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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. dreven_Aarkanin

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Aylek El'kori
    The Stargazer

    Somehow the fact that Daisy was broke didn't surprise the fuzzy bothan at all. Daisy didn't seem like one who invested very much in budgeting, well, anything. He rolled his eyes.

    At the mention of coruscant, however, his ears perked. It had been such a long time since he had been there in that world of architecture. The last time he had been there, he had sneaked out of the temple in search of his master, Knight Malt.

    Former master, he reminded himself with a twinge of unease. In going back to the capital city, he would be bringing himself close to the past he had left behind in the Jedi temple.

    Would he have to face his old master again? He hoped it wouldn't come to that, and that they could remain quiet about whatever it was they were going to the planet for.

    His instinct, and previous experience, though, had taught him that there were two things Daisy was bad at: Budgeting, and keeping quiet.

    He took a look at Daisy, and then Ikusen. They would be no match for any experienced Jedi if it came to a fight. If he trained hard enough on his own, maybe he could at least stall any given Jedi long enough to allow an escape.

    Don't kid yourself, fuzzy, a small voice inside him called, sneering at his small attempt at bravery. You'll always be helpless.

    He found himself snarling unconsciously. he took another glance at the two. should he tell them of his fears?

    No, that wouldn't do any good at this point. Besides, Daisy would just say he had beaten other Jedi before, and if he had done it before, he could do it again.

    The only solution was to not be helpless.

    "I'm going to meditate and train. I'll be in my chambers if I'm needed."

    With that, he strode out of the bridge, fear eating a hole in his chest.

    TAG: Daisy/Ikusen
  2. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    Mariel reached out hesitantly. "Master? Are you alright?" Gaan nodded imperceptibly. "Is there any way I can help?"

    "Just give me something else to think about, Padawan." Gaan swiveled her head slowly side to side, then shook herself and sighed. "My master is coming for me again."

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94)
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Sorry guys!!

    Had a brain fart moment here!!

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: I have had this ready since Wednesday, but between RL and server issues, not been able to get it on. And PS, I'm back.

    IC: Lord Nelf, Garrison Interior.
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Walking slowly down the short corridor, Nelf heard only a couple of metallic creaks behind him, then a whisper as Rasa passed through the doorway, then heard her land on the floor beside him, his peripheral vision noting that her lightsabre was in her hand, although unlit.

    Nelf looked inwards, checking his buffs, his magical shields were in place, although Endure Fire would be hard put to cope if this volcano turned out not to be dormant after all.

    "Loorrd Nelf? Does Billings have a commmlink?" she asked him.

    I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

    "Mmmmight be good to let himm know of progress?"

    Nelf reached the corner, and waved at the Cathar to stay back while he gingerly moved to glance round the corner. “What, we’re inside. Not dead yet. That sort of thing?

    Mentally, he had the odd feeling that his Force senses were bumping up against something Dark, a sleeping giant; an emotion akin to finding out that what you are walking on is not in fact ground, but something capable of waking up, and upon doing that, eating you.

    He glanced back at Rasa, particularly the nape of her furred neck. Her hackles seemed fine, and she looked unconcerned, which told him that her powers were not yet sufficient or strong enough to bother whatever he was sensing, so he did not bother telling her to rein it in.

    He, on the other hand, would have to be very careful, which was why he was looking round the corner, instead of making his midichlorians work for a living.

    And we’re going to…” He looked round, spying the empty area, and the twin black metal railings of a metal staircase disappearing down to the next level. “…live. Give the Corporal a call if you want. He’s probably getting anxious now through the lack of contact.

    The Inquisitor gave the nearest railing a test push and pull, and when it appeared quite secure, he clomped noisily down the black rungs to the next level, where the area opened out into a rectangular chamber large enough for several vertical grey metal lockers, most of their doors sealed, though three were ajar.

    The familiar sight of a black TIE pilot’s helmet sat on a nearby metal bench, grey with a patina of dust.

    Nelf headed past the lockers, ignoring them, looking for an exit from this place.

    Tag: Rasa
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    Aug 29, 2010
    IC: Darius Baron - Forces of Light Temple - Coruscant

    Anakin replied to Darius' suggestion about Kamino with "If we get some time we could make a trip out there. Does sound like fun."

    Before Darius could reply there was a chime at Master Joy's door. Before she slid it opened she said, "Whatever you're selling we don't want any. If you're looking for donations we gave at the office, your credits are waiting for you there." Darius was curious as to who it was but when the door opened it revealled Master Wan Roland.

    "Very Humerous oh great Jedi Leader." Master Roland said to Master Joy after he kissed her cheek. He then turned to Darius and Anakin bowed, then motioned them to rise from their seats.

    They did so and then Master Joy moved towards them and said, "Darius Baron and Anakin Shern I, Master Joy, Grand Master of the Forcs of Light Order and by the will of the Force hereby declare you to be Master and Padawan. Congratulations and may the Force be with you."

    Masters Joy and Roland both bowed and Darius bowed back and then Master Roland continued, "Now Master Baron, you know Padawans can be a lot of trouble with their mischievous ways, so stay alert."

    Master Joy quickly replied to Wan's tease. "Wan!" she said laughing.

    Darius now replied to the masters, "Thank You both I will do whatever I can to finish Anakin's training. Was their a specific mission that you had in mind for us?"

    TAG: Master Joy.
  6. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Anguish
    Senator's Row, Block #139176, Coruscant

    He decided not to wait, and so he did not. The rented space in the industrial sector was vacated, but he would not alert the owner until the full time of the contracted agreement ran its course. Once everything was packed and gathered, Anguish and his new companion made the trip to the acquired 'hide-out' in District 1313. It was here where he got ready for what he needed to do next. The place was a two floor deal. Whatever it was once, now it looked more like a command center, with all manner of screens, equipment, weapons and many, many more tools the sith assassin used for his trade. This, however, was probably the smallest of his 'habitats'.

