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    Garqi, temporary medical site

    Allundra silently listened to Ty's rant about his scars and his woes. She didn't flinch or anything, since she was not affected by those things. Slowly, she began to shake her head out of sadness and disappointment for Ty. He was so busy wallowing in self pity that he seemed to be enjoying it. It was so bad that he refused aid of any sort and saw himself as a perpetual victim.

    A tear ran down Allundra's cheek. She couldn't help him if he did not wish to be helped. The darkside had to strong a hold on the former herbalist and she could only watch helplessly as it dragged him further into its abyssal pit.

    When Ty was looking for his lightsaber, that made her sad. Why was he constantly trying to hurt those that cared for him?

    But Master Atoa wasn't having any of it.


    The Jedi Healer made her point quite clearly. Ty was going to get Medical help from a Jedi whether he personally liked it or not. The conflict against the Vong was larger than all his issues, too bad he couldn't see this.

    Letting out a small sigh, she got up. Her eyes welled up as she frowned at him.

    "Have it your way then. You're obviously too blinded by the darkside to see the good that is all around you, much less accept it when that good is offered to you. Thankfully, Master Atoa does what is best for her patients, regardless of who they are. When you're ready to stop being such a baby, the Jedi will be here for you."

    Allundra wiped the tears off her face as she turned, though she was uncertain if Ty had heard her parting words. There was still much work to be done and Ty was finally getting treatment, nothing else really mattered. As she moved away to allow Master Atoa work in relative peace, Allundra did her best to bravely walk past the scary darksider with the red eyes who's mechanical breathing apparatus was just too eerie to continue to listen to. She did not look upon him, though one of her eyebrows shot up suddenly. What she felt was oddly curious. The heavily cloaked darksider did feel very strange in the force....almsot as if he were more machine than man. Once again she shook her head lightly, not wanting to ponder how such a thing came to be.

    Tapping into the lightside of the Force, Allundra walked towards Alex and let his strength flow into her. She was already feeling renewed and all her anxieties seemed to wash away. It was hard for her to accept that anyone she knew would conciously and knowingly reject the power of good the Force had to offer, but even she had a few lessons left to learn.

    This was one of them.

    That didn't mean that she would stop caring for TY.

    Not too far away, Mistress Fray smiled thinly as Lord Spectre silently looked on.

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    Alexander d? Cannith
    Spaceport, The Battle of Garqi

    His lightsaber felled two more Chazrach; his overrobes and black jumpsuit splattered with the blood of a hundred or so foes in various places. The Force was with him and he could feel the power of the light feeding his body fuel and energy, allowing him to go on.

    And the battle stopped for a moment, allowing the warrior to rest in peace.

    Something rare in the hours that Alexander and his friends had spent fighting the somewhat invincible Yuzhaan Vong warriors and their Chazrach slaves.

    He saw Allundra walk towards him, her eyes weary with the same fatigue as his own and her clothes splattered in blood. Alex finally felt the effects of fatigue, his arms heavy and the shadows under his eyes growing as he transferred hope to perhaps the one of the two people who were his best friends, both of them he had come to love.

    Renkar and Allundra, his two best friends. His own sources of hope. And he was a source of happiness and hope for them.

    In the midst of the ongoing battle, he walked to her, still wary of his surroundings.

    ?Is he alright?? He asked, nodding towards Ty. ?More importantly, are you alright??

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    Planetside, Korriban

    Mogra eyed the new person, this female who had walked up to them. Yes, she was quite a skilled fighter. But after recent events, Mogra trusted few. She didnt take her eyes off the woman, but instead waited for Tyranny to speak. Tyranny looked from the ship to Mogra, and then to the female.

    "Let's take our leave from this place." Tyranny disignited her lightsabers and without looking back, she walked towards the Vehement Fist.

    The words were music to Mogra's ears. She wanted to be far from this place. She slightly wondered where it was they would go, but it really didnt matter. She moved, pulling up her hood, as she kept her eyes on the stranger, who seemed intent on following them to the ship. So be it. Mogra kept herself close to Tyranny, while keeping an eye on the stranger. As they neared their ship, another person stepped up, and it was all Mogra could do to not draw her sabers.


    He stepped toward the approaching females. When Tyranny and Mogra and Temptress finally reached him, he offered a deep and sincere bow of acknowledgement and respect. How Mogra would have loved to lop off his head, in just that instant. He spoke."It has been a pleasure to have crossed paths and lived alongside you. I have learned from you both and will not forget those lessons. May the Force remain with you, as it does in me," he said, losing all trace of arrogance and replacing it with honesty. "Perhaps we will meet again," he added with a smile, "under different circumstances. Farewell." He waited for only a moment more before he left them.

    Mogra made a face. 'What in the Temerian Frells was THAT about?!' That man was insane. Now HE sounded like a Jedi as well. This was disgusting. It was like a disease had slowly spread accross the planet. And it had not been the Vong. She wanted off of the place, before she too was infected or cursed.

    The men had gone soft. Soft or crazy. Wimpering imperfections. She would not follow suit. With a final glare of disgust, she moved to follow Tyranny. The blooding was past. Now, she looked forward to leaving this world, and moving on.

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    Planetary Surface, Korriban

    At the footsteps of the Great Temple, Vale and Ruhtra observed the final moments of the struggle, for the aliens were indeed hard pressed to stand against such skilled and talented opponents. Ruhtra placed his hand on the young lady's shoulder and bent down to speak to her in a soft tone he rarely used, "We can see about leaving now," he said, his helmet tucked neatly under his left arm.

    Vale looked up, smiling. She leaned against her protector, as she petted her friend back to sleep. "Good. I think I've had enough of this type of training." She looked back out over the battle field, at all the dead and dying. "It's not at all like I thought." she said softly. It was worse. Vale was exhausted. She had been able to ignore it, during all the fighting, and running and terror of battle. At first, it had been kinda fun, shooting down all the ships and stuff. That was like playing a game. But then the game turned nasty, and it was no longer fun. People died. Horribly. She had seen things that would be hard pressed on many an adult. Her thoughts rambled throught her tired mind. She looked horrible. She felt worse. It reminded her far too much of her own murky past. And when she thought she might have lost Ruhtra ... She shoved that thought from her. She rubbed her eyes, holding back a yawn. "I dont even care where we go." she murmored, trying not to fall asleep, as she leaned on Ruhtra. As long as he was there, it didnt matter.

