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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Aug 29, 2010
    IC: Darius Baron - Forces of Light Temple - Coruscant

    Anakin nodded with agreement to Darius' statement and then asked, "Master, what about you? How did you come to train as a Jedi?"

    Darius knew his troubled history would come up with a Padawan, he just did not know it would come up this quickly. "My past is as they say a long story Anakin. I was first trained in the Force by a Dark Jedi who preyed on me when I was very young and did not know any better. I was confused and hurting when he found me because my uncle was killed before my eyes on a missionary tour on Kashyyyk by raiders. My Force powers manifested when the Raiders were just about to kill me. They were considerable enough to bring the Dark Jedi out of hiding and take me on as an apprentice. He gained my trust by saving me from the raiders and telling me the he knew both sides of the Force. I accepted as I had nothing to go back to, and he trained me, made me powerful, but full of anger. A few years later I was sent on a supply run to Telos where I got mixed up in a spice deal gone bad. A female Jedi was there to arrest the spice runners and I hid to protect my Master's existance. She sensed my presence anyway and after a short battle she disarmed me and made me realize the destructive path I was on. She took me to Dantooine and had me trained in the ways of the Light Side at the Jedi training facility there. The story after that I would perfer to leave alone Anakin."

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Anakin Shern
    Personal Quarters Forces of Light -- Coruscant

    Anakin nodded as he listened to Darius. It was beginning to sound like everyone had some darkness to their past. All a part of the learnig experience. He learned some fell to the darkside and realizing their mistake return to the light. When he was done he indicated there was a part of his past he didn’t want to discuss. “Your master sounds very understanding, it wouldn’t be your fault because it was what you were taught,” he gave a quick smile then frowned. “My parents were killed in a raid on Tatooine. I made the decision to leave and trained for ten years at the Jedi Temple of Corellia. I want to finish my training here as that was my original intent. I’m from Tattooine and find just about any weather too cold and I love storms. All that water falling from the sky all at once. Not something I was used to seeing.”

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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza (Kiri Zatul), Hotel Manarai, Coruscant

    An hour later after an uneventful trip, she arrived at her destination.

    Hotel Manarai.

    Normally, her preference was something a bit more low profile, but in this instance, this was essential.
    A influential hotel, known for its sometimes posh clientel. Perfect. For this next job, she had to
    present a bit more class than normal. She kept a room here. Most of the times, it was for show only. The
    clients she was after usually something a little more polished. She would make sure that they would get
    it. Kiri scanned the room, making sure that the room was not being scanned. It happened, more than most
    folks were willing to admit. She then allowed herself the luxry of laying back across the bed, as she
    ordered something to eat. Yes, this should do nicely. And it was far enough away, to not feel the
    crawling annoying presence of the Jedi nearby. And polished service. Even better.

    With one of the larger banking guilds putting up that massive bounty, and with the Red sector and local
    Senators and high officals feeling a bit more mortal, meant that getting a job was going to be
    interesting. Like snakes in a viper pit, the local squabs were coming out of the cracks, all looking for
    work as well. Fresh meat. That meant that if she was going to snag herself a job, with a certain diplomat
    in the Senator block, she would have to show she was more 'capible' than the othes. She smiled. A
    pathetic but necessary bit of show. That alone might be enough to keep the Jedi away. Kiri allowed
    herself to enjoy her room, stretching her arms, and relaxing. A shower and a change of clothes, while she
    ran another search. Soon, a beep informed her that the meal she had ordered had arrived. Armed, she
    answered her door, allowed the being enty to leave the plate of food, before tipping him. She carefully
    watched him leave, making sure he left no other 'tokens' behind. She rescanned the room once more, and
    then after checking her food, sat down to enjoy a really enjoyable meal, which included real meat. And it
    was not nerf. A treat, to be sure, but she deserved it. She enjoyed her meal with a tif of Corellian
    brand on the side. Yes, this would do well indeed. She planned to enjoy this job. She let the holonet
    play, watching the programs for a bit of background noise, as she enjoyed her meal.

    Later, she checked her latest search. She collaberated scans of the being that made the earlier search,
    with beings close to the location of those looking for a body guard. There was a match. True, it was a
    long shot, but better than nothing. And at the very worse, she would simply be making a few extra credits
    on the side. Either way, it was a gain for her regardless. Kiri looked up the advertisement, and sent in
    her 'official' credintials. It was not long before she received a reply. Tomorrow. 9am. Interview. So the
    night was hers to enjoy for now. And she would. Tomorrow, work would begin.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: CEO Cerasini, Kate Lockley, RSB Skyhook.
    Location: Coruscant skies

    The multi-storey floating edifice that was the Red Sector Bank's skyhook remained suspended high in the planet's sky, reachable by a permanent sky-elevator that was connected to the planet surface, or by shuttle, or specially-customised vehicles of the Coruscant Taxi Service.

    In a spartan executive suite, dominated by a ten feet across, circular holographic communication centre, Cerasini, the human Chief Executive Officer, stood by looking at the translucent blue life-sized holographic image of the Being Behind The Bank.

    "I saw the broadcast. Not bad. I particularly liked the quip about not accepting an X drawn on a map."

    "Thank you, Sir." Cerasini responded formally, his arms straight at the sides of his neatly pressed dark suit.

    "So, any takers?"

    "Lots. Those who are already professional bounty hunters, will join the hunt as soon as they are ready. The amateurs, who are merely attracted by the reward, will be coming here to gain the B23-1-14 permit, that they will need to present upon completion, to claim the maximum reward." Cerasini smiled. "It would certainly save a lot of credits if someone captured this scum, and did not have the permit. We could get away, quite legally, with giving them the local 245 credit reward money."

    "Haw haw haw." Classic Hutt laugh. "Watch your step, Cerasini. A being able to take down this sith is unlikely to settle for such a pittance ."

    "Maybe I'll throw in a blacmange, and a pointy hat that says, 'Best Bounty Hunter'." The CEO dropped the smile. "But seriously. I will be testing those who turn up here, to make sure they are at least worth of this task. And, if they satisfy, they will be presented with the bounty hunter permit. Oh, Sir?"

    Stromberg the Hutt's two huge eyes seemed to focus a bit more keenly at the direct question from his underling. "Speak."

    "Any response from the Bounty Hunter Guild in the Lyarna system"

    "Frak 'em. If their members want a piece of this, that's fine, but we are not going through that pathetic throwback. Boba Fett had the right idea when he destroyed the original Houses."

    Images flickering on a nearby repeater screen attracted Cerasini's attention, and he turned from the holograph to look. "Ah, our first guests. I will have to go."

    "Keep me posted, Cerasini. Though the Hutt's involvement in the Red Sector Bank is not widely known, we cannot let this miscreant think his behaviour acceptable. Go. Confiscate his limmie ball."

    The holo-image faded into nothingness.

    * * * *

    Docking Bay Two

    Kate Lockley tugged down the hemline of her sleeveless black minidress, after stepping out of the green Coruscant Taxi, and glanced round the square, mostly empty bay.

    "Will you be wanting me to hang around for you?" The driver asked through the rolled down passenger window, leaning across from his own seat to look up at her.

    "Well, I forgot my parachute, so yes please." She replied testily, then bent down so that she could check her reflection in the smoked glase windows. "Don't worry, you will be compensated. And I should not be long; I'm sure the CEO is a busy being."

    "If you're a friend of his, I have this problem with bank charges."

    Lockley rolled her eyes as she tucked the black clutch bag under her armpit, "Yeah, that's not gonna come up."

    She walked away from the taxi, towards a door at the far end of the bay. The place seemed a bit familiar, but considering it had been almost a century and a half since her last skyhook visit, she doubted it could be the same place. Maybe there was a generic design.