    As he went about the business of preparing himself, the nagai had several screens running data and cross-referencing information. Names, dates, faces. Public schedules, traffic information, demographics, etc. His mind absorbed this information like a sponge. Victory is in the details.

    A current of excitement ran through him, but he reined it in. He needed to remain focused. If this aide did indeed possess the item he sought…..

    Anguish began to get dressed, and as he did so, he turned to his silent companion.

    "I have a mission for you." He said, his tone serious.

    After carefully delineating his plan, he finished dressing and went to the upper room where he meditated for at least an hour. He was about to meet a challenge, and the would serve him to emerge triumphant. His overall plans were too far reaching for them to be 'detoured' by circumstance.

    And then it was time.

    No one observed him enter his 'hide-out' and so, no one saw him leave either. He paid for transport back to the surface, for he chose to forego the amusements of taking the public alternative from the seedy under-city dwellings. Once he reached the surface terminal, Anguish showed his credentials, then went ahead and availed himself of a different vehicle he had waiting. A heavily modified black JR-4 swoop bike. He deactivated the security and was off as soon as he boarded. From there, it wouldn't be long before he arrived at the senatorial sector.


    The trip was uneventful, as expected, except for a small whisper in the darkside. Anguish couldn't afford to focus on it at the moment, but made a mental note to revisit it through meditation. He knew better than to ignore such eddies in the force.

    Needles to say, he had the location and address memorized, so he travelled near it and parked not too far away. Woe to whomever dare tamper with his vehicle.

    As expected, he had to show his credentials when entering the senatorial block proper. He got many looks, but his progress was not impeded. Good. Again, he travelled a small distance, then he finally found the right building, and subsequently the right door.

    Two large bipedals in mismatched armor guarded the entrance, their weapons held to their chests. Anguish approached so he could be viewed, nice and easy. They spotted him, and exchanged glances as he approached. He could feel their uncertainty even a he neared. The nagai reminded himself to 'get out' more often.

    "Greetings sentients…." he said evenly. The two guards looked him over. He wore a targeting vision on his face, which covered his eyes. On his person, a black electromesh armor could be seen, a high tech black bandoleer with eight throwing blades was strapped across his chest. He wore a utility belt which contained many devices, including his datapad and binders, various grenades and an additional communicator. From the same belt hung the hilt of a retractable shock whip. Two 'Death Hammer' blaster pistols were strapped on the side of either leg, and on his back, an elegant and curved vibro sword was strapped, still sheathed. ( His lightsaber was hidden as well as a scout trooper blaster pistol). The nagai opened the black leather duster he wore so he could be seen, his hands he held at his sides in a non-threatening manner. He smiled easily at them. The looks on their faces were...amusing. Of course he was armed to the teeth, what were they expecting?

    "Easy now, I'm here for the job." he stated simply, bringing everyone back to the moment.

    "It's closed, Boss said no more takers." One of the guards said, a bit nervous.

    "I highly doubt that." The nagai countered smoothly and slowly produced his datapad. "According to this listing, the job applications will close today in one hour. I still have time, besides…" Anguish placed back his datapad back in place, but with a bit of a flourish of his hand. "…you should, let the Boss make that decision."

    The guard blink twiced, then echoed the words. "Yeah, let the Boss make that decision."

    The other guard glanced at his still blinking partner, but Anguish caught his attention. "Are you both going to keep your boss waiting? If so, that virtually guarantees my spot." He smiled, in pre-emptive triumph.

    The second guard snorted his disagreement, but did not offer a verbal jab in return. Instead, he proceeded to do his job.

    "So, what are ya called anyways. Can't go in unannounced. Dems the rules." He uttered gruffly.

    "Fine by me." The nagai responded with a ready smile.

    "I am called Vandar Skoll, but I'm better known as Wraith. I'm a fully authorized Enforcer-Reclaimer Agent. Section Zero Black Omega. Serial number 09-101XS."

    "Uhm….yeah, whatever." The guard stated, then proceeded to forward the information to his employer: Mathor Sledon, aide to Senator Tesslor of the Green sector.

    'Wraith' wore a pleased expression on his face and waited patiently for a response. He slowly closed his black duster, since the point was already made.

    So, the senator's aide was hiring bodyguards. That in itself was revealing, and mildly intriguing, given his 'situation'. This was clearly a reaction to 'something'. The nagai reasoned he already knew the answer. To Anguish, Mathor was just an obstacle he needed to deal with, especially if he was indeed in possession of the item he sought. He was close. He could feel it.

    As he waited, Wraith offered a small nod of his head to both guard for being so….cooperative. He was one step closer to his goal.

