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  1. Ragnarok332 Jedi Youngling

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    Welcome to my thread. this is based on the show eureka seven. it takes place 10 years after renton and eureka at a ref boarding track. ref boarding is now major contest with teams and sponsers. the characters will eventually meet each at the champion ship. all the main characters have lfos but hide it. i will own a ship call the pheonix. there will be an attack by the military and that is how they all join together.


    1.No god moding
    2.All TFN rules alply
    3.No cursing exept for hell
    4.follow the rules of the gm and co gm
    5.keep the occs to a minimum
    6.No killing of players or lfos
    7.no takeing over characters
    8.no flaming or spamming

    Character sheet:


    Board info:
    max speed (100 to 300 mph)

    Lfo info:
    ammita drive:
    strengh (rangeing high to low):

    We will start after 5 people and i will post my character sheet after we have four. so send in those sheets. Thank you :D
  2. Ragnarok332 Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 15, 2006
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    Ill just post my cs now. just a fix on the time line. it takes place 39 years after rentons adventure.

    Character sheet:

    Name:Dirk thurson
    Bio:The son of renton and eureka. he left his home to be a bounty hunter and a ref boarding champ. he build his own ship to travel around. he named it the pheonix.

    Board info:
    Looks:Black and silver with a tail/fin thing coming of the end
    wheel:two red boosters on the front and back of the underside of the board
    max speed (100 to 300 mph):294 Mph

    Lfo info:
    apprance:looks like the nirvosh but silver and black.
    board:a bigger virsion of his board
    ammita drive:a red one that when he gets angry reads truth
    strengh (rangeing high to low):High
  3. Ragnarok_323 Jedi Youngling

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    HI its me. i am ragnarok 332 but i lost my password. im still the gm i just changed my name. so if any one sent cs to ragnarok332 re send them to me because im the same person thank you
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    ~GM Approved~

    Name: Vitani Lucari
    age: 24
    Sex: Female
    race: African-American
    personality: optomistic, kind and can be arrogant at times
    Bio: Vitani lived in Kenya, Africa all most all her life when her father, who is in the military, move to Japan, years later, father was killed in an accident and that forced Vitani to live in Japan, Vitani started getting involed with the Lfos and she has her own she built named "Raven"

    Board info
    Looks: board is black with red fire carved into it
    wheel:two boosters on the underside of the board
    max speed (100 to 300 mph):250 Mph

    Lfo info
    Name: Raven
    apprance: Black armor with silver optics, helmet has
    board: same as Vitani's
    ammita drive: it's red when Vitani gets out of control
    strengh (rangeing high to low):medium, the Raven is more of a speed Lfo

  5. Ragnarok_323 Jedi Youngling

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    Im sry to have to but ive asked lightside apprenitice to lock this thread. i dont know why im posting this no one even looked at this board. its been good and its been a run but it hasent been a good run.

    Goodbye,Former gm Ragnarok_323

    P.S. may you find fun in another board
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