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Before - Legends Forgotten (JA AU) Obi/Qui ((REPOST)) --COMPLETED

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by freak-pudding, Mar 22, 2003.

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  1. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    This was the very first story I ever wrote. So, it's not the greatest in some parts. I went back & fixed the places I thought really sucked. Tell me if you find anymore mistakes, okay? But be gentle. ;)


    Title: Forgotten
    [Author: freak-pudding
    Timeframe: JA, Obi is 19
    Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, OC
    Genre: AU, Drama
    Keywords: angst, Obi-torture, H/C
    Summary: AU for JA #6. Obi-Wan never went with Qui-Gon back to the Temple. Follow his adventures nearly six years later as he meets up with his former Master. Priorities have changed for both parties as they try to reconcile.
    Notes: This story's ending is kinda odd, but don't worry... you'll understand when you read the sequel.


    Part 1

    He was being tailed and he knew it.

    Dammit, Obi-Wan Kenobi thought, quickening his pace. Why did I stay so late at the mines? Sighing, he realized he all ready knew the answer. Money. That was the answer to everything. And with Aleeya? he really didn?t have much of a choice. They needed the money.

    He rounded then corner and regrettably discovered that it was a dark, cold alley. Perfect place for a nice little murder, he recognized suddenly. That was before he slammed straight into M?Dorr.

    ?Kenobi!? the loan shark grinned maliciously. ?How rather lovely to see you!?

    ?M? M?Dorr,? he stuttered, standing and backing away. ?I? I don?t know what to say.?

    ?You needn?t say anything,? the Vnentrian?s grin widened. ?I?ve come to collect payment.?

    ?Listen,? Obi-Wan backed farther down the alley as the serpentine humanoid stalked toward him, ?you?re angry. Anyone could see that. Trust me; I understand that you?re angry. Who wouldn?t be??

    ?You?re just diggin? yourself deeper,? someone growled from behind him. Obi-Wan spun around to find himself face-to-face with three large, brutal-looking thugs, all of which were holding various weapons. He spun back around to face the leader.

    ?The money?s on the way!? he pleaded. ?You know it is! I just got a little? sidetracked, that?s all.?

    ?You seem to get sidetracked a lot, Kenobi,? two other Vnentrian henchmen had appeared the other end of the alley. The group of six closed slowly around the helpless human. ?No more stalling.?

    ?I stopped by your house the other day, Kenobi,? M?Dorr began tapping his palm with the heavy club he carried, circling his prey. ?I saw Aleeya. How far along is she? Oh yeah, seven months. She said she wants a baby girl. You think you?ll live long enough to see your baby born??

    ?Please,? Obi-Wan begged. ?The money?s on the way. I don?t have anything to offer you now, but??

    ?Enough excuses,? M?Dorr hissed through his fangs. ?I want retribution!?

    ?And you?ll get it,? Obi-Wan tried to sound confident. ?I just need time!?

    ?You?ve had enough time, human!? the reptile growled. Those were the last words spoken before the group pounced. The night air filled with the sound of clubs, claws, & fists hitting human flesh. The world became a tangle of scales, sinew, & pain for Obi-Wan.

    As the clubs crashed down on his body, he recalled exactly what had happened to cause this night. He had borrowed money a while ago, about four months or so, from the Vnentrian to pay for Aleeya?s hospital bills. His heart warmed at the thought of Aleeya. She was beautiful. After he?d left Melida/Daan & taken a mining job here on Vnentri 5, she?d been the first person he had befriended. They?d fallen for each other and started dating. Then she?d gotten pregnant. Things had changed. Priorities were rearranged. They both struggled to raise enough money to get off-planet and get to Coruscant. He had indulged too much with some of the cash & gotten behind on several payments.

    He bit his lip when the hard metal came in contact with his ribs. Finally, he dropped to the ground, coughing up blood from his broken lips. Several of the men spit on him before turning to leave.

    ?Don?t forget this,?
  2. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Part 2

    It had been an interesting adventure, trying to get the beaten young man to his quarters on Vnentri 5. Qui-Gon stretched and took a sip from his tea. He?d been sent here by the Jedi Council to try and aid the government to find a peaceful solution in a war-torn group of moons. Not too much luck so far.