    The door slid aside, then closed behind her as she found herself in an equally stark lobby area with light grey, stone-like walls, and a second sealed door on the opposite wall.

    She saw the rodian the same time as he saw her. He was dressed in a one piece green and yellow suit with horizontal ribbed design down the torso and limbs. Didn't these people update their fashions at all?

    "Are you the Red Bank CEO?"

    "Do I look like the Red Bank CEO?."

    "Frankly, no, but I try not to profile by species."

    "Well, I'm guessing you are not his secretary, otherwise you would not have had to ask." The rodian glanced around the room, before looking back at her. "Name's Fernley." He extended a long-fingered hand to her, which she shook.

    "Lockley. So, you here for this bounty, too?"

    "Yeah, but if you think you can take this dark jedi down-"

    "What?" She laid her hand over her breast, "Oh no. I am not the one taking on the bounty; I just represent the team who want to do it, and I am seeking more information than was on the holonet."

    The door from the docking bay hummed open, and both glanced back to see if the newcomer was the bank exec that they were here to see, instead spying the pudgy white form of a long eared Lepi, resting a blaster carbine on his furred paunch.



    "What?" The newcomer asked.

    "You're a rabbit."

    "Frag you. I'm a Lepi. How many times do I have to tell you apes that?"

    All three looked over as the opposite door opened.

    "I think we are supposed to go through there." Fernley gestured to Kate. "After you."

    Lockley's first instinct was to decline the offer, but she had been Coruscanti police in her former life, and she had an image to uphold, even if only to herself.

    Nodding to Fernley, she preceded him and the Lepi into the next room, only to find a long trestle table laden with a white tablecloth, and on top of that, from left to right, a lot of weapons, from vibroshivs, blaster pistols, bowcasters, rifles, enough to storm a Rebel Base.

    "Okay, this is a little unexpected." Kate switched to cop mode, noting the three sealed doorways in the opposite wall.
    This place was not short of doors, and bit by bit, they were being led deeper into the skyhook. Which was okay with her.

    "I wonder what these are for." The rodian looked over the weapons.

    "Hello?" Kate called out.


    Kate and Fernley looked across at the Lepi, who, standing several metres to their left at the far end of the armoury table, was pointing up to the ceiling, on the other side of the table, where both could now see a thin black rectangle descending from a near-invisible slit.

    As the rectangle extruded fully, a picture appeared, showing the Chief Executive Officer from the holo-news segment.
    "Thank you for coming along. You are seeking your B23-1-14 permits?"

    "I'm surprised they still have those." Kate observed, wondrous that beauracracy had not switched the numbers at all, all this time.

    "What's with the weapons?" Fernley repeated.

    "There will be a test to ensure you are not wasting my time, young sir. Should you reach room AA-23, you will be presented with your permits. Good luck."

    "Er?" Kate raised a hesitant hand.

    The three doors opposite slid open, each revealing a grey skeletal figure with glowing red eyes, and holding a giant cotton bud that was taller than they were.

    "I-I think there has been some mistake;" Lockley managed, "I'm not participating in the hunt. I'm investigating this on behalf of a-a group that are interested."

    "And how many in your group?"


    The Lepi cocked the barrel on his wide-bore weapon. "Bring it."

    To be continued...
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Rooftop, Ciutric IV

    Rasa carefully kept checking over Lord Nelf, as she helped him to a sitting position. She was relieved when he began to move, as he came up on one knee.

    "You do good work, my Apprentice." he replied as he picked up his lightsaber. She stayed silent, but smoothly rose to a standing position nearby, stopping her healing. She was glad that it had worked on him, she had worried about that for a minute. With that question now gone, she simply came to an attentive stance, in case anything else showed up. She saw his gaze, and looked to where the construct now laid face down. "I see what you mean about him being a construct. Strange that I never noticed before." She noticed him stretch his hand, but then seemed to change his mind, and lowered his arm. She twitched her ears, but stayed silent.

    "Sorry about the smell, Rasa." Lord Nelf suddenly stated, an interesting look on his face. "Do you wish you had stayed with Grandmaster Joy?" Rasa rolled her eyes, and she stuck out her tongue between her fangs, making a face. She understood the look as a joke now. And ESPECIALLY when referencing Grandmaster Joy. She smirked. "Whaat smmmmell?" she replied sweetly, purring just a bit, as Lord Nelf began to move, looking towards one of the large openings. Rasa watched carefully, as Nelf strode across to the nearest vent, holding gingerly onto the vertical edge of the cowling as he peered inside. It was what happened next that really shocked her. He held up his other hand, and FLAMES, in the shape of a ball appeared, floating above his open palm. And since he was not screaming, or looking in pain, she guessed it was not hurting him either. Her eyes went wide, as did her ears as she watched the controlled ball of flame float above his hand.

    "Unless you remembered to bring a glowrod, I'm going to have to use these to see in the dark."

    Rasa had to shake herself, as she realized that he was speaking to her, so memorized was she by the flaming ball of fire. Did she have any glowrods?... yes, but none on her. She didnt think they would be digging around. The only think she had was a small light-source.. She could see pretty well in the dark, but before she could say anything, she watched as he gestured, and the fireball floated steadily inside. It lit up the place as she had moved forward to stand behind him now to peek inside as well. She heard the fireball sizzle.

    "Mm, I think I saw a catwalk in there, not far below the vent. Be careful to step where I step." His voice echoed, which Rasa picked up very clearly.

    "Mmmmmaster. I have a smmmmalll light." she replied, as she dug into her pack. She then tilted her head. "Buuut, could wwwwwe nnnot just uuuse ourrr saberrrrs?" she asked him, as he moved inside. Rasa carefully matched his steps, staying just a few behind him. The smell was MUCH worse in here, and Rasa's ears went down flat, as she tried to ignore it. She was NOT breathing through her mouth in this place, so she simply pulled her tunic up a bit higher. She was going to have a HOT bath, after this!

    Rasa turned her attentions back on their path, for if Lord Nelf suddenly slipped, she would be ready to pull him back up. She was sure he claws would not do here, this was metal, nothing to grip onto... unless it was more slime. Rasa extended her Force presence out once more. In case the Construct, or any other of its traps suddenly came to life.

    "Massster? Do you knnnnow what isss 'Baktoid Elaborate Defenses'?" she asked him, working hard to pronounce the words exactally. "Thing said mmmuseummmm wasss guarded by it." she asked him, as they walked.

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    "That's a little....obsessive. Not to mention creepy."

    Gaan almost smiled. "Not if you know him. But he still sees me as his Padawan, and, of course, Padawans don't go off and do things on their own. Or at least that seems to be his reasoning behind it."

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94)

    IC: Laen Anjou - Corellia

    Laen watched with fascination as the Sith realized the explosion was coming, and attempted to hurl the lightsaber away. He was a second too late, and Laen could tell his strong arm had been compromised. The fury in the Dark Side grew as the man leapt to attack him, his lightsaber coming down hard and fast. Quickly summoning another lightsaber to his hand, identical to the last, he raised the blade to block the Sith's blows. The power of the strikes began taking its toll on his arms, and, apparently sensing it, the Sith shot another blast of Force Lightning toward him. Laen was expecting it this time, though, and quickly dropped his guard to block the lightning, simultaneously rolling out of the way of any further blows from the lightsaber. When the lightning ceased, he was prepared to jump in and attack once again.

