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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by R_Zion, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    [blockquote]The Central Times- Evening Edition
    June 23rd, 1908

    War Rages In Ishbal

    By William Archet

    Hostilities continue to escalate in the East as Amestrian Soldiers continue to clash with rebels in the Ishbalan region as the civil war marches on. It has been seven years since the initial riots that lead to the Ishbal Rebellion began after a young Ishbalan child was shot by an Amestrian soldier and things are looking none the brighter. Despite the superior might of the Amestris? military forces, the Ishbalan rebels have been holding their own and caused mass casualties against our armed forces.

    Ishbal, as you may recall, is a small region in the South-Eastern portion of Amestris long inhabited by the Ishbalans. Isolated from the rest of the world for decades, Ishbal is a pre-industrialized society and, according to military sources, have only been able to continue to hold their own in the war thanks to weapons given to them by Aruego to the South. Characterized by their dark skin, white hair and red eyes, the Ishbalans are a deeply religious people and worship Ishbala, their one creator-god, and view the Alchemy of the Amestrians as a heretical concept, taking the world that their god had given them and manipulating it into something grotesque. It is this view that has long put Ishbal at odds with the Amestrians, but the two peoples had remained on relatively peaceful terms until the shooting of May 11th, 1901.

    In response to the ever-escalating scale and length of the war, spokespeople for Fuhrer President King Bradley have announced this week that executive order no. 3066, the Ishbalan Policy, is being put into motion that will require that, by the end of the month, an elite corps. of State Alchemists will be sent to front to help ensure a swift and immediate end to the war. At the same time, within our own borders, Ishbalan members of the Amestrian are being rounded up and arrested for fear of betrayal on the parts of these men and women, siding with their kinsmen in their struggle.

    We can only hope this new Ishbalan Policy is indeed the salvation it appears to be and our soldiers, after seven years, can finally be brought home from the front.[/blockquote]


    Hello and welcome to Fullmetal Alchemist: The Ishbalan Massacre, a Role-playing game taking place during the 1901-1908 Ishbalan War as told in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Chapters 58-61. In this game you will be allowed to play as either an Amestrian Soldier or State Alchemist, as Ishbalan rebels or Warrior priests, or perhaps even someone from another country who get caught up in the war, such as people from the Eastern country of Xing.

    For the uninitiated, in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, Alchemy has become the premiere science and with it Alchemists are able to analyze, break down and recreate matter at will, assuming they have the understanding and knowledge of what they?re trying to create. Certain Alchemists can apply with the military and, if they pass their examinations, can receive a license to become a State Alchemists. More information on this will be given in the Professions section or at the link below:

    For more information:

    As well, the following links will provide you with information on several subjects that will be referenced in this game (ignore any anime-only info in these articles):

    World Map and County Descriptions:

    Amestris Information:

    State Military and Rank Information:

    Ishbal Information:



    To educate yourself on the conflict and the era in whic
  2. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    Game Maps:

    [link=]Amestris Map [/link]
    [link=]Ishbal in Amestris [/link]
    [link=]Amestris and Surrounding Countries[/link]
    [link=]Ishbal Region Map[/link]
    [link=]Map of the Fortress Town, Ishtan [/link]
    [link=]Map of Ishbal, the Capital City[/link]
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    Apr 10, 2007
    Zion Approved!

    Name: Gene Lawson
    Rank: Lt. Colonel
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'7
    Build: Fit
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Standard military garb. Spikey yellow hair, wears his glasses the majority of the time. Has black and white gloves with Transmutation circles on them.
    Personal Effects: Green medallion
    Weapons: Water packets with Transmutation circles on them.
    Skills: Either by drawing moisture out of the air or from a readily available source of water, XXX can use Alchemy to freeze this water and use it in a variety of forms. As well, he can use his alchemy to freeze the water within a living being to instantly kill them.
    Personality: He's very philosophical and logical, but sometimes these keep him from seeing or feeling emotions and instead doing things because they are the logical way of doing it. He has a troubled mind and, despite thinking logical, finds enjoyment in killing or causing/feeling pain, making him find pleasure combat and war. He can hold a grudge for a long time, but wont mention it. A serious schemer.
    Biography: Gene Lawson was a Lt. Colonel in the Ishbal War. He expressed an interest in alchemy at an early age and as he studied it, became more and more distant from his family, throwing himself into a self exile of study. He became a state alchemist at the age of 25 by impressing the military when he made the riverside pool into a ice mountain. Far from his family, and having no ties down to his own town, he was accepted as a hard working soldier. He can be perceived as cold hearted or insane, both are accepted when people refer to him, but he is also respected as a good alchemist.

    He often spent alot of his time at the beginning, in the library, practicing alchemy and working on clever ways of advancing his usage of alchemy in combat, coming up with the idea of water bags that he carries with him. He enjoyed his job in the military and would follow most orders without hesitation.

  4. R_Zion

    R_Zion Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 2004
    I pretty much knew this was going to be the case but I was hoping people would use a little more variety. It seems that, even though they've been few in number, 99% of the sheets I've recieved have been State Alchemists.

    While I will still allow State Alchemists up until a certain number (which has yet to be decided), I would like to see more general Amestrian soldiers, civillians or Ishbalans of various professions.

