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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Ty (Garqi's torn planet surface)

    Tys facial expression from determination to out right blood lust. His smile had returned and killing these things was not bothering him at all. He was actually injoying this, minus the cut on his side. Though the plus side was that the bleeding had stopped and well...well the pain was gone or he did not feel it no more. His attention was now on two enemies that was tring to circle him, but he keeped a eye on one or the other. When one would try to get behind him, Ty would move so putting them again in front of him so they can not get the advantage. His saber was a blur of contineus swirl of glowing lines and figures of light. He must have been lucky earlier cuase now these...these ugly looking things were not so easy. Had no time to enjoy the scene from across from him made by his masters. They had all the grace of a dancer of a hundred different worlds. Nothing could stand in their way. Than a club would bring him back to the here and now. These two was finially making him mad, so he had to do something before something else stepped in.

    Ty had a second warning as a club came in towards his back, Ty had no chance on turning and blocking that shot. So he again not for the first time that day, was to cheat. Ty used the force to "push" himself into the one to the right and kicking out with his foot towards the other one that he was fighting. He heard the breaking of bones and the steady sound of fighting that was all around him. As collided with the one he "pushed" himself into, Ty grabbed the alien's head and started to violently twist and turn his head till it finially snapped, than quickly rolled away and sprang to his feet. Twisting and turning, Ty finially got the upper hand in the fight. Then he heard, ""Do not slow down, keep up the onslaught!" Though he did not realy know that she was talking to the whole group, he speed back up and blocked both the nasty looking clubs that was coming at him and pushed them down a little, than brought up his saber at a killing angle to take off both of the heads. Than turned to meet the next batch that was already taking the last three's places.

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    OOC:The Sith will rise again! [face_skull]
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    Apr 29, 2002

    Elongated streaks of light suddenly shrunk to shimmering pin-pricks that were now recognisable as twinkling stars against the dark tapestry of the void known as space. The dark coloured YT-2400 known as the Sandpanther's Pride bolted from hyperspace and advanced at near lightspeed towards the dark planet known as Korriban.

    It's pilot, known to a select few as the Obsidian Knight wore a mask of extreme focus as he entered the planet's atmosphere. The ship maneuvered like a pouncing predatory feline as it tore through the disarray of embattled Vong skips in what seemed to be an erratic pattern.

    The two miralukas that were onboard were in deep meditation as they prepared their minds for the battle ahead. Though they had not acted as Master and Apprentice in nearly two decades, certain disciplines were never forgotten. It would seem that the old bond, that union unique to such a pairing was somehow still there, after all this time.

    The Sanpanther's Pride bucked under a barrage of enemy fire, which Korrun Keth managed to avoid for the most part. He'd almost flown into an enemy ambush. A reinforcement of Khass fighters were quick to remedy the situation, but they were not out of it yet.

    "We're going in HOT!" exclaimed the focused zabrak as he brought all his piloting know-how to effect a forced landing where StormBringer had instructed him.

    Near the Sith Temple.

    The Force Master spoke calmly to his meditating apprentice after feeling a surge in the Force.

    "I feel her presence too, but you must remain focused on the task at hand. We must deal with the Vong before the real trial can begin, though in truth, it has already begun. To walk the path as a true servant of the Force, you must face this test on your own."

    Tempest could only offer a brooding nod. His Master was right, the first order of business was to dispatch the forceless aliens from the Sith Homeworld. Once that was accomplished, then he'd have to face his past. Trying to anticipate what would happen then was a futile endeavor, so he tried his best not to muddle his concentration with such a distraction. One false step in battle and he would'nt have to worry about it anymore.

    Within moments, the YT-2400 engaged its landing repulsors as it blasted sand high into the air and it's weapons picked off a good number of enemies. The entire ship was still cooling down by the time all it's passengers disembarked, all brandishing their lightsabers.

    Korrun Keth, the Obsidian Knight was the first to emerge from the ship, fully clad in his black armour and helmet. The dark knight twirled his red double bladed lightsaber over his head and issued a mighty battle cry as he charged at the nearest enemies. He had been waiting for a moment like this nearly all his life, when he would have to fight with all his might for a cause he completely believed in.

    Korrun would be the first to say that the Force had gone through great lengths to grant him his wish.

    Not far behind him, Tempest was moving with no hurry. His face was a mask of determination as many of the Vong slaves spied him and turned to converge on him. Instantly, his crimson saber staff came to life, both blades blazing into reality in a single instant. In a blink of an eye, the Red headed Miraluka in grey robes was twirling the weapon around him as he moved around the enemy, taking down several slaves in single swipes. He felt the others in the Force, especially her, but forced himself not to be frustrated by that, instead, he used those emotions to fuel his resolve againts the extragalactic invaders. It was they who were his immediate concern.

    A few steps behind him, a Elder Miraluka veered towards another conglomeration of Vong. His crystal lightsaber could be heard clinging almost musically even through the din of the battlefield. His blindfolded visage turned an scowled at the approaching throng of enemies.

    "May the Force have mercy on your souls..." he said truthfully and humorlessly. The
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Atoa Colti & Alya

    Atoa moved with a calm grace, as she waded into the battle, She levitated debris at the six while Inyan attacked with her blade. Throught the bond, came a quiet resolve and resoultion, and with the mind bond from the others, only increased that feeling. She gave a quiet nod towards Inyan, as she moved, hitting the warriors with anything that was in reach. Her blade, soon flared to life, as she moved forward. A surge in the Force, caused her to turn and look at a most incredible site.

    The Cerean Jedi Master looked as if he were gliding on air as he came in towards Atoa and Inyan. Two metallic panels spun on their axis as he came in for a landing. The two make-shift discs acted as giant spinning saws as they mowed down a multitude of enemies. Nearby, was something that looked like a stampeding Bantha, with a lightsaber! Sabers? Atoa quickly realized that it must be his apprentice, Alya. She would wonder about such things another time. Now, was the time to deal with these creatures, and save the others.

    "We must keep moving." Master Vajra said calmly as he eyed the opposition's more dangerous lot.

    "I understand Master Vajra. We need to reach the others." Atoa replied, thankful for the bit of breathing room he was giving them. The two spinning panels came around once again as they picked up speed.

    Alya was clearing a small path. As her Master spun his panels, she spun her lightsabers, as she moved forward, using her bulk spead and weight to clear a path for the others to follow. She concentrated only on reaching a certain area, not giving herself too much thought of these Vong. The touch she felt from the mind bond was comforting, and she roared a defiant growl towards them. But if a path is what was needed, then a path it was, she was going to create.

    Atoa informed Inyan of the path that was being cleared, and moving in tandem with her, made their way towards it, as they could gather with the other Jedi.

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    Wolf had explained the huge worm things, calling them Basilisk. She had no response. But she would certainly keep an eye on them. She then showed Wolf how to use her ships cannons.

    As she made her way back to the cockpit, she heard the cannons fire. By the time she reached her seat, Wolf was into a fit of hissing as he began targeting one coralskipper after another. She watched him on her screens. 'I think I may have created a monster..', she thought to herself with a smile, watching him as he continued firing at them with increasing ferocity. ZaZhen heard only his continued hissing. At least it was something he was good at. She made SURE to keep Wolf's guns pointed towards enemy forces, and not friendlies, as she finished deploying the rest of the spiders.

    Now it was time to sit back and watch the fun.

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    Feb 28, 2003

    Near the Spaceport, on the ravaged surface of what had once been a peaceful world, one slave trooper, a human male, was speeding towards an enemy, both hands outstretched, both clutching jagged blades, his mind one red haze. His eyes were bloodshot, and his teeth clenched, and all he knew was that he had to kill the dark figure that danced in front of him. He charged forwards with viciousness, dismissing any thought for personal safety. Which is probably why he was killed the very next instant. The last thing he saw was a burst of violet. He fell to the ground.

