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Beyond - Legends For the Love of Mandalore

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Zedd-Vega, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    This is my first time posting here, so if you have any positive feedback, please do not refrain from expressing your opinion.

    Thank you.


    ?Fifty thousand and that?s my final offer,? A Neimoidian said as he shook nervously. He probably would?ve been calmer if he were not talking to a Mandalorian.
    ?Two-hundred fifty-thousand is my final offer,? The Mandalorian said, bringing his blaster out of its holster and pressed it against the side of the aliens face. ?Do we have a deal??
    The Neimoidian squirmed slightly, pressing his hands against the wall and scratching his nails against it. He could barely speak as the Mandalorian stared him down through a T-shaped visor. His eyes were full of fear and he could feel his mouth going dry. He licked his lips once or twice before the Mandalorian grasped him by the mouth and hoisted him up the wall.
    ?Do you have a hearing problem? Or do I have to take the credits from your pocket myself??
    The Neimoidian let out a muffled scream as the Mandalorian clenched his grip tighter. Within a second, the Mandalorian dropped him to the floor and turned to leave the aliens establishment. Feeling more than threatened, the Neimoidian stood and staggered to the doorway as the Mandalorian left.
    ?You are a bastard Zedd Vega! A true, blue, bas?? His words were cut off as he began to choke, only to see the Mandalorian staring him down, his unseen eyes locking with his own. He let out one final gasp as the breath in his lungs was taken from him in one telekinetic grasp. The Mandalorian turned and continued down the street, leaving the Neimoidian corpse to lay in the shop doorway...

    Coming out of hyperspace, ghost white a Supa Fighter emerged near the world of Desevro. It?s pilot, a man clad in jet black Mandalorian Armor, punched in his ships ID signature and was allowed to dock in Jigani Port.
    After making an appropriate landing, the man exited the vessel, and looked upon the docking official. The short, balding man cleared his throat as he observed the blood-red ?T? that made up the Mandalorians visor.
    ?This is the Iron Wraith correct? And you are it?s pilot...??
    ?Montross. Herod Montross. I?m here to see Zeeneffi.? Montross said with a very deep vocalization. He looked upon this short man and his eye twitched slightly under his helm. The man scuttled about Herod?s ship and then shuffled back towards him.
    ?Yes, follow me please.? The man said, walking off towards the inside of the mountain docking-port. Montross was not far behind...

    ?I have done nothing!? A half-naked, beaten man said from his chained position on the wooden wall. His coal black hair fell down in front of his face as he arched his neck in fatigue. Around him, Wookiee guards armed with bowcasters kept their sights on this one man.
    ?~You killed Gruumfwar! For that you will pay the ultimate price...~? The Wookiee Captain roared through his teeth, slamming his powerful hand across the man?s face.
    ?I killed no one...? The man said yet again, straining with all of his might to attempt to break free from his chained position. It was no good. The Wookiees just laughed at him and stared him down.
    ?~Mandalorian scum like you hunt our people for sport, and take their hair as a trophy. You have no honor of the hunt, nor the respect to remain alive any longer...~? The captain growled. ?~We can never forgive you Mathius Fett, but perhaps your Mandalore will...~? The Wookies said no more as they left Mathius in the torch-lit room, chained against the wall. From across the room, he could spy his Mandalorian armor, sprawled out on the wooden planks that the Wookiees called the floor. He hung his head disheartened at his current position and sighed...

    Blasterfire rang out above Talis? head as he turned to the half-company of mercenaries he had been paid to command for the New Republic. It seemed that trying to quell a local rebellion on Ryloth would not be as easy as it once seemed. Talis Nord was armed only with an Onderon Repeating Carbine, he peered over the>
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