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Star Wars **Forces**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Jun 9, 2010.

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    OOC: I was going to post this in parts, but decided just to finish it in one shot. Sorry if it’s a bit of a lengthy read.

    IC: Deathlock, The Hand of Anguish
    Coruscant, Diplomatic residential block, Auxiliaries row

    It begins…

    My master has released me and my mission made known. I see where I must go and what I must do. Now is the time to strike.

    The darkly cloaked figure had the address and the schematics of the building in question. That, and more precisely, the targeted apartment; the one belonging to the Senator’s aide, Mathor Sledon. The wretched human who was currently in possession of the tetrahedron; the Master’s prize.

    It was quite possible that the prize would not be in this location, that the ignorant gnat had moved it, but there was only one way to be certain. Failing actual recovery, it was time to send him a message, nudge him to make a mistake, to coax the darkside.

    From his hidden location, Deathlock arranged for an aircab. He was fully cloaked and hooded in robes of darkest night. Red points of light where the only thing perceivable inside the dark abyss that was his visage. As soon as he entered the cab, he sliced it and took temporary control of its systems. He wouldn’t need the automated vehicle for long.

    He did not rush things as he travelled to the lower diplomatic residential quarter. There was no need to draw undue attention, as timing was of the essence. He had already calculated the estimated time he’d need to complete his mission.

    And in moments, Deathlock was already on his approach. The buildings in this quarter were not nearly as tall as those which housed senatorial diplomats. These were for their assistants. The data acquired indicated that Sledon once resided on one of the lower floors, but had moved to a ‘penthouse’ apartment not long ago. Well, the Senator’s aide upward mobility made things a bit more convenient. No doubt the move was made to showcase his ascending ‘importance’ and to feed his own vanity.

    The aircab began to deviate from normal traffic lanes into restricted airspace. Deathlock ignored repeated messages to alter his course. Auto-navigational correction safety systems in the area attempted to force the automated vehicle, but Deathlock had blocked their efforts and it was already too late. The dark figure accelerated to ramming speed and aimed the vehicle at the panoramic plasteel windows that wrapped around Sledon’s corner penthouse apartment. Moments before the impact, he launched himself into empty air.

    The aircab’s crash was quite spectacular as a brilliant fireball of roaring fire, smoke and metallic debris tore at the windows, reducing them to nothing by sheer force. On the other hand, Deathlock had engaged his micro repulsors and changed his trajectory to land on the far side of the balcony. The explosion would undoubtedly gain the attention of emergency responders, who would slow down security. Those already inside the penthouse….

    The personal shield winked as he was about to touch down. Deathlock raised his palm and brilliant blaster fire put an end to the balcony’s security camera. He could hear the door’s locking mechanisms double, but that would not matter. With one gloved hand, he pried off the door’s security panel and inserted a data plug in the receiving port. The virus it carried was intended to play havoc with the apartments power and security systems. Within seconds, the lights on the panel flickered, then failed. Deathlock removed the data plug with a quick motion and it disappeared inside his black cloak. It took him one attempt to force the door open, for he had the strength to make a wookie weep.

    As the door opened, a billowing cloud of greyish smoke spilled out, enveloping him. Deathlock sent out two hidden signals before he entered the darkened residence. There were emergency lights, flickering in and out as the security virus did its work. The fire retardant foam delivery system had been interrupted, so there was still patches of fire within the main living area. Deathlock could here coughing, several sources.

    So, there was a security contingent left behind after all.

    If Deathlock was capable of affecting a cruel smile, he would have. It was enough to imagine that he did.

    The first guard came running in his direction, coughing in fits, not really looking to where he was going. He’d probably seen the outline of the opening door as light spilled in and smoke spilled out, but the smoke chocking him, stinging his eyes, filling his lungs.

    A sudden peculiar sound caught his attention, but it was too late. His eyes opened in abject surprise from the burning agony he now felt in his chest. A red beam was imbedded deep in his chest cavity. He’d been impaled. He gurgled as he looked up and saw two cruel points of light framed by darkness. He knew not what it meant as darkness claimed him. Deathlock pushed the hapless body off and moved on.

    Coughing in the living area. Deathlock changed his ocular mode and targeting parameters for a moment. Two heat signatures. One standing, the other on the floor, growing cooler, save for the patches of fire upon the prone body. With purposeful strides, the dark figure entered the living area. There were many articles still on fire, but most of the smoke had gone through the now open windows. The room had been almost completely charred by the blast and light was pouring in. The one conscious guard looked up and saw Deathlock, a cloaked dark figure, with two red eyes within a black visage and a red lightsaber at his side, pointing downwards. Out of cheer instinct the guard fired his blaster three times, his body reacting before his mind even realized what he was doing.

    Deathlock was already in motion. He deflected all three bolts with contemptuous ease as he stepped in, spun around and performed a flawless Sai cha, decapitating the guard on the spot. Before the body hit the floor, he kicked it out the window with a frontal thrust kick. He regarded his handy work for a moment before moving on to the master bedroom, which was his destination.

    As expected, the door was closed and apparently locked, however, the security virus should have taken care of that small detail. Once again, Deathlock defaulted to his incredible strength to open the door in one attempt. His frame was that of a normal humanoid, but that’s where the similarities ended. The door had not been completely open when a sound he was familiar with caught his attention.

    A barrage of dual laser fire rained at him, but the sound of the priming servos had given away the attackers intentions, granting him a fraction of a second reaction time. More than enough. Deathlock moved behind the door as the fiery lances missed him.


    Deathlock recognized the synth-voice of the B2 super battle droid. So, as usual, his master had been right. It took some digging and a series of bribes to get confirmation on the black market purchases of the Green Aide. The battle droid was part of that list, which further confirmed Sledon’s complicity and underground identity. Now it was keeping Deathlock from entering the master bedroom with its suppressing fire.

    No, of course it was not.

    Deathlock flicked on his personal shield, and with lightsaber in hand, he rushed the droid as he entered the master bedroom. The B2 super battle droid kept up his suppressing barrage, which failed against the dark figure’s protection.

    “TERMINATE, TERMINATE!” it insisted despite its futility.

    Cho Mai

    A swift buzzing red flash separated the battle droid from it’s weapon, which fell to the ground with an audible thud. Before the mechanical threat could act…


    The red blade was impaled deeply inside the battle droid’s chest cavity, ending its physical attacks.


    A high pitch shrill sound that quickly increased was now filling the room, causing Deathlock to immediately throw the bulky battle droid out of the chamber with all his strength, and that not a moment too soon. A forceful explosion ripped through the hallway and into the ante-room, it even bent the half-opened door inwards. Deathlock did manage to brace himself against the force of the explosion and would have smirked if he could, for his personal shield’s efficiency against the blast of heat which washed in the master bedroom withstood it.

    Ironically, the bed had been up ended and now lay on its side. Right under the space which the bed occupied, Deathlock could see his objective.

    A floor safe.

    Its cover was round, which suggested a cylindrical vault space. The security panel in the middle was lit, as it was not directly connected to the apartment’s energy grid, so the virus had not affected it. An ocular scanner on the upper part of the security panel signified that only the right person’s eye, quite likely in conjunction with voice and and an alpha numeric combination would open the safe. Deathlock’s specific abilities could provide the voice, there was also a chance he could crack the numerical code, but he had no doubt that would only take up too much of his already dwindling time frame. As for the eye…..

    There was only one solution.

    Without hesitation, Deathlock brought the point of his red lightsaber on the face of the safe. It immediately burnt through the security panel, but slowed immediately once it hit the safe’s metallic surface. Working as fast as he was able, he carved a hole around the inner edge of the safe, taking care not to let his weapon penetrate too deep. His master would be most displeased if the artifact was damaged. The metallic top lid of the safe turned to slag, as expected, just not with the speed the dark figure wished. Once the surgical process was done, Deathlock palmed the hot plate, and with a *clinck* removed it quickly.

    Peering inside, he saw that the vault did not contain anything valuable, that is to say, save for a substantial amount of credit notes, the hexahedron was not there.

    A sound from outside the room caught Deathlock’s attention. He switched-off his lightsaber, moved out of view and listened. What he heard was the sound of a floating droid. It was likely an observation droid of some sort, trying to assess the damage. Deathlock waited until the probe floated into the room and blasted it before it could even turn in his direction.