    TAG: Furio (Darth_Furio)
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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza (Kiri Zatul), Senator's Row, Block #139176, Coruscant

    After a very rewarding night, where Kiri had allowed herself to fully take advantage of the conveniences
    that Coruscant had to offer, she prepared for this mornings appointment. Her long brown hair pulled up
    into something simple but tasteful, her green eyes checking her clothing carefully, looking for any
    flaws. The suit she wore was very tailored, along with the short cloak she wore clasped to her shoulders.
    Functional, and efficient. The dark gray suit. Nothing too flashy, in case this being was more a
    traditionalist. Her body armor was underneath, which also held all of her weapons quite discreetly, She
    also carried all the little bits of flash and paper that were necessary, if one was going to be a weapon
    carrying bodyguard. Including a badge, that got her into places, not many others would get a chance to
    venture into. A small datapad, tucked into into a small clutch, went along with her clothing. It was good
    to have a bit of an edge. She figured she would need it with this fare. She had dealt with Senators
    before, and they were known to be a bit fickle, prone to changing their minds, quicker than a Hutt taking
    a bribe, depending on their whims and mood. She queried the holonet once last time, to insure no last
    minute changes had occurred before leaving. About two hours later, she made it to the address indicated,
    in Senator's row. She was early to scope out the area, the local surroundings, and perhaps a few of her
    'competitors'. Humph. It was a little disappointing. It was not in the exclusive, higher priced ranged
    area. So her potential employer was most likely a Senator's aide or consort, not a Senator himself. That,
    or they was really slumming. Either way, if it put her one stepped closer to finding out who was looking
    for information on the language of the holocron, she could care less where he stayed, as long as he could
    afford her fee. If he could not, she would have to procure the information she needed another way. Kiza
    made a few scans of the immediate area. She noticed two beings who showed up about five minutes behind
    her. She smiled as she took a snap of them. One, dressed in Mandalorin type gear, but it was obviously
    ill fitting, and pieced together badly, like it was three sizes too big for them. The other, she had to
    recheck her scans. It appeared to be a Dashade. That was possible bad news. Dashade's were rare, their
    race all but wiped out. But the few that remained, were very popular as guards. They had a partial
    Force-resistance, were resistant to radiation, and they were difficult as a Guldarian sand flea to detect
    on some life-form scanners, which also made them perfect assassins. If this creature was going for the
    same job as well, that might cause problems. People liked them, because they were intimidating. Most
    thought twice before trying to go head to head with one. Well, if this one was going for the same job,
    she would find this interview interesting indeed. She took her snap, and then headed for the address she
    was giving.

    Kiza's heels clicked as she walked, moving into the security zone that surrounded the Senator's Row. It was with slight amusement she first noted the sloppy Mandalorin, arguing with the security teams. It seemed that he was having trouble getting in. And the two Coruscant secs she saw, were giving him a hard time. She also noted that she did not see the Darshade. That in itself didnt mean anything useful, but it was noted. After a few moments, and seeing that the joke in armor was not getting anywhere, Kiza stepped forward, as she reached into a pocket. She knew better than to cause a scene here. While there were only two secs scene, she knew there were a lot more closely watching. The second Corsec looked up as she approached, Kiza ignored the two arguing beings, and focused on the guard. "Im here for a 9am appointment." she stated curtly, as she flashed her paperwork, showing the time and number that represented the person she had an appointment with. She was not about to give aloud any information, that the Mando could use. She also flashed her permit, that immediately let them know that she was armed.. and planned to stay that way. The guard nodded, as she moved around the Mandorian, who immediately did not take kindly to it. He turned towards her, gesturing wildly as she moved to pass him. "WHY are you allowing HER in?!" he demanded, hotly while nodding towards Kiza. Kiza assumed it was a male. She paused, as the guard opened the gate, while holding an scanner in his hand. She looked the Mando up and down, as she debated saying anything or not. She opted not to, and stepped through the gate, allowing the guard to scan her...

    Suddenly a huge warning within the Force warned her, even before she noted that the guard scanning her was reacting to something. Using just a touch of the Force, she whirled about as she ducked, pulling a stunner out from one of her hidden pockets, as she turned to face the incensed hunter. Her left arm came up to block his blaster, as she moved. Kiza enjoyed beings incased in armor. Especially when up close. With an upward swing, she contacted the hunter with a stunner, letting the voltage from the stunner pour into the being. No need to kill, especially if she was not going to be paid for it. Most likely, this was a someone trying to make a name. Unfortunately, their decision would cost them, for he would not make a name with her. She gave a slight grin, as the hunters body jerked as the stunners energy poured through him, and then he, along with his armor's systems shut down. He fell forward, collapsing next to her, even as the first guard had pulled out his sidearm. But he was far too slow. Kiza stood, brushing herself off, as she placed the stunner back into its hiding spot. She smoothed down her hair, and brushed her left arm. "That's why." she spoke to the unconscious body, as she stepped over him to face the second guard once more. The guard stared at her frozen for a moment, before his training took over. "Yes mam'am. Take the blue lift up. They are expecting you." he quickly replied. "Thank you." Kiza replied, as she took her clutch, and stepped inside. She did not bother to turn around, as she heard other guards moving to remove
    the other hunter. That was one competitor removed. She wondered what others she would have to deal with.
    Kiza checked her reflection once more, as she waited for the lift, and then got on, holding on to the handrail as it quickly wisked her towards her destination. Once the doors opened, Kiza had to blink several times. The lighting there was bright. Almost blinding. This one was certainly paranoid. making sure no shadows available for any assassins here. She also noted the three cameras she could see. That meant there were a few more she could not see. Pausing only for a moment, she turned, and walked down the hallway. She passed a few doors before finally coming across the one that held the number she required. Her hand came up to knock on the door, when the door slid open. She smiled. Her Force senses tingles with awareness, as she stepped into the room. A quick scan reveiled a simple enough office. A very nervous looking human, along with the Dashade she had seen earlier were in the room. The man was sweating. Had to be the one. But, if he already had the Dashade...? The emotions she was feeling from the man, were almost making her nausious. But then, a whisper in the Force came to her, and she almost grinned. Almost. The man was terrified of the Dashade! He didnt trust him. He also didnt trust one being to keep him safe. The Dashade looked annoyed, but stayed silent, as he crossed his arms over his massive chest, saying nothing. The man gestured towards a chair, as he walked over towards the other side of the chair, and finally
    spoke. Kiza stayed standing, behind the chair. The man raised an eyebrow. "Th.." The man made the motion
    to clear his throat. "Thank you for showing up, Ms Zatul. We received your application, and.." The man's voice faltered, then cleared once more. "Well, to be truthful, you are not exactly what I expected."

    Now Kiza did smile. "Why, I shall take that as a compliment." she said with a smile, nodding. "And that is exactly the point I was trying to make, Senator...?" she paused. The man looked confused, and then answered her query. "Senator's Aide. I am Mathor Sledon, Aide to Senator Tesslor of the Green sector."
    Kiza nodded slowly, as the man took a seat. "So, what do you mean, your point exactly?" Mathor asked
    her. Kiza moved around to the other side of the chair. "Well, there are different types of bodyguards.
    The huge stalking hulks, like the one standing behind you there." The Dashade grunted, but said nothing.
    Kiza continued on, "while being quite effective, they are also noticeable. A glaring, bright sign, that
    tells beings that if they are going to reach you, they must get through them first. And for most, that is
    more than enough." Kiza moved closer, smiling now. "But me, well, I would most likely be overlooked.
    Thought of as possible a arm covering, nothing more, and certainly nothing threating. I can get in, in
    places where they cant. You KNOW which places Im speaking of..." Kiza gave the man a knowing grin, now
    adding just tiny bit of Force manipulation into her speech. "And those who mistake me for being nothing
    but arm fluff, dont live past their mistake." Kiza stood up, all business now. "But right now, you're
    worried about that supposed Sith that showed up, causing a lot of damage within several sectors,
    including yours. And you have every right to be concerned. I also know you saw what happened at the
    checkpoint. And you have checked my references, else you would not have sent for me. My record speaks for
    my work..." Kiza paused, backing up a few steps, her face deadly serious now. "And you can call of the
    three idiots you have hidden behind the door before they get themselves dead. They are far too noisy and
    the next time you want to play games, dont waste my time." Kiza turned, and headed for the door. Her eyes
    gleamed as she headed for the exit.

