Funny Marc Shaiman song on what's wrong with today's film music

Discussion in 'Star Wars And Film Music' started by Darth_Vader-Anakin, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Darth_Vader-Anakin Jedi Youngling

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    Marc Shaiman is awesome. [link=]Check this out[/link].


    You can't write a melody, 'cause today they just want groove.
    If today a guy wrote "Laura," all the suits would disapprove.
    And if Max Steiner wrote them "Tara's Theme,"
    All the good notes they'd remove!

    'Cause the temp scores just go round and round,
    All they want is a synth and a ghosty sound.
    If you write "Lara's Theme" then you won't stay 'round today,
    'Cause they just want the beat!

    Everytime I hear drums and drone,
    It seems Hans Zimmer's given birth to yet another clone.
    When you get hired for a score, it seems you're not alone today.

    'Cause they just want the...
    Motion of the ocean but without a theme.
    And yet it seems to get a score like that, you need a team!
    If Hank Mancini were around,
    I think he'd cry and scream "Oy vey!"
    'Cause they just want the beat!

    Pretty soon they won't care if you died,
    'Cause in the future I bet every score is CGI'd,
    'Cause every film is just a comic or an Xbox ride today.

    'Cause you can't stop the...
    Prequels and the sequels that just leave me bored.
    Or should I pluck a few Gustavo licks to win an award?
    Bring me a bottle and a joint; I'll be at Betty Ford! Olé!
    'Cause they just want the beat!
    'Cause they just want the beat!
    'Cause they just want the beat!
  2. Cerrabore Jedi Padawan

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    Marc Shaiman thinks that? He must be a very self-hating man.
  3. andy1044 Jedi Knight

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    At least he dislikes Gustavo
  4. HL&S Magistrate Emeritus

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    The Gustavo part had me chuckling the most. Marc Shaiman doesn't have much room to talk, but it's still funny.
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