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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Lift shaft, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Rasa bounded down the shaft, looking down the shaft as she moved. The floating effect from Lord Nelf's spell allowed her a much slower decent, which was good. She could see what was ahead. With her light leading the way, she bounded from wall to wall, using her momentum to bounce between them, as she moved down. Grinning, her ears perked forward, she examined the walls as she moved down them. Dry, which was good, but Rasa examined them as she moved, to see what other information she could gleam from them. If the lifts were being used, marks on the walls, and the smell of fresh lubrication should be easy to pick out.

    Rasa also stretched out her feelings with in the Force, as she moved downwards. The same feelings that had led her towards the lift shaft, she used once more, to help them locate her target. She wondered why Lord Nelf did not do the same. Was it because his training focused on something else? Is that why he had all those different 'spells'? Well, she would have to focus on that for later. Right now, she would trust in the Force to guide her, as she moved down the shaft, searching for the 'bottom', and the markings of a door, that would place them on another level. Since they had come into the shaft from a doorway, it should be easy to keep track of the doors now, until they came up on the last usable door that they could reach. Rasa simply hoped it wasnt too far down. If she noted the presence of water at the bottom of the shaft, she would stop herself before she got too close.

    If she found a dry bottom, she would gently land, and look for the doorway.

    Rasa purred softly. Out of the water, she could almost enjoy this adventure. Course, she knew that bit woudlnt last. And it STILL stank like a gundark! But still....

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  2. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, Imperial Garrison lift shaft

    The Inquisitor descended gently down into the darkness, feet together, and arms by his sides like he was standing in a shop queue, waiting to pay.

    He followed Rasa's light source as it floated down below him, catching glimpses of the lithe Cathar in its cone of illumination as she jumped from one side of the shaft to the other.

    Nelf shivered, the psychic chill deepening the lower he got, till he landed at the bottom of the shaft, clearly on the dust-covered roof of the turbolift, his boots marking prints into the thick carpet of grime.

    He would have to tell her about the source of the temperature drop, for even she must feel it by now.

    The half-elf turned this way and that, starting with the side that had had the door on the upper level, then checking the other three, but even with the to help his night-vision, he could not discern any doors above the lift, for what would be the first level above the...he closed his eyes and sighed...the vehicle bay.

    "I'm a fool," he muttered to himself, then turned to Rasa brightly, "Right, did your history tapes cover All Terrain Armoured Transports? They are an Imperial war machine, with legs rather than wheels, tracks or repulsors, and were about fifty standard feet in height. Now, the bottom-most level of this type of garrison, is the vehicle bay, which would have had to accomodate one of those fruckers, without it getting jammed between the deck and the ceiling, so, the bay would have to be higher thanfifty feet."

    In short, the next door up out of the lift shaft, was going to be a lot higher up than merely the height of the turbolift.

    Nelf waited for a response from Rasa.

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  3. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Lift shaft, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Rasa purred softly to herself, as she waited for Lord Nelf to join her. As she landed on the .. whatever it was she had landed upon, her nose caught the sent of old oil and dust. Her light showed little of the grimy shaft area, and she felt as if that the tempreature had dropped during their decent.

    'EWWWW!' she thought to herself, as her feet touched the bottom/top of whatever she stood on. Yes, a serious bath would be called for. She had searched for a doorway, but had not found any, and she was beginning to search the floor on what she stood on, when Lord Nelf spoke.

    "Right, did your history tapes cover All Terrain Armoured Transports? They are an Imperial war machine, with legs rather than wheels, tracks or repulsors, and were about fifty standard feet in height. Now, the bottom-most level of this type of garrison, is the vehicle bay, which would have had to accommodate one of those fruckers, without it getting jammed between the deck and the ceiling, so, the bay would have to be higher thanfifty feet."

    Rasa's ears perked back and forth. She vaguely remembered something of those silly looking machines, that stood on wobbly legs. A very silly looking thing. She had her light hover, as she looked up at Lord Nelf.

    "Doesss it mmmmaterrrrr?" she asked him. "Could wwe nnnot simmmmply find doorrrr, or cut thrrrough and ennterrr the vechicle bay?" she asked him. "Then, we finnd waay up frrrommmm therrrree?" Rasa's tail whipped back and forth. "Unlesss worrrrried morrrreee rrrround droidss therrree as well?" she added, thinking of the droids that had shot at them earlier. "Buut, might find what yooou loooking forrrrr closerrrr herrre." she added, her ears moving gently.

    Either way, getting out of the smelly shaft, and out into someplace more open, was beginning to feel like a very good idea, even if the strange sensation she felt was still there.

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  4. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, Garrison turbolift shaft
    Location: Ciutric IV Tourist Island

    "Doesss it mmmmaterrrrr?" Rasa asked him.

    The Inquisitor decided right there that he would not take her back to the Inquisitorious to meet the guys; those humourless bastiches would never wear a comment like that, no matter how refreshing he found it.

    There would be a cauterised hand, or paw, on the floor.

    "Could wwe nnnot simmmmply find doorrrr, or cut thrrrough and ennterrr the vechicle bay?" she asked him. "Then, we finnd waay up frrrommmm therrrree?" Rasa's tail whipped back and forth. "Unlesss worrrrried morrrreee rrrround droidss therrree as well?" she added, thinking of the droids that had shot at them earlier. "Buut, might find what yooou loooking forrrrr closerrrr herrre." she added, her ears moving gently.

    "Well, we don't actually need to go up." Nelf looked around and found a horizontal I-beam thick with grey dust, to sit on. He nodded to the wall before them. "Alright, start cutting your way through, and we will see what transpires."

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  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Lift shaft, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Rasa's tail flicked about gently, as she waited for a response for Lord Nelf. It was quiet here, and without the army of vermin scattering about their feet, it was welcomed break. As her ears moved, Lord Nelf spoke out.

    "Well, we don't actually need to go up." Nelf looked around and found a horizontal I-beam thick with grey dust, to sit on. He nodded to the wall before them. "Alright, start cutting your way through, and we will see what transpires."

    Rasa grinned from ear to ear. With a nod, she shifted her saber. Before she began to cut, she closed her eyes gently, and touched the side of the wall, focusing with the Force. She was scanning for any other possible life forms, or if there was anything that was giving a warning within the Force, once she began to cut through the wall. Not picking up anything immediate, she then concentrated on the task at hand. She did not want to fail, or be found wanting, in front of Lord Nelf. As grimy and nasty as this little 'adventure' had become, she was still finding it fascinating, and a worthy task. To be given something to be asked at. To have someone actually listen, and not trying to figure out ways to put a new bow on her... Rasa quickly pushed that thought away. No, she was here, looking for something important. This also gave her much needed time to learn more of her new master as well. Away from others, and getting used to keying in on his own set of quirks. She also hoped Billings would stay up top. If he tried to follow the path THEY had made so far, then he would have one heck of a time.