    It's not stated in the rules, but I will allow more than one character if that's what it takes for variety, as long as you can handle it, but we really need to start getting characters from other classes.

    Thanks all!

    -RZ, your noble Fuhrer
  5. CryoDragoon01

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    Aug 19, 2007

    Name: Alex Barret
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male

    Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
    Build: Could be considered average: He is slim, and a bit muscular, with large hands.
    Skin Color: Originally White, but has tanned slightly thanks to the hot Ishbalan sun.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown (so dark it almost appears to be black)
    Eye Color: Deep Brown (appear to be of a deep golden colour when the sun shines into them)

    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Position and Rank: Soldier of the Amestrian State Military, Army (Land-Based Force), Infantry Division. He has been educated at a military academy, where he studied to become a commissioned office, and was promoted on graduation, to the rank of Second Lieutenant. After three years of service as a lieutenant in the military police, he was sent out to Ishbal (due to a shortage on soldiers on the front), along with a whole corps of soldiers, and the largest bunch of State Alchemists he?s ever seen. They were welcomed as the ?elite group of soldiers?, who were supposed to bring the war to an end, when they, in fact, didn?t even know for themselves under who they were going to serve. He is part of the 32nd Infantry Brigade (of which he is the 3rd in command, after the first lieutenant and the captain).

    Appearance: His body is of an average build: slim, a bit muscular, with broad shoulders and chest (though his body is, in no way, spectacular or impressive). He has rather large hands. His hair is short (medium-length, however, for male standards), and his eyes are of a soft, hazel-like color, often described as ?deep? and ?lively?. He needs glasses (only) to read. He has one scar on his face, on his right cheek, from an injury caused by a stray, ricochet infantry bullet (during a live-round TRAINING exercise, for crying out loud!).
    Clothing: He wears the standard blue Military Uniform in battle and when on-duty, but when off duty, he can always be seen wearing only the military boots, trousers, and white undershirt (short sleeved) in stead of the complete uniform.

    Personal Effects: A small wooden turtle statue; This almost abstract, seemingly unimportant statuette made from ebony is the only thing which he took as a memento when leaving to Ishbal, reminding him of home and his (adoptive) mother. He Keeps it with him at all times as some sort of lucky charm. He is so attached to this figurine that if he has lost it, or if it is stolen, he will do anything to get it back, or at least sink into a small depression, filled with silent sadness. He will, however, get over it, knowing that his jolly side ALWAYS comes up soon enough after whatever sad thing occurs.
    Weapons: Has one standard M1911 Pistol with three fully loaded magazines (7 rounds each). One of the magazines is already inserted in the pistol at all times. This pistol has a brass plate inset in the left grip on which his name is inscribed (As with all commissioned officers? pistols). Its holster is attached to his utility belt at the right hip. The magazines are stored in pouches on the back (on the right side of the belt).
    Also has one standard M14 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle with four fully loaded magazines (20 rounds each). One of the magazines is, prior to each operation, inserted in the loader. The magazines are stored in pouches on the back (on the left side of the belt).
    He also has three M67 Fragmentation Grenades (stored in pouches on the left side of the belt).
    As a backup weapon, he carries an army knife, which is stored inside a ?scabbard? (or whatever that thing?s called) on his bet, just above the grenades in the pouches above his left hip. And while not weapons per se, he also carries a water flask, signalling flares and a monocular for surveillance in one of his back pouches.

  6. LightWarden

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    Oct 11, 2001
    OOG: Well, you may claim that you're new at this, but your character shows an excellent amount of care and dedication. Thanks for making my morning.
  7. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: I concure, that charater was very well developed. Well done sir.
  8. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Yay Finally approved:D

    Name: Michael Smucz (Last name pronounced Smoots)
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'8'
    Build: Stocky
    Skin Color: Olive
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Silver
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Typical military uniform, but when off duty he tends to wear typical citizen outfits, usually loosefitting though.
    Personal Effects: One ring with a yellow topaz in it that has a lightning transmutation circle. Also several baterry packs that he uses to transmute electricity.
    for battery pack set up click this link
    set up courtesy of the GM
    Weapons: Longbow and arrows, with a small katana style sword on the side. Both connected to a battery pack. The sword is connected at the pommel, the arrows are connected by a wire connected to the nock.
    Skills: Specializes in lightning and electricity based transmutations.
    Personality: Angers easily, he is very protctive of his friends and countrymen, smart and tactical.
    Biography: Born in a small border village in the Amestris, Michael became interested in becoming a State Alchemist after seeing several of them put down a small local insurrection from one of the nearby countries, as well as from his father and mother who were both practicing alchemists. When he turned 17 he decided to go to Central and take the State Alchemy exam. He passed fairly well, not with flying colors, but hey that was pretty hard to do. He soon was put into the armed forces preparing to go to the Ishbalan region east of Amestris, to deal with a slight amount of trouble being caused by its citizens.
  9. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004

