed out, missing the arrival of the students, to get a special student, the granddaughter of Voldemort, Victoria Riddle.

    He had decided to pick her up especially because of the other students? attitude at her. It reminded him of when Dumbledore had told him about Harry Potter?s arrival to Hogwarts, only this reception wouldn?t be as nearly as pleasant. The students would express open dislike and disrespect for her, and might even go as far as attack her, not for deeds she had committed, only because of her heritage.

    Glistar stepped over a branch and moved some more out of the way and saw the house that had been so terribly treated over the years by muggles and wizards alike, the Riddle house. Glistar looked over at his personal apprentice and dear friend, Thorbald Black.

    The young man was one of the most promising students Hogwarts had ever produced. Glistar had spotted the young man 5 years ago in his 2nd year, and ever since became great friends. They had each been in great danger and had each helped each other out of it. Glistar thought the man had knowledge beyond his years. He had invited the young man here to see how Thor would act towards the Riddle.

    Glistar chuckled to himself and reached back and clasped his hand on the shoulder of Basil Fenris. The much older man looked as battle hardened as you would expect from a wizard of his trials. Fenris had been friends with the Dark Lord long ago, but announced that he was never a Death Eater. He was a great teacher and wonderful wizard of great knowledge. Fenris turned away from the house for a moment then immediately turned back.

    Glistar looked forward at the worn down house of the first year and looked at his companions again. ?Shall we gentlemen??

    Tag: Sabith, Leiahair, MASTERPRENN

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    Thorbald Black

    [blockquote]Thor's cold eyes quietly analyzed his surroundings. With a quiet sigh, he cursed himself. You're around good people, now. A quick shake of the head revealed his shaggy long hair. No matter how hard he tried, Thor just couldn't break his old habits. The habits that had kept him alive in so many situations where quite the opposite was expected. He knew that he had nothing to fear, now, being in the presence of two great wizards, but he simply couldn't shake his instincts. And he wasn't sold on the fact that that was a bad thing.

    The aspiring Auror was quite happy that he had been invited along on this very important mission, and he hoped to prove to all present (especially himself) that he really was all that he was cracked up to be. Thor never had much time for the hype surrounding him, but the pressures placed upon him did weigh on his heart, at times.

    Another quick shake, and Thor was back in his business mode. He turned to his Headmaster.

    "So, um, are we expecting any trouble with this girl? I mean...what's the plan once we get her? We escorting her back to Hogwarts? We can't be with her forever, you know..."

    TAG: Beast, All Involved

  20. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    The ground trembled with the fierceness of a thousand Giants stampeding as the Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmeade Station. The train had arrived at Platform 9 ¾ at 5 A.M by order of the new Headmaster Robert Glistar.

    The school had been run by a committee of the teachers for the earlier period before the Headmaster was elected. Headmaster Glistar kept the committee intact but demanded that he still be apart of all decisions. He had a plan for the school and it was a grand one that he hoped all the students, 1st years to 7th years alike, would enjoy. He had scheduled for the Hogwarts Express to arrive early and drop the students off at Hogsmeade Station for a particular special reason.

    Ginny Weasley, the Charms Professor for Hogwarts, raised her arms in welcome as the last couple of students stepped off of the train. She had grown experienced with public speaking ever since Headmaster Glistar had elected her Head of Gryffindor house. She waited until everyone had surrounded themselves with friends and gathered in little groups then pulled out her wand and pressed it to her throat, ?Attention students!? her amplified voice radiated through the station.

    ?Welcome all to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Professor Weasley, Head of Gryffindor House for those who don?t know me. I see some new faces that are as bright as can be, as well as some familiar faces.? She nodded at the familiar face of Lilly-Rose Weasley then continued. ?Headmaster Glistar is not present at the moment but I can say he wishes you all the best. Hopefully, he will be with us shortly. Now, most of you might have realized that the train arrived earlier than usual today than the previous years. Headmaster Glistar has requested that you all be allowed to associate and introduce yourselves to others in Hogsmeade for a little before the Grand Dinner. I and other teachers will be monitoring your actions so no trouble. Understood?? She said as she turned to a 3rd year, Adam Guild, who often made trouble for poor Professor Binns.

    Adam smiled and looked around at the older students that surrounded him. One student, Rhys Jiffer, smiled brightly at Adam when he looked at him. Rhys had paid attention to Professor Weasley throughout the speech, but now that he knew that they were going to hang out in Hogsmeade, he only thought about the friends that he wanted see and greet, since they had been out of touch during the summer. Friends like the beautiful red head Roxanna Tonks.

    Further back in the group that had just stepped off the train at the beginning of the speech, Josephine Weasley stood listening intently. She had drive to get things done and obviously this was an important announcement. She noticed that when Professor Weasley had said no trouble she had turned to a student in the front. The student might have been the person that set fireworks off in the History of Magic classes. Josephine smiled. She worked hard, but she could appreciate the playful nature of the prank.

    Next to her was another first year, Silas Boones, who stood shaking up a sauce he had made on the train. He was happy because he had heard that Headmaster Glistar had established one of the largest collections of gardens in the magical world. Silas was shaking the bottle out of sheer anticipation.

    He almost dropped his vial of sauce when he heard a very disturbing cracking sound. He looked around in shock only to discover that it was another student. Deatrimijous Clark stood a few meters away, cracking his knuckles, getting ready for the little trip the new Headmaster had arranged. D, as he was called, didn't notice that his knuckle cracking was starting to annoy other students. An older student put her hand on his shoulder in a signal that he should stop, soon. Her hand felt so gentle, D began to wonder why he had felt it in the first place. D turned around and saw a gorgeous older female, a Ravenclaw he determined by her robes.