    The lights were sputtering again, but this time, they were coming on one by one.

    His time was up. It was time to go.

    Running as fast as he could, the dark figure jumped over the remains of the slagged B2 battle droid and sped past the corpses he’d created. He did not slow his pace for a moment. He could already hear the sirens of emergency vehicles outside, perceive their flashing lights. He heard voices in the living area. Most likely emergency responders who had rappelled down into the penthouse and were now trying to understand the scene that greeted them. Good luck with that. However, that probably meant…

    As he bounded for the balcony door, Deathlock saw another observation droid. Blaster fire emerged from his hand almost immediately and the floating droid was no more. Deathlock surmised there would be guards standing on the other side of the wall. In a fraction of a second, his infra-red receptors confirmed that. No doubt the destruction of the droid caught their attention and put them in a state of alert, but that would not be enough. As he neared the door’s threshold, Deathlock took a running leap and simultaneously engaged his micro-repulsors while turning in mid-air. He was airborne now, flying forward, but looking behind him at the receding scene. As soon as he crossed the door, his targeting systems locked-on unto the two guards, and he shot them in the head unerringly, even as he went over the balcony.

    He’d been a blur of motion. No one was the wiser, of that he was sure.

    Even as he fell, he looked up at the retreating emergency vehicles. Turning again, he used his micro-repulsors to slow his speed of descent. A a pre-established signal called on a waiting speeder bike, which matched his speed and swooped him away, further into the long shadows cast by and increasing cluster of colossal building, which blotted out all light and with it, all hope for those who loved below the sky’s illumination. Before he disappeared from sight and into parts unknown, Deathlock sent a coded signal to his master.

    At least they knew the artifact was not at that particular address, but an unmistakable message had been sent.


    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    It wasn’t everyday that one such as Warith got to see the magnificence of the illustrious Senate Buildig, which was the heart of the Republic. To his surprise, he managed to stay focused and not let any flights of fancy distract him from his current ‘mission’.

    The now-bodyguard noticed how Senator Tesslor interacted with the Senate Guards. He was so genial, Wraith could seriously not tell if the man was acting at all. Most everyone was paying attention to the Senator at the moment, while this occurred, Wraith felt a silent buzz. His personal com-device had been activated, after a moment, it buzzed three more times in succession. He understood.

    He couldn’t help the smile that blossomed on his face. looking over his shoulder, he graced his smiling features upon Kiza and Mathor Sledon to whom he gave a hearty thumbs up.

    Oh, yes...Everything was going according to plan.

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    IC: Senate Guards, Selma Spring and Owen Glaceau, Galactic Senate hangar bay

    The two watched the skiffs glide smoothly in, where hangar techs quickly moved in to do whatever they did, looking busy while they did it.

    A ramp came down, with presumably bodyguards, and Senator Tesslor coming towards them. No choice at that, the guards protected the only egress point out of the hangar that did not involve paragliding.

    Selma took in the male bodyguard, who arrived first. He was a pale faced skinny humanoid with slicked back dark hair. On his person he wore black electromesh armor, with a modern bandoleer across his chest, containing throwing blades. Around his waist he wore a utility belt housing various devices and multi-purpose items. Death Hammer blasters were strapped to the side of each leg, and an elegant, yet utilitarian curved vibro sword was strapped to his back. His black leather duster framed the whole ensemble.

    Visible, hanging over his bandoleer, was his bona fide-internal affairs issued- ID card, which she had to lean forwards to see properly.

    Ooh. Internal Affairs.” She observed aloud. She then noticed the Death Hammers, immediately shaking her head, ‘no’. “Nah, that’s not gonna happen. Sorry Sir, no ranged weapons in the Senate Chamber. You will have to hand those over, or stay in ‘The Pit’ area for the duration of the visit.

    Owen looked on in approval, and produced a burlap sack for the handguns to be dropped into.

    The Senator rocked up next, nodding to both guards. “New guard accoutrements?” He queried, in reference to her citrus-coloured apron.

    Selma shot a glance to Owen, “Yes, why am I wearing this? You gave the impression that he was going to be moist…um.” She reddened at her choice of words, and shot a mental probe at the rodian, only to watch in internal astonishment as it hobbled about holding a metaphorical knee.

    The rodian had extremely powerful mental shields, which she had just run straight into, and she realised too late that in putting the veteran guard in his place, she had perhaps disadvantaged herself, revealing her cards too early.

    “Yeah, you don’t ‘hear’ everything then, I gather.” Owen replied tartly. He nodded to Tesslor. “Senator.”

    So, is there anything I need to be briefed on, before we enter?

    The rodian handed of the sack to his colleague, and brought up the datapad. "Yes, Senator. It might all be kicking off." Despite the dramatic language, the guard's tone was calm and measured. He had seen a lot of crises come and go, in this job. "The Corellians have used the presence of that orbitting Venator SD to drop in an Assertor-class Star Destroyer as well, in the name of security, of course. President is going ape-sith, and threatening to throw up the planetary shields.”

    He looked past the first two beings at the second close-protection guard, who was coming with Tesslor’s usual aide.

    Human female, long brown hair. Green eyes, tanned skin. Currently wearing a greyish suit, especially tailored for her. Her blue line markings over her nose and cheeks, and a diamond on her forehead were clear and sharp. Her bodysuit/bodyarmor is also adorned with a cloak, that flows out over her shoulders.

    "Have your usual protection detail been given the night off?" Guard Glaceau enquired.

    Selma didn’t know what the point was of having a diamond, or any precious stone, embedded in one’s own forehead, unless it was to make a headbutt really count, but presumably if you fell on hard times, and didn’t get mugged for it, you could use it to raise emergency funds.

    Beside her, Owen gestured to the stone. “I suppose that really is a diamond, and not a recording crystal? If it’s the latter, I cannot let you take it in the Chamber. Or, if you could wear a hat-”

    Guard Spring glared down at her shorter superior. “Wear a hat?” She echoed with a withering tone.

    "Well, what other option is there? I cannot very well chisel it out of her forehead, now, can I?"

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    Many thanks for the descriptions, Guys! My apologies if I misinterpreted the diamond in the forehead.
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    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    Give up his Blasters? Stay in the Pit?

    Wraith’s smile widened. He was doing his best not to laugh. Was that all? Well…of course it was! Such good humor.

    “My dear…” he began saying in that charming tone he adopted when speaking to certain humanoid females. “Do make certain I get those back in the same condition, they don’t like being handled by novices. I’m sure you understand.”

    He didn’t wait for her reply as he droped the weapons in the proffered sack, all the while looking at her rodian companion with curious interest, quite in the way he would a target dummy. Senate armor was quite vulnerable in certain places, no? Not to mention that trageting vizors were such useful appliences.

    As he took back his place beside the senator, Wraith caught every bit of the conversation between the two guards. Such wity repartee. Of course, what they said wouldn’t make sense to the casual listener, unless they’d felt what he had. A brief, but palpable spike in the force. It was, he had to admit, amusing and quite informative. Had the female ever tasted the irresistible nectar of the darkside? Doubtful. Especially since he felt no such thing from her.

    Wraith did not react at all to the exchange, however. He was performing his duty as a bodyguard. Nothing else.

    In addition, there were only two force users who presently garnerd his attention. No, make that three. This one, though noted, did not configure into the greater scheme of things, but-he was well aware that everything and everyone had a use.

    There was some more vacuous banter between the little lizard man and the senator. Something about a possible orbital bombardment and planetary shields, more or less. Well, that sounded like something he could use to his advantage, but all of it was ‘empty talk’, as history attested.

    The small display of power and impotent flexing from the blue robed duo now migrated to Kiza. They focused on her craneal adornment. Wraith was doing all he could not to cuckle or laugh. To help in that, he looked around at the rest of the hangar workers, how they travelled to and fro and what entrances and exits they used. He looked for suspicious behavior and made mental notes of those who did. The scent of corruption was in the air…and he was certain it would grow stronger the deeper they went.

    It was perfect.

