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    I just wanted to ask people what they liked in or about a thread. Especially about Mind Games Did I scare everyone away? Yes, there will be more tomorrow but I just wanted to know what people liked. Sorry,

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    Oh, wow!! I need another post now Kit!!

    Okay, the reasons I like this story...

    1. It's original. I've never seen anything like this done before.

    2. You do an awesome job characterizing everyone.

    3. You add in some wonderful humor that cracks me up every time

    4. You express the feelings so well, I can imagine exactly what Rohnin's going through and totally sympathize with him.

    Do you need more?
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    This is a huge post, but I couldn't think of where to cut it off. Thanks Jedi_Master_Gimpy More would be good, but I think my ego will be in danger of more enflation. No I was just wondering about threads in general but thankyou for the praise. Now I should stop chatting and start posting.


    Rohnin felt the wind whip through his hair as he exited the turbo-lift, and wished heartily for a jumper. Despite the fact that it was mid-day the wind that howled constantly across the temple roof blew any resulting heat away.

    The teenage boy sat just under the eaves with one arm wrapped around his legs and the other wrapped around a metal support. This had been his favourite place in the world even before he knew he was different from the other iniates he had liked to come up to the roof. Once when he was six and in a silly mood he had tried to think of reasons why he was so unlike everyone else. He had thought maybe the wind that had always blown up here had blown his midi-chlorines away. He has sat up here all day and half the night thinking that maybe if he sat there long enough they would be blown back to him. He had sat until the masters had gotten it out of Kendry as to where he was. He had nearly died of phuemonia in the month that followed. And here, two days into his stay he was back.

    Rohnin didn't fool himself about his fate changing anymore. Like he used to, when he had fooled himself that perhaps they had screwed up the test. That was what he had believed until An-Paj had shown him how they tested. Or maybe he wasn't N-ari and Ventrid's child and there had been terrible mistake. That had been disproved too. Suddenly everything he had had clung to had disappeared. His whole life had seemed so simple when he was little, he would become a padawan, then a knight and be the most powerful knight the galaxy had ever known. People would love him and talk about him everywhere. He had been so stupid. How could he have even have thought such a thing.

    "I know I did." Qui-gon's voice managed to carry even across the wind.

    "And it happened didn't it." Rohnin spat bitterly, "You are one of the most powerful knights the temple has every known. You weren't some stupid kid with no midi-chlorine count."

    "But I could have been." Qui-gon said

    "But you weren't!" Rohnin snapped. "I should go now, as per usual I have made my father angry, my mother upset with my behavior and the entire temple disappointed that they even allowed N-ari and Ventrid to keep seeing their child who would never be a Jedi."

    "Quite the opposite in fact." said Qui-gon.

    Rohnin glanced up, and Qui-gon could see where the wind had dried tear tracks down his face, hope lit the boy's face for a moment.

    "You are going away, yes." Qui-gon ventured and cringed inwardly as the boy's face fell. "But not back to school. In fact you are coming on a mission with Obi-wan and myself." Qui-gon watched Rohnin's face changed as he thought.

    "What good would I be. I can't even handle a lightsabre." he said quietly

    "But you could learn." Qui-gon said strongly, "Even non-force-users can learn to handle a lightsabre."

    "I can't do anything. Face it I'm useless." Rohnin stood up and made his way across the roof, one hand still gripping the rail so he didn't fall.

    "You have two choices Rohnin," Qui-gon called after him. "You could go back to school, or you could come with us and forefill you dream." There was silence and then the click of a door as Qui-gon closed it.

    "What dream." Rohnin yelled at wind. "Dreams don't come to anything, you know."


    He turned back towards the door, something brown had been tied to the railing. It was his shirt and cloak, Kendry's shirt and cloak, he corrected himself.

    "Even the Jedi clothes I wear aren't mine." he murmured.

    They could be. Rohnin's mind whispered. Rohnin took two steps towards the door, one hand grasped Kendry's borrowed clothes. One of the glass roof tiles was loose and as Rohnin stepped on it, it moved. The next second he was on his stomach and sliding down the roof, his boots scrabbling hopelessly on the t
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    Like where this is heading fellow Aussie.

    Good to see Qui-Gon caring some more, but what does Obi-WAn think of this?