    Another trooper, this one a Cathar female, dashed to take his place, and again tried to harm the dark man, this time with her own teeth and claws, her animal instincts having long since taken over in the heat of battle. Saliva flecked from her mouth as she tried to bite at the enemy, trying to rip a chunk of his flesh out with her very fangs, perhaps from his neck, perhaps from his face. With a deft flick of his lightsaber, he sliced off her mouth without looking around. Mindless and undefeated, she tried to come at him with her talons, and was met by a searing pain in her chest. She looked down to see a smoking hole. And then she fell to the ground.

    And so wave after wave of the slaves came, surging over their fallen like undead, and no matter how many came, every one was maimed and killed, moving towards the purple blur like cattle. But they were merely fodder. Perhaps these sorcerers might tire, and falter, and for one instant lower their guard, and perhaps then one of the slaves might actually score a kill. But most of the time, they were there to be slaughtered, as if this were some butcher's ritual way of preparing his meat. Those who do the real fighting are this one. Scarred and tattooed on every inch of his muscular body, this Yuuzhan Vong warrior lives for moments like these, and feels as if he has prepared for this battle all his life. Garqi is, by the blood shed here, his new spiritual world, and one he will not give up easily. He storms forwards, his snake like staff twirling around him, spitting venom. Seconds pass as a duel begins between him and his enemy, lightsaber and amphistaff clashing violently. That brief exchange is the only testament to the Vong's superiority over his slave troops. The very next second, a violet blade is rammed into his gut, and he falls too.

    Some die the moment they arrive, some take longer, some manage to actually cause a little pain. But no one comes close to truly harming Leon Jarath, not yet. He stands like a king atop a growing pile of bodies, and he is only just starting to enjoy himself.

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    [i]"That would depend on what exactly it is that you're carrying inside that crate my friend, only then would I be able to direct you in the right direction."[/i]

    [b]Kieran[/b] quivered, ever so slightly, and didn't let himself think the kind of thoughts he knew he wanted to think. His fingers twitched, though that was the old side effects from too many years of spice, not cos of any fear. See, he didn't [i]feel[/i] fear now, and that was the strange thing. It was like, someone was gonna get killed, and even if it was him, he didn't care anymore. He just didn't care. But wait. Wait for a signal, or something. Wait.

    [i]"You may also call me Sri Parna, there is no need to be so formal here. This is Aprec Blu."[/i]

    'You may call me Sri Parna'? Who cared anyway? Freaks. [i]Freaks[/i]. Sir Prana and this Apreck guy. Dead, dead freaks, that's what to call 'em. Just wait until I'm putting a blaster to that cone-head, thought [b]Kieran[/b]. Just wait...but waiting...waiting for what? Would the Vong give him a sign? When? How? But yeah, it had to be [i]some[/i] kinda sign. Had to be. A sign. A Jedi's head, maybe. Make a nice souvenir. But then, they weren't getting off this place. Probably not...definitely not.

    "Emergency rations," replied the one eyed smuggler eventually>
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Banden O'Jara
    His room

    Banden finished work on the programs he had for the training to be held soon. He leaned back, as R4 whistled. He looked over at him, grinning. "Yeah, I agree with you. I could use a break myself."

    Banden stood up, streaching as R4 moved alongside, hopping next to him. Banden laughed. "Common, might as well get you something power you up with also."

    Banden left his room, his datapad in hand, as he yanked his cap down. He headed for the meal area. A cup of something to drink, and a chance to catch up on the local holovids, while R4 powered up sounded great.

    Banden headed out of his room, and headed to grab a cup of cafa.

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    Alexander d? Cannith
    Streets, The Battle of Garqi

    The body of Alexander d? Cannith was guided by the Force, the energy of life guiding his blade to protect himself and his friends. Never before had the Jedi Padawan ever reached this deeply into the almighty energy field, never before had he ever felt this power.

    His hands had become one with his lightsaber, every moment as fluid as the next. The Jedi Padawan could see Allundra and Master Bastilus fight alongside him, the echoes of flashing lightsabers rising in a crescendo as the other two blades joined sounds with Alex?s own blade of molten gold energy.

    In the heat of battle, he wondered. The Jedi Padawan wondered why, why now of all places the true powers of the Force would reveal themselves to him. His question was answered through Master Bastilus? reassurances in the Force that Alex had conquered the demons of his dark past and need not fear what he was.

    ?Fear. Doubt. Cloud the Force, these things do.? The words of Yoda.

    For years, he had been haunted by the doubt that he would never become a Jedi Knight and the fear that one day that was doomed to be his last, death would come to his doorstep.

    No longer...

    No longer could Alexander d? Cannith fear and doubt his existence. He had to live every day without fear and doubt just as Master Bastilus had done, he could no longer fear the blackness of death. Fear and doubt only barricaded the Jedi?s true potential as a Jedi Knight.

    In only the span of a few hours, I have become a man. I can no longer fear or doubt. I must live every day.

    He refocused his attentions on the battle, his wrist flicking upward to slice through the body of a Vong slave. On the backlash, he spun, thrusting his blade through the heart of another slave.

    The Jedi Padawan launched himself high into the air, watching a Yuzhaan Vong warrior who had escaped from the barricade of slaves, stare at him in astonishment as Alex screamed a warcry. The Jedi warrior brought his blade high over his head in a two-handed grip.

    If this works, I may believe there is such a thing as luck in addition to the Force.

    His blade whipped through the Yuzhaan Vong?s skull, slicing through flesh, bone, and brain. It had been a very lucky blow and perhaps, Alex?s last moment of luck for the entire battle.

    Landing in perfect balance behind the dead Yuzhaan Vong, the Jedi Padawan watched a new herd of Vong slaves arrive, their cudgels and amphistaffs raised in the air. Alex continued on, taking out three of the slaves in one blow.

    Through his danger senses, Alex sensed two weapons coming in at one time from his flank. He watched as cudgel and amphistaff came in to strike a powerful blow against Alex?s torso.

    The young fight with strength while the wise fight with finesse.

    Turning, the Jedi Padawan simply stepped inside the slave?s guard and flicked his wrist twice, first sweeping his blade upward, then whipping it around on the backlash. The slave landed at his feet in four pieces.

    Alexander d? Cannith continued on, his blade a beacon of light and hope to his friends and the citizens of Garqi and the galaxy.

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    greyjedi125, Ton_G, darth_nemisis, Ktala, Marna_Veign, Kalio_Dynkos, KOTORFan8, Winged_Jedi, jedi_killeroak

    Garqi's surface

    Plasma fire rained from the sky as if some unrelenting punishment sent from vengeful gods. It was not so vast that it became inescapable, as much as it was so randomly widespread. At any given moment, a being, whether friend or foe, risked being engulfed in green flame had they not sought cover. Gareth had already seen and heard several New Republic officers and Chazrach slave troops fall to the devastating assault. He only hoped that the survivors would take heed of that harsh warning.

    He cast a glance behind him as Victor and he ran for cover within the spaceport. There were coralskippers and other transports of alien design flying throughout the sky. Gareth thought he caught sight of Inyan's avian companion, Reya, but he could not be sure. If she was flying in the midst of a rain of plasma and speeding coralskippers, he hoped she possessed some acute instincts to keep her safe from harm.

    The duo entered the battle near the spaceport at the rear of the alien slave formation, hacking and slicing their way through. Victor used what extra boost he gained from the battle meld to quicken his attacks, to become more aware of his surroundings. Together Gareth and he were able to focus on the weak points within the enemy formation and they managed to spear through it.

