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  1. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    Final Fantasy: Choir of the Ancients

    The people are in shackles. The evil Emperor Zqav rules the kingdom of Ganahuay with a literal iron fist. Newer forms of machina are being developed in factories bearing the mark of the Azure Hammer, the mark of the Emperor. Zqav and his elite taskforce, known as the Junixa Assassins, handle those who would attempt to usurp him and his regime with the aide of these machina.

    This cannot be allowed to continue.

    The people are enslaved by the very laws set by Zqav and live in constant fear and oppression. They feel helpless, weak, and utterly powerless to stop the diabolical Emperor and the Junixa Assassins. Though, there is a small ray of hope.

    On the outlying lands of Ganahuay, a stranger from a far off land has come to liberate the people of the tormented kindgom. His motives are unknown, as are the mysterious powers he wields. All is known, is that he greatly resembles the prophecised heir to the throne of Ganahuay...

    Welcome to Final Fantasy: Choir of the Ancients. This RPG is isnpired by, and includes elements of the extensive Final Fantasy genre. The game itself does not follow a set timeline and does not include any of the "canon" Final Fantasy characters from any of the games. Ganahuay, Emperor Zqav, and the Juxina Assassins are all creations of mine and can be used freely elsewhere with my prior permission.

    As the story states, the kingdom itself is oppressed by the cruel Emperor Zqav (Pronounced Scar), and he rules over Ganahuay, a kingdom spanning four continents. In order to enforce his hold on those lands, he utilizes the machina made in factories by the general population and the skills of the Juxina Assassins. The weakest of the assassins serve as a Military Police for whichever continent they are on, and though they are the weakest, they are considerably strong. The extremely strong Assassins serve as bodyguards for Emperor Zqav.

    Character Classes

    This game will focus on your character and their particular class. Note that there will be some classes reserved only for female characters, but female characters are not limited to just those classes.

    Base Classes

    Gun Mage (Blue Mage)
    Dark Knight
    Black Mage

    Female Classes

    Lady Luck
    White Mage

    Character Races

    Also, this game will incorporate many of the races from the Final Fantasy games. Many of the characters will be prisoners in one of Zqav's Military Camps, while others are hopeless refugees. Every race in the kingdom of Ganahuay is oppressed, and they virtually have no rights. Any who stand against Zqav and live are deemed heroes. If you have questions about a particular race, PM the GM (Zedd-Vega).
    NOTE: Those marked with an * need GM approval before playing or even making a character sheet.

    Al Bhed
    Mithra* (Predominantly Female)
    Nu Mou

    However, if anyone wishes to play the main protagonist in the story, there will be some limitations on the character itself as far as race goes. The protagonist can only be of the following races: Al Bhed, Ancients, Clavat, Genome, Human, Selkie, and Zilart. Everyone else may be of whatever race is available if it is not marked by an asterisk.

    Character Sheet

    (Be descriptive. Include height, weight, hairstyle/color, etc)
    (Every character has one main weapon and a secondary weapon. Describe your weapon if it is indeed a weapon used for combat. Magic may be a main or secondary weapo/>/>/>/>
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    So, I take it you're reserving some of the other classes for later on?




    You'll probably have to fill in any additional gaps yourself.
  3. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    Well, considering wikipedia is my source for everything I do nowadays, if they had a question about it, I would've PM'ed them the information.

    But thanks for the links LightWarden.

    I think all of the classes I want to use for this game are already listed. I need no more or no less. Why do you ask?
  4. LightWarden Jedi Master

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    You said "base classes", which made me wonder if you were doing something like the Job system, where you needed several levels to get to classes such as the Dragoon, Ninja, Time Mage, Mime, Oracle, Calculator, Summoner, Geomancer, Bard, Assassin, Mediator, Knight, Gladiator, Beast Tamer, Paladin, Mog Knight, Animist, Morpher, Fencer, Elementalist, Juggler, Gadgeteer, Hunter, Sniper, Defender, Sage, Bishop, Templar, Illusionist, etc.

    Just a minor confusion, think nothing of it.
  5. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    Oh, perhaps later yes. But what I really meant by "Base Classes" was to differentiate between the classes available to all characters and those available to female characters. (Seeing a male Lady Luck character would be a bit disturbing, I think you'll agree. [face_sick] )
  6. greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master

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    :_| I'm way too busy to play here. Darn! darn! darn! *casts 'zombie' on self, then uses last remaining phoenix down! [face_skull]
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    I also, would not have the time to play here, but I wanted to say good luck! And well done also for thinking up the concept. This is the way I've always believed a Final Fantasy game on these boards should be played- without the established characters and in an original setting.
  8. Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs

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    A bad time to launch games it seems...

    I too am booked solid Zedd... and it kills me to pass on an FF RPG

    Hold a spot for me if this game takes off? .... Pleeeease?

    Join up people!

    Best of luck man.... you need any advice, drop me a ring. ;)


  9. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    If none of you are joining, then why are you posting in my thread! [face_frustrated] j/k

    That is fine. Since I've roleplayed alongside you fellows in the past, I'll hold a spot for each of you after the game itself gets going. You know, just in case you get some of the rare "free time" that we roleplayers covet like Midas' Gold.

    But thank you all for offering both help and interest in this game. I like the concept that I have set up thus far, and am hoping to expand on it during gameplay.

