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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Hello, and welcome to the "Forces Role Playing Game. This RPG is for all Force and Non-Force groups, but its primary focus is on two Force groups; the Jedi and the Sith.
    First, there are a few rules that must be stated.

    1. Obey all of the Board Rules, Role Playing Forum Rules, and the Terms of Service.

    2. Respect and obey the moderators of this forum. They have the final say in everything.

    3. Anyone wishing to join this game must have a basic knowledge of role playing.

    4. PM all character sheets to the proper GM for approval before posting them in this thread. Unapproved character sheets that are posted in this thread will be ignored.

    5. No socializing.

    6. OOCs are to be game related and kept to a minimum.

    7. Every IC post must be 200 words or more, and have proper grammar and correct spelling.

    8. Players leaving the game temporarily or permanently are to PM the GM and/or Co GM with notification.

    9. All feedback is to be PMed to the GM and/or Co GM of this game. Please, do not post it in this thread.

    GM - prj1: Good Force and Non Force characters.

    Co GM - Darth_Cadaverous: Evil Force and Non Force characters.

    Character Sheet Requirements:

    Alias: (If applicable)
    Rank: (to be decided by the GM or Co GM)
    Home World:
    Force Sensitive:
    Skin Color:
    Personal Ship: (If applicable)
    Lightsaber Description: (If applicable)
    Blade Color:
    Fighting Form

    Jedi Ranks:

    Padawan Learner:
    Jedi Knight
    Jedi Master:
    Jedi High Councilor
    Jedi Grand Master

    Darth_Cadaverous will post his Sith ranks, classes, ETC as soon as possible for you to see.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: MasterJoy
    Alias: None
    Rank: Jedi Grand Master
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home World: Coruscant
    Force Sensitive: Extremely!
    Height: 4/8
    Weight: 95 pounds
    Build: Slender
    Hair: Short, red and curly
    Eyes: White
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: None
    Clothing: Sky Blue and white-striped Jedi Robe
    Weapon(s): The Force, and one lightsaber
    Personal Ship: Consular 2000
    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilt: Black with two gold buttons in the center for activation and deactivation. The tip and base are gold.
    Blade Color: Purple
    Fighting Form: Form IV Ataru
    Bio: MasterJoy's parents died when she was just five years-old. A Jedi Knight found her, and he took her to the Jedi temple to learn the ways of the Light Side of the Force. MasterJoy became a Jedi Knight when she was only sixteen, and was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master by age twenty. After most all the Council and masters left, and never return, those remaining decided that because of her leadership skills, as well as calm presence and good heart, that MasterJoy should be the leader of the order. She was promoted to Jedi Grand Master at age thirty.
    For the next twelve years, the young Jedi leader struggled to keep the old Jedi order from falling apart, but failed. Now, MasterJoy has put all of the past behind her, and reorganized the Jedi Order, calling it The Forces of Light.
    She eagerly awaits the day classes will begin, and she can share her knowledge of the Light Side of the Force with many Jedi students.

    It is the year 145 ABY, and MasterJoy has just organized her new Jedi order, The Forces of Light. Her focus is on her students, and training them in the ways of the Light Side of the Force. Meanwhile, somewhere in the galaxy, a new Sith order, led by Dark Lord, Darth_Cadaverous also exists. Can MasterJoy's new order survive the challenges that lie ahead? Only time will tell. Do the students under the leadership and teachings of Darth_Cadaverous truly have what it takes to survive and pass the trials and tasks that he sets before them? Do these young Sith really understand the true nature and power of the Force? We shall see.

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    Character Sheet approved by Co-GM Darth_Cadaverous.

    Name: Azgath N'Dul
    Alias: Darth Dreadwar
    Rank: Dark Warrior
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Utapau
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 190 lb approx.
    Build: Athletic, shape of a body bulder master and a chiseled strongman's form
    Hair: Dark brown hair
    Eyes: Hard to describe... His eyes burn red-yellow, yet they are also so dark, and it almost kills one to look at them; they often flash horribly. Before Dreadwar gained the ability Deadly Sight, his eyes were naturally brown.
    Skin Color: Pale.
    Markings: A Sith brand on the forehead.

    Clothing: A black square helmet front goes down over Dreadwar's face, and over his forehead is a shining black metal plate (bearing the same Sith symbol as the hidden brand beneath). The only part of his face visible are his eyes, and those are obviously deliberately kept showing as they're almost lethal to look at alone. On the forehead plate is a grey-black metal serpent with demonic red eyes. Grayish shining metal covers his arms, and his chest bears a black breastplate trimmed with blood red lines. Then there is the red, trimmed with black, kilt. The legs are like the arms. His feet are clad with boot/sandal hybrids shining black and red. On his back is a cloak of the same colors.

    Weapon(s): One lightsaber.
    Personal Ship: Two. A small one-man starfighter, an old TIE Raptor, and his flagship, an old Venator-class Star Destroyer Dreadwar recovered on Indix. The Venator contains the TIE Raptor usually, but the Star Destroyer is very heavily modified, with an ancient Sith meditation sphere joined to the front. The Star Destroyer is called the Wrath of Vader.

    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilt: Hilt forged through Sith alchemy (and thus cannot be cut), silver trimmed with red and black. It is the length of a standard single-bladed lightsaber hilt, but it does have two blade emitters, for the rare occasions Dreadwar desires two blades.
    Blade Color: Red.

    Fighting Form: Dreadwar is more of a Force combatant than a lightsaber duelist; his feats in Sith magic are extraordinary. When he uses his lightsaber he uses the form Makashi exclusively.

    Bio: Azgath N'Dul is a distant descendant of a Banite Sith Lord called Darth Ramage who lived nearly 500 years ago. Ramage had many children, all who he trained in the dark side on the planet Utapau; they formed an organization of dark side adepts known as the Core of Power. N'Dul was born in a sinkhole city on Utapau, however, his great Force potential allowed the Jedi to find him at age 10. He was trained as a Jedi apprentice, but he did not care for the Jedi way. He sought forbidden Sith knowledge; his yearning for greater knowledge of the Force and more power led him to the Sith tombworld of Korriban. He took up residence in the dusty tomb of ancient Sith King Dathka Graush. The dark side empowered him there; he eventually found the Heart of Graush, and thus resurrected Graush's spirit.

    N'Dul learnt Sith powers from the spirit of Graush, achieving great dark side might and skill in the ancient ways of Sith sorcery and alchemy. N'Dul then left the tomb with many Sith artifacts and spellbooks, using a talisman to annhiliate the Heart of Graush and thus his spirit. He unearthed an ancient Sith Meditation Sphere and barely managed to jump into hyperspace, exiting over a dirty, polluted yet powerful and influential industrial world called Indix several parsecs away on the Rim. Using his powers, N'Dul installed himself as Chancellor of Indix. He became self-proclaimed Sith Lord and dark side king of the world, taking the name Darth Dreadwar.

    When the Core of Power became aware of Dreadwar they believed him to be a threat to their existence. Their leader Sallacine arrived on Indix and rebelled against Dreadwar. Sallacine and his fanatics fought the armies of the Sith warlord; in the end, Dreadwar and Sallacine fought in the government capital building on Indix. Dreadwar used the power of the Force to kill his rival, and several hundred supporters, and the rest of the
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    Character Sheet Approved by prj1

    Name: Jaron Kell
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Corellia
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Height: 5'10"
    weight: 170
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Brown, kept mid-length
    eyes: Blue
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: None
    Clothing: Relaxed fashions of the day when not in Jedi attire; otherwise, normal Padawan styling with the traditional Corellian forest green colors
    Weapon(s): Lightsaber
    Personal Ship: None
    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilt: Comfortably sized for two hands, Jaron's lightsaber is a polished chrome with black grips and a gold activation slider
    Blade Color: Silver
    Fighting Form: As a padawan, Jaron is proficient with Shii-Cho, Form I. However, it is unusual for a Jedi to stick to Form I alone, and Jaron has been honing his skills with Soresu, Form III.
    Bio: Jaron was born on Corellia in 127 ABY and identified as a potential Jedi candidate as a child. He was taken to the Jedi Academy on Ossus where, as a small child, he began training. During his research of previous order members, Joran has developed a great interest in the late Corellian Jedi Master Corran Horn, and the older Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has tremendous respect for their skills and ideals, designing his attire and lightsaber after Master Horn's, and working to master Soresu, the preferred combat form of Master Kenobi. He has reached an age where he is able to undertake simple missions on his own and he has constructed his own lightsaber. The time will soon come for his Knight Trials...
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    CO-GM CS

