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Story [Frozen] The Snow Queen -- Chapter Eighteen Posted 3/5/14**Story Completed**

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by mrjop2, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Title: The Snow Queen
    Author: mrjop2
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: As the wedding of Anna and Kristoff approaches, a darkness threatens to tear the sisters apart. Elsa learns that her powers may not be a freak accident after all. It appears that a sorceress may have played a part in her curse. This discovery sets of emotions that Elsa struggles to control, which in turns causes her powers to become unstable. This makes her contemplate wanting to find this witch who could very well help her control her powers, or even remove them from her forever. Anna, learning of this, decides to take the trek before Elsa can think about making it herself. All she wants is her big sister to be happy and free from fear that she had fought against for so long. Soon Arendelle is ensnared in new raging storm that threats the two sisters and all the people of this peaceful village. Ultimately, Elsa must make the decision: are these powers of hers a curse or a blessing.
    Disclaimer: The following story is meant for entertainment purpose only; not meant to infringe upon any copyright laws.


    The kingdom of Arendelle was one of the most beautiful kingdoms in the land. Rich in natural wonders and spectacular mountain landscapes; their wealth was the envy of many kingdoms. The Prince of Arendelle was a strikingly handsome young man, who was beloved by all the people of kingdom. He was kind and gentle, and befriended many of the people. There was one young peasant girl that he became close friends with. The peasant woman was attractive, and she instantly fell in love with the young prince. However, he never reciprocated those feelings. To him, she would only be a good friend.

    Little did the prince know that this peasant woman was actually a sorceress. When she couldn’t win his heart, she decided to steal it. Using her dark magic, while the prince was not looking, she cast a love spell on him, to force him to fall in love with her. His heart towards her quickly began to change.

    One day, the prince’s parents threw a giant banquet for all the people to attend. Diplomatic dignitaries from many other nations were to be present. With the prince’s heart now stricken for the sorceress, the prince had all intentions of asking his parents’ permission to marry her, but before he had the chance, they introduced him to a beautiful princess from an allie kingdom. Upon seeing her beauty... the spell was broken, and it was love at first sight. Embarrassed and enraged, the deceitful sorceress went into hiding.

    Days turned to months, and soon the word would spread of the coming wedding of the prince and princess. When the sorceress heard of the coming wedding, she vowed revenge on the royal family of Arendelle. It is custom that the people of the kingdom shower the royal newlyweds with gifts, to the best that the can afford. She created a hand mirror. It was beautiful, fit for royalty, but in reality, it was a devil mirror. She cursed it with an icy spell. Upon looking upon her reflection, the princess’ heart would freeze. Over time, she would lead the kingdom to an icy grave.

    She disguised herself and attended the wedding banquet. When her turn came up, she presented the mirror to the princess. Before she could look at her reflection, a splinter from the handle pricked her, causing her to drop the mirror. It shattered on the floor. Frantic to save her secret weapon, the sorceress went to pick up the pieces, but she, herself, slashed the palm of her hand upon one of the jagged pieces of glass.

    The pain caused her to accidentally reveal her nature and true self to the prince. Emotionally hurt by the betrayal of his good friend, he and the Royal Family banished the sorceress from Arendelle... forever.

    The sorceress watched from afar, to see if the splinter would have any effect, but as time went on, the princess, showed no signs. As the years went by, the prince and princess went on, happily, to become the new king and queen of Arendelle. Soon, their first child was born, and they named her Elsa. Three years later, a second daughter was born... Anna.

    Everything appeared normal until the second child was born. Not long after her birth, Elsa's powers revealed themselves when she went to visit her baby sister, in her crib. She touched the wooden crib, and it turned to ice instantly. Sensing the work of dark magic, the frightened king and queen took their eldest daughter to the trolls. There, they revealed the curse that had been put on the queen. However, the spell had been distorted, and instead of infecting the queen, it infected her first born. They inform the queen, that their daughter’s heart would slowly turn to ice, and could grow up to one day destroy their kingdom in snow and ice... unless their love and guidance, can keep her heart warm.
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  2. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Ooh! I still haven't seen Frozen, but I am excited about this fic, so I figured I would jump in anyway. :p

    This looks like a great beginning - and the prologue filled in a few holes for me. What a tragic, beautiful tale. :( [face_love]

    I can't wait to see what happens next now. =D=
  3. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    You should be safe from spoilers. The movie never comes close to talking about How Elsa got her powers. That's a plot hole that I was hoping to fill with story, after having researched Hans Christian Anderson's stories of the Snow Queen. This is my first time doing a Disneyfy flick, and let me tell you, it's not easy trying Disneyfying this tale from HCA. I understand, now, why Disney had to really stray away from the original content. So far, I haven't revealed anything that hasn't been revealed through commercials from Frozen.

    The First chapter shouldn't be too long. Right now, this story is really burning to get out. The only thing slowing this chapter down is that I virtually have to write a song that's not too cliche or cheesy. NOT EASY. Definitely not planning to do this too often, and definitely not doing a whole song in this story. Only the reviews I end up getting will tell me if was successful. That's usually why I've tried to avoid musicals.

    I apologize ahead of time, for the few lame songs that I wrote. I am not a songwriter by any stretch of the imagination.
  4. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Ooooh, very interesting. I am looking forward to the background story. [face_thinking]

    Any author who tackles original songs for my story has my instant kudos - that is not easy to do! 8-}
  5. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 1

    The People of Arendelle had begun a week of joyous celebration: Princess Anna was getting married this week. It was going to be a week long celebration leading up to the wedding ceremony and the wedding banquet and ball. That was how much the people loved their queen and princess. People were dancing in the streets, decorating their homes, and singing in songs to celebrate this special time. The excitement in the kingdom was electrifying, which only intensified as the first ships arrived full of decorations for the wedding.

    There was none more excited about this week than Elsa, the queen of Arendelle. When she received word that the ships have arrived, she threw open the double-doors to her stone balcony. “They’re here! Open the gates!”

    It had been almost forever since she had ever been this happy. Her life, had been everything but joyous until recently. For the first time in forever, she had a positive outlook in life... and it felt GREAT! She hardly knew how to handle this much joy. For the first time in a long time, she had found herself singing to herself. It was the only way she knew how to express how happy she was.

    “Open the gates, bring out the plates!
    Joy is in the air, stronger than what I once had thought
    Jubilation is at full swing, love has brought hope of eternal spring
    Something that I was sure that I had forgot.

    As this celebration draw nears, I’ve not seen a hint of my past fears
    This happiness that’s in me continues to grow, with no sign of slowing
    Cursed by this power, that once forced me to cower
    Now, I stand tall, with that part of me, forever closing.”

    My sister's getting married; I've never been so excited
    The bond between us has grown since we've been reunited.

    There is magic in the air
    In the spring, the flowers bloom; in the fall, the leaves swoon
    There is magic in the air
    As sure as the seasons are always changing...
    This joy, it feels so amazing!
    There is magic in the air."

    Elsa watched from her stone balcony as the workers started unloading some of the flower arrangements from the ship's, through the gates, and into the town towards the castle. As they made their way closer to the castle, Elsa ran back inside and raced for the main stairwell. Running so fast, she didn't think about how many stairs she had just ran down; for all she knew, there could have been several that she skipped.

    She ran for the castle gates, where there were two guards standing there. Upon seeing her reaching the ground level, they threw open the two-story, double, wooden gates. As she ran past the threshold, the first flower arrangements wear arriving to their destination. All around, the people stood aside and watch the decorations come through their town.

    "Versa, they're here!"

    "Coming, Your Highness, " a soft, airy, slightly panicked voice, within the castle, shouted in reply. A young, burnet came running, awkwardly, outside while fumbling with her checklist. She was the queen’s handmaiden, who was also proving to be a very good and trusted advisor. She immediately started checking off all the decorations on the list as they approached.

    Three men were bringing the first decoration: a wedding arch covered in white silk from head to toe. Covering every possible inch, except for the feet, were a mixture of white Azaleas and white Lilly flowers, all intertwined with a single vine. At the top of the arch were two gold bells on top of a green and red bow. Elsa thought it was absolutely gorgeous, and it wasn't even the main arch. The main wedding arch was being chiseled out of white marble, here in town.

    Following the wedding arch was a man, bringing in the first pot of white lotus flowers with red-fading-into-orange color at the base of the petals. She couldn't resist smelling them as they passed. The smell was heavenly. These were just the beginning, as she made sure to get even rarer and more exotic flowers.

    A gentle tug on her icy-blue gown drew Elsa's attention downward. A young eight year old girl stood there, smiling sweetly up at her holding a single, violate flower in her hand. The mother nervously went to pull her little girl away, out of fear of her daughter not having properly addressed the Queen. Elsa smiled, to let the mother know that it was perfectly alright. She knelt down and graciously accepted the little girl’s gift. She took it and placed the stem behind her right ear. The girl was elated and ran to her mother's side.

    Elsa chuckled as she stood up and made her way back into the castle; Versa had things well under control here. No longer did she make it back inside when she could feel the flower freezing solid. She took it out from behind her hear a looked upon it sorrowfully. She only took a second to mourn; she was too much in a good mood to let this get her down today.

    Seeing all the decorations arrive, she became anxious to check on her wedding gift for Anna. She handed the frozen flower to a servant who had happens to be walking by at that very moment. He looked at it with a shocked look on his face before carrying it off.

    Elsa raced to a special corridor on the bottom floor. It led to a recently constructed room that she had secretly ordered to be built. She took painstaking effort to keep Anna from knowing about it. When she reached the door, she gently swung it open and turned on the lights.

    The lights dimly lit up the room, to reveal a thirty-five foot tall magical ice sculpture of Anna. It was beyond anything Elsa had ever accomplished with her powers. The sculpture was of Anna wearing a long, royal dress. She stood holding her hands in front of her in painstaking vivid detail. Her face was a near perfect replica of Anna's. Her expression was more serious than what the Real Anna usually displayed on her face, but it was a royal sculpture, not a family portrait. The sculpture was made of permanent ice. Inside the Crystal ice sculpture, you could see a a magical, snowy blizzard whirling, keeping the ice frozen. It was almost similar to what she did for Olaf so he didn't melt away, but the storm was inside the sculpture, and not outside, and the storm was much stronger in intensity. The blizzard-like conditions inside was the only thing that prevented the sculpture from melting.