    Name: Zerah Solingen
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    Alias: The Blade Alchemist
    Age: 33
    Sex: Female
    Height: 6?2?
    Build: Slim but Muscular
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Navy Blue
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Wears the typical Amestrian Officer?s Uniform with a white dress shirt underneath at all times while around her fellow soldiers. Her clothes are slightly larger than needed and she keeps her hair short and combed back so that he sex is not easily determined. Upon closer examination, however, she can be revealed to have a particular feminine beauty, much to her ire.
    Personal Effects: Silver Pocket Watch, family picture
    Weapons: Katana and metal sheath with a transmutation circle inscribed on both
    Skills: Is an expert in sword combat and hand to hand due to training in Xing and the Eastern Island countries and has a decent aim with throwing knives. She can also transmute various bladed weapons and metal barriers using her metal sheath and katana.
    Personality: A stern commander and no-nonsense military officer. It is said among troopers that have served with her that if she ever cracks a smile you best watch out. As well, Because of some bad experiences during her academy training, she has a fear of being underestimated or coddled because she is female.
    Biography: Little is spoken, or even known, about the past of Lieutenant Colonel Zerah Solingen by those who serve under her, but they have been able to pull a few details out of her over the years. Born and raised in the merchant city of Kresstle to the east of Central, she traveled much in her younger years and learned both the martial arts and the art of sword play from the masters of the Eastern Island Countries, where she was also able to forge her own sword, or katana as called by the islands? inhabitants, with the local blacksmiths.

    Having trained both body and mind, she returned to Amestris and, at the age of 23, enrolled in the military academy so that she could become an officer of the State Military. During her training, however, she came upon one instructor that only constantly belittled and looked down upon her for being female, and in his mind weaker than the others despite the level to which she had honed her body, and constantly put extra pressure upon her, pointing out every mistake she made, calling her names and forcing her to work doubly as hard as her male counterparts. All of this, however, did not break her resolve and she pressed on until, finally, she was able to graduate. This experience, however, did not leave her completely unscarred as, in years to come, she would hide her feminine appearance with large clothes, short hair and hats, so that she was not judged on her sex or how she looked. As well, she became much colder than she had been in the past and more stern, erecting a barrier around her inner most feelings and letting no one, save her family to whom she still remains close, inside. She was a soldier now, and a warrior, ready to give her all for the good of the state.

    Not long after graduation, Zerah was involved in border skirmishes to the South with Aerugo and to the West with Creta, where she served honorably and received a commendation for her bravery in the line of duty.

    While stationed in Central, she was first able to witness the testing of several State Alchemists, gauging their readiness and effectiveness on the battlefield. The display of power they gave impressed her deeply and led her to conclude that, perhaps, alchemy was something that she could add to her repertoire of skills, not for any love of science of some such, but merely to make her a more powerful warrior on the battlefield. Thus, she took to study metallurgy and alchemy in the libraries of Central, hypothesizing and writing out her theories and what exactly she wanted to accomplish with alchemy. After about nearly a year of study and trial-and
  10. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: When is this going to start?
  11. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    OOC: It's still going to be a bit before we start. I know a few people who are still working on Character Sheets and I want to get a few more players, especially Amestrian soldiers and any Ishbalans we can get, so if you know of any friend who might be interested, recruit them, or if anyone is up to a second character and thinks they could play a common soldier, a civilian or an Ishbalan, then by all means submit another sheet!
  12. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    More GM Approved NPCs

    Name: Dr. Dabir
    Age: 48
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5?10?
    Build: Thin
    Skin Color: Dark Tan
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Country of Origin: Ishbal
    Clothing and Appearance: He wears a white dress shirt, gray slacks and black dress shoes, keeping a very Western appearance that he picked up while living in East City. He is a thin man with short hair that falls down onto his forehead and a perpetual five o? clock shadow on his face.
    Personal Effects: A medical bag containing a stethoscope, needle and thread, bandages, a thermometer, and various types of medicines and other medical supplies.
    Weapons: None
    Profession: Civilian Doctor
    Skills: Professionally trained doctor
    Personality: An Out-spoken man quick to voice his opinions on any given subject but prone to reflective moods when the moment strikes him. Generous with his things and willing to help those in need, though personally he sticks to himself.
    Born and raised in the city of Ishbal, their region?s capital, Dabir left home at the age of nineteen and traveled to East City to study medicine. Throughout his studies, he remained in Eastern Amestris and helped in a small private practice until he was able to graduate in the summer of 1885 and returned to his homeland to set up his own practice and begin to build his family and there he has remained, all the while witnessing the turmoil that began to swirl around him before the outbreak of the Civil War.

    Like many Ishbalans, the outbreak of the war has changed his life forever. Not only is there a constant stream of patients coming into his practice and constant visits for him to make across the city, but on a personal level he was left emotionally scarred when his wife of many years was killed in the early riots after the May 11th , 1901, shooting. Now he mostly keeps to himself when it comes to fraternizing with friends and neighbors, and, though he has believed in the faith of his fathers since he was a child, he has questioned many times whether Ishbala is truly looking over the nation of Ishbal.