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    On that fateful day, the Vehement Fist left the Sith Planet of Korriban to parts unknown. In reality, Tyranny and Mogra returned to Nar-Shaddaa, but only temporarily. There they took the time to eventually discover all the secrets surrounding the Vehement Fist, even down to the fact that it was secretly registered to an underworld big boss, a zabrak by the name of Rogloth Norr, who ironically, also seemed to have had ties to the strange clone attacker that was found hidden within the cargo bay.

    Also during that time, Mogra finally underwent some rigorous training. Admittedly, one of the more useful and practical acquisitions, was the virtual-mnemonic device that contained the secret training techniques afforded to the mysterious lightsaber wielding clone. His formidale lightsaber combat style was now theirs, and they reaped the benefits, just like they should. Curiously, there was another who wished to enhance their training.

    At first, Tyranny resisted Darth Temptress and her willigness to assist them. However, the Sith Lord managed to greatly impress Tyranny during several of their sparring sessions. The dark mirialan finally conceded to learning from the Zeltron Sith Lord. What she offered was simply much to good to refuse.

    After a time, the trio sought a new home, and it was then that Mogra happened upon a hidden message. The three darksiders were being invited to stay indefinitely at ADUBA-3 if they agreed to participate in their local Blood Pit Arena. The secret message was authored by a mysterious figure named Shadowmancer. She enticed them with the promise of reaping great wealth should they survive, as well as an opportunity to join the Sisterhood of Shadow.

    Initially, Tyranny was only interested in testing their new found abilities against new and perhaps worthy opponents, and thus, they set-out for the outer rim planet. There was a little detour, however. Tyranny did not explain much, but the Vehement Fist made an unscheduled stop on Dagobah, which still housed an annex to the Jedi Academy. Their stay on planet was brief and went without incident. However, when Tyranny finally returned to the ship, she was customarily silent, but something was different. Her focus had increased, as well as the inherent darkness within her.

    So it was that the Vehement Fist came to Aduba-3, where Tyranny, Mogra and Darth-Temptress quickly rose to top the ranks of the Blood Pit Arena. After countless victories without a single defeat, and much wealth, they finally came to meet their mysterious host in person.

    Shadowmancer had found them worthy and bade them welcome. She soon presented her proposition to the trio. To join the Shadow Sisterhood. She sweetened the deal by presenting the first being they would topple. The first of many tyrants who would feel their wrath.

    The once mighty zabrak Rogloth Norr.

    The underworld boss' head was destined to become a decorartion in their Great Hall and his 'empire' would secretly become theirs.

    There was much they could do from the shadows, much indeed.
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    NOTE TO ALL FORCE USERS on GARQI: The purpose of this update is to cover all present scenarios concerning Garqi and to address all parties involved in them. It will likely be the only, and thus final, update of its kind, so, please pay particular attention to it. I apologise if it may appear long or otherwise extensive. You need only read those events occurring where your characters are located, and/or those parts that are addressed to you specifically. Forgive me if I fail to mention you, for it would be an ignorant oversight on my behalf.

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    Central Spaceport, Garqi's Surface

    There was no sign of an advance from the Yuuzhan Vong, or their Chazrach minions and other slave troop armies along the entire north-west spaceport entrance, which remained blocked and beyond all possible penetration. Victor Shaal and Gareth Secluderg had been responsible for ensuring the security of that area, their success a direct result of the support granted to them by agents of the mysterious grey Jedi Master, Quinlan Vos.

    They had all moved to aid the Jedi defending the central spaceport from the bulk of the extragalactic alien force. Following the leading example and open guidance of Master Bastilus Onasi, the Jedi were able to focus their attention on the strongest and most dangerous pockets of the enemy formation. Further assistance was offered by the continued efforts of the brave civilian and military officers that had come out to stand and fight alongside the Jedi Knights.

    Gareth Secluderg could not imagine having ever fought in the Clone Wars until now. Stories and tales from his own Master, Calmand Dankor, suddenly seemed all the more real, even though Gareth never doubted the severity of those dark times and evil events. As impossible as it might have seemed, the Yuuzhan Vong were held at bay, and, after what must have been days, sent into a retreat after their defeat at Garqi.

    Before any talk of rebuilding the spaceport, or, indeed, restoring the world of Garqi to what it once was, Gareth took some time to reflect on his life, his past, present and future. When the time finally came for them to depart for the Jedi Academy, far off though it seemed, the Jedi Knight decided he would speak with Victor, to ask the young initiate, as much as offer him the chance, to become his padawan. And, as the thought came to him, he wondered if perhaps Raleven had not already been given a similar offer.

    Despite his former hesitation, and in light of the turn of recent events, now more than ever before Gareth Secluderg knew that he was ready and willing to adopt a padawan in Victor Shaal. And, deep down, he knew that he wanted to make that same offer to Raleven once they returned to Dagobah.

    When his mind drew back to the present, and he noticed a sad smile across Bastilus' face, the Jedi Knight knew it was over. The battle had finally come to a close. Renkar Botz was already working to help find shelter for, and otherwise rescue, those that had been trapped by debris, or had been injured. Alya Eiru was with him, displaying surprising strength and abilities most of the other Jedi never knew she possessed.

    Of Master Ozm and Master Vajra there was no sign. But, in the confusion and rush that was an effort to repair the damage caused by war, Gareth knew that he could not truly expect to locate all the Jedi on planet. He did not have to; he knew the senior Jedi would be working, in their own way, on behalf of all of those in need.

    While Gareth did not spare time to offer aid to Ty and those that cared for him, he sent a wave of calm to the young man, seeking to rid the boy of the horrible evil and confusion that plagued his mind. With time the young man would be healed, and he would grow stronger. Allundra watched over him, as did
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    IC: Ty

    ?YOU WILL LAY STILL! OR ELSE!" said the jedi healer as her fellow student came forth holding her saber, but it was unlit. ?Oh please do not hurt me no further great jedi, I am but a weak man, and I could not handle being roughed around.? Then he started to laugh, an evil laugh, that even Ty was amazed at its cruelty. And it went on for several minutes. Then he felt Allundra still there, but she was now getting up from her squat position as she spoke.

