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For Those that Have None (Qui/Obi) Updated 01/18/03

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by ZaraValinor, Oct 24, 2002.

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  1. ohanzeetala

    ohanzeetala Jedi Youngling

    Oct 29, 2002
    Zara, this is great! I love the tidbits mixed in with the main course. Keep it coming.
  2. Cascadia

    Cascadia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 15, 2002
  3. ObiLegolas

    ObiLegolas Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 15, 2002
    Wow! Great story! Keep it coming, please!

  4. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Chapter 6:

    Ionla, torn and pocketed by war, was still quite a sight to behold. Incredible sculpted buildings were displayed in ivory cities, arranged in perfect little circles. Snaking rivers, glistened through out the city and it?s wilder land. The wilder land showed the most war damage. Umbrella-like dormba trees shaded the mossy grass that grew in abundance in the heavily misted planet that the rushing rivers afforded. It could almost be a romantic atmosphere if that same mossy grass hadn?t been pitted by Ion blasts or the lances of hot energy that erupted from blasters. Several of the dormba tree branches had been charred and burnt by fires sparked by such releases of energy.

    Still when Zara caught the jewel shape of her home planet through the cockpit of her ship, her heart fluttered at its brilliance. So many tragedies she had been subjected to on that planet, so much pain and suffering, so much death. It did not seem that anyone who had seen the horrors
    she had, would want to return to the place that they had occurred. Yet, one look and all the ugliness that the past rose inside of her, there had also been joy and happiness. For a long time it had felt that such emotions had been dimmed to non existence inside Zara. That she would never find the peace of life that she had once enjoyed, and had been lost since her life had been entrenched in war.

    The fact that she could touch such emotion startled her. Was it the fact that she had once again won her freedom or that the feeling of coming home assaulted everyone on the first glance?

    The feeling was fleeting if reveled in and she was once again turning to the reason she had constructed her escape in the first place. Directing the ship to the docking port that Crovant had said Dressel had secured for their landing. It wouldn?t be hard getting past Ionla Sky Patrol, the ships faked registry had been conducted by the best pirates money could afford. It was
    getting to the rendezvous point that Dressel had set up that would be the difficulty. Not only because she might be seen and recognized, but because of what the building represented.

    In a logical way, Zara understood why Dressel had chosen the home of the murdered family for them to meet at. No one would suspect her to go there, especially after he conviction and supposed transport to Coruscant for her trial. But Zara had long ago lost the logical side of herself. Logic seemed to flee quickly when ever move you made could mean the life or death of
    thousands of people. Instinct had long ago overruled logic.

    It was because of her reliance on instinct that had lead to her discovery of her sensitivity to the Force.

    ?I felt us pull out of lightspeed. Have we reached Ionla?? Kenobi asked, suddenly behind her, but she refused to jump at the surprise his abrupt presence instilled in her.

    Zara felt the sneer that she adopted appear on her face. ?You know you don?t make for a very good hostage??

    ?I thought I was a prisoner, not a hostage. There is a difference.? A smile appeared on his own smooth, handsome features to counter her sneer.

    ?Clever. Just be glad that I don?t want to attract attention by putting you in binders. Once we reach the headquarters of the rebellion, you will once again be bound,? Zara informed him, not caring how he reacted. She couldn?t allow this soft approach to the Jedi.

    He was looking better. The fever had left and his strength was once again returning. Making him even a bigger danger to keep around. If only he hadn?t followed her off the prison ship.

    ?I don?t understand what you hope to accomplish by returning to Ionla. Surely you do not hope to be retried?? Kenobi asked, taking the co-pilots seat in such a fashion it appeared that he had been sitting next to her for years.

    Zara shook her head. ?No, Jedi that is not my plan.?

    ?So have you decided which I am. Hostage or prisoner?? He seemed inordinately bent on this line of questioning.

    ?Prisoner. I do not wish to gain anything by ho
  5. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Upping, in the hopes that someone will read it.
  6. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
  7. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    WOW that was an amazing post ^-^ I wonder what is up between those to guys as much as Zara?