    Rasa refocused herself on the task of cutting a hole, and purring softly, finished cutting a hole into the wall. Instead of letting the chunk of durasteel fall to the floor with an annoying clatter, she instead used the Force to gently pull and then slide the chunk of steel, like a huge door, and move it inside the shaft, being careful of the hot edges. She didnt open it too wide at first, wanting to see if the other side was lit or not, and if anything else was there to take note their arrival. She then moved out of the way, so that Lord Nelf could observe, since she still had no real idea what they were looking for, (How did they dispose of the dead? Burry? Burn? Shoot them off into space? Hope they left something behind, or this was a bin droiking waste of time and energy.) She also had no clue where to look. To her, if it was someone important, they might store their body IN the complex, but unless there was a memorial or something...

    They needed a map.

    Hopefully, this moistened dung of a museum might have one still online. Someplace.

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  6. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, bottom of turbolift shaft, Imperial Garrison Museum
    Location: Ciutric IV

    An icy blast of musty air blew past Rasa as she pushed the square of hot metal aside, causing Nelf to rub his fingertips over his shoulder as he sought to draw a non-existent cape tighter.

    I really miss my cape.” He muttered softly, his breath now visible as a semi-opaque vapour, then stood to shuffle closer to the Cathar. “Mm, lets see what we can see.

    Although dim, there was an out-of-sight light source of sorts, giving the place a general greenish-black hue.

    Looks inviting. Not.” He glanced aside at Rasa. “Next time you join your Uncle Nelf in resurrecting one of his old girlfriends, we’ll make sure to get you a bio-hazard suit.

    He peered through the square, careful not to touch the still glowing sides. Something looked wrong in there.

    Make. A Frackin’. List!

    The floor looked higher than it should, and, as his gaze swept the vast interior cavern before them, dominated by an upright green and grey-streaked All Terrain Armoured Transport to their left, facing away from them, he could see that it’s legs had sunk into the floor.

    Or the floor had come up over the feet.

    What do you make of that, Rasa?

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  7. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Bottom of turbolift shaft, Imperial Garrison Museum, Location: Ciutric IV

    Rasa's ear flickered gently as a blast of cold air rushed her, as she gently moved the durasteel she had cut over to the side. She noticed the motion Lord Nelf made, and then as he softly spoke..

    “I really miss my cape.” He muttered softly. Rasa could see his breath as he came closer. “Mm, lets see what we can see.” Rasa nodded, as she turned to look back into the room. Thankfully, this place was lit, from some unseen soruce, but it was an odd lighting, giving everything within a greenish sort of tint. She wondered if it was due to overgrowth on the lights.


    “Looks inviting. Not.” Lord Nlef stated. Rasa simply purred her agreement. “Next time you join your Uncle Nelf in resurrecting one of his old girlfriends, we’ll make sure to get you a bio-hazard suit.”


    Rasa puured her question. 'Bio-hazard?' Rasa's ears perked up, as she looked over at him, a questioning eyebrow arching ever higher. She certainly hoped he was joking... but it was hard to tell with him sometimes.

    As he peeked into the room, she followed his gaze. There was a very tall vehicle in the room. But what she noticed was that it looked like it had sunken into the floor. The legs disappeared into the floor? What the heck?
    “What do you make of that, Rasa?” Lord Nelf asked her. Her ears flickered as she considered what she was looking at. She reached into her pouch, and pulled out a small stone.

    "Let'ssss seee if it is as solid as it looksss." she stated, as she held out the rock, preparing to flick it out accross the 'floor'. She stared at the floor for a moment. "It almmmmmost looks like the floor mmmelted. Mmmaybe volcanno is not just for show?" she added, as she moved to gently toss the rock to the floor below.

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  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, entrance to garrison Vehicle Bay - Level 1
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Nelf stood in the opening that Rasa had cut into the wall, looking over the eerie green-black area, greenish lighting above flickering fitfully.

    Considering the icy breeze coming out of that place, he wondered if that "flooring" was water that had frozen, though what could have caused that?

    "Let'ssss seee if it is as solid as it looksss." she stated, as she held out a rock, preparing to flick it out accross the 'floor'. She stared at the floor for a moment. "It almmmmmost looks like the floor mmmelted. Mmmaybe volcanno is not just for show?" she added.

    He looked at her sharply. "What a lovely thought." He was reminded of a volcanic zone back on his homeworld, known as Lavastorm.

    He had visited it a couple of times, and not been in any hurry to return. Of course, there had been a species of junior dragon to welcome interlopers, which did not add to the charm.

    "Okay, whatever the frag it is, we are not stepping on it till we know what it is. If you can, follow me."
    Nelf took half a step forward, bent his knees to gather himself, and Force Jumped seventeen metres up, and several forward to land on the slimy back edge of the AT-AT's roof, the toe of his boot slipping off the metal, and his knees and chest slamming hard into the armour while his gloves desperately tried to get purchase on the slick moss, but to no avail!

    He slipped off.....and started to float very slowly downwards.

    Oh, thank frag. Now this was why he used Levitate around heights. This sith could have killed him.

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  9. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Entrance to Garrison Vehicle Bay, Level 1, Imperial Garrison Museum, Location: Ciutric IV

    As Rasa prepared to click her stone out on the strange surface below, She noticed Lord Nelf gave her a look, as she mentioned the volcano.

    "What a lovely thought." he replied. She grinned. "Okay, whatever the frag it is, we are not stepping on it till we know what it is. If you can, follow me." She agreed with the idea of not stepping on it. "Aaagreeeed."

    But before she could ask what he meant by the second statement, Lord Nelf took half a step forward, and then jumped. She watched, as he moved into a high arc, landing on the top of the metal machine. She then watched as his footing slipped, and he began to slide downwards. Lord Nelf slipped off the machine, and she was ready to start using her levitate on him, when she noticed that he was now floating, very slowly downwards, towards the ground.

    Rasa breathed a sigh of relief, as her ears flickered. She now wondered what he planned to do, before he reached the ground. She then looked back up towards the strange machine once more. The fact that Lord Nelf's feet had slipped, there was a good chance there was something on the machine. Perhaps oil, or some other slimy residue. That being the cause, while her claws might help, it would make it very difficult to grab ahold of. She then looked at the front of the At-At. At least if she slipped off the head, there were plenty of places to grab onto at the front of the machine.

    She threw the rock hard at the ground, hoping it just skittered across. She made sure to aim the rock away from where the AT-At's stood.

    Rasa closed her eyes for a moment, focusing on the Force around her, and after a quick scan of the area around them, and then after securing her saber, a few seconds later, she moved, her lithe form leaping high into the air, and then landing on the AT-AT's back, her trajectory angled, so if she slid, it would move her towards the head, so she might have a place to grab onto something. Her claws out as soon as she landed, she crouched, giving her a chance for her claws to latch onto something.

    Where was this supposed girlfriend remains hidden in this place!? She must really be somethings, in order to go through all of this.

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  10. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith(Anguish)
    Senator's Row, Block#139176, Coruscant-Mathor Sledon's office. 6:30 a.m

    The woman, Kiza, observed some minor pleasantry as she offered him a seat, which was understandable. Wraith chose to remain standing and she responded by getting immediately to the business at hand, which he inwardly appreciated. This wasn't hired to act as a diplomat, after all.
    Kiza placed the datapad in view to start things off and he tried not to make his satisfied smile too obvious.