    Post more, Please
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    "No, I did not drug the tea." then
    "I have not been taking lessons from An-Paj."

    Boy, oh Boy, that part was really funny!
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    Good work as allways Kit, and Jedi_master_gimpy she was right about the ego all them queenslanders have huuuuge ego's.

    "never have i seen an angel fly so low"
  8. light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master

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    Thanks a lot L's Angel. I'm in a really bad mood now that my ego has been crushed!

    Victorians, Uggh!

    I'm kidding. We have big egos, but the southerners have HUGE ego problems. Just look at Sydney...

    Kit' more please?

    <Note: I got my cream eggs. >
  9. L's angel Jedi Youngling

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    Now i will agree with you on the NSW's but we Victorians are incredibly humble, we don't brag about all the great **** we have. On second thought we do we rock and you all know it. Ohh ya Kit this is damn good keep it comming.

    "never have i seen an angel fly so low"
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    Wow... Great writing style Kit'... Keep up the good work... Everything flowed so smoothly...


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    Sorry, I just had to respond. ego problems? Don't make me laugh!!!!! sorry, anyone who can have Jeff Kennnet as a premier and not have an ego problem is pretty special.

    Us, queenslanders, we never have an ego problem. Except me of course!

    More soon! I'm glad you got your cream eggs light_sabe_r.

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    Had to read some before I post. This is going to be, and has been GOOD STUFF.
  13. mouse2 Jedi Padawan

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    Kit' please come back to us and post! I want more of your story.


    I guess if all else fails I can visit you at the Ultra Stressed Jedi Students threads.
  14. L's angel Jedi Youngling

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    Kennet was on of the best premiers this country has ever had look at how much he got for this state can you all say AAA credit rating?????

    btw post more story soon.

    "never have i seen an angel fly so low"
  15. Kit' Manager Emeritus

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    Sigh and that is why all the Victorians are moving to Queensland....I'm not going to argue with you L's Angel. Besides there are better things to argue about...Like what is Vegemite really made off! :p

    I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long but the computer broke. More Now!


    Rohnin woke to the sound of chattering, he slightly opened one eye. Anglesie was telling a very patient, but bored looking Qui-gon, about a certain type of butterfly in the stepping stone room.

    "You're awake." Something moved to block the light and Rohnin opened both eyes to squint up at his mother.

    "Yes." he answered slowly, he realized that the room had gone quiet and that Qui-gon and Anglesie had disappeared.

    "Why Rohnin? Why can't you just keep your anger inside you?" N-ari asked, Rohnin didn't answer. The Jedi Healer sat down across from her son and put her face in her hands. "I?m glad you have decided to go with Master Jinn and Obi-wan I think it will be good. Your father and I have to go away anyway." She smiled sadly.

    "Figures." Rohnin muttered

    "What was that?" N-ari said darkly, "You think we take delight in tormenting you, Rohnin? I wish I could stay for your holidays, or at least be the person to take you on your first mission."

    "My only mission." Rohnin interrupted. N-ari ignored him.

    "I doubt, however that you would like a conference on the healing properties of a new plant. Or to be the delegate between two trading companies."

    "No, I'll probably end up with handing lollies to young children and dispelling the myth that you actually eat them for breakfast." Rohnin said angrily, N-ari gave him a hard look.

    "You are not making this any easier, Rohnin." N-ari said in annoyance. "I wish it was some other way."

    "So do I!" Rohnin said vehemently.

    "But it is not, and so we will have to make the best out of a bad situation." Qui-gon said bringing in a tray with tea. Anglesie followed two steps behind with a tray full of biscuits, obviously eating the contents at the same time.

    "So I should go home and pack." Rohnin said at last.

    "I'm afraid that I've already packed your things for you. We thought it would be best if you settled in with Qui-gon and Obi-wan straight away." Rohnin felt the first stirrings of anger.

    "Why don't you just come out and say it? That you don't want me anymore, so you're just going to shift me onto Master Jinn who will wait until I get into trouble again before he ships me back to school." Rohnin stood up abruptly and strode to the 'fresher. Slamming the door he sat down on the cool floor.

    "Rohnin?" his mother's questing voice came after him but he ignored it.

    "Wait until he calms down, I'll make sure he will be there in the morning." Qui-gon interrupted. He pushed N-ari gently out the door. Anglesie trailed after her, snatching a handful of biscuits as she went. Qui-gon smiled as she tried to hide them in her pockets.

