Freedom to Love (What if Obi-Wan was the same age as Amidala in TPM)

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  1. Marie D Padawannabe Jedi Youngling

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    I'm kinda nervous posting this...leeme know
    if it's entirely awful... PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THE STORY!!!!

    Freedom to Love 1/?
    A "What If" Story
    By: Marie

    Rated: PG
    Category: Alternate Universe, Jedi Apprentice/The Phantom Menace
    Keywords: TPM, Amidala/Obi-Wan Romance, Jedi Apprentice Books
    Archive: Only with permission
    Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, story KINDA is
    Summary: What if Obi-Wan was the same age as Amidala in Episode I?
    Timeline: Pre and during TPM, After JA book 6.
    Status: Work in progress PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THE STORY!

    Notes: I was looking at the cover of my JA books and wondered,
    man...Obi-Wan at that age would be PERFECT for Amidala! So,
    this story was born. This supposes that Qui-Gon took Obi-Wan
    back as his padawan after the events in "The Uncertain Path".
    Which, by the way, kinda pissed me off if you wanna know the
    truth. I know certain TPM plots are mangled for my own warped
    story, but so be it. I hope you like this story!


    Freedom to Love 1/?

    Chapter One

    -Set up high, I'm strong
    enough to take these dreams
    and make them mine-

    Bathed in dappled red light, Obi-Wan Kenobi tossed restlessly on the
    warm confines of his bed. He could see her, feel her presence,
    but who was she? At first he thought it might be Cerasi, but her presence
    felt more final, more cold. This was different. Calming his breath, he sat up
    and reached out for the familar presence of his Master. Yes, even after
    everything that had happened, Qui-Gon had taken a chance on him. Again.

    Qui-Gon was asleep across the hall from him, aparently not too concerned
    about the meeting they had with Master Yoda in the morning. The Council
    had imposed a two-month re-training period on him once he returned from
    Melida/Daan, causing both he and Qui-Gon to be passed over on trips
    outside of the Temple. Now that he was tested before the council, and
    seen as fit to return to padawan status, they were free.

    For now.

    His thoughts focused again on the girl in his dream. She was beautiful.
    Long, brown hair, pretty brown eyes. Her smile lit up his otherwise
    uneventful dream, and he grinned at the mere thought of it. Reaching
    out in the force, he tried to place her presence. Partly so see if she
    was real, no...mostly to see if she was real...but all he got was darkness.
    There was a glimmer of light attached to her life-force, but it was gone
    before he got a hold of it. That, and his head hurt now.

    He shrugged and decided to catch some more sleep before the sun
    came up. Master Yoda was a stickler for punctuality, and if he knew
    Qui-Gon, they would be up and ready at sun-up. Rolling over, he
    sank down into the bed, taking with him the smile of someone he
    hoped to meet. Someday.


    In the cold, intimidating confines of the Jedi Council Chambers,
    Obi-Wan was trying his best to remain focused. Master Yoda had
    just gotten word that Naboo, a tiny peacefull planet, was being
    cut-off by the Trade Federation. They were to go, as ambassadors,
    to Naboo and petition the Trade Federation on behalf of the planet's
    ruler. Queen Amidala was her name; Master Yoda was awaiting
    a message from the Queen herself at this very moment. He looked
    over at Qui-Gon, excited and aprehensive at the same time. Suddenly
    the screen came to life, and the imposing image of Queen Amidala

    "Distinguised members of the Council, I come to you now asking
    for help. The Naboo are a peaceful people, and our peace is being
    threatened." Her strong, deep voice filled the expansive room.

    Master Yoda nodded, motioning towards Qui-Gon. "Decided to
    take action, the Council has. Sent to Naboo these ambassadors
    will be. Assist you in any way they can, they shall."

    Obi-Wan's blue eyes lit up at the mention of this. He'd known
    that they were going to Naboo, but there was something else.
    A tickling in the back of his mind, a vision from his dreams the
    night before. He was more certain now than ever before that the
    girl in his dr
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  3. Jedi Speewwy Jedi Master

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    This is so not "entirely awful." In fact I think it's great. I'm looking forward to more with enthusiasm.
  4. The Butler Jedi Padawan

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    Enthusiasm! Spurt forth from thy hidden abodes!
  5. Kit' Manager Emeritus

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    Yeah second the Butler.....

    Keep going nothing can be as bad as my first story shudders at memory

  6. Rabe02 Jedi Youngling

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    Oh. You don't see many of these floating around.
  7. Marie D Padawannabe Jedi Youngling

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    Yeah well that was the idea you know..
    there are too many stories that are all
    the same...

  8. Alderaan21 Jedi Padawan

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    Heh, I think I prefer mine and JP's version better...

    *sigh* There's no way I can win this one. This is written well though, I can't gripe about that.
  9. Rabe02 Jedi Youngling

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    Marie D- I was being srcastic. This is a lot better than a bunch of the other ones ive seen though . . .
  10. Marie D Padawannabe Jedi Youngling

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    You wrote:

    >>Heh, I think I prefer mine and JP's version better...
    *sigh* There's no way I can win this one. This is written well though, I can't gripe about that.<<

    I'd like to read yours! I have just discovered this forum like a week and a half
    ago, so I'm just trying to catch-up/fit-in.
    I didn't mean to step on any toes....please
    let me know if I've been a bonehead.

    Thank you, all who responded. There is more,
    if you'd like to read it.

    who apologizes for being so paranoid

  11. Darth Pipes Jedi Grand Master

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    This story is most promising...please continue.
  12. Marie D Padawannabe Jedi Youngling

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    Okay, here's some more I may have time
    to write tomorrow, we'll see!