    "Uh, Your Highness?" Versa nervously entered the room, with her checklist still in hand. "We kinda have a small problem with the swans. They sorta—kinda—got loose from the owner and now a few of the children are chasing them around town."

    It was as if Elsa hadn't even heard her as her focus remained on the sculpture. "Versa, do you really think Anna's going to like this?"

    Versa looked up at the ice sculpture. "I think she's going to love it, Your Highness."

    I don't know. I've never planned a royal wedding before. I shouldn't be the one doing this; my father should be. I really miss him."

    Believe me, Your Highness, this is going to be a wedding that your sister and everyone in the kingdom are never going to forget."

    Elsa smiled faintly as she turned toward her handmaiden. "Talking about Anna, have you seen her around, lately?"

    "Um, no, Your Highness, I haven't," she replied.

    "That's alright, I have a feeling I know where she is," Elsa said. " Oh, and how's the project I gave you coming?"

    "Nearly complete, Your Highness," she answered proudly. "I've gotten up to the history of your parents."

    Both Elsa and Anna missed their parents terribly. Having lost them three years ago at sea, neither of them ever really got to mourn with each other. They both lost pivotal lifetime memories and life lessons when they died so early and so abruptly. She thought Anna would love this little scrapbook-like gift with all the information about their parents and all those who came before. Completing it with a family tree would be the icing on top of the cake. Oh, only if their parents could be here to enjoy this occasion with them. "Very good."

    Elsa turned to make her exit out of the chamber. "And don't fret over the swans. Everything will work out."

    * * * *

    Anna was in the personal library chamber, franticly pacing in a giant circle in the middle of the room. It was the one room, besides the upstairs’ corridor, that had the most pictures in one location; most of them were of her parents and their parents before them. This was where she could be alone to talk to her parents. Right now, she needed to talk to them more than ever before.

    “What am I going to do, Mom?”

    “Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s not
    Maybe It’s my breakfast starting to turn
    It feels like my heart is tied in a knot
    I don’t know if it’s something of concern

    It’s only a week away; why am I having so much doubt
    I thought it was love, but now, I’m not so sure
    I thought I had my life all mapped out
    Oh, Mom, please tell me there’s a cure.

    The day is on the horizon; the tension is rising;
    The pressure is so great, Dad, I wish you could hear me crying!

    There is panic in the air
    My heart is racing and I can’t stop myself from pacing
    There is panic in the air
    So full of indecision and hesitation...
    Maybe all I need is a little validation
    There’s panic in the air”

    Anna temporarily ceased her pacing in front of the giant portrait of her parents. Her second form of nervous reflex started up, as she started playing with her right braided ponytail. “Mom... Dad... I really need your advice.” She stood there in front of the portrait for a moment, before she looked towards the portrait of her grandfather as if it had called out to her. “But, Papa, how do I know it’s true love?”

    “Talking to the family again?” Elsa asked entering the chamber.

    Spending a lifetime alone, not having anyone to play with or let alone talk to, Anna had picked up a habit of having conversations with the people in pictures. Elsa felt a little guilty about that, because she had to separate herself from her as well. The only reason Anna was forced into seclusion was because she they lived in the same castle. Since they’ve permanently opened the gates to the castle to the outside world, her habit remained only with the portraits of their parents and grandparents. When Anna and Kristoff became more serious, the amount of time she spent talking to those portraits decreased even more.

    “Elsa, I don’t feel so good. My heart is beating uncontrollably, I can hardly breathe, and I feel sick to my stomach. I’m hyperventilating! I’m hyperventilating! I think I’m going to throw up! I’m GOING to THROW UP!”

    “Anna, calm down. Take a deep breath!” she urged, approaching her baby sister. “You’re just a little nervous; everyone goes through this.”

    “I’m not a coward, take that back!” Anna spun around and snapped.

    Elsa stood still, not quite sure if that was meant to be geared towards her or to something that she pretended to hear from one of the portraits. Anna’s anger lasted less than five seconds before she moaned and nearly fell into crying. “OH... yes I am! I’m a terrible person!”

    “Anna, get a hold of yourself. You’re not a terrible person; everyone is nervous when their wedding day approaches. It’s perfectly normal.”

    Anna wasn’t convinced. She was more confused than Elsa had ever seen her before. It was probably the side effect of losing both their parents at such a young age. She never had the talk with her mother about love and about boys. She only had the few books she probably read about the topic, and that usually wasn’t a good way to learn about this sort of thing. “How can it be normal? If this was true love, then I shouldn’t be so nervous! Besides, shouldn’t you be saying, ‘Anna, a princess should only matter a prince!’?” Anna said, doing a lousy impression of her. “Isn’t me marrying him against some kind of royal tradition?”

    Elsa raised her right eyebrow and smiled. “Oh no, I’m not going to be responsible in helping you try to coward out of this. Sure, Kristoff is a little brazen, and lacks the royal demeanor, but his heart is just as noble as any prince out there. If you love him, then that’s good enough for me.”

    “But how do I know he’s—THE ONE?”

    “Well, the way you’ve been acting is one way,” Elsa laughed. “If you weren’t nervous, then I would be a little more concerned. Anna, trust me, what you have IS true love. I guarantee you that he is just as nervous as you are.”

    “Who, Kristoff?” Anna chuckled. “He helped me scale and descend a mountain, fight off an angry pack of wolves, and take on a snow monster. Believe me, nothing scares him.”

    * * * *

    “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! Sven, I think I forgot how to breathe!” Kristoff said as he grabbed hold of his reindeer’s head and stuck his face into his until his nose nearly touched his snout. The reindeer merely stared back at him with his eyes wide open in puzzlement.

    “Maybe it’s just me, but I find breathing to be totally overrated,” Olaf said, throwing himself into the conversation. “Look at me, I’ve never breathed a breath, and I’m perfectly happy!”

    Kristoff looked down at him with condescending eyes. “That’s because you’re a snowman.”

    “So?” Olaf had always been an overjoyed optimist to a point of being a bit annoying a lot of times. His intelligence was a definite handicap, but sometimes he did come up with something helpful. This was NOT one of those times.

    “The future prince is not really having problems breathing,” The eldest Troll said, as he walked to the young man’s side and placed a hand on the leg. His was known simply as Grand Pabbie. Despite how ridiculous Olaf’s comments could get, Pabbie always had a calm demeanor about him except for when it came to celebrations; then, he could be just as jubilant as any other stone troll. “Tonight is the shower banquet, and our young Kristoff is experiencing the jitters.”

    “Wow, that sounds painful? Is it contagious?” Olaf asked, not even noticing Sven, behind him, stick his snout underneath his personal snow cloud and using his tongue to grab and eat the falling snow flakes. It was a special gift Elsa did for him when he began to melt after she thawed the eternal winter she inadvertently started. The little snowman held a special place in the women’s hearts since he looked exactly like the snowman they used to build as children before being separated.

    “No, silly snowman. All that the young man needs is confidence.”

    “Confidence? How am I supposed to be confident? I’m not royal, like Anna. We’re from two totally different worlds I’m a mountain man, who loves sleeping on the ground or on stacks of hey rather than a bed! I deliver ice blocks! Well, I used to, at least. She deserves to be with a prince. Besides, those tuxedos make me itchy!” Kristoff replied, scratching his thigh. Just thinking about the suit that he had to wear tonight made him uncomfortable.

    “Every time you’re around her, do you have a desire to see her happy?” an elderly female troll asked, joining Pabbie in the conversation. Her name was Mammie.

    “Of course,” he replied.

    “Are you happy when you’re around her?” Pabbie followed up with a question of his own.


    “Does her flaws diminish your desire to be with her?” Mammie asked.

    “Flaws? No, I wouldn’t call them ‘flaws’ per say.”

    “Do your flaws cause her to recoil?”

    “Again, what flaws?” Kristoff hated it when they pointed out his ‘flaws’. It was worse when they did so in front of ‘Anna’.

    The two elder trolls looked at each other and nodded. “Three out of four isn’t that bad.”

    “Wait, what?”

    “Boy, what you have is true love. And when it’s true love, nothing else matters. You have already proven that to Anna; now, you must believe it in your heart.”

    As strange as this whole conversation was, it was doing wonders for his nerves. There was no denying how he felt for her, and it was true... he was willing to deny his own happiness if it would make her happy, but right now, she needed him to be someone who will fight for her heart, not cower. He needed to prove that he could be the man that she needed him to be, and he was not going to let her down. “Actually, that really helps.”

    “Does that mean you’re cured?” Olaf asked. “Hurray, we can have fun at the banquet! I always love a good party!”

    “The Banquet!” Kristoff’s eyes widen. It was getting late, and the banquet would be starting soon. “We got to go, Sven!”

    He jumped on Sven’s back and prepared to ride off. Feeling that he was abruptly ending his time with his ‘family’ he glanced back at the hundreds of trolls that gathered around. “I’ll be back soon!”

    “And so will I!” Olaf said, waving his right, wooden arm.

    As Sven took his first step to begin his run back to Arendelle, Olaf quickly hopped up and grabbed Svens tail. As they stormed away into the forest, the small snowman was laughing as he was flapping in the wind. Mammie and Pabbie waved as they and all the trolls waved farewell to their adopted ‘son’. When they were far enough away, the expression on Mammie’s face turned grave as she looked at Pabbie. “Did you see the images in his mind?”

    The gentle smile on Pabbie’s face also turned dark. “I did.” Reading images in other people’s minds was a power that the kept to themselves; not even Kristoff know that they could see the images of his memories if they so chose. Most of the time, they never used this talent. They’ve only used it in keeping an eye on the Queen and her condition.