    Name: Darth Cadaverous the Reborn
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks 45/Actual age Unknown
    Species: Human
    Home world: Byss
    Affiliation: Sith and the Dark Jedi

    ---Traits: He has a cruel streak that tends to border on the insane
    ---Likes- Power, New weapons, seeing other in pain
    ---Dislikes: Jedi, People who get in the way, ?Smart People?, other sith
    ---Habits: Tends to drum fingers when things get close or unhappy

    ---Skin Color: Death like pallor
    ---Hair Color: Silvery white, but he has a full head of hair.
    ---Eye Color: A very sickly red/yellow
    ---Clothing: His clothing is of a very ancient style, while keeping up with the current.
    He wears a skintight body suit of pure blackness. Cortosis was weaved into the body suit so it could deflect in coming light saber blades. He also wore knee high. His own true cloak was blood red, which hung down just to the top of his ankle.
    ---Other Attributes:
    A) Height- 6?11?
    B) Weight- 95lbs
    ---Other Details:

    He has a walking stick that is about five feet long, but it has a Sith Blade inside it. With a flick of a switch, it will appear at the top. The blade is about two feet long.
    Two sabers, one red and a very dark blue

    ---Name: Dead Sun
    ---Class: Cruiser
    ---Hyper drive Class: 1.0 (60,000 light-years (effective)
    ----Back up Class: 15
    ---Shields: Equipped (3,200 SBD)
    ---Sub light Speed:
    ---Crew: 7400
    ---Passenger(s): 2000
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 20000 tons
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details:

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Strong
    ---Religion: Order of the Dead
    ---Light saber
    Velmorite: created a fine, thin blade for graceful, fluid wielding
    Rubat: sharpened the appearance and definition of the blade, allowing its wielder to easily track the blade and strike opponents properly. The crystal would also help its wielder attack faster
    Lorrdian gemstones: user was better able to read the actions of their opponents. This enhanced the wielder's overall defenses and ability to deflect blaster bolts

    -----Blade(s): One blade per saber
    -----Color(s): Red and a very Dark Blue
    -----Handle Description(s): They are very ancient handles. Each made out of something very special and cruel. For if, his Master was still alive, he could tell you. Each hilt is about eight inches long and has one red diamond in the hilt close to the top. They each have a hand guard at the top, but they also connect to make staff saber. The blades are thin and little to no outline fuzz, because of the crystals used.

    ---Force Abilities:
    --Force Weakness: Telekinesis.
    ---Other Force Object(s):

    Biography: These are the transcripts from Darth Cadaverous own writings. (*)
    ---Personal History:
    ---Military History:
    ---Traumatic Experiences:

    Darth Cadaverous was born 6875 on the planet of Byss. He was the seventh child of an all ready starving family. However, like a lot of starving families who have force children and located by the Jedi, they were too glad of the extra help. He was his master?s star pupil, and a quickly rising Jedi Knight.

    At 12, he solved a ten-year-old murder and actually brought the man in for trial and got him a less sentence for his own repentance.

    When he turned eighteen, he was a Jedi Knight and battling those who turned from the light, and went on their own. He cared not, for they were Dark Jedi and needed to die quickly.

    (*) They had created beasts of terrible strength and ferocity that they were killing everything and anyone. Friend or foe it mattered little to them. By my fifth year battling this Dark Jedi, I was growing hard against the deaths that I have committed. I fought like a beast of murder and with no heart or caring of my own. When I turned 25, I was a killing machine; I even noticed that my friend, master was looking at me with sorrowful eyes. I smiled, turned, and blocked a blade that was coming for my own heart. Then I cut down the woman who tried and failed.

    Now listen to me my fellow Jedi. I followed every rule until that fatal day. We w
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    OOC: Alright, this awesomely big post sets everything up with Dreadwar. Explains his world, his situation, his initial plots and plans... [face_skull]

    IC: Seated inside a cantina booth in a small city on Tralus, one of the five inhabited worlds of the Corellian system, was a Gran. Overweight and arrayed in fine robes, the Gran fidgeted nervously. He fiddled with the expensive rings on his fingers, glanced out into the crowd that filled the busy cantina. Sometimes his gaze was drawn to the four lamaninium-plated droids that stood as poorly disguised sentries around the cantina. And then, for the first time in the Gran's hour-long wait, his gaze was drawn to something else. A ripple, a disturbance in the crowd, as a shadow weaved its way towards the booth in which the Gran sat. The figure was cowled, its features obscured, and as the Gran discreetly signalled his guardian droids to move closer, the cowled man glided smoothly into the booth.

    The cowled man placed gloved hands on the table calmly as the Gran, after one more nervous glance at his guard droids, nodded his alien head. "Azgath N'Dul..."The cowled man nodded in return. The Gran looked at his personal chronometer on his wrist. "You're just on time, as you said you would be," the Gran said after a brief pause. The dark man raised his hands, and removed his hood. The dim blue light in the cantina showed his face; a face belonging to a human male, about 30, the most prominent features being a strong jaw and cold blue eyes. "Of course," the man responded smoothly. "A deal with you, Mantisa, is of great importance to me."

    "Well of course you understand meeting with the fabled King of Indix is of just as great importance to me," the Gran - Mantisa - replied. "They say you're a dark side sorcerer, after all."

    "I wonder what would have happened if that little piece of information had reached the ears of the new Jedi Order rather than your crime syndicate," the man smiled. "But yes, I know the arts of dark magic. Which is why you can forget any thoughts of backing out and ordering your droid guards to fire upon me, for know that I will easily be able to destroy them."

    Mantisa flinched. "I would not dream of backing out," he said hastily. "This planned attack of yours benefits the Reapers just as much as you," he said, referring to his growing crime syndicate. "Of course I'm just being cautious... and wary. You're planning to attack this entire system within the next twelve hours, so forgive me if I am rather skeptical. I only agreed to this meeting, you recall, since you're the ruler of a powerful industrial world on the Rim."

    The man narrowed his eyes. "Of course you're skeptical," he said. "But what I'm about to show you will change your mind." The man stood, pulling his hood over his head once more. "Follow me," he ordered.

    Mantisa hesitated, but stood. He signalled his guards to stay back as he followed the man out of the cantina, into a droid-piloted speeder that took them away from the outskirts of the small city where they had been previously, into the wilderness of Tralus.

    They stopped at the edge of a slope, and the dark man gestured for Mantisa to stand beside him and look down at the plain below.

    Mantisa's jaw dropped, exposing his pointed teeth. His three eyes bulged. Below him and the dark man, was an army.

    Standing in perfect rows, what could have only been thousands of lamaninium-plated war droids, blaster rifles in their strut-like mechanical arms, stood. Their red glowing photoreceptors were barely visible to the crime lord from such a distance.

    Mantisa turned his head to look at the hooded man, incredulous. The man smiled. "Yes, this is my army," he said. "This is what we shall use to take over the Corellian system." And then his hand rose, his finger pointing to an area away from the army. "And that." With a roaring noise, the dirt and sand fell away in the area the man had pointed. The cause were two massive durasteel doors in the ground, that withdrew, allowing an incredible, vast vessel of war to slowly rise.

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    CS Approved by Prj1

    Name: Cassius Fett
    Homeplanet: Mandalore
    Age: 30
    Species: Humanoid
    Gender: Male
    Forcer user: No
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Physical Appearance-
    Build: Extremely heavy muscular build, weighs 210lbs and is 6'1
    Hair: Buzz cut black mohawk
    eyes: Blue
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: Uknown
    Bio: A descendant from the legendary Fett lineage he is one of two active Fett bounty hunters along with his younger brother. He pays homage to the Fett line.
    Weapons: EE-9 Carbine Rifle, Czerka ZX-4 Flamethrower, Blastech-Dur 112 wrist laser, MM24 Dual Rocket Launcher, Beskad
    Clothes: Full Yellow Mandalorian Armor, Green Mandolorian Helmet
    Stature: Quiet, Menacing, Dangerous
    Special traits: Is of Fett lineage and lives up to the reputation. Joined the bounty hunting business at age 18 and was joined by his brother 3 years later to make the deadliest bounty hunter team in the galaxy. Carries a lightweight jet pack that facilitates less range and mobility than his brothers. In place of the standard jet pack Cassius carries two rockets for additional fire power.