    Tag: HunterPrime (GM if necessary)
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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza (Kiri Zatul), Senator's Row, Block #139176, Coruscant

    A gentle buzz against her arm, and Kiri looked down, flicking a small switch on her wristband. She frowned slightly, as she read the message, that quickly scrolled by. At the same time, she noticed that Mathor Sledon, had also answered his comlink, and then moved to the desk unit. After this morning meeting with Senator Tesslor, and his rather loud rant, she had heard him order Sledon to shut down his little 'circus'. But now the idiots outside were notifiying him about a late arrival, one who was getting in just under the wire. The darkside eddies stirred slightly. Kiri narrowed her eyes, before she cloaked herself within the Force. Such a late arival, might not take too kindly to a abrupt dismissal. Besides, in truth, he did have some time left, according the the badly worded post that Tesslor had posted. Either way, she could not afford someone to possibly deter her in her other interests. Not when she was so close. She would allow no such distractions in her carefully laid plans. Not now. As the senator listened to
    the guards, Kiza ran the id given. Not his name, but the ID. 'Enforcer-Reclaimer Agent. Section Zero Black Omega. Serial number 09-101XS.' Zero Black Omega? Now why would he be interested in such a pithering job? Perhaps he was trying to get close within the Senatorial block? After all, a being with his cartel would deffinately call for more cash, than an Aide would normally pay. Especially one who already had a circus following him. She wondered idily, how he was funding this little payroll. Perhaps this Aide, had more secrets than he lot on. Lovely. Another something to investigate. A soft beep interrupted her thoughts, and also seemed to confirmed his credentials. She looked over at Mathor Sledon. "By all rights, your offer is still open for another 30 minutes. And his credentials check. " Kiza found this exciting now. If this being was hired, he might be following his own agenda. Hopefully, one that did not interfere with her own. That could indeed be, unfortunate. She appreciated a skillful hunter, unlike half of these oafs. "Besides.." Kiza offered, as she slowly ran a finger up his arm,"If this one was rejected, without being seen, he could make things 'difficult'. But I would put Grunt in front, and you hang back." Grunt gave a grin, and Kiza could feel his excitement at the possibility of some trouble. Kiza continued. "If this one gets unruly, the room could get tight very quickly. You should pick something with more than one exit."

    Sledon looked as if he was he was going to have a heart attack. Kiza purred softly next to him. "Dont worry. After all, your other 'guards's are in the next room. A door lock away. And I'll be there with you, along with Grunt. He dosent know about me, remember?" she gently touched his ear. "So calm down. Professionals smell fear. You're supposed to be worried about the Sith, remember? You show fear, he will jack the price. So go wash your face, and we'll set up for him." Kiri smiled. Maybe the Senator will calm down, and see things your way after this guy." Sledon nodded as he stood up, and headed off for the 'freshner. Soon as he had entered, the smile quickly left Kiza's face as she stood up, turning towards Grunt. "Well, looks like we're about to earn our pay." Grunt smiled, as Kiza looked at the monitor, looking at the hunter. A Nagi. And full presenting. Targeting scope, armor and of course weapons. Oh yes, this could be quite fun. If the guy was a normal hire, then all well and he gets to live. But if not, well it would be interesting to see who would live up to their credentials. "Guys armed with some tech. Better set up in office B. Do you want to handle the others, Grunt?" Grunt nodded his head, as he made a few gestures. Though he didnt say much, he made his comments clear enough. Especially when it came to the pay. He got more, because, he was the one in front more. Kiza coudlnt argue that. Frontrow wasnt her style. Grunt would position the others just outside the room. One other would be in the room with them. Even if this guy was a Force user, he would be hard pressed, with four targets, in different positions within the room. And Kiza had a special defense for Sledon, just in case. So she typed in the response to the guards out front, telling them to direct Agent 'Wraith' to Office 'B', while the Senator put on his game face, 'with a bit of assistance in the Force', talking up his courage. Kiza softly spoke with Sledon, as they made their way to the meeting room, letting him know the setup, and to not worry. This had better be WORTH it, she fumed to herself.

    When Wraith would enter the room, he would noticed one guard standing near the doorway, but off to the side of the doorway he enters. There are two other doors, one to the rear, and another to the right in the room. There are two desks, sitting in front of each other, in a rather dull looking room, done in such a ghastly waste of woods and yellow wallpaper, that the designer should have been shot for such waste. At the desk furthest away from him he
    would see the being who would indeed match the photo ID of being Mathor Sledon, Aide to Senator Tesslor. A rather large, well dressed Dashade stood to the left of the Senator, his large arms crossed over his chest. The Nagi, could most likely note that the Darshade was sporting various weapons on his person, probably a bit more than the few his sharp eyes notice in a general glance. The Darshade says nothing, but makes a slight noise, as the Nagi enters the room. Only a slight shift in weight does he make, but nothing more. To the man's right, and slightly behind him, was a female. Tanned skin, with some type of blue markings on her face. She is dressed in what he would most likely describe as a business suit, complete with a small captlet around her shoulders. Jewlery to compliment it all, as she also wears an earpiece and is holding a datapad in one hand, as she sits quite close to Sledon. Tailored and tanned, just as Sledon is. She does not smile, but instead give a simple nod. Mathor Sledon gestured, to the desk in front of him. To stand or to sit, was left up to the Nagi. Sledon steppeled his fingers in front of him at the desk. "I understand, you are interested in working for me?" he stated plainly, his voice calm and steady.

    TAG: Lord Anguish, and GM if she wishes...
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Interior, Ciutric IV

    Rasa landed as gently as possible, and him, then a whisper as Rasa passed through the doorway, then gently lands on the floor slightly crouched, lightsaber in hand, but unlit.

    "Loorrd Nelf? Does Billings have a commmlink?" she asked him. “I’d be surprised if he didn’t.” "Mmmmight be good to let himm know of progress?" Nelf reached the corner, and waved at her to stay back while he gingerly moved to glance round
    the corner. “What, we’re inside. Not dead yet. That sort of thing?”

    Rasa paused, and tried to reach out to feel anything within the Force. She didnt feel anything, but the fact that Lord Nelf had told her to hang back was enough to make her feel cautious. Besides, after the last trap that they had set off, anything was possible within the 'museum.' But at the moment, she felt nothing, except a normal sense of warning. At least the smell here was much better than the stench that lay outside. Her sense of smell, would be useable here, most likely.

