DFW, TX Finalization of RPG plans tomorrow...

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by Kurgan1, Mar 2, 2001.

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  1. Kurgan1 Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 19, 2000
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    Okay, let's get a final head count for tomorrow's event. So far, I know that Eric, Kevin, James, myself, Rob, THX, Nabooty, Jarvis, and Jon are playing. Have I forgotten anyone?

    Does everyone have a character sheet yet (with the exception of Eric and Kevin, as I have your sheets with me)?

    If anyone has any further questions, etc. please e-mail me at:

    darkempire33@hotmail.com, okeday?

  2. DarthCynthia Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 18, 2000
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    Hope you guys all have fun :) I've been babbling about you all getting together to my hubby and I think I've suckered him into running a game for me again soon (ok so I've been harassing him for a long time to run another one for me at least a one or two game deal) mwahahah

    I used to game w/ friends of his but I also enjoy the occasional game he runs just for me.. gives us both a chance to have fun w/out having to get involved in long campaigns with big groups of ppl.. woo.

    Anyway.. just a note to say I hope you all have fun at the game.. laterz!
  3. Jedi_Jarvis Jedi Padawan

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    Feb 7, 2001
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    Why are the people who were there for the first round listed last ;) ?

    I will be there directly after work. (So glad I can say that :p)

    Brian, I hope you like Busch beer! I borrowed some of your Guinness and I had to replace it with something. :D JK

    Kurgan, I will tell you now that I will kill any Gungan on site! (I reserve that right as a self respecting smugglar! :cool: ) "Okeday? "LOL!
  4. Sirikus_Willowbend Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 17, 2000
    Hey guys - just letting ya know I'm running a wee bit late, since I know thx can check these boards while ya'll are waiting =) but I'll be there asap with my big wookiee luvin friend in tow - heheh I'll work on getting him a character set up in the car on the way over here in just a bit - or he can just sit in and watch - but I'll help him make a character just in case

    see ya in a few
  5. Marababe Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 20, 2000
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    Well, I guess you all know that I didn't make it today. After out wet Girl Scouts meeting at 3:00 and burned pizza for lunch, I was going to come out for a little while. Then my wonderful hubby informed me that I needed to take him up to Harley to pick up his bike that was being work on. When I got back home it was 4:30 and I figured it was to late to go, cause I just have to turn back around and go fix dinner. :(

    Let me know if you're going to meet again and I WILL make it. :D

  6. Nabooty_Call Former RSA / Obi-Wan Impersonator

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    Sep 11, 2000
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    Thanks, Kurgan and everyone, for another fun RPG session! Thanks, THX for helping me in that struggle with the Dark Side :D

    The sobriety-challenged Jedi lives on!
  7. SabreMaker Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 22, 2001
    OH MAN! We completely missed it?
    Ok, here's the deal. My wife and I are avid RPG'ers and Star Wars is our favorite. We live north of Fort Worth and think it is wonderfull to be able to get into contact with players using the FanForce.
    May the Force aid us in getting together soon.
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