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    IC: Master Joy and Master Roland: Forces of Light Interior, Master Joy's Quarters~

    Master Joy was concerned about Gaan and Shayla. She looked at Master Roland with questioning eyes, then returned her gaze to Darious. "Master Breian must be located and brought back to this temple as soon as possible," the Jedi leader answered.
    "I agree," Wan said firmly. That will be up to you and your padawan after Master Gaan and Rid Mault have been dealt with, Master Baron."

    Master Joy nodded in agreement with her former master. "There is nothing more we can do until after Master Roland has met with Master Gaan, so you are dismissed, if you have nothing more to bring befor us, Master Darious Baron," Master Joy announced in a musical tone of voice.


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    IC: AT-AT passenger area
    Location: Garrison vehicle bay

    Several of the benched Holowan IG-100 droids had activated, their bright red photoreceptors alight and illuminating the musty darkness, however, decades stuck in the same position had taken their toll, and all were having difficulty rising from the benches, audible squealing from knee and other joints as the deadly droids tried to move.

    One had even reached what looked like a force pike, and was trying to puncture the bloated-looking ceiling with it.

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    IC: Kiza - Galactic Senate - Hangar Bay Area
    So far, things sounded rather well. Boring actually. But Kiza did not mind. In fact, it might give her a bit of personal time, to take care of some othr items. Especially if they were to babysit the Senator as well. By now, the guards have finished their business, going over Wraith, and were now spekaing with to Senator Tesslor, who had walked up to the guards, and asked them, “So, is there anything I need to be briefed on, before we enter?” The male rodian handed of the sack to his colleague, and brought up the datapad. "Yes, Senator. It might all be kicking off." "The Corellians have used the presence of that orbitting Venator SD to drop in an Assertor-class Star Destroyer as well, in the name of security, of course. President is going ape-sith, and threatening to throw up the planetary shields.” Well. Kiza lifted a slight eyebrow. A Star Destroyer within proximity of Coruscant? Oh, that will not go over well at all. She could already imagine the massive firefight going on about THAT bit of news. Every Senator would want to have issues with that. Which meant the Senate floor was going to be a madhouse today. What a time for the Senator's regular guards to be off. Obviously the guards had the same thought, as one of them asked "Have your usual protection detail been given the night off?" Kiza thought it rather nosey, but she simply looked towards Senator Tesslor, as he replied. "No. They have other business to attend to. They will join me after lunch." Well, that was good to know. Then the two guards walked past Tesslor, and Mathor Sledon and made their way towards her. Kiza already had her ID in her hand, as they quickly sanned over it. Both seemed to stare extra long towards her features, and she wondered what possible reason could be for their delay. Surely, with so many humanoid and alien beings here, they had seen tribal markings, and other features of adornment. But the next words from the male guard quickly changed her thoughts. The male guard gestured towards Kiza. “I suppose that really is a diamond, and not a recording crystal? If it’s the latter, I cannot let you take it in the Chamber. Or, if you could wear a hat-” The response of the female guard was nothing compared to the withering look that Kiza was now giving the male guard. If looks truly could kill, the man would be splayed, and hanging as a wall ornament right now. He didnt seem to notice as he continued. "Well, what other option is there? I cannot very well chisel it out of her forehead, now, can I?"
    CHISEL.IT.OUT?! Kiza was very careful not to let the anger she felt trying to explode from her blosom away from her tightly held mental shields. But the look of annoyance didnt go away. She was painfully aware that Wraith was now looking elsewhere. The fact that she heard a slight snicker from Sheldon didnt help. She shot her 'employer' a look, that instantly killed the look of mirth on his face, before she turned her attentions to the male guard. She looked down at the man. "Really?" she responded dryly. "You are not worried about any possible recording devices that my associate may or may not be carrying about in his visors and such, but you wish to insult my intelligence with such comments about my ba'coora?" she replied turtly, doing her best not to grind her teeth. She then suddenly broke out into a wicked smile. "They truly must be scrapping the barrels nowdays. Now, if you have nothing else to bother us with, we really must get..."

    Kiza's head suddenly whipped about, her hand going to her earpiece, a few seconds just before Wraiths comm piece would also be screaming within his ears. Many voices, suddenly coming accross loudly in her ear, muffled sounds, various overlays of sounds and such, made it difficult to understand what was going on at first. Then, bits and pieces began to make its way across her earpiece.

    //"**snap**, ** crackle** ..
    **Look out!..we've got...** Snap**..breach...**
    "POO DO!" **snap**...//
    "Switch protocol, 917Alpha!" she barked into the comlink. The comotion terminated with a loud explosion. Kiza cursed and then looked over at Mathor Sledon, and then the Senator. She allowed a snarl to cross her face. "Sledon, Senator, you both need to get inside immediately. We have a security breach. A rather large one in fact. It would be safer if.."

    Kiza would later curse herself, about wanting a bit of excietement in the days events, when the Force suddenly seemed to want to fullfil her wish rather immediately. The feeling of sudden and immediate danger came into beings as a warning filled her within the Force. Words of the blackest suddenly filled her thoughts as she moved, body and thought becoming one. She shoved the Senator and Mathor both towards the building even as her body shields came to activate themselves. She gave a Force shove, still keeping her abilities tightly wrapped around her, as light and sound suddenly came into being. She did not know from where it came from, nor did she care. She only wanted to make sure that those in front of her were no longer in the area..or herself for that mater. Perhaps Sledon was not so crazy after all, as it dimly registered that an explosion seemed to be coming from somewhere in the vacinity of the ship. But right now, Kiza was not concerned with such things, as she shoved everyone through the doorways, away from the roar and smoke of what was behind them. And no fools better impeede her way this time. Heads would roll for this mistake. And it was certainly NOT going to be her own.

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    OOC: was NOT that kinda diamond origionally.. but I decided to go with it!! :D
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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    *Cough cough cough*

    There had been just enough time for him to throw up a defensive shield. He saw that Kiza had gotten an early warning just before the explosion, he suspected in the same way he did: Through the darkside of the Force.

    He was unharmed, of course. He coughed only to keep up appearances. They must not suspect him, at least not yet,(with the exception of Kiza). She had reacted with intuitive speed and impressive decisiveness. Senators usually died in these frequent explosions, so it was a bit of a let down that Sledon in particular was still quite hale, if it were not for Kiza's quick thinking and action. Everyone was now safely within the senate building.

    Wraith was feeling angry and annoyed, and quite curious as well. Intruder Alert? Now who could be so bold? With a quick motion, he switched his targeting visor to infra-red as he opened his darkside senses to encompass the entire area.

    ["Keep the senators safe."] He declared through his comm to Kiza, surprised that he still sounded convincing. ["I'll check out if there's still danger out here."] He was going to leave it at that, but thought better of it. This guise was still useful. ["I'll keep you updated."]

    Before moving off into the choking smoke and fire, Wraith took a moment to do a visual recon of the area. There was simply too much heat, which caused a great deal of white-wash and blind spots to flood the sensors in his targeting visor, this forced him to reset to standard mode. Even so, he continued his sweep, now toggling the macro feature in order to reveal far-off details. With his force senses he scanned for spikes of dark intent and danger. This worked mostly with sentient beings, but seldom with mechanized opponents. He used other skills for that purpose.

    It was possible that a secondary explosion could occur, but for one with his skills in the darkside, that was a mild concern. Finding the party responsible for this attack would be somewhat satisfying, though a clue as to that identity would do just as well.

    Without hesitation, he moved off into a cloud of smoke while avoiding blistering fires from burning debris. The swirling clouds of smoke could cover his movements, the heat could mask his heat signature, just as well as any possible attacker's. Wraith smiled. He didn't have his guns either.

    This was going to be fun.

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    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Inside an walkers inards, Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Sulking just a bit, Rasa turns away and begins to search around the back of the head area. The section heading towards the things neck and body are in front of her. Rasa pulls out her datapad. So, he wants power sources? This old rusty walker thing might have something to use. Maybe she could use her scanners to pick up any residual traces? She stepped through the opening from the neck towards the body, when she heard the sounds of metal, which sounded like it was moving.. or at least trying to. Her ears perked forward, as the sound seemed to increase.