    “And we’re going to…” He looked round, spying the empty area, and the twin black metal railings of a metal staircase disappearing down to the next level. Rasa's ear's perked fowrad. “…live. Give the Corporal a call if you want. He’s probably getting anxious now through the lack of contact.” Rasa reached for her comlink, but paused a moment. Would someone be able to track their signal? Truthfully, if they were being monitored, they most likely already had their position. Glowing hole not withstanding. Stepping back aways, as to not give away Lord Nelf's position, she stepped back towards the opening. She palmed her comlink.

    "Billings? You rrrread?" she purred softly into her conlink, while she watched Lord Nelf test out another metal railing. And when he was sure that it looked stable enough, he clomped noisily down the black rungs to the next level, where the area opened out into a rectangular chamber large enough for several vertical grey metal lockers. Most of the doors were closed,
    but three appeared to be open. A strange helmet sat nearby on a bench.

    Rasa waited to see if she could reach the Corporal. If not, she would quickly follow Lord Nelf, not wanting to get too far behind. She was not sure if the signal would get through once they got deeper into the complex. But she rather keep up with Lord Nelf than the Corporal at the moment. At least here, she could hear things much clearer, with no other noises in the
    immediate area. Rasa kept scanning within the Force, to make sure no surprises crept up on them, while she kept an eye on Lord Nelf, and an ear for Billings to respond.

    Tag: Billings and Lord Nelf
  9. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senator's Row, Block #139176, Coruscant
    Mathor Sledon's recruitment office

    Even before the doors slid open, Anguish could feel the basic nature of the 'preparations' being made for his reception.

    'My, all this for a simple job interview. Should prove interesting.' He thought with a measure of amusement. In the force he could sense where those within his range were positioned in relation to himself. Including the ones out of sight. Their own anxieties made them beacons in the darkside of the force. The pale nagai smirked just so, before the doors slid open, and he walked in to be received.

    Wraith enters cool and collected, smirk of confidence for all to see. He notices the doors, the exits and the positioned guards. He registers their race-type, weapons compliment, and physical statistics.

    'This is VERY tempting…' he thinks to himself as he continues his stroll forward.
    'It can't be THIS easy….can it?' He muses to himself.

    Then he sees the trio at the desk. Wraith takes them in as he strolls, smirk in place. A mask. The one exuding fear matches Destro's I.D. This is the Senator's aide. His target. To his right stands a large Dashade. Wraith immediately recognizes the race and the fact that this is not the same creature employed by the slicer back on Corellia, but perhaps equally dangerous…in theory. How curious.

    Enwrapped on the human's left arm is a female. She seems to be the senators current 'companion' of choice, but Wraith never took anything at face value. In his experience, the universe was duplicitous by nature. It was interesting how they 'felt' in the force. The Dahsade race possessed a natural resistance to the Force - that he already knew via research. He was most curious to find out the 'truth-of-it', in a more 'hands-on' environment. But that would happen in its own time. Sledon on the other hand, if he ever had the force, whatever ability was there had probably atrophied from non-use. Wraith felt nothing besides fear. Perhaps this is why he sought the artifact. Of course, this was just conjecture, and in the end, it did not matter. If Sledon had the 'tetrahedron', he would not posses it for long.

    Now, the female in his arm. All men of power separated business from pleasure. That was the rule. Arm 'jewelry' was to be displayed at 'social occasions', not business deals. And even the 'jewelry' that found thrill in danger were relegated to entertainment venues, not business meetings. There was definitely more here than what was apparent. Sledon's female companion was well dressed, of course, but what did a courtesan need with an earpiece and a datapad? That, and….hmmm.

    Wraith ignored the Dashade on purpose, but returned the very slight nod to the female, which in a way, corroborated his suspicions. A courtesan would smile, professionals nodded. This was very interesting indeed.

    "I understand you are interested in working for me?" the senatorial aide stated, his voice plain and even. He was doing a good job at concealing his fear, though it was still present. Wraith offered a strong acknowledging nod. The point here was to get 'hired'.

    "Your ad caught my attention. To tell the truth, I was helped by a senatorial aide very long ago, during one of my… earlier missions. I vowed to return the favor. Unfortunately, she was killed soon after, along with the senatorial entourage. This is my way of returning the favor to the establishment she belonged to. You see, Wraith always 'returns' the favor. I 'd say we're both in luck."

    Wraith smirked just so, and gave a short bow. He let them take a very good look at him. All the toys he wore, such nice little distractions. He waited, to see what Sledon would say. If he wanted a demonstration…well, lets not get ahead of things just yet. No matter how this played out, Wraith was already formulating his strategy to attain his desired goal. All he needed to do now, was confirm that Sledon was in possession of the item.

    Tag: HP
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    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Mariel Rian, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    "Just give me something else to think about, Padawan. My master is coming for me again."

    Mariel bit her lip. "Right. Are we in danger from him?"

    An odd feeling crossed the back of her mind, as though someone was watching her from just outside any possible sensory range. She shook her head briskly and pushed it away, harder than necessary.

    TAG: Gaan (The_Zeltron)

    NPC: Garowyn, Z-95 Headhunter, Hyperspace

    The Nightsister smiled as the girl pushed her tentative contact away. At least there was still some caution. Given time, she would re-initiate contact. Hopefully the child would listen. And if not, well...she had orders. They would be followed.

    TAG: Nobody
  11. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    "Right. Are we in danger from him?" Mariel seemed uncomfortable with the news, and Gaan couldn't blame her. She was rather surprised, though, when the girl shook her head.

    "Something wrong, Padawan?" she asked, concerned.

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94)
  12. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Daisy Ferisk
    Galavanting about Coruscant

    "I'm going to meditate and train. I'll be in my chambers if I'm needed."