    "You won't tell will you?" she asked innocently. Qui-gon shook his head and smiled. As the door closed Master Jinn sensed Rohnin standing behind him.

    "What favors did my parents do you to get you to look after me?" he asked.

    "Rohnin, it's not like that." Qui-gon said but the boy had disappeared into Obi-wan's room. The front door slid open with a click and Obi-wan stood in the light, the boy looked tired. His black eye had faded to a green colour that made his blue eyes look slightly off.

    "Is Rohnin here?" he asked

    "Yes, and a very good evening to you too, padawan." Qui-gon replied. The boy looked sheepish for a second.

    "Good evening Master. I just wanted to know where Rohnin was because..." he trailed away.

    "Because?" Master Jinn asked. There came the sound of muttered curses and something heavy hitting the ground.

    "It doesn't matter, I think I just figured it out." Obi-wan strode past him and into his room. Qui-gon sighed and sat down on the couch.


    "Fat lot of good you did." Obi-wan said after he had closed the door. Rohnin looked up from the floor, his suitcase open beside him.

    "Oh don't you start." he murmured.

    "Why not?" Obi-wan asked "I think I have as good as
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    Another great post! I like the tension between Rohnin and his parents. They're probably doing what they think is best for him, but he doesn't see it that way at all. Maybe things will turn out to be better between Qui-Gon and Rohnin. They certainly don't seem to be good between Rohnin and Obi-Wan. You tell him, Obi-Wan! Give him what for! (Psst, and while you're at it, start another fight with him. I want to see what sort of punishment Qui-Gon has in mind for you!)

    I can't wait to see what sort of mission the three are going on and how it will affect Rohnin and Obi-Wan. Post more, soon!
  17. jedi_master_gimpy Jedi Master

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    OOOOHhhh I love it, Kit'!! You do such an AWESOME job of portraying everyone's feelings!! I can see the issue from all their points of view!! Jane Jinn, your love for torture cracks me up!! Post more soon!!
  18. Kit' Manager Emeritus

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    Okay, this is a warning. Somepeople might find the interactions in the next scene a bit unbeliveable. I'm just taking off a real-life experiance okay?? Thanks Jane and Jedi_master_gimpy for reading this. One question anyone else out there??


    "Ask Obi-wan to tell you about Cali and Jane." Kendry whispered as he shook Rohnin's hand.
    The blonde-haired boy still bore the bruises from yesterday's fight. Despite vast amounts of bacta, Kendry's lip was still a bit puffy and there was a nice bruise just over his left eye. Rohnin had a sudden flashback to when he was very small and An-Paj had been telling Ventrid that Kendry would always be a slow healer. Rohnin smiled at the memory.

    "What's the smile for? I still owe you one from yesterday. 'specially after you didn't show up for scrubbing." Kendry continued.

    "Oh yeah? Well, I think the amount of washing-up Qui-gon had for me last night was harder then any scrubbing I have ever done. I swear, that that is one Jedi who never does any washing up." Rohnin said.

    "No, I do it." Obi-wan put in sourly. All three boys turned to look at Qui-gon who was currently being harrassed by N-ari.

    "Make sure you look after him properly, Qui-gon. I don't want him to get into anymore trouble.' N-ari was saying. Rohnin turned back to the group.

    "Make sure he brushes his teeth five times a day and don't give him any sweets." Kendry said imatating N-ari. Rohnin made a face and all three boys started laughing. Yesterday's fight and Obi-wan and Rohnin's arguement seemed to have been forgotten for the time being. Rohnin knew it would surface sooner of later, but for the time being he wanted it to be later.

    "Come on N-ari." Ventrid was saying as he nudged his wife's arm. "I'm sure Qui-gon can handle Rohnin."

    N-ari and Ventrid came across the landing pad. The boys parted out of the way and Ventrid moved forward grasping Rohnin's hand he said quietly.

    "Take care, be good."

    "I will, don't worry." Rohnin replied. N-ari shook her head with a smile.

    "Oh Rohnin, but that is what parents are for." She pulled her son into an awkward embrace and Rohnin was sure that he heard Obi-wan chuckle. It didn't matter at the moment, he had plenty of time to get Obi-wan back. "Now look after yourself, don't be a burden to master Jinn, always be respectful, remember to say please and thankyou and..." N-ari said worriedly. Anglesie, who had been hopping from one foot to the other, looked up at her master and sighed.