    With a sigh, she spoke, "Have it your way then. You're obviously too blinded by the dark side to see the good that is all around you, much less accept it when that good is offered to you. Thankfully, Master Atoa does what is best for her patients, regardless of who they are. When you're ready to stop being such a baby, the Jedi will be here for you."

    Than she turned and started to walk away from him, after she spoke. With a calming voice, Ty cried out. ?Oh, my poor heart, the good in the world is just to much for a weak being such as I. Can you forgive this poor and tortured soul?? Ty was sending out calming but very soothing words towards Allundra, but to no avail. She continued to walk on. ?So this is the good, in the world? I poured my soul out to that woman, and she still does not see.? Ty tried to slam his hand down, but they were confined to the side of the bed, as so was his feet. ?So you dirty jedi, is this how you treat your patients, or is the ear mark of being a prisoner of the jedi?? The yellow feral of hate and rage was in his eyes, and he did not care who knew it. No weapon to fight with, and now being worked on by two jedi! "You, little one. Come closer...please. Your master knows not what she is doing. She is hurting me more with these binders. I have lost a lot of blood and these straps are hurting me. Plus, after loosing my straps, can you bring my something to eat." Ty was pouring on the calming and Persuasion, and using the darkside of the force to put some weight behind it. Ty is hoping that she is more weaked willed than she looks. "Please do not be scared my child, I will not bite you or your master, even though she is hurting me. Even a healer should know, that food also helps in healing the broken body." Ty keeped a straight face when he spoke, and not once look away, but left his eyes on hers.

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    Atoa Colti

    As Atoa worked to heal Ty, she felt the presence of Inyan, discretely keeping an eye on things, as she stood watch over the small group. Ty's actions were not helping things, but Atoa was silent, if not tight lipped as she worked on the young man.

    ?Oh please do not hurt me no further great jedi, I am but a weak man, and I could not handle being roughed around.? Then he started to laugh, an evil laugh. She ignored it, continuing to do her work as best she could, but the added stress was having its own effects.

    Allundra said something, and then she turned and started to walk away from him, after she spoke. With a calming voice, Ty cried out. ?Oh, my poor heart, the good in the world is just to much for a weak being such as I. Can you forgive this poor and tortured soul?? Ty was sending out calming but very soothing words towards Allundra, but the sarcasim dripped from them. She continued to walk on. ?So this is the good, in the world? I poured my soul out to that woman, and she still does not see.? Ty tried to slam his hand down, but they were confined to the side of the bed, as so was his feet. ?So you dirty jedi, is this how you treat your patients, or is the ear mark of being a prisoner of the jedi?? Atoa opened her eyes, and was amazed at the amount of hate the young man had mustered up in such a short time. Atoa felt for him, but it did not stop her from her duties.

    "You are a prisoner of your own making, For there is no stronger prision than the one you have created for yourself."

    Ty ignored her, and began speaking to Inyan. "You, little one. Come closer...please. Your master knows not what she is doing. She is hurting me more with these binders. I have lost a lot of blood and these straps are hurting me. Plus, after loosing my straps, can you bring my something to eat." Now Atoa was sure that Ty had lost his mind. Inyan was no more a 'little one', and she definately was not that niave. Atoa did her best to tune him out.

    Ty continued to babble on. "Please do not be scared my child, I will not bite you or your master, even though she is hurting me. Even a healer should know, that food also helps in healing the broken body." Ty keeped a straight face when he spoke, and not once look away, but left his eyes on hers.

    Atoa had had enough of him. His stuggling against the bonds were not helping. And she needed him to stay still if she was to finish her job. So she did not even think twice as the hypo pushed itself against Ty's skin, and the sedative quickly went to work, shutting up his noisy protests, and keeping him still enought for her to complete her work.

    Once he was finally still, she worked quickly, to complete the work needed, in order to heal his injuries. She quickly focused, and finished letting the healing power of the force wash over his now unconsciouss body. His darkness, fought against the healing, and it took every bit of concentration and willpower to shove it aside so that she could direct the light of the Force where it was needed. Once she was done, she sat back, shaking her head with the effort. She then looked back over her shoulder to the silent 'being' that had been hovering nearby.

    "It is done." she said, quietly. Normally, she would have other instrustions as well, but not sure of these beings, she simply moved back. There were others to tend to, and right now, she could use the small break. Ty's aggressive nature had made it much more harder for her to heal him, and the strain of it was felt.

    She moved back, and with a nod towards Inyan, moved towards the next person that needed her assistance.

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    Garqi, Planetary Surface

    Finally after a long and arduous battle, the Light had conquered the encroaching Darkness and banished it back to the bottomless pit whence it came. Life had won over nihilism.

    Though the darkness didst retreat posthaste, miniscule vestiges of it's influence did remain.

    Against his will, DeathStalker had been sedated by the jedi healer Atoa Colti in order to better attend to his wounds. The youthfull darksider was possesed of a rather bellicose disposition which stymied his healing treatment, hence the need for his sedation. Thus he was silenced and no longer able to protest his 'unjust' treatment.

    A few moments transpired and Master Colti was finally able to administer her Jedi healing treatments upon the once-upon-a-time, jedi hopeful. Tending to Ty's wounds had taken some much needed energy since Jedi Master had to struggle against the darkness seething inside the youth, but her deternination proved indomitable this day as she was able to minister to her unwilling patient.

    "It is done." she said quietly as she rose, then moved back. Without a word, Lord Husk moved in and undid the sedated darksider's restraints, then smoothly hoisted him up and craddled him. His dark form turned, then he silently strode away, carrying Ty with him. The dark figure had offered no word of gratitude or comment to the one being who actually cared enough about the living despite who they were. But it was not lord Husk, but Mistress Frey who'd sent a mental "Thank you" to Master Atoa Colti and added, "The Force is One", before she too turned away and proceeded in the opposite direction. The sinister Lord Spectre was the last to turn and depart the company of the Jedi.

    As they made their short, yet silent journey back to the GreyHawk, the group of darksiders happened upon Leon Jarath, which whom Mistress Frey had a few words.