    A chorus of "Make new friends! Don't do drugs! Don't do anything you'd be embarrassed telling you mom about!" From Daisy and Ikusen followed him.

    When he'd gone, Daisy turned back to Ikusen. "Land the ship on Coruscant." He ordered. "And let me know when we get there. " Ikusen nodded and returned to the control panel. Daisy took a seat a the small table in the room. Leaning back and throwing his legs on the table, he passed the time by tossing a pair of red dice on the table, counting the roll, and tossing them again.

    After some time, Ikusen looked up. "We're here." he said.

    Daisy nodded. "Good." he got up and headed for the door. "I'm going out. Have the ship ready to leave. Then, go train with Aylek. Let him know I'll be gone until I get back."

    Ikusen objected, curling his lip with distaste at the idea of training with Aylek. "But-"

    Daisy cut him off. "Go train. And learn how the Jedi fight."


    The tall ginger walked off the ship, blinking in the harsh light. He tossed a few coins at the shipmaster and got out of the dock before the he noticed they weren't real.

    he made his way into a bar, and emerged with a pretty girl hanging off his arm. They slipped into an alleyway. Daisy reappeared presently. He was alone.

    Whistling, he headed towards the Red Bank Sector, where he sought out Talon Industries. "Derrijan Ferisk," He introduced himself, "I'm here to speak with Lorota." he smiled amiably at the bland looking lady running the front desk.

    IC: Ikusen

    Ikusen sighed and headed down the corridor to Aylek's room. He knocked before walking in "Aylek?" he asked. "Daisy said we have to train together. Also he went out, until, uh, further notice."

    TAG: Dreven_aarkani
    n, Darth_Furio
  13. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008
    Taric Raywood and NPC’s – The Widow - Pakuuni System

    Taric Raywood calmly brought the Widow out of hyperspace on an approach vector to Crseih Station to drop off his passenger who was supposed to pick up a package, get back on the Widow, and deliver it to Sam on Coruscant. Sam of course did not tell Taric what he was picking up and the Dr. Silas was silent about it as well. “Classified” they told him. Taric did not mind the secrecy so much because the job paid really well for a passenger and package pick-up, plus delivery. The only thing that nagged on Taric’s mind was that Sam only used him for sensitive missions so this had to be important for him and the Republic. Coruscanti Intelligence Bureau chiefs like Sam did not just give out missions to mercenaries, they have operatives for that. He obviously needed this mission kept quiet so the contents of whatever they were picking up was precious.

    As they started the docking process with Crseih Station Taric saw three ships turn up on his scanner and they were all coming towards the Widow at an attacking speed. Taric pulled the control stick back and fired the thrusters up again escaping the initial blaster cannon attacks. Dr. Silas came to cockpit in a rush and asked loudly, “What is going on Captain?”

    “Get strapped down in the common area seats Doc, we’re under attack!” Taric replied forcefully.

    “But…” Dr. Silas started.

    “Now!” Taric interrupted.

    Taric used the station itself as cover while he got the widow turned around so that he could go on the offensive. When Taric finally got the ship turned around he was heading straight at one of the opposing fighters. He pinned the thrusters increasing his speed forcing the fighter to make a move its pilot did not want to make. The fighter ended up hitting one of the station’s comm antennas which sent it spiralling out of control into space. The manoeuvre also brought Taric behind another of the fighters which he quickly destroyed with his forwards ion cannons.

    The third fighter had come onto his rear quickly after and wasted no time firing and hitting the back of the hull. Taric switched his shields to the rear and made for the stations surface again to get into some cover. The fighter closed the gap between them and Taric knew that he was in trouble because the fighter was more agile and faster than the widow so he decided to get desperate. Taric drew the fighter in closer and quickly reduced his speed forcing the fighter to break off pursuit and go high and past him. Taric engaged the thrusters again but this time he was the hunter and was on the fighter. The nimble fighter started to move away when it increased its speed forcing Taric to fire wildly which only resulted in Taric changing the fighter’s direction. Suddenly the fighter exploded into pieces because of blaster cannon fire that Taric thought came from the station.

    When Taric’s comm buzzed to life with a message from Crseih Station his suspicions had been realized. “Saw you could use some help Widow good job bringing them back into our range.” The traffic controller said.

    “Appreciate the assist Crseih. I’m going to dock now if you don’t mind.” Taric said while finally being able to catch his breath.

    “Docking Bay D9 Widow, welcome aboard.” The controller said clicking off.

    Taric docked his ship and closed down the engines and made his way to the common area where Dr. Silas was.Taric really wanted to know what was in the case they were picking up now. Highly trained assassins had come after them already, and on the most remotest of places. Taric knew he had a great reputation for delivering on time but other than Sam no one knew what or where he was going. So did they know about him, his cargo, and where? Taric could only assume that they knew what was in the case, and that put them at an unfair advantage.

    Taric left the cockpit and went to the common area seeing the good doctor lying down clutching his stomach. Taric shook Dr Sila’s arm saying, “You know I have a refresher in the back there for you to hurl in right?”

    The doctor rubbed his eyes and asked with caution, “Is it over? What was wrong?”

    Taric smirked. Yeah there’s something wrong. Three assassin fighters tried to kill us and I’m dying to know why that is. You have any ideas there Doc?

    Dr. Silas adjusted himself in the seat, “That was not part of the agreement with Coruscant Captain. You are to deliver the case and myself without question.”

    Taric was getting annoyed now. “Agreement? Well doc, neither was getting shot at and neither was bringing you back safe as a matter of fact. So I’d say the terms of our agreement have changed somewhat, don’t you think? While we’re at it lets change it a bit more by throwing you out the airlock too!

