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Amph Forum Feud - JC game - sign up for an SFF team

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Books and Comics' started by NYCitygurl, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    That's right, it's time to play the Forum Feud!

    Here's how it works:

    Teams of five will be assembled. They will compete in games against other teams of five and work their way through a tournament, until we have our grand winner.

    That's the basics, now let's get into the real nuts and bolts of how to play:

    Assembling a Team

    A team of five will be made up of regulars representing a forum. So, five users will join as a representative of the Arena, five others representing YJCC, five other the Senate, five others EUC, etc.

    It is up to individual forum moderators to decide how they want to form their teams. A forum may have more than one team (i.e. if fifteen people want to play for JCC, JCC can have three teams). Two forums may combine to form a team (i.e. if three people from WNU and two people from Fan Sites want to play, they can join together, or if seven people from EUC want to play and eight people from RPF want to play, we can have one RPF, one EUC, and one joing EUC/RPF team).

    Once a team is assembled, it needs to be reported via PM to the game host, DarthIntegral, along with their team colors (face and background), the forum(s) represented, and the team nickname.

    Playing a Game

    Once sign-ups are complete, we start to play the Feud. Two teams will square off at a time. The host will PM a question to the first member of the team. The question will ask something that the host has a survey number for. That person will then PM the host back. The player who responds with the highest ranking answer will win. If both respond with the same level answer, the player who responds quickest in time from opening the PM to sending the response.

    The player who wins this will then have their team continue to play the game. They will post their responses in thread (no help from the audience in the thread, please). They will continue to go until either they get all the answers, or until they have three incorrect answers (referred to in game as strikes). If they clear the board, they win the round. If they get three strikes before they clear the board, the opposing team will get one chance to give an answer. If they succeed, they win the round. If not, the other team wins the round. The winner of the round gets the cumulative total of points assigned to each answer, based on the number of respondents from the survey.

    The game continues in this fashion with the next person on the team list taking the place of the first for the initial PM question. The third game will have point values doubled, and all games after that will have point values tripled. The first team to 300 points wins the game, advances in the tournament, and gets to play the bonus round.

    In the bonus round, two players from the winning team are selected. They are then PMed five questions from the host. They give their best answers, and get the point values attached to the number of survey responses. The prize for the team is dictated by the value of their answers. If they score a combined total of fewer than fifty points, the members of the team will get their team colors, VIPship and title for 24 hours. If they score between fifty-one and ninety-nine points, they will get team colors, VIPship, and title for 48 hours. If they score between one-hundred and one-hundred forty-nine points, they will get team colors, VIPship, and title for 72 hours. IF they score between one-hundred fifty and one-hundred ninety-nine points, they will get team colors, VIPship and title for 96 hours. If they score 200 or more points, they will get team colors, VIPship and title for one week.

    Please note: in the case that both players send the same answer, one player will be asked to resubmit for the duplicated answers. This will be whichever player sent their answers second.

    The team that loses will be forced to fly the flag (put up a banner) of the winning forum in their forum for an amount of time equal to the prize time won by the winning team.

    Continuing on

    All teams will then be slotted int
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