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    @};- First Love, Last Love?A Jaina/Zekk Index @};-


    [face_love] Welcome to First Love, Last Love, an index and discussion thread devoted to Jaina Solo and Zekk. [face_love]

    As the indexers, we will strive to provide a complete index of J/Z fics and create a friendly community where all J/Zers may discuss the Jaina and Zekk pairing. Although this index is currently still in progress, we hope to invent writing challenges, create discussion topics, interview J/Z authors, and collect reviews for J/Z stories.

    Below the J/Z Indexers are listed. Feel free to PM us or the sock with questions or suggestions.


    Also, the index would like to acknowledge and thank our retired and inactive members [link=]C3P0_R2D2[/link], [link=]DathomiranAuthor[/link] and [link=]Enelya_Sol[/link] for their help!


    In order to be indexed, your story must fit the following rules.

    1. Both Jaina and Zekk need to appear in the story. They do not need to be in a romantic relationship; a friendly relationship is fine. However, it is preferred that neither Jaina nor Zekk is romantically involved with another character.

    2. No permission is needed from the author to be included in an Index. If you see your story in the Index and would like it removed, please PM either the sock, or [link=]Jade_Max[/link] and we will remove it as soon as possible. Thank you!

    Note: New stories will always be on the 1st Post.

    To Submit Your Story

    Please PM your stories to either the J/Z index sock or [link=]Jade_Max[/link]. The index is listed alphabetically by author.

    A-E , F-J , K-O, P-T and U-Z

    Please use the following format to submit stories.

    Author: (with profile link pasted--not hyperlinked)
    Co-author: (with profile link pasted--hyperlink optional)
    Title: (with link pasted--not hyperlinked)

    Indexers Notes: PMs are NOT required by board policy to include a story in the index ? The Moderators have been consulted on this. If you see you story, and you would like it removed please let us know and we will get to it as soon as possible.

    We thank all our dedicated members for their support, and hope the new format will allow for easier locating of the Stories.

    The indexers would like to take a moment to send out a huge ?Thank You? to DarthChopsticks who did the buttons which have been included in the archive! [:D]

    3 New stories

    Author: [link=]Jade_Max[/link]
    Title: [link=]By Your Side [/link]
    Summary: Monday Mush Mania Fic
    Status: Completed

    Author: [link=]Jade_Max[/link]
    Title: [link=]Don?t Make Me [/link]
    Summary: Zekk struggles with the knowledge that he can help Jaina... but at the price of his own soul
    Status: Completed

    Author: [link=] Jedi-Ant [/link]
    Title: [link=]Air Duct confessional [/link]
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    All information taken from [link=]The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia[/link]

    Solo, Jaina

    Category: Characters
    Type: Human
    Affiliation: Jedi Knights

    Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo's first child, Jaina was born on Coruscant some five years after the Battle of Endor. She was five minutes older than her twin brother, Jacen, and was equally strong with the Force.

    She had certain mechanical abilities, much like her father, but not as strong as her brother, Anakin. When she and Jacen attended Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, at the age of 14, she collected all sorts of old technology from the original Alliance base, using some of it to create cages for Jacen's exotic collection of creatures. Others she kept to see if she can repair them. Jaina created a lightsaber of violet light while studying at Yavin 4. She later trained directly with Mara Jade, after Mara's marriage to Luke, when Luke began moving the new Jedi Knights back to the pre-Empire style of teaching.

    A real student of the Force, Jaina found it hard to be around her mother when she tried to use the Force. Jaina felt that Leia used her skills with the Force as a kind of toy, nothing really serious and often clumsy in operation. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Jaina put her skills with the Force to work as a member of Rogue Squadron, flying an X-Wing into battle against the aliens. She survived a number of engagements, but was forced to eject from her fighter during the defense of Kalarba. She was caught in the explosion of the Champion, and suffered blinding damage to her eyes which left her with fuzzy vision for several weeks. She was shipped off to Duro, to make room for more desparate injuries, and helped her father in the evacuation of Settlement Thirty-two. Over time, her eyesight returned, and Jaina longed to get back into the cockpit.