    What could be moving in this thing? Hadn't Lord Nelf walked through here just moments ago? Well, at least it was something to get her mind off the horrible smell. She traded her light for her saber, keeping it unlit, but close in hand, as she moved to the back. So far, nothing in the Force seemed to unusual, but still.. there was something amiss.

    "Massterrrr..?" she spoke softly, giving him a verbal warning of sorts, before taking a few more steps to reach the doorway. Crouching low, she palmed the door opening device, hoping that whatever sounds she was hearing was not something else cooked up by this insane museum - garrison - whatever this place was supposed to be.

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    IC: Senate Guards, Black Ball (nrc), Galactic Senate, and Forces of Light Academy
    Location: Coruscant

    Selma looked on as the female of the bodyguards clamped down on her rage to calmly remonstrate with the supervisory Senate Guard:

    "Really?" she responded dryly. "You are not worried about any possible recording devices that my associate may or may not be carrying about in his visors and such, but you wish to insult my intelligence with such comments about my ba'coora?" she replied turtly, doing her best not to grind her teeth. She then suddenly broke out into a wicked smile. "They truly must be scrapping the barrels nowdays. Now, if you have nothing else to bother us with, we really must get..."

    The rodian put up a hand to stop the woman's progress, as Selma knew he would. Even the most confident of "guards" of any type would quail in the face of authorised law enforcement, or recognised superiors, but almost none would accept sith from another guard!

    "You are in my house-" Owen retorted tightly, but the bodyguard had already turned from him, holding a finger to her earpiece.

    "Switch protocol, 917Alpha!" she barked into the comlink, then looked over at Mathor Sledon, and then the Senator. She allowed a snarl to cross her face. "Sledon, Senator, you both need to get inside immediately. We have a security breach. A rather large one in fact. It would be safer if.."

    Selma's gaze snapped past the irate woman to the parked ship, to the Senate maintenance techs and the Senator's staff, and reacted to the feeling of urgency that came up through the Force like a [link=]nega-ball[/link] in the face!

    Her right hand Force-pulled a random Senate tech clear of the ship, his body slamming into the wall at the back of the hangar, hard enough to wind him; while her left hand threw up a Force shield just as everything beyond her invisible barrier detonated in a deafening explosion with enough force to somersault both her and Owen back several metres!

    The plume of fire extended several dozen metres out from the side of the Senate Building, shook the building, and was seen and heard for several miles.

    Smoke and flame washed up the outside of the offices directly above the hangar, and the explosive force ruptured and damaged three interior levels immediately above the hangar.

    Inside, several personnel and diplomatic staff ducked their heads amid a shower of ceiling panels and debris as the building shook, while Sledon and Senator Tesslor were herded past them, unseen protectors.

    Grey smoke quickly filled the corridors, while evacuation alarms blared.

    * * * *
    Forces of Light Jedi Academy

    Black Ball the Hoojib wasn't black at all, but the normal white colour of most hoojibs, however the name was not to describe him, but the black sphere, in reality the decommissioned shell of an [link=]IT-O series[/link] interrogation droid that he had purchased, and customised to form a personal weapons' platform for himself.

    He very rarely stepped out from it's protective confines, but it had been hours since he had intoduced himself to the jedi, and they had made no sign of noticing him, that his shell was now sitting on the marble floor, open, while he had ambled over to the nearby rack of lightsabre hilts, and was sucking on the energy as a nightcap, fully expecting that he'd be back in his shell, and have a goodf nights' sleep before the bastiches re-emerged from what he assumed to be some form of really, really deep meditation.

    Master Joy was concerned about Gaan and Shayla. She looked at Master Roland with questioning eyes, then returned her gaze to Darious. "Master Breian must be located and brought back to this temple as soon as possible," the Jedi leader answered.

    "I agree," Wan said firmly. "That will be up to you and your padawan after Master Gaan and Rid Mault have been dealt with, Master Baron."

    Master Joy nodded in agreement with her former master. "There is nothing more we can do until after Master Roland has met with Master Gaan, so you are dismissed, if you have nothing more to bring befor us, Master Darious Baron," Master Joy announced in a musical tone of voice.

    Oh, you're awake now, are you? Black' telepathed to both jedi, drawing his mouth away from the almost drained lightsabre, and half-turning to face them, with his stubby legs.

    He paused at the echoing sound of a distant rumble that could be heard through the open windows, shaking the panes.

    Okay, what the frag was that? He asked the room in general.

    Tag: Kiza, Anguish, Master Joy/ Roland


    IC: Lord Nelf, AT-AT interior, Garrison vehicle bay
    Location: Ciutric IV

    Lord Nelf had sucked up his reluctance to interact with the ancient, mossy environment, and allowed himself to slid off the drivers' seat and roll head-first under the angled control panel, so that he could peruse the underside.

    Yep, a grey square panel held by four orange-encrusted screws.

    Nelf wrapped his Force-sense round one of them, and unconsciously made the sound of a powerdrill to accompany Force-unscrewing.

    "BzzZZZzzzzzzzzz." The light touch of particulate touching his face allowed him to close his eyes in time before the sprinkle of rust that the screw disintegrated into, could get into them.

    Eyes shut, he endured the discomfort to start on the second screw. "BzzZZZzzzzzzzzz."

    "Massterrrr..?" His apprentice' soft warning reached him from the exit out of the cockpit, but he mis-interpreted the cause of her concern

    He blew out of his mouth to stop anything falling in, and sought to reassure her about the noises he was making, "It's alright, it's not bees."

    * * * *
    AT-AT troop compartment

    The upward jabbing pike pierced the ceiling, and slowly, a bead of viscous, golden fluid grew steadily to a fat droplet till it became too heavy to stay up there, falling to spatter inaudibly to the deck.

    The Holowan droid continued worrying the point into the ceiling, starting to rip the force pike, if that was what it was holding, along in a line above itself, and several of its companion droids.

    Now more fluid sprayed and dripped down, spattering onto the gathered droids, drooling over heads and down carapaces, seeping into joints, which in turn started to move more easily.

    A sensetive Cather nose might recognise the pungent smell of stale lubricant!


    The Inquisitor's voice took on a speculative tone from under the seats, a tone to which you could imagine him furrowing his eyebrows, "I sense something. Like a thousand glaziers have looked up, and gone, 'Looks like our lucky day, Boys'."

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  10. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Inside an walkers innards, Garrison vehicle bay, Imperial Garrison, Ciutric IV

    Rasa heard another strange sound, but this time behind her, where Lord Nelf was located. Was he saying something about bees? He seemed to be working on something, but she was focused on the door in front of her, her ears swiveled forward, and her body tensing. She was not sensing much of anything within the Force, but to her ears, things were different. She heard the sounds of metal moving, that had not been there before, and now it seemed she was hearing more than one things move. Whether it was something that had fallen lose, after Lord Nelf has passed by it, or something else, she could not say, but she felt the need to check. She palmed her saber.

    Suddenly her nose picked up something new. This time, it was the smell of ... ship lubricant? That smell she knew quite well, as she had spent more of her earlier time, within the innards of her ship. A suddenly grease leak? After all this time, that seemed very strange to her. Maybe something came loose with Lord Nelf's going through the area?

    As Rasa reached the door, and readied to palm it open, Lord Nelf's voive reached her. "I sense something. Like a thousand glaziers have looked up, and gone, 'Looks like our lucky day, Boys'."

    Her left ear flickered backwards, as she tried to interpret what he might mean by that statement, but failed. Humans were so strange at times. Well, not that he was human. But close enough. Sometimes she had no clue to what he was alluding to, but just shook it off, as something she would eventually catch on to. Just like Billings. Another strange human. But she was starting to miss his strange quips. She hoped the guardsman didnt run into any of those strange rounds droids they had run into earlier. Or those rats. Especially in his armor. Rasa narrowed her eyes, as she bared her fangs. "Sommmething iss mmmmoving." she growled softly, as she stood next to the door. If they were to run into something, she rather run into it where the space was somewhat narrow, than to have it sneak up on them in the head of the strange walker machine, where the space was even tighter. Rasa went into a crouch, feeling kind of silly. It couldnt be those strange machines they ran from earlier. Maybe it was simply more rats. But her nose didnt smell rats. But with the sudden smell of lubricant, it would be hard to pick them out right now. Well, she was about to find out. If there is something in the other room, she rather surprise it, than it surprise them. Rasa raised her hand, ready to open the door panel, but paused. Perhaps she should wait, until Lord Nelf's head was NOT buried under the control innards of this strange machine? If she was right, and there WAS something dangerous behind the door, it might be more prudent to wait. Her hand dropped, but she stood next to the door, ready to deal with anything, in case something activated the door from the other side.

