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MN FILMCON 7 MADISON WI November 17-19 2006

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by CaptMereel, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. CaptMereel

    CaptMereel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 11, 2002
    Hi all!
    If you haven't received Eric's recent email (see below), please send him your name, address, phone and email addresses. The storm last week caused a power surge while he was sending an email and it wiped out 6 FilmCon's worth of emails, including his mailing list for emails.

    Also, please send in your money for FilmCon 7 as well!

    Eric's Email:

    Hello Everyone,

    It's time again, more updates and more news. First thing is we have
    guests...more than before. I will be releasing ALL the info soon but I have to say that this year is starting to look like a lot of fun!

    As many of you know we are trying anime for the first time. Stacey Lee Feldman will be running this division of the convention. She has already completed the panel lists and is currently looking for panel members.

    We are also about half way done with the sci-fi media portion of the
    convention. Leslie Andrich and a few others have helped out and are putting together a great line up of panels. We still need groups and individuals to talk at the convention. So if you have an idea for a panel, if you want to volunteer for a specific talk, or have a group that would like to make a presentation...please let me know soon. I would also like to have ideas on what you would like to see as panels at this years convention.

    Last but not least, film. The film portion of the convention will be HUGE! Yes we will be demonstrating out new Steadycam, and dolly/track system, along with several other gagets. There will be a huge push to show new technologies for film makers, while also showing more practical stuff. Again if there is something you would like to see, or have a demo let me know.

    There is still time.

    We are also working on showing the latest fan films and movies. As usual we need submissions, so spread the word.

    Now some bad news...last week my computer was hit by a large electrical surge. Luckily nothing was running except-the email program. What happened was that I lost ALL of the last 6 conventions email listings and info for contacting you, the fans.

    We have started to put back together the list- BUT WE NEED HELP! If you know a friend or someone who has attended, ask if they received this email. If not we need their address asap. One reason we can
    keep cost down is due to the fact 99% of the mailings are in email format. Without it, the convention would cost much more to run. So this is important.

    Again if someone might be missing or you have a newer address, we need to know.

    Bryan Arendt will be back with many more pieces of art. Currently he is working on set 2 of the Star Wars characters. He is also expanding the line into others fandoms. There will even be some new designs from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    That's all for now- PLEASE let me know if you want to participate with the programming and pass this message along.

    More emails are coming soon. The cost for the convention is only $30 right now - so sign up!

    See you all this Fall- Eric

    Filmcon 7
    631 Springbrook Circle
    DeForest, WI 53532

  2. Doright

    Doright Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 10, 1999
    If I have the weekend off I may go but it's too late for me to put in vacation for it.
  3. Forcebewitya

    Forcebewitya Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 7, 2002
    Hello everyone, just a friendly reminder about Filmcon its only two months away now. If you still cant decide whether to go or not take it from someone who's been going since number three its a ton of fun and every year has something new and exciting to offer. Whether your into costuming, fan films, sci fi, or just want to have a great weekend Filmcon is the place to be. So it would be great to see some of you up here rememeber if you're interested to pre-reg quick because right now its only 30 dollars for the weekend but that will be going up soon.

    here's some of the guests that will be here for the weekend, this is taken from the website

    Andrew C. Nelson
    Returning for yet another engagement at FilmCon is animator and teacher C. Andrew Nelson. "Drew" will be covering new aspects of animation, film- making, portfolio design and prep for students. Not to mention he is a huge sci-fi fan and also plays Darth Vader on the side for Lucasfilm.

    Christopher Shy
    Christopher Shy first approached a core group of artists in 1994 to form a new Studio. A Studio that would take no money, or be of any specific art style or movement. Rather it would adhere to the Philosophy of The Ronin, in the sense that it would move free from constraints, and be masterless in its form and function. Each artist would be free to do what he or she chose, but together the Studio would lay down its first group ideals.

    Studio Ronin was created to Promote the work of the artists
    Studio Ronin was created to Protect the work of the artists
    Studio Ronin was created to Produce Payment for the artists
    As a small group of artists in 1994 who were unsatisfied with the traditional studio concept. Joining as a team the Studio has expanded from a handful of illustrators to include photography, fine art, story and proof of concept to entire background mattes for animation and film.

    Chris is a local artists who is starting to make a huge impact both in the comic world and film. Chris is the artist for the graphic novel "Silent Leaves" but his talents will be seen more widely this Winter in the new film "Pathfinder" starring Karl Urban (from LOTR's). Chris will be brining many items from his studio including models used in his graphic publication. You can learn more about Chris and his work at here:

    Jerry Digby
    Along with Chris, is a fellow film and Pathfinder person - Jerry Digby. Jerry is the directors Assistant and is the person in charge of many aspects of the film. With some special help from Chris and an OK from FOX pictures, Jerry will be bringing actual costumes and props from the film. In fact there will be a special room of Chris's work from the film set up the entire weekend of the convention.

    Linda Godfrey
    Also attending is Linda Godfrey. Being an author and journalist Linda has covered many stories and events here in Wisconsin, but is best known for her books "Weird Wisconsin: and "The Beast of Bray Road". Linda will be talking about local stories and events that could be used for film stories. She will also be on other film panels as well. You can learn more about Linda and her books at these sites:

    Bryan Arendt

    There is little need to tell you who he is, but Bryan Arendt will be returning to show even more of the spectacular artwork he wowed us with this last Fall. There will be an entire new Star Wars collection plus many new pieces he has been working on over this past year.

    Charley Montoya
    Have anyone of you seen "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Well if you have you will most likely remember the great looking sets and how wonderful they looked all decorated up. Well, once again with some help from some local people we are very thankful for helping me arrange this.

    Charley Montoya is a set dresser for both "Pirates" 2 and 3. He has also worked on many television series as well. Charley will be coming home directly from the set of the newest film
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