    Silas started to be anxious as Taric stood over him and didn’t know what to say. “Captain, I have taken my own vow of silence but you did save my life.” Silas took a deep breath and after he exhaled he started. “You would think a prison facility such as Crseih Station would not be doing the kind of experiments I was up to.

    Taric cut in. “Experiments, what kind of experiments? On prisoners?”

    Silas gave Taric a dirty look for interrupting him. “No, no. Nothing like that. Crseih Station is owned by a chemical corporation now and they use some of the facilities there to make their compounds and products. A mining guild on Kessel needed a stronger cleaner for an unknown moss of sorts on rock walls that was damaging their equipment when it got into the innards of the equipment. We used a sample of the moss and basically treated it like a virus. In a series of accidents and honest mistakes in the trial and error process, we mutated the moss into something that made our scientists sick within days of exposure. We tried to make an antidote on our own but we have been unsuccessful and have lost good scientists in the process.”

    Taric’s face grew concerned. “So that’s what you have in there? A virus? What about you, have you been exposed?”

    “No of course not, we quarantined the infected but they died unfortunately and we don’t have the proper facilities to use the bodies for research. We did salvage cells that are holding the virus and have frozen them so we can transport them. The case is a mini-freezer of sorts for transportation purposes. We destroyed the lab to make certain there was no spread of the virus.” Silas explained “I notified the Republic and they put me in contact with someone from the Coruscanti Intelligence Bureau. They said we had to move the virus back to Coruscant for study.”

    “Now I’m in the middle of it. We’re going to need help.” Taric said more to himself than to Dr, Silas

    Dr. Silas’ head perked up. “You couldn’t possibly alert anyone else, if we put out a communication of any kind it can be intercepted and whoever could come after us.”

    Taric shook his head at the doctor and said, “Which is exactly why I want help from a trusted source. A Jedi Master.”

    “Jedi?” Dr. Silas said with concern. “They attract a whole new kind of attention on us Captain. Please re-consider this.”

    “We can trust him, I’ve worked with him before.” Taric explained. “He won’t let me down. For now let’s by start getting the case and moving out of here. I’ll call Master Baron when were on our way back to Coruscant.”

    TAG: No one yet.

    NPC: Lorota – Talon Industries Tower – Coruscant

    Lorota hated receiving bad news and that was exactly what she had got from her source on Crseih Station. The mercenary who was tasked with bringing Dr. Silas to the station and pick up the virus had defeated the initial strike against them. Lorota feared telling Darth Furio about the mission’s failure because of his unbalanced nature when he got bad news, there was never any warning on what he might do or do it to. Lorota knew that she would have to go back to her list of candidates to get the virus from the Republic’s mercenary. It proved easy to get the information about the where and the when, but retrieving the case was much harder. Before Lorota could signal Furio on his encrypted channel she received a message from the desk clerk in the main lobby. “Yes, what is it?” Lorota said sharply.

    The comm buzzed with the response. “A Derrijan Ferisk to see you”

    Now that was a name she had not heard from in many years but a welcome one considering what had just transpired on Crseih Station. Did he know what had happened? That was impossible considering not even the original assassins knew what they were after. The only other person that knew the about the operation was Darth Furio himself. “Send him up.” Lorota replied with calm now as she then watched the administrative assistant direct Derrijan to the only turbolift that led to her office.

    TAG: Bishomon
  14. echo_girl_94

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    Feb 18, 2011
    IC: Mariel Rian, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    "Something wrong, Padawan?"

    Mariel shook her head at her Master's question. "I don't know. I just...for a moment there I felt like someone was watching me. Maybe I'm just paranoid."

    TAG: Gaan (The_Zeltron)
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Kate Lockley, Cactus Jack, Stefe Billings, RSB Skyhook, and Tourist Island, respectively
    Location: Coruscant, and Ciutric IV

    Kate was finding the blaster rifle heavy as she was carrying it constantly, and dangled it straight down from her left arm as she wandered cautiously along the slightly curving corridor, a few floors above where she had entered the skyhook, and where the rabbit-like alien Lepi had been killed by the Magna Guard.

    While the floor, ceiling, and right wall and doors were a sterile white, the left was glass, plexiglase, or transparisteel, she wasn't sure.

    Either way, it was transparent and looked out across to an array of floors on the opposite side of the skyhook, while between them, and open, oval-shaped space the size of a couple of Limmie fields, looked down upon the bright lights of Imperial Centre.

    Coruscant, she reminded herself.

    Lockley froze.

    There was movement inside one of the opposite decks, three, maybe four, lower than hers.

    Kate side-stepped up to the window, to peer across and see who it was. If it was a representative of this bank, she was going to hunt the bastiche down, but if it was a magna guard, maybe being seen by it wasn't a good idea.

    "You see something?" A voice asked from about fifty metres behind her, the rodian catching up at a slower pace.

    "Something." She agreed.

    "Well don't drown me in information! I can only take so much."

    Lockley glared at the bounty hunter. "Shut the drokk up. Thank you." She turned back to the window pane, shading her eyes and squinting as she tried to make out the figure.
    Looked skinny, almost skeletal.

    She backed up abruptly, her back hitting the wall. "Magna Guard." She looked at Fernley. "We need to find the security office."


    "It will have access to the holocams and sensors throughout the skyhook. As long as the voice we heard is not broadcasting remotely from offsite, we have a good chance of finding them."

    Fernley peered through the window-wall in an attempt to see the enemy she had spied, then looked her way, gesturing for her to continue. "Lead the way."

    * * * *
    Tourist Island

    Billings had returned to his detached seat with the make-shift parachute attached, while a reluctant Jack trailed him from the train.