    Name: Marcellus Fett
    Homeplanet: Mandalore
    Age: 27
    Species: Humanoid
    Gender: Male
    Forcer user: no
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Physical Appearance-
    Build: Standing 5'11 inches tall and weighing 168 pounds he is extremely well toned and very fast
    Hair: Buzz cut mohawk black
    eyes: blue
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: Unknown
    Bio: Teamed up with his brother when he became of age and went on to become the most feared team of bounty hunters in the galaxy. Creates a perfect counter balance to his brothers heavy weapons load with a fast and light load and shielding.
    Weapons:2 SSK-9 Heavy Blaster Pistols, Wide Array of poison darts for almost any situation, Grenade bandolier, Beskad
    Clothes: Full orange Mandalorian Armor, Green Gauntlets
    Stature: Quiet, Menacing, Dangerous
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Special traits: Extremely fast and very good at close quarters hand to hand combat. Wears a specially modified jet pack to give him quick bursts of speed during combat to increase the quickness and lethal surprise brought about by his speed.

    Personal Ship-
    Name: Sarlacc's Bane
    Class: Bes'uliik-3 Mandolorian heavy fighter

    Bio: The two Fett brother have been teamed up for nine years and have been well known and feared in the galaxy since birth. The two brothers have been the most efficient and lethal bounty hunting team since the day they came on the scene. Living up to the name they received at birth the brothers take on very high bounties. Recently however they have made a very drastic decision in backing The Forces of Light, monetarily and physically with their skill sets such as force hunting bounty hunters, skilled hand to hand and other close combat weapons, espionage, survival and tracking in the form of instructing the young Jedi. The brothers also regularly accompany Jedi on missions, escorts and training exercises.
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    IC: Cassius and Marcellus Fett
    Marcellus hated not wearing his armor; it was as if he was moving around without his skin. Being a Mandolorian warrior Marcellus had been baptized in blood combat and a fierce warrior culture. Notorious for their efficiency, relentlessness and their combat armor but for this particular moment of his hunt Marcellus was disguised as a civilian and was sitting in a dark corner watching his prey. Marcellus had been sitting in the cantina for over four hours before Mantissa entered and took a seat at the opposite end of the cantina and since then he had been relaying information to his older brother Cassius who was fully loaded and ready for almost anything the galaxy could throw at him. Although his brother was only seconds away on the roof of the cantina Marcellus still could not shake the strange feeling that he always got when he was out of his armor. It was as if he had a sixth sense, being the suit and its benefits, which had been stripped away from him.

    The Fett Brothers had for nine years been living up to the lethal legacy that their lineage bestowed on them and had recently been contracted by the Hutt?s to hunt down and eliminate Mantissa due to the fact that he was beginning to encroach on the Hutt?s business. A man approached Mantissa and after a few minutes of conversation the two departed? Game on. After alerting his brother Marcellus got up and left the cantina and headed to the rooftop where his full complement of gear awaited him.

    Cassius had been surfing the galactic stocks when his brother signaled that Mantissa was leaving the cantina and that he was not alone. It was not hard to spot his target, traveling with a hooded man. Cassius immediately began following the two as they left the cantina in a droid piloted speeder. Cassius did not bother to wait for his brother, he knew he would catch up to him and besides following the target was more important than waiting for his backup.

    By the time the speeder reached the edge of the city Marcellus had caught up with Cassius and the two brothers continued to follow the speeder at a safe distance until it came to a stop in the surrounding wilderness.

    ?Any ideas on who the hooded man is?? Marcellus asked his brother. ?No. I can?t get any readings on him and I have run the images through multiple databases? nothing.? ?Oh well, I guess it doesn?t matter Mantissa is out target anyway.?

    The brothers had been traveling one thousand yards behind the speeder when their sensors indicated that they stopped in the valley over the next hill. As they crept over the hill top they were shocked at the site they saw. Standing before them was an army of war droids. The brothers watched in silence as a score of capital ships rose from hidden hangars in the valley below. After some time, during which Mantissa and the hooded individual were talking, Mantissa returned to the speeder and headed back towards the city.

    ?Marcellus, follow Mantissa and take him out before he reaches the city. I?m staying here to see what happens. After you have the target meet me back at the ship, I think we just stumbled into something much bigger than the dealings between crime syndicates.?

    Without a word Marcellus left and Cassius continued to watch the scene before him unfold, or so he planned. As soon as Mantissa was safely out of sight the whole army including the hooded figure vanished. Cassius waited? and four and a half hours later he crept down to where earlier an army had been standing. Now there was no trace of it ever existing not even the grass had been trampled. Cassius knew something wasn?t right and he knew that somebody had to be warned. After making sure that he was not being tracked he made his way back to the ship?.

    Tag: Darth_Dreadwar
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    Approved by GM prj1

    Name: Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Alias: Rasi
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Age: 20
    Species: Cathar
    Gender: Female
    Home World: Cathar
    Force Sensitive: Very

    Height: 6'0"
    Hair: Dark Brown
    eyes: Green (Catlike)
    Skin Color: Light and Dark stripped Brown fur covered body with a
    thick main (hair)
    Markings: She has a pattern that looks like a white starburst over her left eye
    Clothing: Tan Jedi tunic and Brown robes
    Weapon(s): 2 small silver daggers
    Personal Ship: (If applicable) The Dewclaw. A small fast ship she is allowed to fly.(Carrack class)
    Lightsaber Description: N/A
    Blade Color:
    Fighting Form: V - Shien/Djem So
    Rasa was a youngest cubling in a family with 6 older sisters and 2 brothers in a middle-class family. Early on, her parents noticed something a bit different about their youngest child, so when visiting Jedi came to their village, they took Rasa with them. They realized that the Jedi could do better for her, and agreed to let them take Rasa back to the Jedi temple. At first Rasa was terribly lonely, with no other Cathar's to play with, she found out quickly she had to be careful, when playing with her human playmates, or she could quickly cause damage..especially when angry. She preferred playing with the other animals that inhabited the temple, finding herself drawn to the trees and woods that inhabited the temple, reminding her more of her home.

    Though she prefers a more 'natural' setting and such, she has taken a liking to flying anything fast, so she likes to exercise her piloting skills whenever she gets a chance.

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    IC: Darth Cadaverous

    As he sat a little started to blink on his throne arm. "Good, he is punctuational." He knew that Darth Dreadwar would be, for as long that he knew the guy, he was just that. Darth Cadaverous touched the button to activate the transmitter and began. "Ah Lord Dreadwar I have a task for you and like all my tasks, it is no simple thing at all." He gave a small pause and continued. "On the planet Coruscant, I need you to find the lost medical bay of Lord Nyax and gather all the information that can be found."

    Darth Cadaverous leaned forward and his eyes bore into the holoprojector, "Do not fail me Darth Dreadwar for this is an important task, with a lot of risk." Seeming to take a breath, "For I fear the Jedi are a gathering again on Coruscant and I need that information if it is still good."

    He leaned back, "Do not delay on this." Then without acknowledgment, he shut off the communication and summoned a messenger. The young boy came running in until he reached the edge of the door way. He was young, about 14 years with dark green eyes and black raven hair, streaked back from being freshly brushed. Panting the boy spoke, "Yes my Lord."

    "Go and find Dark Sun and tell her to come to me".

    Knowing that was all, the boy turned and ran off.

    TAG: Darth Dreadwar
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    OOC: I was actually communicating using the Force via an ancient Sith holocron a la Darth Traya rather than a holographic transmission. ;)

    IC: A mix of puzzlement and an old, familiar irritation gripped Darth Dreadwar as the voice of Dark Rogue Cadaverous faded away, and he ceased the communication. The lost medical bay of Lord Nyax?

    It seemed Cadaverous liked to give brief instructions on tasks without further explanation or elaboration. Regardless, the task would not interfere with the imminent attack on Corellia; Dreadwar would create the fleet and army of Sith illusions in his meditation chamber on the Wrath of Vader while in hyperspace en route to Coruscant. The attack would also provide an excellent diversion to the Jedi training on the capital world.

    Dreadwar rose from his black throne, and walked out of the 'burial chambers,' through the tomb built by the Core of Power and bowels of the dark palace and to his TIE Raptor on the Citadel's landing pad. He entered the Raptor, and piloted it through the polluted atmosphere of the industrial world, into the cold darkness of space. He looked out of the cockpit, out at the stars. Some felt warmth when they looked at the stellar bodies; Dreadwar only saw spheres of gas slowly dying over the course of billions of years.