    "Master, I think that Rohnin can look after himself, he is a big boy." Anglesie said. "Did you put your papers in your backpack, Master?" N-ari looked confused for a second and swiftly walked away to check for the much needed papers.

    "Thanks kiddo." Rohnin said squatting down.

    "Like I said, parents can be such a pain." Anglesie said.

    "Here they are. Come on Anglesie time to go." N-ari called.

    "You too Kendry." Ventrid said.

    "Hey good luck. Don't do anything I wouldn't" Kendry called as he sprinted across the landing pad towards Ventrid. The blonde haird boy suddenly spun around and ran backwards calling. "Oh and don't forget to torture Obi for me!"

    Rohnin waved and then gave Obi-wan a strange look.

    "Torture?" he asked. Obi-wan shrugged.

    "Seems to happen to me a lot."

    "Can't on this mission, unless one of the little kids poke a lollipop stick in your eye or ask you to give them piggy-back rides." Rohnin said laughing.

    "Now that is torture." Qui-gon put in from behind them. Anglesie tugged impatiently on Rohnin's arm.

    "You gonna walk me across or not?" She asked haughtily. Rohnin smiled.

    "It's 'going to', and yes I will."

    The two walked across the landing pad towards N-ari, Anglesie tugging on Rohnin's hand as she skipped.

    "Rohnin?" she asked suddenly, "If we have Two's day why don't we have a three's day?" Rohnin laughed and swung her up.

    "You are so cute." he murmured.

    "Am not."

    "Are too! Anyway, it's Tuesday you say it like Choo-s/z-day." Rohnin said putting her down again.

    "Hurry up Anglesie." N-ari called. Anglesie let go of Rohnin's hand and ran the r
  19. Jane Jinn Jedi Knight

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    Hey, Rohnin, don't forget to torture Obi-Wan for me, too! Another good post, Kit'! I like the way you involved Cali and Jane, heh, heh. And the way that Rohnin thinks that washing up after Qui-Gon is worse than any scrubbing he's ever done. (Qui-Gon must really be a good cook!) And the way Rohnin chases Obi-Wan around the landing pad, and Qui-Gon sighs to himself and thinks "Now I've got two of them!" Can't wait for more!

    Hey, Aussies, what do you all think of Western Australia? If I ever come there, I want to see Perth first. Any opinions? No politics, please, it bores me to tears.
  20. mouse2 Jedi Padawan

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    Another wonderful post from the great Kit'!

    You can always count on me reading. I may be slack about posting, but whenever I see a new thread by you, I'm just drawn to it.
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    "So how do I look?" Rohnin asked taking a step out from the fitting rooms. The Jedi tunic he was wearing felt comfortable and more importantly it was his own.

    "Very nice," Qui-gon said. The table in the middle of clothing room was piled high with a spare pare of boots, pajamas, two belts, socks everything Rohnin would need.

    "I don't think he needs any alterations in his clothing." the tailor piped up, "Unlike certain people I remember." she added looking at Obi-wan.

    "What's the matter with girly-boy?" Rohnin asked grinning.

    "Well, his arms are too short for most tunic tops." The talior grinned at Rohnin obviously enjoying Obi-wan's discomfort.

    "Is that everything?" Qui-gon asked trying to take the spot-light off his padawan. The tailor ran a quick eye over the data pad she was carrying and nodded. Rohnin grinned as they excited the room and made their way up the stairs.

    "I never thought that I would have jedi clothes of my own." he said. Obi-wan laughed and Rohnin's grin turned into a scowl.

    "What is funny about that?" he asked menacingly.

    "Nothing." Obi-wan said still smiling. "I just never thought that Jedi clothes were so special."

    "Well, they are to me." Rohnin hissed and then bunched a fist. Rohnin winced as pain shot through his hand and up his arms. He had cut his hands on the roof the day before and Qui-gon had onyl put a non-bacta bandage on Rohnin's hand. His hand throbbed every time he moved his fingers and it had slowly been getting worse.

    "Are you alright, Rohnin?" Qui-gon asked.

