P.Rico ~Force Wars: A Forum Game~ Vengan todos a jugar!!!!

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    Pense que podemos todos los del foro jugar un juego juntos!

    Force Wars: The Game

    In the quiet world of Bayamodor, the citizens live happy, worry free lives...until they arrived. Two rival clans of Sith Lords landed in their planet, bringing with them the never ending war of power and hate. Quietly moving their pawns and moving forward their plans for total domination in stealth, the Sith Lords fight their secret war while the citizens of Bayamodor struggle to preserve all they know from the ravages of the Force Wars. Meanwhile, a lone Jedi tries desperately to keep things from spinning out of control.

    Do you like to live dangerously? Do you want live on the edge? Join Force Wars!

    This game originally is played in the JCC as "Mafia", but I thought we might enjoy it as well. Here are the game rules, roles, and how the game is played:

    Para ver las reglas en "plain Spanish" , vean el final de este post.

    Game roles:

    Citizen - The object of the game for the citizens (i.e., everyone who isn't a Sith) to figure out who is in a Sith and kill them. Citizens accuse people of being in a Sith and vote on who to kill during the Citizens round.

    Sith - The two Sith Clans work separately and are trying to kill the Informants, Undercover Jedi, the citizens, and the other Sith Clan members. The way they do that is by PMing the other members in their Sith Clan and deciding on which players they want to kill. Once they chose a player to kill they pick a member from their Sith Clan to PM me with the hit. I will announce that family's hit in the thread and that player will be dead. Note: Try and have some idea of who you'll want to kill before hand so if you can't reach one of your Sith Clan's members you'll still get your hit in on time. If a Sith Clan doesn't PM me by the end of their 48 hours they won't get a hit that round. Also, please figure out who will be PMing me the hits, and make sure your whole Sith Clan is in agreement with the hit choices so I don't get multiple hits from different members of your Sith Clan with different names of who they want to kill.

    Informant - The job of the Informants is to find out who is Sith and report it to the Undercover Jedi and/or the Citizens. After the Sith Clans have made their hits the Informants can PM me and ask me if one person is Sith or not. If that person is Sith, I will tell them, otherwise, I will tell them they're not. When the Informant finds out a player is Sith they PM the Undercover Jedi with the name of the Sith. At any time, the Informants can announce what they know to the other players in the game.

    Note: When PMing the Undercover Jedi the Informant is only allowed to say the name of the player in the Sith Clan, and what Sith Clan they are in. No talking about the game should be happening in these PMs. Also, please don't telling anyone, besides the Undercover Jedi, who is in the Sith Clan through PMs because that ruins the game. The Informants can only announce what they know in the thread, but then the Sith will know who the Informants are, so usually they're only good for one shot doing this.

    Undercover Jedi- The Undercover Jedi works like this: Each Undercover Jedi has their own Informant who knows who the Undercover Jedi is and sends him/her the names of the players that are Sith. The Undercover Jedi then uses that knowledge to duel and kill that Sith. The catch is the Undercover Agent will only get to make two hits per game. The Undercover Jedi is not allowed to respond to the Informants PMs, only take note of who they tell them is Sith. The Undercover Jedi can PM me at any time in the game with a hit, but they must use their 2 hits in separate rounds

    How the game is played:

    1. I will PM a group of players alerting them that they are in one of the two Sith Clans, which are the Kouhun's Bane and the Wampa's Claw. I will also PM two other players alerting them that they are the Informants for this round, and two more players who will be the Undercover Agent. Everyone else will be a citizen.

    2. The game starts off with
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    Debemos sacar tiempo y leer este.

    Se ve bien.

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