    He brought his space fighter into the hangar bay of the Wrath of Vader. A Guard of the Citadel, in black robes and silver armor, waited 10 meters away. Dreadwar broadcasted a thought, reaching into the Guard's mind. Instruct the Captain to prepare for hyperspace. We will exit hyperspace in the Tora Zone.

    The Tora Zone was an empty place between stars, devoid of anything. It was used by smugglers and pirates as a place to meet, or transfer to other vessels, as close to Coruscant as possible, without detection. Dreadwar would coordinate the attack on Corellia through the Force en route, and then in the Tora Zone, would exit the Venator-class Star Destroyer in a small, unremarkable freighter and make the final journey to Coruscant.

    The Guard nodded and strode away quickly. Dreadwar navigated the grey steel corridors of the vessel of war to the ancient Sith meditation sphere.

    He sat, cross-legged, and reached out through the Force. The meditation sphere amplified his reach and influence.

    On the planet Tralus, Jom Mantisa exited his speeder near his personal shuttle in the middle of the wilderness. Mantisa briefly felt something... brush over him. It was a mental touch, so distant, from Dreadwar.

    Dreadwar searched the Force, his dark eye probing... and a brief, cloudy image appeared in his mind. Of two presences... cloudy... murky... grey... calm... anger.. Honor... War... Fett... Follow him.

    An image of two armored men flashed and vanished, and then all, including Mantisa, was lost in the quiet darkness.

    Dreadwar snarled with rage, and all but charged from the meditation sphere to his personal quarters. An officer of Indix stopped him. "Something wrong, My..."

    Dreadwar snapped the man's neck with the Force as he entered his quarters. He sent a transmission to Mantisa's private comlink - his agents knew nearly everything about the man, including his private communication channels.

    He received an answer. "Who is this? Tragal?" Mantisa's voice came over. "No, it is Azgath N'Dul." A pause. "How did you get this com line?" Mantisa asked hesitantly. "It matters not. I believe you are being followed." Mantisa did not respond.

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    *Approved by GM prj1*

    Name:Travis Bey
    Alias: None
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Home World:Coruscant
    Force Sensitive:Yes
    Appearance-Strong young man with piercing blue eyes and spiky brown hair.
    Build: Long and lean, with a solid amount of muscle
    Hair: Brown
    eyes: Blue
    Skin Color:Caucasian
    Clothing: When not draped in an Padawan's robe, Travis wears a tight-fitting, sleeveless black shirt and loose pants.
    Weapon(s): Dual lightsabers, used with the Jar'Kai fighting style
    Personal Ship: None
    Lightsaber Description: Travis wields two standard-length lightsabers,
    Hilt: Standard chrome with black grips
    Blade Color: Orange
    Fighting Form: Form I: Shii-Cho, Form II: Makashi/Jar'Kai

    ---Traits: Sarcastic and witty with a mouth that tends to get him into just as much trouble as it saves him. Outgoing and friendly when he wants to be, but has a difficult time forgiving others and does not give up grudges easily. While he might not take much seriously, things come so easily to Travis that he usually excels at whatever he does, a trait that has given him something of an overinflated ego that often earns him reprimands from his instructors. While possessing skills easily excelling that of most Jedi knights, Travis' personality flaws, uncontrolled mouth, and lack of patience has caused him to remain a Padawan and he has even been threatened with expulsion from his Academy several times.
    ---Likes- Strength, Showing off, Women
    ---Dislikes: Strict rules of the Jedi, Talking about his past, Waiting
    ---Habits: Tends to make sarcastic comments that often get him into trouble

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Strong
    ---Religion: None
    Opila:Further increased power of blade, allowing it to cut through nearly any object.
    Rubat: sharpened the appearance and definition of the blade, allowing its wielder to easily track the blade and strike opponents properly. The crystal would also help its wielder attack faster
    Lorrdian gemstones: user was better able to read the actions of their opponents. This enhanced the wielder's overall defenses and ability to deflect blaster bolts

    ---Force Abilities: Skilled in physical augmentations, such as Force Speed
    --Force Weakness: Extremely weak in most Force powers, as he has rarely worked on them before.
    ---Other Force Object(s):

    Travis was born in the slums of Coruscant to a pair of worthless parents he never knew. At an age before he was capable of forming coherent memories, his parents abandoned him and left him for dead on the streets, where he happened to be discovered by a passing street urchin named Amira Lyell, who Travis would later come to regard like an older sister. Amira took pity on the child and took him back to an old abandoned warehouse where she and ten other homeless children lived and carried out a pitiful existence. These children would become the boy's family and raised him, with Amira taking on much of the responsibility of looking after him.

    While living in the slums, Travis learned many skills that would become invaluable to him later in life. He learned how to sneak, lie, and steal, and how to think and talk quickly whenever he was caught. He also learned how to fight, as small battles among different gangs of urchins were commonplace. As none of them could afford blasters, every fight was carried out using small knives and vibroblades stolen from various stores and merchants. While all the children were somewhat skilled at combat, it soon became clear that there was something special about Travis. He showed exceptional abilities with vibroblades, and in the dozens of fights he was involved in while on Coruscant, he never so much as took a hit. Travis claimed that he could see incoming moves that his opponents had not yet made, and as a result could easily dodge them and counterstrike. Of course no one believed him, so Travis eventually took to saying that he was especially good at fighting ugly people and could always predict where they would attack because the gods of beauty always delivered
  12. Bunco Jedi Padawan

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    OOC: This scene is merely an introduction of Travis' character and shows a brief scene before his arrival on Coruscant.

    IC: Travis Bey

    Clack, clack, clack, whirrrr. The contraption was similar to a children?s toy Travis had once seen back on Coruscant. It was called a clacker, a remarkably stupid form of entertainment where the child would wave a small stick up and down and the two balls attached would knock against each other, making a noise that he assumed was entertaining for people who had difficulty remembering how to swallow. He had stolen the toy from a whining child in the marketplace and had traded it to his brother Joel within 3 hours for a used fork because he figured that at least the prongs could be used to jab sleeping homeless men on the side of the road to see what happened.

    Travis stared at the clacker on the dashboard as it continued to clack, clack, clack, then spin around like a fan. Without stopping. Ever. It was the most annoying dashboard decoration he had ever seen. His student datapad on the Djem So fighting style lay forgotten by his feet as he found himself unable to focus with the children?s toy from hell continuing its unstoppable cycle. Or rather, the pad would have been by his feet, if the ship?s artificial gravity hadn?t been broken. As it was, the pad kind of just floated above his head, along with his backpack and Padawan robe that he had quickly ripped off and unceremoniously thrown into a heap in the corner of the cockpit upon boarding the small, two-man-spacecraft. The ship's light was dim when it wasn't flickering and the upholstery smelled like a dead fish?s vomit. The Jedi really send you out in style when you get expelled from one of their academies after ten years of hard study, huh? he thought to himself bitterly.

    However, the ship?s condition did nothing to dampen the spirits of its captain, pilot, repair crew, medical crew, and owner, a woman who was now telling Travis all about her most recent boyfriend and his sexual problems that caused them to break up. Travis hadn?t listened to the Jedi who had introduced this woman as his ride to Coruscant, but he believed her name might have started with a D. Like Darla. Or Daphne. Or Dumbass.

    Glancing to his left and looking at her, Travis was surprised she had managed to snag a man at all, much less one who would have willingly shared these sexual encounters she seemed so intent on telling him all about. Debra looked like a pig that had been crossbred with a moldy potato who someone had tortured by sticking numerous pieces of metal and jewelry all over her face in the name of decoration. Travis wondered whether his backpack would fly forward and nail her in the back of the head when they landed. He hoped it would. Maybe he could use the Force to throw it at her and make it look like an accident.

    Suddenly Daisy cleared her throat, as though she realized that she had been the only one talking for the past 6 hours. Travis felt hope rise in his stomach that maybe she had fallen asleep and the now-pilotless ship was about to collide with a star in hyperspace. The feeling quickly disappeared, however, when she continued, ?So yew, Travis, tell me about yerself. Those Jedi were talkin? liyke yew wur gettin? yerself expelled from that therr acadaymia. Whut yew do?? Of course. She finally wanted to know about him.