    The two radical factions on Vnentri had split the small planet in half. Now, its moons were being divided. Each individual moon had become a pawn in the sick game of war. The more anarchist of the two parties had all ready seized seven of the thirty moons. This one, Vnentri 5, was next. Most of the inhabitants had fled their jobs at its many ionite mines. The few who stayed were mostly off-worlders. The native Vnentrians had all but vanished.

    Grimacing, Qui-Gon remembered his first encounter with the creatures. They were a serpentine humanoid, average height around 6 ? 8 feet. The males tended to be taller, with green, tan, or blue scales covering their bodies. Females? scales were silver, gold, or white. Both genders had four arms, the lower set of two were kept concealed in their tunics. The males had a ridge of harder, sharper scales on their head, extending to their lower back. They were predisposed to be violent at best, so a war here was seemingly inevitable.

    Qui-Gon leaned back, looking into the other room. His young charge was still fast asleep. Qui-Gon felt a surge of pity for the young man. He was so battered and broken. With the war brimming on this moon, most public medical facilities had been closed. People were fearful of each other. The Jedi wondered what would have happened to the boy had he not come along at that moment.

    You know exactly what would have happened, he chided himself. The poor boy would have been robbed & then arrested & beaten more for information he probably didn?t possess. Then he would have died alone in prison.

    He?d treated the boy?s wounds as best he could, but he was no healer. He needed to get this boy to a real medic soon.

    ?Ssssssssssssssssss,? the boy hissed as Qui-Gon had tried to splint his leg. There was nothing the Jedi could do about his broken jaw. The boy made a few more gurgling noises, as though he were trying to speak.

    ?Don?t talk,? Qui-Gon told him. ?Your jaw?s broken & I don?t know how to fix it. I need to get you to a healer. I?m going to take you with me to the planet.?

    The boy had begun struggling, trying to get up, and Qui-Gon sent him a calming wave of the Force. That got the boy to lie down, at least.

    ?I need something to call you by,? Qui-Gon mused aloud.

    ?Ooooooo,? the boy moaned. ?Oooooo!?

    ?Does your name begin with O?? Qui-Gon asked. The boy nodded as best he could.

    ?Well, I don?t want to you hurt yourself trying to tell me, so I?ll just call you O for now,? he smiled down at the young man. ?Try to sleep now.?

    It saddened Qui-Gon to see young people like his guest hurt so brutally. Qui-Gon tried to pass it off as his natural compassion, but he knew the truth. It was because of Obi-Wan. It terrified Qui-Gon that every dead teen, every beaten boy might be Obi-Wan.

    It had been six years since he?d last seen the boy, on the planet of Melida/Daan. They?d ended the war together. But Obi-Wan hadn?t gone back to the Temple with him.

    Flashback: about six years ago

    ?What is your choice?? Qui-Gon asked. Obi-Wan?s young face looked up at him.

    ?I?? his voice faltered and he looked to the side. They stood in the center of the plaza where the final battle had taken place. Cerasi stood near the fountain, Neild?s arm around her shoulders. Emotions flew between the three friends. Qui-Gon could feel the emotional struggle in Obi-Wan. Slowly, he turned back to the big Jedi and took a shaky breath.

    ?I?m needed here,? he said quietly. ?I?m sorry, Qui-Gon.?

    The Jedi Master fought to control his emotions as he stared down sadly at the boy. Obi-Wan stared back, a deep longing in his eyes.

    ?Very well,? Qui-Gon wheeled and strode away.

  3. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Part 3

    A transport was loaded and ready for them the next day. Aleeya had gathered together her & Obi-Wan?s meager possessions and few credits. They filled the ship and took off. Obi-Wan lay in one of the cabins, his breathing slow and irregular. Qui-Gon had forced Aleeya to rest in a separate cabin while he kept watch over Obi-Wan.

    The boy slept fitfully, sweat covering his brow. His jaw hung open at an odd angle despite Qui-Gon efforts to push it gently closed. Qui-Gon was quickly running out of bandages as Obi-Wan was slowly running out of blood. The boy?s face was deathly pale.

    Qui-Gon shifted uncomfortably in the pilot?s chair. He had left Obi-Wan alone in his cabin since there was no longer anything he could do for the boy. Instead, he retreated inside himself and began meditating.

    He brought up the memory of that last encounter on Melida/Daan. He recalled the blueness of Obi-Wan?s eyes against his skin, the stains of dirt & blood streaked across his tunic, and the sad way his shoulders slumped.

    ?I?m needed here.?