    As he turned and walked, the crowds of trolls cleared a path. On the other side of the crowd was a small pond in the ground, with rocks that rimmed around its bank. Mammie followed him to this pond when he waved his hand. On the left side of the pond, an image of Elsa at her coordination ball appeared in the water. On the right, a more recent image of Elsa appeared. In this image, she was ice skating with her people in the court yard that she had turned to ice.

    A tiny troll child walked up to the pond to see the two images of the queen of Arendelle. Everyone who could see the pond gasped, and even the child could see the difference between the images. “Her hair is getting whiter!”

    Pabbie nodded gently, not pulling his eyes from the images in the water. “Her powers are not leveling off as I had hoped. They’re increasing to dangerous levels.”

    “So the Queen, the Princess, our Kristoff, and everyone in Arendelle are in grave danger?”

    “Impossible to tell. I had hoped by erasing Elsa’s and her parent’s memories, they would be protected, but it appears that I was wrong. The time has come for the truth to be made known.”
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  6. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    You created an excellent atmosphere with the beginning of this - I could perfectly see everything going on! And I loved the mirrored 'freak-outs' with Anna and Kristoff - and the respective advice given. But the last few lines definitely caused me a bit of worry. Ack! That didn't look good at all. [face_worried]

    Good job with the songs, as well - I know how much trouble they gave you. :)

  7. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Thanks. I'm about to get hit with having to do another one. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, Another chapter coming any minute. I'm going through edits and proof reading of it right now.
  8. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Chapter 2

    The castle was full that night for the banquet and ball. Everyone had arrived, including a few dignitaries from allied countries who decided to come for the entire week of celebration. There wasn’t an empty seat in the room. As the time for official start of the banquet had arrived, it was custom for the queen and the princess to be the last one to enter the room so all may show the proper respect.

    Elsa was in the royal room, the chamber next to the banquet hall, and was the first one ready. She expected the next one to be Anna, but was surprised when Kristoff entered the room, dressed in his white and gold royal prince suit. As he entered the room, he was tugging at his collar as if it was chocking him. “Wow, you clean up very nice,” Elsa said with a chuckle.

    “Thank you, Your Highness,” Kristoff replied, as he went from tugging at his collar to rolling his shoulders. He really was uncomfortable in that suit. “Is this suit supposed to cut off the blood circulation to my entire body?” It took everything Elsa had not to laugh.

    As he fidgeted with his suit, the sound of footsteps tapping echoed into the room. They looked up at the top of the staircase to see Anna nervously walking down. The moment Kristoff looked up at her, his jaw dropped, and his eyes were instantly glued to her. She wore a beautiful sparkling green ball gown. The green skirt nearly skimmed the floor. The glittering designs looked like ocean waves curling in random directions. A black, silk, gown belt wrapped around her waist and formed a large bow behind her. The gown was strapless, and was completed with lighter green wedding gloves which went up just shy of her elbows and was laced with crystals forming an exotic design. For the first time that Kristoff could remember, she wore large diamond earrings and a royal diamond necklace with a green jewel in the middle. Her hair was braided into a bun behind her head. Her face looked like had gone through at least hours of beautification with make up; the bluish-green eye shadow on her eyelids were impossible to ignore.

    As she reached the halfway point of the staircase, she noticed them staring at her. She quickly reached behind her head and fiddled with her bun. “What? Did my hair come loose?”

    “Whoa!” Was the only thing Kristoff could think of saying. He was completely at a loss for words.

    “You look stunning,” Elsa said proudly.

    When she realized that nothing was out of place, she finished her way down the steps. Kristoff raced to meet her at the bottom step where he took her hand down the final step. “You look beautiful!”

    “Thank you,” Her pale, freckled cheeks turned red. She managed a faint smile before her nervous look returned.

    He noticed her nervousness almost immediately. “What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t know. After being lonely in this castle for so long, I thought I would enjoy this more. I don’t know why I feel so nervous.” Having been locked in the castle with no one to talk to but the paintings, she had always been hungry for the gates to be open. When they WERE open, she became overexcited about finally being able to meet new people and perhaps find true love. Of course, that led to her engagement to a prince after knowing him only for a half a day. That was an action that was done more out of fear of being locked away again, not out of true love. The stone trolls helped her understand that.

    Now, the gates were permanently open, and she was no longer the lonely girl secluded in the tower. She could have all the fellowship and attention she wanted; she even found that true love that she had desired. Tonight, ALL the focus and attention was on her as the Princess of Arendelle who was getting married. She didn’t know if she was that comfortable with THAT MUCH attention on her.

    “Uh, Your Highness?” Versa nervously peered into the room from the banquet hall. When Elsa didn’t show any signs of anger of being interrupted, she cautiously entered the room and closed the door behind her.

    “What is it, Versa?” Elsa asked.

    She made her way towards the queen so she could talk to her in private. “Your Highness, we really need to talk about what I found out while working on the project. I found something, very alarming.”

    “We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” Elsa replied, holding up a hand. “We have a large crowd of hungry people waiting for us.”

    Elsa walked up to Anna and Kristoff. Anna couldn’t help notice the nervous look on Versa’s face. “Is everything alright?”

    “Everything is great. Let’s not keep the people waiting.”

    * * * *

    The Banquet Hall was one of the biggest rooms in the castle, and the most colorful as well. There were three crystal chandlers that lit up the entire room. There were three banquet tables set up. One small one for royal family placed horizontally at the end of the room, and two very long tables, vertical to the royal table to form a U-shape. These two tables stretched as far as the room did. The right table had visiting national dignitaries from other kingdoms and nations where were there for the whole week. The other table had people from the town who have been screened and accepted by the queen.

    Versa sat closest to the royal table on the left banquet table. Upon rejection of her request to speak with the queen, she had no choice but to take her seat, now that she, the princess, and the future prince of Arendelle were ready to enter the room. Everyone was now standing on their feet as one of the workers began to introduce the royal family. “Now entering... Queen Elsa, queen of Arendelle!

    Elsa entered the room with a smile on her face. There was a respectful round of controlled applause that lasted until she had taken her seat in the first of three spots at the royal table. “Now entering... Princess Anna and Sir Kristoff: the future prince of Arendelle.”

    Anna and Kristoff walked through the doors and into the room and stopped almost immediately. Every eye was towards them. Many people gasped at how beautiful the princess looked. Some of the eyes were also on Kristoff. Here was a man that was just like all of them: A commoner with no royal blood in his veins. The people approved him, and were more than willing to accept him as prince. After all, he had saved her life.

    Feeling the eyes of everyone in the room, his suit felt like it was starting to choke him again. “This is a little awkward.” Kristoff was costumed to being ignored. He was never a people person. In fact, he never really liked people at all. He had been happy being alone with Sven, and limiting human contact to the times where he just delivered blocks of ice. He never imagined how things would change so quickly.

    “Totally,” Anna agreed. Yes, she was a princess, but she was never brought up very princess-like. She was not used to wearing royal gowns. She never had that chance to learn about royal traditions and how to act like a princess. She had been secluded from the people of the town, and before she had the chance to learn all of that, her parents were lost at sea. Versa had helped her learn many of things she needed to know.

    The two of them continued to their seats at the table. Anna sat down next to her sister, and Kristoff sat on the side of Anna. Now that the royalty had taken their seats, everyone was allowed to sit down and the food to be served.

    Versa could not get the information out of her head. What she discovered, the queen needed to know as soon as possible. As the butlers, waiters, and waitresses started handing out the plates, her attention was drawn towards the queen’s hair. The queen always had a very light blonde hair, but as of recently, Versa noticed the streaks of white hair. The color difference was so minimal, that it was quite easy to miss, but she saw it. As the queen conversed with Anna, Versa watched as more strands of hair magically faded to white.

    After seeing the change with her own eyes, she knew that this news could not wait until tomorrow. She discreetly slid her chair back and cautiously approached the Queen, crouching down, trying to limit any attention she might bring. “You’re Highness, I really have to speak with you. I don’t think this can wait,” She whispered.

    Elsa raised an eyebrow out of annoyance. “Not now, Versa!” She whispered back. “This is my sister’s time. Please, take your seat.”

    She did as ordered, and discretely took her seat. Telling the queen during the banquet was not going to happen, but she couldn’t give up. She had to be made aware of what she discovered, and the fact that her hair was turning white, only validated what she found and the importance of it.

    * * * *

    Everyone had eaten, and now, the ball had begun. Everyone moved to the ballroom. There were couples already dancing on the polished wood floors, and those that were not dancing enjoyed conversations. Elsa never danced, and it wasn’t because she was the queen. Dancing still concerned her because it took human contact, and with her powers, dancing could be something she may never enjoy. She didn’t mind though; she enjoyed watching her little sister stumbled her way through the dance floor. She also spent time talking to some of the royal dignitaries from other countries and some of the towns people.

    Kristoff was standing on the platform with Elsa watching as Anna was dancing with everyone but him. He couldn’t help but get a little flustered over it. Granted, he wasn’t a great dancer, but she was still HIS bride to be. Elsa stood there, and couldn’t help but see his frustration. “Relax, it’s tradition for the princess to dance with some of the national dignitaries and men of the town.”

    “Sure, I’m relaxed,” he replied, tugging at his collar.

    They watched as Anna danced with another diplomat who had asked to dance with her. She accepted, and as they danced, it wasn’t long before she accidentally stepped on his toes. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” she gasped.

    Having seen the incident, which by Kristoff’s count made five in the last hour, couldn’t suppress a smile. “Well, that makes me feel a little better.”

    Elsa chuckled. “She’s never been very light on her feet.”

    As Anna continued to dance with other dignitaries, Kristoff found himself getting bored. Occasionally, he had to talk to a dignitary, but he got the feeling that they didn’t view him the same way the people did. The people of the town were very eager to meet him.

    “So, how have your dancing lessons gone?” Elsa asked.

    “Okay, I suppose. Why?”

    “Because you’re next.”