    The information being shared was definitely useful, for he would need to know name and faces if he he was required to interact with the individuals listed, but so far no critical data was present, at least not yet. The changes in schedule were good to know as well, but again, not significant. Once Kiza produced the small earpiece, she smirked. Wraith gave her a knowing nod in return and a small smile. He had no doubt that there was a tracker somewhere in there as well. Cute, and not to mention, expected. At least he'll be able to listen in on the others and potentially, know their positions as well.

    The half-nagai noticed Kiza lean back as she continued to explain things, he did not react to her searching gaze. He could tell she was curious about him as he was about her, but he would give her nothing until he was certain that she was not after the prize he sought. Not many beings caught his attention like this, however, priorities were after all…priorities.

    "Of course, there is quite a bit of debate about the silence of the Jedi Order. I personally consider it a blessing."

    At this, Wraith turned his head to regard Kiza. He wore the neutrally pleasant and confident mask he did for this role, though his eyes now searched the woman's, as she continued speaking without a hint of pause.

    A blessing, eh?

    "The less beaurocratic floater to deal with, the better. But I do wonder when they shall put forth their voice." Kiza snorted.

    "As do I…" Wraith managed to put in, with a mischievous glint in his eye to accompany a quick smile.

    "I will leave such things to the Senators to ponder. Right now, let us get you your new ident."

    Kiza stood in a smooth motion and Wraith straightened, unfolding his arms, which he hadn't realized he'd folded.

    "Besides, the Senator seems hot to parade us around today, there are several stops in his itinerary today, that he wants all of us for. Should be quite…interesting."

    "Quite." Wraith added, with a hint of sarcasm and ironic humor.

    Kiza gathered her things and beckoned for him to follow, which he, of course, did…but always 'just outside' her physical attack range. This was a game he liked to play. That meant she would be outside 'his range' as well…if things were equal.

    The pair partook of an uneventful lift-ride to the 217th floor. Internal Affairs and HR. That would prove most interesting. Afterwards, depending on circumstances, they were to meet with Sledon and Tesslor. Less than twenty minutes elapsed before Wraith found himself in possession of his new 'official' identicard. The picture of him wasn't half bad either.

    All he needed now the rest of the security issued 'gear' and communications package and whatever final checks were needed before he could consider himself officially in.

    "They're quite efficient in here, don't tell me this floor is run by chiss…" Wraith commented as a small jest.

    "Is there anything else that needs to be done before we officially start our day?" he asked neutrally, but carefully.

    These small moments were the big turning points in certain events and required a certain mastery to coax the required pay-off. In other words, there was no turning back now.


    *Sorry for my absence, but I'm back for now.*
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  11. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Senator's Row, Block#139176, Floor 1037 Coruscant- Mathor Sledon's office. 7:00 a.m.
    Kiza and Wraith made their way from Floor 217 to Floor 1037 - the Senator and his aide's office. It had not taken long at all, to take care of the business at hand. Even Wraith had commented on it. "They're quite efficient in here, don't tell me this floor is run by Chiss…" he asked her. Kiza gave a nod of her head. "Yes. With the current onslaught of" Kiza gave a choked laugh at use of the next word, "recruits - they have become very efficident indeed. And while Sledon is a bit lax, when it comes to certain details, Senator Tesslor is not. He demands all to be accountable. He's one of the few Senator's that I can say, talks less, but listens more." She turned, and entered another lift, her heels silent on the marbled floors. She gave a slight tug to her suit.

    "Is there anything else that needs to be done before we officially start our day?" Wraith asked neutrally. Kiza was about to respond when her personal datapad beeped at her. She pulled it from its hidding spot with a practiced ease, and quickly looked over the information. Excellent. She had gotten some feedback on some information she had been looking for. The encrypted message was a definite sign. This might prove to be quite a fullfilling day afterall. She quickly made a few taps, and dissapeared the pad once more into its spot. She then made a few entries into the larger pad she was carrying and browsed its contents. She then turned to answer Wraith. "No, we shall start work immediately. Sledon and Tesslor have an 8:30 meeting in the Senate Chambers. Quite a few of those meetings, since the attack. I hear that the company that had put out the original bounty on the Force User, might have upped the anty. Also a few rumors that it might have been some others helping him. Im sure once the meeting starts, our earpieces will become alive with the chatter from the 'holding' chamber, which some of us have now nicknamed 'the pit'. Quite a lovely spot, actually." Kiza did her professional best not to roll her eyes. With so many extra guards being hired, some did not do well with so many nearby. And it was far too many for the chambers to deal with. So many fights had broken out, that the Senate decreed that only a limited number could actually accompany the Senators to the pods. The rest were to wait below, in a special 'holding' area that had been set up. To draw weapons there, was not benicifical to ones health, to say the least. But, it was also a wealth of information, as rumors and other 'facts' abounded. They compared notes, and the latest rumblings from the lower levels could be found out, if one was tactful enough. As they stepped out of the lift, Kiza continued with her update. "Fortunately, you are a new hire, and both Sledon and Tesslor have made sure you are in the pod for the first meeting, at least. They wish to observe how you work." Kiza pressed a button, and Wraith's datapad bleeped. "This is a copy of the schedule today. Luckily, it is a short list today, for tonight there is a special presentation, and party. We are scheduled to attend, as 'Grunt', hates the spotlight..." Kiza gave another nod. "Of course, if you want, you can visit the pit as well. But I'm sure the others will pass along any information they find useful. I hope you had a good breakfast. Senator Tesslor believes on being prompt. Usually.."

    Kiza stopped speaking, as she heard sounds coming from down the hallway from Mathor Sledon's office. She then gave a grin. Seemed as if Senator Tesslor had found yet another reason to become annoyed with his aide. The Force was practically alive with the Senator's annoyed presence within the Force. But she tilted her head slightly. Sledon felt a bit different this morning. He didnt seem to be getting to upset with the Senator as he usually did. This could be get interesting. As Kiza and Wraith grew near, Senator Tesslor's secretary, who was waiting several doors down from the noisy office, jerked her head at the door. "Senator's Tesslor's in form this morning. Seems like Sledon didnt secure the Shi'ido delegate's request for the presentation tonight. Boss aint happy." Kiza nodded. "What else is new? Is it safe to go in?" The Secretary replied with a smirk. "Sure."Kiza looked back over at Wraith. "Ready for the show?" She turned, without waiting for a response, and knocked loudly on the door. It grew quiet, so Kiza then palmed the door open. "Good morning, Senator. Sledon. If you are ready, we are prepared to escort you to the Senate Chambers, and I do know Senator, how you hate to arrive late. Especially on important chamber meetings, like the one today." Kiza gave a slight bow of her head. "We will have to take alternate route two. The backwash from traffic for the meeting today, is going to make things difficult." As Kiza continued to speak, if Wraith happened to look at the datapad, he would notice that most if not all of the things she mentioned so far, were notated on the datapad. Backed up traffic. Heavy foot traffic, a notice from the Senate chambers about making sure everyone had proper ID on their person,and a list of other items going on for todays Senate hearings were listed. And it was a long list. Seemed as if something serious was going on in chambers today.