    Funny how those three little words could change so much in so little time. When Obi-Wan had uttered those words, Qui-Gon had felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal and anger. Now, that had all but disappeared. He wanted to still be upset with Obi-Wan, but that just wasn?t possible. Every time he looked at the boy, he felt that familiar sense of? warmth? Happiness? Qui-Gon frowned.

    It was strange that even though they hadn?t spoken, let alone seen, each other in the past six years, Qui-Gon still felt a paternal caring still living deep inside him.

    Sighing, Qui-Gon pulled himself out of his meditation. He wasn?t getting anywhere.

    He returned to monitoring the ship?s systems. The little transport was running perfectly as he switched it to autopilot and decided to contact Mace.

    ?Did you find your long lost mother this time?? Mace?s sarcasm made Qui-Gon laugh.

    ?No, sorry,? he chuckled. ?I just called to make sure that the medics will be waiting when we arrive.?

    ?Of course they?ll be there,? Mace assured his friend. ?Don?t you trust me??

    ?Not really,? Qui-Gon?s eyes twinkled in mirth. The two friends shared a laugh.

    ?I must be going,? Mace turned his head, as though listening to someone else. ?Council duties.?

    ?Good luck!? Qui-Gon snorted. ?I don?t know how you put up with it.?

    ?A nice punching bag,? Mace winked. ?I?ll see you later, friend.?

    ?Good-bye,? Qui-Gon nodded and switched off the communication. The tall Jedi sighed and stretched his back. Tomorrow would be a long day.

    Quietly, he walked to his private cabin. He heard whispers coming from Obi-Wan?s room, so he peeked inside.

    ?You know I was angry at you for borrowing the money,? she whispered sadly. ?I?m not angry anymore. You hear? I?m not angry, so you can?t be angry either. I need you, Obi-Wan. Come back to me.?

    She ran her fingers gently through his hair before kissing his forehead and leaving. Qui-Gon leaned against the doorframe. His former apprentice had touched more than he?d guessed.

    In a way, Qui-Gon was happy for his apprentice. But with that came intense jealousy of Aleeya. Obviously, he hadn?t been enough for Obi-Wan. Somehow, that was what hurt the most.

    * * *

    A Jedi Healer team met them at the landing pad. Obi-Wan was rushed away instantly, while Qui-Gon helped Aleeya down from the transport.

    ?Where are they taking him?? she asked fearfully. Her hand rested on her belly as she looked around her.

    ?They?re going to take him to the Healer?s Ward,? Mace Windu stepped forward. ?They?ll help him.?

    ?Who are you?? Aleeya regarded him carefully.

    ?I am Master Mace Windu,? the dark-skinned man smiled gently upon her. ?Welcome to the Jedi Temple.?

    ?Funny, I don?t feel welcome,? Aleeya muttered under her breath, eyeing the Jedi that they past in the hallways. Jedi were not allowed to marry or reproduce, so it was quite a shock to see a pregnant woman in the halls of the Temple.

    ?Where can she stay?? Qui-Gon aske
  4. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Part 4

    Aleeya was up early that day. She hadn?t slept much during the night. Something about the Jedi Temple scared her. It was so? alien. Not to mention the looks that some Jedi gave her. They made her feel like she was some kind of dirty alley tramp.

    Her hands moved to her stomach. Often through the day, she?s find herself subconsciously touching her belly. Aleeya had a fascination with knowing that where ever she touched, there was the baby on the other side.

    When she had first been pregnant, she?d been scared. She had thought she wasn?t ready to be a mother, but she knew now that she and Obi-Wan were ready for a family. The thought of living near Obi-Wan?s old friends and raising their children together made her feel warm inside. She had never had a home or belonged to a family, at least that she could remember.

    Her footsteps were soft on the hard tile. She stole quietly down the huge main staircase, slipping into the shadows. Few were roaming the halls at this hour, so she was able to stay away from any unwanted questions. Her biggest fear was walking around without Qui-Gon with her. She could be thrown out to the streets.

    The Healer?s Ward came into view. Aleeya looked in all directions before sprinting to the Ward.

    ?Hello,? a small Healer sat at the front desk. ?Is there something I can help you with??

    ?Yes,? Aleeya smiled. ?I?m looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi?s room.?

    ?Just down that hall,? the female smiled at her. ?I take it you two aren?t Jedi.?

    ?No,? Aleeya touched her belly again. ?But a Jedi is doing us a favor.?