    Name: Arshad
    Age: 40
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6?
    Build: Muscular
    Skin Color: Dark Tan
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Ruby Red
    Country of Origin: Ishbal
    Clothing and Appearance: A man of a distinguished, striking appearance. Large and powerful and exuding an aura of gentle authority. He has a prominent nose and a cleft chin and his white hair is cut short to the scalp. Arshad wears a pure white tunic with wide-cuffed white pants, sandals, and the orange sash with black striping of the Ishbalan Warrior priests.
    Profession: Ishbalan Warrior Priest
    Personal Effects: Sitar
    Weapons: Ceremonial Dagger
    Skills: A Master of Hand-to-Hand combat and evasion. A tactical thinker and a noble leader of men
    Personality: Soft-spoken and very devout. Loyal to god and country and a lover of music.
    Biography: Under only High Priest Roug Roa himself, Arshad is the Captain of the Ishbalan Warrior Priests. Given to Ishbala as a child and raised in the Central Temple in the city of Ishbal, he has lived a life of poverty, his only personal possession being his ceremonial dagger and his sitar, which he would practice on and fill the temple with its music when not training or studying the scriptures.

    A rather stoic man, he is general soft spoken and leads the Warrior Priests by example and not mere word, but when he does speak it is of the utmost importance. He called an conclave of the Ishbalan Warrior Priests from across the nation in the first year of the war with High Priest Roa in Ishbal and led them in a time of prayer and consecration, to prepare themselves for their battles ahead.

    Among his fellow Warrior Priests, Arshad has no equal in skill or in knowledge of the scripture. He has managed to survive the seven years of hell tha
  13. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    Gm Approved
    Name: Freya Starmos
    Age: 21
    Sex: female
    Height: 5'5''
    Build: Athletic
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Hair Color: Black Long
    Eye Color: Crystal Blue
    Country of Origin: Unknown believed to be Xing
    Profession: Amestrian Soldier
    Clothing and Appearance:
    Her clothing in this picture is only worn when on special missions she is normally
    seen in the standard military uniform
    Personal Effects: Sunstone necklace
    Weapons: Katana and Syth
    Skills: She is an expert at stealth and a master at with all blades. She does know standard Alchemy as in able
    to create doors from stone or create walls to.
    Personality: Rash and very serious
    Much of her early life is a mystery to everyone and those who do know about it won't speak of
    it. She was found at the age of three by a military special ops team who took her in eventually she was
    adopted by the military and trained in the arts of war. She didn't truly have a single parent but was raised
    in a company of military solders. (Basically a military ran orphanage that train future solders.)
    When she sleeps only nightmares come for her and when she's awake she lives the nightmares that haunt her dreams.
    At the age of 15 she was trained in the ways of the assassin but also learned alchemy. She took to her
    assassin training but never truly enjoyed alchemy. Though talented with alchemy she hardly uses it and
    didn't enjoy the subject and thus didn't learn everything she should have.

    At the age of 14 her military guardians forced her to apply for the state alchemist position, this
    was a mistake though because she purposely failed the test due her lack of interest in Alchemy. During that same year she was signed up as a government assassin who reported directly to the Fuhrer. Since being made an assassin she has yet to miss a mark. On her missions she will use Alchemy but only to enter or leave the areas but only as a Last resort. When she does use alchemy she is very talented at it but unable to control it fully.

    There are even times where she will use alchemy to can create daggers and blades if she needs them. She says the reason she doesn't use alchemy on a large scale is due to the fact it is to her opinion that the use of Alchemy in battle is dishonorable and cheating. This is not the whole truth though. The main reason is because she's too lazy to use it and prefers a challenge. On her last mission, though she sacrificed her entire command to carry out the hit. Upon completing the mission she was taken to Major General Raven's office where she was placed under a court marshal. During her court she was found Guilty and was sentenced life in prison (which she knew could leave her to become a lab rat in Central?s Laboratory 5.) and a dishonorable discharge.

    Yet before her sentence could be carried out King Bradley himself pardoned her but reduced her rank from Cornel and once more she now holds the rank of Captain. Many Alchemist respect her but from time to time she will even get into a brawl with the state alchemist to prove she's better then the "militaries dog's".
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    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: I'll come up with an Ishbalan character, I don't think it'll take to long.
  15. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    Yet Another GM Approved NPC

    Name: Governor Nassar
    Age: 54
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5?9?
    Build: Slightly Overweight
    Skin Color: Dark Tan
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Scarlett
    Country of Origin: Ishbal
    Profession: City Governor of Ishbal
    Clothing and Appearance: An elder man of slightly larger girth, he has a well-trimmed goatee and keeps his hair at a medium length and parted down the middle. Nassar has heavy creases in his forehead and lines on his face from years of stress from his position in general and from the region?s seven years of civil war. He wears a white robe with a green cloth belt and a maroon sleeveless outer robe and black loafers.
    Personal Effects: A copy of the Ishbalan scriptures, datebook and calendar, a gold Amestrian pocket watch
    Weapons: A dagger hidden in his outer robe
    Skills: A seasoned politician, negotiator and, in days past, a hand on a farm in the Durjja district. He also has some basic hand-to-hand combat abilities.
    Personality: Open and friendly with the people of the city but can be rather cunning when the need arises
    Biography: Within the region of Ishbal, there is no centralized government or military as they had recognized the government of Amestris as their rightful authority while each Ishbalan city, town and village kept its own private leader to maintain the civil operations of their respective domains. For the capital city of Ishbal, the man Nassar has been the city governor, a prestigious position to be sure, for nearly two decades. He?s seen the city through high times and lows and has grown to understand the needs and cries of the people quite clearly.