    "I'm not convinced this is a good idea," Cactus opined as he came upon the Guardsman was bent at the waist, trying to push the seats towards the edge of the platform where it fell away to form the sheer-sided volcano crater.

    "My friends are down there, possibly in trouble, and I have a strong feeling that it is all your fault."

    "My fault?" He half-turned to gesture back to the train, "I was asleep."

    Stefe's comlink chimed, and he immediately straightened, bringing it up from his belt. What sounded like Rasa's voice came out as he thumbed the power switch:

    "Billings? You rrrread?"

    Stefe raised an eyebrow at the odd question. "Yeah. Why, have you found a library down there?"

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  16. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Interior, Ciutric IV

    Rasa paused, waiting to see if she could reach Billings. She called out on her comlink... "Billings? You rrrread?"

    She was relieved to hear his voice come back over the comlink. His response, however, was a bit strange to her. "Yeah. Why, have you found a library down there?" Her ears twitched, trying to figure out what he meant by that, when it suddenly came to her. Her ears went flat, as she huffed out a small laugh. Luckily, he could not see her eye roll. She shook her head, before she replied.

    "Noooo. But I'lll calll you if I do." She replied with a snort. She then continued. "Jusst wanted to let you know...weeee go deeeperrrr inside mmmmuseummmm. Mmmmight loose commmlink sssignal. I mmmmust catch up nnnow. Mmmust be carrreful. Bye."

    With that, Rasa would keep an ear open for anything else Billings might say, as she moved forward to catch up with Lord Nelf. She knew that he was driven, to finding his .. mate? And with his mind so preoccupied, he would most likely leave her behind, in his quest, so she was going to make sure she kept up with him. Also she still was worried about the museum's security alarm, so she kept scanning with the Force, but she kept it close around them, only looking for things immediately close to them. She had no idea just what an old garrison defensive's were like, or if they could even sense such things, not was she particularly interested in finding out. That construct had been sneaky enough. Another reason not to loose sight of Lord Nelf.

    Rasa scampered quietly, making sure she kept him in sigh.

    TAG: Billings and Lord Nelf
  17. The_Zeltron

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    Sep 29, 2010
    IC: Gaan Be'orar - Forces of Light Academy - Coruscant

    Mariel shook her head, then answered, "I don't know. I just...for a moment there I felt like someone was watching me. Maybe I'm just paranoid."

    Gaan extended her consciousness outwards, trying to sense someone else. There was something, but she couldn't identify it. After a moment, she said, "Could be. You have been through a lot lately, so it's a very good possibility. Anyway, what was it we were discussing, before I got distracted?"

    TAG: Mariel (echo_girl_94)
  18. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Stefe Billings, Lord Nelf, Tourist Island volcano and garrison museum, respectively
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Stefe was pleased to hear Rasa's voice.

    "Noooo. But I'lll calll you if I do. Jusst wanted to let you know...weeee go deeeperrrr inside mmmmuseummmm. Mmmmight loose commmlink sssignal. I mmmmust catch up nnnow. Mmmust be carrreful. Bye."

    "Yes, you be careful. We're going to see if we can parachute down to you."

    "What's this 'we' business?"

    Billings looked back at Jack, and put a shush finger to his own lips. He stowed the comlink back on his belt, and continued to scrape the metal legs of the seat over the asphalt towards the cliff edge.

    He had noticed that the lethal fissures in the surface had apparently sealed up again, and paid them no mind. This place was wierd enough as it was, although he better warn the hermit.

    "Watch your footing, mate. This part of the platform can get very dangerous, very quickly."

    * * * *
    TIE Pilot locker area

    "Ah-ha," Nelf exhalted cheerily on finally discovering a door, a plain rectangle of grey durasteel. There was a control stud in the wall to the right of it, which he knuckled, the door humming aside. "Oof." The pungent smell of the dark water hitting him like a cosh across the face, the Inquisitor leaning back from the stench, reluctant to go deeper, but he had to.

    There was only blackness beyond the open door, so dark it ready swallowed up the illumination afforded by the locker room behind him.

    Out with the lightsabre again, which threw a pink illumination a few metres into the space, which the Force told him was a long straight hallway.

    Nelf was a bit wary about stepping across the threshold, and waved the lightsabre blade into the dark space.
    He withdrew his arm, and looked back as he sensed and then saw, Rasa catching up.

    "Did you get hold of Billings? He okay?"

    Tag: Rasa
  19. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Derrijan Ferisk
    Making mischief in Talon Industries Tower, Coruscant
    Derrijan finished flirting with the pretty desk clerk and strode to the turbolift, flipping a stray wisp of dusky orange hair out of his eyes. Leaning against the wall of the lift, Derrijan thought back on his previous meetings with Lorota. A few different jobs, and she paid well. Nice looking, too. He smiled. The doors of the turbolift opened and Derrijan slid into the room. "Long time no see." he smiled and held out his hand to Lorota. "How has it been with Talon Industries?"

    TAG: Darth_Furio
  20. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008
    NPC: Lorota -Talon Industries Towers - Coruscant

    Lorota waited for the lift to deliver her visitor onto her floor by watching a live camera feed from one of the monitors on her desk. She also prepared the weapon systems that were laid out all over her office. Lorota thought it was prudent to take all precautions with mercenaries as you could not trust anyone in the galaxy anymore. Everything was activated and finally the sliding door opened with Derrijan Ferisk walking out and smiling. "Long time no see. How has it been with Talon Industries." Derrijan said while extending a hand.