    ?Just go down that hall,? the woman stood and pointed. ?Then turn left.?

    With a warm feeling in her heart, Aleeya started to his room. At least someone didn?t judge her before asking. Somehow, that brought out a tiny bit of joy to her day.

    * * *

    ?Aleeya?? his voice crackled as he fought through the haze covering his eyes. ?Aleeya??

    ?I?m here,? the girl appeared at his bedside, smiling. ?How?re you feeling??

    ?Better,? he tried to feel his jaw, but was hindered by the many tubes attached to his wrist. ?Where are we??

    Aleeya bit her lip and looked away. He could sense her reluctance. Wait a minute?

    ?Tell me we?re not at the Jedi Temple,? he said quietly. ?Even if you have to lie.?

    ?Qui-Gon?? Aleeya faltered, seeing the look in his eyes. ?There was nothing I could do!?

    ?Yes there was, Alee!? he sat up and began ripping out the tubes. ?You could have let me die!?

    ?I would never do that,? Aleeya stood. ?What do you think you?re doing??

    ?We?re leaving,? Obi-Wan reached for his tunic and pulled it over his head. ?I will not be in debt to the Jedi.?

    ?They are doing us a favor!? she argued.

    ?And they will expect retribution!? Obi-Wan sighed. ?I will not be in debt to them.?

    ?Good morning,? Qui-Gon stood in the doorway. ?Am I interrupting something??

    ?No,? Obi-Wan replied shortly. ?Thank you for your hospitality, Master Jinn. How much do we owe you??

    Though stung by Obi-Wan?s formal tone, he answered.

    ?Nothing,? he replied. ?But you should stay until the Healers have cleared you??

    ?No, thank you,? Obi-Wan cut him off. ?We need to leave.?

    He quickly limped out of the Ward and into the hallway. Aleeya followed him.

    ?Get your bum back in there and apologize,? she commanded, stopping him.

    ?What for?? Obi-Wan replied. ?I thanked him and now we?re leaving!?

    ?We are not finished here!? she yelled. ?Get back in there!?

    ?No!? Obi-Wan shook his head. ?I won?t.?

    Their argument had drawn a crowd, one of whom hid in the shadows, not wanting to be recognized by Obi-Wan. The pregnant woman grabbed Obi-Wan?s arm.

    ?Sorun ata no runyi dexz troz,? she hissed. Several whispers filled the hallway.

    ?What did she say?? one boy asked.

    ?Something about his nether regions,? someone else whispered back. ?And a long knife.?

    Someone laughed as Obi-Wan finally gave in.

    ?Fine,? he pulled his arm from her grasp and stalked back to the Ward. She followed
  5. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    ugh, i just don't like this chapter. i feel like it's one of my weakest writings. i tried to change it a little bit, but i couldn't. i couldn't just take it out either because i didn't want to rewrite everything else...


    Part 5

    The Council seemed bored that day. Maybe it was just the serenity of the room.

    Qui-Gon stood in the center, as always, arguing with the Council.

    ?Have you even asked him?? Mace asked. Qui-Gon ignored his friend.

    ?He was behaving very oddly Masters. Something in his gaze told me that he wanted to be back here. I suppose??Qui-Gon trailed off helplessly.

    ?Suppose what do you?? Yoda blinked.

    ?I request that Obi-Wan be put on probation, Masters,? Qui-Gon said slowly, surprised at the words coming from his mouth. Obi-Wan stepped forward from the shadows by the door.

    ?And when was I to be alerted of my decision?? he asked defiantly.

    ?Obi-Wan Kenobi,? Mace gestured to him. ?Please step forward.?

    ?I thought you wanted to be a Jedi again,? Qui-Gon addressed Obi-Wan quizzically, even more unsure of his words.

    ?Yes, I did,? Obi-Wan stood as tall as he could. ?Once. But my priorities have changed now.?

    ?How so?? Adi Gallia inquired. Willing himself not to blush, Obi-Wan answered.

    ?Next month, my 17-year-old girlfriend and I are expecting our first child,? he replied. Though the room remained silent, he could hear the mental tsk that echoed through the room.

    ?Wondering the name of this girl, I am,? Master Yoda broke the silence.

    ?Aleeya, sir,? Obi-Wan felt his blood warm at the thought of her. ?Aleeya Delyani of Vnentri 5.?