    "Wait!!!" Sledon's voice quickly called out behind her. Kiza turned around slowly, and looked at the man.
    And she knew, before he said anything else, that the job was hers.

    TAG: ?

    The Den

    They were crawling out of the trash piles. Every flea bitten, want to be, desperate for credits, want to
    be, who was willing to strap on armor and call themselves bounty hunters, it seemed was trying to cash
    in on the payday. A few of them, actually tried to get the proper documents necessary. Some went to
    specialized 'brokers', businesses who would issue out such documents. For a price, of course. Or a
    promise of a cut of the bounty. Others went to more 'discrete' outsources, like the one Vella supervised.
    Her people were quite busy. She surmised it would not last long. Especially once they actually located
    the person.

    Fryne had not sent her any other information as of yet. But her contact that worked with the Jedi temple,
    had sent an interesting morsel of information however. Nothing to do with Boolian, but interesting. She
    would have to keep an eye on it. No need to pass it on just yet. No until something more concrete was

    TAG: No one
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  8. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008
    IC: Darth Furio - Private Hanger Bay - Coronet, Corellia

    After Furio made his leap at the pretender he was met by a fast appearing lightsabre that defended his blows but he could feel that with every strike he was getting closer to his kill shot. With that Furio changed the pace and unleased a barrage of Force Lightning again and Gaan's master repelled that as well as he seemed ready for it this time. The pretender retreated back again and Furio just stopped and caught his breathe while spitting out blood that had accumulated in his mouth leaving a coppery tang.

    Furio decided mental stimulation was needed now as he released a flood of emotions and memories of the whole confrontation to Gaan over their bond knowing that her master would sense it as well. Furio hoped that an opening would arise in the defence of this fallen Jedi with the mental strike and he attacked wih his swift flank technique again but now came from the opposite side because Furio had to use his off hand to execute it.

    TAG: Laen Anjou
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  9. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Anguish
    Coronet City, Corellia
    Private Hangar

    Quite suddenly and without warning, a moment in time became frozen, then stretched into infinity. It was as if everything became clear in that instance, but he would be cursed with not retaining the revelation with crystal clarity. Only shades of knowledge would remain, for such was the mystery of the Force. What he beheld here was a message; the briefest glimpse of things to come. The Path of Anguish would be filled with struggles, with powerful enemies, both familiar and unfamiliar, all wielding power, all brandishing their own clever surprises. Yes, this was indeed a revelation. It was not 'who' these beings were, but what they represented. He had to become stronger, more inventive, if his vision was to ever see fruition. This was his challenge. It wasn't just about Power and Domination, but also about Control.

    The frozen moment ended, and the sith assassin witnessed how the 'dark jedi's' resourcefulness saved his life once again. To survive under the most dire of circumstances, to battle on, even when greatly wounded. To do battle in places were no succor could be summoned, save for one's own wit. Lessons that never grew old, but only that.These were the symbols of his obstacles. Not the throng of weak-minded beings choking out their existence in the universe, no…not them. The struggle would be against 'unseen powers', those who pulled strings from the shadows, who moved as he did. He would need to know who these beings were, how they operated, and how to best them, that is, if he would see his vision come to pass.

    Though still undetected, Anguish made sure to take a mental picture of the dueling pair. He needed to remember them for future reference. Their force-presence he was not likely to forget, nor their great power. Yes, he would need more power, which made his mission to Coruscant all the more critical.

    Without making a noise, the sith assassin backed up and exited the hangar just as he had entered it. Once outside its walls, he tapped his communicator and jumped off the structure's ledge. He sailed smoothly through the air and landed gracefully upon the speeder he had summoned remotely, streaking now to his current hide-out within the city. Much was on his mind, not to mention a sense of urgency, though he would not throw caution to the wind, never that. Events were in motion, that much he could sense, and much was confirmed when he next studied the message feeds in his datapad. Anguish packed his things and decided to leave on the next private transport to Coruscant he could arrange-as soon as possible. The transcripts from Coruscant were, however…most intriguing.

    Notably, there was a sizable bounty being offered by the Red Sector Bank, for the capture of…what appeared to be another sith? Anguish found that most curious, but also significant. A scheme began to form in his mind concerning the sith, which was wanted 'dead or alive'. "Good luck with that…" he heard himself say. Still, this could work to his advantage, maybe. Be that as it may, there was no forgetting the primary reason for his trip to Coruscant, especially now that the secrets in Khol Destros' datapad had been revealed. The 'missing' Holocron was a key to power, and one that he intended to possess. Anguish poured over the initial notes in Destros' datapad concerning his many buyers and found reference files on potential secret identities. Ah, too bad you had to die Khol, you did good work, he mused briefly. Anguish smiled as he saw the list of suspected names and their aliases. It seemed there were some influential people who were interested in purchasing the artifact, according to Destros' notes. Anguish ( as well as Destros) did wonder if any of them were 'Jedi'. Anguish smiled, thinking of the task ahead. He switched off the datapad, feeling the need to meditate before embarking on his trip to Coruscant.

    "And so, the hunt will begin…very soon."

    There was so much work to do, but he was undaunted. In fact, he welcomed the challenge before him, and relished in what lay ahead. He suspected only one force user would leave that hangar, and whoever did, it was likely he would see them again. But that was a matter for another time. Next stop, Coruscant.

    Tag: TBA

    "True strength is unseen, but weakness is painfully visible."
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  10. echo_girl_94

    echo_girl_94 Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Mariel Rian, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    "Not if you know him. But he still sees me as his Padawan, and, of course, Padawans don't go off and do things on their own. Or at least that seems to be his reasoning behind it."
    Mariel frowned. "But you're officially a Knight. Does he know? Or does he just not care?"

    TAG: Gaan (The_Zeltron)
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  11. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    IC: Darius Baron - Forces of Light Temple - Coruscant

    After Darius explained the part of his history he was willing to tell his new Padawan, Anakin then said, "Your master sounds very understanding, it wouldn’t be your fault because it was what you were taught. My parents were killed in a raid on Tatooine. I made the decision to leave and trained for ten years at the Jedi Temple of Corellia. I want to finish my training here as that was my original intent. I’m from Tattooine and find just about any weather too cold and I love storms. All that water falling from the sky all at once. Not something I was used to seeing.”

    Darius saw that Anakin had his own demons to deal with and could relate to the young man's loss of his parents. The feeling of helplessness and the violent chaos all around him when his uncle died was unsettling and led to his fall to the Dark Side. The acknowledgement of Master Zel was spot on, as her memory made Darius recall her tragic death at Cyrax's hands. Finally Darius responded, "I appreciate your understanding Anakin, and I will do my best to help you complete your training." Darius bowed slightly towards Anakin. "If you like storms and falling water perhaps one day we will go to Kamino, the planet is one giant ocean and rainstorm. Unpleasant in my humble opinion but a remarkable sight nontheless.

    TAG: Anakin Shern
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  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, Garrison Roof Chute
    Location: Ciutric IV's Tourist Island

    Visually, at least, this was like being in a different world, Nelf considered.

    Thanks to the washed-out effect of the hydrostatic shield, he could no longer see that they were inside a dormant volcano, and even with his Force senses, he was hard put to detect the verdant, green jungle out there.

    This was almost like a selective, sensory deprivation, where the only thing that got through was this dank, awful-smelling tome-like place that he and Rasa were now investigating.

    This was where his search for Trip, as he called Ysanne, had led, so he would not turn back, even if the shield dome had allowed egress.
    And though he had not mentioned iut to his apprentice, they probably needed to find the power source of the shield, and turn it off, to escape.