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  11. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Galactic Senate - Near the Hangar Bay Area

    Kiza had to keep a tightly focused reign on her abilities, to keep from launching the Senator and his Aide through the doorways, and into the area without injury. She was also working to keep her anger in check. Wraith's voice cut into her thoughts through her earpiece.

    //["Keep the senators safe."] He declared. ["I'll check out if there's still danger out here."] a long pause. ["I'll keep you updated."]//

    Kiza mentally growled. She was annoyed. She wished to be the one to be on the hunt. To find out who had dared set up such a thing. She also felt that perhaps Wraith seemed a bit too eager to go off hunting. He was not a beginner hunter, so he had nothing to prove. Then again, he could be one of those rare individuals who actually gave a conscious thought to their work. Or not. She would have to give thought to such things, later when time permitted. It was rather satisfying whoever, to see the guards who had stopped her earlier with such inane comments, go flying from the blast. But however much she wished to follow Wraith, she had to see to the Senator and aide. And there was the other thing as well. She still had a need of them, is she was to get closer to her own goals. The transmissions just before the explosion here at the ship. The other explosion. That needed to be addressed. Kiza's movements increased, as she caught up with both Slendon and Senator Tesslor. Celing panels and drbris flew about, as several other beings, Kiza recognized as diplomatic staff, scattered before them. Dark smoke was filling the adjacent hallways while the evacuation alarms blared. Too much confusion, and beings running around would provide too much opportunity for another ambush. And she had no wish to explain or deal with any actions she might have to take. Instead, Kiza stretched out with the darkside, quickly looking around until she found what they needed. A room with no on inside of it. A hand brushed the door open, and she issued the pair of men inide, and then quickly shut the door. She looked around the room. It looked like a small conference room. Perhaps a meeting place for the hanger room crew. It did not truly mater, except that it was empty, and that it suited her needs.

    "Well." Kiza spoke dryly. "That was a bit more exciting than the normal commute." She then turned, and locked her eyes on Slendon. Normally, she would not have the Senator in the room, but now circumstance demanded that information was more important than keeping his secrets. He might be a useful pawn, but she was not going to be used, no mater how useful he might be. "I want to know, what you are not telling me." she told him, her eyes staring hard at the aide. "I say this, because just before the explosion here, there was another attack. This one at your quarters. And from what I am hearing right now, it is good that your diplomatic immunity keeps ComSec out of it directly." She stared at him hard for a few momments, letting her words sink in, even as he quickly looked away. The Senator was also looking at him for a moment, before casting his gaze back at Tesslor. She could feel the panic coming from the aide, and he coughed, as he started to ask his questions. "Did.." Kiza cut him off quickly. "Your quarters are quite destroyed..but from the info im currently picking up, they didnt get away with anything pertinant. You of course, are the only one who can verify that." The Senator spoke then, "Well, at least he can pick his security detail well. So I believe I am to thank you for saving us." The flare of anger that came from Slendon came off in waves in the darkside. Ohh, touched a sore nerve did he? She wondered why Slendodn didnt quit. There must be something the position was giving him, that made him put up with such things. Or course, there was the darker thought that the Aide might be trying to bump off his boss. That made for a delicious thought indeed. Kiza turned her head slightly. "Dont thank me yet. We must find out if the Council still plans on meeting. If not, we must precure another way to get you someplace safe." Kiza paused. "Is there any way you can recall your security team, to come back and meet you now?" Senator aTesslor shook his head. "Unfortunately, no. They are on assingment, and I am unable to reach them, until noon." Kiza gave a slight frown, but nodded. She switched to another channel on her eapiece, listening to more about the explosion, and the reports coming out, before switching back to Wraith's channel. Had he called earlier, it would have let her know. But, nothing right now. She dared not interrupt. Kiza turned back to the Senator, a curious look on her face. "Senator, with the Corellians droping in an Assertor-class Star Destroyer and the President and threatening to throw up the planetary shields, along with the current incident with the Shi'ido delegattion, do you see this causing any other blowback?” The Senator's eyebrows furried in deep thought. "I see what you mean. Current events might not be taken well, especially if the Council cancels the meeting that is supposed to be starting in a few moments. Especially with the dinner tonight." DROIK! The dinner. Oh, this was going to be a fun day, indeed. She then nodded. "Then, I suggest we get you two into the Council chambers quickly, before things fall apart even more then." The alarms were still going, but there was no signs of smoke following them into the room. She thought for a few moments, and then looked at the pair. "I'll take you to the council chambers, then check on the other bodyguard." With that, Kiza opened the door, and checked the hallways, using the Force to sweep the area. Once she was satisfied, she waved, issuing out the pair, and walked them towards the main senate floor, towards their individual pod area.

    Meanwhile, Wraith was hunting. Within the smoke and flame, he main sensors were useless. So her relied on his other senses. As he moved throughout the area, the flames were beginning to slowly die down. There was lots of smoke in the area. But so far, Wraith didnt see anyone else within the smoke. But there was a lot of area to cover. The smoke around him ploomed in swirling tendrilas of mass, as it moved about on eddies of air billowing through the area. As he moved about, he could see bits and pieces of metal shards and chunks of metal. Parts of it were from the ship, but it didnt look like anything vital. Others parts might have been from a container. Perhops the bomb was inside of that? A smattering of blood. Suddenly Wraith could feel something within the Darkside. He could not quite pinpoint it, but the sensation was of one of mirth? Someone seemed to find current events quite funny, that was sure. After about five minutes of searching, he would notice an uncovered maintenance cover. Perhaps it was blow off? Or not. But Wraith was sure that the local guards would soon be swarming over the area pretty soon. Then he saw something. It was buried underneath a piece of debris. it looked like a part of a droid of some kind. Maybe a worker droid got caught in the blast. That was possible. He also noticed a trail of darker burnt area, that seemed to be leaving a trail. One end was at the tail end of the ship. The other end he could not tell, it simply seemed to dissapear. But the smoke was making it difficult to tell. But if someone else was responsible for this mess, it looked as if they had long gone. Perhaps they were just making a statement. But to who, that would be a bit more difficult to answer.

    A sound. Of metal scraping the ground. One of the hopper droids, a regualr matenance unit was limping about looking confused. It was missing a leg, and it didnt seem to notice him, as it moved about in a circle, one of its occular units dangling out in front. As it moved, Wraith could see there was some sort of flimsy attached to its chest. If the droid was aware if it, it did not seem to notice, as it moved in a lazy circle, as if looking for something. As Wraith watched, he noticed that there appeared to be a piece of flimsy attached to the droids chestplate. If it knew it was there, he didnt seem to notice it, as it ambled about as if in a drunken stuppor, as it continued to make its slow circles.

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  12. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC:Wraith ( Anguish)
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    Wraith was not surprised that his targeting visor was of little use under present conditions, so he relied on his force senses, which never failed him. Such was the power of the darkside.

    Kiza had not responded to his last communication, which did not require a response in all truth, especially since she would now have her hands full with the Senator and his Aide. Wraith also noted that no updates were made to him, despite the emergency channel being filled with reports in the aftermath of the explosion. Curious.

    In the meantime, Wraith was on the hunt for any signs of perpetrates in the area. The smoke from burning debris served as good cover for the moment.Notably, the fires were slowly burning out, except for the areas affected by flammable materials. Emergency responders were likely to soon descend on the area, leaving him with only a small window to find anything of interest.

    For several moments the hired ‘body guard’ reconnoitered the area, but found nothing of real interest. Several scorched markings tempted him with greater forensic inspection, but he had little time to spare, although he made mental notes of what he found. This explosion was looking less and less like an ‘accident’,which he suspected from the very beginning. The question was, who was the intended target out of their entourage, better yet, could anyone in their party be responsible?

