Forged Bonds: A JA Series

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    Hi everyone. I'm starting a new series entitled Forged Bonds. It is going to show Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's lives through the eyes of Qui-Gon's first apprentice, Skylar Malin. Hope everyone enjoys.

    Series: Forged Bonds
    Chapter: A Time To Grow
    Author: Jedi Princess
    Rating: G.
    Feedback: Please! Please! Please!
    Archive: Telly's site, and Obi the Kid's site. Anyone else, please ask.
    Disclaimer: Don't own Qui, Obi, the council. Skylar and Thoran are mine.

    Forged Bonds: A Time To Grow

    Skylar Malin took great care in dressing that morning. She wore her best tunic and leggings and had her new robe on the bed, ready to slip on. Looking in the mirror, she combed her hair and almost started to braid the long thin lock of hair that grew from behind her right ear. But, she decided to let someone else do the honor.

    The padawan, soon to be knight, left the bedroom that had been hers for almost twelve years. She was ten when she first became Qui-Gon Jinn's padawan. But, after this afternoon, she would no longer be his student. She would be his peer.

    Qui-Gon was seated on the couch, looking over notes for one mission or another. The Jedi Master looked up as he student entered the common room. Qui-Gon offered her a warm smile. Wordlessly, the young woman took her spot at his feet. Handing him the comb and hair ties, Qui-Gon nodded that he understood.
    and began the task of braiding the lock that he had braided over a decade before. There were no need for words. The task was carried on in silence.

    In just a few minutes, the hair was braided, and Skylar and Qui-Gon stood up. Skylar, who stood only 5'3, looked up at her Master. Tears filled her eyes as she fought to keep control of her feelings. There is no emotion, there is the force.

    Qui-Gon gently pulled her into an embrace, "It's all right to show your feelings, Skylar, there is no weakness in that."

    Skylar nodded against her master's chest. As much as she wanted to be a knight, she would miss the man who raised her, who trained her, who loved her. She has spent half her life by this man's side. Waking up tomorrow would be very strange indeed. At the same time, the two parted and Skylar took a deep breath, "I'm ready, Master."

    Nodding, the elder Jedi replied, "Then lets not keep the council waiting, Padawan."

    Excusing herself, Skylar went to the padawan bedroom to retrieve her robe. She took a moment to reflect. The room was now devoid of everything that the young woman had collected over the years. Her whole life sat in boxes, ready to be moved to her Knights quarters later on that afternoon. The room looked the same it did twelve years ago. Taking the robe off the bed, Skylar slipped it on and walked to the bedroom door. Taking one last glance, she closed the door behind her.

    Qui-Gon was waiting at the door. Together they left the apartment and Skylar fell into place to her master's left and one step behind. In quiet companionship they walked down the quiet halls of the temple towards the council hall. It would be the last time that Skylar would accompany her Master as his student. In a short time, they would be peers.

    Skylar knelt before her master in front of the council. Qui-Gon caressed her head with his large hand. Then he took her padawan braid between two fingers.

    "Skylar, you have been a good apprentice. But a padawan you are no longer," with delft fingers, the Jedi Master severed her braid with a pair of shears. "You are now a Jedi Knight."

    The young woman looked up at her former master, his eyes were filled with pride. He put out his hand, and she took it and allowed him to help her up. Once she was standing again, Qui-Gon gave her a warm embrace.

    Later that evening, after a party with her peers, Skylar got herself organized in her new quarters. Not that she would be staying there for long periods of time. In two days she would be leaving for her first solo mission. As nervous as she was, she knew she was ready. Qui-Gon had taught her well. Then she would be expected to take a pa
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    UP! And guys...I promise to finish BT by Tuesday. :)
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    A new story JP??? How delightful!! :) :)

    I loved how Skylar decided to have her master braid her hair one last time. And yes, I definitely get the feeling that Thoran was about to ask a personal question. :) :)

    Post often, post soon!!
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    Hey Princess, interesting idea for a story. And I'm glad to read you plan on finishing Broken Trust. I only hope we can get our deposit back from the bounty hunter. (Don't worry, even if we can't, we told him no disintergrations :) )
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    I'm not sure he was listening, but we did tell him not to.... :D
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