    Lorota looked at Derrijan's hand and extended her own for a shake. "Hello Derrijan, Yes it has been awhile. We have only been Talon Industries for a few months now as you probably know, the Blood Rocks are no more. What you don't know is that we are," Lorota paused for a moment and thought better about telling him that they all worked under the rule of a Sith Lord. "we are under new manegement. You look well, what brings you here?"

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  21. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Derrijan Ferisk
    Running wild in Talon Industries Towers, Coruscant
    "What you don't know is that we are. . We are under new management." She finished.

    Derrijan caught the pause, but decided not to comment. If it was important, he could find out. Instead, he offered an understanding smile.

    "You look well, what brings you here?" Lorota asked.

    Derrijan ran a hand through his hair, chuckling. "Well, I try to be a consistent man, and in the past I have always come to you looking for money. And since you're a consistent woman, you won't give me any if it doesn't profit you." He smiled again. "I'm looking for a job, as it were."

    "And wait!" Derrijan continued his job pitch. "Before you offer me the small things. I can take more than just the random assassination or petty thievery now. I have a team. Two able bodied young men ready to die at my orders."

    TAG: Darth_Furio

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  22. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    Ic: Master Joy and Master Roland: Coruscant + Forces of Light interior -- Master Joy's Private Quarters~

    Master Joy answered Master Baron's question with a smile. "no, not at this time. However, we would like you to remain at the academy for a while. Knight Gaan and her group are here, and there is much to discuss."

    Master Roland chimed in with a suggestion. "There is always lightsaber and Force skills training, as well as the library, so there is no excuse for Padawan Shern to become bored."

    "Anakin, you may go, if you have no questions or concerns to bring before us, but Master Baron, we would like you to remain," the Jedi leader said in a firm, but soft tone of voice."

    "Yes," agreed Wan. ..I will be meeting with Knight Gaan tomorrow, and we need to speak with you before that happens."


    JediFalcon Jedi_MasterSkywalker
  23. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Interior, Ciutric IV

    Rasa's ears perked up when she heard Billings reply. "Yes, you be careful. We're going to see if we can parachute
    down to you." Parachute? In the background, she heard Jack's voice, as he replied, "What's this 'we' business?", just before it cut off. Rasa's fangs showed, as she gave a rough laugh. She then caught up with Lord Nelf.

    By the time Rasa had caught up with him again, she could smell another blast of foul water coming from someplace. She coudlnt see anything yet, but his form, and his lightsaber.

    "Did you get hold of Billings? He okay?"

    Rasa nodded, as she gave a soft snort. "Yeesss. He mmmmentioned sommmething about parrachuting down to us? Donnnt thinnnk Jack was happy with that." Rasa still held her lightsaber, and now she brought it up as well, turning it on, so that its blue light would help to luminate the area. "Dooont know why. It smmmellls like himmmm." she added, as she now noticed the doorway that Lord Nelf was standing next to.

    "Dooo you wish mmme to send light innnside?" She asked Lord Nelf quietly.

    Tag: Billings and Lord Nelf
  24. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, garrison interior
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Rasa nodded, as she gave a soft snort. "Yeesss. He mmmmentioned sommmething about parrachuting down to us? Donnnt thinnnk Jack was happy with that." Rasa still held her lightsaber, and now she brought it up as well, turning it on, so that its blue light would help to luminate the area. "Dooont know why. It smmmellls like himmmm." she added, as she now noticed the doorway that Lord Nelf was standing next to.

    The half-elf allowed a soft chuckle at his apprentice' brevity.

    "Dooo you wish mmme to send light innnside?" She asked Lord Nelf quietly.

    Nelf had forgotten about her little light, and gave the suggestion some thought as he peered again into the dark doorway.

    "Yeah, alright." He nodded, stepping aside from the doorway to give Rasa a clear shot with the Force. "Why not?"

    He was pleased to see that she was not too phased by the re-occurence of the water stink. If she had, he would have suggested she investigate those lockers back there to see if there were any old TIE pilot flightsuits, though he had no idea what a hundred-and-fifty years would do to dura-weave.

    However, Rasa was proving to be resilient, so they would be able to proceed without delay.

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  25. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison Interior, Ciutric IV

    She heard Lord Nelf's soft chuckle, and smiled, even as she slipped next to him. She looked past him, into the darkened doorway.

    "Dooo you wish mmme to send light innnside?" She asked Lord Nelf quietly.

    "Yeah, alright." He nodded, stepping aside from the doorway to give Rasa a clear shot with the Force. "Why not?"

    With a quiet nod, Rasa Pulled out the small light once more, and after turning the light on, levitated it from her hands. She knew something was nagging at him, or else he would have gone through the door already. So it was evidence to her, that he was sensing something she was not. With that thought, she sent the light wide, and had it enter the doorway from the other side of the door. It paused for a moment, shining its light inside, to take a brief look, before going past the doorway, to shine its light on whatever lay inside the room.

    Rasa meanwhile was still quite cautious on anything coming up behind them. That little trap from the earlier room, still lingered. And considering how she had found Lord Nelf, decided this place warranted her paranoia for the moment. Especially now, with this door open, she once again was being assailed with the stench of foul water. She would be scrubbing for WEEKS behind this little walk, she was sure. She just hoped it did not stick to her fur. Perhaps she would discover a new Force ability, on how one could plug their nostrils so that they could still breathe...just not SMELL the horrible stench around them. Gotta be a way. She could only flair her nostrils for so long. She wondered how Lord Nelf managed it, personally. Then again, he did not use scents as one of his senses. Or at least, she didnt think he did.

    Rasa curled her tail around her waist once more. Yep. A bath. Something to look forward to, while they moved through the darkness.

    Rasa shinned the light around, looking for ... whatever.

    Tag: Lord Nelf