    "You have performed above all our combined expectations, Leon. You've faced the darkness and were not afraid. You looked into the pit within yourself and did not dispair, neither did you cast yourself in, but braved your own reflection. 'Know thyself and you shall be free'. Now you'll be able to hear the voice of the Force with no impediment, only now you are truly free to serve the Force without restraint. Your Master and the Masters before him would be inmensley proud of you, as am I."

    The darkwoman bestowed upon Leon a deferential bow before continuing.

    "You know where to meet with us. You may choose to travel with us, or in the company of others. Know now that the galaxy is your home."

    A hint of a smile crossed the face of the darkwoman before it faded and with a simple nod, she bid the stalwart force user farewell as she and the others proceeded to their ship.

    Back by the Spaceport entrance, everyone cheered once victory was officially declared. The price for victory was undeniably high, but this victory over the extragalactic invaders was worth the cost, for the very FATE of the galaxy entire was at stake.

    Finally, Allundra allowed herself to busrt into tears as she cried on Alex's shoulder. Her sense of relief was mirrored by almost all those around her. Master Bastilus sighed in relief himself and smiled wearily, suddenly feeling the sense of relief that began to overtake all the jedi. They had all fought bravely, tirelessly and without ceasing as they risked their lives not for themsleves, but for all....and now, they deserved a respite. No, more than that, they had earned it.

    And so speaking, it was hard to tell who was more relieved that she was still alive, Satryna or Xardoz and their two younger jedi companions, Luto and Kasmus Krah.

    Master Quinlan Vos watched in silence as the jedi embraced and basked in that joyful moment. The gathered soldiers cheered and even he had to smile. Then without speaking a word, the Grey Jedi Master used hand gestures and pulses through the Force to communicate with the entire pl
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    OOC: I owe IBOP a lot. The improvement in myself as a player over these past two years was entirely thanks to this wonderful game. So this is the end?beautiful friend. As the song goes.

    Perhaps it?s true that every man has a destiny, and all he can decide is the path he takes towards it. As Leon Jarath stood upon the bloodied surface of Garqi and looked upon the dead who had fallen to his blade, he knew that this was the way he would have always ended up. This was, perhaps, somehow his fate. To be a warrior. To be a hero. But there was something more to him than that.

    A long time ago, he followed a man out of the darkness of Nar Shaddaa, and then came to a small jungle planet called Yavin IV. And he made a choice. A choice to abandon one teacher in favour of another. He rejected the darkside, and he rejected the light- instead, he accepted the Force. So maybe he would have always gone into battle against the Vong, and maybe he would have always defeated those he fought, and maybe he would have always helped to save Garqi. But he had done these things not as a darksider, but as a Grey Jedi. As the student of Lord Twilight. And at that moment, Leon was proud of who he was.

    Time moved ever onwards, and soon enough the galaxy began the process of recovery after the stand against the invaders. For Leon Jarath, the words of Mistress Frey proved true, for the galaxy was now his home. But the Grey Jedi were his family. He stayed with them, travelling to distant planets to study the Jensaarai, seeking new knowledge, as ever. Though Leon had long since done enough to earn his Knighthood, Lord Twilight remained his Master for a long time. There was always more to learn, after all, and no man better to learn from.

    Eventually Leon left the company his comrades, and began his life again as had once lived it, as a wanderer. There was a time when he had craved recognition and status, but with age, and with wisdom, he had become content with the obscurity of the shadows. Only his closest friends know the places he has gone to, though he sometimes returns to Yavin or Dagobah, to look upon the planets that changed him, and see how they have changed in turn. Most of time he is gone almost as soon as he arrives.

    But on the planet of Nar Shaddaa, there are those who say they sometimes see a hooded figure haunting a nameless cantina. Local legend has it that he calls those with potential there, to the place where his own journey began, and teach them what he knows. For some of them, their destiny is clear, as was his, once upon a time.

    But the path makes all the difference.

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    OOC: Oh, why? Why must all good things die! Like many players, I also owe IBOP a lot. I have learned so much about roleplaying, much more than just joining in regular RPGs; this has been an invaluable experience for me. Thanks to the GMs of the Force User Factions (greyjedi125 and LSA) for such an awesome experience.

    He had changed. There was no doubt.

    In the beginning, he had been nothing more than a boy, one uncertain of the path that lay before him. Yes, there had been the power of the Force yet Alexander d? Cannith had been uncertain of how to use the current?s power. And there was fear along with uncertainty, fear of falling into the neverending pit that was the dark side.

    Fear and uncertainty would have been his downfall, but his adventures had changed him. Instead of falling to the dark or dying by an enemy?s hand, Alex had become a man. More importantly, he had become a Jedi; a man who can cast aside all doubt and fear, can cast aside uncertainty and allow the Force to fill him.

    After Garqi, the young Jedi found himself back at his home, Yavin Four helping in the re-establishment of the Jedi Academy. And soon, normal life at the Jedi Academy on Yavin Four resumed yet there were changes and the Jedi received more candidates every day. Alongside his best friend Allundra, Alex received intensive training under Master Bastilus. He found himself growing stronger every day, receiving praise and recognition for his skills as one of the Jedi Order?s most skilled swordsmen.

    Finally six years after Garqi and three years after Allundra?s promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight, the young Jedi Padawan found himself knighted in a ceremony he promised never to forget alongside his friends, Renkar and Cember. With the future before him, Alex set his eyes upon the goal he had once thought impossible. After three adventure-filled years as a instructor of combat at the Academy, he would leave the Jedi Knights for some time, searching for his parentage.

    With his lightsaber in hand, he would be a wanderer, lore-seeker, and defender; defending those who could not defend themselves and speaking the word of the Force.

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    **** for Summaries. Oh the pain....**


    Nizzal had much on her mind, after they finally left the dark world of Korriban. The battle with the Vong had touched Nizzal much more than she had first guessed. The sight of all those bodies upon the field had been a sight, she rather not had been graced with. It left her with a sadness, and a small bit of understanding.

    The war had brought out both the good and evil in many things. Nizzal had seen things, she would have otherwise thought impossible. She had stood on the dark homeworld of the Sith, Korriban. She had fought, not agaist the Sith, but with them, against a more immediate threat to them both. Not only was she not bothered, but she had been welcomed, embraced in a mind meld like nothing she had ever touched upon before. She had felt a massive unity that was beyond any words and feelings. It had been a most wonderious moment.