    Travis stared at the clicker on the dashboard, mouth half open. ?I killed a woman who talked too much, raped her dog, and burned her house to the ground using my magical force powers,? he answered in a bored voice.

    Dana didn?t say anything else for the rest of the flight.
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    IC: MasterJoy -- Coruscant + Jedi Academy, Private Chambers --morning~

    The Jedi Grand Master sat in her favorite comfortable chair in meditation. She allowed the power of the Light Side of the Force to flow through her, spreading throughout her body. She felt calm, peaceful, and strong. The awesome, pure, bright light of the Force on whitch the Jedi was focused was cleansing her of any darkness, and evil feelings. The Jedi leader felt completely relaxed, breathing in the pure light of the Force to brighten up her thoughts and feelings. The serenity that MasterJoy experienced was awesome. She remained in this state for quite some time before coming out of it. It was time to begin another day. She must go to the Jedi Temple and speak to everyone, then she had to meet with her two padawans.MasterJoy enjoyed teaching others about the Jedi ways, and she was looking forward to the experience once again.
    She rose from her chair, gracefully walking across the floor, taking a small, silver key from the pocket of her Jedi robe as she opened the door and stepped outside. Then, after closing the door behind her, she locked it, and returned the key to its place.

    The Jedi started to walk down the long, dimly lit hallway, her Jedi robe flowing around her as she walked, gracefully, but quickly. She made a right turn down another hallway that was not quite so dark as the previous one. Soft white lights burned overhead,and brightened up the area. As MasterJoy reached the end of the hallway, two guards stood at a heavy, dark blue door that led into the Jedi Temple. The Jedi stopped upon reaching the door, and one guard opened the door, and the other guard took his place at MasterJoy's left side.

    The room was noisy with the voices of students and masters talking and laughing, but when the Jedi Grand Master stood before the crowd, a great silence swept over the audience. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest loved MasterJoy, because she was gentle and kind; yet firm with them. All respected her. The Jedi leader began to speak in a calm, gentle, but strong tone of voice as she smiled at her friends.

    "Greetings to all of you, and I welcome the newcomers to the Forces of Light Jedi Academy...I am pleased with the progress that we have made in the short time that this academy has been in existence...I am delighted to announce to you that I have chosen two individuals as my padawan learners. They are Jaron Kell from the planet Corellia, and Rasa Ruu'ta-li from the planet Cathar.May the Force be with both of you as you in your Jedi training...There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...I would like to inform you that all of the Sith information has been removed from the library and given to me...It was reported to me by a Jedi Master that some knights and padawans were reading this dark information.o... Though the Dark Side may seem very exciting, it is very dangerous and wrong. The true path is that of the Jedi and the light...Now, it is time to begin our day....May the Force be with us all...You are dismissed."

    Everyone quickly and quietly left the room, then MasterJoy exited the temple.

    She walked down the long hall that led to her quarters. On her way, she saw a group of padawans, so she stopped to look for Jaron and Rasa. The Jedi leader could not see them among the students, so she walked on to her private chambers. They knew where to find her, so she would just patiently wait for them to come to her. MasterJoy unlocked the door, and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

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    IC: Travis, Jedi Academy

    Travis stretched as Master Joy finished her speech and stepped down from the stage, exiting back through the door from which she had come. He still wasn?t quite sure what to think of the older woman yet. He found her holier-than-thou attitude to be somewhat irritating, but it certainly was nothing new among the Jedi and certainly not among their leaders. Aside from that, however, she seemed to be the perfect leader for the Jedi?perfectly aligned with the light, perfectly in control of her own emotions and the emotions of all around her, able to perfectly create an atmosphere of peace wherever she was. She was perfectly annoying.

    A youngling sitting in front of Travis turned around in his chair and met his eyes. The boy smiled and waved. Travis returned the gestures to the boy, who turned back around and proceeded to pull hard on the pigtails of the girl sitting in front of him. Travis liked the younglings. They were pretty clever and usually provided entertaining conversation. Travis thought about asking the boy what he thought of Master Joy, but decided that an older student would be a better target. After all, they had all been here longer; maybe one of them had a fun rumor about her to share.

    Travis leaned back in his chair casually, scanning back and forth for someone who would be likely to know such a rumor. To his left was a boy around his own age with unkempt hair and glasses a foot thick who was deeply engrossed in a book he was reading. Every so often his neck would twitch and he would sniffle loudly to stop the flow of mucus that was slowly making its way out of his nose. The other students seemed to skirt around him nervously and carefully avoided making eye contact with him. Nope. Travis looked to his right. A young girl with bright red hair stood nearby, excitedly gossiping with a circle of her friends. As she turned her head slightly away from the group while laughing at one of their jokes, her eyes met with Travis?. Travis grinned when he realized she wasn?t bad looking. She?d do. He waved and casually made his way through the crowd toward her. When he arrived, her friends had all scattered.

    ?Travis Bey, Jedi Padawan Extraordinaire,? he bowed dramatically as he introduced himself. ?And what sort of name might grace a beautiful young woman such as yourself??

    The girl blushed and erupted into a small fit of giggles. ?Lannah Cath,? she managed to whisper breathlessly.

    Cath? Like a Kath hound? Terrible name, Travis found himself thinking. Nevertheless, he tenderly grabbed her hand and planted a kiss on it. More giggles. He stood upright grinning. ?Well Lannah, it?s great to meet you. I only got here a few weeks ago, so I was kind of looking for someone who could tell me a little bit about this place. Help me out?? He pretended to look slightly sheepish.

    Lannah still seemed to be having trouble breathing, but managed to nod twice.

    ?Perfect,? he continued. Too easy. ?I won?t take much of your time now, it looks like your friends want you back.? Sure enough, all the girls from the circle had reorganized into another group halfway across the room and were oh-so-subtlety watching everything he did. ?Really quickly, could you just tell me who that woman on the stage was? I feel like she?s pretty important.?

    The stupid look suddenly vanished from Lannah?s face and was replaced with a look of pure awe. ?Master Joy? She?s the absolute greatest! She?s in charge of the academy here, one of the most talented Jedi to come along in centuries! One time, when she was younger, she??

    Glad to see she finally found her tongue
    , Travis thought five minutes later, becoming bored as the girl refused to stop talking. ?That?s great and all,? he said, suddenly interrupting her. ?Anything about this Joy that you don?t like??

    Lannah looked confused at his sudden change in tone. ?Don?t like?? She thought for a moment. ?Nope.? She smiled.


    It was time to get as far away from this idiot as possible, Travis decided. He suddenly focused his eyes on her nose. ?Hang on, sorry, yo
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    : Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Morning Assembly, Jedi Academy

    Rasi greeted the morning, as she was always an early riser. She had enjoyed the early morning out in the garden, preferring to eat outside and alone. She didnt mind sitting with the others...but she noticed that some seemed to get a tad uneasy, whenever she displayed her large fangs. Oh well, it was nothing she could help...and it gave her a chance to enjoy the cool morning air, before the day started.

    Rasi tugged at her tunics. Whoever decided tunics and fur were made to go together, obviously did not have fur. But she tugged at it from habit anyway, for today, she was to find out some information about her new master. Coming to the temple late in years, had not slowed her. If anything, and she had studied hard to catch up, moving to excel in her studies. She considered herself lucky..she knew her parents, and other kin. And sometimes, she thought about them, but she did enjoy her life at the temple.

    As Rasi moved, while holding her tail, she headed for the main temple area, where Grand MasterJoy was to be speaking with them, as she did often in the mornings. Rasi silently made her way into the meeting area, and slipped in, taking a seat. The room was noisy with the voices of students and masters talking and laughing, but when the Jedi Grand Master stood before the crowd, a great silence swept over the audience. Rasi's ears perked forward to listen.

    "Greetings to all of you, and I welcome the newcomers to the Forces of Light Jedi Academy...I am pleased with the progress that we have made in the short time that this academy has been in existence...I am delighted to announce to you that I have chosen two individuals as my padawan learners. They are Jaron Kell from the planet Corellia, and Rasa Ruu'ta-li from the planet Cathar. May the Force be with both of you as you in your Jedi training... There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...I would like to inform you that all of the Sith information has been removed from the library and given to me...It was reported to me by a Jedi Master that some knights and padawans were reading this dark information.... Though the Dark Side may seem very exciting, it is very dangerous and wrong. The true path is that of the Jedi and the light...Now, it is time to begin our day....May the Force be with us all...You are dismissed."