  21. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Lilly-Rose Weasley
    Hogsmeade Station

    Lilly-Rose listened intently to Professor Weasley's speech before quietly moving out of the crowd of students and leaning up against a fence to watch the others. At her feet, Soleil wound herself around Lilly-Rose's legs, meowing for attention, before becoming distracted by a passing butterfly and chasing after it. As she watched, Lilly-Rose stifled a yawn--though she'd slept through most of the journey from London, waking only occasionally to patrol the corridors, she wasn't used to catching the train at five in the morning. But the headmaster surely had his reasons. Where is Professor Glistar, anyway? she wondered. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't seen Thor Black on the train, either--she was only acquainted with him, but he seemed nice.

    She thought about asking Professor Weasley about these absences, but the Charms teacher had gone already, and besides, it wasn't really her business. That, and ever since Bill and Fleur had adopted her, she'd felt a little awkward whenever she saw her Charms teacher. It was a strange feeling, having one of her teachers as an aunt, even if it wasn't by blood. And now one of her cousins was attending Hogwarts as well, she realized as her gaze drifted to Josephine, still mingling in the crowd. Briefly, she wondered if Josephine would be Sorted into Gryffindor as well--from what Bill had told her, all the Weasleys had been in Gryffindor for ages.

    Stifling another yawn, Lilly-Rose put aside all school-related thought for the time being, and started towards the village. Scooping up Soleil as she caught up with the cat, she then headed down the road to Honeyduke's for something sweet.

    Tag: anyone in Hogmeade
  22. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Drucilla Lestrange
    Location: Hogsmeade

    [ul]Drucilla barely paid attention to what the Prof. Weasley said, she was too busy chatting with the rest of her Slyytherin gang. She wasnt fond of the charms teacher anyway. Prof. Weasley was Harry Potter's old girlfriend which made her an enemy of the Dark Lord. Any enemy of the Dark Lord was an enemy of hers.

    Dru didnt care what the traitor had to say but she knew that in order to do well in school she had to listen to those teachers who were mudbloods and traitors. Dru did catch the part that they can hangout in Hogmeade for awhile. This was great to her for then she and her friends didnt have to hang around the others then.

    Dru and her gang walked around the shops a bit shopping and chatting about Quidditch, which Dru liked to play. She was the Slytherin Seeker and Capt. of the team. She couldnt wait to beat Gryffindor for they were Slytherins arch rivals. She filled her pockets with various stuff from candies to items from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Shop.

    As they were walking their conversation turned to the events of the kids who were called themselves Death Eaters. Dru thought it was quite interesting indeed and grew more curious in the event and the Dark Lord himself.

    Their footsteps led them to whats has to be the most famous place in all of Hogsmeade. The The Shrieking Shack. Dru wanted to go in and explore but knew that they didnt have alot of time before the train left again. They had already been walking for a good long time. She decided against it for now and they started to head back so they wouldnt miss the carriages.[/ul]

    TAG: No one or any Slytherins if there are any.
  23. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Sorry for the double post and i was rushed a bit in my initial post and i didnt have time to catch all the mistakes in my edit. [face_blush]
  24. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Kendrix McCully
    Hogsmeade station

    Kendrix McCully watched as the students started to dispurse and start wandering into hogsmeade. The 7th year Ravenclaw smiled a little to herself, remembering the first time she had arrived there, feeling strange and overwhelmed by the wizarding world. A feeling she was certain echoed on the faces of at least a handful of the new first years. Especial the half and full muggle borns like herself. She waved to a few students she recognised before beginning the short walk into hogsmeade. She needed to go to Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop to buy a spare quill and ink.

    The trip to the store didn't take very long, a few other students were in there, milling about and checking out the stores wares. Taking a quick look on the shelves, she picked a pretty dark violet coloured ink and a fresh quill. She paided for them and left the shop, before walking back down the main street.

    She reached a small junction in the road, and stopped as she noticed a group of slytherin students standing by the Shrieking shack. Drucilla Lestrange was amoung them. Drucilla had a reputation for hating mud bloods, and she would probably have a few words to say to her if Kendrix crossed her path. Kendrix frowned a little. The shrieking shack didn't have a good story behind it, and she shuddered a little as she heard the faint moaning and screaming echoing from inside it. She watched as the gang of slytherins started to walk back in the direction of the station. She took another quick glance at the shack herself before she too began walking

    TAG: Drucilla and anyone else
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    Apr 9, 2005
    IC: Silas Boones

    Silas marvelled over the small town of Hogsmeade. Wandering around, he almost had the first page of his first owl to Allie completed, and it was only the first couple hours of his life as a wizard.

    Upon hearing that they would be allowed to roam Hogsmeade, he headed back into the train and let Stanley out of his carrier. The young pig was ecstatic to be out and about, and almost as excited about the strange smells as Silas.

    Needless to say, the two budding potioners found their way first to Honeyduke's, where Silas and Stanley spent a small fortune on the most exotic candies that no Muggle would ever have even heard of, and then to Glistar's nursery.

    In Glistar's, it was nearly impossible to keep Stanley under control. His snout was assaulted by all the most fragrant and unusual potential ingredients.

    Tag: Anyone
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