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Star Wars Fleets of Power(Clone Wars)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by RuneEisahn, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008

    Everyday, more and more admirals and Jedi join the Republic Navy. Everyday, more sinister commanders are placed in charge of Confederate Fleets. Legends are born, fleets are destroyed, planets overrun. These Fleets of Power are the standing powers of the Clone Wars.

    Welcome to Fleets of Power, an RPG based mainly on the struggles of being an Admiral of the Republic Navy or Confederate Navy. In this RP, you shall not have a massive fleet in your command from the very start. You will have to purchase your ships for your own fleet. The balance of power shall be tipped and it shall be by your doing. Now then, lets begin...



    [b]Republic Navy[/b]

    [b]Confederate Navy[/b]


    This is the selection of ships you may use to update your fleets. Here are also the prices.

    Republic Navy:
    Venator-Class Star Destroyer-6,750 credits
    Imperial I-class Star Destroyer-5,500 credits
    Acclamator II-class assault ship-2,225 credits
    Acclamator I-class assault ship-1,000 credits
    Dreadnaught-class cruiser-500 credits
    Pelta-class frigate-500 credits
    Space Station-10,000 credits

    CIS Navy:
    Providence-class carrier/destroyer-5,000 credits
    Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship-4,155 credits
    Lucrehulk-class cruiser-3,000 credits
    Confederate Dreadnaught Cruiser-2,270 credits
    Munificent-class star frigate-1,000 credits
    Space Station-12,000 credits


    Every ship has a certain complement of troops and starfighters on it. (This is not an accurate result, but it'll make things fun)

    Republic Fleet:
    Venator-Class Star Destroyer-400 Starfighters, 150 LAAT Gunships, 50 AT-TE's, and 5,000 Clones
    Imperial I-class Star Destroyer-340 Starfighters, 50 LAAT Gunships, 100 AT-TE's, and 9,000 Clones
    Acclamator II-class assault ship-150 Starfighters, 15 LAAT Gunships, 50 AT-TE's, and 3,500 Clones
    Acclamator I-class assault ship- 156 Starfighters, 80 LAAT Gunships. 50 AT-TE', and 4,000 Clones
    Dreadnaught-class cruiser- 3,000 Clone Troopers
    Pelta-class frigate-N/A
    Space Station- 300 Starfighters(automatically comes with one Venator and two Acclamators for protection)

    CIS Fleet:
    Providence-class carrier/destroyer- 800 Starfighters, 30 Droid Gunships, 15 Tanks, and 25,000 Droids
    Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship- 400 Starfighters, 10 Droid Gunships, 60 Tanks, and 40,000 Droids
    Lucrehulk-class cruiser-N/A
    Confederate Dreadnaught Cruiser-250 Starfighters, N/A Gunships and Tanks, 10,000 Droids
    Munificent-class star frigate-100 Starfighter, 200 Tanks, 20 Gunships, 150,000 Deactivated Droids.
    Space Station- 600 Starfighters (automatically comes with three Munificent Frigates for protection)

    [b]Pay Day[/b]:
    Pay Day Shall Happen every Monday with a fresh 7,000 Credits. Only I and/or my assistant GM shall envoke Pay Days.

    I am hoping for at least four Admirals for the Republic(Jedi or regular human) and at least three for the CIS(Well, not droids because they have no brain for fleet tactics)

    I shall Roleplay the battles for fair play and the players shall devise the tactics. This is to be sure that there will be no godmodding by a player.

    1. Obey thy GM
    2. GM word is LAW..
    3. If having problems with another player, please deal with it through PM as not to fill the RP with OOC.
    4. Be respectful to other players and yourself
    5. Make mistakes. Every admiral or captain makes mistakes.
    6. PM all character sheets to me and do not post until GM Prompt.
    7. The final and most serious rule there is.....have FUN!!!!!

    [b]Character Sheet[/b]:
    (You are either a Jedi, Admiral, or Dark Jedi in control of a yeah. And You may only start out with three ships to begin your fleet. The rest shall be bought. You may choose, however, which three you want to start off with. Choose wisely)

  2. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    Sounds like fun.

    How many credits do we start with?

    CS incoming.
  3. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    You start off with 10,000 credits, although that amount can increase depending on what planets you control.


    Defense Fleets:
    Once you have amassed a fleet of reasonable size and strength, you may detach a section of the fleet to defend a planet or system you have either conquered or taken from the enemy.

    CIS Update:
    The CIS have the unique ability to mass produce droids in the thousands. Although the Admiral only has three Mass Production Drills at his beck.

    The CIS also have the unique ability to invade planetary systems that are neutral and or under Republic Control.

    Republic Update:
    Jedi Officers can now man their Jedi Starfighters in dogfights against the CIS Navy.

    The Republic now have the ability to call a call to arms, calling in Republic Fleets from nearby systems(amount of ships will be decided by me)

    General Updates:
    Both navy's may use boarding vessels to board enemy flagships and capital ships.

    Both navy's may overrun a capital ship and take control of said ship if not repelled by enemy forces.