    They broke the reptoid line and moved into a position where they worked back-to-back, slaying any and all opposition until the corridor into that section of the spaceport was clear. At times they would separate to scout the area, as Gareth did before returning, or to ward off new flows of slave troops, which Victor handled more than capably.

    The Jedi Knight was united once more at Victor's side, beaneath a solid duracrete overhang, clear of the bulk of the Yuuzhan Vong forces. "Safe for a moment," Gareth murmured, as he assessed their surroundings and the approaching armies. He supressed a sigh and then watched with renewed, and increasing interest as a wave of reptoids were quite literally flung aside by a wrecked landspeeder.

    Renkar ran, cutting through the lines of slave troops as he broke free to reach them. Gareth smiled and offered a nod of acknowledgement. But something else cught his attention from where Renkar came. A number of reptoids and Yuuzhan Vong warriors worked to flank a lone Jedi Master, even as more slaves fell before the unforgiving arcs of Ozm's lightsaber. The Iktotchi Jedi Master used the same burning wreckage of a landspeeder he had to help clear a wider path for Renkar to run towards Gareth and Vic, but this time he used it to clear the masses that threatened to overwhelm him.

    Master Ozm leapt and landed, rolled and slashed both his lightabers, then came up to his feet as he met a wave of oncoming Chazrach troops. He had spotted Gareth and Victor, and had offered Renkar some direction as to the specific location of their comrades within the confused battleground. He had promised to be right along. Even as he finished his words, the Iktotchi Jedi master became a blur of motion. His lightsabers were already whipping about him in dangerous and intricate arcs of attack and defense.

    When the Jedi Master finally reached his allies, he was leaving more than a dozen mutilated, decapitated, limbless, or otherwise disabled and incapacitated, Chazrach troops and assorted slaves in his wake.

    What momentary reprieve he gained through his sheer effectiveness as a fighter, was soon to be forgotten. While they were now within the general vicinity of Bastilus Onasi and some of the other Jedi, the battle for Garqi was far from over.

    A general sense of increasing desperation came from the reptoids, a sense obvious enough that it did not matter whether the creatures could be sensed through the Force. The Jedi had determined easily enough the danger of remaining out in the open while coralskippers reigned the skies. Apparently the Chazrach
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    IC: Victor Shaal
    ~Garqi's Surface~

    [blockquote]Vic and Gareth were successful in reaching the cover needed to escape the on-going assault from above. However, they didn't do it blood-free: they were forced to kill numerous slave troops, and Yuuzhan Vong alike. At times, they were seperated, causing Vic to grow a little nervous, but, with the Force as his guide, he prevailed and was united with Gareth once more.

    "Safe for a moment," Vic heard Gareth mutter, probably more to himself than to Vic. Vic knew that this "safety" would not last for long, so he took the oppuratunity and used the breathing techniques he had learned to calm himself, as he was breathing quite heavily.

    The duo watched as a wrecked landspeeder flung numerous slave troops aside, and as Renkar darted towards their direction. Behind him was Master Ozm, the master of Renkar. The Jedi Initiate watched in awe as the Jedi Master used the same wrecked landspeeder to clear away the enemies, to give him a better chance to reach Gareth, Renkar and Vic. The Jedi Master sliced, cut, and slashed his way through nearly a dozens troops, leaving them dead in his wake, to reach the trio.

    Their next objective was to reach Master Bastilus Onasi and his two Padawans, who were fending off the enemies quite well. Any being who crossed either of their paths were instantly sliced into pieces with the flick of their hot energy blades. After a few moments, they all were with one another.

    Gareth was the first to speak. "There are hundreds of reptoids on the march. It will be difficult to hold them for very long." He glanced toward his companions. "Victor and I will hold them off from following this way and see if we can block their passage into the north-west entrance. It may be the only way." Vic's stomach felt as if a twenty pound weight had been dropped in it, but he knew that, with the aid of the Force, Gareth, and the mind-meld, they would prevail. "We will catch up with you and rendezvous with Satryna as soon as we are able."

    Gareth then looked toward Victor, most likely wondering if Vic would want to go. Vic drew in a deep breath, then nodded at Gareth, indicating that he was ready to fight, ready to serve the Force as it was his destiny. [/blockquote]

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    WOW, LSA That's quite an amazing 'little piece' you wrote there! *bows. ( you need not apologise ) Darn it! Posting after you is just not fair! :p ( This next set will happen in several parts, btw )


    The Republic Transport he commandeered finally broke through most of the fighting, but not without some serious battle scars. Master Quinlan Vos was mentally pushing the pilots and himself, while doing all he could not to lose his cool. The no longer mysterious visions kept flashing in his mind as well as Master Calmand Dankor's revelations. Inwardly he defied the more horrific images, those of the Jedi falling under an overwhelming number of bizarre looking aliens and warriors. They'd fought with unequalled valor at the galaxy's last hour and sacrified all. Initially Master Vos had been greatly troubled by these messages from the Force, but after learning certain truths during many secreted meetings with other great Masters of the Force, a plan was devised.

    In secret, they had all worked and prepared for this day, for this moment. Everything and everyone seemed to be in place, as timing had to be precise to a fault. Now he prayed that he was not too late.

    "There's the structure I saw. Go there pilot, head towards that space port!"

    An inmense wave of relief came to the Jedi Master. As always, he'd completely trusted in the Force to reveal to lead him to the right place at the right time the way it always did. There were no second chances if he'd gotten it 'wrong'. He had to be at the right place at the right moment, or the jedi would not receive the much needed succor for their survival.

    All they had to do now was to survive the skips and the green rain.

    "Gunner!" he shouted through the din. "Prepare to defend for an attack from above. Pilot, put the ship on auto-pilot once you set course to the spaceport and prepare to abandon ship. I'll get your crew to the ground safely. Just make sure you shoot at everything unfriendly."

    At that moment, several skips seemed to materialize out of nowehere and veered towards the allied vessel.

    "Gunner! Now!!"

    Even as he finished his command, the gunner swiveled his canopy and opened fire at the multople skips. Quinlan had already seen the scene in his Vision. They strange vessels wiuld have taken them by surprise and they would have all perished in a glorious ball of fire, but that was not to be so, for they were ready for this moment. They had planned and the soldiers had trusted him, his mission and the Force.

    The ship was taking heavy damage, but the gunner was good at keeping the skips at bay. It was all a tactic to bide for time. If he had spent too many seconds trying to destroy any single skip, they would have been doomed. Now, the Republic Transport was shaking as explotions, both internal and external rocked it.

    "We're coming over the Spaceport now Master Vos." reported the pilot, still trusting, still believing.

    "Good. Prepare to abandon ship. Open all exit hatches."

    As powerful decompresing winds invaded the cabin, Quinlan turned to 'his' own crew. The secret weapon he'd planned on unleashing on the vong for so long. His secret platoon.

    "It is time my children."

    At the very sound of his voice a multitude of glowing eyes focused on him. "We are hear to save the soul of the Jedi, that is our mission. Now arm yourselves."

    The sound of over a score of igniting lightsabers of at least half as many colors came to life complete unison. Their harmonic hum was like a victory chorus at the arrival of the cavalry. The moment was marked by a violent explotion that rocked the ship and caused it to tilt.

    "Master Vos...!" a republic soldier said entering the cabin, then fell silent at the sight. He knew of their cargo, but just seeing them like this was...breathtaking.

    "Now go, anf may the Force be with you."