    However, her status as a Jedi Knight forced Gavin Darklighter to place her on extended leave, in order to appease the politicians of the Senate. Jaina agreed to be part of the Jedi strike team which was dispatched to Myrkr to eliminate the voxyn queen, along with both of her brothers. She was unprepared for the losses the Jedi took just to infiltrate the Baanu Rass, and was was overcome when Anakin was killed aboard the worldship. She openly blamed Jacen for Anakin's death, claiming that Jacen left him to die. In her anger over the loss of Anakin and her blame of Jacen, Jaina turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

    She conjured up an intense storm of Force lightning when a Yuuzhan Vong nearly killed her, utterly destroying the alien attacker without remorse. After finally destroying the voxyn queen, the Jedi were forced to flee the worldship in order to return to Eclipse. Jacen, however, had been captured by the double-crossing Vergere, and Jaina was forced to leave him with the Yuuzhan Vong in order to save the rest of the team. She vowed to rescue her brother, despite her earlier animosity toward him. The Jedi stole the frigate Ksstarr, which Jaina later renamed the Trickster, and headed to Hapes. There, they hoped to learn as much as they could about the frigate and Yuuzhan Vong technology.

    However, Jaina became caught up in the political intrigue of Hapan life, and the former Queen Mother Ta'a Chume chose Jaina to server as her protégé. Jaina didn't fully realize her position, but used it to gain access to Sinsor Khal and the scientists on Gallinore, who created lab-grown version of Yuuzhan Vong yorik coral.

    As Jaina sank deeper into the plans of Ta'a Chume, her friends worried that she was slipping further toward the Dark Side of the Force, especially after she agreed to train under Kyp Durron. After the fall of Coruscant, Jaina was groomed by the Inner Circle on Borleias to become the incarnate version of Yun-Harla, in an effort to trick the Yuuzhan Vong. It was during this time that she also admitted her feelings for Jagged Fel. Ja
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    Challenge Links, Old and New

    All stories can be found in the [link=]Spring 2008 Challenge Thread[/link] thread, or in their own threads:


    All stories can be found in the [link=]Winter 2007 Challenge Thread[/link] thread, in the following order:

    - [link=] There is No Flow! [/link] by brodiew
    - [link=] Lost & Found [/link] by Jade_Max
    - [link=] Empty [/link] by Lusa_Thul

    Fall 2007 Challenge

    All stories can be found in the [link=]Fall 2007[/link] Story challenge thread, in the following order:

    - So Far From Heaven by jedi_of_ennth

    Summer 2007 Challenge

    All stories can be found in the [link=]Summer 2007[/link] Story challenge thread, in the following order:

    - Branded by Jade_Max
    - [link=]To the Last [/link] by Meshugenah

    April Challenge

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    February 2007 Challenge

    All stories can be found in the [link=]February 2007 Challenge Thread[/link] thread, in the following order:

    - [link=]When a Man Loves a Warrior[/link] by brodiew
    - Becoming by jedi_of_ennth
    - [link=]Dreams [/link] by Emerald_Lady


    All stories can be found in the [link=]Winter 2006 Challenge Thread[/link] thread, in the following order:

    - Comfortable by emeraldshadow
    - Snow, Blankets, and Hot Chocolate by Jedi_Bubbles

    [link=]Bared Soles: Three Days of Snow[/link] by Jade_Max
    [link=]Snow Play[/link] by brodiew
    [link=]Brr[/link] by emeraldshadow

    October (& November) 2006 Challenge

    All stories can be found in the [link=]October 2006 Challenge Thread[/link] thread, in the following order.

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    - Borrowed Time by Jade_Max
    - Haunted by Jedi_Bubbles
    - Untitled by Lusa_Thul

    September 2006 Challenge

    All stories without individual links can be found in the [link=]September 2006[/link] Story challenge thread, in the following order!