    I am loving this story! *wish Obi could be me prisoner though* (lol)

    Can't wait for more and I hope that more comes soon.

    Oh can't forget to up this, UPPSIES!
  8. snowbee-wan kenobi

    snowbee-wan kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2000
    Hey Zara
    This is a great story so far!
    I'm loving it!
    Can't believe i just found it!

  9. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Chapter 7:

    Avoiding a being with such a domineering presence as Qui-Gon Jinn was not an easy thing. Add to the fact that such a feat had to be performed on a small two man cruiser made it nearly impossible. Lebar Suryan had been attempting to do just this and for the first two days of the journey to Ionla it had worked for the most part, but Master Yoda was right in his quote ?do or do not there is no try?.

    He could remember a time when he and Qui-Gon had not bulked at the sight of the other. A time when they had been nearly as close as any two brothers, but that seemed like such a long way from here. Lebar had been young to be chosen as a Padawan and Qui-Gon had just been newly knighted. Both were breaking away from something that had been comfortable and safe, moving into a new world that was incredibly bright, but terribly frightening.

    When Qui-Gon had walked into the training rooms Lebar had felt as though he had cricked his neck to try and look into the fresh face. A snort escaped his nostrils at the thought of Qui-Gon Jinn having a fresh face, especially with the deeply aged and venerable one he wore now. In the reflection of the cockpit?s forward viewport, Lebar realized that Qui-Gon was not
    the only one who now wore age. That day in the training room, Lebar?s pale blond hair had been cut short in customary initiate style, his deep and contrasting brown eyes had seemed too large in what had been a thin face with a pointed chin, and when they had looked up at Qui-Gon with such eager anticipation they had grown even larger.

    Unconsciously, Lebar shivered at the memory. It had been a powerful moment, and
    despite his feelings towards his former Master at the present, the first glimpse of Qui-Gon Jinn had always remained with the Jedi Knight.

    ?Are you Lebar Suryan?? Qui-Gon had asked so many years ago, the deep tone of his
    voice had filled the training room.

    The young Lebar had fought not to stutter. ?I am, sir Knight.?

    At the boys formal tone, Knight Jinn smiled. ?You need not be so formal with me,?
    Knight Jinn said softly. ?What are you working on??

    At the time, Lebar had been working on his ability to grasp the miniscule with the Force. He had yet to master such a focus and he had voiced as much to the then Knight Jinn. Qui-Gon had hunched down next to him, using a light tone that instantly set the nervous initiate at ease, he guided the young Lebar through the exercises he had in the past failed so miserably in. Success
    didn?t bring the pride he had thought, but a deep contentment and feeling of rightness.

    Then the moment had come, Qui-Gon had rested his large hand on Lebar?s then
    incredibly small shoulder and said those words that had catapulted Lebar?s journey to
    knighthood. ?Lebar Suryan would you do me the honor of being my Padawan??

    Their first missions together had been simple diplomatic functions for Lebar had been too young for anything to serious or dangerous, but the time together had melded them into a team, had given them the chance to see beyond the ?Knight? and ?Padawan? titles that were certainly a
    part of Jedi life and to see each other as friends and partners.

    Of course, Qui-Gon had not born the many years of fruitless missions and empty
    promises made by greedy politicians, or had seen the turn of his next apprentice, Xanatos, to the Dark Side. No Qui-Gon Jinn had been full of life, a character who had been more smile then the appropriate solemness the Master displayed now. During missions he had been focused and direct, but during lulls there had been jokes, laughter, and funnily enough, song.

    As Lebar had grown both in his strength in the Force and in body, the two had moved from the half fatherly figure Qui-Gon had been, to more like brothers, with Qui-Gon being the definite elder. They had fought side by side, so many times, had saved each other from terrible mistakes and had worked hard to improve their lightsaber skills, gently teasing the other that they
    were getting slow.

    Looking back on tho
  10. ohanzeetala

    ohanzeetala Jedi Youngling

    Oct 29, 2002
    This is so Awsome! This helps clarify a little bit, but does Obi really know why he said it? Post more soon. :)
  11. Shaindl

    Shaindl Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 18, 2002
    Good job - puzzling things are happening!