    And yet, for that to happen, there had been death. Death on a massive planet wide scale. Beings dead of the life force that encompassed others. And who's only thought seemed to be dying for a cause, no matter the cost. There was no talking, and no reason with them. They killed without mercy, destroyed or dammaged many worlds, and were slaughtered by the thousands. Them, and the slaves they threw at the forces united in stopping them.

    That was the most disturbing aspect of it all. Her old master had told her of the Clone Wars, and the Jedi purge. She remembered his horror stories. But it was nothing, compared to being their yourself. To seeing the bodies laid all around you, almost knee deep. The smell of blood. And realizing that you yourself had a hand in it all. Even if the cause was just, and necessary. Even if it is to protect your life, and the lives of others. For every good reason there was, it was hard to forget the death that had to follow. That you caused. And it was easy to see why some could also turn, and become diffrent from what they were. Cause and reaction. But, to be a light for others, one had to stand during some incredible darkness. It was easy, to turn away, to decide why, and that perhaps, to stop a thing, it was worth any cost..even if that cost, made you change into something else. To take in a bit of darkness yourself, and to say it was alright, if it was to stop a greater evil. It was diffrent, for one who started dark, and came to the light. But for those who started within the light, very few found themselves unable to 'stop' in the grey line they danced. Far too often, they wobbled, dangeriously close, before tumbling into the dark. Into oblivion. Unless they had help, and friends, to pull them back, and remind them of the light.

    But small candles, could erupt into a roaring fire, to cleanse away the darkness, when needed. One only had to remember that. The light might flicker from time to time, but it was steady. If one light was distinguished, another rose to take its place. It was strong. It was the ONLY thing that repelled darkness. And it was needed. It would always be needed. It completed the balance of things. And it let its light to all, who searched for it. War was a hard lesson. And she could only hope that it was a lesson, that would not have to be repeated for a very long time. But for now, she looked to the light, and the hope of things to come. As horrible and ugly as the battle had been, some good had been done. Now, if they could build upon it, it would insure a better future. But that was for some others to now ponder and work upon.

    It retrospect, it was time for a new awakening.

    Korriban has been won, and the Vong have been turned away. The Jedi have returned to Degobah, and much work is now being done to rebuild. The Jedi would later leave Degobah for the Grey Order, and for major training. They would return to their old roots. Nizzal followed them, as she was a senior member, and her skills and presence were needed. It also gave her a chance to examine the past few weeks from her training to the last battles. It proved to her just ho
  13. jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan

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    OOC: NOOOOOO! I don't want to go! :_| I was hoping to have jedi in my little family, but his life was more powerfull than my weak understanding of him. I hope to see you all again someday in the world of IBOP. It has been a GREAT pleasure fighting and learning from everyone. Greyjedi125, I have learned a lot from you, "May the force be with you". I am glad to be allowed to join this RPG, when I did, to bad it was not in the begaining. Now if you all do not mind, give yourselves a pat on the back. You all deserve it. =D= =D= =D= I am going to miss this place. :_|

    IC: Deathstalker

    Character Name: Ty/Deathstalker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Division: Sith

    In the begaining he never thought of becoming a Sith, or anything else, but a Jedi. Life has a sense of humor, and sometimes a mean one at that. He had a secrete crush on Allundrafrom the first moment he saw her, but now it was a curse. He still dreamed of her, but now it was nothing but pain to do so. When he was asked to go with them to Korriban, he accepted and knew there was work to be done, if he planned to return to Degobah, and destroy the last poeple who laughed at him. Though, like he told his master long time ago, he was not afraid of work.

    Deathstalker never did find his saber, after he woke up from that sneaky hypo stick, but other more important things needed to be done first anyway. When he got back to the ship, he did find his cape and put it back on, knowing that there was no hood, but who cared, he did not. He would let the acid and the gash on his cheeks to be a marker of pride. He had survived through both encounters and lived. Death stalker practiced everyday, and worked out as often as he could when he was not with his master. Life was great in his eyes, and he would not let his masters down. He slowly worked his way to building a new saber that was better and stronger than the last, and his meager powers was on the rise. "Maybe I will be ready to face Degobah again. This time it will be me taking the students away." His mind warped as ever, planned on the fatfull day he would return. "May the jedi be ready." he said as he took another bolt off of his twin saber.

  14. ShadowWarrior Jedi Youngling

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    OOC: Inspired by the one known as Winged_Jedi.

    IC: Serpent


    A multitude of fearsome combatants fought for dominance over the battefield and one another, but more than for power or pride, they fought for survival in an effort to preserve their very lives as enemies sought to claim their souls left, right and centre. Yuuzhan Vong warriors from beyond the galaxy's known borders led the charge, ferocious and unrelenting. With them, seemingly without fear of their own, and loyal to their masters until death, were the Chazrach and other slave troops, howling and screaming like rabid and savage beasts, some in pain, some in a cry of war, but most with raw energy and uncontrolled rage.

    Falling from the sky like a dark angel of death, his long, black cloak fluttering behind him and his gold-yellow gaze sweeping across the length and breadth of the battleground, was the Tnepres turned Sith Lord. Darth Serpent fell upon a charging cluster of Chazrach troops without reservation or pause. Two bright flashes of red light shot out, as if from his hands, one to burn a gaping hole through a slave troop's throat, and the other through a Chazrach's forehead. Then the flashes disappeared, and flashed to life again.

    Serpent moved through the cluster of Chazrach with disturbing ease, his blades igniting and disengaging in rapid flashing patterns. The Sith Lord cut, parried, slashed, lunged and struck without apparent thought or hesitation; Serpent rushed through the field of combatants, carving a clean path through the ranks of his enemies with such speed and elegance that none survived more than his first lethal strike against them.

    He was a fatal venom in the bloodstream of the slave troops, and they fell accordingly. And, before long, he marched, too, against the Yuuzhan Vong warriors, which were the heart of the dark army he sought to utterly destroy. Their armour was weak near the knee, groin and armpit, so Serpent chose each of those areas as targets for his flashing blades as he worked the battlefield like a conductor his orchestra.

