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  1. Layren Jedi Master

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    Title: Follow You Home

    Author: Layren

    Rating: G

    Characters: Qui-Gon, Dooku, Tahl

    Timeframe: Pre-JA

    Summary: Qui-Gon has problems when animals attempt to follow him home.

    Notes: Athena made me. She was writing ficlets -- I decided to write some too. It's all her fault...



    ?Master Dooku is looking for you everywhere! The treaty negotiations are about to start!? Tahl shouted at him.

    Qui-Gon sighed and emerged from the gardens of the Prime Minister looking harassed. When Tahl looked at her friend she burst into laughter.

    ?It?s not funny!?

    ?Yes it is!? Her friend had a known affinity for attracting animals and picking up strays, but as she looked at the animals on both his arms, one attached to his leg and trailing behind him, she burst into giggles. It was just too much.

    ?What will Master Dooku say?? He groaned at the mere thought of trying to explain to his Master why the Prime Minister?s exotic pets were attached to his extremities.

    ?No idea, but if you don?t get a move on, he?s going to be upset.?

    ?Thanks for your encouragement.?

    ?Anytime,? she replied with a smirk.

    Qui-Gon made a face at her and the duo exited the gardens at a run, Qui-Gon trying to get animals off him with every step.


    ?Padawan?? Yan Dooku stared as his Padawan entered the room with about four creatures attached to him.

    ?Don?t ask, Master. They followed me home.?

    Yan hid a smile behind his hands. On this particular planet, every animal seemed to be attracted to his apprentice ? even dangerous ones. The padawan had nearly had his leg sliced off by a boar-like creature the day before. Dooku luckily had managed to rescue Qui-Gon before the beast had decided his apprentice was to be his afternoon snack.

    ?Well I suggest you do what you can to get ready for the treaty negotiations that start in half an hour.?

    ?Yes Master. How do you propose I get these ? creatures off me??

    ?Use the Force my padawan.? Dooku arched a brow.

    Qui-Gon grimaced. ?I think that?s why they attached themselves to me in the first place Master.? He pointed out mildly.

    ?Good point.? Dooku said ruefully. He gently pried the creatures from his padawan one by one, projecting the Force onto the creatures to get them to disentangle themselves from his bedraggled looking apprentice.

    Qui-Gon moaned in relief as the animals were finally off of him. ?Thank you Master. I like to help animals but four at a time is a bit much.?

    Dooku chuckled. Qui-Gon with his rumpled clothing and tangled braid looked almost cute in his torn clothes. ?I agree. I?ll comm the gardener and get them to take the animals back. You go hop in the shower.?

    ?Yes Master.?


    Qui-Gon froze as he had his hands on the door to the fresher.

    ?I?m very proud of you. You did a good job taking care of those creatures earlier, else they would not have become so attached to you. You make me proud to be your master."

    Qui-Gon beamed with pride. ?Thank you Master. I?ll do my best to live up to your expectations.?

    ?You already do, my son. You already do.? Dooku said warmly clapping his padawan on the shoulder.

  2. SarkaVrae Jedi Master

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    nicely done, very amusing...what exactly was he doing with those animals? lol :)
    I like it that Dooku wasn't upset, but helped him and was humored!
  3. AthenaLeigh Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    haha, is cuteness, yes is my fault!! haha, blame me! oh, poor Qui-Gon! what an adorable image though! He attracts them all. Haha, they were "attached" to him. oh, it's adorable, good work!
  4. dianethx Jedi Master

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    That was adorable. Poor Qui-Gon, trying to get the animals off him and failing miserably. Good thing Master Dooku was there to 'rescue' him. Good job.
  5. Charmisjess Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 31, 2003
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    SO CUTE I LOVE IT! *drinks it up* Oh, laurie, write more! i love dook and Qui mush!!!! and the critters, yay!!! Nice one! :)
  6. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    How sweet!!! hehehe and Dooku tries to hide the smile! *Snrk* hehehe

    Poor Qui... he does attract the oddest things doesn't he? ;) hehehe

    Great job Master! :D :D
  7. Jedikma Jedi Master

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    That was cute! I liked that the animals were so attached to Qui-Gon that he couldn't get them off.


  8. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    awww, i like dooku pre-psycho fics!
  9. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    So sweet! I loved the part with the animals. My hubby has that problem, even our snake will come out if he "hears" Mike tap on his cage.

    How nice to see them before it all went wrong!
  10. JediVeloJinn Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 23, 2003
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    Oh, this was so nice to read. I loved the last part, where Yan tells Qui that he's proud of him. It's so like Qui to help anything who needs help. It's good that Yan encouraged this.

    I'm starting to like the count, and it's all you people's fault :p Before all the stories about Dooku came, I really didn't give him much thought.

    I really don't know how you keep the stories coming, Layren, but keep it up. They're great to read.

  11. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Jul 7, 2000
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    Awww, very cute indeed! Remind me of how my guinea pigs coming running and wheeking for food when they hear Wookieman. That's the name the piggies gave my hubby, or so he tells it. :D :D
  12. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    Wow thanks so much everyone for all your replies! Sorry my own are so late. Been working at my new job and all!

    Sarka Vrae Glad you liked it hon! I wasn't sure if Dooku really would react that way but I thought it was cute lol. :D Thanks for reading!

    Athena It's still all your fault! :p I'm glad you liked it!

    Diane Thanks so much! I thought it made a funny image hehe.

    Charmisjess Aww glad you liked it! I knew you would like mush :D

    Kynstar Tsk tsk padawan you're normally the first to reply and now you're way behind! losing your touch! ;) Hehehehe thanks muchly! I'm glad you liked it -- he really wanted to laugh out loud lol but it's rather undignified so he didn't :p

    Jedikma Thanks sweetie!

    DarthIshtar LOL. Me too but I also like psycho Dooku fics ;)

    VaderLVR LOL wow your hubby is braver than I. Snakes .. ew ew ew...

    JediVeloJinn I'm glad you're starting to like him :D He wasn't always evil :D Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying them!

    Leona Now that would be interesting -- Qui-Gon and guinea pigs ... hehehee.
  13. Knight_Dilettante Jedi Padawan

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    Awwww cute! Poor Qui-Gon. Nice that Dooku took it so calmly.

  14. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    KD Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  15. Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN

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    Great job Layren! (just entering the world of fanfic). I may have judged Dooku too harshly. I love Qui-Gon. He is what I consider what a Jedi should be. Not that this story represents that... (snicker).
  16. LukesTheMan Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    I really liked that. A good piece of fluff is always a nice thing first thing in the morning!
  17. Layren Jedi Master

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    Vesper2112 There you go following me around again :p Thanks for the review though! Nice to see a familiar face ;) As for Qui-Gon being a Jedi one of the things Qui-Gon was strong in was the Living Force which dealt alot with animals and things like that. Anyway this wasn't meant to be a deep piece just a piece of fluff to make you go "aww how cute " :p

    LukesTheMan I agree a bit of fluff, a bit of caffeine and some breakfast are perfect to start your day :D
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