    More soon!

  12. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    I'll have the rest of Chapter 7 up Tomorrow. Promise.
  13. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    The ride from the Valinor home, now destroyed by greed and evil, was filled with
    anxiety. Obi-Wan did not fully trust Dressel, the Ranoc was far to shielded for Obi-Wan?s liking and the way he so openly showed his disgust for Obi-Wan gave him little comfort. The Ranoc was hiding something that much was clear. What bothered Obi-Wan was the fact that he worried for Zara. She trusted the Ranoc far to freely and that could explain how that attack force had known about Dex?s plan to pull the Forbidden Spirit out of hyperspace over Ionla. Dressel had known, Zara had said as much. Zara had been through so much, Obi-Wan did not wish to see her hurt any further. He couldn?t imagine what it would be like for him if Qui-Gon
    were to be killed, and he was left to watch him die, helpless to save him.

    Beside him, the Force built and spilled over in Zara, and when he glanced over at her sideways he saw the glint of tears in her multi-hued eyes, showing the dominance of grey in them. She was watching in turmoil as her family house faded into the darkness, along with everything that she had loved.

    She noticed his scrutiny and dashed the glistening tears from her smooth checks with the sleeve of her shipsuit. ?I thought Jedi were taught some semblance of manners or is staring an exception??

    ?There is no shame in your grief, Zara,? he said gently, ignoring her sarcastic cover. ?What happened to you was terrible.?

    What he had meant to be soothing only served to agitate the woman further. ?Do you think I need you to tell me that Jedi?? she hissed at him.

    Obi-Wan had been around Hutts who were easier to get along with then Zara Valinor and he found himself tightening in indignation. ?All I meant is that you shouldn?t hide from your feelings. That?s where the dark side lies??

    ?And I should fear the Dark Side?? Zara asked mockingly.

    That caused Obi-Wan to gape, slightly taken aback. ?Of course.?

    Zara barked out in incredulous laughter. ?The threat of the Dark Side scares me little when I have a mad man gunning for everyone I love. It seems all a turn of words to me.?

    ?You sound as if you know what that threat could mean,? Obi-Wan said a little chilled by the sharpness.

    At this Zara blanched. ?I know what it is like to touch the darkness to have it swirl around you. Do you, Jedi??

    He did not need to tel her when that darkness had swirled or why she had reached out for it. He knew that it had come at the same moment when little Joran Valinor had slipped inside the arms of his sister and had joined the Force. ?No, I do not,? he answered softly.

    ?Joran and Rovidian must have been at least a little Force-sensitive because when I felt them slip it was much more powerful then when with my Father,? Zara told him as if reciting a well known passage on a holoreader. ?Rovidian went quickly, but Joran told me how much it hurt and I just wanted it over for him. If only I had been taken.?

    ?Taken?? Obi-Wan asked, thrown off by the sudden reversal of her narration.

    ?My parents knew I was Force-sensitive, if I had been taken to the Temple, none of this would have happened,? Zara informed him. ?They tried to keep it a secret, tired to keep it from me, but there are some things that you just can?t hide.?

    ?You are incredibly focused for one who has never been trained,? Obi-Wan agreed.

    She looked at him for the first time and his azure eyes meet her multi-hued ones. It was as if lightening crossed between them in that gaze and if it hadn?t been for Obi-Wan?s Jedi training he might have looked away from such a frighteningly right glance. ?I figured it out when I was about eleven years old, the day my mother died. It was just like with Rovidian and Joran, only slower more prolonged, then the violent death?s my brothers were dealt. When I realized what I was I confronted my father about it. Let?s just say that conversation did little for
    our relationship. In some ways he was scared that I knew and relieved.?

