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    The world is in a endless war do the lacking power of the four crystals. Each kingdom is a antagonist of the others, there is no alliance to restore the crystals and no one is even trying to fix them, they are to busy fighting.

    Alexandria Castle

    The civilians ran for the castle as the intruders entered the main city killing off the soldiers. King Azaz was quickly being escorted by his guards in the underground secret hallways of the Castle. The old king was fatigued and he stopped and dropped his hands on his knees breathing heavily. Alkar a young Red Mage Guard put his arm around the king. " We most get you to safetly your Majesty".

    Alkar started the pull the king's arm over his shoulder and start walking quickly as the king limped his way along side the Red mage. The wall infront of them breaks open and tall skinny man stand in his purple robe staring with his empty eyes. His hair was pure black as was the crown on his head, the wings on the man's back lifted and he raised the staff in his hand. The man's eyes become pure black as the guards went rushing towards the man. With the flick of his hand a huge black force spear annihilates the guards. Alkar had ran off with the king as the guards attacked the intruder. "You cant hide from me" The voice echoed through the halls.

    Alkar and King Azaz made it into the room with a large source of water in it and some boats. The King released his arm from around Alkar's shoulder. "It is now up to you my boy to bring life back to the crystals" The king spoke.

    The king gave out one last breathe before he fell to the ground. At the entrance of the room was the man from early with sparks leaping around his hand. A huge streak of lighting sent Alkar flying into the water unconscious. Alkar opened up his eyes underwater as his spirit took control. He eyes turned a dark grazing blue as the water started churning. Suddenly the went headed through the underground lake like a rapid wave. Next thing Alkar knew he was on the shore of a unknown land mass as he looked around at the small village next to him.

    Welcome to my Final Fantasy RP where you either get to be a adventurer just getting by or trying to save the crystal, or even fighting in the war.

    Species/Hometown(kingdom, city):You can be from anywhere to appear in the Final Fantasy series even Vana Diel and Ivalice.
    Profession:You have to start out as a lower class like Warrior, Thief, White Mage, etc. but you will be able to advance to higher classes like Dragoon and those types of classes.
    Skills: What skills do you use as your class.
    Affiliation: Put something in if you are part of one.
    Character description: What do they look like, how do they act.
    Character History:
    Subplot notes: For my eyes only do not post them.

    OK just so you guys know first two people to join can be whatever class they want just not godmode but you atleast get to be higher because we need some high people. Be a general or admiral of a army or whatever as long as i approve of it. I will even allow you to be a king/queen/prince/princess if you want.

    Please do not make canon characters, the only character from canon final fantasy i will accept is Cid. Make him a new Cid though please not ones already used. He can be used by anyone but have to start off as mechanic for a certant kingdom and can have any lastname you want him to have.


    1. Pm me all the character sheets.

    2. No-goding

    3. GMs are law you must listen to them or get your character killed off.

    4. PM any concerns to me

    5. Respect everyone.

    6. Give notice if you wont be on or we will probably kill off your character if you dont give us notice.

    7. Have fun!

    If you would like to co-gm add that in your character sheet when you pm me it or any time after if i dont already have a co-gm.

    St. Edit: Thread locked at author's request.
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    This is my character.