    - Moonlit Truths by Jade_Max
    - Pick Up Lines by Jedi_Bubbles
    - Waking Up by SakuraTsukikage
    - Freedom by jedi_of_ennth
    - Au Revoir by Mira_Jade
    - Dhalbreath Square by Jedi_Bubbles
    - Silent Challenges by Jade_Max
    - [link=]Falling in Step [/link] by em/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>
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    Welcome to the Library for Jaina and Zekk. Below you will find listed alphabetically, by author, the stories found on the board.

    Included will be a note as to if the story is completed, incomplete and, if it?s been locked.

    If you would like your story removed from our index, please PM the JainaZekkindex sock and it will be removed as soon as possible.

    If your story is not listed in this index, and you would like it added, please follow the submission guidelines as listed in the first post

    Authors are divided by a single ruler ? sections are divided by a double ruler. Enjoy!

    Library: A-E



    Title: [link=]Into The Darkside[/link]
    Summary: It has been ten years since Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were murdered by Kyp Durron. Zekk, now apprentice to Kirana Ti, is thrown in the middle of a mystery surrounding the rise of the Dark Side while the Solo twins face a trial of their own: the temptation of the dark side.
    Status: Completed, Sequel in progress

    [link=]Agent_Jaid [/link] (ASockCalledWorthless)

    Title: [link=]A Darkened Day[/link]
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]Finding Him[/link]
    Summary: Years have passed and Zekk is gone - and that's when Jaina realizes it. AU Dark Nest
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]Hey Boy[/link]
    Summary: It was two weeks before their wedding that Jaina ran out on their relationship, leaving Zekk?s heart in tatters. But the Force wasn?t done with them yet.
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Hunting[/link]
    Summary: After watching Zekk walk off with a blonde beauty in his arms, Jaina Solo felt like her world had collapsed. Months later, on a mercy mission, her two best friends make a bet with her that she just can?t turn down. Now her mission is to hunt down the one man she loves and convince him to stay with her...
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]The Dance[/link]
    Status: Completed, locked

    Title: [link=]Wasn?t Enough[/link]
    Summary: A worthless story about someone who wasn?t enough, Post NJO
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Why?[/link]
    Status: Completed, locked

    [link=]Aiden_Sanic [/link]

    Title: [link=]Happy Liberation Day! A Fourth of July Story[/link]
    Summary: After the knighting ceremony on Destiny's Way, ( the Book ) Jaina tries to break up with Jag, and struggles with her emotions with Zekk.
    Status: WIP

    [link=]Anakina_Jade [/link]

    Title: [link=]Promise of Deception[/link]
    Summary: YJK, Post Crisis At Crystal Reef
    Status: Incomplete, locked

    Title: [link=] Star Wars MST3K![/link]
    Status: Completed? Locked/>/>/>/>/>
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    Library: F-J


    [link=]Fireyforce [/link]

    Title: [link=]After[/link]
    Summary: After the Vong War six heros return to Yavin 4 for a break, but end up searching the galaxy for one of their own
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]Drown[/link]

    Title: [link=]Forgive Me[/link]
    Summary: NJO Songfic
    Status: Completed, locked

    Title: [link=]My Last Breath[/link]
    Summary: End of NJO songfic
    Status: Completed, locked


    Title: [link=]Dragon Call [/link]
    Summary: He was born of legacy. He was born for greatness. However, he became a pawn in a game for power that was in the guise of ensuring galactic peace, a game that would destine him to fall as no others had. The story is an old one?the fall to Darkness over the loss of the love of a woman?but for him, his fall to the Darkness would create a monster that would someday control the Galaxy and would destroy everything he and the woman he loved believed in at one time. - This story is being written for my NaNoWriMo novel 2006
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=] The Broken Road [/link]
    Summary: This story will not truly be just a J/Z story or a J/J story, and oddly it's not really a triangle in the traditional sense. It's a love story about Jaina and the two men who she loves and that loves her.
    Status: WIP

