Filling the Shoes of a Jedi and Princess

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    okay, this is a story I've been pondering about doing for a while. It's almost a Star Wars/Ever After Crossover/AU, but that's too complicated to say. So.. tell me if you like or not.

    Metina Crivello bowed before the twelve members of the Jedi Council, her Master bowing next to her. Master Yoda spoke first. "Padawan Crivello, we have recieved news from your homeworld of Fracneé."

    The sixteen year old smiled. "really? Has father started yet another war and wants me to come stop it?"

    Mace Windu smiled. "I'm afraid that's not it, but it is as critical as a war."

    Metina peered from her brown eyes at the Jedi Master, a worried look on her face. "What happened?"

    "Nothing to worry about, it is," Master Yoda said.

    "What is it?"

    "Your brother is getting married."

    Metina rolled her eyes. "it's about time... to who?"

    "We don't know. But, your mother did request that you return home for the wedding."

    "My father's health has nothing to do with it?"

    Master Windu shook his head.

    "what of my Master?"

    "Go with you, he will."

    Metina bowed. "Thank you, Masters."

    Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn smiled at his padawan. "go pack, Metina. I must speak with the council."

    She nodded, then hurried out of the room.

    "I told them my statis, why do they defy it?"

    Qui-Gon smiled at his padawan. The girl was packing her belongings into a case, muttering to herself as she did.

    "I told father i wanted to train to be a Jedi, not rule a planet. That's what Henrih is for!"

    "Padawan, you must calm down. You family just wants you to be present at your brother's wedding."

    Metina frowned at her Master. "Father wants me to forget about becoming a Jedi. He keeps saying the same things over and over to me. "You were born to privledges and with that come specific obligations."

    "Metina, your father is right. As much as you want to forget it, you were born a princess."

    "I was also born with the Force, Master. My father never really cared what I did. Henrih is his son, therefore, his favoite. As soon as he found out I had Force potential, he tried to deny it."

    "he's just trying to be protective of you."

    "He's trying to be protective of Fracneé."

    Qui-Gon stood up and took his padawan's houlders. "Metina, you don't have to do this for your father, or mother, or even brother. Do it for your people."

    "The Jedi are my people."

    Qui-Gon smiled, then headed over to to their comm unit in their small temple room. "Why don't you call your father? Talk it out."

    "Master you know we've tried. My father is as pigheaded as a Gamorean."

    The jedi kept smiling. "All right then, if you won't call your father, we'll leave first thing tomorrow morning for Fracneé."

    Metina's shoudlers sagged.

    "Now, say 'Yes Master' and go to bed."

    "yes, Master," she grumbled. She threw her last dress into the case and headed for her room."

    King Misato of Fracneé looked up from his datapad as his son Henrih entered the room. He stood up as the boy sat down in a chair, a cocky look on his face.

    "Henrih, you are restricted to the palace areas..."

    "are you grounding me?" Henrih laughed at the comment. "Oh please, father. you come here and expect me to go out and marry some Thyfarrian Princess, and then you ground me?"

    "i will not tollerate you running off in the middle of the night, boy!"

    "Misato, sit down before you have a stroke." Henrih's mother, Queen Elizabithia, walked over to her son. "Sweetheart, you can't back out of it now. We've already arranged for your sister to come out for the wedding."

    "Why can't you two ever just leave Metina alone? She chose to be a jedi, and because of that i have no freedom? Honestly, mother. Did an arranged marraige ever make you happy?"

    "Do not mock me, boy!" Misato's voice rang through the hall. "You are a Prince of Fracneé, and it is your obligation..."

    "obligation? It is my OBLIGATION to marry some Thyfarrian girl just so you can h
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    It wasn't that bad....Henrih doesn't want to marry someone? He should take tips from Sonnet!

  3. Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus

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    LOL kit! hey, i got the perfect idea for the ending of Standing out. okay, i already have a feeling Mr. Coffee bean's gonna kill Aven, so Sonnet can have Henrih, Amy gets Rohnin, and I still get Obi. ;)


    Actually, since you did it to us, do you mind if i use Sonnet's name in here? she'd be a major character though.
    Fracneé. Metina hadn't seen her homeworld in ten years, before the purge had started. though her father hated it, her mother had had Metina shipped to Coruscant to train, rather than her own world.

