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Beyond - Legends Fighting from a distance ( A NJO tale revised)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by LadyHealer, Jun 28, 2003.

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  1. LadyHealer

    LadyHealer Jedi Youngling

    Jul 9, 2001
    Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am simply borrowing the characters for enjoyment purposes only.

    Hi! I actually started to write this story a while back, but I came down with a strong case of writers block and stop writing. Well, I'm beginning to get over my writers block, and got some new ideas. So I am starting to repost this story, and to those who had read this once, I'm am sure you will recognize that I rewrote and add some new parts to the story. The story actually has a darker side to it then it originally did.

    And you can all thank my best friend for that.

    Now, the story it self will take place after NJO: Balance Point, however, there are sence that point to events that happen before that book, but that just setting up the story. However, after the events of Balance point occurs, the story goes in a AU of sorts.

    Also, before you go to the story I would like to thank Lady Callie for coming up with the wonderful title for the story. Thank you!

    And I would like to give you some warnings, for you just might need them. ;)

    1st Warning: My friend has corrupted my mind. There will be death. Pray that it is not your favorite character.

    2nd Warning: Not everything is what it seems to be.

    3rd Warning: Every once in a while in the story the word damn or hell may appear in the story, and I will apologies now if that offend you in anyway. I, myself, to not like bad language, so they should not appear often. Only when the situation or character call for it.

    If you remember these warnings you should survive this story. ;)

    Now, I'll shut up so you can go to the story.

    Raising her yellow lightsaber above her head, a smokey brown hair woman blocked the snake-like weapon from her scarred opponent. Carefully stepping back a couple of paces on the rough terrain, that was once part of a building, she studied her opponent with cool gray eyes. Her opponent was a tall humanoid male with scars and tattoos all over his body. He moved with the grace of a cat in his living armor, obviously a trained warrior. In his right hand was a meter long deadly snake, the very one responsible for the cut on her upper right arm. The fight had been going on for some time now and she could feel her body beginning to tire. Gently she tapped into the force, letting it replenish what little energy she had left. Her opponent?s cold black eyes met her?s and she knew that he had not even begun to tire. She had to end this fight soon, had to find a way around his defenses or she would end up dead and she had no intention of getting herself into that position again. But every move that she had made thus far he been able to counter, however, most of her moves have been complex ones, perhaps a simple one would work? Taking a gamble she narrowed her gray eyes in concentration and made a cut towards the head and at the last possible second she faints, brings her blade under her opponent?s parry, slicing his weapon arm from his body. With the threat of the snake sword gone, the woman lunged, impaling the saber in her opponent?s throat passed his protective armor, killing him.

    Wiping the sweat from her forehead with her left hand while ignoring the pains in her body she momentarily turned her attention ahead of her checking on the battling couple. Both of them were like family to her and would tear her heart apart if anything happen to them. The man looked to be in his mid forties. What once was sandy blond hair was matted with sweat and blood. He wore a torn, black jumpsuit, and blood was flowing from a wound on his right shoulder and left leg. The man was fighting a tall, scarred warrior with a similar build to the one she was fighting earlier. The red headed woman close to his side held a tiny infant in her left arm while firing a blaster shot between the eyes at any enemy that dare to come to close. She knew the couple well, and knew that they would have their son as far away from danger as possible had they been given the time to see it safely don
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