    Immediately the platoon of hooded figures in dark cloaks jumped out of the smoking transport with seemingly little r
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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Ty (Garqi)

    Ty was fighting for his life, there was too many creatures to fight at one time, and to relax, spelled doom. As time moves on, as it does in all life, his reflexes was getting better, but almost starting to tire. The only thing that keeped him going was thinking of Allundra, and how she will pay for leaving him behind. Though he had to admit, if they did come back and help him, he would not be the person he wanted to be, and that was...being "Powerful".

    He had gained many cuts and scraches alone the way back to his masters, but each helped in the mass training he was recieving, even if he did not want it this fast. His saber spun and danced, taking a hit or making a hit. His facial expression was getting more like when he was in the dueling chamber back on Dagobah. If the Vong's pawns could understand that smile, they might actually run, but unfortunily, they did not. They cared not or want not for anything but the blood of the men and women on this planet. For Ty, he cared little for the ones that he was cutting down now. It was lambs to a slaughter and he knew it. They all came at him, but he picked and choosed the ones to fight. The Vong warriors was much to experienced for him and he knew it. So when one or more came against him, he just took a leap and flipped over them and went back with the lesser ones. He would let his masters take the Vong warriors.

    Than it begain to rain. "That's not rain", as he looked up. "Get to cover masters! They are firing from the ships, and are killing anything and everything that can be fired upon!" Ty hoped they had heard him, cuase one did explode several yards away. Ty had to find a cover for protection.

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    May 22, 2001
    greyjedi125, darth_nemisis, Winged_Jedi, jedi_killeroak

    North-West Spaceport Entrance, Garqi's Surface

    Victor drew in a deep breath, then nodded at Gareth, indicating that he was ready to fight, ready to serve the Force as it was his destiny. He received a nod of encouragement from the Jedi Knight and then they headed back out the way they had come. Victor heard the invaders long before he set his eyes on any of them. Their cries of war and thundering footsteps, the smell of blood and sickly flesh emanating from the Chazrach and other slave troops, assaulted his senses.

    He rushed out into a wide corridor, two tall buildings on either side of him. Victor could see the duracrete pavement and knew that he stood not within an alley, but some frequented shortcut through the spaceport. The area was not filled with junk or refuse, and would have been clean if not for the deceased and the blood-stained walls.

    A cluster of half a dozen Chazrach charged from its end, running toward the two Jedi in a frenzy. The path was too narrow to accomodate all six, however, so they stumbled and ran in a disorganised array of confusion. Victor could see more than a dozen more slaves, some Chazrach and others of species more easily recognisable as natives to the galaxy, coming in right behind the first group. Further behind them were a number of armoured Yuuzhan Vong warriors, each the equal of any Jedi fighter.

    "We cannot allow them passage," came the voice of determination at his side. "They will not be able to pass in such confined quarters, but even so, we will not be able to hold them forever." Gareth held a grim expression and ignited his lightsaber in a brilliant flash of solid resolve. He held his ground and began to walk forward, Victor near his side.

    Six Chazrach troops, coming at the Jedi in a stumbled rush of manic bloodlust, pressed forth as if to prove Gareth wrong. The slaves were hell bent on breaking the Jedi, and they had given no sign of relenting since their first setting foot on Garqi's surface.

    Victor could feel the Force flowing through and around him. He was aware of Gareth's bright and profound presence of calm strength. Their energies swirled together and became as one. Victor did not need to hear Gareth speak to know that the Jedi Knight wished to fight side-by-side with Victor as they marched to meet the first pair of their most recent opponents. The Jedi pair were of one mind, if not precisely one body.

    Spaceport Outskirts, Garqi's Surface

    Somewhere between the north-west entrance and where Master Bastilus had gathered a team of Jedi, yet beyond the safety of the spaceport proper, was a deadly weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong. Coming in the form of the grey Jedi, the weapon was of many parts, each working to deal one blow after another against the face of the invading forces.

    Mistress Fray was a black blur, streaking purple and green lights of severance. She moved with blinding speed and viciously diced through the ranks of Yuuzhan Vong slaves. Humans fell, and Rodians, and Chazrach, and Bothans, and a host of others even she did not recognise by name. If they were not wise enough to be demorilised by her whirlwind attacks, then they would perish were they stood. And many of them did perish, the fools that they were.

    Not too far from where she stood was an ally of unique loyalty and talent. The being's abilities were the only ones among all of the Jedi that displayed a direct effect against the Yuuzhan Vong, and the aliens' slave armies, and bio-technology. Lord Husk was effectively showing off. Perhaps it was simply because he could, which was an entirely interesting notion for anyone that knew him for what he was.

    His incredible strength and speed meant that he could smash through armour and bone and cut through both with contemptuous ease. He did that much and more, slaying any being so utterly moronic that they even thought coming at him threateningly might be an idea worthy of acti
  12. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    This update is dedicated to the events at Korriban, just as those before it were dedicated to the events unfolding at Garqi. Please note that the first portion of the post is actually a combine post between Hand_of_Chaos and myself. What follows is the normal update portion of my post. I do hope you enjoy them both as much as I did.

    Time seemed to slow at first, all the chaos and confusion fading from background noise into silence. Howls from the distant Yuuzhan Vong slave troops, and gutteral roars from the mighty warriors, were washed away into quiet and then silence. Time stopped. There was only the two of them, the girl and he. Lord Obdurate found it odd that a young lady was present within the Great Temple, despite his knowledge of Sith recruitment and doctrines.

    "Do not be afraid," he said to her, stepping closer. "I am not ... one of them." He gestured out toward the battlefield beyond the Temple. His face remained hidden and his tone shifted from absent indifference to sincerity and warmth. "Who are you?"

    Vale took a step back, as the strange man stepped closer. Her arms circled to protect her small friend within her tunics, as she looked up at the man. She coudln't see his face, but he sounded ... well, at least he sounded like he wasn't trying to kill her at the moment. She lifted her head, her eyes observing him. "Im not afraid," she said defiantly. At least not of him. Eyes narrowed a moment, as she decided whether or not to respond to his question. The man had said his name. She finally answered. "I am Vale," as she looked around them, before settling back to look at him directly. Vale thought to herself silently, 'heck of a place to start a conversation.'

    "Why are you here?" the hooded man asked.

    Vale frowned. Getting slaughtered while they played twenty questions was not exactaly her idea of fun at the moment. And Ruhtra ... Vale looked back, trying vainly to sense him within all the chaos around them. Vale turned back to the dark person in front of her. "I'm trying not to get slaughtered at the moment," she replied tartly. She wanted to run. She wanted to find Ruhtra. She wanted to be anyplace than here, answering dumb questions that could wait for later ... if that later ever came. It was a SITH TEMPLE for farklings sake. Why did folks come here? She began to bounce from one foot to the other.

    "You seem to be doing a fine job of it thus far," Obdurate replied, his warmth vanishing into something else. Whether challenge or amusement, it was difficult to determine. There was a shift in his tone, however, that much was obvious. "But, moving from here might change that."

    Vale immediately noticed the change of tone. Oh frell. It would be her luck, to insult a Sith Lord in the middle of all of this. She slumped her shoulders slightly. As to his comment, she looked up, tiliting her head, as she suddenly caught what he had just said. She suddenly went very still, as she looked up at him. She commented, her eyes going wide. "This is safer?" she asked him. She couldn't possibly see how being here was safe. But then again, he didn't seem too worried. One hand clinched her weapon so tight her fingers turned red, as she willed herself still. The other she petted her friend quiet with.

    Inside, she was fighting a battle. Ruhtra told her to run. But this stranger was saying it was safer to stay put. But since he wasn't moving against her at the moment, she opted to stay for now. Normally, she would try staring down this stranger, but now, she could not muster such bravado. She opted to look around him, but not directly at him, as she chewed her lip silently.