    Both navy's may now build Ion Cannons onto planets of their choosing(although they may only have three Ion Cannons in total)

    Ship Updates:

    Boarding Vessels-200 Credits: can be manned by 50 troopers/droids.(Both Navy's)
  4. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    [hl=black]GM Approved[/hl]

    Name: Kaden Rade
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Physical Appearance: Kaden Rade has dark blue eyes, which seem always to be searching inside your soul, examining you, dark brown hair cut short, a lightsaber burn still showing where his ponytail had been cut off, wears simple robes for a Jedi and has normal lightsaber, which is blue.
    Personality: He was usually a quiet, simple knight, but Jamie has drew him out, and the responsibilities of the Clone Wars has led him to be loud, loyal, and overbearing. He always loves natives, and hates the CIS.
    Strategy Most Used: Attack
    Fleet Ships:
    Acclamator II-class assault ship
    Acclamator I-class assault ship
    Dreadnaught-class cruiser
    Flagship: The Raider, Acclamator II-class assault ship
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    Bio: Kaden was a natural born Jedi Knight. The son of Gracyllyn Rade, a legendary Knight, caused much uproar, but he was taken as a youngling. During school he was taunted by his peers for not having a father, but he ignored them. At twelve he was chosen by his mother, as she wanted to share a bond with him. Not a loving bond, as the Council wouldn?t have it, but a Master-Apprentice relationship. Secretly, they both cared deeply for each other, and would protect each other no matter what. When Kaden turned eighteen, the Clone Wars began. Kaden gained control of a few ships, and then he met Jamie, the strange defected trooper. She was so caring though, and slowly he developed a relationship with her. With high hopes, he wished he could wed her.

    Name: Jamie Fett
    Age: 20 (biologically)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Clone Trooper, Human
    Physical Appearance: Jamie has long red hair, another problem from her DNA. She has bright blue eyes and wears the standard ARC trooper outfits fitted to her form. She is very tall, taller than other clones, and very skinny.
    Personality: Bright and cheery with her brothers, withdrawn with Commanders and Admirals except for Knights, whom she feels she is equal too, smart, likes to speak, hates droids and outsiders
    Rank: ARC Trooper
    Affiliation: Republic
    Bio: Jamie was one of the first clone troopers developed at the facilities. She was a birth defect, as she was born female. Other defects were she had red hair, blue eyes, and was very tall. She has the ability to store unlimited amount of information inside her mouth, in which she can remember missions very well. She was developed at first to slave the other troopers, but some people requested to train her. She was trained, and proved to be better than any of the others. She grew up quickly like the others, and treated them like her younger brothers. When the war began, she went under several annoying Admirals until Knight Kaden came into her life. Love were her first thoughts, but force of habit made her love separate her from him. She joined his brigade though, and currently travels with him on missions.
  5. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    Great!! I have just approved two more Republic Admirals. But we need the CIS! Or else who else would you fight?? THere would be no battles, except with NPC's i've created(although I will do it if necessary)

    So for right now, no more Republic CS's until I get at least two CIS leaders.
  6. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved General Kal reporting for duty.

    Name: Sedron Kal
    Age: 70
    Gender: Male
    Species: Draethos
    Physical Appearance:
    Personality: Calm and relaxed...most of the time, for his species he's still pretty young and thus prone to errors in judgment and the occasional impulsive action.
    Strategy Most Used: Divide and Conquer
    Fleet Ships: 1 Venator-Class Star Destroyer, 1 Acclamator II Assault Ship, 1 Pelta-Class Frigate, Personal Delta-7 fighter is held in the Venator
    Flagship: The Hunter
    Rank: General
    Affiliation: Republic
    Bio(short): Sedron was born on Thosa to a traditional family of Draethos, in his early youth he was raised to hunt as all Draethos are. He was later discovered by the Jedi Order and brought to the Temple to be trained as a Jedi like several others that had come before him like Odan Urr. He trained for several years making both his family and his masters proud. By the age of twenty he had achieved Knighthood, by forty Masterhood. He had already seen his own padawan reach Knighthood by the outbreak of the Clone Wars. When the Jedi were roped into helping rescue the galaxy from the clutches of the Separatists Sedron leapt at the chance. It would allow him to serve the peace in the best way he knew how, through hunting down those who were behind this disaster and bringing them to justice. He was put in charge of an impressive fleet which he uses to drive his opponent apart and take them out one at a time, just like how a pack of vornskrs hunt down their prey.
  7. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Adelle Topher
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Physical Appearance:[link=]Wears her hair shoulder length, prefers her light blue tunic and her beige slacks, belt holster with her trusty heavy blaster, knee high boots.[/link]
    Personality: Cocky and sure footed. A gambler.
    Strategy Most Used: Bait & Switch
    Fleet Ships: Venator-Class Star Destroyer, Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Acclamator II-class assault ship
    Flagship: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer ?Serenity?
    Rank: Admiral
    Affiliation: Republic
    Bio(short): Born on Corellia but raised in Coruscant's aristocracy Adelle was unhappy with her life of leisure and safety. She ran away on her sixteenth birthday and fled to the outer rim. Life was hard and dangerous and she was never happier. She ran illegal cargo, and joined an anti-slaving outfit that raided the Slave trade. Later she became the second in command of the group and started to plan missions to raid the Hutts. Her missions were unorthodox and effective, and she quickly grew a reputation as a commander who got things done. When Adelle received word that her mother had died, she left the group to return home. She was twenty-one years old.
    After her mother's funeral she decided to attend the University of Coruscant and graduated with honors. She returned to her old associates with a better grasp on tactics and strategies, and they continued to prey on the criminal organizations of the outer rim.
    When the war started she and her associates volunteered for the Republics fleet command. She was quickly recognized as a valuable resource and climbed the ladder of command. She achived the rank of Admiral and now commands a small fleet. Her Flagship is named after her mother Serenity.
  8. The_Future_POTUS