    Name:Alkar Herz
    Profession:Senior Red Mage commander
    Skills:2nd class black magic(fira, blizzara, etc.), elemental weapon, haste, advanced first aid(cure that can only be used on self)
    Affiliation:Alexandrian Templars
    Character Description: Alkar is a 5' human, physically fit, a very loyal soldier but sometimes is naive. Short dirty blonde hair, eyes that change color do to what element he uses. The average red mage outfit with the hat and cape. Very smart and focused(to use magic) and has never really dreamed of becoming great just protecting his kingdom.
    Possesions: Templar Pendant, Aesir(broadsword)
    Character History: Alkar had always lived in Alexandria since he was born but his parents died and his lived with his grandfather who was a Mage Lord during the last war "The Great Magicite Wars" which greatly changed the world. His grandfather saw in his visions that the crystals would fall and decided to head out for the crystals and he left Alkar with Alkar's uncle Zaron who was the Red Mage admiral. Alkars grandfather never returned and Alkar was being taught by his uncle how to fight in the gardens of Alexandria Castle since they had been no sign of any war coming so the kingdom was calm and joyful. Alkar eventually when old enough joined the army as a red mage and quickly made his way through the ranks showing loyality and diligence. He was last granted Senior Red Mage commander the morning of the attack before night fell apon the castle and the enemies attacked unannounced.
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    Edit- Approved
    Name: Maldaan
    Species/Hometown(kingdom, city):Human, Mysidia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25 years old
    Profession: black mage
    Skills: 2nd level black magic
    Affiliation: Magic instructor
    Character description: Maldaan is a magician. Actually an apprentice, but he is in position as a mage instructor in arcane lore and history. Also Maldaan dislikes bullies. He routinely chastises students in class that rough up other students, even outside of class.
    Possesions: Wand of Ice
    Character History: Maldaan is a human in the city of Mysidia. He is earnest, and desires to become a great black wizard some day. This is because, as a boy, he witnessed thieves attacking an old man outside the city walls. As the elderly man was attacked, wizards standing on the walls of Mysidia fried the bandits to a crispy ash.
    Maldaan's father, a Black Wizard, died under mysterious circumstances. Many believe he was murdered. His body was found in a sitting position in living room table, as if he were eating lunch.
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    Name: Galrim Devor
    Species/Hometown(kingdom, city): Human/Republic of Bastock
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Profession: Scholar/ Chief of Security (Bastock)
    Skills: Level 2 dark magic (fira, watera, thundara, blizzara. Level three white magic (curaga, hastega, etc.) Also has some basic summoning skills.
    Affiliation: The Arcane Order of Mages: Bastock Branch
    Character description: http://www.rpgamer.com/games/fe/fegc/art/fegcart03.jpg
    He's a jolly sort, when he's not dealing with those who try attacking his city.
    Possesions: Magus Rod, and a short sword, and a book of ancient spells.
    Character History: Born to the high summoner of Bastock he was trained to become a master of the arcane arts from an early age. Even now he has a mastery of several forms of magic. At the age of 18 he was gifted with the Magus Staff which has only increased his magical prowess. He is now the chief of Bastock security, and since his inception into that rank not a single person has succeeded in taking over the region, let alone pass the borders of it.
  5. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Ok some more people and we are ready to start, you guys have very interesting characters. And since both of you are of magic casters you can eventually become summoners if you can advance to lvl 4 white magic.
  6. ActRaiser Jedi Youngling

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    I don't have white magic. :(
  7. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Meh then become a very powerful black magic user then
  8. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Ive decided to make the Cid character instead since i have good idea for him in the story.

    Name:Cid Aerolus
    Species/Hometown:Human/Formely Lufenia(now his home is his airship)
    Profession:Sky Pirate/Dragoon
    Skills:Jump, Lancet, Triple shot,
    Affiliation:Highwind(his own sky pirate crew)
    Character Description: Cid is average height with semi long blonde hair, sideburns, and a small dirty blonde goatee.He is muscular and wear a trench coat over his normal clothes with a large clothe around his neck. Cid is a serious and extremely smart person even though he does not always like to show it. He likes to be a bit of a jerk and is very arrogant and self centered.
    Possessions:Jack of all Trades(pistol), Gold spear, Iron Dagger
    Character History: Growing up in the town of Lufenia or the Airship city, Cid proved himself a very good boat builder at the age of 8 and started making large ships with his father. Eventually him and his father started making airships and selling them, with the success of his son the father took all the credit and Cid become very angry because he made all the designs. Cid became very arrogant and private as he started making more ships, when Cid was 19 they started a airship company in which his father got all the profits so Cid killed his father for mooching off of his son. Cid was haunted by the fact that he killed his father and disbanded the company and started making airships so amazing he didnt even think he could make them that good.At the age of 28 Cid was kidnapped by Migard Rangers and forced to build them a airship. He did build it and the second it was finished he took out the gun hiding in his pocket and shot the guard watching him and took off with the airship. The good thing for Cid was they gave him all the money he needed to build so he could go beyond his dreams. Eventually Cid become a sky pirate of his own crew "Highwind".
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    Here is a good link with the list of the jobs that appear in final fantasy. To find out more about each one click on it and it will take you to the job's official page.

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    Can my advanced class be Sorcerer?
  11. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    I dont socerer is a class, are you looking for a very high powered black magic user because Black Wizard is good or you could even go to Black High Wizard
  12. ActRaiser Jedi Youngling

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    Uh yeah sure. High Black Wizard sounds great.
  13. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Here is another link for different races you can be like human and moogles.

  14. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Alkar awoke dazed and confused from the recent events.Where was he?Alkar thought to himself weary of what was going on around him. He seemed to be on the beach of a unknown land mass probably hundreds of miles away from Alexandria. Suddenly Alkar remember the urge of power that rushed through him as he had almost lied on his death bed. The oddest part was Alkar wasnt the slightest bit wet and wasnt injured from where he was struck.

    He took his pendant from out of his pocket and thanked Alexander. Marching footsteps could be heard from behind him as a human was escorted by 8 onion knights(4 on each side). They were headed for Alkar.