    Anna had completed her dance and looked towards Kristoff with a warm smile on her face. He made his way to her. “May I have this dance?”

    “Yes, you may, fine gentleman.” He took her right hand in his left, and put his right hand on her back, just as he had learned to do in his lessons. Her left hand went up to his shoulder and the two of them began to dance. “So, are there any toes left you haven’t stepped on?”

    “Ha ha,” Anna said, returning his playful sarcasm.

    Elsa watched them danced, only to, once again, be interrupted by Versa. “Your Highness, I beg your indulgence, but this may be very important.”

    “Versa! Do you even know how to have fun, anymore?” Elsa said, slightly emphasizing the annoyance in her voice.

    “You’re Highness, haven’t you noticed that your hair is getting whiter?”

    “My hair?” Elsa had a very light-blond hair, which was not normal in the family. Her father had brown hair and her mother had more of a brownish-red hair. Anna had a reddish hair with a streak of blonde due to the accident as a child where Elsa blasted her in the head with a frost blast. No one in the family had blonde hair, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to assume that her hair was this color because of her powers.

    As of late, she’d been feeling as if these powers were getting stronger; there would have been no way she could have created that ice sculpture if they hadn’t. She hadn’t truly lost control of her powers since learning how to manage them, but there have been an increasing number of times it felt like she was at war against herself. She’d been keeping this to herself, so not even Versa or Anna knew, but this battle within her had only been getting worse. If what Versa was saying was true, perhaps her secret war raging in herself wasn’t so secret as she had thought.

    “Your Highness, this is your father’s journal. You need to read this,” she handed her a book.

    “Journal? I never knew my parents had a journal?” She took the diary in her hand and held it almost in reverence. There was no describing the feeling of holding something so personal that belonged to her father. These were his very own thoughts and words, most she probably never heard before. She looked up towards Anna who continued to dance with Kristoff. This discovery would mean even more to her baby sister.

    “I found it hidden in the library. It ends abruptly, shortly after the princess was born. It was as if he forgot that he owned the journal.” Versa said in way that told Elsa that this was puzzle that she couldn’t solve. “It’s the very last post that you need to read.”

    She couldn’t help but be a little nervous about reading it. It would be like the voice from the dead coming back to life. Working up the courage, she opened it up to the final entry and commenced reading it. It was an emotional read, to say the least. It was written shortly after Anna was born. It appeared that there was ANOTHER time that she had accidentally killed Anna. She nearly froze Anna’s crib with her still in it. She didn’t know what was more starting: the fact that she nearly froze her to death in the crib, or the fact that she didn’t remember it ever happening.

    The more she read, the more unnerved she became. Deeply entrenched in the read, Elsa didn’t realize that it started to flurry over her head. Versa noticed it and quickly backed away from her. It was then she realized that perhaps having her read it in front of this many people was probably a bad idea. The flurry was quickly intensifying. When she read the last two lines, she was in sudden shock. The flurry overhead disappeared and large, jagged icicles shot up from the ground in a small radius around her.

    She suddenly realized that her powers had escaped her control for a brief second and when she saw what she did, she also notice the stunned looks on everyone’s face. None were more stunned than Anna’s. Else closed the journal, and cleared her throat as she tried to collect herself. “My apologies. Please excuse me.” She made her way out of the ballroom.
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    Ack! Poor Elsa. :( This was supposed to be a happy occasion, and with these new powers . . . You have me worried, jop - but I look forward to her becoming able to control them as the story goes on, if that's where you are heading. [face_thinking]

    Anna and Kristoff are adorable, to boot. I loved the lines about stepping on toes while dancing. [face_love]

    This is a very enjoyable read so far, and I can't wait for more. =D=
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    Great! Your wait shouldn't be long. I'll be off to see the movie again tomorrow, and maybe I'll find more little details that I'll need to address. This is one of those movies I don't mind sing over and over; there just isn't anything good out there right now, at least until the Hobbit. Still listening to the soundtrack, and watching the music video of Idina Menzel belting out her rendition of Let it Go in the movie. The song is definitely keeping me highly motivated in writing this story, and the video just giving me a goal to try to match that 'WOW' factor.
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    Chapter 3

    The moment the doors to the ballroom slammed shut, she hugged her father’s journal to her chest as she ran down several corridors until she arrived at the throne room. This was where the main throne was, but she also found solace here because of the portraits of past kings and queens that were in there, including her favorite portrait of her father at HIS coronation.

    Slamming the door shut, she only kept the room dimly lit so she could see, and perhaps keep those on the outside from knowing that she was inside. She needed to be alone, especially in this emotional state that she was in. She had the whole run to think about what she had just learned, and a growing part of her was furious.

    She tried to calm herself by using the journal almost like a security blanket, but it wasn’t helping. Walking to the throne, she gave one last attempt and just glared down at this priceless treasure in her arms. She put the book on the seat of the throne and turned away just in time as a wave of rage inexplicably overtook her. She violently waved her right arm, and seven ice spears made of nothing but sharp icicles shot out like spears and pierced the ground. Breathing heavily, there was a sparkle of an icy-blue glow radiating from her eyes for a few seconds before they returned to normal. Her rage was gone just like that. She couldn’t explain why she was angry; as disturbing as the news was, it wasn’t anything that would normally get her angry.

    The fact that her rage happened only confirmed what she read about, while it explained the struggle that’s been going on inside of her. And the worst thing was: she couldn’t help but feel that she was destined to fail her parents. And if she’s predestined to fail, then she already had.

    Elsa looked up at the portrait of her father hanging on the wall.

    All of my life, I have worked hard to strive
    To be the good little girl that I was always raised to be
    Walking a thin line, teetering on the edge of fear
    All I have ever wanted was just to be free

    But a war wages in me, and I feel myself losing control
    I can’t help feel like I am losing my soul

    Is there a way through this darkness
    Can I escape the storm that rises
    Can anyone stop this uncertainty
    I just can’t contain this anxiety.

    Must I be the one... the one who breaks your heart
    And watch it all just fall apart!
    Must I be the one... to watch your kingdom fall
    Must I be the one... to disappoint you one last time
    Don’t know if my heart can withstand this crime.
    Must I be the one... to allow all these things to befall
    Must I be the one

    So full of feeling that I must keep inside
    Or else this raging storm will come crashing down on me
    Yet, as I feel my heart, in me, grow colder
    I feel an uncontrollable rage burning to break free

    Must I be the one... the one who will watch the world burn
    And smolder to the point of no return!
    Must I be the one... to unleash this curse upon the land
    Must I be the one... to disappoint you one last time

    There’s too much at stake to just give in
    Emotions continue to boil deep within
    Is there hope, any hope left in me at all
    Is there something, in me, that I can enthrall

    Can I be the one... the one who stands and make you proud
    And fulfilled all the she had once vowed.
    Can I be the one... the one who rules with wisdom and love
    That flies high in the sky like a dove
    Can I be the one... the one with a heart warmer than the sun
    Can I be the one...
    Can I be the one...
    Can I be THAT one...

    Must I be the one

    “Elsa?” Anna called, sticking her head into the room. The first thing she saw, entering the room, was the ice spears piercing the floors. Walking carefully around the ice, she slowly approached her older sister, who was sitting on the throne platform step.

    Elsa refused look up. “Anna, please stay away. It’s not safe...”

    “No,” Anna replied forcefully. She had never spoken with such force before, and it instantly caught Elsa’s attention. “You’ve tried protecting me by keeping me at arm’s length, but I think we’ve determined that that doesn’t work... for either of us. Things only got better when you let me in. Elsa, please, let me in!”

    Elsa sighed, and looked away. It was hard to keep what she was going through from Elsa, but it was even harder to open up to her. Three times, she had nearly killed her sister because she had lost control of her powers; letting her in was something that went against every grain of her fiber. It was hard to flip off that over-protective-sister switch in her psyche. “Versa found Dad’s journal hidden in the library chamber.” She pointed to the large book on the seat of her throne.

    “Whoa, Dad had a journal?” Anna said excitedly as she raced to pick up the book, but once it was in her arms, she showed the same kind of nerves about opening it Elsa had.

    “I read the final entry in the book. It would appear that I WASN’T born with these powers like Mom and Dad said.”

    “What?” Anna opened the book to the last journal entry and read through it.
    “My powers are a result of a curse.”

    “Oh... ok... uh... we don’t know that for certain. It appears Dad didn’t know for sure.”

    Elsa stood to her feet and slowly walked to the window, with her arms folded in front of her as if she was feeling a little chilly. “There was always a part of me that knew, but to have this nagging feeling confirmed...”

    Anna closed the book and returned it back onto the seat of the throw. “Okay, so what if this is a curse? You’ve got this thing licked! You’ve learned how to control it.” She went to try to put a comforting hand on her back, but Elsa was quick to step aside to avoid being touched.

    “It’s not that easy, Anna,” Elsa replied. She didn’t want her to know of the war that was still raging in her heart. The last thing she wanted was to worry her younger sister. Even now, she felt a very intense freezing sensation from her chest and with it a desire to vent out feelings she never knew she had. She may have found control of her powers, but for some reason, it was getting harder to control her emotions; she suspected that this curse had something to do with that. “You have no idea what it’s like.”

    Anna was looking curiously towards her, knowing that her older sister was holding back information from her. Yet, she had to look at this as the first step of an improved sisterly relationship. Some old habits were going to be hard to kill. “Whatever you’re worried about, we’ll get through this together. If you’re that concerned about it, let’s go talk to Grand Pabbie.”

    Perhaps it was a little frustration towards the trolls for deceiving her, but she really had no desire to go see them. Maybe it was fear of what they would say. One thing was sure; she couldn’t allow Anna to give up her life just so she can always be there for her. Elsa would never forgive herself if that happened. This wedding was going to usher a new life for her baby sister; she was not going to allow that to be ruined. “No, I’ve been dealing with this on my own this long, and will continue to do so. You’ve got your own life starting, now. I’m not going to ask you to spend the rest of your life taking care of me.”