    "Yes, no. The cuts on my hands are hurting again." Rohnin answered. Qui-gon sighed as he unwrapped the bandage to have a look. The cuts were red and inflamed and the banadge was sticking to the larger ones.

    "I'm sorry, Rohnin. I meant to make you go and see the healers about that. I'm afraid it must have slipped my mind with everything else."

    "That's okay." Rohnin answered, "I suppose you couldn't really help it what with Mum and Dad and Obi-wan being a jerk and...."

    "Hey!" Obi-wan said. "If I remember..."

    "And if I remember it was both of you. Now, we will go along to the healers and then you to can go have lunch in the cafeteria." Qui-gon said evenly as they entered a near-by turbo-lift. The two boys shot venemous looks at each other and then Obi-wan turned plantive eyes on Qui-gon.

    "Do I have to go to the healers' master?" he asked. Qui-gon supressed a grin,

    "That puppy-eyes thing might work on Cali but they don't on me. You shall accompany Rohnin and I to the healers and then to the cafeteria." Qui-gon said.

    "But...." Obi-wan whined.

    "No more buts, Obi-wan that is my final word. Just because Rohnin is staying with us does not give you leave to question my judgement all of a sudden." Qui-gon said sternly, Obi-wan looked down at his feet.

    "I'm sorry Master." he whispered.

    The little light on the side panel of the turbo lift pinged illuminating 'HEALERS LAB'. The three walked down the corridor with Obi-wan noticably lagging behind. An-Paj greeted them as Qui-gon lead Rohnin and Obi-wan into one of the rooms.

    "Good afternoon Qui-gon, what has Kenobi done this time?" An-Paj asked smiling. Obi-wan glared at the healer and Qui-gon gave his padawan a hard stare before returning the healer's grin.

    "Actually, it's Rohnin who is injured." Qui-gon explained.

    "Fighting?" An-Paj asked.

    "No." Rohnin said annoyed and then lightened his mood to one of innocence, "when have you ever known me to fight?" he asked.

    "Lets see there was one time when we considered having a Rohnin wing as well as a Kenobi one." An-Paj said as he inspected Rohnin's hand. "What have you been doing?" he asked.

    "I fell off a roof." Rohnin replied and winced as An-Paj probed one of the cuts. Rohnin glanced up just in time to see Obi-wan's grin.

    "What's so...ouch, jeez An-Paj you could be a bit gentler, funny?" Rohnin asked with clenched teeth. Obi-wan grinned harder.

    "It's just nice to see someone else being tortured...I meant healed under An-Paj's excellant hands. AND." he continued with flourish, "I knew you were on the roof."

  22. Jane Jinn Jedi Knight

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    Kit, I read this post three times in a row because it was so funny and I liked it so much! Yes, to-day is pick on Obi-Wan day. Every day is pick on Obi-Wan day! More, more! I liked the way that Qui-Gon sat up and paid attention when An-Paj revealed that Obi-Wan and Ane were drinking out of the toilets, and that it was a mere five weeks ago when Obi-Wan screamed like a stuck pig while having a splinter taken out of his thumb. Rohnin really brings out the worst in Obi-Wan, doesn't he? More, more!
  23. The Butler Jedi Padawan

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    This is great interaction between Rohnin and Obi-Wan! It's extremely entertaining, in the least.
  24. light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master

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    Not so long away and yet so many posts to read....

    I love IT!

    Awww, Rohnin got his own tunic. Does he get his own sabre too?

    Waiting on every word for more.

    Oh, and I thought I'd better respond to Jane Jinn's queation on WA. I haven't been there but I'd love to go! There is so much untouched wilderness there, and of course there's the town where Wild Dolphins get close to shore for feeding, Monkey Mia. Actually, Perth is considered to be quite a lot like Brisbane, but the WA is mostly desert.

    That's it, I'm done being a travel agent. Post more Kit'
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    Kit, I just read your whole story so far. NICELY done! I love it! The interaction between the family members, the firm but fatherly Qui-Gon, the Obi-torture, the lessons in Australian regional/political rivalries... er, oops! (Meesa no tinks yousa liking each odder!) Well, what do I know, I'm Canadian, and we like all Aussies no matter which area of the country they're from!

    I also love the way you tie-in characters from "Ultra Stressed Jedi Students". Keep it up, you're doing great!

    - Rani
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