Followers of the Code (One Post--During the Sith Wars)

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    Kaine Ranuus reluctantly tucked his lightsaber inside his robes. The corpse of the freshly killed Jedi behind him still smoldered from its fiery touch. He smiled darkly at the inscription on the wall.

    This was a Jedi temple, founded on a planet just within the reach of the few but still loyal Sith on the outskirts of the galaxy. Kaine knew that the person he?d just killed couldn?t have been a master. The battle had been over far too quickly. Probably nothing more than a pesky padawan.

    He approached the engraved slab embedded at the head of the huge room, and read it aloud, allowing his tongue to play mockingly on every word.

    ?There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no death; there is the Force

    And then he laughed, long and loud, no longer masking his presence. Every single Jedi in this temple would know he was here to bring about their doom.

    ?You would do well to heed the words you have just said,? came a voice from behind. An older Jedi, most definitely a master stood over the body of his padawan. A bright blue blade appeared, and the Sith smiled again.

    ?I did not sense your presence, Jedi. You are far more experienced?I hope?than your young friend,? he nodded towards the fallen padawan.

    ?I assure you that I am.?

    The Sith chuckled, and ignited his own lightsaber, posturing the red blade in a relaxed manner at his side. He was taunting this foolish Jedi, but the Jedi did not take the bait.

    ?I find it sad that you take pride in killing a child,? stated the Jedi. ?He had only just built his lightsaber. He had no chance.?

    ?None of you have a chance!? Ranuus spat. ?You Jedi are weak.?

    ?There is no weakness;? replied the Jedi master, ?There is strength unseen.?

    ?A fine addition to your code,? countered the Sith. He pointed an open hand at the code behind him and let fly a powerful push with the force. The slab shattered, and dust and gravel fell to the floor. ?Too bad you won?t get the chance to rewrite it.?

    It was then that the Master jumped high into the air, towards the Sith. Ranuus prepared for an easy kill. He would allow the Jedi to fall on his now readied lightsaber. But as he descended, the Master pushed with the force, sending the dark warrior into a backwards somersault. Ranuus recovered, and came out of the roll by pushing off of the wall with his feet. He flew towards the Jedi, and loosed a spray of lightning.

    The Jedi cartwheeled out of the way, beating aside the Sith?s slash towards his head, but failed to anticipate the midair kick that landed on his head. The Master jumped off the ground, landing on his feet. He assumed an offensive stance, and charged the Sith.

    Ranuus set his lightsaber perpendicular to the ground, hoping that the Jedi might simply run into it. The master saw this and flipped over it, spinning in the air, and faced his opponent.

    The master feigned a slash to the Sith?s upper left hand side. Just as he had expected, the Sith raised his lightsaber to parry, but as he did so, the Master shifted his own saber in his hands, lowering the blade as he ran past. He felt no resistance as the blade ripped through the Sith?s robes, and then through his flesh. He followed through, stopping behind his opponent, and whirling around, severing the legs of his enemy at the knee. He whirled once more, finally beheading Ranuus. The Master stopped spinning, and dropped to his knees, begging forgiveness for his actions.

    The last moments of Ranuus? life passed before his eyes. He saw his own decapitated body hit the cold stone floor. He saw the Jedi rise from meditation and approach him.

    ?There is no evil; There is good,? were the last words the Sith ever heard.

    This was my first shorty, so any feedback would be wonderful.

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