    In the darkside of the force, Wraith could feel an elusive sense of amusement from a very vague source that defied his attempts at pin-pointing. it He found that to be quite telling all on its own. Was it that other Sith the holonet had mentioned, or was it something else?

    Movement and a faint sound caught his peripheral attention and the crouching mercenary turned in place, not advancing yet. He was able to make out some sort of damaged droid ambling about in a circle, as one of its legs was missing. After observing it for a moment, he decided to approach and give it a closer look. There was something about it that drew him, other than the fact that it was the only thing actually moving in the area.

    There, on its chest plate.

    A piece of flimsy. A note?

    With a tugging motion of his hand, Wraith used the force to invisibly snatch the object and bring it promptly to his waiting hand. The hopper droid did not explode, so it wasn’t some sort of booby-trap. Clearly, someone had gone to the trouble of leaving a note on flimsy, but for who? And that someone had to be pretty sure that the note would be found and not destroyed by the explosion, meaning, the droid needed to be far enough away from the center of the blast. Again, such things reaffirmed his suspicions that none of this had been accidental.

    Wraith was about to report his find when he suddenly stopped himself.

    Pausing long enough to read the flimsy note, Wraith did just that. Only after the content was revealed to him and depending on what it said, would he decide whether or not to report his find and share such intelligence. There were both advantages and disadvantages to either action, but he would best determine that after a quick read.

    If someone ‘else’ was making a play for his prize, he definitely needed to know about it.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Hunter', I note your post features actions for Anguish's character. Was that a joint point between you two?

    IC: Lord Nelf, Holowan droids

    Nelf unscrewed two more bolts, the ancient screws dissolving into rust particles that sprinkled over him, and he carefully removed the square panel cover, carefully lowering it to the side of his head, while he looked up into the console innards, taking in the various components, doing a mental triage that separated useful ones from those that he could ignore.

    "Sommmething iss mmmmoving." Rasa reported from the doorway.

    "You mean, apart from me?" He queried absently, then his nose twitched with the sharp tang of lubricant. "Hello. What's that smell, is that lubricant?"

    * * * *
    AT-AT interior

    Despite the numbers of benched droids, only three managed to stand while the rest made squeally sounds with frozen joints, but generally remained seated.

    The standing droids grabbed at their upright, though deactivated electrostaffs, and regarded each other, the photoreceptors of one switching from crimson ti a piercing blue.

    He moved to the sealed boarding hatch at the side of the compartment, while his two compatriots marched stiffly towards the front, and the door that separated them from an as far undetected Cathar.

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  14. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
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  15. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    On the inside looking out, Garrison vehicle bay, A museum they said, Ciutric IV

    "Sommmething iss mmmmoving." Rasa had reported from the doorway. Lord Nelf replied, "You mean, apart from me?" 'Well fracking OF COURSE!' She would not be worried about HIM moving about. Course, she kept that thought to herself, as she concentrated on the area in front of her. Rasa's ears swiveled about, as she still heard movement in front of her. Behind her, Lord Nelf suddenly asked. "Hello. What's that smell, is that lubricant?"

    "Yesss..." Rasa replied, as she moved back. "I smmmell that. I hearrr mmmetal mmmoving." she growled softly. She noticed that there was not much of anyplace she could move to, in order to afford her too much cover. But if anything did come from the door, she would be the first to know. While Lord Nelf was still working on the panels, she would wait on this side of the door. She just hoped that whatever metal she heard moving about, was a loose panel or some other piece of non-descript machinery. But the smell of lubricant suddenly had her stumped. Not unless Lord Nelf had when he entered the craft, had cut into something, and the smell was just now reaching them. But other than that, she had no clue.

    "If ssssomething mmmoving, then it mmmight have powwwerrrrr source." she added, as her ears laid flat, as her tail wrapping tightly around her waist now.

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  16. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    IC: Kiza - Galactic Senate - Inside the Senate Building

    Kiza was too annoyed to worry about whether or not she was going to offend anyone. As far as she was concerned, having someone trying to turn her into an hors d'oeuvre was simply NOT her idea of a great day. This was supposed to be a simple job to earn her extra credits. But now, things were turning interesting. Especially with the attack on Sledon's apartment. If they were looking for him, they would have attacked his place later in the day. The fact that they attacked now, made it clear that they were looking for something, not someone. Unless they were imbeciles. There was also that. But Kiza didnt think so. Getting into Senate housing was not an easy thing. It took skill. Kiza put her hand up to her ear, as she walked with the two Senate members, very aware of her immediate surroundings. //["Wraith. Update. Heading for main chambers."//] she stated into her commlink. He had been silent for too long. Something must have garnered his interest.

    Within their individual earpieces, Both Wraith and Kiza could hear the various reports coming in from the Senator's Aide quarters. Quite a bit of damage was done, along with the destruction of several droids, one of them quite unusual for an aide to own. There also seemed to be some issues with the recording devices in the area, but there was a chance that one camera might have caught sight of something useful. A safe was found, and reported open, but nothing unusual noted. What could Slendon have that would garner such an open attack? They could also have chose Slendon, not sure which target to attack. As a Senator, Tesslor was more important. Perhaps the message was directed to him. It was possible. Either way, this was more like a very open message. Had the explosion happened just moments earlier, there would have been much more damage. Unless more Senators and their aides began having ships blow up as well. Kiza gave a dark smile, as she turned and lead the two men to a lift. She still had her weapons. If there were any more attackers waiting within the Senate itself, they would find themselves with more than they bargained. Kiza looked over towards the Senator. "Sir, would they have you meet elsewhere, in case of emergency?" Senator Tesslor nodded. "Yes, there are emergency chambers. But our pods are also protected as well. We should go there first, and check in first. Then..." Suddenly the Senator's comlink began to chime. As Kiza scanned the approaching lift, she could hear a very excited voice on the other end of the Senators comlink, and him reassuring the person that he was indeed fine.

    Kiza would wait near the lift, standing there until the doors open. Once it arrived, she quickly checked the lift with both the Force and her datapad. Once she cleared it, she would quickly issue the two men inside, and have the Senator lead them to where they need to go. If Wraith did not hurry, he would need to catch up. She was not going to leave the Senator and his aid just yet. Not because she carried if either of them got damaged or not. No, this was more personal now, and if anyone got near them, she wanted her own chance at tearing those persons apart. Kiza was however finding the reactions from the two gentlemen quite interesting. Senator Tesslor felt annoyed and concerned, not only for himself, but for his other fellow members working within the chambers as well. She did notice him casting a few sidelong glances at Slendon, but he kept silence for now. Slendon on on the other hand, was sweating profusely now, and she was picking up something on the side of terror. And anger. Deep, barely contained anger. It was quite exhilarating. What was he so angry about? That someone tried to kill him? Or perhaps because of his apartment being blown apart his valuables now scattered about. If nothing else, it seemed to give valid reason to his recent upgrades to security. He looked over at noticed Kiza looking at him, and he looked away, muttering something.

    The flimsy had a strange marking on it. It appeared like some sort of circle with a jagged line going through it in several points. Below it, was some writing, not in Arburish, but in Huttese.

    [Only in death, does a fool learn.]

    As Wraith looks over the note, he can see teh strange symbol suddenly glow with a bright red color for a few seconds. After that, the symbol flares brightly for a moment, and then it disappears. But the rest of the flimsy is still there. The droid crashes to the ground.

    The sounds of excited voices, and those of many footsteps heading towards the area Wraith is in. Excited voices, calling out if anyone was injured, and the sudden hissing sounds of some type of smokey substance being expelled from various vents around the landing pad. Fire suppression perhaps? Whatever it was, it seemed that the immediate area would most likely be filled with other workers in a matter of moments.

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    The Den

    A hand moved in the dim recesses of light that surrounded the individual, as a section to a huge monitor flared to life.

    The Green Sector.
    Ah Poodoo.

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  17. Lord Anguish

    Lord Anguish Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith ( Anguish )
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    [Only in death, does a fool learn.]

    Inside his targeting visor, Wraith’s eyes narrowed. He could see the strange circular symbol and the huttese writing flare, then disappear. It almost looked familiar…almost. He would investigate the image as soon as he had a chance. The flimsy itself however, seemed unaffected by the flaring writings.

