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    This is based off, my world on my site. The Earth has been trasnformed into a vampire reign, the vampires have made a spell, which turned the sun into a total eclispe, and now the Earth is black. Sam, the Slayer, has team up with her gang once again, to reverse the spell, save the world, and save humanity. Shouldn't be that tough right ? Sam has been discovered by the Watcher's Concil and now has to learn how to take orders and still follow her instincts. She needs major help. She has to find Buffy and her gang, and get them to help and join her gang. And, out of all that, Sam has to fight for her life, harder than ever. The mutant-Slayer, not only has to worry about the vamps, but the police because of her mutant powers-pyrokinectic. Her friend Sari, has to find out who she is before she dies, and learn to be one of the strongest and powerful witches, and help her friend Sammy, save the world and live.
    Charry explanation

    I would really like to ppl to join and be charries from Buffy and maybe even charries from X-men as well. So, I need all the charries from Buffy which will be listed below, and the main charries from X-men, and I need a Vampire leader, and a Vampire army, and demons and such. I will list all the charries below. I will post my charry sheets when I get ppl to join.
    Charries from Buffy
    Charries from X-men
    Proffessor Xavier
    any others did that I not mention, you can request
    charries for the story
    vampire army
    vammpire leader
    You can bring any charrie from the following stories

    Charrie Sheets

    Just send a charrie sheet and I will approve of it if I like it, if it needs more work, i will tell you, but please remember to say which side you are-vampire or human, and what powers you have, and just the basics, and a little bio
    1. Listen to the gm
    2. Listen to the co-gm
    3. Be kind
    4. Stay in charrie
    5. Don't critize, I will take of that
    6. Have fun !
    This is a major RPG, and I have not set up an RPG like this before and I would like to be really long and fun. This should be interesting and have alot of twists. Please join, I am really looking forward to this game. Thanks !
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    Can I be Dawn, Fred and a made up charrie?
  3. EnnaJ Jedi Youngling

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    Yes, you can be Dawn, I have no idea where Fred comes from(just fill me in on his charrie in a pm please), and you can be a made-up charrie. Genimay will be the co-gm.
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