    Freedom to Love
    Chapter Two

    'There is always one moment
    in childhood when the door opens
    and lets the future in'
    ...Graham Greene

    Warm, sun-kissed breezes blew in from the West as she stood
    facing the river. The sun had just ascended, warming her skin, and
    calming her heart. Slightly. Her people depended on her to be the
    strong one; Their leader. Right now, however, she was feeling very
    small and uneffective. Useless. The Trade Federation was still
    boycoting her planet, the sun had still risen in the North. All in all,
    it was a normal day for the Queen of Naboo.

    Sabé and Eirtaé had tried calming her nerves with spicy, Alderaan
    tea, but nothing had worked. Everywhere she looked, a piece of
    the jumbled memories she called her past stood out. Would there
    be a war? Sabé had tried answering, until she realized that the
    Queen wasn't exactly expecting one. At least now they had help.

    The two Jedi ambassadors would be arriving today, sent to do
    their very best for her. She would be thankful, but it left a mark
    on her pride; She should have been able to overcome this on her
    own. The Jedi were peacefull people, thankfully. This was very
    important to her, as her people didn't even have an army to speak
    of. Captain Panaka was leading an army of volunteers around
    the palace this morning, alerting them to the dangers that may
    arise sooner rather than later.

    Just before the sun caught the water in the way she'd always
    favored, an insistant calling of her name broke her from the
    reverie. Rabé, it had to be. Every morning, never fail, Rabé would
    arrive, twisting and manipulating her hair into a work of art. She'd
    let the third "Your Highness?" go unanswered before giving herself
    to the remains of the day.


    Republic Cruiser
    En Route to Naboo

    It would seem at first that the Jedi were summoned to Naboo
    by Master Yoda, when in truth it was Supreme Chancellor
    Valorum. Not that it mattered much, but Qui-Gon liked to
    know where he stood when negotiations got underway. Sleeping
    soundly beside him, Obi-Wan was curled up under the brown
    blanket he'd found. He watched the boy for a while, wondering
    what it was that brought them together in the first place.

    Impulsive, dangerous, headstrong. All these and more could
    be used to describe 14 year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi. Reluctant
    to even take him on as an apprentice to begin with, not more
    than a month had passed before his padawan had thrown
    aside his training like an old cloak. Trust that had just started to
    build, crashed to the ground. Master Yoda had urged him to take
    an unbiased look at the situation, but how could he?

    How could be possibly?

    Unbiased meant to look without judgement; Something he could
    not do. He couldn't seperate from his feelings of betrayal and mistrust,
    and therin lie the problem. At first, Obi-Wan had spent countless hours
    with Master Yoda, meditating and reflecting on his decision. It was
    not punishment, for the council could not punish a padawan for deciding
    to leave the order. But, if Obi-Wan had tried to use the force against
    the Jedi, he would have been shown no mercy.

    No. Master Yoda wanted to make Obi-Wan completely sure that
    he wanted to be a Jedi Knight. Afterall, there was always an opening
    elesewhere. Now, looking back on it, Qui-Gon was glad he'd made
    Obi-Wan wait it out. The time spent reflecting and coming to terms
    with his decision had matured the boy immensely. Sure, Obi-Wan
    would always be headstrong and impulsive, but he would make damn
    sure that he knew what lie at the bottom of a pit before jumping in

    They were just approaching the bright, blue planet of Naboo
    when he saw the blockade. Hundreds of menacing Trade Federation
    ships surrounded them, but he paid them no attention. They had
    been granted diplomatic status, and would land without detainment.
    He hoped. A confrontation this early in negotiations would be
    detremental to peacekeeping efforts.

    With a light tap, he roused his padawan from slumbe
  13. Darth Pipes Jedi Grand Master

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    Back to the top with this great story!
  14. Darth Pipes Jedi Grand Master

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    Oct 12, 1999
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    Back to the top with this great story!
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    I am creating a LucasFilm logo parody (MarcusFilm).. I need to do the lens flares in AE.. Premiere doesn't let me select an exact enough position.. but I don't know how to make the lens flare animate.. anyone have ideas? I believe I'm using AE Production Bundle btw..
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    3d studio would work best but im sure theres some other program like Animation shop that puts in text or image transitions.But if you want it to have more quality i would use 3d max.
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    Do you actually have the elusive lucasfilm font?
  19. Darth Duality Jedi Youngling

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    In the time layout window, select the layer that the len-flare appears in (after you've already applied it). Type "E", and the "effects" that are applied to that layer appear. Toggle the arrow next to "lens flare" and you'll see a series of options for manipulation of the flare, including brightness, center, and position (this is assuming that you're using the PS+Lens Flare...if you're using Knoll or something else, you'll get different options...). Adjust your settings to taste, and then click on the little watch icon to the left of the setting. This creates your first keyframe. Now, if you move to another place on the timeline and make any changes to your settings, AE will automatically create keyframes for you!

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    No, I do not have the elusive LF font.. but I did find one that is similar enough..

    Thanks Duality, I'll have to try your tips.. I knew it had something to do witht he keyframes.. but I am VERY new to AE.. and didn't know how to create it
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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mbrannon:
    No, I do not have the elusive LF font.. but I did find one that is similar enough..

    What is this font you allude to? I've been looking all over, and I can find NOTHING like the LF logo!

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    Gloucester MT.. Best one I found.
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    Wait! You can't stop there! This was just getting good!
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    Excellent writing! Where has this story been hiding? Come back!!! Please post!!!!!!!
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    Wait, where is the next part of the story!?!?! Come back!
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