    Mathor Sledon's Office, Coruscant
    He had to keep up apperances. At least for a bit longer. So he would allow the Senator to yell at him. It would not matter. He simply appologized. But soon, he would not be the one making the appologizies. Then Seantor Tesslor would be begging HIM for his forgiveness. Yes, the mess going on within the Green Sector would pale compared to this. And soon, he would have something, that would give him more status and power than he could dream of. So, let him play the fool for just a bit longer. And it would be prefect. With his new 'staff', the Senator would not be able to do anything about it. Yes, tonight, would be a welcomed break indeed. Sledon's thoughts were interrupted by the knock at the door. Finally. Something to shut the fool up.As Kiza spoke, he buzzed his own secretary into the office, to take care of the Shi'ido delegate. That was not work for someone of his status. Soon, they all would see that.

    That was putting it gently. But Fryne had the need, so she would adapt. Her contact at the Jedi temple had sent a message. So she needed to check on it, before she reported. She needed to see for herself. After that, it was for him to decide, what would happen next.

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  12. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, Garrison vehicle bay

    The Inquisitor decided it was time to arrest his fall, and extended both hands forwards to Force Pull the AT-AT towards himself. Obviously it was never going to move with him in mid-air, so the result was what he wanted, him moving forwards to where he could grasp hold of the thick metal leg.

    "Okay, Rasa," he called up to her, "make your way forward to the front, and try to access the head section. I will try to join you in there."

    Nelf craned his neck to look up at the armoured vehicle's backside, in order to both orient himself and judge how far he had to climb.

    The metal coating the leg was flaked rust in places, but the fact that it was still standing assured him that it was in no danger of crumbling under him.

    He stretched up with his right gloved hand, got purchase, then used a foothold to push himself up, rinse and repeat to take himself higher up till he was within arms length of the vehicle's underside.

    The half-elf Imperial studied the underside for a hatch or vent which he could slice open to gain entry with the minimum of cutting.

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  13. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senator’s Row, Block#139176, Coruscant-Mathor Sledon’s Office

    He wore a light smile on his face, almost innocent…or was it impish?

    Wraith listened to Kiza and he could almost pick out the phrases with double meanings, even as she related practical information amid her delivery. That she did so pleased him internally. It was a form of communication few knew how to use successfully. He would have to test her, to see if she could understand the things he ‘didn’t say’, and besides, the fact that she could walk down marble floors in heels without making a sound did not go unnoticed.

    Sledon was lax, while Tesslor paid attention to detail and demanded accountability. Yes, this was very useful information. Quite so.

    The now hired guard looked at his now active datapad from behind his targeting visor, then placed the proffered earpiece in its place. He sinked the two devices and switched to the appropriate listening channel. There was chatter taking place already, as expected.

    So, today was a day full of meetings. So be it. The first in line was an 8:30 meeting in the Senate Chambers. Any ‘secondary’ bit of information he learned could be put to good use at some point. It wasn’t every day that one ‘such as he’ could ‘visit’ the Senate Chambers with such ease and an actual invitation to boot! It was a delicious irony which he silently savored. Kiza continued speaking and Wraith nodded when informed of the ‘pit’, but did not query about it again. It was a useful place to collect ‘rumors’. Noted.

    He did let out an amused chuckle when Kiza mentioned that the Senator and his Aide wished to see him work, but he didn’t bother to elaborate on his amusement as he continued to listen to the information given. Oh! and ‘Grunt’ hated the ’spotlight’ as it were. That was good to know as well. Wraith smiled inwardly at that bit of information.

    Kiza stopped speaking. Wraith did a soft scan of the area conventionally and via the force. Sounds from the senator’s office suggested that someone was quite displeased. Kiza grinned. Hmmm. Could the Senator’s displeasure be a source of amusement for her? Did she have something to gain by this? There was no way of being sure, at least not yet. ‘If’ Tesslor was her true focus, then so much the better.
    Sledon however….

    The pair reached the Senator’s secretary and Wraith learned a few interesting details regarding the Senator’s relationship to his Aide, both by the secretary’s account and what he could hear from the other side of the office door. The Master had not brought the apprentice to heel fully. Hmm. This too presented some interesting possibilities.

    “Ready for the show?” Kiza asked without really waiting for a response. Wraith offered a slight nod as she knocked on the door. All out going sound ceased immediately. This was clearly a sign for her to proceed. Palming the door, she did exactly that, and both of them walked in.

    Kiza did not waste time as she began to speak of the current itinerary, schedules, alternate routes and the like. Wraith regarded what and who was to be found inside the Senator’s office and the state of what security arrangements were in place. They seemed adequate, but nothing spectacular in the end. Wraith confirmed most of what Kiza mentioned by glancing at his recently acquired security datapad, in particular alternate ‘route two’, that’s when something caught his attention. It was not a sound, it wasn’t sudden movement either.

    It was a strong feeling…palpable and quite familiar.

    From behind his targeting visor, Wraith took a casual glance in Sledon’s direction. There was no doubt in his mind. The Senator’s aide was the source of this powerful emotion, even though his outer posture betrayed all appearances of this. What was the catalyst for this? Could it be?

    Wraith kept his own emotions in check and considered mentally reviewing his own time-table and agenda. He had to make himself ready to manipulate events as they happened, so the ‘Green Aide’ or rather, the prize he possessed, could be reclaimed. At the moment, there was little Anguish could do personally, except go along with his part in the charade. However, he did have an outside facilitator. Yes, it was time to make a move.

    Returning his gaze to his datapad, Wraith casually studied all possible paths and structures connecting to ‘route two’, as this was significant for the ‘job’. He also inquired about the troubled Shi’ido delegation and required a security update. One such as he couldn’t allow such an opportunity to go to waste.


    “It is the third option that is often executed.”
  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Rasa was already moving and leaping when she heard Lord Nelf calling out to her. "... make your way forward to the front, and try to access the head section. I will try to join you in there."

    By the time he had finished his sentence, she had already landing, and with all claws out, was scrambling for a purchase onto the back of the large At-AT. She was wondering if she would need to use to Force, when her claws caught onto a vent, stopping her from sliding further. A soft snarl, as she swung herself around, and then very stood up. She felt her fur bristle. Standing in a tall tree, was one thing, but standing on the tall, slippery back of a battle machine, with a sheer drop off the sides, and looking forward towards the tiny head section.. (well, tiny in HER mind!) made her suddenly focus her eyes very, VERY intently on the back of the AT-AT.

    Lord Nelf had said something about trying to access the head section. There was a HATCH there? Rasa knelt down, and began to inch her way towards the front of the machine. Her ears were perched forward, and she was listening intently to any sounds that might alert her to anything, while the rest of her was preoccupied with finding an entryway into the head section. The people back then were very strange, she decided. Soon, her sharp eyes detected what look like some sort of hatchway. or vent. Or something! She carefully pulled out her saber. If it was the entry way of the control portal of this machine, she would have to be careful about how she opened it. She figured most likely it was rusted shut, but if she ran her saber along the edges lightly, that should be enough to open it. Just not too deeply.

    Activating her saber, she allowed the blue blade to just lightly trace around the opening that she had found. After deactivating her saber, she then used the Force to yank open the top, fearing that if she was to suddenly yank on the wretched thing, the force of it suddenly giving way, might be enough to send her flying off the top.

    The SMELL that greeted her when the top opened, made her growl, as her ears went flat back against her head.