    He hoped to Tunare, the Goddess of Light, that the shield generator wre inside the base.

    For now, he pressed on, hoping he had noted a clear enough route to the catwalk he had seen, from the fleeting glare afforded by his fireball.

    Rasa rolled her eyes and poked her tongue out between her fangs, as response to asking her if she wished she had stayed with that Jedi Grandmaster.
    Sure, Masterjoy had not let her build her lightsabre, but the half-elf wondered if there was more to it, as even this was comparable to life at the Forces of Light Academy?

    "Whaat smmmmell?" She purred sweetly, and he could not help but smile at that.

    "Unless you remembered to bring a glowrod, I'm going to have to use these to see in the dark." He had said, when he had generated the fireball.

    "Mmmmmaster. I have a smmmmalll light." He heard her rummaging in the darkness, into her bag, and wondered if she would ever tire of being called a 'clever girl'.

    Nelf was growing more grateful my the hour that he had offered to take her on, and that she had agreed. He could do fireballs all day long, but they ate into his mana, and he did not want to need more of that magical energy supply, and not have enough, simply because he had needed to light their way.

    And then she surpassed even that with her next suggestion. "Buuut, could wwwwwe nnnot just uuuse ourrr saberrrrs?"

    He stopped in his tracks, his boots slipping a couple of centimetres on the slick metal and moss.
    "As I live and breathe, why in the original light did I not think of that? Of course!"
    He drew his lightsabre and held it out to the right, the bright rose-coloured plasma blade throwing both their shadows up the wall to their left.

    Nelf blinked away the sudden brightness, and aimed the humming blade in front of them, so he could see where to step.
    "Take it from me, Kid. You are a fething genius."

    They continued on in silence, while he waved his lightsabre at the floor, keeping a sharp eye out for when it ended, and put up a fist in silent signal to Stop, when he saw the floor change colour to a black that even the glowing blade did not illuminate, and through the Force, he could sense depth there.

    He took a hold of the weapon with his mind, and unwrapped his fingers from around the hilt, the lightsabre now floating in mid-air before him, and as they watched, the weapon spun slowly so that the blade was aiming straight down.

    It floated slowly down through the gap in the floor, so that the glow shone around whatever was below.
    "Okay, there is the catwalk I saw earlier. I'm going to jump down, make sure it can support our weight."

    "Massster? Do you knnnnow what isss 'Baktoid Elaborate Defenses'?" Rasa enquired tentatively as he got to the edge, and squatted down.

    "Baktoid, huh? Where did you hear that?"

    "Thing said mmmuseummmm wasss guarded by it."

    Nelf paused to mull this over, the toes of his boots on the edge of the darkness. "Ever heard of the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict that pre-dated the Empire? The Galactic Republic never went out of its way to publicise who was making the weapons and machines for the other side, but we found out. Baktoid Armour Workshop were a Trade Federation-owned firm." The half-elf looked pensive. "I'm surprised they are still around. Oh well."

    He jumped and disappeared into the hole, a moment later, there was a loud CLANG as he landed on the latticed catwalk anchored at several intervals to the ceiling of this lower red-lit chamber, bending his knees to absorb some of the impact.

    There was metallic squealing from the ceiling, which he quickly realised was from the supports. "Er, you might not want to join me just yet. Give me a mi-"

    A deafening wrenching squeal echoed round the room as an entire length of the platform, coincidentally the bit he was standing on, separated from the ceiling and splashed down onto the dark floor, one end still connected to the rest connected to the ceiling, the catwalk now forming a rough cheesegrater-like slide.

    Nelf rolled down almost to the floor when he managed to get a couple of fingers into one of the myriad diamond holes in the catwalk, arresting his fall. He hung there for several seconds, then "It's okay, I'm alright!" He reassured her, holding on and looking round.

    The chamber had been plunged mostly into darkness, and a steady sizzling sound drew his attention to the floor, where his lightsabre had speared into the surface after he had lost the Force hold on it.
    A compact eddy of reddish water swirled round the plasma-punctured hole.

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  13. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    The girl frowned in response. "But you're officially a Knight. Does he know? Or does he just not care?"

    "He doesn't care. In his opinion, I will only ever be his follower." Just as Gaan finished her sentence, she suddenly felt an almost overwhelming flood of emotions over the bond with Furio, accompanied by memories of a duel he was currently engaged in, with her master. Gaan froze, letting everything wash over her, knowing somewhere that she was just being used as a conduit to her master.

    After a moment, the flow stopped, and Gaan looked back up at Mariel. She retained an impression of the memories and emotions that had been sent, which she intended to relive at a later date. Right now was not the time. She was determined to keep her focus on her Padawan during this conversation, and not let it drift.

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94), Furio (Darth_Furio)

    IC: Laen Anjou - Corellia

    Laen almost felt the Sith make a mental effort of some sort or other, then quickly attack with the same technique he had used earlier, only on the opposite side. It was rather easier to block this way, Laen found. Then, just when he thought he was doing well, he felt, like an echo, the effects of the Sith's mental work. A flood of emotions passed from his Padawan to him, along with memories that showed him the Sith's side of the duel. The perspective it gave him was quite confusing, not to mention disturbing, and he dropped his guard long enough for the Sith's blade to cut him rather deeply. The pain brought him out of the mental haze, and he realized he had no chance of winning this duel now. The realization hit him as another blow glanced across his forearm, dangerously close to severing something important, and he immediately turned, snapping the blade around to block another blow as he Force-leapt to the top of the wall.

    TAG: Furio (Darth_Furio)
  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Rooftop, Ciutric IV

    Rasa's ears perked up, her humor showing when Lord Nelf apparently liked her suggestion of using their sabers. He stopped in his tracks. "As I live and breathe, why in the original light did I not think of that? Of course!" He commented. The original light? That was a intersting comment. He drew his blade, and the area was alight in a rose colored light. "Take it from me, Kid. You are a fething genius." Risa's right ear perked up as she chuckled softly. They continued on in silence, as he waved his lightsaber about. Risa used the Force as well as her other senses , minus her nose, as she walked about. The feeling on the muck between her toes was indescribably disgusting! She used her claws for a bit of leverage, as she stayed silent. Why didnt these idiots think about water? Soon, she saw Lord Nelf signal for her to stop, which she quickly did looking about. The Force sublte hints warned of a drop off someplace ahead.

    Rasa watched with interest as Lord Nelf now floated his about, searching for something. A bit of metal? As Rasa leaned forward to get a better look she watched it float down. "Okay, there is the catwalk I saw earlier. I'm going to jump down, make sure it can support our weight."

    Rasa snorted sharply. One, was because of the name he had used, catwalk. Thats not what came to HER mind with that term. The other, was for his comments about the strength of the tiny looking thing. She had her doubts. She then asked him about the defense systems the construct had mentioned earlier, and listened as he explained it was some compnay that had fought for the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars. She had heard of the war that he spoke of, and remembered quite well the classwork about it. That was a turbulant period indeed, as the Order almost didnt make it. Rasa returned to present events, as Lord Nelf suddenly jumped, and dissapeared into the hole.
    Rasa moved forward, to stand where he had been standing, both ears perched forward as she peered down the
    opening, just a little bit worried.


    She heard his landing on the 'catwalk'. The metallic sound coming from the ceiling did not escape her sharp ears, and she stood worried now that the many years that this thing had sat, had not been kind to the building. Lord Nelf called up to her, "Er, you might not want to join me just yet. Give me a mi-"

    The deafening wrenching squeal of metal failure echoed loudly in the quiet space, as what looked like an entire section of the walk suddenly decided that it no loner wished to be surrounded to the ceiling. One end still held on, but barely, Rasa noted as she watched as Lord Nelf, rolled to the end of the walkway he had been standing on. He managed to grab hold however, and stopped his fall. "It's okay, I'm alright!" he called out to Rasa, but She seriously doubted that. It had gotten very dark now, but once more, Rasa could hear the sound of his lightsaber, sizzling someplace.

