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    This is a Non-Cannon Final Fantasy 7 RPG.


    It has been four years scince Advent Children, and Geostigma is a rare case now, as Aerith's tears cured most of it. Cloud had finnaly forgiven himself for Aerith's death, and Barret has returned from his enery-finding journeys, just to be preparing to leave again. Tifa and Marlene are still running Seventh Heaven. Meanwhile, Sephiroth has resurfaced and he now is being driven by his hatred for Cloud, and Jeneva's voice in his head. The Silver Haired Men (SHM) are alive again, and helping Sephiroth, who has another band of followers, the Sephian's. Yazoo has taken controll of the SHM over Kadaj, and the Turks are still defending Rufus. The Black Materia has resurfaced, but a White Maters has aswell. The Black Materia did the same as last time, creating Meteor, where as the White Matera creates the lifestream, but a pure and healing one this time. No-one knows about Sephiroths reappearance, as he either keeps to the less-populated areas to search for the Black Materia, Midgar has been restored, Sector 7 has been re-built, and Shinra is cutting down on Mako use. Jeneva, however, has finnaly becomes a phsical being, although able to change shape.


    1: No flaming, spamming, swearing or abrasive content.
    2: Relationsips are allowed, but not extreme.
    3: Gm's word is law
    4: No God-Modding
    5: No killing off other players charactors unless permitted
    6: Pm Gm to ask for story plots, ie, who finds white materia, when etc...
    7: Keep OOC down
    8: Have Fun
    9: PM Gm Character Sheet
    10: Ask GM for addition characters (more than one chara)

    Starting Area's

    Seventh Heaven
    Sephiroths Troop
    Aerith's Church
    Midgar (Specify, if possible)
    Around Edge
    Other (Say your'es)

    Character Sheet


    Affiliation: (Shinra, Sephian, AVALANCHE, e.t.c)
    Rank: (What type of person you are in you're affiliation, eg: Shinra, SOLDIER


    Hair: (Colour, style, length e.t.c)
    Facial Features:
    Body: (Height, Weight, build)
    Skin Colour:
    Artificial: (Arms, Legs, other)


    Personal Info:

    Send All Sheets To GM (me) and Have fun!

    Needed Characters:


    (You Can Make You're Own)

    Have Fun! And Thanks Beforehand.

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    Here's Mine


    Name: Dmentae Salamander Uay
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: None, Ex-Sephian
    Rank: Wanderer, Ex-Sephian: Sephian Leader


    Hair: Silvery-white, thin and flicked off at the sides, to claves
    Eyes: Black, with a hint of Mako
    Facial Features: Promient cheek bones, slim and commanding face. Always calm
    Body: 2.3m Height, 85kg Weight, Muscled but slim, he looks alot like Sephiroth and is thought to be his brother.
    Skin Colour: Deep Tan
    Artificial: Artificailly implanted wings


    Likes: Loyalty, Truth, Respect
    Dislikes: Dirty Fighting, Shin'ra, Geotisma
    Weapons/Items: Red and Oversised Buster Sword, two paired swords
    Vehicle: Customised Black Motorbike
    Personal Info: Dmentae had a small amount of Mako infudes, which went wrong and made him unable to smile or cry or laugh
    Bio: Dmentae was born in Midgar and was 15 when the Sector 7 plate was dropped. He fled to Nibelheim and was discovered by the Silver Haired Men when he was 17, he joined their squad when they came back. He was 21 then, he spent the next two years in the Sephians, as Sephiroth had aslo re-surfaced then, and became Sephian squad leader. He left once his entire squad was killed by Sephiroth because of incompetency, and Dmentae only survived because he was the only one that did not fail their last mission. He fled from Sephiroth and began wandering the world. He is now approaching Forgotten Capital with his Motorbike...
    Area: Forgotten Capitol
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    Character Sheet


    Name: Lloraine (Llor) Kreu
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: None, she is her own affliction. It changes with who ever she wishes to help
    Rank: Witch/Magician/Healer


    Hair: Long, wavey, white, which she usually scrunches up in a messy bun
    Eyes: Pale green
    Facial Features: Full lips, round but not fat face, dimples when she smiles, scattered freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks
    Body: Thin/slender
    Skin Colour: Pale Caucasian
    Artificial: None


    Likes: creating and casting new spells, fine arts, painting or sketching in her spare time when not doing something magic oriented
    Dislikes: the government (she is an anarchist), thieves, eating meat (vegetarian because she can connect with animals through magic and knows what goes through their minds)
    Weapons/Items: Two knives tucked into her belt, magic
    Vehicle: Horseback, her horses name is Boitte (Boy-eet-ay)
    Personal Info: Has a sarcastic side to her, very independent, does not listen to what people tell her, stubborn
    Bio: Has a history of switches sides and fighting against people she was once friends with. Learned how to use magic at a very young age. Was abandoned and place into a foster home, but her foster parents found her too strange of a child and sent her back after a few months. She was a very intelligent girl and played tricks on her foster parents using magic. Really she never needed to have foster parents, after her biological parents death she became very independent and could have survive on her own. As she is older, she switches sides with good and evil to who ever she thinks is most "wise". She was once effected by the stigmatism when she was a child, and it effected her in a way that she was able to somehow sink into an animals mind and hear their thoughts, connecting with them.
    Area: Aerith's Church
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