    "Korriban is not a safe world, no, and this Temple is no exception," the stranger said. "There are murderous beings outside, however, and they are more dangerous to you than I am. They are called Yuuzhan Vong, these scarred aliens. They are merciless soldiers."

    Vale nodded slowly, having seen the 'things' for herself. "I ... met one inside eariler," Vale answered softly, making a face at the memory of it. S>
  13. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Victor Shaal
    ~Garqi's Surface~

    [blockquote]Vic rushed into a wide corridor, and saw, charging at him and Gareth, approximately six Chazrach troops. Behind them were more slaves, each being of different species that he had a better knowledge of. And behind them, the true danger approached: a number of Yuuzhan Vong ran toward them, armor on, and amphistaffs ready to kill the Jedi.

    "We cannot allow them passage," said Gareth. "They will not be able to pass in such confined quarters, but even so, we will not be able to hold them forever." Vic understood, and brought forth his lightsaber, and ignited it, the hilt spewing forth his dark blue energy blade. Gareth did the same.

    The duo moved in, not as two people, but as one single person fighting the six slave troops. Vic hacked and slashed at the slavers, using his connection with the Jedi Knight to speed his attacks. It was more simple than he had expected. But, then again, these slavers were nothing compared to the Yuuzhan Vong approaching behind them. The Jedi Initiate eagerly awaited their arrival as he continued to slice down the slavers.[/blockquote]

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  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Atoa Colti and Alya Eiru
    Garqi's surface

    Plasma fire rained from the sky as if some unrelenting punishment sent from vengeful gods. It was not so vast that it became inescapable, as much as it was so randomly widespread. At any given moment, a being, whether friend or foe, risked being engulfed in green flame had they not sought cover. Atoa kept watch of the plasma rain, sometimes sending a piece of debrie to intercept the plasma, as they moved for cover.

    As Inyan raised her lightsaber and charged at the first of the aliens that charged, she felt the connection between herself and Atoa strengthen. Atoa started levitating debris at the six while Inyan Masti attacked with her blade. The three that had been foolish enough to pursue Atoa were left battered and bruised. She had flung pieces of rock and debris against them, either knocking them out cold or pushing them away far enough that they were no longer any threat to either Inyan or herself. Inyan lunged at the one armed with the bone pike first, aiming at the weapon, intent on destroying it first, which she did with ease. Using her hunter instincts and not so much the Force, Inyan dodged any attack that came at her while pressing her own. Above the action, Reya screeched again, seeing Inyan fighting. The bird dove down towards the slave fighters, talons ready to do some harm. Inyan was granted a distraction as her second opponent took his eyes off from her, leaving himself open in a fatal moment of weakness, as he lowered his guard. It seemed as if the bond between Inyan and Reya had strengthed as well, as they moved in harmony, each protecting the other. Atoa spared a moment to smile.

    Atoa was aware of both Reya and Inyan, as Master Vajra and the new form that was Alya drew near. Alya Eiru had changed forms and was now like unto an unstoppable stampeding Bantha, with lightsabers. She plunged through the slave troops ranks, sending the enemy sprawling. Two Quenak, large, twelve legged creatures that were used as mounts for the slave troops approached them. In the midst of their ranks were a handful of Yuuzhan Vong warriors, armed with assorted bio-engineered weapons.

    Atoa had already weakned one, as had Vajra, but even their efforts had not been enough to give the Quenak pause. Alya was well aware of their upcoming problem, so she set to clearing a small path toward the other Jedi. Soon the huge beasts were behind them, as Alya cleared the way towards the others. Alya plowed thru the ranks, keenly aware that the others followed in her trail. She didnt stop, for to stop, was to invite the green rain to fall upon them. But she didnt leave the others behind, she moved in tandom with her Master, to keep the pathway clear, for the others to follow. As they neared the others, Alya sent out antoher roar, to let the others know that assistance was on its way.

    Atoa informed Inyan of the path that was being cleared, as she moved in tandem with her apprentice. They cut through the ranks of the enemy and headed down behind Alya as she led the way toward Bastilus Onasi, plowing through the scores of Yuuzhan Vong that had been marching toward that side of the spaceport. As Atoa watched for incoming fire, another spectacle reached her eyes. A platoon of hooded figures in dark cloaks jumped from a smoking transport with seemingly little regard for life or limb. They held lightsabers! Atoa could only guess who was responsible for them, but she welcomed any assist. Alya also saw the paratrooping 'Jedi' and began to wonder. Her small chuckle, came out as a snort as she moved. As Atoa and Inyan moved behind Alya and Master Vajra, Atoa extended her presence within the growing bond that was between all Jedi. She soon could feel that they were heading in the direction of Master Bastilus, and the others. A powerful calming effect could be felt within the group, coupled with fierce determination and strength. As Atoa moved, her golden saber lit the way, as she moved, determined to reach the others, and to keep the others safe. She had lost her family once before
  15. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Leon Jarath

    Spaceport Outskirts, Garqi

    Leon wrenched his lightsaber out of the shoulder of the latest slain slave, bringing it back up with such speed that the nearest foe, a female Mon Calamari, saw her arm completely sheared off before her eyes. He swept forwards for the kill, only for the battle to stop, suddenly. No one moved, and the young Grey Jedi padawan knew better than to continue fighting. Something had changed. The slaves scattered before him, making way for a new enemy.

    A heavily scarred Yuuzhan Vong warrior approached, grinning and snarling something fierce sounding in the vile language the aliens used. One of the snake-like amphistaffs in one hand, another wrapped around his arm, couffee in the other hand. Armoured, too. Judging by the way the others had moved aside, it seemed like this was one-on-one only. Mortal combat, no interference allowed. All in all, a challenge. Especially compared to the pathetic saber fodder that had been thrown Leon?s way previously. He dropped into a defensive stance, his blue eyes now locked on this new opponent, and let the Force surge into him, not merely flow. It was a torrent, not a stream. The hatred he felt for these creatures, the desire he had to defend his comrades, the violent rush he felt with the heat of battle, it all came together as he called upon the power that was his birthright.

    He was already on the move when the abomination cried ?Jeedai!? and charged, slashing forwards strongly with his amphistaff. Leon parried hard with the violet blade of his lightsaber, trying to knock the Vong?s arm to the side, before jabbing immediately and with lightning speed at the being?s neck.

  16. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC:Ty (Garqi)

    Ty was doing pretty good he thought as he took down another one with a back slash. When he finially got a breathing room made for a few seconds, he took a look around and found himself staring into a set of eyes he would never had forgotten. It was his old girlfriend staring back at him, and they were blank as the force around her. Ty took a step back, and brought his saber up into, what he considered a gaurd postion. "No, you can't be doing this. Don't you remember me, I am the one who you liked. Or don't you care about me anymore." Ty was trying to pull "Hope", out of thin air. Though it was to no avial, with plasma things falling out of the air, and now her. Ty was going a little crazy. Then she attacked, with her ampistaff. He knew that she was a good fighter back when they were dating, but now, would she be better? He would have his answer by a knock on the head by her ampistaff. Ty staggared by the hit and was already set upon by her again. This time he was ready for it, he blocked it with a cut up, to put the weapon out of reach, and come back in for a quick blow to the midsection. But the weird weapon was blocked, but something was different, some of it came alive! The tearing sensation was tremdous, his whole right side was burning and wet. When she brought her own weapon back in front, it was wet with blood. Ty could not believe his own eyes or senses. Then she attacked again, this time tripping him to the burnt ground. As she raised the staff for a killing blow, Ty rolled away from her to gain some freedom from this...thing! It was not like having her hit him across the face when they broke up. This was worse, she was trying to kill him. He had to recoop or it he might as well fall on the saber himself. Blood was running down the side of his face in great streams now, and the stinging sentation was just like having salt poured on a gaping wound. Ty quickly got back to his feet and put her out of his mind. This was not the girl he knew back when they were dating, this was someone else in her body.