    “No!” Elsa said firmly. The firmness in her voice wasn’t nearly as startling to Anna as was seeing a slight icy glow in her eyes when she said it. Elsa quickly regained her composure and that icy glow disappeared. “I’m sorry. This week is for you, and I’ll have nothing stand in the way it. As long as you are happy, then I will be happy, and everything will be fine. So please, go back to the ball and enjoy yourself. Allow me some time to get my emotions in check.”

    Anna knew that she could not push her sister anymore. There was no doubt, now, that there was more that was not being told. As much as her sister tried to sound like herself after that small outburst, there was something very icy about her. Whether it was brought on by the revelation from their father’s journal or not, something was wrong with Elsa.

    She couldn’t blame her about the fear she was now feeling. That journal entry rocked Anna as much as it did her. To find out that some witch had possibly tried to curse their mother, only to have the curse be redirected towards Elsa was a very disturbing thought. Their father seemed to believe that Elsa’s powers emanated from that moment in the time, but he wasn’t completely sure. He was going to go somewhere to get some answers, but that was where the next page in the journal came into play. THERE WAS NO PAGE! It looked like the page had been torn from the book, so she had no idea who her parents went to. She had to assume it was the trolls, but Grand Pabbie had been so adamant in claiming that Elsa was born with these powers, and not cursed with them. Something did not add up, and Anna could not accept not knowing the truth. If Elsa was not willing to seek out the truth, then she was going to have to do it for her. She could not be happy unless she knew, without a doubt, that her sister would be alright.

    “Okay,” Anna said reluctantly and remorsefully exited out of the chamber. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she ran as fast as she could in her high-heel dress slippers. She had nearly slipped and knocked over a priceless stone head statue on the way, but she had managed to regain her balance. As she approached the ball room, there were a handful of people outside the chamber reminiscing amongst themselves. One of the castle workers opened the door for her. She ran into the ballroom and found Kristoff talking to some of the people in the room.

    When he saw her entering the room, he was quick to rush to meet her. “How’s the queen?”

    “Kristoff, we’ve got to go see Grand Pabbie.”

    “What? Right now? What’s going on, Anna?”

    Anna didn’t know where to begin. She was so worried for her sister, that it was hard for her to get one coherent and complete thought across her mind. “I’ve got questions that need answering. I think Elsa may be in trouble.”
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    Jop, wow! I gobbled all this up in one fell swoop. =D= Liked the prologue - definitely set up the situation. I laughed at Anna's and Kristoff's nervousness. ;) You can really feel Elsa's and Anna's sisterly closeness. :) Arendelle itself sounds a beautiful and pleasant place to live. The wedding arch and the ice sculpture in particular are very unique and lovely.
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    Thank you, and I hope you continued to enjoy. I really wanted to make this a very metaphorically story,which wasn't too hard because Hans Christian Anderson was pretty good about that. Trying to disneyfy it, on the other hand, was a little challenging though. I figure the origins of Elsa's power should remain fairly close to Hans Christian's Anderson's stories, but like I said, those story do get a little dark, so I had to try to do it the way Disney would have handled it and try to intertwine this story with the movie as seamless as possible.

    The next chapter might be done tomorrow or today, since it's early morning, we'll see how things go.
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    Another great update! You can all but feel Elsa's concern and unease here, and my heart is just breaking for her. :( You have me curious beyond belief with the missing page of the journal. I hope the trolls can help, or at least, know the right direction to point her in! [face_thinking]

    I am looking forward for more - you definitely have a great tale going here, jop! =D=
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    Chapter 4

    Kristoff could not imagine what the problem could possibly be, but even he knew that the two of them could not just sneak out of a ball that was in their honor. Anna did not want her sister to know, so it made even less sense to do so. They would have to bide their time, let the rest of the night play out, and then when everyone else had gone to bed, sneak out to visit his ‘family’. Anna could not, or would not, speak of what had her so concerned until they were alone on their journey.

    At the late hours, the ball had officially come to an end, though for Anna, it appeared to be over much earlier. As much as she tried to feign being the cheerful, optimistic bride-to-be, her heart was just not into the celebration. When the lights were off through most of the castle, Anna snuck out of the Princess’ chamber. She tip toed through the corridor towards the main stairwell.

    “Hey Anna, where are you going?” Olaf startled Anna, with his loud question and appearing out of nowhere.

    Anna squealed, as she grabbed her after receiving the scare. “Olaf, You scared me! Shush!” she rebuked in a whisper, using hand signals to further stress the point. “Kristoff and I are sneaking out to go see Grand Pabbie and the trolls.”

    “Oh really! I just love hanging out with those guys!” Olaf shouted, dancing on his little snowballs of feet.

    Anna clenched her teeth in fear of someone hearing Olaf and again waved her arms to silence him. “Be quiet! This is supposed to be a secret.”

    “Oh, a secret trip!” he said even more excitedly, but this time managed to finally get the point and whisper his excitement. “So why the secret?”

    She looked down the other side of the corridor towards the Queen’s chamber. “I don’t want my sister to know. It’s kind of a like a surprise gift for her.”

    “Of course, silly me!” Olaf laughed softly. “It’s your wedding! Of course it’s custom for the bride-to-be to buy gifts for everyone! Oh, I’m not supposed to know that, am I? I promise to be surprised when you get me my gift.”

    Anna smiled and shook her head. Once again, he got his logic a little mixed up, but she wasn’t going to correct it, not now at least. Satisfied that she had feed enough of the snowman’s curiosity, she ran down the master stairwell only to have Olaf follow close to her heels. “Olaf, where are you going?”

    “I thought we were going to see the Fam? Why, did you already go without me?”

    She let out a soft sigh. There was no choice but to take him along with them. “Oh, Kristoff is going to like this. Oh, ok, come on, let’s go.”

    Anna and Olaf snuck out of the castle and made their way to the stable. There, Kristoff had prepared the Sven and the Sled for their trip to visit the trolls. She could hear him having his imagined conversations with Sven as they reached the stable. She quietly entered through the stable doors.

    Kristoff looked up, having just finished hooking Sven up to the Sled when he saw Olaf following close behind her. “So much for keeping this a secret.”

    Olaf laughed as he walked up to him as if he had a secret to tell him. “Don’t worry about, I told Anna that I’d act surprise when you two give me wedding gift.”

    “Wha?” He looked over to Anna for an explanation on what the funny little snowman was talking about. She shrugged as to say ‘just roll with it.’

    “Just to say: I so hope it’s a red scarf! I don’t know why, by maybe a little more color would complete me.” Olaf hobbled over to Sven who looked at him with upbeat eyes. He put his two tiny wooden hands on his large snout. “Hey’s Sven! I got your nose! I got your nose!”

    “Don’t do that,” Kristoff said dryly. He was very fond of his reindeer, and he didn’t like anyone messing with him. It took awhile for him to warm up to Anna fussing with him. He was much slower in accepting Olaf’s fussing with him. After all, Sven was more than just a reindeer; he was trusted companion who deserves a little respect. It drove him crazy whenever someone tried talking to his companion in baby talk; it was like he was being insulted as well.

    “I got your nose! I got...” Sven couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. He grabbed Olaf’s carrot nose and with his teeth, and sucked it into his mouth. Olaf gasped in horror as the reindeer smirked at the stunned snowman.

    Kristoff sighed, knowing this was going to be a long trip, now that Olaf was going with them.” Sven, give him back his nose.”

    Sven appeared to had full intentions of doing so anyway, as he gently put the carrot back on the snowman’s face where it belonged. Once again giddy, Olaf laughed. “You’re such a silly reindeer!”

    “So much for a quiet trip,” Kristoff said looking towards Anna.

    She returned his complaint with a look of light rebuke on her face. “Be nice.”


    The Sled had been outfitted to be able to slide without snow, since the snowy season was still a month or two away. However, it proved to be very tricky to leave the castle and out of the surrounding town without making too much noise. Once they made it to the grassy mountains, the trip became a breeze.

    With life now behind them, Kristoff managed to get Anna to tell him why they needed to make this trip at this late in the night. She filled him in about what happened after she ran after her sister. “Wow,” was the first thing he could think about saying after hearing the whole story. “I have to admit, I’m not TOO surprised to hear this. I mean, no one just wakes up with these magical powers out of thin air.”

    “I suppose,” Anna replied.”But still, to learn it this way was very unsettling, and to learn that our parents lied to us...”

    “I see,” Kristoff said solemnly. “I can see how that would hurt.”

    “It does, but that’s not important right now. I think there’s something wrong with Elsa... I mean REALLY wrong. I looked into her eyes and I saw... emptiness.”


    It was like Anna was reliving that moment and the look on her face clearly showed that she was and had been unnerved. “For that briefest second, there was nothing but coldness in her eyes.”

    Kristoff didn’t know what to say. There was no way for him to really to gauge the seriousness of the situation. Anna knew her sister the best, and if she felt something was wrong, then he was all the confident that the situation was just as bad as she feared. He wanted to assure her that everything would work out, but the truth was that he couldn’t. He couldn’t assure that Grand Pabbie could do anything but explain what was happening. Right now, she probably already knew all that, but just needed to hear him say things would be okay. “I’m sure Grand Pabbie can do something.”


    After an hour of the journey, they had finally arrived. Stopping the Sled early, Kristoff climbed off the Sled first, and like the perfect gentleman, he took her hand and helped her down. Olaf didn’t need help of any sorts. He leaped out of the back of the Sled and ran ahead in excitement. Kristoff and Anna held hands as they followed the jolly little snow man over the small hill. Down below were hundreds of multi-sized boulders in an area that looked more like the ruins of an old stone temple that the forest had overtaken.

    Olaf already started talking to one of the boulders. Anna wondered if he could tell which boulder was which troll. Kristoff knew just by the shape and size, and she always marveled about that. She couldn’t come close to doing the same. As they got farther into the heart of the area, the boulders came to life and became trolls that were no more than a foot tall. Everyone one was ecstatic and celebratory as they surrounded them. “Kristoff’s back!”