    In younger days, her was a farm hand in a small town in the Durjja District, which led to his love of horticulture, a practice which he continues to this day with a small garden of the roof of him mansion. As well, he is a lover of poetry, Ishbalan and foreign, and has even tried to pen one or two in his day.

    After the shooting of the Ishbalan child in 1901, he tried to keep the peace in the city despite the riots taking place, all the while openly decrying the actions of the Amestrian military and government and calling for restitution to be made. However, as the situation escalated, it soon became clear that he would become a target of military assault and was put under guard by the Ishbalan Warrior Priests. He has also received some hand-to-hand combat training from the Warrior Priests to defend himself if necessary.

    OOC: There are also some maps that have been posted for the reference of all of those in the game in the second post of this thread. Enjoy!
  16. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003
    GM Approved!

    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Captain) Alex Daimler
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'-3"
    Build: Muscular Athletic
    Skin Color: Tanned Caucasian due to his fighting in the desert.
    Hair Color: Naturally dark brown, but when exposed to the searing sun for long periods of time it lightens to a golden brown.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Standard blue army uniform with Captain's shoulder boards. Wears his hair as long as possible within regulation, claiming it helps protect him from the sun, though he normally just slicks it straight back. He also has long mutton chop-style sideburns. Also, it is to be noted that his right arm was replaced with an automail component after its tragic loss during Alex's first combat engagement against Ishbal, the details of which he isn't keen on divulging.
    Personal Effects: A strong believer of traveling light, Alex has left most of his personal possessions behind, but carries with him most notably a picture of his sister, whom he was very close to.
    Weapons: Keen to be armed like the soldiers he commands, he carries an M-14 rifle, a grenade belt, a Colt 1911 Automatic pistol, and a six inch combat knife tucked into his boot.
    Skills: Excelling at commanding others, Alex has risen through the ranks steadily since his enlistment three years prior. He is an average marksman, finding his standard-issue rifle difficult to control at times. Whenever possible, he uses his trusty Colt in close combat. What the man lacks in marksmanship he makes up for in sheer skill with his blade.
    Personality: Alex is an easy going yet competent officer whose soldiers respect him to the point of endearance. Having already lost one limb to combat, he sees every day with his remaining organic parts a blessing, and tries to be as optimistic as situations allow. Sometimes at a loss for conversation, he occasionally stumbles with what he means to say, leading many to believe he is one who chooses his words more carefully than in reality. However, most agree that there is something about him and his past that eludes description.
    Biography: Born to a typical middle class family in Central, Amestris, Daimler's growing up period was pretty ordinary. After graduating from secondary school, he chose to attend a nearby university, before news of his sister's murder by a Central gang reached him. Clinging desperately to her memory, he dropped out of school, sated only by the lust to avenge her death at the expense of her tormentors. Teaching himself to fight with bladed weapons, he eventually challenged the leader of the gang to a knife fight in a back alley of the capital city. Not receiving a mark over the course of the fight, Alex killed the gang leader slowly and awfully, allowing the gangster to suffer for the pain he had caused the Daimler family. Authorities then showed up and broke up the scene.

    Alex played it cool for the next few years, moving from city to city inside the borders of Amestris, not willing to allow his past to creep up on him. His break came when hostilities began to be declared against the neighboring country of Ishbal. He signed on with a supply company that aided in moving men and materiel to the front, hoping that it would keep him occupied. However, he quickly became aware that he needed to do something with himself. Signing on with an ad hoc militia unit and receiving little training, he was fed hastily into the fight in a reckless fashion, being caught in a disastrous attack which cost him his right arm.

    After having it replaced in a military hospital, he was approached by an officer of an elite grenadier unit speaking about the valor Alex has displayed in his brief foray into combat. The man had said he wanted him to report to his command as soon as he was recovered. Alex did so, and was properly trained and molded into a fine soldier and leader. He has been at war for three years now, commandi
  17. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    OOC: We're in the home stretch, folks! I've got the intro post mostly written and am waiting on 2-3 more character sheets (and another that needs to be posted that was approved). I just wanted to make one final push for recruitment...

    If any of you know anyone who might want to join, especially as an Amestrian soldier or an Ishbalan soldier or Warrior Priest, we can really use them! So ask around and let's fill this game up!
  18. Heir-to-the-Empire

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    Jun 12, 2007
    R_Zion Approved

    Name: Joseph Valentine
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'7
    Build: Long legs and a skinny overall body.
    Skin Color: White
    Hair Color: Black(Tied up like Riza Hawkeye's)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Standard military robes, but often can be seen with the military hat on, but the coat off(His alchemy makes things too hot) with red sunglasses. He has tattooed transmutation circles on his wrists.
    Personal Effects: His brother's State alchemist watch.
    Weapons: None
    Skills: Analyzes the chemical structure of an object, then breaks it down and rubs their pure state against each other, causing friction and heating the items up and eventually melting them and can manipulate them further afterwards.