    Well, haven?t we made some intelligent choices, Depa Billiba?s mental sarcasm stung Obi-Wan as he heard her thought through the Force.

    ?Excuse me, ma?am,? he said coldly, cheeks flushing in anger as he focused on her. ?I did not come here to have judgment passed on my life.?

    ?Then what did you come here for?? Mace asked. Obi-Wan turned back to him.

    ?The decision I made six years ago hurt a lot of people,? he said simply. ?My only reason for coming to Coruscant was to apologize. So, Masters, I apologize for any trouble or pain I may have caused you.?

    Mace nodded.

    ?Accepted,? he leaned back. ?Now what will you & this Aleeya do??

    ?Well, sir,? Obi-Wan began, ?We are using what money we saved on Vnentri 5 to rent an apartment near the Senate buildings. We, well, I will be working whatever jobs I can find to try and save enough money to make it to Melida/Daan. My old friends Neild & Cerasi have offered us a home and jobs in the government.?

    He sighed and looked away from the dark-skinned Master?s piercing eyes.

    ?They are our only family,? he finished. The silence that met his ears was deafening.

    ?You would be welcomed back here, if you chose, Obi-Wan,? Mace said quietly. Obi-Wan raised his head, anger in his eyes.

    ?And what of Aleeya? And our child?? he spat. ?The Republic would have the baby come here if it is Force-sensitive & you would forbid me to see Aleeya again. The child would never know that I was its father. And Aleeya would be right back where she started. No, thank you, Master Windu. I much prefer being a citizen.?

    ?If you are a citizen of the Republic, then the child will still be taken,? Ki-Adi Mundi pointed out.

    ?Ah, that is where you are mistaken,? Obi-Wan replied. ?I believe public records still list me as a Melida/Daan citizen. Aleeya is a Vnentrian citizen. Neither are Republic systems, so if the child is born here, we can keep it.?

    A few council members nodded in understanding.

    ?Is there anything else you?d like to say?? Mace asked.

    ?Yes, sir,? Obi-Wan nodded. ?I?d like to be given permission to walk around the Temple just for today. I know that several of my old friends are here? and I?d really like to apologize to them before I leave. For good.?

    ?Permission granted,? Mace dipped his head. ?Good luck, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Our best wishes are extended to you, your betrothed, and your child.?
  6. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Part 6



    ?There he is.?

    ?I should punch him.?

    ?Don?t, Garen.?

    ?He deserves it.?

    ?No he doesn?t,? Reeft replied. ?We all make choices. Obi-Wan just wasn?t meant to be a Jedi.?

    ?You can?t say that you?re defending him!? Garen hissed.

    ?And if I am?? Reeft replied defiantly. ?He was once your friend!?

    ?He is no more!? Garen slouched farther in his chair. Obi-Wan looked across the mess hall and spotted them.

    ?He?s coming over here,? Bant said, worried.

    ?Then why don?t you dust off a chair for him?? Garen retorted sarcastically. ?Let?s pull out a few pints and mull over the last six years.?

    ?Stop it,? Bant chided with a severe look. Obi-Wan finally made it over, but said nothing. He looked a little embarrassed.

    ?Hi,? he eventually forced out, looking down to the floor.

    ?We?re friends, Obi-Wan,? Bant said gently. ?I don?t think we need to act so strange around each other.?

    ?But?? Obi-Wan looked hopefully into her eyes. ?Everything??

    ?You make your own choices,? she held a hand. ?We must respect them.?

    ?You must be angry with me,? he pointed out.

    ?We were, once,? Reeft nodded. ?But not anymore. It?s nice to see you again.?

    ?And you, also,? Obi-Wan sounded relieved. ?I?ve missed you all.?

    Garen made a derisive noise and rolled his eyes. Bant hit him gently on the knee.

    ?How?ve you been?? Reeft started, smiling.

    ?Well, I think you can figure out most of it,? Obi-Wan shrugged. ?I mean? it?s not like everything?s a secret.?

    ?We don?t think less of you for anything, Obi-Wan,? Bant nodded. ?We?re happy for you. I can?t imagine what it feels like to know you?ll be a parent soon.?

    Obi-Wan smiled.

    ?I?m actually terrified,? he shook his head.

    ?As you should be,? Garen sat straight up. ?What should you know about raising a child??

    ?Garen?? Bant started.

    ?No,? Obi-Wan interrupted her, his face stony. ?Let him talk.?