    Most of the trolls were so identically similar, that it was impossible for Anna to tell them apart. The only one that really stood out among them was Grand Pabbie. One final stone came rolling towards the two of them, and the rest of the trolls split up to make room for the elder. He revealed himself from his rock state and wobbled towards them. He went right towards Anna. “Princess Anna, it is so good to see you again, and looking quite healthy.”

    Anna smiled down. “Thank you, Grand Pabbie! I wish I could say this was just a social visit, but...”

    “But something’s happened,” He replied as if he had expected something to have happen by now. “It just so happens, I’ve wanted to talk to you as well.

    Anna described everything that had happened that night, and Grand Pabbie listened intently, but show no signs of being surprised by anything that she said. When she finished telling her story, the elder troll simply nodded. “It’s as I feared then. The curse is growing.”

    “I thought Elsa was born with these powers,” Anna replied. Elsa said that their parents told her that, but she had no memories of any of it. Her own memories were removed by Grand Pabbie when she was a child, so she only had her sister’s comments to go on.

    “I’ve had to erase your parents and your sister’s memories in order to get them to believe this. Have I known that he had written of these events, I would have tried to take the book. Your parents brought Elsa to us when you were just born. That was when her powers first manifested. Your father told me about a witch and what she tried to do with a mirror. I knew right then that he was talking about a devil’s mirror.”

    “What’s a devil’s mirror?” Kristoff asked.

    “It is form of curse meant to freeze the heart slowly. Somehow, the curse got transferred to the first born instead of the mother.” Grand Pabbie replied.

    Anna couldn’t believe that someone would actually try to hurt her parents in this way. She looked to Kristoff who sat beside her. Seeing the distress in her eyes, he grabbed and gently held her hand. “This is so surreal,” she said barely over a whisper.

    “I had no choice to remove the memories of the witch and our first encounter in order to convince Elsa that this was NOT a curse. I knew if she ever believed that she was cursed, it would only make it impossible for her to control those powers. And until now, it seemed to have worked. At first it was your parent’s guidance that helped her keep the curse at bay, and then it became the love you two share. However, now that she has learned the truth, I fear that the curse will only speed up now.”

    “But she’s controlling her powers,” Anna replied, praying that she found some way to disprove what she was hearing. She had just gotten her sister back, she wasn’t willing to lose her now.

    “Yes, true love thaws, but self-depreciation and self-loathing are the quickest paths to a frozen heart. You cannot have true love if you have disdain for yourself.”

    “So Elsa is going to turn to ice, like...” Anna couldn’t finish that thought. The memory of what happened to her was not something she cared to dwell on. Knowing that it might happen to her sister was even worse.

    “No, it’s different for someone who is cursed. She will not turn to ice, but she will become cold and heartless. There will be love in her heart. She will cease being the woman you know, and will become an ice witch.”

    “An ice witch?” Kristoff heard stories from the other ice masters and pickers that he had occasionally worked for. It was a popular folk lore among the men about an ice witch, with the powers to bring eternal winters on the land. Though the witch was supposedly very beautiful, she was known to be very cruel. He had always just dismissed is as a child’s fairy tale. He never told Anna these stories due to fear that it was an insult of her sister. Now, after hearing this, he didn’t know what to think.

    “Nothing is for certain, but if she can’t hold back the curse, she could bring destruction upon the land, and would not be able to tell the difference between friend and foe.”

    Upon hearing that, Anna needed support from Kristoff more than ever. To think that her sister can become a monster like that... it was worse than the other possible outcome of Elsa turning into ice. Anna found herself trembling and unable to stop herself. Kristoff continued to hold her hand with one hand, and placed his other on her back, hoping she could find some comfort with his touch. “Is there anything you can do?”

    “This curse is beyond my ability to cure,” Grand Pabbie replied with a shrug. “This is a battle that only your sister can fight.”
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    Oooh, ominous news. [face_nail_biting] Definitely need to find a means to reverse or remove that fatal tragic outcome. [face_thinking]
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    Ack! I hate that he was only able to explain what was happening - and not offer them a path to curing her. [face_worried] Poor Elsa! :( I felt so bad for Anna here too - what a hard journey to make, and story to hear! :(

    Olaf and Sven were nice comedic relief. You've gotta love characters like that. :p [face_love]

    Wonderful job, again. =D=
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    Wonderful story! I loved the movie and I really enjoy how you're expanding on it and telling the story of Elsa's powers. Anna and Kristoff are so cute together and I have to love Elsa. It's so impressive you wrote songs as well! Great job!
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    Jun 6, 2007
    Thanks! The songs are probably the hardest part in writting this story, but there will be more. In fact, Chapter Six should be the next one.

    Chapter 5

    Anna’s head was still spinning by everything Grand Pabbie had revealed to her last night. The worst thing about it was: knowing that there was nothing she could do, directly, to help. It appeared that all she was going to be able to do, was to be there with her sister, and try to keep her happy. Giving up on Elsa was the farthest thing from her mind; she had always been an optimist, probably even to a fault. Maybe she could help her sister overcome the demons inside of her.

    As Elsa had her blindfolded and leading her to something that she was excited to show her, her fears for her sister were placed on hold. Elsa was so happy about this wedding; Anna wondered if she had only imagined what she had seen in her eyes the night before. Perhaps her imagination was playing a trick on her. There was no way someone this happy could be in as perilous of a situation as Grand Pabbie had described.

    “Elsa, where are you taking me?” Anna asked. She knew that they were outside; she could feel the warmness of the sun on the right side of her face. She could safely guess that she had been taken through the courtyard by the firmness of the ground beneath her feet and the clapping of her shoes on the stones. Besides that, she had no clue where she was being taken; it was amazing how being blinded affected one’s sense of directions.

    “We’re almost there!” her sister replied. Anna waited and followed where she was led. When they finally arrived, Anna could hardly contain her excitement. “Okay, you can look.”

    Anna took off the blindfold and couldn’t help but gasp. They were standing on the edge of the royal garden, which was in the middle of being transformed. The red carpet had been rolled down the center of the garden, and at the end of it was a stone marble wedding arch with highly detailed designs carved into it. The gardeners were hard at work planting some of the most exotic looking flowers Anna had ever seen. The white chairs were starting to be lined up on the grass, being positioned with the best possible view of the arch. All the trees and brushes were perfectly trimmed. “An outdoor wedding?”

    Anna had expected to have the ceremony in the same chapel Elsa had her coronation. She never imagined her special day becoming this immense of an occasion. “A day like this deserves more than a simple service in the castle’s chapel room.”

    “This is beautiful!” Anna said, still in shock over everything that her sister was doing for her wedding. This was far beyond anything she ever imagined her wedding to be like.

    “It’s not done yet, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but I figured after a lifetime of living with the gates closed, you deserved a wedding that is totally in the open.”

    Anna’s eyes swelled up and without thinking, she found herself quickly embracing her older sister. “Thank you!”

    * * * *

    Versa was busy at work, directing a new wave of wedding decoration deliveries. As they entered the gates and into the courtyard, she told the men where to put them. If they needed to be protected from the elements, they were to be taken into a room where they can be taken care of until the day of the wedding. If they were sturdier decorations, then they could be placed outside so the gardeners could immediately put them where they needed to go.

    Enjoying himself, was Olaf. Preserved by his own personal snow cloud over his head all year around, he was ecstatic when the exotic flowers started arriving. He hobbled along and enjoyed the smell of each batch of new flowers. “Oh, I just love the smell of flowers. It gets me so excited for next spring!”

    Versa raised an eyebrow towards the snowman. She was already overwhelmed by the speed the decorations were coming to the castle; having to worry about a tiny snowman getting in the way was the last thing she really needed at that point. “Olaf, I know you really like to smell the flowers, but I really need to get this done.”

    Olaf was so entranced with all the flowers, he didn’t hear her request. He simply bounced towards a series of baskets of Blue Hydrangeas. Chuckling, he took a long sniff of the beautiful blue flowers. No longer did he sniff those flowers before he exploded with a giant sneeze. The sneeze caused his carrot nose to launch from his snowy face. The carrot hit the ground and rolled right into the path of one of the two workers bringing in a wooden wedding arch. The worker stepped on it, and fell backwards, pulling his leg of the arch with him.

    “No, no, no, no, no, no!” Versa freaked out!

    Elsa and Anna, hearing Versa’s squeal, quickly made ran to the courtyard, in the front of the castle. As soon as they turned the corner, they could only watch the mayhem unfold. The worker who slipped on the carrot, pulled the wood wedding arch downward. The man on the other side of the arch couldn’t keep it from falling, as he lost his grip of his leg. Olaf picked up his carrot nose and placed it back on his face, unaware of what was happening. He hobbled a few steps away before he realized what was happening. He watched it all play out, fascinated by the chaos.

    Another worker who was pulling a wooden wheel barrel full of flowers did not see the falling arch in time to avoid it. All he could do was leap out of the way to protect himself. The arch collapsed onto the wheelbarrow, knocking the flowers onto the ground while severing the wheel from the rest of the wheelbarrow.

    Anna covered her mouth and chuckled. Yes, this was a probably a wedding ceremony disaster playing out, but she couldn’t help but see the humor in it as well. Elsa, on the hand, wasn’t so amused. She continued to gasp as the cost continued to mount up. This was a disaster of epic proportions. To her, this was putting a huge stain on what she had hoped to be a perfect wedding. Versa was beside herself, freaking out with every moment that played out.

    The severed wheel rolled speedily across the pass of a couple of workers who were in a group of at least ten toting a medium size clay statuette. They nearly tripped which caused the whole group struggling to keep hold of it. Finally the balance had gotten so out of whack, it fell to the ground, and the arm of statuette snapped.

    Elsa gasped and ran to the broken statuette. She had it imported all the way from France, and now it was nothing more than garbage. She knelt down and picked up the arm. “No!”

    “Oh, Your Highness, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Versa squealed, holding her chest as if trying to keep her heart from pounding its way out of her chest.