    Oh Force, why did it have to stink so bad?

    Rasa brought her lightsaber down, and turned it on, to see whatever laid within the machine.

    TAG: Lord Nelf
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, hanging under an AT-AT, Garrison vehicle bay
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Nelf drew his lightsabre, and tried the ‘open the hatch with one swipe’ gambit, and despite a shower of bright sparks that fell past him, the hatch remained in place, so hanging from a handy handhold, he was unwittingly copying his apprentice’ method of using the lightsabre tip to lightly score its way round the edges of the rectangular grey and red metal flap, till it flapped open, allowing a terribly musty smell to waft down at him, even while he closed his eyes against the shower of rust flakelets sprinkling into his upturned face.

    Nelf sneezed, the sound echoing around the tomb-like chamber.

    He turned off the lightsabre, and tossed it inside the hole, then hauled himself up, and through it, the ragged edges scraping and probably singeing, on his tunic.

    The half-elf quickly got to his knees, then, staying away from the dangerously open hatch in the floor, the main light source, he got to his feet.

    The lightsabre hilt sprang into the air to meet his open right palm, and he re-ignited the blade, casting crimson light across the skulls of the nearest seated figures.

    The sight did not frighten him, as there were plenty of animated skeletons on his homeworld, and apart from their ability to see through invis’, he had gotten over his fear of them quite early.

    Nelf leaned towards the nearest one, and realised, no, it was not a human skeleton, or even human.

    It was droid. A Magna-guard.

    He waved the ‘sabre. So were all the rest. Two lines of ten Magna-guard droids, sitting back to back in the darkness.

    Their presence leant credence to his feeling that there was something Force-related to this “museum”; you didn’t come across Holowan IG-100s in a children’s library, although you’d have less books brought back late, if you did.

    Nelf made his way forwards to the sealed hatch, and pressed the controls to open it, not expecting a response, and pleasantly surprised to see it snap aside, giving a view of a light grey cylindrical corridor, leading from the body to the head.

    He put one boot through the gap, testing his weight on the neck floor, since it was unsupported compared to where he was. Seemed fine.

    He moved through, and unwisely perhaps, allowed himself a two footed jump.

    That seemed fine. He crossed over with with confidence, listening out for some sign of his apprentice.

    Behind him, in the main passenger area, photoreceptors were starting to glow.

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  16. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Inside an walkers inards, Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Oh Force!

    Rasa made a noise that sounded like a soft 'mew' as she exhaled hard, trying to get the stench she had first smelled when she opened the hatch, her ears stayed flat. There were drawbacks, to having such a sensitive smell, and she had just run into it. It smelled like the thing had been sealed up for about - oh, a hundred years should just about be right! And it was not like she had a lot of experience of dealing with dead bodies. The school yard was different. This made her think of all types of old holovids about how certain societies entombed their dead, in certain structures. Another soft growl, deep in her throat, as Rasa worked on pushing initial fears aside. She knew that Lord Nelf would be looking for her soon. As Rasa moved her lightsaber about, she didnt see to much at first. Looked like the controls of any other ship she had seen, with a few variations, of course. But no bodies, immediately. That was good.

    Rasa gently leaped through the hatch, down into the the machine. She twisted her body, pulling her tunic close to her, to keep from touching her, and then froze, as she allowed for her eyes to adjust...

    It still REEKED.

    And now Rasa was feeling something within the Force she could not quite understand. But whatever it was, was making her fur stand on end. She gripped her unlit saber, using her tiny light to illuminate the area in front of her, but keeping her saber in her hand, ready to use in a moments notice. Her ears swiveled forward, as the tip of her tail nervously twitched, as she began to look for Lord Nelf. He had said he would try to join her there. She would need to open the door in any case. Rasa moved her way towards the doorway behind the main seats.

    She froze, when she spotted something on the floor, her claws extending automatically. But she needn't worry. It wasnt moving, nor was it likely to move. But it did seem to be the reason for the stench. Eyes went wide, as she swallowed hard, trying not radiate anything out in the Force. But this could not be the reason for what she felt in the Force. It was not a threat. Well, what was LEFT was not, in any place.

    Rasa knew she needed to open the door.

    '...there is only the Force, only the Force...' The mental chant was NOT making her feel any better. But she was not going to let this stop her. She pulled her eyes away, and continued, looking for and then palming the controls for the door, hoping that they would open. If not, then she would be making a doorway, one way or another.


    TAG: Lord Nelf
  17. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Leaving Senator's Row, for Senate Building, Coruscant 7:30am

    As Kiza rattled out the current schedule, Senator Tesslor was nodding, while Tesslor was silent, making a
    few notes of his own. When he called in his secetary, he passed along his notations to her, when Wraith
    inquired about troubled Shi’ido delegation. Tesslor's eyebrow went up, but he was silent as Sledon gave a
    flourish of his hand. "Nothing to worry about. It seems the Shi'ido deligation feels overlooked, after the
    misunderstanding about their requested 'arangements' for tonights presentation. They are now trying to save
    face, by making waves, and complaining like spoiled children."Kiza listed to Sledon, and she felt the ire
    from Senator Tesslor grow. Kiza however kept her face carefully neutral. It was obvious that Sledon had not
    read anything about the Shi'ido deligation. They were not beings to be taken lightly. Even though they
    looked rather unassuming, she knew that they held a power base that was something to be respected. They had
    long memories, and fantastic libraries, and unless provoked were usually quite forthcoming. She had a notion
    that to have one of them to consider you as 'unattentive' was not good. Also, she knew that some also were
    rather strong in the Force, or had a strong resistance to it. She wondered if any from the deligation were
    resistant as well. The Senator spoke then, his voice sounding tight and restrained. "Then it would be in
    your best interst to make sure they are made happy. They have some influence on several businessess in the
    Green Sector, that we need working with us, if we are to make any leeway in the upcoming bill..." Sledon
    half turned away, as he looked back at his secretary. "Oh, it is nothing to worry about. It WILL be taken
    care of..." Kiza felt another strong spike in the Force coming from Sledon, and she was rather surpised at
    the strength of it. So, was Sledon about to make his play? He certainly had something in mind, even if it
    was not immediate. He was sure about something.

    Wraith then requested a security update.That sent both of their earpieces off, as an update was given.
    Traffic was beginning to grow as they had suspected, but the second alternative route was still good. The
    Senate hearings were to be more emcumbered than normal today, due to several other groups also meeting
    between different groups and chambered hearings. Kiza tapped her earpiece, and then looked at the pair.
    "Senator, Sledon.. we need to move now." Kiza looked over at the Senator. Will we be picking up your guard
    on the way, as I do not see them here yet..?" she asked the man, as she she looked at her timepiece. The
    Senator made a face, looking over at Sledon, before looking back at Kiza. "My security team .. will not be
    joining this morning. They are taking care of another matter for me. That should not be a problem for you, I
    take it?" Kiza felt her ire grow slightly, but she quickly controlled herself, not allowing her annoyance to
    flow out into the Force. Something was going on here. She was sure of it. The Senator never left the
    building without his personal team. Even Sledon seemed shocked at the statement, the look on his face was
    rather epic. But then he recovered, and looked over at Kiza. "Well then, if that be the case, I suggest
    Wraith attends to the Senator, while you my dear Kiza, do what you normally do. Have the others meet us at
    the skiff, and we shall make our way to the Chambers, yes?" Kiza allowed herself the mental picture of
    wrapping her hands around Sledon's neck, and squeezing ever so slowly, before she gave him a slow smile.
    "Indeed. We need to leave now." She certainly hoped his security team would be joining them later. She had
    things she wished to complete before the evening activities.

