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Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by NYCitygurl, Dec 10, 2008.

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    You can post trailers for your upcoming stories in here (thanks to Idrelle_Miocovani for the suggestion!).
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    OMG[face_laugh] Just last night I was thining that we need a thread like this in NSWFF Resource.
    Great to see this thread up :)
  3. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master

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    Thanks Nat! [:D] Trailers are good things. :p :D And fun to write!
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    Hi, everyone.

    I've written lots of fanfics, but never a trailer for one, so I have to admit I'm not really sure how to do that. I've just put a few excerpts from my story "Slave Child", which is a Harry Potter fanfic. I also wasn't sure if there was a length limit or anything so I apologize if this isn't really the right way to do this. (Obviously some spoilers for the story ahead, lol).

    Excerpts from "Slave Child", a Harry Potter AU beginning at the end of OotP:

    Excerpt 1

    Without a word, Harry turned his back on both Snape and Malfoy and took another step towards the stairs. Snape watched him go, a triumphant gleam in his eyes. Neither of them noticed Draco raise his wand again and mutter a low incantation.

    The curse hit Harry squarely in the middle of his back. He lost consciousness and slumped forward, his glasses clattering against the stone floor. Harry would have taken a nasty fall if Snape hadn't sprung forward and caught him.

    The professor stared down at Harry in amazement for a second, as if he couldn't believe he was holding Harry Potter in his arms. Then he looked up at Draco. His voice was as cold as ice.

    "What in Merlin's name have you done, Draco? What spell was that?"


    Excerpt 2

    "Well, there is no easy way to tell you this, Severus, and it will be even harder to tell Harry." Albus looked uncharacteristically agitated. He reached for a book and some parchment and handed them to Severus. "Perhaps you should read it for yourself. This is the Malfoy book and my notes translating the spell."

    Severus read in silence for a few minutes. Then he read again, and again.

    Finally he looked up. "This is impossible."

    "I'm very much afraid it is possible," Albus replied. "Harry is enslaved to you, Severus."


    Excerpt 3

    Harry was so shocked that for a second he could hardly comprehend what was happening. And even then, he didn't know what to say. He'd thought that Snape might be annoyed at finding him in the library, but nervous as he was around the professor now, he hadn't expected such sheer rage. Surely Snape couldn't be that angry that he was reading in the library. The only other time Harry had seen the man lose control like this was when he'd caught Harry in his Pensieve.

    Snape was still shaking him so hard it hurt. "You ungrateful, insolent brat! I try to be good to you and this is how you repay me? Once again you can't keep out of my private affairs, can you? Well, you'd better start watching your step, Potter! You're my slave now! You can't go running to Dumbledore for help anymore. I can do anything I want to you. I can beat you. I can starve you. I can do anything and no one can lift a finger to help you. So you'd damn well better start showing some respect or I'll make you sorry you were ever born!"

    "But sir, what..." Harry tried to say.

    "Don't lie to me!" Snape almost screamed. He jabbed a finger at the black book on the table. "The proof is right there. I know you've been reading my journal."

    "What?" Harry gasped. He shook his head. "I didn't..."


    Excerpt 4

    Severus felt an inexplicable urge to smooth the child's hair back from his forehead, as Poppy had done, and reassure him that everything would be all right. Then he scowled at himself. What had gotten into him? Potter was still an arrogant little brat. Or was he? For the first time a tendril of doubt crept into Severus' mind. He tried to shove it away. Of course Potter was spoiled and conceited. Severus had watched the boy for years. He knew Potter was insufferable. Severus' actions over the past five years had been based on that incontrovertible fact. He could not start doubting it now.

    And yet...


    Excerpt 5

    Severus wondered why there was a sore raspiness in his throat. He swallowed hard before answering. "It is nothing for you to worry about. You need to sleep now."

    When Harry's face became tense and guarded again, he realised that his voice had sounded more gruff than he'd intended. To make up for i
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