    It was such a beautiful pattern, or would have been, had it not been painted with gruesome death and merciless slaughter. Serpent was without remorse or saddness for the enemy; the Yuuzhan Vong had invaded not only Korriban, but the galaxy entire, and Serpent, for his part, brought the war those extragalactic aliens sought, to their very forefront.

    When at last he slew his final opponent, when no other being came to challenge him, his task was complete. He remained staring out toward the horizon and watching the few coralskippers that remained fall prey to the waves of Khass starfighters that swallowed them whole in a mist of brilliant laser-fire. Serpent's eyes glittered, and he turned to approach the Great Temple.

    There he set his eyes upon old allies, and friends. He witnessed Lord Obdurate's revelation to them all, as the wise and powerful man revealed some of the mystery and truth of the Force, and then transformed before their very eyes; he set his eyes upon Vransha Killar and Nizzal, both who he had come to learn from and value and trust; Serpent saw who he recognised as Krasus and Zen-Shiva Vorpal; and, he recalled what life had been like on Korriban before he departed on his crusade for greater meaning and purpose.

    Now that he found what he sought, once he knew that it was always within him, he felt fulfillment. Serpent released his summoning of the Basilisk and granted them a sincere measure of gratitude as they returned into the depths of the Unknown Regions and their home. And, he offered a thought to Lycodon, who Serpent felt had grown 'comfortable' in service to ZaZhen. Serpent had but one task that remained before he joined Lord Obdurate and the Dark Lord Krasus, and the Hand of Death within the Great Temple.

    He approached the small gathering of Force-sensitive beings, each of which had come from a different and unique background, and introduced himself by standing in their midst, not as an enemy, but an
  15. LadyFireStorm Jedi Master

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    ..The End. It comes to all things. Perhaps. But this is mearly a change for a new beginning ... I have enjoyed the chase...and the challange....


    As wonderful as the blooding had been, she could not WAIT to leave the planet of Korriban with her Mistress, Tyranny. Many strange things had happened while they were there. Others had showed up. Jedi. They all fought together. Mogra shuddered with that thought. But the strangess of all, was when she had sensed Tempest. And he was changed.

    Infected. Trator.

    He had left them. Kanigh turned as well. She guessed the others were gone as well. It was just Tyranny and she. So be it. Men were never something to be trusted. Then there was that strange woman. Too quick to align herself with them. Why? Mogra had lived alone for a long while. She mistrusted many things. But she trusted Tyranny. Tyranny had dance the blooding dance with her. She understood. She had felt it.

    It did not matter, that there was only two of them now. They were strong. Stonger now, because of what had happened. Their bond had deepend, as they both experienced from the other now. Their would be no stopping them. They would move around, and they would find others like them. They had a ship. And Mogra, had funds. And now, without that idiot, causing them more trouble, they would be able to move freely and above all, quietly. They would finally be able to achieve their dream. And most importantly...

    They would be free.

    Mogra couldn't wait for her training to start up once again. They had the training programs from their 'visitor'. They would help much. To finally be able to achieve what she wanted most. She looked forward now, to unlimited possiblities. It was strange, how they had started out with so many, but in the end, only two remained strong. Once back at the ship, they left Korriban, for the embrace of wide open space. It didnt really mater where they would end up. Their exeriences would take them far and wide on their quest. And in the end, they would be strong, and powerful. A force to be reckoned with. It was a thought, that made her smile.

    She and Tyranny, along with the Sith woman, stopped at Degobah for a brief layover. Mogra stayed on board. When Tyranny returned, Mogra felt a change. But thankfully, it was not a change like Tempest. If anything, the darkside swirled around her, and she seemed even more focused. Mogra leanrned the new Sith that traveled with them was called Temptress. A strange name, but, Mogra could care less. Eventually, she relaxed some, but never entirely trusting the woman. But they did train together. Mogra grew, as did her abilities. The bond between Master and Apprentice was strong, and that was all Mogra cared about. They even found out more about their ship, after finally clearing every room of its traps and tricks, which made Mogra happy, for she now had even more toys to play with.

    Later, Mogra discovered a strange mesasge. It invited them to a strange planet, to fight in the bloodpits. Mogra had heard of them, but knew little of them. Tyranny, however seemed interested. Mogra knew that her Mistress was looking for more ways to test their skills, so when they had some time, Mogra took Tyranny on a seperate shuttle. She did not bother to share with the Sith woman. Mogra showed her to the place she had grown up, a planet hidden within the core. There, Mogra introduced her to the creatures who dwelled there, the Sassin. They were wild and viscious, and regenerated at an amazing rate, and growing new limbs. They were the ones, who were responsible for the blooding, as they were violent and bloodthirsty creatures. Tyranny should love it. They stayed in the outlands, where none but the Sassin dwelled. After a short stay, they continued on to the blood pits, and trained with the best of them. After they had won countless contests, they met their mysterious benifactor. A person called Shadowmancer. This woman was equally dangerious. And a plan was soon put into motion.

    What fun.

  16. Hand_of_Chaos Jedi Master

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    Vale barely remembered things from before. Except in times like now. Events during the battle on Korriban, had made some of those events come forward. She had nightmares for awhile after it was all over. Some things are better left to the imagination, than having to see it first hand. And she was consciously more greatful that Ruhtra was with her, now more than ever. She was his family, and coming so close to losing him, had made her really appreciate that fact. She would not admit to such, except in rare occasions, but she looked at him as a father figure and more. The bond they shared, meant more to her than anything. And in a sea of beings she did not trust, she trusted him. She was sure, that even if she didnt say it, he knew. She also found from the events on Korriban, that she could deal with much more adversity than even she believed. She also saw the need to learn so much more.

    Vale was granted the opportunity to leave Korriban to join Ruhtra and Illusior as a student of the Eternal Brotherhood where her training would combine all facets of knowledge and techique and art from not only the Sith and Jedi Orders, but the Dark Jedi, and many other select groups of Force-sensitive beings, including some natives from Dathomir and some adepts of the White Current. Maybe out of all those people, she would figure out what she wanted to do. And many weeks later, this new man, Illusior, had welcomed them both into his circle of other Jedi, and other Force Users, as she found. She was glad to leave Korriban. As much fun as she had with the Sith, they were rather one sided...and not much fun either. Now she had a chance to learn from many others, and many other ways as well. Illusior was nicer to be around, more than the old guy in black, and she liked that. It was like having a new family. That was a nice change too. But it also ment, that more eyes where on Vale and her new companion than she was used to. She didnt know if she would like THAT part. Her dragon, El, would learn lots of new things too. She wasnt sure if El was male or female, so she gave it a neutral name until she figured it out.