    With that information, she gestured for the Senator who immediately stepped out, followed by Sledon and
    herself, letting Wraith place himself where he wished. She spoke softly into the earpiece. "Team two, meet
    us at the skiff." "Acknowledged." Wraith could find out team two consisted of 3 individuals, two of which he
    had seen while he was giving his 'interview' the day before. The third person, he had not met. All humanoids
    as far as he could tell. The hanger area of the building was busy, with many ships making their way out,
    also assumed to be heading for the Senate building. Kiza picked up her pace, to move closer towards the
    Senator as she walked, scanning the hallways as they moved. It was when they reached the hanger area, she
    slowed the Senator down slightly, as she scanned the area, before moving out towards his private skiff. The
    other team was there, weapons out, stanind on three points around the ship. The one facing them signaled
    when he saw the group approaching. "Did you scan the ship?" Kiza asked, as the reached the ship. The man,
    looked to be in his thirties, with dirty black hair nodded. "Yes, scanned it less than ten minutes ago.
    Nothing." Kiza nodded, scanning the men within the Force, keeping her search tightly focused. It was not to
    say that she did not trust them, but she did not trust anyone. Satisfied at the moment, she scanned the ship
    with her hand scanner, and finding nothing within the Force or her scanner, she quickly led the others on
    board. Sledon just stood there, grinning like an idiot, while the Senator seemed very deep in thought. He
    hesitated for a moment, before stepping on board the ship. The other team members quickly entered and within
    a few moments, the ship was winging its way towards the Senate building.

    TAG: Lord Anguish, anyone who wishes to play... ;)
  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Senate Guards Selma Spring and Owen Glaceau (nrcs), Galactic Senate
    Location: Coruscant

    The two blue-robed Senate Guards stood inside one of the the open-mouthed hangars that served the Galactic Senate building on Coruscant.

    One was female and human, her brushed auburn locks flowing down to the thick durasteel shoulderpads of her armour. She wore a black temperature-control undersuit beneath the blue plates, and like the male Rodian beside her, had a deactivated forcepike held in one hand, the business end pointed towards the ceiling.

    “So,” he said, looking her up and down, “you been shown the freshers, vending machines, rest areas, emergency exits, and the Pit?”

    She nodded animatedly, “Yes thanks.” She looked out at the skies, the traffic crossing the Coruscant skies. It was as she remembered. It was a while since she worked on the Capitol world.

    “Sooo,” Owen stretched, “I heard you were an Imperial Knight.” There. He had broached the subject.

    “Sure was. Till I took an arrow to the knee.”

    Glaceau raised one of what passed for eyebrows with rodians.

    “Bastiche ewoks.” She clarified, her face darkening. “You try doing sai cha on what amounts to a cute-looking teddy.”

    Wouldn’t mind seeing you in a teddy. Owen thought to himself behind a blank expression.

    “I heard that.”

    His already green, naturally, expression went a shade darker with embarrassment, and coughed into a fist, stepping away from her a couple of paces and changing the subject.
    “Oh look out there.” He pointed a gloved hand out into the sky, where two craft were getting larger, and resolving detail as they approached. “Senator Tesslor’s contingent.”

    “Shocking.” Selma quipped.

    It was clear that Owen had missed the pun. He pulled a slim datapad up from under his robes and glanced down at the screen. “Just the senator, his main aide, and a couple of guards will be going right in, while the rest of the security staff will be going along to the pits. Mm, addition here for the Shi’ido delegates.”

    Selma glanced at the more experienced guard. “So, this Tesslor. Humanoid?”

    “You wish. Bring a sponge.”

    She regarded him for a moment, then sighed and reached under her robes for her utility belt, momentarily revealing the slim lightsabre hilt swinging from her right hip.
    She pulled a pack of orange cellophane out, and snapped her hand to flap open a thin citrus-coloured apron, which she put over her head, and proceeded to tie round the back of her armour.

    Tag: Kiza, Wraith

    OOC: Guys, can you remind me what your characters look like, so I can include it in my postings? Many thanks.

    Reference: the "Humanoid?" "You wish, bring a sponge." is from the first Men In Black movie.

    OOC: Response to Ktala, will have to be over the weekend.
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  19. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, AT-AT, Imperial Garrison vehicle bay
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Nelf crossed through the neck section ante-hall in a few steps, and slid open the next door to the head section where his top half stopped dead, struck in the face by a rancid smell that beat anything on the rest of this sodden planet, while his lower half proceeded a further two steps.

    By the Force, something must have died in there!

    Breathing through his mouth did not help, but Nelf did it anyway, gingerly sucking in air like a whaleshark filters plankton as he stepped into the unlit cockpit module, his lightsabre casting scarlet illumination onto the walls on either side, the back of the rectangular headrest of the first seat.

    "Rasa, you in-?"


    Nelf's eyebrows ridged, then his lightsabre glow caught the Cathar's eyes staring out of the gloom. "Hey Kiddo, you okay?"

    Forcing himself to ignore the stench, the Inquisitor extinguished his blade and stepped up to and past his student, to the two seats at the front, the fabric on both deteriorating and on the verge of popping the white cotton-like filling from several fissures.

    "Okay, let's see what we have got here. Frag it." He added with resignation, and sat back into the right-side chair, so he could reach and study the grime-layered controls better.

    He bared teeth in silent disgust at the murky surroundings, and moved to jab his index finger gingerly at various coloured buttons set into the burnished grey metal of the control panel, then stopped, his finger an inch short of the first stud.

    "Hold on, what the feth am I doing? I'm an Inquisitor, for frag's sake."

    He returned both hands to his own lap, and used a more gentle Force Push to depress the button. No response.
    After half-a-dozen presses, each one remained stubbornly dark.

    "Rasa, make an inventory of whatever power sources we have on us. Both our lightsabres for a start..."

    Tag: Rasa

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  20. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith(Anguish)
    Leaving Senator’s row, Coruscant

    It was interesting to note the interactions between Senator Tesslor, his aide, Sledon and then Kiza. More than anything else, it was Sledon’s unseen spikes that drew Wraith’s interest, though the Senator and Kiza also provided some intriguing empathic signals. Something was definitely going on.

    Wraith set his security device to update him on the progress of the Shi’ido delegation. Sledon was assigned to arrange their reception, so by the fault an opportunity was clearly present here.

    With a side glance, Wraith offered a faint smile at the senator’s aide. It was impossible to tell if the gesture was sincere or merely polite.

    He views them as spoiled children, with no small measure of contempt. Wraith noted silently. How very interesting…

    The senator however, wasn’t having that.

    “…it would be in your best interest to make sure they are made happy.” The Senator admonished, adding a remark about the Shi’ido business and political influence. Wraith held his slight smile, hoping it looked as polite as he imagined it did, rather than evincing the impish amusement he was experiencing.

