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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LeiaHair, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Firefly: After the Storm

    Their last hopes evaporated into the air like the sweat on their brows. Surely they had lost the battle... and their end would come soon. Inara, beautiful Inara kneeled over the injured doctor, her dark amber eyes heavy with sorrow. Next to her, lying flat on a crate unconscious, young Kaylee?s body slept softly. At her feet, chests heaving, both Jayne and Zoe sat, exhausted to the core. On their faces, losses beyond what they could admit hung heavy. And, with what little moments they thought was left to them, their minds filled with defeat.

    Suddenly, clanking from the wrong end of the corridor began to erupt. The elevator doors began to open; everyone?s muscles flexed... ready to take action. Yet, it was not an enemy that stood within, but their Captain. Zoe slumped to the ground with relief.

    Mal slowly limped, with one hand on his side, down the corridor towards them, his face covered in grime, blood, and sweat.

    ?Sir?? Zoe asked.

    ?It?s done.? he replied simply, his voice gruff and worn. Zoe let out a sigh of relief. Looking around, the Captain noticed yet another crew member missing. ?Report.? There was no response. Everyone looked away. ?River?? Inara looked up to him, her eyes about to over flow with tears. His normally solid face looked down at her, the pain of the loss on the verge of showing.

    Suddenly, the doors at the other end began to open with a metallic groan. The opening slowly grew from the middle out. There, as a silhouette in the door way, stood River. Her young, thin body held a weapon in each hand, dripping with blood. At her feet lay a pile of dead Reaver bodies. To the rest of the crew of Serenity, River looked like a goddess of war... their savior.

    With a loud crash, the wall behind her crumbled into dust. A bright spotlight pushed through the rising dust, only to blotted out by a troop of Alliance guards.

    ?Drop your weapons! Do it now!?

    ?Weapons down!?

    ?Stand down! I wanna see your hands in the air!?

    The commands continued on in a loud cacophony of words. Frozen in their spots, the crew looked on in horror. Had they come this far... past the Reavers, past the operative... only to be stopped by the Alliance itself? Slowly, River looked over her shoulder at the troop.

    ?Targets are acquired.? The leader said. ?Do we have a kill order??

    Only silence replied.

    ?Do we have an order!? He asked again, more fervently.

    The gears in Mal?s head turned quickly... he was not going to lose now. Not this way. As if thinking along the same lines, River?s hands tightened on her weapons. She was prepared to take out all of them. The troop knew what was about to come, and their fingers closed in against the trigger.

    ?Stand down.? A deep voice echoed loudly. Only so slowly, the tension began to release. ?Stand down. It?s finished. We?re finished.? With that, the troop lowered their weapons and Mal found that he could breath again. They were safe. River looked back to her crew... her friends... her family.


    Over looking a vast sea of rocks and sand dunes, the gave markers for Mr. Universe, Shepherd, and Wash stood solemnly. Without a word, River made the last preparations for the ceremonial rocket. Her cleaned up appearance was a different person entirely to the harden warrior that had stood before the crew only hours before.

    Dressed in her nicest outfit, Zoe approached the rocket, a lit punk in hand. Her face was long and her steps were even and paced. The loss of her husband was effecting her more than she would allow to show. She knew life would not be the same without Wash... her head cried that she should be in the grave with him, but her heart knew she would go on. Looking upon his face on the grave-marker, her shielded feelings gave way momentarily. The crew around her, Jayne included, felt every pang of her grief... and their faces fell with heartache.

    Everything would be different....


    In the days to come, the crew busied themselves with fixing the ship. It seemed that by keeping their hands at work, their
  2. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye
    Age: 21 (aprox, based off actress age at the time)
    Sex: Female
    Physical Description: [image=]

    Kaylee is a fit young woman, and her cheerful and bubbly attitude is fairly etched on her face. Has sleek reddish brown hair that curls a bit towards the end and a more oval shaped face than most. Gentle eyes that are extremely expressive, and a postively radiant smile make Kaylee one of the more indearing characters aboard Serenity.

    Personality: Almost always cheerful, and tries to put a positive spin on even the most difficult situations. Bubbly and has an almost infectious charm that can be either completely endearing or grating depending on the situation. Is capable of making anything the crew does seem fuzzy and cute, as well as putting a positively bizzare (from most other people's viewpoint) spin on things. Usually when she tries to hide her feelings, Kaylee fails miserably making it apparent to others, Inara especially. Has a positively strange connection with machines, and if something can be done or fixed Kaylee will figure out how to do it.
    Bio:[link=] Easier than writing something else out.[/link] Yes, I do know the material.

  3. DoranNu

    DoranNu Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 15, 2004
    Name: River Tam
    Age: 17 (I think Joss said she was 17 in the series)
    Sex: Female
    Physical Description: [image=]
    River is a tortured soul, her mind having been probed and abused by Alliance scientists. A child prodigy, school was bored to her, but her enrollment in a special Alliance school caused her life to change forever. Now she looks horribly scorned, fearful of many things, but still a genius at nearly everything. Her long brown hair remains tangled and uncombed almost every day.
    Personality: River has a tortured mind because of the Alliance's abuse, and so doesn't socialize much. However, as she came to know the people on Serenity, she felt more comfortable with them. She is fiercely protective of her brother, like Simon is fiercely protective of her, however, she has the means to protect him, as some part of Alliance training came through combat drills. She fought off a bar mob after a subliminal message embedded in a Fruity Oaty bar commercial caused her to remember the outpost Miranda and its massacre. Ever since discovering Miranda, River has seemed saner, as if a terrible burden has been lifted off of her. She flies the ship from time to time now.
    Bio: I practically posted her bio above, but [link=]here it is again[/link].
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