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    What are some books you'd like to see in the future, if they do continue with the EU?

    -- A Post DNT/pre LOTF book with Luke, Mara and Ben.

    -- A Ben Skywalker dulogy/trilogy. I'd love for Karen Traviss to write it, but she won't.

    -- An Allana series similar to YJK.
  2. Abernati Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 4, 2013
    A financial thriller from Steve Sansweet using lot's of EU trivia.
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  3. Barriss_Coffee Chosen One

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    An anthology. At this point I don't give a darn about the topic. Just slap "Tales of..." on the cover of a book and you've got me sold.
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  5. Force Smuggler Force Ghost

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    I was thinking of some good ones the other day but can't remember!

    Now I remember! At least one anyway. A trilogy maybe during the last 1000 years of the Republic following a Smuggler Caravan around the galaxy. Something like Firefly (I think it is).
    A Yuuzhan Vong history
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  6. JackG Jedi Grand Master

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    A Luceno lead-in novel to ANH starring Bail Organa, Palpatine, Mothma, Leia etc.
  7. Force Smuggler Force Ghost

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    And the Death Star Plans?
    I wouldn't mind a Dooku novel or a continuation of Plagueis but follows Palpatine instead.
    A story on how the Confederacy came to be would be great as well.
  8. The Supreme Chancellor Jedi Master

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    I'd love a novel detailing the life and times of Dooku.
  9. Jedi_Glover Jedi Padawan

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    Wish that we would get a book about Jacen's travels still
  10. GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight

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    I'm still holding out for a Katarn Commando novel featuring Kyle Katarn and Judder Page, perhaps detailing how the Katarn Commandos got started and their first mission
  11. Abernati Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 4, 2013
    Yep, we need some good military sci fi.
  12. _Catherine_ Jedi Grand Master

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    Anthologies for all the currently uncollected short stories.


    Tales from the Old Republic
    "Labor Pains" by John Jackson Miller
    "Interference" by John Jackson Miller
    "The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol" by John Jackson Miller
    "The Third Lesson" by Paul S. Kemp
    "Smuggler's Vanguard" by Robert Chestney
    "The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom" by Alexander Freed
    "Knight Errant: Influx" by John Jackson Miller
    "Darkness Shared" by Bill Slavicsek
    "Bane of the Sith" by Kevin J. Anderson
    "The Most Dangerous Foe" by Angela Philips

    Tales from the Clone Wars
    "Precipice" by Chris Cassidy
    "Death in the Catacombs" by Mike W. Barr
    "Elusion Illusion" by Michael A. Stackpole
    "Storm Fleet Warnings" by Jude Watson
    "Changing Seasons" by Timothy Zahn
    "Out Foxed" by Rob Valois
    "The Pengalan Tradeoff" by Aaron Allston
    "League of Spies" by Aaron Allston
    "Duel" by Timothy Zahn
    "MedStar: Intermezzo" by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry
    "Hero of Cartao" by Timothy Zahn

    Tales from the New Jedi Order
    "Judge's Call" by Timothy Zahn
    "The Crystal" by Elaine Cunningham
    "Emissary of the Void" by Greg Keyes
    "The Apprentice" by Elaine Cunningham
    "Or Die Trying" by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
    "Imprint" by Christie Golden
    "A Fair Trade" by Paul S. Kemp
    "First Blood" by Christie Golden
    "Getaway" by Christie Golden
    "Roll of the Dice" by Karen Miller

    Great, now I'm sad.
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  13. Abernati Jedi Youngling

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    Bu the way, is there any chance that anybody relevant is reading this?

    I would also like to see something about cadet's on the Anaxes Academy, or any other military/navy academy.
  14. Darth Xalfrea Jedi Master

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    It would be cool to see one that focuses on Sidious and Tyranus. In vein of Plagueis, it can weave across the established continuity into stuff like Outbound Flight, the Approaching Storm, give different perspectives on Episode II, weave into the Clone Wars stuff and leading into Episode III.
  15. Zorrixor Force Ghost

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    Tales of Beldorion's Library.
  16. Manisphere Jedi Master

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    Kriff, I'll take anything at this point.
  17. AusStig Jedi Master

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    I would like to know more about the Rakatan Infinite Empire. SWTOR gives us hints of a couple of great wars, against the Esh-kar and the 'World Razor' and Dawn of the Jedi has shown a little of their polotics, so this has really pecked my interest. As well Halo did a series about their 'ancient precursor species' so why not Star Wars?

    The Rise and Fall of the Infinite Empire.

    Maybe a series:)
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    You try my impartial tolerance, sir.
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  19. krtmd Jedi Knight

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    As long as they leave Bria Tharen out of the equation, I'd love to read this.
  20. Danzo Jedi Knight

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    I would love to see a Dooku novel, something that really explores him as both a Jedi and a Sith and features any interaction between him and C'boath.

    Some Legacy era novels. I find the entire premise of Legacy to be great and I've read a little of the comics, but I'm just not a comic book fan and find it really hard to get into them. Give me a novel that details it all or explores other parts of the era and you'll make me very happy.
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  21. cthugha Jedi Master

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    As I said before... a novel about the members of the Imperial Court pre-Endor.

    Some novel tie-in to Dark Empire, finally.

    And Tales of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

    Yeah, that, too.

    I think we've had quite enough of those, thank you :p
  22. Lugija Jedi Grand Master

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    Luceno leaving something out of the equation? The novel would reference every Death Star Plans plot we have had and somehow make sense.
  23. son_of_skywalker03 Jedi Master

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    And thank god for small miracles.
  24. Grey1 Host: 181st Imperial Discussion Group

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    Yeah, you know, somehow is a very unspecific word... ;)

    "The Portrait of Cal Omas". Hey, you could give that to Zahn, he could put Thrawn in. Collecting the painting of the politician who doesn't age.
  25. cdgodin Jedi Master

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    It would be cool to finally see the Paul S. Kemp duology.