Fleeting Glances- Yet another part of Phoenix Rising

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    I'm going to go ahead and give glances it's own thread- so I'm going to move it here, because I don't want the PR stories separated :)

    The first part is just snippets, and it will not necessarily go in order.

    The point of this part of the arc is to tell the veiw points of the main characters, through their diaries- when it's not really pertinent to the arc as a whole. Just little things- like the first time Qui was mean to a padawan- what ever happened to Buckethead's first padawan, etc...

    You don't have to have read anyother parts of the arc (Phoenix Rising and Ashes Burning) to understand these.

    Disclaimer: Georgie owns them, not me! And I was never here tonight!

    Nothing new tonight


    Guess what! It's my seventh birthday today. Master's Yggorf and Noolibo gave you to me, and told me to write my dreams, thoughts and asp..aspera...asperations, what ever that means, in you. So I am. They also said that because you're mine no one else can read you. I don't know if I believe that... hn.

    I think Masters gave you to me because they know about my dreams. I have scary dreams- one night I dreampt that I was being chased by a man in a dark cloak with a red lightsaber. I was an adult, I think, and I wasn't wearing normal Jedi clothes...it's weird, it felt so real- and I couldn't just forget about it, like most normal kids do. Am I strange?

    Opps, gunna be late for sabre training if I don't move soon. Today's the first time I get to practice with a training saber. I can't wait!

    Oh yeah- Master calls me Xana-nana so you can too.



    An indeterminate amount of time passes

    Dear Diary,

    Do you mind if I call you Bob from now on? I'm serious. It's easier for me to talk to you if I think of you as a living person.

    Anyways I had another dream tonight, and it's 3:AM and I'm scared to go back to sleep. I dreampt that I would never be knighted. I saw myself standing on a field with someone's blood running on the ground and all over me, and this guy looked familiar- but I've never seen him in my life. A Master, I don't know who, was walking away from me, and I hated him.

    But hate is dark, dark is evil and I don't want to be evil. I'm so scared. But fear is dark too. I can't tell the masters- they'll laugh at me and tell me not to be afraid. That's why I'm telling you Bob.

    It's time for the masters to do a bed check so I'm going to try to go back to sleep.

    Good night!


    ********Thus passed two years

    Dear Bob;

    You remember the bad dream I had about not ever being a knight? Well I don't think that that one will come true. Master Jinn- the one that everyone says is the bestest Master in the world asked me to be his padawan today.

    I don't know if the council will say yes. We have a meeting in half an hour and I'm very scared. I know I shouldn't be, but I can't help it- the trolly-guy (Toada? Yodie? Yoda...that's it) doesn't like me, I think. He looks at me weird- all cold and creepy like, almost as though he can read my soul or see my future. Maybe he can, maybe he saw my dream where I wouldn't be a Jedi, too.

    Whoops, time to go- I can't afford to be late. Oh what if I'm not picked? I can't stand this waiting game.

    More later,


    Xanatos' first night as Master Jinn's padawan

    It's late.

    Very late.

    So late that if I was still in the creche and was caught up, I'd be doing medatatation punishment's for a month.

    I had the same bad dream again, and I can't find Bob. I haven't had time to unpack him yet. Maybe Master will listen to me. I'm kind of scared of him- he's so tall and big, and he doesn't say much, but maybe he'll listen and let me curl up with him, just as Master Yggorf used to before I had Bob.

    I slip out of my new room and into his. He's standing at the window-staring out into the night sky.

    "Master," I hear myself say," I had a bad dream. Will you protect me from them tonight like Master Yggorf did?"

    He turns back around and looks
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    what ever happened to Buckethead's first padawan, etc... [face_laugh] You crack me up!
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    Don't hide your stories without telling me!!!!

    I will find them.

    Unless of course you change your name and forget to link.

    you just want me to fill up my alerts, dont you?

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    Next ( this week) on Glances...

    Xani's first time being left alone in the appartment. Hey what's the worst that could happen?
  5. PaddyJuan Jedi Master

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    ummmm, isnt that kinda like saying, 'what could possibly go wrong?' and waiting for the lightning to strike?

    ^ ^

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    Now I understand about Bob. [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I need to read the first parts to this. :p Bad me for not doing so sooner!
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