    Elsa was so shocked, she almost forgot how to talk. She couldn’t take her eyes off the ruined statuette. Anna walked up to her side, to see how bad the damage was. Before she could say anything, Elsa finally spoke. “What have you done?”

    “I’m so sorry, Your Highness. I’ll find a way to fix this, somehow.”

    “It’s perfectly alright, it was just a...”

    Anna went to ease Versa’s nerves but was abruptly cut off by her sister. “What have you done, Versa?”

    Versa recoiled, and her eyes clearly showed the fear that had come over her. A dark cloud started to form over the castle and the temperature began to plummet. Snowflakes began to flurry down. Anna stepped closer to her sister, knowing that she had to calm her down quickly. “Elsa, it’s alright, it was just an accident.”

    “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” Elsa’s voice echoed everywhere, as she stomped her foot and swung her fists downward. As her foot slammed on the stone, the ground froze around her and ice spears shot up around the queen. Elsa and Anna had to leap back to avoid being impaled.

    Versa stumbled on her feet, and fell to the ground. She looked up into the queen’s glowing eyes, which rained down rage and hatred back down on her. Her attention was quickly drawn to Elsa’s hair as a good portion of it turned pure white before her eyes. Now, more than half of her hair was white as the snow that was falling from the sky.

    Anna found a way through the ice spears and raced to her older sister, who was quickly loosing herself to the anger. “Elsa, please! Calm d... OW!”

    She placed a hand on Elsa’s bare shoulders and it was cold, it almost felt like she had just burned her hand on copper stove. She backed away and cradles her hand. Elsa’s swung her head towards Anna as if she perceived her to be another threat, but as soon as she saw her little sister nursing her hand, the icy glow in her eyes vanished again. The rage vanished just as quickly, leaving her shocked by her own actions. “I—I’m sorry. Excuse me, I—I...”

    “Elsa, wait! I’m okay. The pain’s already gone!”

    Elsa was already too far to hear her. She ran straight for the gates of the castle, amongst the sounds of her own sobbing. She ran inside and up the master stairwell. She headed straight for her chamber, and made sure to slam it shut behind her. Out of breath, she leaned up against her dresser. The looks of Anna and Versa were instilled on her mind. Once again, she was hurting the people that she loved, and she didn’t know why.

    She looked up at the mirror, to see if her outer appearance matched how she felt on the inside. Instead of finding her own reflection, what she saw rattled her to the core. It was her, but her hair was icy blue. Her skin was white as snow and even had a layer of frost on it. Her eyes were like ice; they were full of hatred and empty on emotions. It was an image so terrifying, she threw a spray of ice, causing the mirror to shatter. She fell to her knees and the emotions, which she had fought hard to hold in, came bursting out of her like a raging river.

    * * * *

    Anna Helped Versa to her feet, who was fighting a losing battle holding back her tears. That explosion of anger would have brought anyone to tears. “This wasn’t your fault. Elsa... hasn’t been herself lately.”

    “I know,” Versa said with a sniffle. “I’m so sorry about the statue and the flowers, my Princess. How’s your hand?”

    Versa took Anna’s hand to inspect it. There appeared to be no real bruising or blistering. Just to be safe, she took the silk belt from her blouse off and wrapped it around her hand. “Oh, it’s fine; don’t you worry about me. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever really thanked you. You’ve done so much for me and my sister since our parents died. I just wanted to let you know that I think of you as a good friend.”

    That put a smile on Versa’s face. “Thank you, my Princess. I feel the same way.”

    “What is happening around here? All of the sudden, it started snowing... and it’s only September!” Kristoff asked, entering the courtyard. He looked around at the broken statuette and spilled flowers. He then saw the sheet of ice and ice spears sticking up from the ground. “Oh.”

    “I think of you as a friend too, my princess. That’s why... I have a confession to make,” Versa said. She reached into a pocket in her dress and pulled out two folded pieces of paper. She solemnly handed them to Anna.

    “What are these?” She asked as she unfolded one of the sheets.

    “They’re the missing pages from your father’s journal.”

    Anna’s eyes widen as she read through the rest of her father’s final entry. There wasn’t much left unsaid, but what was remaining had ushered in a new hope. Seeing Anna’s change of emotions had gotten his curiosity peeking. “What does it say?”

    She looked up at him with a new excitement in her eyes. “Kristoff, there may be another way to save Elsa!”

    “What are you talking about?” he asked, trying to understand Anna. There were times when if she got really excited, it was very hard for him to understand her. When she got excited, her mind was usually racing at top speed, and it was a struggle for him just to keep up.

    “Dad says that he was going to bring Elsa to the trolls first, to find a cure for Elsa’s curse. He then goes on to say if that didn’t work, that there was one more possibility!”

    “I don’t know. It sounds too good to be true.” He didn’t seem convinced of this news. He knew Grand Pabbie very well; if he had thought that there was another way to save Queen Elsa, he would have said something about it by now.

    As Anna unfolded the second piece of paper, Versa tried to fill Kristoff in with everything she knew from the ‘missing’ pages. “It doesn’t give much detail, but it appears that your parents knew of a second possible location where he was thinking about taking the Queen to search for a cure.”

    “And look, here’s a map!” Anna said so exuberantly, she squealed the final word.

    She unfolded the map so everyone could see it. It was a very detailed map of the region. Arendelle was the heart of the map. There were two black dotted lines departing the town. The first one led to a Red ‘X’ to a very familiar territory to both Kristoff and Anna, and it was the shortest distance on the map. “This is where my family is,” Kristoff acknowledged.

    The second dotted line followed an eastern path up the mountains and to the farthest point on the map where the red ‘X’ was. “It makes sense why Dad never sought out this second opportunity. His memory was erased... he forgot about this journal and he forgot about this map! That’s why this journal abruptly ends. Now that I have this, WE can go here and maybe even find a cure! Versa, why did you rip these pages from the journal?”

    Versa frowned and pointed to the second red ‘X’. “This is why I tore those pages. This is located in the Eastern Mountains. You’re already making plans on going there, and I don’t want you to get hurt. I ripped those pages out to protect you, my Princess.”

    “She’s got a point,” Kristoff replied. “These are the Eastern Mountain; the most dangerous mountain range in the area. The altitude is so high, it snows there all year around; the terrain is so harsh, it’s almost uninhabitable. I’ve heard of several fellow Ice delivers try going up these mountain, and they were never heard from again. It’s definitely not a place for Princesses.”

    “This is where a possible cure is for my sister,” Anna replied sternly.

    “Your Highness, please, it’s too dangerous for you.” Versa pleaded “Send out someone else; the captain of the guard, maybe. Arendelle can’t afford to lose you.” She did not show her this map now so she could go off and get herself killed. She was only showing it now because of the situation the queen was now in. She knew by showing her the map, it would be a calculated risk that she would not take her advice and go anyway. She had to make the best case possible and try to convince her to send someone else. If this curse hadn’t been getting worse by the day, she would have kept this map hidden. To go to these mountains were almost suicide; and the people of this town couldn’t afford to lose both sisters.

    Kristoff put a hand on Anna’s shoulder, trying to get her to see reason. “She’s right. You need to stay here, and be with the queen. I’ll go to the mountains and see what’s up there.”

    “If you’re going, then I’m going too,” Anna said defiantly.

    “Anna, you sister needs you; the people of Arendelle need you. They don’t need me. I’m going there alone.”

    Anna tried to stand to his level by stretching and standing on her toes. “I need you! I’m going with you to those mountains, and there’s nothing anyone’s going to say to change my mind.”

    Kristoff sighed, knowing that he was never going to win this battle. If he kept on pushing the matter, she was more than likely going to do something very stupid to get herself killed. He looked over to Versa, and she looked broken hearted in defeat. “Yes, my Princess.”

    Seeing the concern on her face, Anna took her hand and cupped it between both of hers. “Versa, I promise that I will be alright. I have the best mountain man taking me there,” She said, smiling wryly back at Kristoff. “I need you to promise me that you won’t tell Elsa about this.”

    This request brought an inner discord in the young handmaiden, who didn’t want to make such a promise. Such a promise could cost Anna her life, but with her back up against the wall, she didn’t have much of choice. “I promise.”
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    Ah! So it was Versa who removed the pages, but she did it out of loving care and her concerns are well-founded about the danger to Anna and the grievous loss it would be if Anna were lost and then Elsa would really have no hope of a cure. I know Anna feels even a small chance of finding one is worth it, but I hope Versa won't regret making the promise not to tell.
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    Whew! That was a rollercoaster of a chapter. First, I loved the sister's bonding with the wedding, and then to see everything deteriorate so rapidly . . . I felt so bad for Elsa here! I can only imagine what she is going through here. :( But I love Anna's determination to help, especially with Versa giving the missing pages of the journal. [face_love]

    Ooooh, but it's quest time now! :cool: I can't wait to see what they find. [face_thinking]=D=

    Great work, again! [:D]
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    Thank you. This next chapter is taking me a little longer, because of: 1. Crazy work hours that leaves me too tired to concentrate 2. Another song I have to write. Again, not easy.
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    Chapter 6

    There was a rising anxiety inside of Anna. She would be fooling herself if she didn’t admit that there was a part of her that was nervous. She rushed into her last journey blindly, and never realized the danger that was in the wild. Kristoff was convinced that this journey was going to be worse, but here she was again, rushing into another life threatening journey anyway.

    The way she saw it, she had no other choice. Elsa probably would never think about going, herself. First of all, she would never admit to herself how dire her circumstance actually was. Second, Anna feared that her transformation would be made complete in the middle of the journey. Besides, there was no guarantee that this journey would pan out. If Elsa got her hopes up only to have it dashed again, that could set off the transformation in of itself. Anna would rather go and find out the truth before telling her anything.

    Sven was already hooked up to the sled. Kristoff was finishing up packing the sled with everything they might need to climb the snowy mountains. She waited there with Sven and the sled while he was gathering the last of the supplies. The friendly reindeer was nudging her arm, asking for attention. With a pleasant smile on her face, she was more than willing to give him some. She scratched his furry scalp, in between his two large antlers. He grunted and moaned, fluttering his eyes in pure enjoyment.