    It was mostly grasslands and mountains, small rainforests circling the equator.

    Nasip, the capitol, looked like a tiny dot in the distance as the Republic Transport entered the atmosphere. as they glided over a series of mountains, the city grew larger, the main palace coming into view.

    Other wealthy land owners had property scattered around the city, smaller mansions lining the outskirts. The pilot brought the ship down gently, Metina sighing as she grabbed her belongings and headed for the exit.

    Qui-Gon's reassuring grip was on her shoulder. "It will be all right, Padawan. It will be over before you know it and we can return home."

    "I wouldn't say that to my father, Master," she said, raising an eyebrow. "He just may have you sent to Kessel."

    She walked down the boarding ramp, blinking as the sunlight came into her eyes. She quickly spotted a group of nobels coming towards them, her mother leading the pack.

    "Mother!" Metina dropped her bag and ran to her mother's outstreached arms.

    "Oh, my child! look how you've changed. I barely recognized you."

    "It's still me, mother."

    Elizabethia looked up as Master Jinn bowed in front of the queen. "Your majesty," he said.

    "Master Jinn, I'm so glad you could come. i trust my daughter hasn't been giving you much trouble?"

    Qui-Gon smiled. "Girls will be girls, Madam."

    Metina looked around. "Where's Henrih?"

    "He's out in the courtyard. darling, may i make a sudgestion?"

    "Change my clothes?"

    the queen nodded. "You know how much your father hates the Jedi. it will make it easier if you dress properly, just to amuse him, all right?"

    "yes mother."

    "You do still remember where you room is, no?"

    "How could I forget?!"

    "good. We're prepared the ataching room next to it for Master Jinn. go and settle in, then find your brother. He's probably already run off again."

    She nodded. Running back and grabbing her bags, she led her master out of the hanger and into Nasip.

    "i can't believe I forgot how uncomfortable these things are," Metina said, twitching as she adjusted her sleeves. The yards of material felt heavy on her, but she used the Force to help with her comfort.

    Qui-Gon smirked at her, shaking his head.


    "it's nothing, padawan. You just look so... beautiful."

    Metina rolled her eyes, pulling her hair back and braiding it with strings of pearls. "I can't wait until this is over. You have no idea how uncomforable these things are."

    She got up from the small mirror-top desk and turned to her master. "These things itch so much it's not funny."

    "I wasn't laughing."

    "You want to. I can feel it."

    Qui-Gon did laugh, then hugged his padawan. "Now, my Princess, I'll leave you up to finding your brother."

    "You sure you'll be all right?"

    "I'll be fine. Go and have fun."

    Metina smiled. Hiking up her skirt, she left her room, heading out onto the palace courtyards.


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    Sure Miana, you can use Sonnet. :)

    Great, now I want to see how you intergrate Metina into the whole story thing....

    Ha, I like people guess how the trilogy is going to end, only one of my school friends has got it so far. Everyone else is way off the mark....hehehehehehe!

    Next post after my one tonight and you'll find out who you are married to *grins at the sithly thought that just entered her head* :p

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    This is really a good story. Write more!
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    Got me hooked! More, please.
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    Great start! i loved Ever After. Henri, *sigh*.
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    Good story. (tsk tsk) Aren't we stretching ourselves out Miana? How many stories are you writing at NOW girl? <grin> No, you can't reply by asking how many I'M working on...that' well...anyway...good story.

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    Miana you have hoards of people waiting for you to write another I only have one question..."WHERE ARE YOU?"

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    real life has me captured. I'm so busy it's not funny. I have no free time until monday afternoon. Right now I'm living on a scedule and this is one of the few times this week I've been home, let alone on the internet.

    Hopefully I'll get a post on Saturday night, if I'm not exausted. this is how tomorrow looks:
    wake up @ 8, get ready
    go to school, be there at 9:15.
    practice our field show for 40 minutes.
    10am: get our band uniforms on
    10:30 load all the instruments onto the buses
    11: depart from school and head for Ramona
    12: get to Ramona, unload the buses
    12:30 warm up for our competition
    1: preform our field show
    1:20-5 watch other schools preform, have awards given out
    5: hop on bus and head home
    6-6:30 get back, run home and get ready for Homecoming
    7-?: Homecoming dance

    that's my day tomorrow. Fun?
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    okay guys, sorry about the delay. Kit, here's the post i promised you. Yes, Sonnet has a major part, but, in contrast to Ever After, she's Margarite.