    No Stories


    [link=]Handmaiden_Rabe [/link]

    Title: [link=]Dreaming of Beauty[/link]
    Authors/Co-Authors: The Phantom Jedi team, composed of the lovely Lusa_Thul, Handmaiden_Rabe, and Vonchild
    Summary: If you are familiar with the Phantom of the Opera, you know what this is about. Look out for a twist at the end.
    Status: WIP


    No Stories


    [link=]Jade_Max [/link]

    Title: [link=]A Future Uncertain [/link]
    Summary: Sequel to Deception; Allana's 17th Life day has arrived and Zekk, knowing his daughter must soon return to Hapes to claim her crown, is torn between the duties he knows she must soon shoulder and the need to let her make the decisions for herself...
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]All The Things We've Never Done[/link]
    Summary: Really AU Post Yuuzhan Vong War +30 or so years, a reflection on their lives together has brought some regrets to Zekk
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Come Cryin? To Me[/link]
    Summary: Missing Moments from Destiny?s way. Jaina needs a friend and finds that
    Zekk is still there when she needs him.
    Status: Completed, locked (Classic Board)

    Title: [link=http://boards.thefo/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>
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    Library: K-O



    Title: [link=]The Very Last Young Jedi Knights Story[/link]
    Summary: YJK, post CaCR, The YJK's get together and go on a typical mission: Capture a Dark Jedi
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]The Honest to Goodness, Very Last, I Swear on My Mother?s Grave, Young Jedi Knights Story [/link]
    Summary: Spoof Story, sequel to ?The Very Last Young Jedi Knights Story?
    Status: WIP


    Title: [link=]The Perfect Gift [/link]
    Summary: Zekk gets Jaina a gift.
    Status: Vignette


    Title: [link=]Across the Stars[/link]
    Summary It's only a short viggie, read it.
    Status: Completed


    Title: [link=]Each Other's Company[/link]
    Summary: YJK, Jacen Solo convinces his siblings and fellow Jedi students to sneak out and spend the night in the great outdoors on Yavin IV.


    [link=]Lady_Jedi_Carenix [/link]

    Title: [link=]Later[/link]
    Summary: Plot has Jacen and Tenel Ka on New Alderaan to determine the planet?s next
    royal family while Senator Barret Nyeb creates problems with the negotiations. Mush
    is mostly J/TK, with a smattering of J/Z. Post TUF, AU-ish
    Status: Complete one-shot (unless the plot bunny starts eating me again ;) )

    [link=]LadyMairead [/link]

    Title: [link=]Ghosts of the Future[/link]
    Co-authors: Elven_Jedi_Maiden, Jaina_Fel_06, NaboosPrincess, Rogue_of-Peace,
    The_Standmaiden, Trickster_Jaina_Fel
    Summary: Post YJK, How it was *supposed* to happen.
    Status: WIP, Paused

    [link=]Lonewolf89 [/link]

    Title: [link=]Unbreakable[/link]
    Summary: Star By Star - Some of the team member?s thoughts while facing Duman Yaght as he tried to break them.
    Status: Complete, locked


    Title: [link=]Right In Front Of You[/link]
    Summary: NJO, Zekk is sent on a rescue mission after Jaina after she is forced to crashland. After five years of avoiding him, Jaina will be forced to confront her fears, and herself.
    Status: Vignette, Completed

    [link=]Lusa_Thul [/link]

    Title: [link=]Averil[/link]
    Summary: Post NJO, Zekk comforts Jaina after Jag?s death
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Candle on the Water[/link]
    Summary: NJO, A series of Jaina/Zekk interactions throughout the war.
    Status: WIP?