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    IC: Galrim Devor

    Galrim was making a routine checkup on the coastal regions of Bastock. He and his eight onion knight guards were marching along the western coast of the republic when they noticed a figure stirring on the beach, Galrim could tell that he just washed ashore, probably crashed at sea. Galrim then broke into a run and knelt down next to the figure, it was a young man. "Are you okay?" Galrim called to him placing his hand on the man's shoulder. "Can you hear me?" he added looking at his face.

    TAG: Alkar
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    Alkar's hearing was still mumbled as his wandering eyes locked onto to Dalrim's face. Alkar didnt know who the person was and wasnt going to automatically trust him. Alkar tried to recover his speech but it came out in shambles. Finally Alkar stood up- his legs shaking like crazy. Alkar lifted his head as a small spark of lighting twitched in his eye.

    "Who are you and where am I?"

    TAG: Chanbill
  17. chanbill5390 Jedi Knight

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    IC: Galrim Devor

    "I am Galrim Devor, Chief of Security of the Republic of Bastock. It would appear you have washed upon our shores. It would also appear as though you have been injured , allow me." Galrim said. He then pulled out his rod. "Curaga." he said pointing it at Alkar. A soft light spread over him, invigorating him and healing his injuries. "Now come, we shall discuss how you came to arrive on our shores...and so far away from Alexandria." he added catching a glimpse of Alkar's amulet.

    TAG: Alkar
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    Maldaan left the airship as it landed in Bastock. He was to speak at a college in Bastok, to lecture on Magic Theory. Hopefully he could prepare the students there for truths of the universe, and how things were. Maldaan was not prepared himself for a journey he would soon undertake.
    "Hm..." Thought Maldaan. "A Cafe may be in order."

    Tag: No-one
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    IC: Alkar

    The spark in his eyes went down as his wound was healed. Alkar followed Galrim thoughts the streets a Bastock. Alkar found it an odd place, not as luxurious as Alexandria is...was...the thoughts were coming back to him. Alkar suddenly remembered the face of death of his king's face. They ended up at the Bastock security office. Alkar had anger in his blood who was that man that killed the king. Galrim had been asking Alkar questions but Alkar hadnt noticed for he was stuck in his thoughts. He had seen that man before, when he was younger. The man would talk to his Grandfather about the Great Magicite Wars but the man look no where near as old as his grandfather. Alkar's attention finally went back to the world around him and he suddenly bursted it out. "Alexandria was attacked by unknown enemies...they killed the king and i escaped."

    Galrim was interested now."By who"

    "I dont know, all i remember is a eery looking man who shot black lighting from his hand"

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    OOC: Actraiser, you should use IC: for in character posts, you should also use TAG: afterward, even if you aren't speaking to another character. Just put TAG: No one or TAG: Insert characters name or players screen name. Observe.

    IC: Galrim Devor

    Galrim wasn't aware of anyone who could shoot black lightning from his hands, sure there were magics of which he was unaware but he hadn't even heard of this ability before. "Are the citizens safe. If I can I will have the president of Bastock send some relief forces to evacuate your kingdom, maybe bolster any resistance movements that may be forming." Galrim said. "I can't sit here and do nothing with such news." Galrim added. "Come we shall go to President Fandor." Galrim said, he then stood up and walked to the door. "Follow me please." he said to the Alexandrian.

    TAG: Alkar
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    OOC: I got 3 more people to join chan :D


    Alkar at first didnt follow with his head hanging down."There all dead..."

    Galrim didnt know what to do so he stopped to hear what Alkar had said. Alkar raised his head once again seeing the dying king in his eyes. " We must find the crystals!" Alkar screamed as out of no where he jumped up and ran outside the building.

    No one even knew where the crystals were, finding them would take ages. Alkar wasnt about to give up on finding them. His grandfather had tried and Alkar had no one if he had found them or not. One of the clumsy onion knights let out a pep. "well....there is this one guy at the airship port who might give you ride..."

    Alkar looked over at him and with a nod headed his way for the port.

    IC: Cid Aerolus

    Cid had arrived at the airship port right on time, or atleast he thought he did. The port's bar was empty except the informer. "Cidolfus Aerolus its good seeing you" The informer said in a sinister voice even though he was a twenty two year old who dropped out of the army.

    "Sup pipsquek, where everyone go." Cid said ignoring guy pretending to be sinister as always.

    "Everyone has left."The informer said

    "Left for where.."Cid was now getting somewhat impatient.

    "For the wind crystal!Where else!"The informer screamed

    The wind crystal Cid thought to himself.

    "Why?They hoping to sell its position off for some money"Cid said

    "No thats stupid you'd get more money using it yourself. Think about a sky pirate with control of the skies."The informer said with his eye brows raising.