    Ty planted his feet and rebrought up his saber. "You will die by my hand imposter, and when you get to the afterlife remember that Deathstalker put you there!" As she lounged at him again, he in-stepped her stoke and shoved his knee into her stomach and brought his hands down on her head and crashed it into his knee. He could hear cartledge(ms) from her nose breaking against his already blooded leg. As she came back up, he pushed her away and brought his saber left to right, across her shoulder to the middle of her stomach. As she looked at him blankly, and fell to pieces, a yell came forth from out of no where, even days later, he would think someone else cried,"Diiieeeeee!" The power surge gave him a boost that he much needed. Ty no longer cared for anyone or anything. He no longer cared if he lived if these beings took over. He was a mad man, he was Death, and he would bring it to them. "If they want death, I will personally take it to them and leave them hungry for something else than death", as he strode towards the group that was gathering around his masters, blood was at a steady flow from his right cheek,but he cared little of it. His eyes glowed with new passion, his bloodied body and soul was fitting into the new body of Ty and it was liking the feel of it.

    Ty twirled his saber as he came upon the group the masters had in their area.

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  17. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    A faint stirring in the Force grew stronger, slowly, but certainly. Master Quinlan Vos recognised it as the feeling associated with hope. Sentient beings that a few moments ago cowered in fear in the face of what seemed like a sea of interminable enemies now came out of hiding, brandishing whatever weapons they had and joined the allied Forces that now defended their home planet. Garqi.

    It id not matter what they looked like, bothan, twilek, wookie, Imperial, jedi or other. Those fighting for freedom and for life all had the same face and the same purpose. As the Force was one, so were they. Master Vos almost smiled, but he did not. There was still much work to be done.

    Already having assessed the situation, he hand signaled the small group of soldiers he had with him to immediately assisst the two jedi holding the 'corridor'. All six troopers saluted simultaneously and quickly moved towards Gareth and Vic. Their weapons were already firing upon the enemy and several grenades were launched overhead and were well on their way to liven up the scene. Additionally, Master Vos instructed for two members of the Omega Platoon to move along the corridor walls and plunge deeper within the corridor. Their instructions were simple. Destroy the enemy at the end of the corridor.

    Quinlan Vos ignited his own purple lightsaber just as he was about to join the ongoing battle when he paused for a moment. He sensed, then saw a scene he had only glimpsed in his vision, but until now had remained in the realm of dreams.

    A fearsome youth with a purple lightsaber would prove himself by facing a powerful enemy in single combat. Until this moment, he hadn't realised who the youth was exactly.

    Master Vos beheld the grey jedi Leon Jarrath as he faced a powerful armoured Yuuzhan Vong warrior. This same youth was the chosen apprentice of none other than Lord Twilight, the arkanian Force Master who had been his own apprentice. Quinlan, could feel the torrential currents of the Force as they surged into the young man. He glowed so brightly in the Force, it was almost like deja vu. Not only did he see Lord Twilight in Leon, he even saw himself, and he knew without a shadow of a doubt that the young man would conquer his enemy just as he had conquered his own darkness.

    The Feeling of Hope surged even more just then. The Spaceport would be theirs, and so would Garqi. Triumph was their only reward.

    As he now began to move in Master Bastilus' direction, Master Vos sent Leon a wave of encouragement in the Force, reinforcing the young man's already formidable conviction. he took out his second, green bladed lightsaber and ignited it as he neared a cluster of enemies. His intention was to draw some of the attention to himself and away from the dueling pair, not that there wasn't enough enemies for all to share.

    Not too far away, he could see dark figures furiously engaged in combat. He smiled as he recognised the familiar combat style of Mistress Fray. The Kiffar Force master decided to make a small detour and headed her way.

    Meanwhile, not too far away from Master Vos' location a trio of Jedi joined with other jedi to form a greater unified front. Inspired by her Master and her jedi brother's and sisters, Allundra fought on with all her might and skill, yet remained in complete control of herself during the course of the battle. If it wasn't for the Jedi mindmeld, it all would be overwhelming. The whole battle had a life of its own, with constant surges and ever changing nuances. The slightest miscalculation could very well cost you your life, but Allundra trusted in the Force....implicitly.

    That was why she didn't lose her composture when she saw a familiar figure dispatching a Vong minion. She hadn't even realised that she'd felt a surge in the Force.

    "Diiieeeeee!" cried the young man with abandon as he administered the final stroke with his lightsaber to his enemy.

    "If they want death, I will personally take it to them and leave them
  18. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    greyjedi125, darth_nemisis, Winged_Jedi, jedi_killeroak

    North-West Spaceport Entrance, Garqi's Surface

    Countless Chazrach fell in crumpled disarray as Victor and Gareth paved a path through the onrushing wave of slave troops. Other alien slaves followed, and some humans, too, before the armoured Yuuzhan Vong broke through to challenge the Jedi duo.

    Fighting shoulder to shoulder, with barely space enough to move, the Jedi met their oncoming opponents without hesitation. One alien warrior lunged at Victor Shaal, stabbing toward the Jedi initiate's torso with a spear-like amphistaff held within his hands; and, another Yuuzhan Vong warrior slashed at the head of Gareth Secluderg, apparently keen to cleave the Jedi Knight's skull and slice through his brain.

    United in mind and purpose, Gareth and Victor experienced a fine, precise awareness that only the mystical Force could provide. They did not need to sense the Yuuzhan Vong when they shared one another's seven senses. Gareth watched his enemy through Victor, and Victor watched the other alien through Gareth. They shared eyes, and ears, and all else that mattered.

    Gareth was only subconsciously aware of his blade slicing through the armour of his opponent, before it broke free, leaving only a scar. Undeterred, he stuck and slashed again, this time cutting the right arm of his target, to hear a howl of outrage. But Gareth, only vaguely aware of any of this, was drawn to something else. Something seemingly more dangerous and deadly than even the Yuuzhan Vong.

    A small group of black-clad soldiers, long, dark cloaks flowing behind them and hoods over their faces, crashed into the rear of the corridor like a hammer to an anvil. Bones broke and skulls shattered as the small detachment from Quinlan Vos' Omega Platoon ripped into the enemy formation.

    Effectively trapped between the Jedi, and the cloaked soldiers, the Yuuzhan Vong and their slaves were forced to fight a battle on two fronts. Their strict control and discipline gave way to furious rage and anger as they met the unexpected in a clattering of confusion. Gareth could all but feel their downfall as Victor and he continued to work through the enemy ranks.

    Spaceport Outskirts, Garqi's Surface

    Oolrigh Bakhir gave no pause or break in stride as he approached his chosen enemy, the slayer of so many of his subordinates and kin. The Jeedai would die in sacrifice to the great Yun-Yuuzhan as a tribute to the upcoming victory at Garqi.

    He took no heed of the superhuman's defensive posture, but rather charged and slashed his amphistaff at Leon's throat. Bakhir's swing was calculated, strong, but not so agressive that it put him off balance.

    Leon parried hard with the violet blade of his lightsaber, trying to knock the Yuuzhan Vong's arm to one side, before jabbing immediately and with lightning speed at the warrior-being's neck. He received a vicious growl in response from his opponent as the alien warrior's amphistaff blacked and grazed resistance against the blade of violet light.

