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First 2 chapters of a new FanFic- untitled as of now

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by starwars6554, Nov 23, 2002.

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  1. starwars6554

    starwars6554 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 9, 2002
    This is set almost 1,000 years after the events of the Galactic Civil War. The Jedi are all but extinct because of fighting within their ranks and some bad decisions made by Luke & Co. But the jedi are still alive. They had to go into hiding with two, much like the Sith did nearly 2,000 years before, and Yoda & Obi Wan did nearly 1,000 years ago. The exploits of Han, Leia, and Luke have become a myth, and a bad myth at that. They, especially Luke are used as bedtime stories to frighten children into being good.

    Enter Neema Haloworth. A young freighter pilot.

    Chapter 1

    A young man of about 25 is absentmindedly staring at the swirling vortex of hyperspace. In his customized stock freighter, Neema Haloworth is sitting in his, yes his captain sear.
    Ever since his parents had taken him to the local spaceport for his 9th birthday, Neema had wanted to be the captain of a trading ship. An orphan since the age of sixteen, Neema had left his home world of Fondor as a stowaway on a trader headed rimward to Tatooine. Once he had arrived on the distant dustball of a planet, he had quickly apprenticed himself to the trader Dylan Quee. The two struck a good working relationship, and Neema learned quickly the tricks of the trade. Soon Dylan felt that Neema was prepared to pilot his own ship, and helped Neema put a down payment on a beautiful customized SoroSuub light stock freighter. Pretty soon, Neema had started to contract trades from Corellia and Selonia when?
    The beeping of the navicomputer snapped Neema out of his day dreaming and alerted him that it was almost time to drop out of hyperspace. Putting his hands on the lever, he began to count down from five?four?three?two?one?Neema pulled back on the lever and smoothly dropped out of hyperspace and right into a fleet of pirate fighters. The commander of the pirate squadron came over the comm. System and said, ?Unidentified freighter, shut down all of your systems and prepare to be boarded.?
    Although heavily outnumbered, Neema did not feel any fear of the pirates simply because he had always had an odd knack for overcoming odds in regards to fights. Still, he would like to avoid a dogfight if at all possible. ?May I inquire as to why??
    ?Does it matter?? replied the pirate captain/
    ?I guess not? muttered Neema right before he snap-rolled to the left and dived as quad laser bursts flashed past where his ship had been a second before.
    ?What the??? mumbled the captain right before he turned off the comm. Unit.
    Neema grinned to himself because he knew what the captain was dumbfounded with. Neema had somehow always been able to know something was going to happen before it did.
    Just then he pulled up from his dive and corkscrewed up and around one of the fighters. As his automated quad lasers tracked the fighter he had just corkscrewed over, he received a lock and fired. The fighter exploded in a brilliant burst of fire and energy. After that, Neema became lost in himself and began to rely on his instincts and reflexes.
    Without remembering anything except for the first kill, Neema had eliminated all of the pirates. ?Whoa?what happened?? he muttered to himself. He shook his head as if doing so would explain to him how he had just single-handedly beaten a squadron of pirate snub-fighters. He re-oriented himself to the vast planet that was Ylesia, and started moving towards the planet; still trying to piece together exactly what had happened.

    Chapter 2

    After Neema had explained the local officials as to why there would be piles of scrap metal floating in the Ylesia system, he decided that he needed desperately to take a rest. So he found a small motel with a refresher unit to spend the night at. Once in the room, Neema lazily plopped down on the bed, rubbed his tired eyes and lied down?
    ?Five hours later, Neema arose from his sleep and once again rubbed the sleep from his eyes and drearily stumbled to the meager but adequate refresher unit. He turned on the unit, leaned against a wall, and let the warm water f
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