    But no matter how many instructors she was to have, none took the place of Ruhtra. It was from him, she learned her strengths and weaknessess. Guiding her towards a path, where one day, she would be on her own, and able to take care of herself. One day, he would leave, she figgured, but she hopped that day was long in the future. For now, she studied and trained hard. Some days, she would snap, and find herself growing dark, but she always managed to find her balance. It was a neverending dance in the middle of finding herself. But she would learn. At least now, she had others she could, after a time, call friends.

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    Can a man be happy and sad all at once, can he simultaneoulsly experiece joy and sorrow, can he cry and laugh? Yes, I think I know that he can, because I have. I'm not trying to be melodramatic, but IBoP has inhabited my every waking and sleeping moment for two full years, and it's become a best friend....and now I must say good-bye to this good friend.

    I personaly want to thank every single player that ever participated in this game. Thanks to the ones who only joined for a short period and added their own special touches to the game. I want to extend a very special 'thank you' to those who stuck with the game and continued posting until the very end, I know that took alot of effort, so I thank you so much for that.

    I also look forward to Role Playing with some of you in the near future. :D

    To Ktala and LSA. What can I say, I am humbled by your dedication and professionalism. You've continually inspired us to do our best, reach our goals and then dare to go beyond our achievements. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you so much for IBoP and for the mark it has made in our lives. I've learned a great deal these past two years, not only about myself, but about community and of course, about Star Wars. :p

    A Toast and three Cheers to IBoP! May it be remembered fodly for years to come.

    *Cues Ewok Celebration from Return of the Jedi* ;)


    May the Force be with you.

  18. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Atoa Colti

    War was a Veck. She had heard that once before. And she had to agree. She, a vetran of the Clone wars and Jedi Purge. After all the fighting had ended, had found it hard to push back the darkness of it all.

    It was like before.

    It was horribly maddening. It was easy to block, while she was fighting. While she was protecting the life of herself, of others around her who she cared for. But it was horrible all the same. As a healer, she was a strong empath, and that particular skill was not just rooted soley within the Force. So she could feel all around her.

    Death. Darkness.

    The death from the Vong. From their allies. From friends. The maddening thoughts. Creatures so bent on death and destruction, they cared little if it was their or that of their enemies. They reveled in it. Thrived on it. Worshiped it. And she had felt every single bit of it. It had almost driven her mad. It was worse than the previous wars she had experienced. Then, that enemy had a purpose, and drive. She understood it, if she did not agree to it.

    But this. This had been borderline insanity, as far as she had felt. And the numbers. The deaths in this one battle alone, had been more intense than anything she had felt before. She had felt death before, but never in such a great number, with such violent intensity. She felt that she would drown in it. The visciousness of the act, and malice that was surrounding her. It felt like she would explode. Even as she worked on her various tasks, and while she was healing TY, and others brought to her, she stuggled within, even more furiously. Ty's own issues were especially strong. She felt that if she could have waved her hand, and ended the bloodshed, she would have. And that was a frightening thought. She had traveled that road before, and almost did not find her way back. It bordered on the darkness, touching a pain, that she had fought every day of her life, to keep at bay. And here she was, submerged, plunged into something that even surpassed the darkness and evil she had felt before. And she probably would have ...

    If it was not for her bond with Inyan. That bright link, and the mind-link of all the Jedi around her, saved her. It helped to keep her focused, and on task. Even as a violent death nearby threated to submerge her once again, it was that link that sustained her. When it came close, she reached out once again, and found Bastillus. He was calm, and focused. It strengthed her resolve, and gave her focus, as she moved to help the others.

    She kept her inner thoughts and feeling tightly shielded. It would not help the mind link. Her inner mind, rolled with her own private thoughts. Only Inyan and maybe perhaps Bastilus would have felt the strong surge of emotions that reached her, even if they were unsure of its source.

    And once the battle was over, and she free of the link, could she dare, let those thoughts surface once again. After everything was said and done. Once she was sure that her Padawan was alright, that Inyan had come through the battles unscathed, and did not need her, was when Atoa found herself a place of solitude. In that respect, her student was lucky. She was born of a warrior class, her people used to fighting and battles. She could only hope the strain from that battle left her retaltively unscathed.

    Atoa finally broke down and cried. And in the strangeness of all things, she wasnt sure who she cried for more. The souls of all the beings that the Vong had brought pain, suffering and death to...

    ..or the Vong, who, in their twisted and warped ways, would never even understand their own loss.

    Once it was over, and the Jedi headed back home, she could ponder the emotions and feelings that had coursed so strongly through her. But she still had her strong bonds, and the Jedi around her. Other discoveries, awaited her, once they returned to Degobah as well. They were saddened to learn of the attack on the compound, and the deaths that had occured, but thrilled to see Cember was back among the living. She smiled, as Bastillus and h
  19. darth_nemisis Jedi Master

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    OOC: Like the rest of you, I am very sad to see this RPG go. I have been in it since I first joined up at these forums...Not to say I was very active the whole way through, which I highly regret doing. I wish I had spent more time with this RPG to get to know all of you a lot better. I await the next great game like this for a chance to RP with all of you again. :) The following post will not be a very long one, but I just wanted to get one last post in before it was too late.

    IC: Victor Shaal

    Victor had done it. He had prevailed. No, the Jedi had prevailed. The war was over, and Victor, to his surprise, was still alive. He had expected to fight his very hardest, but did not expect that his little amounts of training would get him through the war. Even though he was not even a Jedi Apprentice yet, Vic thought of himself as a full-fledged Jedi Knight.

    Though, he knew he wouldn't have done it without the help of his very good friend and companion, Gareth Secluderg. He had given him so much strength during the vicious battles they had been involved in. Although the war had taken a very hard toll on Vic, with the violence and the killing, he was glad to have fought through it.