    Title: [link=>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>
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    Library: P-T



    Title: [link=]And I think to myself, what a wonderful world[/link]
    Summary: YJK Humor
    Status: Unknown (Classic Board)


    No Stories


    [link=]Ra_Skywalker420 [/link]

    Title: [link=]Only You[/link]


    Title: [link=]From Princess to Pauper [/link]
    Status: Vignette

    [link=]RK_Striker_JK_5 [/link]

    Title: [link=]One of Those Days [/link]
    Summary: One of those weird days...
    Status: Vignette

    Title: [link=]Snow Day[/link]
    Summary: A freak weather occurrence blankets the Praxeum with snow. Luke declares a snow day and everyone has fun. YJK
    Status: Complete.

    Title: [link=]Three New Sailor Senshi[/link]
    Summary: A hole in hyperspace leads the YJK crew to Earth and Tokyo, where they meet a certain group of warriors of love and justice... 25,500 years before Yavin to 1,000 years after.
    Status: Incomplete

    [link=]Rogue_Even [/link]

    Title: [link=]Habits[/link]
    Summary: YJK, Jedi Bounty Missing Moments
    Status: Complete

    Title: [link=]Fall Into the Sky[/link]
    Summary: YJK, post The Lost Ones.
    Status: Unknown

    Title: [link=]Guardian [/link]
    Summary: Dark Journey
    Status: Unknown (Classic Board)

    Title: [link=]I Can Only Watch[/link]
    Summary: Zekk?s thoughts as he watches Jaina go through her trials. NJO
    Status: Completed, locked (Classic Board)

    Title: [link=]Promises [/link]
    Summary: This takes place directly after Crisis at Crystal Reef, TJK
    Status: Completed, locked (Classic Board)

    [link=] Rogue_of-Peace [/link]

    Title: [link=]Ghosts of the Future: The Unofficial Continuation of the YJK[/link]
    Co-authors: Jaina_Fel_06, LadyMairead, NaboosPrincess, Elven_Jedi_Maiden,
    The_Jedi_Ambryr_Rose, Trickster_Jaina_Fel
    Summary: Begun as a random idea, this project quickly took a life of its own and has become for a group of YJK fans a means of expressing our desires and reliving our enjoyment of the series. Picking up directly after Crisis at Crystal Reef, the last book in the YJK Series, this project is a massive AU that will follow the path that the aforementioned YJK fans believe th/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>
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    Library: U-Z


    No Stories


    [link=]Vongchild [/link]

    Title: [link=]All Grown Up[/link]
    Summary: Han Solo thinks about Jaina at different points in her life while thoroughly bored at her wedding ? Post NJO
    Status: One-shot

    Title: [link=]Among The Stars[/link]
    Summary: When her family was seperated years ago in a raid, Jaina Solo was taken by her captors and sold as a slave. Now, thirteen years later, she has been found floating in carbon freeze by a band of pirates/smugglers headed up by a certain captain Han Solo. Not even aware of her own identity, Jaina joins the crew as a navigator, though her skills as a pilot shine through. After being shot down in a catalysmic space battle, she must face her identity.
    Status: Complete

    Title: [link=]Chaotic Systems[/link]
    Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Romance
    Summary: When their children are kidnapped by a mysterious pseudonym-bearing foe, Jaina calls in a favor to Nen Yim, who is employed as a detective. But what Nen Yim discovers is a laticework of old grudges and new battles as an old acquaintance of Jaina's plots his own ends.

    Title: [link=]Dazed and Confiscated [/link]
    Summary: After a wild night of partying, Zekk and Jaina wake up in the Coruscant police headquarters to find their hands in binders, their initials tattooed into each other's ankles, and their lightsabers confiscated by the chief of police.
    Status: Vignette

    Title: [link=]Dreaming of Beauty[/link]
    Authors/Co-Authors: The Phantom Jedi team, composed of the lovely Lusa_Thul, Handmaiden_Rabe, and Vonchild
    Summary: If you are familiar with the Phantom of the Opera, you know what this is about. Look out for a twist at the end.
    Status: WIP