    Who was the message for? And what did it really mean? Should he mention this find at all to the others?

    He had no immediate answers, but one thing he felt was certain; This was no ‘accident’.

    Flicking on his targeting visor, the nagai regarded the piece of flimsy under various spectrums, mainly to see if there were any trace elements left…or a micro-tracer. He intended to look at the ‘evidence’ more closely and with better equipment, but such could not be done at the moment. If a tracer was present, he would have to weigh a few options, otherwise he expected to glean some answers by forensic means.

    Almost simultaneously, several things happened at that moment.

    A hissing sound became quite audible near his position. Fire suppression response, from the sound of it. Footsteps and and the sound of excited voices. Thankfully, he was still undiscovered and aimed to remain so. It was time to go, and to underscore that fact, his ear piece became quite lively with updates and chatter. It was reported that Sledon’s apartment had come under attack for reasons unknown. Wraith tried not to smile too hard as he began to stealth away from the wreckage and back into the Senate Building proper.

    [Wraith. Update. Heading for the Main Chambers.]

    It was Kiza. Her words said all he needed to know. Both diplomats were still alive and under her expert protection. Well, he couldn’t let her have all the limelight, it wouldn’t do to appear as if he had conveniently abandoned his post.

    [Copy. On my way.] Was his quick response.

    Unbeknownst to any, Wraith already knew the lay-out of the Senate Building. That was never the issue for him. The nagai set himself at a run and bounded to catch up with Kiza and her two charges. With a nudge of the darkside, he was able to catch the trio just as they were about to enter the lift they were waiting for.

    Wraith clicked his com to silently alert Kiza that he was in her immediate vicinity, even as he slowed down and sauntered towards them.

    “Nothing but burning debris, that’s all that’s left out there. I saw no survivors. We were lucky.”

    Wraith pretended to catch his breath, but did not appear too winded, since he was supposed to be in incredible shape. He suddenly looked towards the Senator’s aide.

    “Glad you were here with us and not elsewhere…”

    The level of terror, anger and frustration the man was bottling up inside was quite impressive. Good, with a bit more pressure he was bound to do something foolish.

    “Shall we proceed to the Senate Chambers…?” Wraith gestured with his hand for them to board the lift.

    Only in death, does a fool learn.

    Anguish could not agree more. That’s why it was important to become death’s envoy, if not death itself.

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  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Owen Glaceau, Selma Spring (Senate Guard nrcs), Senate Building
    Location: Coruscant

    Selma regained consciousness to groaning. Her own, the rodian’s next to her, and from the beings still around her that were still alive.

    Owen must have sensed her return, for he immediately asked for a second opinion. “Do farts have lumps in?”

    Learning that even facial movements hurt right now, Selma stayed on her back, looking up at the hanger ceiling, where suspended lumis still swayed on metal chains, and offered him the full sum of her experience. “No.

    She heard her supervisor sigh.

    “Well that settles it; I’ve definitely shat myself.”

    She couldn’t help trying to laugh, wincing. “Oh, C’Boath no, my ribs. Clearly I need help with Force Shields.” When her body shaking subsided, and she was able to relax again, she became aware of voices over her head-communications set, and listened intently.

    It sounded like Security were preventing the diplomats and staff from leaving the building in case of “secondary devices” outside, which would be a very insidious move by whomever the threat was.

    She keyed her voice pickup, pulling the short tapered stalk down to her mouth. “Control. Spring here. The explosion was aboard Senator-” She paused, having forgotten the man’s name.

    “Tesslor,” Owen supplied.

    -Tesslor’s ship. It was aboard his ship specifically, so I doubt there will be any secondary devices outside.

    "That's telling them, Girlfriend," the rodian mumbled dreamily, drawing an amused frown from the equally horizontal former Imperial Knight.

    She could see over his form, several emergency fliers - fire and ambulance - swooping out of the sky towards them.

    "Really." The voice of Control sounded a mite cynical. "Is that what the Force is telling you?"

    Well, to be fair; I haven't actually asked it. Hang on.” She paused, then lost consciousness, a line of bubbly drool collecting at the back of her throat.

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    Entire post based around one joke I absorbed from a tv show, re. Are there lumps in farts? Etc.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Diplomats, Lord Nelf, droids, Galactic Senate, and AT-AT interior, respectively
    Locations: Coruscant and Ciutric IV, respectively

    The door of an apparent broom cupboard opened near the lift, and a human female dressed in the metal bikini and shimmersilks made famous by the historical heroine, Princess Leia Organa, but also wearing the neck chain of a diplomat, backed out into view, cocking her head to listen to the alarms blaring along the dusty and smoke-wreathed corridor.

    "Red," she called back into the cupboard, "I told you I heard something. Must be a fire drill"

    "Don't call me that!" Snapped the male voice of her hidden companion.

    "Well I don't like to call you 'Verm'; it sounds so much like 'worm'. And that is just offensive."

    The owner of the second voice emerged, the red-skinned twi'lek hurriedly fixing his rich-quality clothing, and sliding his clod feet over the glase-sprinkled floor. "Well, you and I both know what it is short for; who gives a frag what others think?"

    Without asking first, the woman inserted herself into the barely wide enough gap between Sledon and Tesslor. "Is there room in there for me?" She enquired sweetly, gesturing to the open turbolift.

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    AT-AT cockpit

    The sharp dark-grey point of a deactivated electrostaff pointed through the door on the far end of the walker's neck corridor, followed by the skeletal right leg of the first MagnaGuard, it's body pushing the door open.

    Outside the main body of the vehicle, a large rectangular panel in the side of the craft squealed open, the sound echoing throughout the dank, dark vehicle bay, and likely heard by the Cathar and half-elf.

    A second IG-100 MagnaGuard leapt from the now open hatch, plummeting down hard with both feet punching through the dark green ice that carpeted the ground between the Walker legs and the mound of what looked like skulls, topped by a near-vertical coffin-like casket.

    The droid sought to clamber free of the ice.

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  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    Never said I was sensible, At-At cockpit, Ciutric IV

    As Rasa stood, listening next to the door, she heard the loud, unmistakable sound of metal protesting loudly at being moved or opened. The sound echoed through the walker and probably around the bay area as well. Rasa's ears shot straight up.

    "THATSSS IT!" Rasa growled loudly, enough for Lord Nelf to hear. If something was lose and moving in this can, she rather find out about it, than having it open the door, and then have to deal with fighting it in a rather small area. It was not alive, she knew that much. She had scanned the area with the Force. She had sensed nothing. Another droid perhaps? It was loud, whatever it was. Time to find out.

    Claws extending, she palmed the door opening mechanism. She had her saber in hand, unlit at the moment, as she readied for whatever might be at the doorway. Something had to make that smell of lubricant suddenly appear. (Which, to be truthful, was better than smelling the body, but that was something else.)

    Rasa appeared ready to attack whatever she might find.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Wraith (Anguish)
    Senate Building, Coruscant

    “Wait.” He blurted out suddenly. His word was a command meant to be obeyed without question.

    After what had occurred in the landing zone, anything could be a trap. He wasn’t about to take a foolish risk.

    The human female adorned in a shimmersilk garment and the red twi’lek male, dressed in high-class fineries. A courtesan and her client, from the looks of it. These two got too close, far closer that he would have allowed, despite the fact they were in ‘friendly’ territory. His senses weren’t picking up anything yet, nor was there any overt disturbance he could feel, but between Sledon’s overflowing dark emotions and with everything else that was going on around them, some other signals might be getting overpowered…washed-out; perhaps it was time for him to do some fine tuning. Regardless, it was part of his credo never to trust. Anything. Ever.

    Although he was capable of taking off the edge from his voice, Wraith allowed enough of his cautionary displeasure to be perceived through his otherwise confident speech.

    Senator, do you know these two individuals?”

    He’d moved himself to prevent both the Senator and his Aide from entering the turbo lift, while taking that moment to scan the two beings with his targeting-visor and via the Force. It was bad enough they were taking the technological convenience during a ‘state of alert’.

    Notably, there was no significant com-chatter in his earpiece, aside from what already had been reported. Wraith’s appraisal of the two ‘secret-lovers’ was made to look ‘perfunctory’, something a bodyguard or security officer would automatically do, but he was looking for more, of course. Both for the safety of the party and for himself as well.