    Victor looked to the wise Jedi Knight, and smiled. He couldn't help it. It was the first smile he had worn since before he entered the battle. Even if the Jedi Knight did not take him on as an apprentice, the Jedi initiate was very glad to have been able to fight by his side. In the years to come, there was no doubt in Vic's mind that Gareth would one day be remembered as one of the greatest Jedi of all time. And Vic would be able to say that he had fought along side him in the Battle of Garqi.

    The thought brought another wide smile, and he wore that smile until he approached the man. Bowing his head in respect, he spoke:

    "Jedi Knigh Gareth, it was an honor to fight along side you, and I hope I get the chence to be your companion again in the future." He smiled, bowed once more, and turned off. He didn't know what would become of his life. Was he destined as a Jedi? Was he destined to be a farmer on some distant planet? He did not know. But, he was for certain, his life had changed for the better, no matter the outcome.

    TAG: LSA, greyjedi, others

    OOC: May the Force be with you all! :D
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    OOC: I really am sorry that I wasn't able to play to the end. I haven't been able to get on-line often at all, though I tried to post whenever I could. Those who know me know that I am not one to abandon a great game like this, and even abandoning the not so great ones is hard.

    I have had a very busy week last week, and I'm recovering from that. Had a moment to get on. I do hope to have internet at home before long, still, and when that happens, I'll be able to be on-line and participate a lot more often than I have lately.

    It has been great playing with everyone. I hope you'll forgive me for not being able to finish this off with Inyan and Reya. I had planned for Inyan to have a vision of returning home with Reya and becoming the leader of the Dar-Jays, bringing peace to her people, but I haven't been able to think clearly enough to write that.

    I have been missing you all.

  21. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Alya Eiru

    The end. It was as sudden as it had seemed to begin. After the battle had calmed down, Alya turned back into her normal form. Her body would be feeling her efforts for awhile afterwoods. It wasnt until she stood once again on her own two feet, and looked out around her, did she feel the full extent of what had occured.

    Alya sought out Master Vajra. As she moved about, she assisted those who needed help. Suddenly, Alya understood all those references Master Vajra had spoken about many times, when it came to wars and battles. To fight a being one on one, was very diffrent, than being involved in a war. Even a small group was diffrent. A few times, she and her master had been almost in the middle of anothers war. But this was diffrent. To be totally emersed in an war. To have an enemy that gave no quarter, nor asked for it. There was no such thing as an non-combantant. Everything was slaughtered. Even the planet itself fell under attack. She relized then, that no amount of words could adequately describe such a thing. And to each person forever touched by it, it was a deeply personal experience. One that changed you, for better or worse.

    Alya felt as if she had aged 30 years in that moment. She had watched, the healer Atoa, work on saving Ty. Even thought he was not sure of what side he fought for. Even in the mist of all the deaths around them, she had moved, to save what she could. To help. It was a strange paradox, on such a battlefield. Such events were humbling. They made you sit back, and take a long look at yourself. And what you stand for. Alya was satisfied at what she found. She really didnt need to understand the hows and whys of why humanoids did such things. She only needed to understand was her part. She was a protector. She would always be one.

    If she could help, she would. Her temperment was to guide and mode others as best she could. While her healing powers were not as great as the Jedi healer, she could help. And she would continue to grow and learn. And perhaps in time, pass her knowledge on to others. She smiled, when she found Master Vajra. Or he found her. It was his way.

    Time to leave.

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    It has been a long time in coming, and it was sooner than I had hoped for when all of this began. I have no regret or sorrow to see this game brought to its conclusion because I can say, with every confidence and sincerity, that it has been an experience quite unlike any other. There is no doubt in my mind that this thread has been the heart and soul of the Balance of Power, it has been my personal favourite, not least of which because of the friends I made here and the role that these factions had in shaping the game into becoming such a strong community experience.

    They say that all good things must come to an end, but I do not see this as the end of anything more than a chapter in a very long journey. Never before have I ever seen Sith and Jedi, and their similar counterparts, the Dark Jedi, Grey Jedi, and Dathomiri Witches, to name a few, thrive and prosper within a single thread and integrated story arc. Perhaps I will never see it again. Regardless of what the future holds, I would like to extend my personal gratitude and thanks to all those that were members of this great community, both the visitors and long-term residents. In particular, I would like to thank a select view that made quite an impression on me.

    greyjedi125, you are, and probably always will be, the very best and brightest Role Player I have ever seen or had the pleasure of knowing. Your skill at characterisation, your attention to detail, your ability and affinity to run and fly with colours both as a player and a game master is nothing short of extraordinary. I am not sure that I have ever known anyone quite like you in your strong understanding and appreciation for the world, virtual, imaginative, or physical. Likewise, your pursuit for excellence, quality, and perfection, is something that I hold in the deepest sense of awe, admiration and respect. You are not afraid to take risks, and you are kind at heart and willing to make the hard decisions, to instruct where others might tremble or shirk away. I consider it the deepest honour to be able to call you my friend.

    Ktala, without a doubt, you're the only person that could ever fill the void that exists in your absence. There are times that I do not know how or why, or even understand, where you shine with a light so bright that it could cover the world for days. Like greyjedi125, you're among the best of players I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Your subtle nature and skill in that regard is unparalleled for the unique style and approach you have set apart as all your own. I do not know anyone else that can handle a burden and be in so many places at once the way you can. Without you, I have no doubt, that this game would not be the success that it has been. And, just like it, I know that the RPF as a whole could not flourish and prosper without you as one of its members. I know that I will probably never cross paths with anyone else that is as versatile as you are, with so much depth and background and inner working that goes into your character presentation, which many of us never fully see, and probably cannot fully appreciate. Needless to say, I have loved the opportunity that I have had to play alongside you. I can recall so many of the laughs, the smiles, heart-racing moments, and blushes, that you've been responsible for.

    DarthXan318, what can I say, really? When I thought there were only three, you proved our little circle incomplete without four. The quality of your posts is and always has been, whether as a game master or a player, of sheer mastery. There were times that I felt out of your league and was challenged just to step up to the bar you raised so high above all of our heads. I hope that we met the challenge you unknowingly dished out to us all, and I hope you are as proud as I am for the product of our design and influence. Before I saw Krasus I never imagined a so capable Dark Lord and leader. I could not be him as you were, but I hope that my imitation did not leave too much to be desired. You will always be welcome in the circles with
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