    The_Future_POTUS Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 21, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Maelgwn Gwynedd

    Homeworld: Brentaal IV
    Race: Human
    Age: 52
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Maelgwn is of average height, muscular, particularly for his age. His hair is mostly black which is just beginning to turn white.
    Strategy Most Used: Overwhelming numbers
    Fleet Ships:
    1 Providence-class carrier/destroyer
    Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship
    Lucrehulk-class cruiser-N/A
    Flagship: Resurrection Providence-class
    Rank: Admiral
    Affiliation: CIS

    Bio: Maelgwn is the son of a prominent planetary leader on Brentall IV. He grew up on his family?s estate, spending countless hours at the hands of numerous tutors being steeped in history, military tactics, diplomacy, with survey studies in engineering, medicine, geology, math, and psychology. His father dreamed that His sons would carry on the family?s tradition of military and political service to the people of Brentall IV. Maelgwn and his younger brothers shared this desire, instilled by their father with his many tales of the glories of their family?s numberless years of service to their people. Maelgwn is the oldest son and was discovered early to be unusually brilliant. Combined with his family?s influence, he moved quickly through the ranks of power. As a final favor to his retiring father, the then current head of Brentall IV made Maelgwn his second. Maelgwn was personally tutored in matters of state under his father?s friend.

    Now years later, Maelgwn has stepped out of the shadows of his mentor, eager for his own change at glory. He served for several years as Senator but quickly grew disgusted with the rampant corruption both within the Galactic Senate and with the general populous of the Republic. After stepping down from office, Maelgwn embarked on a decade long private tour of the Republic. His hope was to discover the spark of honor, dignity, and communal pride among the Republic?s people that he believed lay buried underneath the shameless materialism and pleasure-seeking depravity on the surface. Maelgwn never found it. After ten years of seeking he has given up on the average citizen. They no longer care who is running the galaxy, about personal sacrifice to serve one?s people, or even family. They have descended into mindless drones wasting away while watching the pointless and juvenile antics of mass media celebrities.

    At the end of Maelgwn?s tour he spent several months desponded and wondering if there was any hope for this Republic. If there is to be any salvation for the Republic, Maelgwn decided, it must be cleansed by fire. Freedom has never been free and the people have forgotten this. They need to be reminded and pulled away from their pointless distractions. They need to refocus and rise above the mundane and self serving pursuits they have given themselves to.
    Soon thereafter, word of the CIS hit the galactic hyperspace ways. Maelgwn left his home and joined the CIS; not to destroy the Republic, but to force them to lay aside their moral depravity and again become the people of legend and history. Maelgwn will force the people of the republic to remember who they once were and who they could still be.
  9. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    GM Note: We shall be starting this monday, as I have plans this weekend. But for the most part I have the main layout of the game ready. If you know anyone that would be interested in filling the last two CIS spots, that would be great.
  10. Draco_Drake

    Draco_Drake Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 21, 2010
    Approved by RuneEisahn
    Name: Sieg
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Tall and thin, several improvements throughout the body.
    Personality: Victory at all costs. Very literate. Prefers negotiations as to battle. But due to several improvements, he is prone to several violent out bursts.
    Strategy Most Used: Never stick to the same strategy.
    Fleet Ships:
    Munificent-class star frigate-100 Starfighter, 200 Tanks, 20 Gunships, 150,000 Deactivated Droids.
    Providence-class carrier/destroyer- 800 Starfighters, 30 Droid Gunships, 15 Tanks, and 25,000 Droids
    Providence-class carrier/destroyer- 800 Starfighters, 30 Droid Gunships, 15 Tanks, and 25,000 Droids
    Flagship: Basilisk,Munificent-class star frigate
    Rank: Dark Jedi
    Affiliation: CIS
    Bio(short): A military general raised in a military family. Family dying at age 7 at the hands of corrupted officials of the Republic. Lived on streets of coruscant for 3 years. For the next 5 he lived in the Jedi Temple learning the ways of the force and being a master librarian. When the war started he quickly fled, his mind made up to seek revenge on the rupublic for the death of his family.
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