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Fic: Vision (JA) one post

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jenn-Kenobi, Nov 17, 2002.

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  1. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    Hi! Well, I did a little fic,I hope everyone likes it.

    Title: Vision
    Author: Jenn
    Rating: G
    Timeline: Obi-Wan is 14. This is after JA 13. Eleven years before TPM.
    Category: Angst and POV. Also loving father/son relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. So if that bothers you, don?t read. Non-slash.
    Spoilers: Minor ones for JA 1-13. Minor ones for Ep 3.
    Summary: While on a on a survival training mission, Qui-Gon thinks about the past year he has spent with Obi-Wan and has a vision of the future while the boy sleeps.
    Archive: Anywhere, but please ask me first.
    Feedback: Sure
    Disclaimers: George Lucas who made Star Wars owns everyone in it. Copyrights go to him and Lucasfilms and Lucasarts. I make no profit from this story, but the other characters are mine.
    Thoughts and significant words in *in* and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan talking in their bond //in//

    Dedicated to everyone who wrote a fic on Qui-Gon while he watched over Obi-Wan as he slept.
    Also I want to thank Jane for betaing this for me, and helping me touch up the story.


    As I watched the stars coming out, shining one by one as they came, they reminded me more of nature than all the other the living creatures of this planet. Tuning, I saw Obi-Wan trying to cover yet another yawn, without success.

    Both of us had been up for more than 30 hours straight. I knew that Obi-Wan would not say that he was tired and ask for rest. On the contrary, he felt he needed to stay awake to focus on learning and training here.

    ?Obi-Wan, we will stop here and rest for the night.?

    Obi-Wan looked at me for a moment, not sure how to take the news. I knew that my Padawan had expected another long night of walking through these woods without rest. The boy nodded ever so slowly, not meaning to show how weary he was.

    Even though it had been some time since we both had eaten, neither one of us were that hungry. I didn?t think Obi-Wan would stay up long enough to eat. As soon as he laid out his blanket and shifted here and there a few times to get comfortable, he was asleep in an instant.

    As I watched Obi-Wan sleep, my thoughts drifted back to when I first met him. I had been impressed with his use of a lightsaber. Although he shouldn?t have attacked and assume Bruck?s move just to end the match quickly with him.

    I knew at the time, that with the proper training Obi-Wan would learn to grow pass that and not be so hasty. But at the time, I was not the one to train him. I was not *ready* to train him.

    Even when Master Yoda tried to put the boy and me together, I was too stubborn to see it. When I saw time and again that Obi-Wan would make a fine Padawan learner and even Knight one day, I only looked at his flaws. The Force definitely tried, but I was too blinded by the pain and memories Xanatos left behind. I had considered to wait and see if I should train Obi-Wan, but I was delaying it, and it took my Padawan risking his life for me before I could see the truth.

    Melida/Daan. Neither Obi-Wan nor I talked about what happened there much anymore, but I think we both learned from it. We both made mistakes that changed us, but it was a growing experience for Obi-Wan as well as myself. Even with everything that had happened there, I had not been sure I would take Obi-Wan back again because of what he?d done. I didn?t know if I could trust him again.

    When I wanted to find Xanatos to bring him to justice, I wasn?t sure of Obi-Wan?s motives for accompanying me were. Even when we fought Xanatos, he wasn?t as quick with his strikes as he had been when I had first seen him.

    During much time at the Temple, we grow more into a Master/Padawan team, a process that should have started when Obi-Wan become my student. Even though he was still on probation, I still continued to think of him as my Padawan learner.

    Now what had happened, not too long ago, left no doubts about my trust in Obi-Wan. I completely trust him, but what had happened with Jenna Zan Arbor; only confirmed my thoughts that he would be a fine Knight on
  2. obi-wannabe_1138

    obi-wannabe_1138 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 31, 2002
    Wow...... Nice job Jenn! I liked this little fic very much. Well done!
  3. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    Thanks obi-wannabe 1138. :)
  4. Jedi_Suzuran

    Jedi_Suzuran Jedi Knight star 5

    May 22, 2002
    That was lovely, Jenn. A prophetic vision, handled beautifully.

    Nicely done. :)
  5. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    Thanks Jedi Suzuran. I am glad you think it was done good.
  6. Obi the Kid

    Obi the Kid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 13, 2000
    Excellent Jenn! So glad to see others keeping those Qui and Obi stories alive!

  7. LuvEwan

    LuvEwan Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 24, 2002
    I just finished reading this at, then switch to this site to check up on my fic, only to discover this a few up from mine on the front page! :) I guess I'll just tell you again that it was a great, foreboding vignette. :D
  8. Jenn-Kenobi

    Jenn-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2001
    Thanks Obi! Yes, I love doing stories on these two. :D

    LuvEwan, foreboding that is a good word to use. Thanks for sending FB both times. :)
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