    Sonnet De La'vinci walked down the streets of town, trying to act as regal as she possibly could. Her mother's plots for her courting Prince Henrih had worked out, only a few days left before the announcment...

    "Sonnet, dear, we wouldn't want to be mind wandering, now would we?" Her mother, the Baroness Khrystle De La'vinci, walked next to her daughter, reprimiting her as they made their way towards the palace grounds.

    "How come Sonnet gets to do everything?" her sister, Jaqulean, whined.

    "Because darling, the prince would have no interest in you. Sonnet is our only hope."

    Jaqulean rolled her eyes. She knew she was slightly overweight, but followed what her mother said obediantly.

    Sonnet smirked at her sister and continued on, the palace grounds coming into view.

    Henrih glared at his mother as she sat patiently, waiting for the baroness. "You could have at least asked if i wanted to meet with them."

    "Child, the baroness has two lovely, well mannered daughters..."

    "So does every other Baroness in the galaxy, mother."

    "Henrih, don't argue with me." The queen looked up from her lap, spotting the Baroness as she entered the palace courts. "There's Sonnet now. please be polite Henrih."

    "Yes mother," he grumbled as he turned to go greet them. The Baroness and her daughters curtsied before the prince. "Your highness," the Baroness said.

    "Baroness, you're looking well today. My mother is waiting over at the gazeboo."

    De La'vinci bowed and led her other daughter, Jaqulean, to the Queen. Only Sonnet stayed behind.

    "Sonnet, would you care to take a walk?"

    She smiled softly. "i would love to, Your Highness."

    Metina hurried out into the courtyard, looking for her brother. Though she loved her parents dearly, her brother understood her better than most people, even Master Jinn.

    She spotted her mother talking with a Baroness and her daughter, but not Henrih. She continued her way through the courtyard, keeping a Jedi's eye out for her brother.

    Finally she spotted him. He was talking to a young woman, who looked barely older than Metina herself. Smiling, she picked up her pace and began running towards her brother.

    Henrih quickly became bored with Sonnet's flattery and quiet tounge. He needed an excuse to get away... He saw a young woman running, her gown flowing behind her. He thought nothing of it, then looked again.

    Sonnet saw the Prince's attention float away, following his gaze to a young woman running towards them.

    "Henrih!" she called out.

    "my gods," he whispered. henrih quickly got up and ran to the girl, scooping her up in his arms.

    Sonnet's brow beaded together in confusion and jelousy. Who was this girl that would take the attention from the prince away from her?

    Metina practically jumped into her brother's arms, hugging him tightly as he struggled under her weight. She jumped down before he would drop her, smiling at her brother.

    "Metti, look how much you've grown!" Henrih exclaimed, using her pet name.

    "I haven't grown, you've shrunk," she teased. She released her hug on his, taking his hands in hers. "now what's this I hear about getting married?"

    "I'll tell you later," her whispered, smiling so that his pearl teeth shone. he glanced over at the woman he was with, letting go of one of Metina's hands and pulling her towards the girl.

    "Sonnet, this is my sister, Princess Metina of Fracneé, more like Coruscant though."

    "i'm not a princess when I'm on Coruscant, henrih," she scowled him.

    "Ah, my mistake. All right then, jedi padawan princess metina."

    "Jedi or Princess, what am I, Henrih?"

    He laughed, then looked back at Sonnet, who smiled fakely. "All right then. Sonnet, this is my sister."

    "So i'm nothing?" Metina joked.

    "like I
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    Hehehehe, the thing about the movie is I have a little sister called Adelaide who is the equivilant of the bitchy girl (sonnet in this fic) in the movie in both voice, movement and personaloty. I also have another little sister (Tori) who is like the dark-haired sister (whose name escapes me)

    Weird huh!

    Anyway, when next you have time, MORE?

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    Are you posting soon, or do i have to beg???
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    Kit, spare time? WHAT'S THAT?!

    It's 12:21 am, I just got home a little more than an hour ago from a field show competition, I'm tired as hell, I have to wake up in 7 hours, hopefully a post tomorrow, goodnight.

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    I hate writer's cramp! I can't think of anything! I mean, I can, but i don't know how to write it.
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    I thought it was called writers block?
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