    Obi-Wan finally saw the picture Za
  14. Jee-dai

    Jee-dai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 8, 2000
    Enthralling story. :)

  15. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Thanks Jee-dai.
  16. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Shamlessly Upping.
  17. ohanzeetala

    ohanzeetala Jedi Youngling

    Oct 29, 2002
    This is great! Does Obi recognize Dressel? After all, he had let his shieds drop for a second.
  18. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Only time will tell.
  19. Ohanzee_Tala

    Ohanzee_Tala Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 26, 2002
    Zara, time isn't telling fast enough. POST! Now! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?
    This is great I'm loving it. :D
  20. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Halfway to the Resistance base on Ionla, the Jedi work up, a muffled groan coming
    between his pain clenched teeth. Zara went quickly to his side and pressed her fingers to his lips. They were traveling in a hovertrain whose driver did not necessarily know of their passage, and Dressel was keeping a lookout to make sure that stayed a constant. When she had arrived on Orea
    with Kenobi, she?d piloted a speeder with one hand while with the other desperately keeping his wound together.

    ?Shh,? she whispered to stave off any further noise from escaping his lips. Not that there was any chance with her fingers pressed gently, but firmly, on top of his parched mouth.

    Whether by training or just too beaten to argue, Kenobi struggled to keep the pain from being vocalized. She could feel it rolling off of him in red hot waves through the Force. As before, his mind threatened to pull hers in just as hers pulled his on their flight to Ionla. Zara
    fought to build her haphazard shields around her mind so as not to be catapulted by his pain.

    The wound he had received when he had crashed landed on Orea had opened during his valiant rescue of her and Dressel, causing it to also tear the skin wider and deeper then before. Lifting the ripped sleeve of his Jedi robe from the wound, Zara had to push a hand to his chest and he skirted away from her.

    ?You have to stay still,? she whispered in an unnaturally soft tone, considering it was a Jedi she was talking to.

    ?Master?? he asked, made delirious by his intense fever.

    ?Yes, Padawan,? Zara said, ridiculously trying to lower her voice to match Qui-Gon Jinn?s. ?You must keep still so that I can heal that cut.?

    Instantly Kenobi froze and settled silently next to her. When she peeled the fabric away and got another look at the nasty gash marring the firm muscles of his stomach she felt like dropping the sleeve, her own stomach churning at the sight. Although, war cost many lives, the weapons that took them did not cause the pools of blood that Zara had heard about on more
    archaic worlds. She feared the amount of blood he was losing and his mind was calling out more to her?s then it had before.

    She was hesitant to touch his mind, to be caught up in the vortex of pain that was swirling inside of it, but she could not let him die. Not even for Olocia?s sake. Reaching out to wild and tentative grasp on the Force, she sought out to touch his mind and nearly recoiled when she felt his response in a welcome sort of gesture. But there was something familiar about him, the aura of his sense like coming home for the first time. For Zara who had long since discovered she not longer had a home, this was a feeling not entirely unpleasant.

    Working to focus her healing ability, she let go of the mental shielding she had placed and was instantly plunged more fully into his mind. But it was not the vortex that had seized her, she wasn?t quite sure what actually had, but pictures, like realtime holo?s flashed before her eyes.
    A glimpse of a boy practicing with his lightsaber, the like zooming through his mind synopsis, she was catapulted to mine where she recognized the boy a little older, with a younger Qui-Gon Jinn. She followed this pattern for a long while, or so it seemed, time was hard to register when
    another person?s life was flashing before your eyes.

    At the same instant Zara felt as though he too, was experiencing her memories as if he was pulled by the same tide that she had been caught in. Fright and elation surged through her all at once, to know someone this deeply was an awfully alarming thing, but to know the other was going to have the same education of you was scary.

    So caught up in the mosaic of images that Zara almost didn?t register Dressel?s presence abruptly next to her, supporting her where her mind had abandoned the necessary nerves to keep her body upright.

    ?How is this happening?? he questioned to himself but Zara heard it as if from a great distance.

    ?Dressel?? she asked, tasting the name as if she had never said it
  21. Jee-dai

    Jee-dai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 8, 2000
    Almost missed this update!