    Rasi nearly chocked, as she received some looks from other students. MasterJoy would be dealing with her...directly!? Her ears went wide, as she tried to keep a neutral look, but inside, she felt her heartbeat quicken. She tried to think of this as being something positive. At least, she HOPED it was. Everyone quickly and quietly left the room, And when Rasi looked around, she didnt see MasterJoy anywhere. And the other person she mentioned...Rasi had no idea who that person was either. Sounded human to her...possibly a boy by the sound of the name. Well, she hoped that whoever he was, would be someone interesting to work with.

    The information about the removal of all Sith Information didnt bother her. While she knew some students found some things interesting and such, she could understand why MasterJoy would remove it. Rasi smiled, allowing her fangs to show, as she stood. She did not wish to keep her new Master waiting. Rasa was both excited to have a Master, and slightly nervous as well. But she wanted to start things out on the right foot, so she quickly brushed off her tunic, and left the meetings room, looking around.

    Rasa knew the area where MasterJoy's room would most likely be located. And with her nose, it would be easy to sniff out the Jedi Master, even if she wasnt sure. Rasa stood to her full height. If she was to be a Padawan of MasterJoy, then she better start acting like it now. She quickly moved down the hallway, towards the senior members residents rooms. Rasa moved quickly, being careful to not run over any of the younglings as she moved. They were
  16. Mr-Fett Jedi Knight

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    IC: Fett Brothers

    Location: Unknown

    "There are two ways we can do this Mr. Mantissa... The first involves you telling us who it was that you were talking to. Then we hand you over to the hutts with no harm committed by us. The second involves myself and my brother......... extracting the information from you and believe me Mr. Mantissa we WILL get the information." Cassius stepped to the edge of the small lit circle in the center of the room. "And why should I listen to you FETT. The hutts will just kill me anyway" Mantissa said this and spit at Cassius. Before the glob of spittle traversed the distance between Mantissa and Cassius Marcellus, who had been standing behind Mantissa, slammed a kick into the side of Mantissa's head knocking him and the chair he was tied to over. With a laugh Cassius said "Mr. Mantissa death will be a reprieve for you once we have finished."

    Location: Coruscant

    "Master Jedi, My name is Cassius Fett. You may know me by reputation or, as I'm sure some of your knights can attest, by first hand account. I send you this message not as a foe but an ally. My brother and have recently come across some very startling information that we believe may pose a direct threat to yourself, the Jedi and the galaxy. We are requesting your council so that we may further brief you on the subject. You may reach us through this account."

    Cassius sent the message and then turned to his brother. "Marcellus have you contacted Mandalmotors yet?" "Yes brother, our order will be completed by the end of the week and delivered by the end of the next." "Good... I want you to begin synthesizing a fresh batch of Ysalimiri extract. I have a feeling it will be needed soon."

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    Jaron Kell
    Jedi Academy - Coruscant

    Jaron took a deep breath as he skidded around the corner outside the room where Master Joy was to speak to the morning assembly. He had been up all night studying some of the historical files in the Jedi archive - reading all of the information that he could on the reformation of the Jedi Order following the Galactic Civil War. It was one of his favorite periods of history to study, not the least of which because it included some of his favorite Jedi Masters - Master Sebatyne for her remarkable courage and battle prowess, as well as her teachings that one should live in the moment; Master Skywalker for all the usual reasons; Master Horn, one of Jaron's personal idols and a fellow Corellian. It was thanks to Corran Horn that the Corellian Jedi traditions lived on to this day - traditions Jaron hoped to inherit.

    Unfortunately, as a result of his reading, Jaron was late. As usual... He had been reprimanded many times by his former Masters for not being as attentive to the time as they would have liked. And they probably got sick of me quoting Master Sebatyne as an excuse! Pausing a moment to catch his breath, Jaron tugged on his forest green tunic to straighten it. Centering his Force presence and forcing his mind to calm, Jaron eased his way in the back door. It looked like Master Joy was just about to begin her speech - several of the Jedi near the door made hushing motions to Jaron, and one of them scowled. Putting a neutral expression on his face, Jaron turned to listen as Master Joy began speaking.

    "Greetings to all of you, and I welcome the newcomers to the Forces of Light Jedi Academy...I am pleased with the progress that we have made in the short time that this academy has been in existence...I am delighted to announce to you that I have chosen two individuals as my padawan learners. They are Jaron Kell from the planet Corellia, and Rasa Ruu'ta-li from the planet Cathar.May the Force be with both of you as you in your Jedi training...There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...I would like to inform you that all of the Sith information has been removed from the library and given to me...It was reported to me by a Jedi Master that some knights and padawans were reading this dark information.o... Though the Dark Side may seem very exciting, it is very dangerous and wrong. The true path is that of the Jedi and the light...Now, it is time to begin our day....May the Force be with us all...You are dismissed."

    Jaron stood still for a moment as everyone else turned to leave. He knew he was growing more powerful each day, and the time for his Knight's Trial was approaching, but still - to be selected as the personal apprentice of the Grand Master was a tremendous honor. Humility is the way of the Jedi. There is no emotion, there is peace... Jaron recited to himself. Still, unable to prevent a small smile from forming on his face, Jaron turned to leave. He would waste no time seeking out his new Master - he was excited to begin whatever training she would give him. Jaron also couldn't wait to meet the other apprentice that was selected. He had never met a Cathar before, although he had read about them. A very impressive and interesting species, to be sure!

    Reaching out through the Force, Jaron followed Master Joy towards her quarters. He knew the building well, having lived here for many years of his life, and it was clear that she was headed back to resident area of the senior members. As he walked, he reflected on another piece of information that Master Joy had given them - that all the Sith information had been removed from the library. He had almost forgotten about that bit in the shock of being selected as Master Joy's apprentice. Still, now that he remembered, it troubled him. Does the Jedi Code not say, 'There is no ignorance, there is knowledge,' Jaron thought. He knew that t
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    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Master LoveJoy's Quarters, Jedi Academy

    She tucked her tail behind her, and checked herself, making sure that she looked her best. Not seeing the other student, she hoped she was not late. With a slight flick of her tail, she reached out, and gently pressed the bell to announce herself.

    There was a slight flicker in her mind. A touch in the Force perhaps? As Rasa tilted her head slightly, her ears twitched slightly. Footsteps. Soft one. Her eyes turned, as she saw a young man, wearing green tunics headed towards her. Didnt Master LoveJoy mention that the other student was from Corellia? Those Jedi did wear green tunics. She scanned him briefly. Well, he seemed decent enough at first glance.

    As the young boy approached, he gave Rasa a smile, as he extended his hand. "Hello! I'm Jaron Kell, nice to meet you!" With a toothy smile of her own, Rasa gave him a polite nod, as she extended her own paw, being very careful to make sure that her claws were retracted, and hidden within the thick tuffs of fur.

    "Hello Jaron Kell. I am Rasa. Rasa Ruu'ta-Li" Rasi pronounced it slowly, letting the R's roll from her lips till they sounded almost like a soft purr. "I am ..uh..It is nice to meet you as well." She added, giving a much wider smile this time around. She released his hand, and looked back towards their new Master's quarters.

    "Did you know that you were going to be picked? Or was it .. a surprise?" she asked him softly, as they waited for a response from the door, looking over this Jaron Kell. Well, at least it seemed that he would not be too difficult to work with. With both of them becoming the head Master's Padawan, well it tended to be something that many would be watching them. At least Rasi thought so.

    She looked up, when someone passed by in a nearby corridor, but they continued on. She flicked her tail slowly, and then remembered herself, and tucked it back close to her body. Her tail had gotten her into many ... 'discussion' back at the main temple. She couldnt help it, if her tail sometimes had a life of its own. Why did others who didnt have one, seemed to fixate on it so much? They didnt fuss with the Twi'leks so much about THEIR tails! Even if theirs was on top of their heads. How silly is that?!

    Rasa waited for Jaron's response, as they both waited by the door, waiting to meet their new Master. Rasa repressed the urge to start grooming herself, and instead used a slight meditation technique she had learned, to quiet her thoughts.

    Her tail flicked slowly behind her.

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    IC: Darth Dreadwar, Wrath of Vader

    The Sith Lord snarled. There was no response from Mantisa on the com line. He had little doubt whoever he had sensed following the crime lord had attacked him. Perhaps killed him... or hopefully captured him.