    Be that as it may, it was time to move on, as Kiza announced. Wraith narrowed his eyes when it was revealed that the Senator’s security detail would not be coming along. According to the Senator, they were taking care of ‘another matter’.

    Oh? something that takes priority over the senator’s personal safety?

    Wraith did not react to this news outwardly. Sledon looked surprised, which was a telling gesture, that is, if his reaction was indeed genuine. If that wasn’t a set up of some sort, then he was a shaved wookie.

    “Well then, if that be the case, I suggest Wraith attends to the Senator….”

    Wraith nodded, taking his cue and moving to stand next to the Senator. It was obvious that Kiza would be accompanying Sledon, since he was her direct boss. With casual ease, Wraith removed the safety from his weapons. He didn’t believe in stun settings.

    And so, the small group was off as hey took the route two on their way to the skiff that would take them to the Senate Chamber. Wraith situated himself slightly in front of the Senator and to his right.

    “If anything suspicious happens, move behind me…” the nagai said to the Senator as he took point. “It’s the safest place.” The smile the pale faced mercenary offered could be easily misconstrued as cold and calculating, or simply confident, depending on one’s point of view.

    A quick glance at his security device revealed the identities of team two, which he filed in his memory. Moving through the building hallways was an uneventful process. Wraith remained alert, probing with his senses as well as his targeting visor, searching for danger, both seen and unseen. No luck thus far. It took the group only a short time to reach their intended destination.

    As expected, the hangar bay was busy. Wraith extended his senses and probed for anything unbecoming, as well as anything of interest. Nothing was truly random, and one such as he could exploit even a seemingly simple event to gain an advantage.

    Team two was scattered in delta formation around the ship weapons drawn. Not bad.

    Kiza moved forward and spoke to the guard at the front of the ship.

    “Did you scan the ship?” she inquired with no small measure of authority.

    “Yes, I scanned it ten minutes ago. Nothing.”

    Wraith cocked his head, curiously as he regarded the ship. Ten minutes ago? Tsk.tsk. That would not do. Without a moment’s hesitation, he reached out with the force and scanned the ship himself. Ten minutes was a long time. Anything could happen in that span. But the man seemed to be correct. Slowly, Wraith turned to see over his shoulder. The Senator seemed to be deep in thought, while his aide wore a rather idiotic grin. That was most curious.

    For a moment, Wraith considered riding on an escort vehicle, but thought against it. He did however, formulate certain mental contingencies. For starters, he made sure he was the last one to enter the ship. He regarded the ship one again, visually an via the force, as well as the airspace around them and those nearby upon the platform. Before entering, he sent out an encoded message from a personal device, then checked on the progress of all associated with Senator Tesslor’s delegation, including an update on the Shi’ido.

    “Off to the Chamber we go…”

    Everyone was now on board the skiff, and before they knew it, the ship waded through the air as it made its way towards the Senate building.


    Once again, they had proceeded without incident. The skiff ferrying Senator Tesslor and his delegation arrived at the Senate Building at its scheduled time. Surprise, surprise.

    The skiff had not been vaporized in an explosion. Well, the day was still young. After waiting for their turn to disembark, the ship’s ramp was finally lowered and Tesslor’s small contingent strolled out of the ship. Despite the fact that they had arrived at the Senate building itself, Wraith positioned himself next to the Senator. Immediately he noticed the increased security.

    A secret chill went up the nagai spine, one which he masked with a faint polite smile. The glint in his eyes were hidden behind his targeting visor. This…this was good. The probabilities were stupefying, yet, he forced himself to remain focused. That didn’t mean he couldn’t ‘learn’ things on this most unexpected ‘tour’.

    Soon, the small group was upon their first security checkpoint. Two Senate guards stood before an entry point. Wraith stepped to one side, giving the Senator room to deal with the situation. Inwardly, Wraith had to admit he did feel a bit of surprise at seeing a male rodian wearing the garb of a senate guard, especially if the rumors he’d heard were true. But more interesting to him was the rodian’s female companion who wore the same robes of office, except that her armor was of a more pleasing shape. It was faint, but she seemed interesting for some reason. Not quite like Kiza…but….hmmm.

    To them, Wraith was a pale faced nagai. On his face he wore a targeting visor, his dark hair was slicked back. On his person he wore black electromesh armor, with a modern bandoleer across his chest, containing throwing blades. Around his waist he wore a utility belt housing various devices and multi-purpose items. Death Hammer blasters were strapped to the side of each leg, and an elegant, yet utilitarian curved vibro sword was strapped to his back. His black leather duster framed the whole ensemble. His crowning piece was his bona fide-internal affairs issued- ID card.

    Slowly, he offered a charming smile and waited for events to proceed, just as they should.



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    Aug 14, 2002
    [face_laugh] Yeah, guess what I was looking at when I chose the name? A bottle of 'vitamin water' on my work desk. "That looks a relatively unique name, I'll use that."
  22. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Inside an walkers inards, Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    "Rasa, you in-?"


    Oh FORCE! The gloomy and disgusting conditions had taken away Rasa's concentration. She REALLY was doing her best to not let her emotional feelings at the present transmit themselves through the Force, so had had not felt Lord Nelf's presence until they had nearly ran into each other. Her ears were still down, as her eyes shined, reflecting the red light from his saber.

    "Hey Kiddo, you okay?"

    She didnt respond, instead offering a simple hunch of her shoulders as Lord Nelf extinguished his blade and stepped up past Rasa to the two seats at the front. Rasa scanned the area from where Lord Nelf had come from. Not seeing anything she turned to follow him back to the front, where she had entered. She still had a nagging feeling of something very wrong, but she noticed that he did not seem to notice anything out of place. Still, her fur told her something was wrong.

    "Okay, let's see what we have got here. Frag it." Lord Nelf spoke aloud. She turned, to see he had now sat down in one of the old pilot seats, was was busy looking at the control. He was about to push a button, when he stopped himself.

    "Hold on, what the feth am I doing? I'm an Inquisitor, for frag's sake." Lord Nelf then placed his hands in his lap, and began to use the Force to push buttons.

    Nothing happened. Rasa wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Her ears stayed flat, and her tail wrapped tightly around her waist, as she experimented with new ways of breathing.

    "Rasa, make an inventory of whatever power sources we have on us. Both our lightsabres for a start..."

    "Not a big lisst. Unlesss yourrrr're hiding ship underrrrr tunicss..." Rasa answered tightly, still trying to calm herself. She mentally ticked off her items. What was he planning on doing? Trying to jump start a 100 year old walker stalker?!! Lightsaber power packs, her lantern, .. and one extra power pack she held for her tools. Never knew when you needed to fix something. This would be easier if they had access to her ship. She had not really brought much with her. Wait a nerf!. The comlinks and the one data pad she had also held packs. Those would work as well. She looked back up at Lord Nelf.

    ""You want to make thing move??? Wherrrreee would we go?" she asked, as she peered out at the hanger bay area.

    Tag: Lord Nelf

    OOC: Understand writers block!!!
    Also caught the MIB reference!! ;)
  23. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, AT-AT cockpit, Garrison vehicle bay
    Location: Ciutric IV

    "Not a big lisst." Rasa's first observation regarding their collection of power sources, made the half-elf smile. He couldn't remember if he had used the phrase around her, but that was one of his favourite to use himself.

