Ark Fort Worth June 9 -Sept. 3 ----SW Exhibit !!!

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by ChaseKeJac, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. ChaseKeJac Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 5, 2006
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    The STAR WARS exhibit from Boston is in Fort Worth, Texas.
    Here's the link and maybe I'll see some of you Yahoo's down there.
  2. VADER312 Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 11, 2005
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    My Family was there opening week. Awsome Time!
  3. Amidala Starkiller Jedi Master

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    Dec 11, 1999
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    The Waco group is going this weekend. I can't wait! :)
  4. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    Share some pics with us when you guys get done! :)
  5. Nyborg13 Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 28, 2004
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    Star Garrison was going to have a costume day a week or so but it got change to 8-18. So maybe we can make down there for that and finally get to see the exibit.
  6. hyperspace_police Jedi Master

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Well, ForceConduit and I went to see it in Boston. It has since been in Ohio(?) and California.

    I say we try and make the 18th costume day a definite date (well, except for Kynstar since she's too close to due date to travel that far...

    It's a really cool exhibit and well worth the "road trip" down there. Or is it up there? I never know...
  7. niktom Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 28, 2007
    The exhibit was awesome.

    Went twice, once by myself and then once with my son.
    [link=]Here are some pics[/link].

    If anyone else has some I would love to see them.
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