    I’m preparing for the journey ahead
    Trouble is brewing, that’s all the incentive I need
    There is no choice but to take action now

    So pull out the reindeer; pull out the sled
    In order to stop destiny, there’s no choice but to succeed
    But the problem is that I don’t know how

    My heart’s pounding with questions abounding
    But my resolve has never been so strong

    I’m climbing to the mountain top
    Nothing is going to stand in my way
    I’m pushing through my hopes and fears
    No more regrets and no more tears
    Adrenalin unending
    Confidence undying
    Gravity defying
    Character defining
    I’m climbing to the mountain top
    Nothing is going to lead me astray

    Too much fear; too much misunderstanding
    I never thought these days would ever come back again
    I thought I left all of this behind me

    The mountain ahead is so commanding
    A task so grim, it’s rarely tried by the bravest men
    It’s time to break the shackles and run free

    I’m climbing to the mountain top
    Nothing is going to keep me away
    The journey’s long, but I don’t care
    Let danger give all that it may dare

    “Let it come!”

    I’m climbing to the mountain top
    No more consenting and no more delay
    Let the barriers come tumbling down
    I can’t stop ‘til the answer is found
    Adrenalin unending
    Confidence undying
    Gravity defying
    Character defining
    Excitement supplying
    Destiny complying
    I’m climbing to the mountain top
    And there’s no way I’m ever turning back

    “This should do it,” Kristoff said, putting a final satchel in the back of the sled.

    Anna looked inside the sled at all the satchels he put piled up. “You would think we were moving to the mountains or something.”

    “The first rule when you climb a mountain that’s trying to kill you... prepare for anything!”

    “You mean they actually have a book on this kind of stuff?” Anna grinned playfully.

    The look on her face clearly showed that she was playing with him. Never the less, he felt compelled to make sure she was ready for this perilous journey. “Mock me if you may, but last time, I lost my sled taking you to the North Mountain. I would like to prevent that from happening again, if you don’t mind.”

    “Hey, my sister and I replaced it! I even picked out the new Lute that I broke!” Anna pouted.

    Kristoff grinned, enjoying teasing her about the day they first met. If you thought it was love at first sight, you’d be wrong. It wasn’t really hate at first sight, either, but knowing that she was the princess, he definitely enjoyed pulling her chain just a little. After all, she was a princess, and he wasn’t; she was also engaged to be married to a prince. She was so out of his league, he really didn’t even try to charm her all that much. Besides, he had been happy being a bachelor up to that point. There was something about Anna that made him want to change his entire lifestyle, as drastic as it was. As much as he didn’t care for wearing his formal prince suit, or even being called a prince, he was willing to put up with it just to see Anna happy. She must have some magical qualities, like her sister, to get him to change so much. “And that gift is just a special to me than the sled.”

    That caused Anna’s face to turn red. He always had a way to remind her how much she loved him. He wasn’t nearly as rough, and brazen has many mountain men were; he definitely had a soft side. And though, he had been very anti-social towards most people, she saw something no one else did. She saw the sensitive side to him.

    Kristoff turned to the sled to do a final inventory. “Let me see if we have everything. We have a rope, an ax, blankets, food, water, a lantern, some wood for burning...” His eyes were quickly drawn to Olaf who had sneaked into the back of the sled with all the stuff. He waved his right hand when he finally noticed him. “And a pesky little snow man.”

    “Olaf?” Anna wasn’t upset to see him, just merely surprised. He always seemed to know when she and Kristoff were getting ready for a journey. He may not be the smartest snowman in many ways, he was pretty knowledgeable in others.

    “So, where are we off to now? Are we off to see the fam again!”

    “Please don’t call them that,” Kristoff said dryly. “And is it so much to ask for just one quiet trip?”

    Olaf looked up at him with a blank look on his face until he answered. “Yeah, why?”

    “Maybe it’s a good thing for him to tag along?”

    “Oh come on,” Kristoff protested. “He’s going to slow us down! This trip is going to be dangerous enough fighting the elements.”

    “He did prove quite helpful the last time, and besides... he’s made of SNOW! We’re going to a snowy mountain. What happened to Mr. Be-prepared-for-anything?”

    He sighed, as he knew that there was going to be no winning this argument. He had to concede the fact that the little snowman did prove more than helpful two years ago. He had helped them find Anna’s sister on the North Mountain. He also played a big part in helping to save Anna’s life. He may have a personality that slightly clashed with his, but Kristoff could not question his ability to be there when it really counted. “Alright, he can come, but we really need to leave now; we need to get as far as we can before we lose the daylight.”

    * * * *

    Elsa was done sulking and feeling sorry for herself; she didn’t have the luxury of time for it. The wedding was still quickly approaching, and there was still too much work to be done. Upon breaking out of her emotional state, she regained control of her powers, and brought an end to the early season flurry that she had inadvertently set off.

    More decorations were being delivered, and more dignitaries from other nations and kingdoms were arriving today, and the last thing she needed was for everyone to fear a repeat of her coronation. After leaving her chamber, she found Versa still directing all the deliveries. She was the first she apologized too. As awkward as that moment was, she was glad that all was forgiven and forgotten. The next thing she wanted to do was to find Anna and apologize to her. “Versa, have you seen Anna around?”

    Versa looked up at her and shrugged. “No, Your Highness. I’ve been so focused on this, I have no idea where she may be.”

    Elsa nodded sorrowfully. It would have made her feel better if she could apologize right away and see if Anna’s hand was alright. Perhaps she and Kristoff were off getting away from the craziness of the castle, and had gone off for some alone time. No matter, there was always tonight.

    One of her workers solemnly approached her. “Your Highness, the Princess and prince of the kingdom of Corona have arrived.”

    This was exciting news. Anna had met the Princess of Corona two years ago at Elsa coronation celebration. Since then, the two of them had become very good friends. They were so similar, it was almost funny. There weren’t many dignitaries who fond of a royal princess marrying a ‘commoner’, but this Princess was all for true love. In fact, she had fallen in love and married someone who was not of royal lineage as well. Elsa had no doubt that this common factor would only strengthen their friendships.

    “Thank you. Please inform Princess Rapunzel that Anna isn’t here at the present moment, but she is very excited that she’s here, and will meet up with her as soon as she can.”

    “Yes, Your Highness.”

    * * * *

    The sun was quickly setting after a long day’s journey. They were just starting to enter the snow region, so the temperature had plummeted. Anna had to put on her hooded shawl with the frigid weather now upon them. Just entering this part of the journey was the perfect spot to take a break and set up camp. Kristoff had built a fire for the two of them to keep warm, while Olaf stayed a safe distance away by hanging out with Sven. The gentle snowman had agreed to stand guard for the night, to allow the two of them to catch some sleep. Somehow, though, Anna suspected that Kristoff was going to keep one eye open. Somehow, she sensed that Olaf keeping guard did nothing to ease his fears.

    As they were sitting around the fire, Anna was warming her gloved hands by the fire. She suddenly realized that she had forgotten something very important that she should have remembered before going on the journey. The memory was like electricity coursing through her body, and it nearly caused her to jump to her feet. Startled by the sudden jump of Anna, Kristoff’s first fear was that something was physically wrong with her. “Anna, what’s wrong?”

    “I can’t believe I forgot it’s today!”

    “What’s today?”

    “Rapunzel and Eugene were coming today... and I wasn’t there to welcome them!” She crossed her arms across her chest and shivered not out of being cold, but out of fear. “She’s never going to forgive me.”

    “You worry too much,” Kristoff grinned. “Come and keep warm. Princess Rapunzel, above anyone else, will understand why you had to do this.”

    “You think so?” She asked as she reluctantly sat down again by the fire.

    “No doubt in my mind,” he replied. “You know, of all the royal couples that I’ve had to meet, Prince Eugene and Princess Rapunzel are the only ones who I feel comfortable around. They seemed to me the most down to earth royal couple I’ve ever met.”

    Anna grinned. “Remind me to tell you the story of how they met.”

    Kristoff stood up and walked over to the sled. He scavenged through his supplies and pulled out some blankets and some pillows. “We shouldn’t stay in one place for very long, so I think it would be best if we tried to get a few hours of sleep. Night time is not safe to stay stationary for too long.”

    Anna accepted the blanket and pillow. She laid one blanket onto the barely snow covered ground, as close to the fire as she dared. Lying down, she used her other blanket to cover herself from the flurry that gently drizzled down on them. Placing her head on her pillow, she was convinced that she wasn’t going to get much sleep. Her mind was racing with the worries that she was carrying on her shoulder. They were the worries of not just missing her close friend from the kingdom of Corona, but of Elsa as well.

    Anna rolled onto her other side to glance over at Kristoff on the other side of the fire. He was attempting to catch some sleep as well or at least wanted her to think so. That was just as well, because she wanted him to think she was sleeping too. She rolled back around and fought against her mind who were trying to keep her awake with all of the fears that in her. Soon, she won the battle, and drifted off to sleep.

    Sorry, I had to do it. They had the cameo in the movie, so I had give them their cameo here. Of course, it's harder to be more subtle about it in word form than it was in movie form.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL Kristoff and Anna are too fun together and sweetly happy with one another. :) Cool cameo too =D= =D= I hope Anna's fears especially about Elsa's transforming in the middle of their journey prove groundless. [face_thinking]
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    Aha, a Tangled reference!! :D I had a giddy squee when I saw Corona first mentioned, and then all of the feelings came out when I saw who you included. (Now I really have to see this movie. :p) But, that aside, I loved Kristoff's and Anna's bantering at the beginning here. It was a sweet and endearing glimpse at their relationship, and I am happy to see their journey off and going. I can only imagine how Anna is feeling right now, and you have done a wonderful job with her whirlwind of emotions so far. =D=

    Wonderful job, again. =D=
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