    Opportunity tended to present itself at the most unlikely moments, but so did ‘bait’. The trick was telling the difference between the two.

    Wraith waited for the Senator’s response, or Kiza’s input. Surely she recognized the potential danger hidden in this ‘innocent’ scene. Well, at least he assumed she could. Either way, he would play his part and see where the next act would take him.

    As long as he got his prize in the end, all this would be worth it.

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  22. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    C: Kiza - Galactic Senate - Inside the Senate Building - turbolift

    Kiza heard Wraith's words within her ear piece as she continued with guiding the pair towards the Senate chambers. [Copy. On my way.] he responded. Quick and to the point. Not that she had no reason to think otherwise. Kiza meanwhile scanned the area around her, keeping her Force usage tightly controlled. She would have to ask Wraith later what he saw. Was the ship destroyed? The ship had been scanned. Twice. The explosive could not have been aboard the ship. Unless it was only made to go off, once the ship landed. But a time delay? If that was the case, it should have exploded immediately. There was enough of a delay for them to scan the area, walk out the ship, and then make it up the steps before it exploded. That made Kiza think that the explosive was there before they landed. And someone had to be watching. And it is possible that they were watching from inside the building as well. A click in her ear piece made Kiza look up and around, and she gestured slightly for the pair to slow. A moment later, Wraith made his way towards them. “Nothing but burning debris, that’s all that’s left out there. I saw no survivors. We were lucky.” Wraith suddenly looked towards the Senator’s aide. “Glad you were here with us and not elsewhere…”

    Slendon didnt look to happy, but he stayed silent, only offering Wraith a nod. “Shall we proceed to the Senate Chambers?” Wraith gestured with his hand for them to board the lift as it arrived. Suddenly, Kiza felt the energy associated with life forms close to her. She withheld a growl of annoyance when suddenly a human female exited a door that happened to be near the lifts, closely followed by a red skinned twi-lek male. The female ws dressed in fancy silks. She looked like she was working the oldest profession, but it could be a ruse. Same as Kiza herself. But Kiza did notice that the woman was wearing the neck chain of a diplomat. But was it hers, that was the true question. Of course, listening to their chatter as they stepped out, it felt almost scripted. Looing at the way the male was dressed, it could also be said that he might be working the oldest profession and was her guest. Either way, the fact that the pair was this close to the landing bay area, may Kiza suspicious. Personally, the timing was annoying. Kiza wanted to check in with the other teams to find out if anything else had been found at the site of the initial attack. As perhaps, if the two events were connected. Now this.

    Without asking first, the woman inserted herself into the barely wide enough gap between Sledon and Tesslor. "Is there room in there for me?" She inquired sweetly, gesturing to the open turbolift. “Wait.” Wraith called out suddenly. It seemed that Wraith had possible had his own questions about the pair, as Wraith moved to stop Both the Senator and his Aide from walking into the turbo lift. “Senator, do you know these two individuals?” Wraith asked the elder man. Kiza stepped to forward as well, putting her own 'sweet' smile on her features as she moved. She let her hand linger for a moment on Sledon's shoulder, as she slinked forward. She was gingerly scanning the pair as well, but she only gave a wink. Before the Senator could answer, Kiza spoke up. "The Senate has well over a few thousands Senators. And even more in aides. And those are just the human ones. No doubt, quite a large number to keep track of." Kiza turned, and gave the woman and even wider smile. "Take the lift, please. We insist. No doubt you have some important .." Kiza paused, her eyes giving only the slightest of glaces towards the male twi-lek and then back at the woman. " to get back to. And with the explosion, Im sure the Senate will be calling an emergency session." she added. If the woman was truly the Senator, well she will have something else on her mind to deal with. If the Senate chain belong to the male there was not too much he could really say without giving himself away. And if they were both lying, then things could become very interesting very quickly.

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  23. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lord Nelf, IG-100 MagnaDroid, AT-AT-interior
    Locations: Ciutric IV

    Lord Nelf's attempt to join his worried apprentice got cut short by impact on the underside of the console he had beenm cutting into, and he fell back with a pained "Oof" with both hands going to his dented forehead.

    No doubt he would rally fast, but not quick enough for Rasa, for the leading IG-100 had stepped into the neck area connecting the main body to the cockpit section, tattered grey rags hanging off a metal skeleton, partly augmented with plates of duranium armour protecting vulnerable spots.

    The grey javelin that it was holding in it's right hand crackled with pink electrical energy arcing around the top and bottom foot-length.

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  24. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Rasa Ruu'ta-Li
    At-At cockpit, Ciutric IV

    Ah Poodo! Rasa mentally growled as the the door slid open to reveal ... whatever it was, that was stepping its way thought the door. It was a droid, most certainly, but not one she was familiar with. It was wearing some rags, but that is not what held her attention. What had her attention was the pink electrical energy arcing off the ends of the weapon it was holding. Whatever noises going on behind her, she ignored for the moment.

    The area was tight, and not quite the area that she wanted to be swinging an saber in. She reacted instinctively, as she snarled, baring fangs as she used her telekinesis to send the droid flying straight up, into the roof of the walker, and then spinning it around before sending it right back down to the floor again. If that worked, she would follow up with her lightsaber coming to life, and with any luck removing its head. This place was really making her not like droids to much. But she knew she had to keep it busy. At least until Lord Nelf managed to remove himself from the console. And with any luck, this thing will supply all the power he would need.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Diplomats, Senate Building
    Location: Coruscant

    The barely dressed woman in the slave-girl metal and silks, frowned as her grey-suited counterpart with the blue face markings, answered the hooded bodyguard's query about if she was known to these two. "The Senate has well over a few thousands Senators. And even more in aides. And those are just the human ones. No doubt, quite a large number to keep track of." Kiza turned, and gave the woman and even wider smile. "Take the lift, please. We insist. No doubt you have some important .."

    The senator was not comforted in the slightest by Kiza's smile, but was not going to say no to the offer of the turbolift.
    "Th-thank you?" She stammered, then stretched herself up on tiptoe, to pointedly call past the quartet to her twi'lek companion, "Red, I've got us a turbolift!"

    "What in Fornax do you think you are doing?" Red glared at her, ignoring the others.


    The twi'lek stretched between the group, "Sorry, sorry," just enough to get a strong red fist around the young woman's cream-white left bicep, to carefully withdraw her from the turbolift. "You should know better than to use the 'lifts during a fire alert. Or didn't they teach you such things in Hutt Space?"

    He bent over and used his free hand to scoop her up under the back of her knees, and straightened up as she automatically put an arm round his neck.

    He took two steps towards the open door of the nearby stairwell, then paused to face Sledon, taking him for the most senior of the group, raising his voice over the continuing alarms. "Did I hear you say you are going to the Senate Chamber? Are you sure that is the right place to be going as the rest of this place is evacuated?"

    With that, he slipped and slid across the glase-encrusted floor, jostled by a fleeing Barabel, and turned sideways to aim the Hutt diplomat's bare legs safely through the stairwell door.

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    IC: AT-AT neck area, Imperial Garrison museum vehicle bay
    Location: Ciutric IV

    The MagnaDroid's vision fizzled red as it registered the crunching impact atop it's head, and noticed that it was off the deck, internal computers registering that this assault without evidence of physical contact meant that the opponent was a Force User.

    Visual recording had not shown a lit lightsabre yet, so until further evidence presented itself, it assumed the attacker to be Jedi.

    Silent electronic alarms came from the neck area as the thing landed back on its feet, the vision still obscured, while its forward sensors seemed to be registering the door through which it had come, along with it's companion MagnaDroid, which was hanging back for the moment.

    From the outside, Rasa's point-of-view for instance, the droid's head was still attached to the body, which was facing away from her while the head still faced her.

    The body was swaying slightly as its gyroscope and internal systems adjusted, while small sparks flashed around the compacted metal of the neck.

    The energy javelin remained lit for now.

    Behind the Cathar, Nelf was moaning and rolling onto his side, starting to think about extricating himself from under the console. So, no help for now.

    Still, it was Cathar 1 - MagnaDroid nil.

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