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Fellow CT residents - What are you into? (Star Wars or otherwise)

Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by ARC-1138, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. ARC-1138

    ARC-1138 Jedi Youngling

    May 3, 2005
    I mentioned this in another thread but thought we should dedicate a thread to this.

    Star Wars Interests :

    -Action Figures - Started back up again with ROTS. Every figure up to #44 (including the first 4 preview). Waiting patiently for #45+. I check the two Targets, 3 KB Toys, 2 Walmarts and 1 TRU on a weekly basis. Things have calmed down since the movie came out. Not much into the vehicles. I don't have any of my original 1977 figures. I gave those to my "little" brother....they have been lost. I have some of the POTF line introduced in 1999 and a few of the TPM figures. I have the first wave of Unleashed figures

    -Replicas/Props/Busts - Just started collecting some of the FX sabers this year. (Vader IV and Anakin III thus far). I've ordered the Sandtrooper busts, Darth Vader bust, Clone Trooper full figure-GIANT , Darth Vader full figure- GIANT. Haven't yet forked over cash for those die-cast ship replicas.

    -Trading Cards-I still have my original 1977 set of cards. My Empire Strikes back set is not complete. I do have the complete base set of Attack of the Clones, Clone Wars (cartoon), Revenge of the Sith, Heritage line. I have most of the Chase cards for ROTS. Only two hobby Sketch cards. The ROTS set will take a while to complete. Looking forward to meeting anyone who wants to trade.

    -Movies-I think this is a given for everyone here. I have every major movie release on DVD or VHS (I think I have 3 versions of a New Hope on VHS). I have most of the Original Triogy Mememorized. (who doesn't right). I can't wait for Episode III to be released so I can see the whole thing in numerical order.

    -Books- All the major novels. My expanded universers collection is not complete. I have read Shawdows of th eEmpire, Tales of the Bounty Hunters. Tales from the Mos Esiley Cantina, Tales from Jabba's Palace, The Timothy Zahn trilogy, Vector Prime, Spliner of the Mind's Eye, Labrinth of Evil (between Episode II & III). No comic books as of yet. I have all of the "Art of Star Wars" book series, as well as the visual dictionaries, cross section guides, essential vehicle guide etc.

    -Video Games (Battlefront, KOTOR etc.) - I'm mostly a XBOX Live kind of guy. I think I have every SW games on the XBOX platform. Not to many are XOX live aware. I can't wait for Battlefront II later this year. My Gamer Tag is Raptor Alpha.

    Other Interest besides Star Wars

    -Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy in general (The new Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek etc.) - I like the genre. I'll watch most of the stuff out there but I don't read any other Sci-Fi books.

    -Movies - I like watching DVDs at home (50" DLP screen with surround sound). Besides Sci-Fi I like almost anything. See [link=]here[/link] for my list of DVDs that I own.

    -Video Games - I have an XBOX, PS(1), Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis. It has been years since playing the Genesis or 64. I'm into racing simluations or FPS.

    -Books - Other than Harry Potter I don't think there is another franchise that I'm into. I've read many of Michale Crichton's books. I have really enjoyed Dan Brown (Davinci Code, Angels & Demosn etc.) and read most of his work.

    -Music - I'm into the 80s' music the curse of my youth. Most current music. Not a big country fan (Shania Twain is the farthest I would go) or heavy metal. I play the piano and trumpet. There is more music that I like than note.

    -Sports - No interest at all. I'm the atypical guy in this regard. My wife likes to watch the NASCAR races and WPA shows but that's as close as I'll get.

    -Travel/Sight seeing - I love to travel abroad. My last trip was an 18 day cruise to the Mediterrean. I loved it. I hope to see more of Italy this year.

    -Computers - Well my day job involves these so I guess it is a good thing that I like using them. I have 6 systems at home. Most are Windows based but two (laptop & desktop) are running Mac OS (Tiger) and Linux can be fou
  2. hchristensenfan

    hchristensenfan Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 24, 2003
    I am a fan of Star Wars (duh) and LOTR. I own the movies and the books. I love animals, I have a dog. I love the Red Sox and I go to college in CT.
  3. sshelly34213

    sshelly34213 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 14, 2005
    I thought i would just fill in this survey thingy that was above so you can get to know me better
    -Movies - I love old movies-my faves are the sound of music, to kill a mockingbird, and the empire strikes back

    -Video Games - ddr(dance dance revolution)

    -Books - Harry potter(of course who doesnt-the 6th book was the best yet,but i did not like the fourth alot of people do it surprises me) star wars - onmly a few though- the x-wing series the zahn trilogy and duology, and the njo thats about it i dont think i really have read too many others i mean i kinda have but i wasnt too intested in them so i skimmed them.

    -Music - I absolutly am in love with music almost as much as i am with wedge! I play flute, piano and clarinet. I play in marching band and concert band in my school i am a complete band geek. I love old music anything thats old from like twenties to late 80s to bily joel to the beatles. I dont like anything popular though I dont know why

    -Sports - I like softball i used to play when i was younger but i dont like high school sports teams. I also used to play soccer for like fiver years, and basket ball for two, I did gymnastics for four years and even tried cheerleading but i am not a sports person i just try to keep away from them-gym is my least fave subject

    -Travel/Sight seeing - I love traveling, the farthest I have been though is canada I have never even been to disney world- my family is poor and cant afford it unfortunatly o well maybe when i am older.

    -Pets - I have two cats-one is patches who is senile and oldand i think secretly wants to kill me, then there is chester who protects me from patches-im am chester's favorite. I really like animals I am in this program at my school called vocational agriculture or vo-ag and I learn to do things like taking care of animals carpentry and woodworking and such it is a good experience
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