    Hmm... the story gets even more interesting...
  22. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Glad you liked it. Rest of Chapter 8 coming soon.
  23. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    The rest of chapter 8

    The Jedi?s ship that the Council had procured for Lebar settled smoothly into the docking cradle it had been allotted by port authority. Lebar?s large hands deftly floated across the consel, making minute changes so that their ship touched down without the tiniest of bumps. Qui-Gon, whose skill at the controls was never one to be admired, watched with remembered interest as his former Padawan worked to shut down the engines and put the ship into a readied stasis. For obvious reason, Qui-Gon had always tried to pick apprentices that were incredible pilots. Although, he had just gotten lucky with Obi-Wan, it had been an aspect he had looked for in both Xanatos and Lebar. Long ago he shed such jealous emotions of another?s ability, but he could
    not help but admire Lebar and the grace which he presented. Despite their problems he tookgreat pleasure at seeing the great Jedi Lebar had become at seeing the man where he had only known the boy.

    ?Do you have any idea how we?re going to find them?? Lebar asked. ?I can recognize Zara?s presence but she has learned to keep it hidden from me.?

    ?Obi-Wan thought she was Force-strong,? Qui-Gon remembered loudly. ?But Obi-Wan is aware and he will lead me to him.?

    ?Oh, Zara is incredibly strong. Don?t be fooled by her lack of training. She?s given me a run for the credits a couple of times,? Lebar warned.

    Qui-Gon, who was well aware of Lebar?s abilities, widened his eyes in surprise. ?You?re kidding??

    Laughingly, Lebar shook his head. ?I?d be wary of her. I only hope Obi-Wan is holding his own.?

    ?We?d better head out,? Qui-Gon said, grabbing his robe and stringing his arms through it.

    ?I hope we know what we?re doing.?


    Zara walked out looked tired but well and it was all Obi-Wan could do to keep himself from embracing her. Just because the bonding had occurred didn?t mean he could forget that he was a Jedi. The long talk he?d had with Dressel, illuminated a little more of Zara?s life for Obi-Wan.

    Her multi-hued eyes scrutinized him shyly, as if they had just meant one another and had not bonded in a way that they knew each other intimately. ?Hello,? she whispered.

    ?How are you feeling?? Obi-Wan asked, also projecting that shyness.

    ?A little tired, but better,? Zara said. ?Your wound is gone.?

    ?Yes, thank you.? It?s now or never, Kenobi. ?We should talk about what

    Zara was about to reply when a little girl with incredibly long brown hair twisted in tiny braids ran up to her and flung chubby arms around Zara?s legs. A delight that Obi-Wan had never seen on the usually melancholy pretty face. She reached down and lifted the girl into her arms. ?Jalyce, shouldn?t you be in lessons with the rest of the young ones??

    The little girl, Jalyce, smiled almost in a younger version of Zara?s wry one. ?I heard you had come back, I wanted to make sure you were alright.?

    Zara gave her a mock stern look. ?Who told you that??

    ?Dressel,? Jalyce said.

    ?He would cause such bad behavior. You know you have to return, the teachers will be looking for you,? Zara reprimanded.

    Obi-Wan smiled at the little girl as she frowned sweetly. ?Do I have to Zara? I?d much rather stay with you.? It was not unlike some of the excuses Obi-Wan had made as a young initiate.

    But just as it hadn?t worked with his teachers it did not work with Zara. ?You will have to return, the other children will miss you.?

    It was then that Jalyce noticed his presence. ?Who is he?? She asked, showing the same suspicion that most of the resistence base had displayed whenever they had caught sight of Obi-Wan.

    ?He?s a friends. Obi-Wan Kenobi this Jalyce, she?s a distant cousin of mine. Jalyce this is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi,? Zara introduced, a sly smile on her face.

    The little girl?s green eyes widened to the size of credit chips. ?Really? He?s very cute for a Jedi,? the girl said with a giggle.

    Zara laughed, the shyness returning at Jalyce?s observatio
  24. Ohanzee_Tala

    Ohanzee_Tala Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 26, 2002
    OOOHH. Now it gets really interesting. I'm liking this. I'm glad Zara has enough sense to not hinder Obi-Wan, and become another Ceresi. More soon, 'kay?
  25. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
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