    "Unlesss yourrrr're hiding ship underrrrr tunicss..." She continued tightly, though he sensed she was trying to calm herself. "You want to make thing move??? Wherrrreee would we go?"

    "Don't be so silly!" He snapped, finding her query so outrageous that he...he forced himself to calm. "All we want to do is power the sensor suite. I have a record of Ysanne's DNA from the library back on Centre," he advised, referring to Coruscant, "The quicker we can find her remains, the quicker we can get out of here, and you to a sonic shower!"

    He shut up then, concentrating on the metal panel on top of the control board, feeling with his mind and the Force for the joins and gaps, trying to open it up so that he could see the innards, determine where it got its power from.

    Tag: Rasa
  24. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Inside an walkers inards, Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    As Rasa looking around inside the huge walking machine, her query about the power packs was quickly answered in a way she was not expecting.

    "Don't be so silly!" He snapped at Rasa, and she could feel a bit of his ire at the question within the Force. Her ears immediately went back, and while she said not a word, she found her claws flexing outwards out of instinct. She quickly sheathed them, as he continued. "All we want to do is power the sensor suite. I have a record of Ysanne's DNA from the library back on Centre." She didnt quite understand the last part, but had an idea what he was talking about. Her tail wrapped tighter around her middle.

    "The quicker we can find her remains, the quicker we can get out of here, and you to a sonic shower!"

    She bared her teeth, but stayed quiet. Quicker was definitely a good thing then. Leaving this island would be fantastic now, but she had a feeling they would NOT make the cutoff, and would have to spend the night. THAT thought was not comforting. She gave him a quick look, noticing that he was concentrating on some panel. She turned away from him, and turned towards the back part of the walker. This thing used to carry people? Then maybe they had weapons stored on board. They would have power packs. Some of those might have power still.

    "I go look innn back forrrr annything useful." His tone had stung, but she didnt know any fething thing about the machine. It has scanners? Well, he could work with that, it was something he obviously knew real well. So she decided to check the rest of the area. This high up, she doubted too many things could have crawled into the machine. Time to see what this ancient walker thing carried. She grabbed her lantern, and began to search, moving towards the neck part of the machine, to head back towards the body. Behind his remarks, and what she sensed in the Force, the smell had been forgotten. She began searching around for anything useful. And if she accidentally slammed something during her searches.. well, \this walker thing was far too tiny anyways.

    Tag: Lord Nelf
  25. HunterPrime

    HunterPrime Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Senate Building, Coruscant

    Kiza kept a close mental watch on all the beings on the shuttle, even if she appeared to be sitting there, her eyes barely closed. They were on time, the shuttle making good progress through Coroscant traffic. But within the shuttle, there was as much activity inside, even if it was not immediately apparent. Kiza peered at the immediant occupants within the Force. Sledon was easy enought to read at the moment. Between his various lecherious thoughts, his unspoken thoughts about the Shi’ido delegation, which seemed to vary from a slight annoyance, to sheer shock that the Senator had spoken to him as he had, Kiza felt some dark spikes within his thoughts as well. But interestingly enough, that was not his main focus. No something else seemed to have his attentions, but whatever it was, he was rather guarded about it. Unusual. From the time she had met and had started working with Sledon, the man seemed rather enept. But now, there was something more going on. It was as if he was constantly working at keeping Senator Tesslor annoyed. She wondered if there was a bit more going on with the attacks on Coruscant than she first imagined.

    And then there was Senator Tesslor. He, was the easiest to read. For he was not trying to hide anything. No, that was a wrong assessment. Polititians always had something or other to hide, campflauge, or disguise. But as Senator's go, Senator Tesslor seemed rather on the level. He was trying to do good by his constituants. Kiza had checked, his sector had one of the lowest crime rates in the area. And he was constantly making deals and meeting with various beings to aid in the emprovemens of his area. Which is why he was annoyed with Sledon's wreckless handling of the Shi’ido delegation. He knew that they were to be an important part of the next set of deliberations coming up. So why was Sledon trying to sabotauge it? Various thoughts were going throught who mind, while he scanned his datapad. Kiza gave a slight smirk. She had never ran into what could almost be termed a 'honest' polititian before. But he suspect something as well? For what would make him leave his top notch security staff behind? And they were very good. Kiza had run into them. Kiza also knew he had one or two hidden guards as well. She didnt know much about them, and as long as they stayed out of her hair, she coudlnt care less. But that didnt mean, she did not keep watch.

    And now there was Wraith. Another bodyguard who had his own set of reasons for joining in on the free for all that was going on all over Coruscant. That was fine. She was doing the same thing. As long as whatever his reasons didnt interfere with her own task, she didnt mind. With all the insane activity happening here on the core world, why not share the wealth? Indeed, he seemed capable enough. And he was most deffinately a Force user. And he kept himself well guarded as well. Which meant she would need to keep a careful eye on him, as well as everything else going on around. At least until she finished getting the information she had come here for. Hopefully, by then, Coruscant will have gone back into being its normal insane self. A crackle on her earpiece let her know that they were approaching their destination. She swiftly came to a standing position, and walked over towards one of the lookout nodules. They were hovering above, and now began to land upon their designation area at the Senate building. It was only a few moments later, and the ship was safely landed. Kiza was at the doorway as soon as the techs were outside, and she scanned the area quickly within the Force. Finding nothing out of place, she opened the door and look out. The techs were busy securing the ship, and refuling, not worring about who was exiting the ship. Kiza stepped back inside. Two of the ships crewmembers, stepped out. Senator Tesslor was up on his feet, and not waiting to hear from anyone else, stepped outside next. Kiza gave a gentle eye roll, and poising her pad in front of her body, gestured for Sledon. He followed the Senator out the door next, with Kiza right at his side, a smile plastered on her face.

    Soon, they were met with the first security checkpoint. It seemed rather normal, two Senate guards in full armor. Senator Tesslor nodded to the pair, and then gave a slight grin, looking towards the guard who seemed to be wearing some strange citrus colored bit of plastic around her body. "New Guard acrutrements?" he asked, the pair. And then he smiled. "So, is there anything I need to be briefed on, before we enter?" Kiza scanned the area. Something was not right. She was just unsure as to exactally what.

    The Den

    Well, well.

    His informants had been busy. If nothing else, current affairs on Coruscant had made the information area rampant with informants, and news. It was the sifting of said information that now became important. Fryne delt with that. And he had been pleased with results so far. But her contact that worked with the Jedi temple, and had obtained a tasty morsel of information indeed. It should be interesting to see how that bit had would turn out. Especially with current events now inside the temple. Yes, very nice indeed. What an interesting game.

    TAG: Lord Anguish, Sith-I-5, anyone who wishes to play... ;)

    OOC: To respond to your request Sith-I-5, Kiza is human female, long brown hair. Green eyes, tanned skin. Currently wearing a greyish suit, especially tailored for her. Her blue line markings over her nose and cheeks,and a diamond on her forehead were clear ahd sharp. Her bodysuit/bodyarmor is also adorned with a cloak, that flows out over her shoulders.