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    Okay, this is a repost of an older story of mine. The old title was 'The General Defender'. I'm working myself up to complete the sequel and thought I'd repost part one to psyche myself up for it. :) Here it goes!

    Title: Following Your Heart
    Author: valsolo
    Genre: Romance/ Adventure
    Disclaimer: This is written for pure fan enjoyment and is not meant to infringe upon the rights of George Lucas. I just appreciate his creations!
    Chapter 1--

    "Final count stands at eleven this time around, sir." The young man stood at attention waiting for acknowledgment from his superior.

    The leader of this small group was silent as he made the mental calculations in his mind. Eleven would bring in a nice pile of credits, but he craved much more than this shipment would garnish. Realizing that his subordinate was still standing there, he quickly dismissed the eager-to-please boy.

    "Yes, of course. Very good, Deek. Tell Yung we're ready to lift off for Kessel as soon as possible. We have goods to deliver and credits to collect." Deek turned to go but was stopped by an added command. "And bring me the holoprojector. I need to contact the boss."

    A chill ran up the spine of the young man at the mention of the 'boss'. It always did. Even though Deek had only seen him in holograms, the dark figure emanated evil, it seemed.

    "Yes, sir." Then he turned and speedily moved to accomplish his assigned duties, all the while trying desperately to ignore the eleven cries for help coming from the ship's cargo hold.
    Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi strode swiftly down the corridor of the Jedi temple headed toward the Council chambers. He was racking his brain trying to figure out what Anakin could have possibly done this time to warrant such an urgent request from Master Yoda and the others. His young padawan was so often finding trouble, and Obi-Wan was always the one saving his hide. Even after six years together, his young charge was still prone to flights of fancy far too frequently for his master's liking.

    Obi-Wan was already mentally preparing himself to defend Anakin to the council as he rounded the last corner and came face to face with those immense wooden doors. He would never forget each visit he made there, especially the last he had made with his own master, Qui-Gon. Shaking off the haunting memory, he took a deep breath and opened the door.

    "Ah, Jedi Kenobi, come in," came the aged voice of Yoda. Obi-Wan looked around the circular chamber at the faces of the wizened Jedi Masters. His goal was to sit in one of those seats someday, but he was beginning to doubt the likelihood of that dream due to one mischievous padawan.

    Obi-Wan bowed in greetings to the assembled group and waited for the certain chastising.

    "Jedi Kenobi," Master Mace Windu began after an awkward silence. "We have summoned you here at this time to discuss a problem which demands our immediate attention."

    'Here it comes,' Kenobi thought as he lowered his head and stared at his black Jedi boots. Every time he entered this room he felt like a young padawan being scolded. The frustration came from knowing he was not the perpetrator but was still being held accountable for Anakin's actions.

    "We have received a message from a planet close to the outer rim that is quite disturbing, and they are requesting our help."

    A look of confusion shone on Obi-Wan's face as he gradually realized that this had nothing to do with his padawan. Master Yoda easily picked up on Kenobi's relief and couldn't resist a comment.

    "Ah, relieved you are, eh? Expecting something else you were." A chuckle came from the elfin creature. Obi-Wan blushed at being read so easily. "Please, continue, Master Windu," Yoda conceded.

    "The planet Teemar is home to a wide variety of species, a cosmopolitan type world, if you will. However, recently there have been several mass kidnappings of non-humans. The crimes are believed to somehow be connected to a human supremac
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    Chapter 2

    "So, they've sent a Jedi, have they?" The man leaned back in his plush, oversized chair and stared off into the distance deep in thought, while the figure on the hologram waited for further instructions. Perrin was getting up in years, but his experiences had made him wise. He no longer rushed his strategies along, but instead took the time to consider every angle. If he hadn't learned this lesson, he wouldn't be alive right now, watching another pathetic lackey squirm in anticipation.

    "And what was decided upon at this meeting, may I ask?" Perrin stared down his hawk-like nose at the informant and raised one thin eyebrow.

    "The Jedi is just going to investigate for now. He'll just be interviewing the staff and families. If he finds anything, he's to send for back up. Sir, I don't see this as a problem for our scheduled pickup later this week.... in my own opinion," he quickly added.

    "Your opinion indeed," Perrin replied. Another pause had the snitch squirming once again, and Perrin reveled in the reaction.
    "All right, then. Keep me informed of his progress, and we will plan on maintaining our previous schedule."

    Without giving the other time to respond, Perrin reached over and switched off the holoprojector. A Jedi certainly threw a bit of a monkey wrench into things. They would have to be more careful this time. Perrin's brief brush with uncertainty was soon replaced by the jingle of more credits coming his way by the week's end. The hungrier the 'boss' grew for the destruction of the alien races in the galaxy, the heavier Perrin's bank account would grow. Money and power made such compatible bedfellows.

    Sari's speeder pulled up in front of the Grand Sema Hotel for the second time in less than three hours. It had been a long day and very emotionally and physically draining as well. Obi-Wan Kenobi could sense that her mind was troubled; yet he refrained from delving in with the Force to uncover the cause. Instead he opted for a more conventional approach.

    "Is something wrong?" he asked.

    Sari turned from her thoughts to offer a response. "Huh? Oh... no, it's nothing really."

    "Well, it must be something. You haven't said a word since we left the school. I was hoping to hear more stories of your life as a teacher," he said with a hint of teasing in his voice.

    She gave him the infamous teacher glare and said, "Are you implying that I talk too much, Jedi Kenobi?" She couldn't help but smile at his lame attempt to look innocent.

    "Who? Me? No, I would never imply such a thing. I was actually telling the truth, and please, call me Obi-Wan."

    Sari felt a little lightheaded. It was his eyes and his voice and that grin... She was feeling like a schoolgirl with a silly crush, and it had to stop. What was it about this man that made her feel so at ease, like she could disclose all of her deepest hopes and dreams without batting an eye? Jedi mind trick---- had to be, she thought.

    "You haven't answered my question, Miss Zendar. What has you so preoccupied?"

    "Like I said, it was nothing really... I was just surprised to see Jaik at the meeting tonight. I had no idea he was involved, and he didn't mention it earlier today. He teaches some of our older children and doesn't really know any of the missing students. I was just surprised, that's all." She tried to shrug it off, but Obi-Wan could tell that she was still uncomfortable about it.

    "Was he the tall one with the dark hair?" Sari nodded. Obi-Wan had noticed he kept a close eye on Sari throughout the entire proceedings while the other eye had been casting a possessive glare at Obi-Wan. "Yeah, he was rather quiet during the meeting. Are you two--- involved?"

    Sari was surprised at his question and it took her a moment to come up with a fitting response. "Involved? No, not really. I mean we were supposed to go to dinner this evening, but then----"

    "But then I arrived and ruined your plans. I'm very sorry, Miss Zendar, for imposing upon
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