    Title: [link=]Separation Anxiety[/link]
    Summary: ?I? is the most important word in the language, but so underrated ? Post The Joiner King
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Stale[/link]
    Summary: Love, Death, and Chocolate Cake
    Status: One-shot

    Title: [link=]Truth of Dare [/link]
    Summary: Follow up to Dazed and Confiscated
    Status: Completed

    Title: [link=]Wish You Were Here[/link]
    Summary: One night on Mon Cal...
    Status: Songfic, one-shot


    [link=]Wes_Janson [/link] (_3MD_PsychoSniper)

    Title: [link=]Crossover. Part One[/link]
    Summary: The solo twins 16 Bday. Wes Janson agrees to distract Luke so they can get drunk. The next day, the Chiss send Col.Jag Fel to get assistance from the NR. They are being invaded by a new threat and need help. There is also a minor trek crossover, but it is very small (only a single shuttle, crewman). I will update the summary as the story progresses
    Status: Complete, locked

    Title: [link=]Crossover. Part Two[/link]
    Summary: YJK AU, SW/SG1 Crossover
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    Fan Art

    Jaina & Zekk

    From [link=]"Dhalbreth Square"[/link], by [link=]Enelya_Sol[/link]

    [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=]

    By: [link=]SilSolo[/link]:
    [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=]

    By: [link=]Tahiri_Solo14[/link]

    [link=]Jaina & Zekk Colored[/link], [link=]YJK Jaina & Zekk[/link], [link=]Jaina Solo[/link], [link=]Zekk[/link], [link=]Zekk[/link],
    [link=]Zekk Colored[/link], [link=]Jaina Solo[/link], [link=]Jaina Solo Colored[/link]

    By Tahiri_Solo14 using SilSolo's YJK name poems:

    [image=] [image=]

    By [link=]Valie[/link]

    By: [link=]Zonoma[/link]

    [link=]Jaina's Challenge[/link]
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    Betas for Hire

    Below is a list of all individuals who are willing to Beta read strictly Jaina and Zekk stories. We would ask that you put your willingness to beta, and what kind of beta (Character, grammar, plot, etc) in the thread. The entries will be taken from the thread and posted here.

    Betas for Hire:

    - [link=]Jade_Max[/link]: Character & Plot beta. I'm willing to help with characterization and plot lines.

    Plot Bunny Pen

    Welcome to the Plot Bunny Pen and Park. Any and all unwanted J/Z plot bunnies should be posted in the thread, or PM them to Jade_Max, and they will be added to this post. Once submitted, they will be placed in "The Pen". Once they've been adopted, they will be placed in "The Park" with the name of who adopted them and the link to the story (once posted) so that everyone may enjoy!

    The Pen

    1 - Jaina?s suffering from a dilemma only Zekk can help her fix. Whatever that dilemma is, is up to the author!

    2 ? Zekk comes back from a mission with the intention of asking Jaina to marry him ? only to find out that he?s outgrown her while he?s away. His feelings have changed from the crush of a young boy, to the mature love of an adult man; but Jaina is still the selfish, spoiled brat she was five years before. Zekk sets about trying to get Jaina to grow up and love him for the man he?s become like the woman he knows she can be (Alternate Universe)

    3 ? Jaina?s past as an irresponsible leader has caught up with her and Zekk is her only advocate.

    4 ? Zekk and Jaina have had a daughter ? and Jacen kidnaps her and Allana. The story of Jaina, Zekk and Tenel Ka?s quest to find their children.

    5 - Post-LOTF, Jagged Fel has restored honour to his family and has either been accepted back into the Chiss, or moved to the Empire, GFFA, or whatever (your choice). He has probably buried the hatchet with Jaina and Zekk (or not, again it's your choice), and met back up with Shawnkyr, to whom he is now happily married. They now have a couple of human/Chiss hybrid children, who are excellent pilots, just like their parents.