    Rasa quickly pulled out her own saber, and lit it, casting a bright blue light around her. She then took out the light she had mentioned earlier, and after turning it on, send it down the hole, so that Lord Nelf could see. Rasa considered possible options. She could levitate Lord Nelf back to where she now stood. But another thought came to mind. The walkway had to lead someplace. So that meant there had to be a doorway, or something along the area of the walkway. Of course, we would hope that the people who made this cruddy piece of museum junk, would have some clue. Rasa stretched with the Force, and gently raised Lord Nelf up slightly, just giving him a bit of support underneath his footing, in case he wished to towards the other end of the catwalk, like she had done for Billings. He could always call his saber to him. At least this way, she would not worry about him falling into the murk below for the moment. Rasa began to float her light along the path the walkway Lord Nelf had been located. "Lorrrrd Nelf. Do you see a doorrrrway above youuu?" She asked him, while she concentrated.

    She also kept looking about the area. With her nose all but rendered useless in this mucky stew of water and alge sludge, she wanted to make sure nothing would suddenly find its way down to where they now stood. Especially, that construct.

    Tag: @Lord Nelf
  15. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    Darth Furio - Private Hanger Bay - Coreilla

    Not Surprisingly Furio's swift flank move had missed but it was a calucated miss as he wanted to use a move that required the pretender's full attention. With the on coming mental attack Furio also knew his oppurtunity would come. The tactic had worked and Furio saw an opening in Gaan's master's defences. Furio struck him with a hard slash on his upper arm that he could feel had caught the fool deeply, then another slash that hit the pretender's forearm, but unfortunately not as deeply as the previous hit. The next swipe was blocked by the pretender's lightsabre and then he leaped away onto a catwalk visably struggling all the while.

    Darth Furio extinguished his blade and replaced it on his belt clip while calming his rage as he realized this dual was over. He looked up at the pretender on the above catwalk and examined the wounded fallen Jedi. "I see Gaan has an effect on all the men she meets. Just where are you going? I have better memories pretender."

    While conversing with her master, Furio made sure to let Gaan see and hear that her Master could be weakened and therefore defeated. Furio suspected that the pretender still had a hold her and she needed to see that there was a way to be free of him. Over the bond Furio said to her //For you Gaan//

    TAG: Gaan, Laen
  16. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    Gaan had barely centered her attention on her Padawan for the second time when her eyes unfocused again. This time what came across the bond was more like a live holo-feed. She could see and hear her Master, who appeared to have been wounded while dueling Furio. She heard Furio's words, followed quickly by her Master's, and her face hardened.

    After a moment, Furio's mental voice came across to her, //For you, Gaan.// She realized he was talking about the state her Master was in, and sent back her appreciation, quickly followed by, //I can't kill him, though. Neither can you.//

    With those ominous words, she turned away again, trying hard to make this conversation with her Padawan happen.

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94), Furio (Darth_Furio)

    IC: Laen Anjou - Corellia

    The Sith deactivated his lightsaber and looked up at him. Laen glared down at the man, his lightsaber hanging limply in his hand while he gripped the wound on his upper arm. "I see Gaan has an effect on all the men she meets. Just where are you going? I have better memories pretender."

    "Yes, she's very good at that," he snapped, then added, "I told you where I'm going.... I'm going to make her pay for what you did to me."

    Sneering down at the man, he started walking toward the hangar bay exit.

    TAG: Furio (Darth_Furio)
  17. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    IC: Darth Furio - Private Hanger Bay - Coreilla

    The pretender leaped away and after Furio taunted him again he replied with, "Yes, she's very good at that. I told you where I'm going, I'm going to make her pay for what you did to me."

    Furio was not impressed with the threat to Gaan and watched as her master walked away but he not done yet. Furio leapt up himself then went through the same exit looking for the man that was now gone into the night. The stranger was bold, Furio would give him that, but his mistake was that he told Furio where he was going. Furio was going to Coruscant anyway which meant he knew that this was not the end of his dealings with the pretender and when he turned up Furio would be there.

    Suddenly Gaan herself finally responded to Furio's earier call over their bond, //I can't kill him, though. Neither can you.//

    Furio smiled. //Everyone dies Gaan, it's just a matter of when.//

    Furio left her with a gentle thought, closed the bond, and boarded the Rancor. He started the ships engines and set off for Corellia's atmosphere where he broadcasted his false ship ID and registration to exit the system. Furio activated the hyperdrive and made for Coruscant which was not to far so the trip would thankfully be short. Furio went to his meditation chamber and reflected on the battle with the pretender who was skilled but could be beaten. His obsession with Gaan could be exploited to Furio's advantage he just needed to find a way to do so. In the mean time Gaan would be safe for now as she was no doubt in the Jedi Temple with her peers. Furio had to check in with Lorota and see what the organization was up to as well.

    There was one other lingering thought Furio was having as there seemed to be something maybe even someone perhaps, distant, elusive in the hanger. The Force was telling him that there was even more going on now and this trip to Coruscant would be more difficult than the last. As for his own plans it wasn't enough that he destroyed part of the senate building, killed four senators, and murdered thousands in the Fobosi Med Centre bombing, the populace of the galaxy needed to moved in different way. It was just a matter of time and pressure.

    TAG: Gaan
  18. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Anakin Shern
    Forces of Light, Coruscant

    "If you like storms and falling water perhaps one day we will go to Kamino, the planet is one giant ocean and rainstorm. Unpleasant in my humble opinion but a remarkable sight nontheless.

    Anakin smiled at the gesture about visiting the planet where the Clones were developed. It did sound intriguing, all that rain falling from the sky did sound interesting. Wet, but interesting. “If we get some time, we could make a trip out there. Does sound like fun.”

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Rainbow Knight Star
  19. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Kate Lockley, RBS Skyhook
    Location: Coruscant orbit

    The furthest left of the skeletal silhouettes crossed the room in two mighty bounds, revealing itself to be an IG-100 Magna-Guard, the two-ended weapon in its grip already coruscating with pink-lightning as the droid landed hard on the weapons' table near the Lepi, scraping the furniture loudly across the floor several inches, and jabbed one end of the weapon hard into the furred chest of the Lepi, the alien gurgling loudly as he arched backwards with the lethal attack!

    Lockley snatched the nearest blaster rifle off the table and seeing the IG-100 leaping her way, dropped to both knees and rolled under the table to the underside, her head brushing through the white table-drapes adding to her dis-orientation as she sat up and tried to draw a bead on her target.

    The sound of crackling from the electrostaff above her helped her to find her attacker, allowing her to put two green blaster bolts up into the torso of the skeletal droid, knocking it off the side of the table where she had just stood, prompting the rodian to vacate that side with a quick scramble over the table, snatching up a boxy arm gauntlet of some grey metal, the fist end bearing four dark circular holes, and shoved his right forearm inside, raising it towards his own opponent, which was already moving from its doorway.

    A pair of blue-white bolts crackled across the hall from the gauntlet weapon to the third droid, dropping it in a blast of ionised energy.

    Kate rolled over to one knee, helped the rest of the way up as Fernley arrived next to her and dragged her off the floor, "Come on, Girl."

    "An ion cannon?"

    "Everybody forgets about the ion cannon."

    Kate wanted more of an explanation, but the sounds of her droid rising prompted her to leave, "Shut up. Run!"

    "Why?" Fernley turned his gauntlet to where he knew the Magna-Guard was, ready to pop its head into view, so he could ionise the bastiche.