    Zion Approved Abilities
    Lava rain: Using basic alchemy, he forms a cannon pointed skyward, then melts areas around the cannon to load it up, shooting it into the air and letting it fall down in its melted states, making it very harmful to inhabitants of the area. Creates a small barrier around him to protect him from getting hit by his own technique.
    Lava barrier: Raises a melted wall of lava, making it hard to pass. Has to keep the transmutation going so is immobile while doing so.
    Volcano: Similar to his lava rain, but on a larger scale and the cannon looks more like the mouth of a volcano.
    Lava pole: Summons a pole of lava and spins it around(through alchemy, not his hands), hardening it.

    Personality: Nice, easy going, and a "hothead" quick to anger. From his time with the military, he will follow orders without hesitation or questioning. Cares for most things and will help anyone, military or Ishbalan.
    Biography: Born near central, Joseph was in the midst of changing alchemic times. He was fascinated by it and was taught by his State alchemist brother who had passed the exam when he was 34 and was highly expected in their family since he was a Major serving in Central. Joseph got a quick understanding of alchemy and was about to join his brother and try out for the military, since his entire family had been in the military, though not as alchemists. He tried out for the exam at 19, but failed the writing part, not fully understanding chemical combination. It was then that he pushed himself to learn about chemical break down and separation and came up with the unique type of alchemy he has now. He passed the exam the second time around at 25 and served proudly. His brother was killed soon afterwards and Jo was given his watch in place of his own and Jo carries it around as a memory of the person that had taught him, literally, everything he knew.
  19. MoonlightsAngel

    MoonlightsAngel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 13, 2006
    Both Characters are GM Approved

    Name: Diana Brinkerhoff (dee.AH-na)
    Rank: Major
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Build: Rather small and slender, with a curvy figure and well toned. This has been acquired after several years of exercise and training not only in alchemy, but in other military areas as well. Still, her body is nothing out of this world.
    Height: Five feet 2 inches.
    Skin Color: Pale Caucasian.
    Hair Color: White.
    Eye Color: Electric blue.
    Country of Origin: Amestris
    Clothing and Appearance: Standard military garb. Long, curly white hair, usually tied up in a neat ponytail with bangs over the left side if her face. Has a Transmutation circle tattooed on the nape of her neck, and another one on her left wrist. Diana has both ears pierced but wears only a diamond on her left ear.
    Personal Effects: Silver Pocket Watch, half moon silver pendent, a picture of a boy about nine years old and herself (about that same age) sitting in a horse?s back, a string tied around her left index finger. A pouch with several throwing knives.
    Weapons: Alchemy. Although she has been trained in marksmanship, and in theory should be able to use any firearm, she actually is pretty much worthless when other weapons are concerned. She however carries a military knife hidden somewhere in her clothes, in case she needs it and has an impressive aim where throwing knives are concerned.
    Skills: Complete and utter control over water through alchemy. Diana can get this element to do her biding, anything from bathing the dog to drowning her opponents. She uses Alchemy to condense the water on the air or any source of water, change it?s temperature and then use it at will. However, she cannot freeze it and is useless where ice is concerned.
    Personality: Bubbly. She usually quiet and even a bit shy, but she?s a compassionate soul, she has a smile ready for those who earn it and is quite protective over her loved ones. She always keeps her feelings to herself, but will speak her mind if she doesn?t agree with something.
    Biography: A drunken one night stand between a Ishabaln woman and an Amestrian State Alchemist was all it took for Diana to be born. Her mother had decided to keep her, until the baby opened her eyes, the same eyes that man she had been with had.

    She, like any mother, felt no rejection or hate towards her child, who was perhaps too pale and her eyes were blue, but was her child nonetheless.

    She knew however, that this girl would have to live among the Amestrians, with her father. Her grandfather as well as the rest of the family would not speak for her, and the young mother couldn?t bear the thought if her daughter living with that rejection

    So she wrote a long letter to the Amestrian soldier, poising this problem to him, and asking for a solution. After a while he agreed to take the three month old and raise her.

    Diana was raised by her aunts and grandmother, and led a great childhood alongside her cousin and family. She learnt Alchemy at her father?s knee and decided to follow his steps when she was seven. She didn?t excel right away, on the contrary, she had to work hard to earn her powers, pushing herself to her very limits and failing more often than she succeeded.
    Now at twenty three, she?s a powerful alchemist, and a great addition to the military, even if other fields like marksmanship did suffer a bit.