    Meanwhile, Jaina and Zekk are also happily married with kids of their own. Their eldest son, Ryan Solo, has dark hair and green eyes. He is skilled as both a Jedi and a pilot. Eventually, he meets up with Cherith Nuruodo-Fel, and begins a romance with her. Of course, after discovering the shock of who her parents are, he eventually has to meet them.

    The Park

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    Post 11

    My thanks for putting this together you guys! :D :p
    Seriously, I wasn't sure if I'd ever see this done, but now that it's running I'm thrilled. We Z/J shippers need this. There's more than I remembered, which is heartening. We do exist! :D

    I can't wait for the first challenges to go out!
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    A J/Z index! :D :D I love it! Thanks so much for getting this up and running! [:D] @};-
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    I think you'll all be surprised just how many of us have written J/Z fics when the other half of the library is up! *grin*

    I'm looking forward to having a long and eventful stint as a part of this index - this couple are as near and dear to my heart as Jacen and Tenel Ka :D

    Glad to oblige, stick around, we're going to try and get things running fairly quickly.
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    Well, this is a sight for glad eyes.

    Jaina/Zekk, my second favorite ship. Jagged Fel and Kyp Durron, you shall not triumph!
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    Yay!! It's up!! It looks beautiful, Jade_Max. Thanks for adding the common terms and bios. :D

    Oh yeah...the other part of the index...which is my responsibility.... [face_blush] *runs off to finish* ;) It'll be up soon.

    EDIT: Thanks for the support, fellow J/Zers!
  16. Trickster_Jaina_Fel Jedi Knight

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    Oct 3, 2002
    star 5
    Yay J/Z! [face_love] :D

    It's sort of surprising how many J/Z fics there actually are...I keep forgetting. And my couple-dozen stories aren't even up yet :eek: :p

    Thanks for getting this up, guys [:D] And have fun with the markup codes and links :p

  17. ZekksGoddess Jedi Master

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    Oct 2, 2004
    star 4
    Hurray! A J/Z index!!! :D
    Great work guys!!

    One question though, who do you PM if your screen-name is T-Z ?
  18. DathomiranAuthor Jedi Knight

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    Jan 18, 2005
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    Whoops. Sorry about that, ZekksGoddess. It should say "S-Z" up there; I'll edit it now. PM letters S-Z to me.

    Also, you'll notice that everything G-L to S-Z isn't up yet. I have most of it in a MS Word file and it'll be up soon. :)

    EDIT: G-L is up.
  19. Lyrienne Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 16, 2004
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    Wow, this is awesome! Great to finally see a list for this ship. :D

    Wow, I had no idea there were that many J/Z fics. :eek: *heads off to read the ones she missed*
  20. Lt_Jaina_Solo Jedi Knight

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    May 27, 2002
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    I suppose now would be the time to start thinking about writing that J/Z plot bunny, now wouldn't it? ;)

    And a question, if we have a J/Z vignette, for example, would we just PM the relevant information to the indexers?

    LJS @};-
  21. Neo-Paladin Jedi Master

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    Dec 10, 2004
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    It's always a good time to write a Z/J plot bunny up. :D
  22. DathomiranAuthor Jedi Knight

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    Jan 18, 2005
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    Yes, this is a fact. :D

    And yes, Lt_Jaina_Solo. Follow the instructions in the first post to PM any of your J/Z fics not already listed (except for authors S-Z--wait until those are posted). You can PM the index sock, or the indexer handling the fics of certain authors. :D

    S-Z will be up tomorrow.

    Yay for J/Z!
  23. NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus

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    Jul 20, 2002
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    I have a question as well. Is this Index for J/Z only, or can we submit J/Z/J or J/Z/K?
  24. RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 2, 2003
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    If you folks need help with this, just ask. I'm always willing to lend a hand to this ship.
  25. jedi_of_ennth Jedi Master

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    Mar 1, 2005
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    Like Striker, I'd love to help you with this should you need more help. :)
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