    There were two ways to find out. One was to send a message on the com line again. If Mantisa had been captured, perhaps the captors would answer. However, there was a risk of Dreadwar exposing his identity; what about voice recognition equipment?

    There was another way, more difficult, for sure, but if Mantisa had been captured, this way would ensure his freedom, he was certain of it.

    Darth Dreadwar spun away and walked out of his quarters. He walked swiftly back to the ancient Sith meditation sphere. He entered, dismissing his guard, and resumed a cross-legged position. He summoned the dark fire burning in the poisoned black pit that was his heart, and his hatred allowed him to tap into the power the meditation sphere amplified. His reach was increased tenfold, and soon he was powering through waves of darkness, searching for the signature that had just began to become familiar to him...


    Dreadwar's eye moved through the Force. A blurry image of Mantisa came into focus, in the center of a room of some kind. Near him was an armored man... a bounty hunter? A mercenary? A Mandalorian...

    One of the Fett puppets, Dreadwar thought with disdain. Now let's witness the end of the career of two legendary bounty hunters... dispatched by the power of a Sith Lord lightyears away.

    Just as the Sith magic began to materialize far, far away, Dreadwar felt the Wrath of Vader lurch beneath him. His Guard had no doubt passed on the order to the Captain of the Star Destroyer to enter hyperspace, to the Tora Zone, an empty part of interstellar space near Coruscant often used by smugglers, pirates and other shady individuals.

    Near the holoprojector near which Cassius and Marcellus stood, having just sent a message to Master Joy, a door opened. Through the open doorway walked a man in brown robes, holding a lightsaber in his hand. The man's face was calm, yet it held a sense of purpose, of imminent justice.

    The robed man spoke to Cassius and Marcellus. "Cassius and Marcellus Fett, I am Jedi Knight Logan Solar." The man calling himself Solar raised his lightsaber hilt as evidence. "I am here to stop your interrogation of Mantisa. You must understand, Mantisa is working for us in an undercover operation. Mantisa is faking planning an attack on the Corellian system to draw out terrorists who have been causing trouble on these worlds. I must ask you desist in your investigation here, and free Mantisa. If not, I will have to take you into the custody of the Jedi Order."

    Logan Starr did not exist. The man standing before Cassius and Marcellus was a Sith illusion created by Dreadwar, like how Sith magicians Naga Sadow and Aleema Keto had done thousands of years prior. The words the illusion had spoken were lies all.

    In the meditation sphere on the Wrath of Vader, Dreadwar smiled. He had little doubt Cassius and Marcellus would fall for the trick.

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    Approved by Darth Cadaverous
    Name:Aegnost Necar?afar Drake, but goes by Sieg
    Alias: Darklighter
    Rank: Minion Apprentice
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Indix
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Height: 6 feet
    weight: 180 lbs
    Build: Medium Build
    Hair: Jet Black, with blond Streak above left eye
    eyes: Change color upon Mood: Common colors are Red, Black, Yellow, and Green.
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: Changing eye colors
    ---As Core of Power adept: Guard of the Citadel armor, similar to Shadow Guard armor, except for holes for the eyes and Sith hooded robe.
    ---Under Darth Cadaverous: Unknown
    --- As non-Sith disguise: Brown robe with Bothan styled shirt and pants underneath.
    ---Always: Sith amulet on left hand and wrist blaster cybernetically linked into the brain on the right arm.
    Weapon(s): 2 LightSabers, Wrist Blaster/Pad
    Personal Ship: 1but rumored to have 2. The only known craft is similar in design to an Imperial Star Destroyer, but on a large fighter sized Scale.
    ---Ship one Name: Nox
    ---Class: Custom Fighter
    ---HyperDrive Class: 0.75
    ---Weapons: 4 Dual Ion turrets and 4 Dual Blaster Turrets
    ---Shields: Enabled
    ---Crew: 1 {Plus automated systems}
    ---Passengers: 7
    ---Max Cargo: 150 KG
    ---Interior: Rather compact and flashing with buttons, systems, and storage.
    --- Other Details: Equipped with (1) Stealth Generator
    ---Ship Two name: Nihil
    --- Class: Modified Imperius Class
    Lightsaber Description: 2 special darksabers given by Darth Dreadwar. They are ancient Sith lightsabers that have been imbued and twisted by the dark side of the Force. The blades, even the core of the bheam, are black, fading out to purple and crackling with violet lightning.
    Hilt Description: Black.
    Blades: Blades: Black beam, fading out to purple and crackling with violet lightning
    Fighting Form: The Force, Jar Kai, and assassination
    Bio: Born on Indix. He was born into the early Core of Power. Sieg never knew his parents. Living without guidance, he felt at a disadvantage and sought to better himself. Bullied, pushed around, and abused by peers and authorities alike he forged his will at an early age to kill his oppressors and rip power from their hands.
    At the age of 10, he could take it no longer and started his career as an assassin. Within the year, no one person in the Core of Power dared to touch Sieg. Rising through ranks, he began learn beyond what his mystic teachers taught. Languages, politics, species, history, science, even philosophy. He began to grow ambitious, seeing his precious world a mere stepping stone to greater power. He took whatever jobs he could off planet, mainly jobs to assassinate such and such, threaten or wound but not to kill, and even the odd SOS.
    By 16, He had driven his way into the Main Government Building. Then Azgath N'Dul came to the world and subjugated it with his mastery of Sith magic. When N'Dul proclaimed himself Sith Lord Darth Dreadwar and King of Indix, the Core of Power came to Indix to fight Dreadwar. Sieg was in the main government building of Indix when the great battle began. After seeing Dreadwar's might in the dark side, Sieg aided Dreadwar in dispatching the leader of the Core of Power - Sallacine. Sallacine used his Force powers to damage Sieg's mind, effectively wiping it among other things. After the battle was over and Dreadwar took dominion over the Core of Power and began its transition from a band of Sith cultists to a large, powerful, influential and secretive organization of dark side adepts, Dreadwar saw the potential in Sieg. He told him of his worth, and his potential, and offered him a position in the Core of Power - and three Sith treasures from Korriban, the darksabers and the Sith amulet. Sieg, recovering from his newfound amnesia and remembering the power he had witnessed, accepted, and became the first of the Guards of the Citadel. He mastered the two darksabers, the use of Force lightning, the wrist blaster cybernetically wired into his brain and the Sith amulet.

    He bec
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    OOC: Sorry for the delay and shortness of this post I have been sick all day but I wanted to get something in real quick

    IC: Fett Brothers

    The robed man spoke to Cassius and Marcellus. "Cassius and Marcellus Fett, I am Jedi Knight Logan Solar." The man calling himself Solar raised his lightsaber hilt as evidence. "I am here to stop your interrogation of Mantisa. You must understand, Mantisa is working for us in an undercover operation. Mantisa is faking planning an attack on the Corellian system to draw out terrorists who have been causing trouble on these worlds. I must ask you desist in your investigation here, and free Mantisa. If not, I will have to take you into the custody of the Jedi Order."

    "Excuse me for being cautious Master Jedi, but how exactly did you get in here without tripping my silent alarms?" The lights remotely clicked off from the blink command issued by Marcellus. Cassius began to circle where the Jedi stood. The whole while Cassius had initiated a full battery of tests from both his suit and the surrounding sensory packages.

    "Marcellus... Are you finding it rather odd that the sensors are coming up blank?" Cassius spoke these words over the closed circuit comm link between them. "It is brother... I am recording all of this with holocam feed. I also began to run the midiclorian sensor package that Babuir rigged for us." "Good job brother"

    "Master Jedi you seem to be at a loss for words... I am going to have to insist that you leave the premises immediately if you do not explain your odd situation."

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    Name: Eroth Habar
    Alias: None
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Corellia
    Force Sensitive: Strong
    Appearance- [image=http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/2951/gandon3re.jpg]
    Height: 6'0
    weight: 181
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Brown
    eyes: Green
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: none
    Clothing: Standard Jedi Robes
    Weapon(s): A double-bladed Lightsaber, and the Force
    Personal Ship: A standard StealthX fighter
    Lightsaber Description: A normal looking silver hilt double-bladed lightsaber with a green saber color.
    Blade Color: Green
    Fighting Form: Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad
    Bio: Eroth Habar never met his mother, his father said she died during child birth. Eroth never believed that, he always knew the truth, that she left him. His father was a senator of planet Corellia. Eroth was always under the pressure of his father to act as if he was perfect. Sit still, only speak when spoken to, only show his perfection. Eroth always resented his father for making him act as if he had no personality.