    Name: Alika
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5? 1
    Build: Slender, curvy.
    Skin Color: Dark tanned.
    Hair Color: Snow white.
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Country of Origin: Ishbal.
    Clothing and Appearance: Alika wears a long, black skirt and long sleeved red shirt, a red, long scarf is tied around her waist, and she uses it to protect her face from the sand and sun when need arises. She is a small, rather delicate-looking girl.
    Personal Effects: A gold locket that won?t open.
    Weapons: Her brains.
    Skills: Incredibly sharp-minded and intelligent, basic medicine.
    Personality: Bubbly and talkative, very open minded, can get to be a bit loud-mouthed as well.
  20. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Karim Assad
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Athletic
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair Color: White with blue stripes
    Eye Color: Scarlet
    Country of Origin: Ishbal
    Clothing and Appearance: Loose fitting, white colored robe and hood and khaki colored pants with brown leather shoes. Wears his hood to cover his hair when in Amestrian territory and sunglasses to cover his eyes.
    Personal Effects: Amulet that is an heirloom of his family, it has an ancient inscription on it that speaks of the power of the desert dwellers. It is rumored to hold mystic abilities.
    Weapons: Scimitar, small rifle.
    Skills: Very adempt at espionage and sneak attacks.
    Personality: Quiet and reserved, the only time he usually speaks is when he is being spoken to. Distrusts those people from Amestris.
    Biography: Born to a low class family in the Ishbalan western territory he recieved an ancient amulet when his father died under mysterious means (suspected that it was by an Amestrian agitist). When he turned fifteen he enlisted in the Ishbalan armed forces and now works for their intellegence unit and makes regular runs into Amestrian territory to check up on their military activity. He will not stop until he discovers who, or what, killed his father.
  21. ShadowofMiracles

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    Nov 28, 2006

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Solo (Real name: Marik)
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6?5
    Build: Strong built
    Skin Color: Tan skin
    Hair Color: White hair with a silver shine
    Eye Color: Red-crimson
    Country of Origin: Ishbal
    Clothing and Appearance: Regular civilian clothes, which mostly consist of a black trench coat, brown pants with black shoes and a white shirt. He wears a red scarf around his neck and often has some sunglasses so he can hide his eyes from people. Black Tattoos are on the palms of his hands; this is how he uses his alchemy.
    Personal Effects: Wolf?s Fang hanging from a thin chain around his neck
    Weapons: His Alchemy and his fists
    Skills: Can transmute all things around him to help with his needs, but specializes in metal transmutes.
    Personality: A very lay-back person; always seems to care about nothing, but himself and his own goals. He?s sarcastic most of the time taking everything as a joke and often using that to hide what he truly might feel or think since he doesn?t like people to know about him. He scolded a lot for being a pervert and doing unnecessary things, but he can?t help it in his mind everyone is pervert some are just more then others. He always looks to profit and his benefit which often gets him into lots of trouble.
    Biography: He was born in Ishbal and to believe that their god Ishbala was the ultimate and ?The Grand Arcanum?, which was an old phrase people used to refer to alchemy, was a sin. He lived wondering most of the time why Alchemy was such a bad thing, he knew that it question their believes by implying that humans can better Ishbala, but he always wondered why. It wasn?t until the age of 15 that his curiosity got the better him and he obtained a book that talked about Alchemy, it had belong to some merchant that had dropped it while he was taking care of his items, it explained to him how he could use alchemy. Although it was very simple he found himself having a lot of difficulty with it, but he knew that he couldn?t ask anyone for help because he be in trouble. When it was finally time to test what he learned he tried to do alchemy and succeeded in creating a small metal sculpture about the size of his palm. He was fascinated by how he was able to break down the components and rebuilt something completely new with it. However he didn?t notice that someone had seen him and on that same day he was called by the leader of his village, his secret had been found. After getting beat up for committing the most deadly sin to his people, he was exile from village never to return again to his homeland. After his exile he left Ishbal and ended up on a small town where he lived in the streets trying to find some way to survive, but he was scared because they might not accept him for his red eyes so he often hid his face so no one would notice. It was on a rainy day that an old man found him and offered his help to him. He told the man that he was from Ishbal, but he didn?t seem to mind at all, this brought him happiness for he was the first one that accepted him and his red eyes. When he finished telling the old man his story of how he did alchemy and got exiled from his homeland, the old man revealed that he was actually an alchemist and a very skilled one at that. So he started teaching him about alchemy and everything he needed to survive. Finally at the age of 25 he had learned everything the old man taught him and it was also on his 25th birthday that the man died. Everyone quickly blamed him for his death and had him leave town immediately.

  22. R_Zion

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    I believe that's all the character sheets in the queue. I'll add the newest Ishbalans to the intro post and then we'll begin unless I get some more sheets.

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    [blockquote]?Today, His Excellency King Bradley has signed ?Fuhrer Order no. 3066.? It is the beginning of the Ishbal annihilation campaign. The civil war will soon end??
    --Unnamed Military Police Officer[/blockquote]

    IC: Lt. Colonel Zerah Solingen, the Blade Alchemist
    Military Transport- Enroute to Ishbal

    The noonday sun seemed like it was getting hotter by the minute and their surroundings all the more rockier and more desolate. The Ishbal region was not long away, no doubt. She had been at the Central Command Center filing her daily reports when word came down via courier from Fuhrer Bradley himself that she and a select group of State Alchemists were being sent as part of a supplementary team to the Ishbal region to back up Colonel Basque Grand, the Iron Blood Alchemist, and his team that had been dispatched with the signing of Executive Order no. 3066. Besides ol? Iron Blood, the Flame Alchemist, the Strong Arm Alchemist, the Crimson Alchemist and the Silver Alchemist were most likely already in the region and receiving their dispatch orders. Zerah leaned her head back against the cab of their transport and glanced at the few clouds that floated idly in the sky. She had met few of those already sent out, save for Grand, with whom she interacted with regularly in Central. In fact, even amongst those she was being sent out with now she knew little of. Only what she had heard amongst the soldiers or read in personnel files or in any few brief encounters she have had with them.