    The thought of ruling the sky gave Cid a smirk on his face, Cid knew you couldnt make into into the mountains that the wind crystal was. The mountain was to high for any airship, except Cid's own. When cid was a child he heard the Aegyl protected the crystal from outsiders and Cid knew they also had some magical powers.

    Suddenly a man dressed in red came running into the room. He was exhausted from running the whole way there. "Hey can you give a ride"Alkar said breathing heavily.

    "Ive got my own places to be."Cid stated

    "Ill pay"Alkar said softly.

    Cid laughed now interested.

    "How much?"


    The voice wasnt Alkar's out of the shadows came out a familiar man with a blue suit on and a large tattered white cape.

    "Hello my name is Serefin and i to am after the crystals and would be happy to pay for these people as well" Serefin said in a charming voice.

    Cid gave out a large laugh. "Welcome to the Highwind! Biggs Wedge I need you guys to make up 3 more rooms."Cid said. "Well be taking off in a hour so get your things ready."

    OOC:eek:k so far the crew is Cid, Alkar, Dalrim, and the new guy Serefin. Ill post a bio of his up early. He isnt a permanent member he will just be with them for a small part of the story then he leaves the party. Something else to remember is he a blue mage powerhouse so dont have your character battle him to a fight or you will lose. =/.

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    Approved for playing! Thanks Vulnus!

    Name: Regina
    Species/Hometown(kingdom, city):Viera / Djose
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30 (looks 17)
    Profession: Festival-Goer
    -Turk: As a former Turk she is skilled in performing black ops on behalf of the corporation, including kidnappings and assassinations. She doesn't do much of either anymore
    -Festival-goer: Toy fireworks, pinwheel, flame geta
    Affiliation: Ex-Turks, Machine Faction
    Character description:
    -Viera: http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/f/f6/Ffta2-viera.jpg
    -Turk clothes (far left): http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/0/06/Turks.JPG
    -Dressphere clothes: http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/d/de/Ffx2ifm-festivalgoer.jpg
    Temari (the two balls attached to her wrist) for regular attacks, for her unique ability she uses her Geta, which means "wooden clog" (her footware); Unerring path garment grid (w/ ability to change from Turk to Festival-Goer)
    Character History: During a great cataclysm among the viera to avoid exposure to the Mist, Regina and her family were separated and fell into a great crevasse in the earth. When they awoke, they found themselves among those who were not used to seeing such beings. Regina, being young and scared, stayed alongside her mother who came into service of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. With the natural knack for machines and electricity, Regina and her mother made a good living in secret from the rest of the world. Years passed and the leader of Shin-Ra enlisted Regina in the Turks, a secret organization used for espionage and black ops. She was trained in the use of firearms, although she detested using them. Her natural knack and cunning were enough for the Turks and she had gone on many missions.
    During one mission she was to locate a target who had been trying to escape from Shin-Ra. Upon finding the target, she found it was her mother, who pleaded to let her try and return home. Unable to accept failure within herself, Regina fled as well but not with her mother. She returned to what she believed to be the crevasse that sent her to that world in the first place and leapt in. Regina was not returned home, but instead was sent to Djose Temple. She was greeted by members of a local group called the Machine Faction, and they welcomed her into the group. She remained among them, aiding them and the Al Bhed in constructing and improving Machina. Regina hid her past from her new friends and adopted family, learning of Dresspheres and Garment Grids. She was given one by the Machine Faction leader and has used it ever since.
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    GM Approved. Its Taru Time >.>

    Name: Sowarn Towarn
    Species/Hometown(kingdom, city):Taru Taru/ Windhurst
    Gender: male
    Age: 18 (looks 8 due to child like appearance)
    Profession: Theif/Rdm
    Skills: Stealth and magic
    Affiliation: Vana Deil
    Character description: This taru taru has brown hair and light brown eyes and has the face of the most adorable 8 year old you would have ever seen. He doesnt steal unless its from his enemies. Other than that hes a "man" in a child like body,
    Possesions: a black and red patterned dagger, a black leather sheild, and all clothing is black to match him.
    Character History: Sowarn was kind of a rouge of the nation of windhurst he did have magical like roots but he went decided to be a theif instead, as much as he was a thief he never stole anything unless the council aasked him to in which case he would gladly steal anything from his enemies.
    Subplot notes: N/A
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    Jedipassion and Yukari you guys can start off at your home city and join the war of travel for the crystal on our own and meet up with the main crew later.
  25. Vulnus Jedi Youngling

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    Also some of the character im making are for control of every including Serefin, anyone can speak for him just dont kill him off without asking and same with Alkar and Cid. Those are for you guys to control. I can control them to but im still working on my main character. All i need for my main guy is his name XP.
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