    His father's ship crashed in an assassination attempt by an unknown threat. Eroth was on board, as he had accompanied his father to the senate. His father wanted him to go into politics, to follow in his footsteps. The ship crashed on the Wookie-inhabited planet of Kashyk. Eroth survived the crash, but his father didn't, his wounds healed in time. He befriended the Wookies, they saw good and innocence in him as he was only 7 years old. He was rescued by a Jedi Knight who sensed the force in him. Although they sensed that young Matteo was broken and filled with much pain, the force was overpowering the negatives. He was brought to the temple and trianed as a powerful Jedi.

    The Jedi knight that discovered him never took an apprentice, but when he was killed by a dark jedi, Eroth was given his lightsaber that has a green blade. He has become skilled with the combat use of Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad. He has devoted himself to the practice of the Jedi arts, and believes that concentration and focus are the key to overcoming an opponent.
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    Name: Davian Thule
    Alias: N/A
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Tatooine
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Height: 6' 0''
    weight: 195 lbs
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Brown
    eyes: Blue
    Skin Color: White
    Markings: Mechanical left arm
    Clothing: brown Jedi robes
    Weapon(s): Single bladed Lightsaber. The Force
    Personal Ship: YT-1200
    Lightsaber Description -
    Blade Color: Blue
    Fighting Form - Ataru, Djem So
    Bio: Davian was born on Tatooine and identified as a hopeful candidate for the Jedi as a child. He was taken to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, as a child he began training. During his research of acient order members, Davian developed a zealous following of Jedi Heros Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. He has tremendous respect for their skills and and their personal plights and turmoils. Designing his lightsaber after Master Skywalker's, and working to master Djem So, the preferred combat form of Master Skywalker and his son Luke. He has undertaken simple and complex missions on his own against crime lords, and the Sith alike and he has constructed his own lightsaber. On Dantooine what was suposed to be a simple turn turned fatal, in a complex turn of events the crime lord/bounty hunter he was after had become affiliated with a vicious sith cult, the subsequent conflict cost him his arm, and a portion of his moral soul a he was forced during the engagement to kill both the guilty and the innocent alike when he brought down a small inn on top of the crime lord and cult. the first body to be pulled from the wreckage was that of a child. To this day Thule's event was remembered as engaement 12/44D and is classified to all but the Council and Thule's Master. However Thule was affected all you knew him noticed an immediate change.

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    IC: Eroth Habar ? Jedi Academy on Coruscant

    As soon as Master Joy entered the room, Eroth kept his attention on the Grand Master to hear what she had to say for the morning.

    She began to speak, ?Greetings to all of you, and I welcome the newcomers to the Forces of Light Jedi Academy...I am pleased with the progress that we have made in the short time that this academy has been in existence...I am delighted to announce to you that I have chosen two individuals as my padawan learners. They are Jaron Kell from the planet Corellia, and Rasa Ruu'ta-li from the planet Cathar.May the Force be with both of you as you in your Jedi training...There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...I would like to inform you that all of the Sith information has been removed from the library and given to me...It was reported to me by a Jedi Master that some knights and padawans were reading this dark information.o... Though the Dark Side may seem very exciting, it is very dangerous and wrong. The true path is that of the Jedi and the light...Now, it is time to begin our day....May the Force be with us all...You are dismissed."

    When she dismissed everyone, Eroth decided to walk towards the library in for awhile so that he could do some researching and studying, and also to think about something Master Joy had said that stuck in his head like a mynock's mouth on a ship?s window. ?... There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...

    ?Hmm? Maybe? I should speak to her sometime about that.? He quietly said to himself. Considering that he was finally a well-trained thirty-two year old Jedi Knight, and his former master had gone off to teach more Padawan learners.

    Eroth walked around the library looking for some information about Jedi Knights and previous Grand Masters that lived before his time, such as Luke Skywalker and Yoda, Eroth loved to read all the information about them so that he could gain knowledge of their choices and decisions during combat and intense situations. He also loved to read about the ancient times of the Jedi.

    After a an hour of researching and reading, Eroth finally decided to make up his mind and exit the Library and started to swiftly walk around the entire Academy thinking about the thought of training a Padawan learner and the words that the Grand Master spoke unto everyone at the morning briefing.

    ?... There is a padawan who needs a master; a very strict, understanding, and patient master. If a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is interested, please come and speak with me...?

    Why could he not stop thinking about those few words in the span of a few hours still?

    He sighed. ?I think its time to man up, and share my knowledge with a young one. How hard could it be?? he mumbled to himself. He started to head towards the Grand Master?s room, but his stomach was growling with hunger. ?First, I need a meal at the Temple?s refectory. He headed towards the refectory and decided to grab a meal for the morning.

    After finishing a full glass of Blue Milk and the last bits of his breakfast, he exited the Temple's refectory and finally started to slowly walk towards Master Joy?s room while his breakfast digested in his stomach.

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    Name: Sterling Makedan
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Taris
    Force Sensitive: Yes, though in an incredibly unstructured way that is often downright annoying to other Force-users. Like a great dane puppy flailing everywhere and knocking over everything, just because his talents are 'bigger' doesn't mean they're actually useful. In fact, most of the time, he actively gets himself into trouble.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v193/PlaidButterfly/sterling.jpg for a picture of him.
    Height: A little on the short side, around 5'8''.
    weight: 175 lbs.
    Build: Mostly muscle, he is lean in build but in a way that seems to suggest he could do with a sandwich or two. He often comes off as a bit younger than he really is, appearing more like 19 instead of his actual age, very much in the midst of teenage awkwardness still.
    Hair: Somewhat coarse in texture, black, usually kept a little on the long side and pulled back.
    eyes: Brown.
    Skin Color: Medium brown.
    Markings: Scars on the inside of his elbows, at the veins, a fairly obvious indicator of heavy drug use in his past.
    Clothing: Usually just a simple off-white tunic, brown pants, and well-worn brown boots. Most of his clothing is obviously second-hand and is somewhat ill-fitting or not tailored to his form. He is especially fond of a duster-length brown leather jacket that he has had since he was fifteen; he still hasn't grown into it yet, and it is about to fall apart. All in all he ends up looking distinctly lower-class, despite otherwise keeping himself well-groomed.
    Weapon(s): Twin lightsabers.
    Personal Ship: N/A, Sterling is a terrible pilot.

    Health: Due to many years of heavy death stick abuse, Sterling has been outright told he will be lucky to see thirty-five. Although generally in good health now, he does have trouble recovering from injuries quickly. If he works himself expecially hard, he may have some problems breathing (e.g., exercise-induced asthma). His real problems however lie in recovering from wounds (think about the issues diabetics have, for example).

    Personality: He used to be characterized by his mercurial nature, either exceptionally cheerful or rivaling Eeyore for the 'most dismal outlook on life' award. However, he desperately tries to stay on the happier side of things ever since he has begun training in the ways of the Force, to the point of perhaps being aggravating in finding so-called 'silver linings' to every cloud. He is intensely loyal, however, even if he does tend to play things off in jokes. He is fairly avoidant when it comes to conflict and often acts as a peace-maker. The biggest problems he tends to have are usually because of this intense loyalty; he overreacts if his (former) master is insulted, and the quickest way to get him to absolutely lose his cool is to insult Andi - which is unfortunate, as he occasionally interprets girls laying on the flirting (after he calmly rebuffs them) as somehow trying to encroach on her memory.

    Lightsaber Description: His two lightsabers are obvious hand-me-downs - he did not construct them himself, though he has disassembled and reassembled them, both to see how they work and to replace the crystals. As such they are an oddly mismatched pair, one of them with a curved hilt and one without. One is colored blue, and the other green, and both have incredibly specific roles. Although otherwise plain, he has made them his own by meditating over the crystals, infusing them with nature imagery. This is mostly to keep himself calm during battles, as he draws a lot of strength from the natural world, but other Force users will easily pick up on this imagery though just to the point of perhaps being mildly distracted. (When he is practicing with them, he tends to project these images more strongly as part of his meditation while going through simple poses; due to his unrefined nature in dealing with the Force, this makes such images obvious to others in a way that is downright annoying - sort of the Force equivalent of somebody hummin
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