    There was Major Morris Drake, the Phase-Shifting Alchemist, whose specialty was manipulating matter through its various stages: solid, liquid, or gas. Slightly overweight and wearing glasses, he looked more of a scientist than a soldier. No doubt his work in Ishbal was going to be particularly messy, but how well would this bookish man take to live combat. She doubted, in her own personal opinion, that he would be able to take it for very long. Yet now, he sat there contently on the long board on the right that served as a seat in the back of the truck, drawing in a bound sketchbook he had retrieved from his duffle bag.

    Beside him, fiddling with a series of small battery packs that would eventually be attached to his uniform was an olive-skinned youth, Major Michael Smucz, the Thunder Alchemist. He looked barely old enough to be soldier, much less a State Alchemist. At his side he carried a small sword?he called it a katana but the Eastern Islanders that devised it might actually consider it Wakizashi, though actually it looked somewhere between the two. Smucz, originally from the Western Command Center, had met her originally when he came to take his Alchemists? exam and had admired the katana she carried at her side when he met her in one of the side corridors after finishing. She remembered telling him that, if he passed and was committed to the training required, a sword would make it into his hands, and so he had heard, he had been doing relatively well and had even managed to electrify the blade with his batteries. An interesting tactic.

    To his right, with an almost anxious look about him, was Lt. Colonel Gene Lawson, the Chillbane Alchemist. An overly dramatic name for a man that basically just an alchemical refrigerator. Despite being from Northern Amestris, where ice was all too common, he had been assigned to the Southern Command Center, which gave his once pale skin a deep tan. Though she kept her own emotions in check, Lawson took it a step forward. He was as cold as his namesake, almost emotionless, and enjoyed inflicting pain on those weaker than him. Zerah could hold no respect for such a man? more sociopath than soldier. In fact, the only reason he was a Lieutenant Colonel now was because Southern Command was short staffed and his commanding officer had been killed in Ishbal.

    On the opposite side of the truck sat the two other Alchemists accompanying them. On the left was Major Joseph Valentine, the Earthen Forge Alchemis
  24. blubeast1237

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    Lt. Colonel Gene Lawson(The Chillbane Alchemist)
    En route to Ishbal

    [blockquote]Aye, what a beauty she was! She was a beauty in uniform, two scores! Gene's iconic smile creeped onto his lips as he eyed fellow Lt. Colonel Zerah Solingen, but he just refered to her as "doll", much to her dismay. She was an intelligent, independent, and strong woman, how was he supposed to work under these conditions! The transport hit a bump and Gene stood up on his feet, shielded the sun from his eyes and looked around.

    "Aye! Thy sun is full and why aren't there yet!" He exclaimed loudly, his voice full of energy instead of impatience. He turned his head towards Zerah and smiled before looking at the younger members. "Ishbalans are waitin for us, kiddies! I can't wait to see their lovely red eyes. They have red eyes because all they want is blood, says I, that's why we have to help em, take their bloodlust from thy's appetites."

    He didn't know most of these new, younger faces around, but was eager to get to know the proclaimed "Water Alchemist" alittle better. It was said her abilities were beyond her years and that she was one of the rising stars in the military. He would have to get better at knowing his subordinates, now that he was a Lt. Colonel, but it just seemed after his promotion, he lost all interest in learning petty things like names and such. Like the belly beast military named "Phase Shifting Alchemist". The only reason Gene remembered him and could recall him was because of his belly and the glasses. Everyone else seemed to fade from his memory and he often forgot their names, but one he couldn't, and wouldn't ever forget, was The famous "Blade Alchemist".

    He stretched his arms into the air and walked over to her, and slammed down next to her, laying his arm on the wooden boards behind her. "Hey Zaara, when why get to Ishbal, what do ye thinka bout me and ye taking long walks on the sand? Yi know we are mint for each other!"[/blockquote]
    Tag: Tranport!
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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Michael Smucz/Karim Assad

    "So anyone wondering why we're bothering to go to the middle of some desert just to wipe out a bunch of sand dwellers?" Michael asked his fellow transport mates. "I mean why don't we just let them attack us and get themselves killed trying." he said still reconfiguring his battery packs. He then looked out the nearest window and observed the changing landscape.

    TAG: Transport denizens

    Karim stopped once he heard the old man address him, he took a quick glance at him and proceeded to his destination, a small bar in the south part of the city. 'I need to meet my contact.' Karim thought to himself as he walked. He felt the stares of those few people who were still outside, he agreed he was a peculiar sight in the city. However he would be even more noticeable if they had seen his white and blue streaked hair and scarlet colored eyes. Karim was a member of the Ishbalan Intellegence Agency and was presently on a mission to gain information on the Amestrian army's movements, information he could use to help defeat those military dogs. 'Maybe I'll get some information on my fathers murderer to.' he added grabbing onto the amulet his father had passed onto him.

    TAG: Anyone who could possibly further this part of the story.
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