    ?You betrayed everything you were taught!? Garen?s voice was low and harsh. ?You broke the oath you made to people you called your friends! Who will teach the child honesty??

    Obi-Wan lowered his head slightly.

    ?I see you are still angry with me,? his tone was soft and measured.

    ?What else were you expecting?? Garen?s voice rose, getting the attention of those nearest to them. ?Were you expecting us to fall over ourselves making some huge banquet to welcome you back??

    ?I came back to apologize!? Obi-Wan replied, getting angry himself. ?Why won?t you see that??

    ?I do see it!? Garen bellowed. ?But I will not accept it!?

    ?Garen, I?ve been gone six years and all you can do is relish in hate & rage over the past!? Obi-Wan shouted, his anger mounting.

    ?What else did you expect?!? Garen tried vainly to control his temper. ?You, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are nothing but a rotten, dirty traitor.?

    ?Rot in hell, old friend,? Obi-Wan replied coldly, turning to leave. He?d only made it two steps before Garen pounced. The whole room backed up, giving the two men room to fight. Words could not be distinguished between the grunts & shouts.

    Obi-Wan was vaguely reminded of that night on that Vnentrian street, the encounter that seemed so long ago. He lost his focus for a moment, and that?s when Garen slammed his head into the floor.


  7. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Author's Note: This chapter is a major twist from the original sotryline. I just didn't like where I was going with the original plot. So, get ready for confusion.


    Part 7

    The world seemed to crash onto his senses as Obi-Wan sat straight up. Qui-Gon sat by his bed, casually leafing through a book.

    ?Wha??? Obi-Wan looked quickly around. ?What happened to me??

    ?You had a fever,? Qui-Gon said mildly. ?You?ve been asleep for about a week, fighting it off.?

    ?I?I can?t remember anything,? Obi-Wan ran a hand through his short hair, down to his neck. Wait, his Padawan braid was there?

    ?Aleeya!? he shouted suddenly. ?Where?s Aleeya??

    ?Calm down!? Qui-Gon stood and pushed his apprentice gently back into bed. ?The healers will have my head!?

    ?What happened to Aleeya?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?We haven?t seen her for almost nine months, why?? Qui-Gon smiled. ?Don?t you remember??

    ?No,? Obi-Wan replied, bewildered. ?I? I can?t remember anything past Melida/Daan.?

    ?That was six years ago, Obi-Wan,? Qui-Gon frowned. ?You really can?t remember??

    ?No,? Obi-Wan shook his head, digging through his mind. ?In my? fever dream? it was like I?d lived a completely different life. I hadn?t come back here with you after Melida/Daan. I?d stayed.?

    ?What does Aleeya have to do it?? the older Jedi sat back down.

    ?I?? Obi-Wan bit his lip. ?I think she?s??

    ?She?s??? Qui-Gon prompted gently.

    ?I think she?s pregnant,? Obi-Wan said slowly. ?And I think it?s my child.?

    Qui-Gon sat quietly, absorbing the news as Obi-Wan, wincing, got out of bed.

    ?What do you plan to do?? he asked softly.

    ?I?m going to find Aleeya,? Obi-Wan replied. ?I?m going to take responsibility for what I did.?

    * * *

    Somewhere in the universe, an infant?s wailing filled a joyous young mother?s ears. The girl reached out her arms for her child. The medic brought the baby over and gently placed the child in her mother?s arm.

    ?Hello, little one,? Aleeya touched her daughter?s nose. ?I?m your mother. I know I won?t be perfect, but I promise I?ll try my best. You?re all I have and I?ll never stop loving you, Lara-Ni Delyani.?

    With those words, the child was christened. A medic came and took the infant from the exhausted mother?s arms. Aleeya lay back in the pillows, thanking the Goddess for sending her Lara-Ni. She silently prayed that Obi-Wan would be happy wherever he was.


    get it? all the rest of the story was Obi's fever dream! please don't kill me...
  8. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
  9. Nikita

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    Oct 14, 2001
    Ahhh! I get it! Poor Aleeya,, asll alone with her cute little baby...

    Obi you'd better find her...

    nice posts!
  10. Renton Kenobi

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    May 24, 2000
    Wonderful! :D
  11. freak-pudding

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    Dec 29, 2002
    Nikita: I'm glad you did! :) Lol, yes, he'd better hurry... Thank you.

    Renton Kenobi: Thank you!
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