    For a split-second, they were face-to-face. Leon met the hideous visage of the alien from a galaxy unknown. Scarred, tatooed, harsh, unforgiving and without remorse, the grostesque thing stared at him like the essence of nightmare and all creatures evil. It snarled and bared its teeth maliciously.

    Stepping back with his right leg so as to gain more solid footing, Oolrigh domain Bakhir met the blazing blue gaze of his sworn enemy with burning hatred of his own. He uttered a curse to the blasphemous creature he fought, and pulled his head back and clear of the strike at his throat.

    His amphistaff went wide at his momentary retreat, and he allowed it to slacken even as the second amphistaff, formerly curled along left his arm, began to slither down toward his wrist. Bakhir lunged with his left side leading, stabbing at the Jeedai with the couffee in that hand as his right commanded the slack amphistaff into a whip, which spat venom toward the
  19. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Victor Shaal

    [blockquote]Victor and Gareth continued to slice through the slave troops, consisting of Chazrach's, humans, rodians and others. After mere moments, the Yuuzhan Vong broke through the slave troops, their mind set on only one thing: the death of the Jeedai on their hands. Though, Vic would not allow that.

    The duo fought side by side, nearly touchng their shoulders together, which left little room to swing their blades. Though, they didn't need to swing their blades wildly, they were fighting as one single person, thus only resulting in precise attacks. The sensation was amazing to Vic, as it was the first time he had experienced it. It gave him the extra strength needed to fight the overwhelmingly powerful Vong.

    A warrior came lunging at Vic, his amphistaff pointing towards the Jedi's torso. Vic easily parried it, pushing ths staff aside. He jabbed forth with his own weapon, the blade bouncing off the rock solid armor. He did not stop, however, but he sliced again at the elbow joint of the shoulder, slicing through. He probably would not have been able to pull that off, had it not been for the aid of Gareth, the sensation he was feeling provided him extra speed.

    The pair continued to beat down the opponents, slicing and hacking at the Vong. His attention was distracted for only a second when explosions erupted from thrown grenades, and black-clad soldiers arrived behind the group. His determination was raised, now. The Yuuzhan Vong were now fighting a lost cause. They were trapped, fighting on two fronts, Jedi in the front, soldiers in the rear. There was no way out for them, but they fought on. Vic admired their determination, but did not stop. He and Gareth continued to beat down the opposition.[/blockquote]

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  20. Master_Vicky

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    Apr 29, 2003
    Mason Hobbs
    In his room, Dagobah

    Mason had been meditating in his room when his stomach told him it was time for a break. Shortly before Master Colti had left, she'd resleased his padawan Kali from the medward. Mason gave him another day to rest, not wanting him to overdue himself on the first day, then, on the next day, had him start the construction of his lightsaber. The boy's eyes lit up at the prospect of having his own lightsaber and it was all Mason could do to get him to stop building it for meals and such.

    The old knight pushed himself up from where he sat on the floor and hobbled over to his hoverchair, lifting himself into it. On his way to the common room, an old memory surfaced in his mind. It was of when he was younger, about Kali's age, maybe a bit older. He and his master were on there way back to the temple; an emergency call back had been issued. Then the message changed, warning all jedi to stay away from the temple. Mason was confused. Why would they need to stay away from the temple? He looked to his master who had a hard look of concenration on his face. "We've been betrayed", he had said.

    Back then, Mason still held the brash impatience of youth. He had insisted that they go back and fight. Even now, he wondered what would have happened if they had gone back. Would they have made a difference? Probably not. Would they have surivied? Very unlikely, but not impossible. Would it have been better than what had happened? Dispite what he'd tell himself for years afterward, Mason knew it wouldn't have. It would put his master's sacrifice to shame if he thought both of them dying at the hands of Vader was better than him living on to carry the legacy of the old jedi knights of the past.

    Then as his memories took him back to that fateful day when he was jolted out of sleep by his master, he let out a melancholy sigh. They had been discovered by a bounty hunter. The insuing battle wold end in tragedy, a tragedy Mason didn't want to remember at the moment, so as he rounded the corner leading to the common room, he shook the gloomy thoughts from his head. That was the past, and he knew he should not dwell on it for only dark things could come from it.

    Up ahead he could see Master Sri Parna and Aperc Blu talking to what seemed to be some smugglers with supplies. He got a strange feeling in the Force as his eyes pasted over the smugglers. There was something different about them that he couldn't quite put his finger on. As he went past the group, his hoverchair humming softly, he gave them a nod of greeting, but said nothing. If Master Parna felt these men were safe, then Mason wouldn't intrude on the conversation.

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  21. LadyFireStorm

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    Aug 12, 2003
    Planetary Surface, Korriban

    The energies that flowed between Mogra and Tyranny moved as never before. Mogra felt no other, and had no need to feel any other, as she simply slaughtered with abandon. Seldom in life comes such an opportunity, and she was not one to waste it. While her thoughts were in depths of darkness, she was no longer angry. She had passed that, into something else. Something diffrent. She was killing with precise strokes, and limitied effort, and together, along with the others who had joined them, they left a mound of bodies in their wake. Mogra never felt so alive. At that moment, she was exactally what she wanted to be. A force to be respected. To be worthy. A force of nature, all her own. A predator. She felt the darkside energies working around them, flowing through all of Korriban. Mogra did not care. She felt the even stronger flow between herself and Tyranny, and it was all that mattered to her. Even with the beings who drew near them, and fough nearby, she cared little.

    Her bond with Tyranny echoed into new heights. As she found herself attacking with more precision, Mogra noticed that Tyranny seemed to be more in element that Mogra normally belong. The fire that bloomed within Tyranny burned hot indeed, and with it came more abandon that normal. Mogra granted a dark smile at the thought. Suddenly, her own thoughts were interrupted by something flowing strongly within the Force. Mogra snarled. It was an intrusion. A disturbance to her prefection. Her perfect killing. Something out of place. She noticed a brightness in the distance. But there was no sound. No explosion. No, this light was born of the Force itself. Suddenly, words ring out in Mogra's mind. Words spoken to her, she dosent remember when. She dosent even remember the words, but they seem to touch something familiar within her. "Whatever you do, you MUST become strong. I see now what was hidden before. You are the key. I hereby compel you to diligently seek to become increasingly stronger, strong enough that NONE may bind you."

    Yes. That feels familiar. That feels right. What is this other thing? It is touched by all. But these things didnt use the Darkside. So it had to come from those working alongside the Sith. No wait. That was wrong. It didnt FEEL of the darkside. But it was not light either. It was from that they draw on. Mogra raised her head. Energy. Power. Knowledge. It was suddenly there. All she needed to do was take it.

    And so she did.

    Mogra moved with deadly grace, as she continued on with her path of distruction. She did not wonder the where and why of things. She did was was necessary to insure the now of things. Later, could come explinations.

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  22. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Above the Planetary Surface, Korriban

    The space above Korriban was getting intersting, if not a bit crowded. First the large snakes. Then some new ships came in, joining the battle. But what really caught ZaZhen's eye was a very ancient looking ship of some type. It made her shiver just looking at the thing.

    From the hissing she heard in her comlink, Wolf was 'enjoying' himself, keeping occupied with his firing. Not too far off, Xanahrk sent his ship into a steep dive toward Korriban's surface. He sent word to ZaZhen of his intentions, reminding her that he would welcome her support should she see fit to join him, just as he would accept her choice to remain in space fighting against the enemy. The Falleen male sped toward the planet, slowly only to ensure he did not burn on re-entry. ZaZhen provided cover support for him, and followed him down. She spoke to Wolf. "Hold on back there, we're gonna do a quick dive." She doubted that Wolf even heard her. As she moved towards the planets surface, she suddenly felt the strangest sensation she had ever felt before in her life. Words failed her. The universe opened before her. It was as if for a few moments, she was touched by everything at once, as if the meaning of everything had suddenly become crystal clear...