  10. Tysplo13 Jedi Youngling

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    Sounds cool, I'll send you my chatacter bio soon. :)
  11. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    Name: Emperor Zqav Malraise
    Race: 2/3 Human, 1/3 Machina
    Gender: Male
    Age: Presumably nearing 300
    Appearance: A rather large man of about 1,000 pounds and a height of over 10' tall. He is slow to move, but his size is very intimidating to others in the kingdom. He is 1/3 machina, after an unknown accident (or so he claims) and his entire left arm is made of many mechanical parts, including his right eye which can be used as a powerful laser beam. He has greasy black hair that runs down to his back and wears regal finery adorned with various bits of broken machina. His teeth are also made of some machina material, some ranging from sharp to flat, giving him a fiendish appearance.
    Class: Dark Knight
    Weapon: A large, jagged halberd covered in mystic runes that enhance his magical abilities
    Zqav Malraise was the son of an underprivileged nobleman in the kingdom when the Yuto Wars demolished most of their homeland, binding all the continents by sorrow alone. He vowed that he would unite the peoples and simply free them from the pressures that the war had bestowed upon them. He fought long and hard for his position, killing the former King and banishing the only son that was to become the future heir to the throne. In doing so, Zqav's own scheme had corrupted him and made him into a diabolical tyrant.

    Many years had passed, and to the free peoples of Ganahuay, they found themselves jailed and imprisoned or even worse: sold into slavery. Zqav had become truly evil, and had broken the true lifespan for a human life. His body never seemed to age, and his strength grew more and more over the years. He referred to himself as "God-Emperor Zqav", and hired the Junixa Assassins to aid him in quelling some religious rebellions in the kingdom.

    Now, he serves still, always watching with flying machina and the stealthy eyes of the Junixa Assassins, hoping to further expand his Empire from the simple Four Continent Kingdom to the outer reaches of space itself.
  12. BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus

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    Name: Renaad Thovak
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Renaad stands at 6'3'' and weighs 173 lbs outside of his armor. His armor is lightweight for most armor, imbued with mystic arts in order to offer more protection than normal. It is originally a silver metallic color painted black to reflect his duty as a Knight. His hair is bright, fiery, red and cut close to his head so as to avoid interference with his armor. His eyes are a deep blue and his skin is a fair pale caucasian.
    Class: Dark Knight
    Weapon: Carries one large sword, black in color with a dark brown leather hilt. The sword itself curves slightly as the blade nears its tip and the dull side is an intricate shaping of metal into interlocking mystical symbols enabling the sword to tap into the users life force.
    Biography: Born to common parents in the capital of Ganahuay and the last of three sons, Renaad was destined to join the military or be sold into slavery. His brothers both became Dark Knights and served the Emperor well. It was to continue this family tradition, that Renaad joined the military at the age of 18.

    In the military, he helped quell uprisings against the Emperor and faught alongside his brothers. In one particularly gruesome battle, one of his brothers was killed in battle. This loss made Renaad think about his life and he decided that serving the Emperor was not his idea of true justice. He had seen the Emperor's ways and did not approve.

    Wind of his growing dissent, however, made their way to the Emperor who, as punishment, detained Renaad and his family when he was 21 and forced him to watch as all three of his remaining family members were ritually murdered in front of his eyes. He was then sent to guard the borders of the kingdom, a task full of tedium. It was meant to be a further punishment and also to show that the Emperor would not kill him just because of rumor. The point had been made, however, with the killing of his family. The Emperor would not tolerate anything involving him any further.

    Yet this "lesson", meant to reduce the young soldier into a depressed wreck of a human being, failed. Instead, his resolve grew stronger, his hatred flared, and he began to plot against the Emperor from afar. Until then, he would work hard and do his duty. The Emperor would pay for his crimes eventually.

    ~*!~-~DOCTOR BEAR~-~!*~
  13. Pheonix_Rising Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Uriel
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 5' 11" tall and about 170 lbs. Uriel has brown eyes and wears his short black hair slicked back.
    Class: Samurai
    Weapon: magic Katana and its sheath

    Biography: Uriel is one of the twin sons of Michael, the Captain of the Royal Guard before Emperor Zqav came to power. After the Emperor rose to the throne, Michael attempted to oppose Zqav and remove him from power, but Zqav had him murdered. The sons took the swords their father had left them and left the capital before they could be captured as the sons of a traitor.
    Since then the Uriel and his brother have been living as outlaws avoiding the Junixa assassins while still trying to find some way to oppose Zqav.
  14. ColdFire Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Raphael
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 5' 11" tall and about 170 lbs. Raphael has brown eyes and wears his short black hair uncombed.
    Class: Gunner
    Weapon: Dual handguns and a magic greatsword

    Biography: Raphael is the other twin son of Michael. After the Emperor rose to the throne, Michael attempted to oppose Zqav and remove him from power, but Zqav had him murdered. The sons took the swords their father had left them and left the capital before they could be captured as the sons of a traitor.
    Since then the brothers have been living as outlaws avoiding the Junixa assassins while still trying to find some way to oppose Zqav.
  15. Jango313 Jedi Padawan

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    Name: Logan
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Stands at 5' 11", weighs 167 lbs. Logan keeps his black hair spiked and slicked back. He hides his green eyes behind a pair of sunglasses. Logan has a long nose, and pointed chin with a sly sort of look to him. He has a thin build but is stronger than he appears. Logan wears a black blazer and pants with nice dress shoes. He wears a white, untucked dress shirt with a black tie hung loose around his collar.
    Class: Theif
    Weapon: A single kodachi (A smaller katana) serves as his weapon of choice. Logan also has a pistol under his blazer for emergency use.
    Biography: Logan grew up in a noble family in the empire. He was interested in Zqav's ideals from childhood. He joined the military when he was of age and worked his way up to be one of Zqav's trusted bodyguards. Logan is what you would call a free-spirit. He has a carefree attitude and a lazy sort of look about him. Despite his apathetic quirks, he is extremely loyal to the Empire. He is prepared to die for the Empire's expansion. Logan specializes in quick assassinations and obtaining rare treasures.

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