    The head appeared, then disappeared as the entire near table came up to block his shot, proving it to be several arranged end on end, slammed towards them onto its side, all manner of arms cascading loudly to the floor and skittering across it towards them.

    "Bugger!" His third shot had put a blackened patch into the table. "Oh, I hate it when droids have adaptable programming. However, your plan to run..." The rodian's voice trailed off as he realised Lockley was a woman of action, and had already exited the room.

    He backed quickly towards the exits, glancing aside at the first droid, which seemed to be frozen in its stance on the table, the Lepi the only thing moving near it in the energy embrace of its electrostaff, while his was still hidden behind the table.

    As soon as he reached the doorway, he stepped through and sealed it, fairly certain that the Magna-Guard would follow as soon as he lost line-of-sight.

    Was this bounty worth it?

    Tag: no-one
  20. Lord Anguish

    Lord Anguish Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Anguish
    Aboard the Solystra, En Route to Coruscant

    He was finding this leg of the trip quite…pleasing. The nautolan ship met his aesthetic palate, and more so, was the crew's respect for his privacy. He had met their ridiculous price for passage without batting and eyelid,and so, he had purchased his 'solitude' aboard the sleek vessel.

    Within his quarters, Anguish worked with the lights dimmed. A sinister chorus played in his room as he toiled under great inspiration, with two projects. To his left, he smirked as he surveyed the partially assembled 'assistant'. He had taken long and arduous care to finally create this, his wondrous 'tool'. Tracking down authentic reproductions of the IG series was essential, as were the upgrades and modifications required. Protecting the core was essential, and his time working with Czerka had been very profitable. Acquiring the few Rakatan components had been the most challenging and time consuming endeavor, but the darkside was his ally in this. Now, with the array of desired armaments in his possession, he could finally begin the final phase. The flickering lights on the 'Deathlok project' datapad caused his smirk to widen, as the 'Qymaen' and 'Roderu' combat programs were uploaded. He would have to wait until that was complete before uploading the 'Anguish Protocols'.

    To his right, Khol Destros datapad projected its content in bluish light. The pale sith assassin's expression became pensive as he returned to study the information. The dark pools that serves as eyes to the nagai seemed incongruous to his youthful face, but such was he. As it was, he had narrowed the list to the four likely potential buyers, as no information on who the actual buyer had been was to be found. Despite that detail, Anguish believed he had solved the riddle concerning the item listed as TH-X1318. He couldn't help the sinister smile that came to his face. Tetrahedron, which was 'TH' denoted the shape of the object. 'X', he believed, signified the cultural origin, and he was relieved it was not designated as 'J'. As for 1318, he could almost laugh, for it was quite simple, seeing how he had taken over his dead master's secret hide-out in district 1313. The trade occurred in district 1318. All that remained now was to deal with those on the list. Of course, he couldn't trust what was noted implicitly, but he was more than happy for the leads it provided. Like Khol, Anguish crossed referenced the names for himself…just to be sure. The broker's datapad listed possible buyers by codenamed alongside their believed identities.

    First on the list:

    Red Horn: a.k.a, Varimasthara Chijo. Elomin male, currently employed at the Planetary Traffic Authority, Navigations division. This one had a very interesting psychological profile. It would seem that its highly logical mind and inferior opinion of other species had made it 'proud'. Notably, it was also addicted to games of chance - and had quite a decent winning streak.Despite that fact, Anguish doubted 'Red Horn' could rightly afford the item in question, seeing Destros' steep asking price. His possible interest in the item was not quite clear, besides the obvious; a 'logic puzzle' to challenge his mind. Still, Anguish would need to make sure.

    Blue Rylle: a.k.a, Ohmene Veto. Blue Twi'lek male. A supposed 'spice trader', he's also known to trade all manner of contraband within his small fleet of vessels. Highly opportunistic and always seeking to make a profit, his chief possible interest in the item was suspected to be a 'short term investment' for later re-sale. Financially speaking, Veto might be able to afford to make the purchase, however, with shipping schedules and the demands of trade made to a small fleet of ships, would he still be in the system long enough to continue his bid and make such a purchase? If so, he would need tracking.

    Green Aide: a.k.a, Mathor Sledon. Human, male.The only thing going for this being was his position as an aide to a Green Sector Senator, and a footnote informing that Mathor had been too old when his latent Force abilities were discovered, and was subsequently rejected when brought to the Jedi Temple. There was no such footnote for the senator himself. One could only assume why the aide would be interested in such an item, but financially, he could not rightly afford it, unless he had financial backing, or had a 'friend' in the treasury. Assailing political-types always had its risks, but Anguish was only the more thrilled by the challenge. Nothing would keep him from his goal.

    Tessella: a.k.a, K'muria Okuun. Mirialan female. Xenoarcheologist employed by the Obroan Institute of Archeology - Cosruscant Brach; currently on sabbatical leave. Intriguing buyer, but would any upstanding xenoarcheologist be plundering for a black market artifact, instead of digging for it on some remote world? Not to mention the financial conundrum. Archeologists are forced to work within restrictive budgets, so there was no way this one was financially capable of making such a purchase-unless: It was a jedi front, or something more sinister, with intent to purchase…or to take. Either way, this would be a unique challenge. if the xenoarcheologist had the artifact, then she would also need to be tracked down.

    There was a distinctive twinkle in the nagai's eye as the possibilities swirled through his mind. So many variables, yet he was determined. He would leave no stone unturned until he found what he was after, that was a guarantee. Besides, he was getting a distinct feeling that there was something ominous about his trip to Coruscant, he could feel it in his gut. Closing his eyes for a moment, he allowed the music to fill him and bolster his state of inspiration, even as Coruscant drew ever closer to him and he to it.

    Tag: TBC

    Order is the by-product of dominion.
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  21. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, garrison interior
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Nelf turned to face the sloping catwalk on which his fingers were gripped, intending to arrest his slide as much as he could.

    He could see that the chamber above him had brightened slightly, and could see the heavy-duty latches that, in his time, would have held aloft the Twin Ion Engine fighters that would have been assigned to the garrison, and that tractors would have pushed out the huge entry chutes that he and his apprentice had just walked along.

    "Lorrrrd Nelf. Do you see a doorrrrway above youuu?" He heard her enquire.

    Nelf could feel through the Force that Rasa was up to something, and looked up to spy a light source, presumably the one she had been digging through her satchel to retrieve, floating to the right, along the still connected catwalk that was still stapled to the ceiling.

    The image vanished, to be replaced by a very clean, sterile-looking white corridor, with a shiny black floor.

    Sealed doors stopped him from investigating any of the rooms, then he recognised a black-clad figure that appeared from behind his point of view (POV), looking over her shoulder.


    "Nice dress," He opined aloud.

    The blonde femme was clutching a blaster rifle, and running, looking back over her shoulder.

    So she was engaged in some unknown derring-do. Good for her!

    Nelf blinked, finding himself back in the dank-smelling, dark chamber.

    Stay tough, Kate. Nelf reassured his friend through the Force. Make me proud, and you can tell me all about it, later.

    Okay, his own apprentice was waiting on a response, so he stretched up to see where her glowbulb was illuminating, seeing that the cone of diffused white light was playing over a rectangular - with rounded corners - metal door, patches of russet-coloured rust marring the black finish.

    "Yep, I see something." The Inquisitor called up to Rasa. "I'm going to try to get up there."

    There was an annoying moment while he established that he could not get a foothold on the steeply-angled broken pathway, but then he hit upon an idea.

    Closing his eyes and concentrating, Nelf extinguished the blade that had stabbed into the flooded floor, and Force-tossed the hilt onto the metal walkway in front of the hatch he had spotted, hearing the soft clatter as it landed.

    Now he focussed his mind on his other weapon, drawing the Sheer Blade out of its horizontal scabbard at the small of his back.