    ZaZhen sudden jerked, as Zeek chirped near her, a gentle poke to her shoulder. "Wha?" she sputtered, as she looked up. Xanahrk had let Serpant out of his ship. ZaZen provided coverfire before she pulled her ship back up into the darkness of space, where she could do the most good. She hated leaving Xanahrk behind, but she could do more on her ship. She dared not leave Wolf alone with the droids. Besides, with Wolf firing away like mad, it was safer in space. As the ShadowSwift once again kissed the darkness of space, she thought to herself, 'I wonder what THAT was all about?' She was quiet as she let the droids guide the ship. Probably something to do with those strange Jedi folks, and their Force stuff. But the small voice in the back of her mind argued, if it was Jedi stuff.. why did you feel anything? It was a disquieting thought, that she pushed to the back of her mind for now. To be explored another time. Once back topside, she began to attack with renewed strength.



    Planetary Surface, Korriban

    Nizzal could feel the additional effort reinforce Vransha; his resolve seemed to grow more firm, but his power grew all the more with it. He moved too quickly for the eye to follow. It seemed that Vransha was literally in a dozen different places simultaneously, cutting down the enemy. He seemed set to explode with raw energy like a volcano building for a cataclysmic eruption. And then all twelve forms faded into the lone figure as the Anzat swordsman stood at the entrance to the Great Temple and fell to one knee. Standing and then kneeling down to touch the Anzat's shoulder was a hooded man, who seemed to offer Vransha release from the terrible burden he held. When Vransha finally rose, he was the same, calmly confident being Nizzal knew. He walked back into the battlefield to join her, and their allies as they fought the Yuuzhan Vong forces.

    Nizzal could only begin to marvel and such a display. But there was still much to be done. With her gold and green blades spinning, Nizzal moved her blades into a spinning pattern, creating her own 'walls of light', as she moved to join Vransha once more. Suddenly, there was an expanse of light, that came from the area that Vransha had just left. Nizzal knew who it had to be. Lord Obdurate pulled his hood from his head and revealed himself for all to see. His cloak dropped to the ground, and beneath his darkest robes of black was the most pure light the galaxy had ever seen.

    Nizzal moved, flowing in motion, her moves followed the currents within the Force as she did. As she moved, the majesity that was the Living force suddenly sang throughout the bond that joined the Jedi and Khass and almost every other Force User. Awareness, al
  23. Ktala

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    Banden O'Jara
    Main Common Room, Jedi Academy, Degobah

    Banden came into the area, looking around at the few people that were there. Some new people, helping with the restocking of supplies were also around. Interesting. Banden walked over to one of the small devices nearby, and poured himself a nice hot drink. Ahh. He was going to enjoy it.

    A small nudge within the Force, gave him pause. As he held his cup, he head voices approaching. Female voices. Oh no. He was not ready to be caught by them once again. Grabbing his cup, he quickly left the common room area, walking out one of the back ways, as he moved for some of the more secluded gardens. After his morning of hard work, he was GOING to enjoy this cup of caffa before he was to be interrupted. He found himself a place he was relatively well hidden, and sat down, with cup in hand. He leaned forward, inhaling the strong fragrance. With a smirk, he pulled his cap down tight, and began to sip the warm beverage.

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  24. Hand_of_Chaos

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    Planetary Surface, Korriban

    Vale was relived to be standing next to Ruhtra once again. This battle was wearing thin on her. She wondered now what was to happen, when suddenly she felt something stirring within the Force. There was light, that came from a certain direction, and then, there was___.

    Her eyes opened wide, as she felt the energies between the mindmeld, and the bottomless energy that was the Force flood into it. "Oh WOW!" she gasped softly. She had felt nothing like it before in her young life. Mere words didnt come close to discribing what she felt. It was almost ... almost like the feelings she used to have when her brother and parents where alive. It brought tears to her eyes, to feel such a thing, and she quickly moved to wipe her eyes before anyone saw. But whatever it was, also seemed to steady her. So many questions ran through her mind, but they could wait for later. Her resolve strengthed, she began to feel that the battle may yet be won, once again. Her lightsabers sang to life once more, as she moved alongside Ruhtra.

  25. LightSide_Apprentice

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    Common Room, Jedi Academy, Planetary Surface, Dagobah

    Hanrak Looen supressed a growl of annoyance as he glanced around them. He carried a small crate of foodstuffs that had been requested in the kitchens and excused himself as he departed company with Kieran and the others. Looen had been nothing but unhappy since their departure from Garqi and the slaying of his commander.

    Watching the stranger with scrutiny, Alexia Tyler's mind worked to analyse the visiting smuggler. It wasn't long before she found something that made her eyes go wide. He was headed into the kitchens, her eyes confirmed as much, but in the Force, there was nothing. He seemed not to exist.

    "Hey, Cerean," called out Kieran, not too far from where Alexia sat, as he held up his box, trying to keep his mind clear."Where d'you want this stuff?"

    "That would depend on what excatly it is that you're carrying inside that crate my friend, only then would I be able to direct you in the right direction."

    Sri Parna gave the man an amicable smile and nodded in greeting. "You may also call me Sri Prana, there is no need to be so formal here. This is Aprec Blu." Sri Parna introduced himself and the initiate as he waited for the man to reveal the crate's content in order to facilitate its storage. The cerean Jedi Knight didn't think much of it at the moment, but the man did seem a bit stressed.

    Kieran could only imagine waiting for some sign from the Yuuzhan Vong, some signal that would allow him the chance to put a blaster to that cone-head. "Emergency rations," replied the one eyed smuggler eventually.

    Also entering the common room was the female kiffar, DawnStar, accompanied by her female padawan pair: Deanna and Unru. They transported a series of baskets on a repulsorlift cart and entered the common room as they made their way toward the adjacent kitchen area. DawnStar happily hummed a native song of bounty as she lead the way. Unru and Deanna followed obediently.

    Unru thought she caught sight of Banden slipping out from the common room just as they entered. "He seemed in an awful hurry," Deanna commented quietly, as she slowed. Unru looked toward her friend and nodded confirmation. They came to a pause as DawnStar headed toward the kitchen.

    "Let's go say hi," Unru suggested. Deanna nodded her assent. And together they slipped outside to pursue their friend. Or, at least, they would have if not for the commotion that followed.

    DawnStar was a few metres short from her destination when she heard a clattering and crashing of utensils and plates. For a minute she might have suspected a simple accident or clumsy act from one of the staff, but the sense she received from the Force blew all that away as far too hopeful. What DawnStar felt was clear and unmistakable fear and panic, followed by pain and death.

    The smuggler stepped out from the kitchen area with a bloodied couffee in-hand. It was a knife-like weapon common to the warrior class of his species. Hanrak Looen glanced around the common room with a mad fire in his eyes. There were many more Jeedai than he had seen coming in. No matter.

    His hand touched his nose and his ooglith peeled free from his body. The Jedi saw his skin tear free and fall to the ground, revealing a scarred and tattooed monster of almost two metres tall. He was not overly muscular, but he was athletic and seemed like he could handle himself in a brawl. A hissing snake appeared in his once-free hand and he charged into the common room like a manic beast, roaring some incomprehensible battle cry.

    Beside Kieran, the Peace Brigade team leader touched a small button on his chrono. His free hand dropped to his blaster and he pointed it at the raging Yuuzhan Vong, but he did not open fire. Not more than a few seconds later, an explosion was heard from elsewhere within the Academy, and another.

    The Brigade officer swung his blaster to point square at
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