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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Brutus666, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006
    [hl=black]Fri?es Plen?ta[/hl]

    Disclaimer: Note that the following RP is not meant to insults anyone?s beliefs. The only people that may be offended are those who work in the Fast Food business, myself included.

    The World of Fastfoodia. For years the world has scene violence, with death and destruction becoming the norm. Eventually the Archian Empire drafted a Peace Treaty. At last Fastfoodia had peace. But now 200 years later violence is once again threatening the world. The Kingdom of Bur?gar, led by Kind Whopp?are IX, has begun a quest for the ultimate power. This power was in fact a city, the Legendary City of Fri?es Plen?ta. The power of this city is what caused the wars of old. As a result the leaders of the world destroyed any evidence of its existence, save for 2 identical Riddles. These Riddles if done correctly, told the location of the City. These Riddles were stored in the most powerful nations on Fastfoodia, The Kingdom of Bur?gar and the Archian Empire. The Archian Empire learned of Bur?gar?s quest. At a last ditch attempt at peace, the Archian Emperor Maccinus sends his best troops, The Knights of the Golden Arch, to reach the city first, and if necessary to destroy it so Bur?gar cannot unleash its hidden horrors. But facing the Knights are the elite Bur?gar Monks. (Like Knights Templar) This is where are story begins if you choose to answer the call. You will begin in the respected Army?s Camp along their border readying to begin their quest. You must hurry so that one side cannot gain an advantage. To those that do accept the call, good luck, peace or total victory depends on you.

    As you can see from the intro there is 2 nations involved, The Archian Empire and the Kingdom of Bur?gar. The Story begins on the Continent of Tac?bellia. Fastfoodia has only 2 continents surrounded by the Great Frosteen Ocean. Eventually our groups might even reach the Continent of Dai?Quinia.

    The Archian Empire is the Pinnacle of Wealth in Fastfoodia. The best way to describe the culture of this proud nation is that of Ancient Rome. The people live in Splendid Cities, supported by the numerous villages outside the walls. Its Army is Large and Powerful. The most elite is that of the Knights of the Golden Arch. The Emperor?s personal guard is made up of these Knights.

    The Kingdom of Bur?gar is almost a complete opposite to Archia. Bur?gar is often compared to the Barbarian Tribes of Germania, during the time of the Roman Empire. They are considered Strong fighters but ?Uncultured?. They obey their King, but the individual?s Loyalty lays with their village.


    Obey the GM; if he says you die, you die. I?m Sorry; Prior knowledge will be given of your death.
    Obey the Mods Rules, you wouldn?t be here without their consent.
    Obey the TOS

    Nations: There are more nations, are they Friend or Foe? You will have to find out. Here is some brief info that was given to our 2 groups.

    Arbania- These are Mercenaries in a region near the East Coast of Tac?bellia. They have no leader and eventually players can be Arbanians. When the groups reach the coast, a detailed description of this culture will be given.

    The Republic of Quiznar- A Democracy led by President Bo?Bae. It is the second largest nation on Dai?Quinia.

    The Principality of So?nocia- A small Seafaring nation in the north of Tac?Bellia. It is ruled by Crown Prince Smoothie.

    The Theocracy of Subwayia- The Third largest Nation in Fastfoodia, Subwayia controls the entire southern portion of Dai?Quinia. They are led by Pope Jarod the Great

    The Desert Nomads of Hardia- Control the Deserts in the middle of Dai?Quinia. Led by Clan Leader Carl II

    Unofficial Nations: (Pirates)

    Long Boat Sliver- Controls the North Frosteen Ocean.

    Captain Deecs- Controls the South Frosteen Ocean.

    Pirate Activity unknown No One knows where the Pirates strike from.

    Map: [image=
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