    The Inquisitorius had first seen the move being done by the Jedi Grandmaster Yoda, and while publicly, they denounced the little imp as a flash little bugger; privately, the technique of drawing your lightsabre without hands, paws, tentacles, or other appendage, swept through their ranks like wildfire.

    The metal sheer blade floated round Nelf's legs and slotted into the diamond-shaped holes about level with his right knee, and holding on with his fingers, the half-elf used it like a mountain-climber's piton, getting a boot onto the bit sticking out, and pushing down carefully, rose up the slope a couple of feet.

    "Whose your Daddy," Nelf congratulated himself smugly, changing his hand-holds to take advantage of his ascension, in preparation to do it again.

    Tag: Rasa

    IC: Captain Alison Iillor(npc), Nebulon-B escort frigate, Gone in Sixty Seconds.
    Location: Corellia

    Alison and her officers watched the small ship climb out of the planet's atmosphere and gravity well, head out into free space, and jump to lightspeed.

    Tag: no-one
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  22. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    There was a smile over the bond before Furio answered, //Everyone dies, Gaan, it's just a matter of when.// There was a gentleness to his mental contact that was extremely unfamiliar to Gaan, and she couldn't help but let herself rest in it momentarily, before he closed the bond. Shaking herself free, she hoped she would finally be left alone long enough to speak with her Padawan without interruption.

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94), Furio (Darth_Furio)

    IC: Laen Anjou - Corellia

    As Laen walked out into the night, he considered the duel, and the man he had just fought. The Sith had learned to exploit Gaan's weaknesses just as he had. Which, of course, meant that he could very well be an actual threat. Slipping quietly around a corner as he realized the Sith was following, he waited until the man gave up, and returned to the hangar. Laen, himself, returned to his own ship, and set the coordinates to Ruan.

    TAG: No one
  23. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Rooftop, Ciutric IV

    Rasa peered down into the darkness. She had asked Lord Nelf if he saw a doorway nearby. She was surprised when she suddenly heard him comment, "Nice dress," Rasa ticked an left hear backwards, as she quickly looked around, but didnt see anything. More strange humor? She didnt ask. She simply hovered her light over a bit closer, hoping to give him a better view. He then replied, this time a bit louder,

    "Yep, I see something." He called up to Rasa. "I'm going to try to get up there."

    Rasa gave a soft growl of acknowledgement, as she watched as he used the force the throw his lightsaber up on a walkway, that she could now see. Then another blade came out, but this wasnt a lightsaber. No, it was a different type of blade, and then it seemed to slide into the wall. It was interesting to watch, and Rasa decided that would be the next thing to use her telekenisis on. She took another quick look around her, and then watched carefully, as Lord Nlef then managed to put his weight down on the blades handle, and took a step up. He seemed to mumble something, and then prepared to move again.

    Rasa meanwhile was trying to calculate the distance, and trying to decided if she could make the jump over to the now visible hallway. She also worried for Billings, hoping he managed to find both a way out, and the real Cactus Jack. For now, she kept a careful watch behind her, making sure that the construct did not sneak up on them.
    If nothing else, she would keep ready, in case she suddenly needed to pluck Lord Nelf from the mulk below. She was not sure of the building, but she found it hard not to think of it as nothing but a large sewage system, from what she had seen and smelt so far. She hoped that the rest of this little 'tour' would get better soon. Still, it was exciting, if not smelly. She stood silently, listening for any other sounds besides the ones Lord Nelf was currently making.

    Tag: Lord Nelf

    OOC: What is the distance across, and what size is that doorway?
    Time for Kitty aerobics! ;)
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    Apr 18, 2005
    IC: Master Joy and Master Wan Roland: Coruscant + Forces of Light interior: Master Joy’s private quarters ~

    The Jedi Grand Master sat quietly and listened to Darious and Anakin’s conversation, and was both honored and amazed when Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost appeared. She rose and bowed, then sat back down in her chair, allowing the padawan and master to continue their chat.
    She could not help but remember what Anakin Skywalker said about Padawan shern being in denial about part of his past, and she also hoped that Master Baron would help his new student overcome this problem.

    At the first break in the conversation, the Jedi leader rose, and faced Anakin and Darious. It was time to formerly assign them together as a pair.
    Just then, a knock on the door was heard, and Master Joy, knowing who it was, said, “Whatever you’re selling, we don’t want any. If you’re looking for donations, we gave at the office. Your credits are waiting for you there.”

    The door opened, and in walked Master Wan Roland. Master Joy bowed to him, and Wan returned the bow, then briefly kissed her cheek. “very humorous, oh, great Jedi leader,” Wan said with a chuckle. Then he turned to face Darious and Anakin, first bowing to them, then, motioning for them to rize.

    Master Joy stepped forward. She spoke in gentle, but firm tones.

    “Darious Baron and Anakin Shern, I, Master Joy, Grand Master of the Forces of Light Jedi Order , by the will of the Force, hereby declare you to be Master and Padawan. Congratulations, and may the Force be with both of you.”
    The Grand Master and Wan bowed to the new pair.

    “Now, Master Baron, you know padawans can be a lot of trouble with their mischievous ways, so stay alert,” Master Roland teased. “Wan,!” Master Joy exclaimed, laughing.


    JediFalcon and Jedi_MasterSkywalker
  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Stefe Billings, Cactus Jack, Lord Nelf, dormant volcano, Tourist island
    Location: Ciutric IV

    The Blue Guardsman jogged warily over to the train carriage, looking about himself for other simulacrums – artificial Jacks – and slowed when hi hit the miasma of smell coming through the open doors of the sun-baked carriage.

    The platform, the route from the carriage to the volcano interior, was covered by more lumpy rock, being more tunnel, but the sun beat down on the monorail as he emerged on this side.

    Strange, he thought, Fisses down something rotten back in the city, but out here, not a grey cloud in sight.

    Stefe stepped into the carriage, boots crunching or popping detritus as he glanced about for the original Jack, spying him on the floor of the seat the hermit had occupied on the way here.

    Still wary of attack, Stefe made sure most of the tatty bench was between himself and Cactus, balanced on one foot with a shaky balance that would have Mister Miyagi shaking his head, and delivered a light toe-tap to Cactus’ shoulder, then jumping back smartly to land in a Tera Kasi combat pose!

    “Oi!” Jack exclaimed, sitting bolt upright.

    * * * *

    Garrison – TIE Launch Chamber

    Nelf was making good time using his Sheer Blade to provide makeshift footholds for himself, and had soon reached the top of the collapsed walkway, exposed metal scraping over the front of his tunic as he got forearms and elbows onto the flat area, and physically hauled himself up, then he got a leg up, grabbing the blade’s hilt with his mind to prevent it slipping into the murk below, a fate worse than death for his second favourite sidearm.

    He had precious little souvenirs from his original life on Norrath.

    Actually, frag it, he decided not to risk it any longer, and Force-tossed it over his head to land next to his lightsabre. “Aaagghhh.” With a drawn out grunt of exertion that he hoped hadn’t sounded like he was taking that Ess that precedes a shower and a shave, the Inquisitor hauled himself onto the intact catwalk and flopped over onto his back, breathing hard. “Who ate all the pies?” He asked himself, rhetorically, Apparently it was me.

    Inhaling deeply into his nostrils, which instantly reminding him of where he was, he tried hard and loudly to snort out, moaning aloud about the [bleeping] smell, Nelf sat up to see, five feet along the ceiling above, the edge of the gap that he had jumped through.

    Too busy trying to expel the stench from his nasal cavity to say anything, Nelf made room for his apprentice in case she decided to join him, and headed over to scoop his equipment off the floor, and look at the door revealed by her floating lumi.

    Tag: Rasa