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    Title: The Future Could Save the Past?Ani/Ami/Luke/Leia/Han/Obi-Wan/Yoda
    Author: Jeanne_Skywalker
    Rating: PG
    Summary: AU--Anakin and Amidala are on their way back to Naboo from Geonosis where they defeated the clone army. They are pulled out of hyperspace and meet up with Luke and Leia in the future. They attempt to find a way to fix the past?if they can get back to it.

    Note: Anything pertaining to Ep.2 is pure coincidence. This is purely my own speculation. Hope you enjoy!

    Disclaimer: All these characters belong to George. I wrote what could happen inspired by the trailers, movies and other fanfics I have read. I am not making any $$ on this.

    Part I--

    Anakin sat in the cockpit of the Naboo cruiser thinking about what had transpired over the last several weeks. Most on his mind was his love for Padme. She was asleep in another part of the ship but Anakin couldn?t sleep. They were on their way back to Naboo to be married. They had just been rescued by the Jedi from Geonosis where they had been captured. He and Obi-Wan defeated Count Dooku but in the course of their fight with the Sith, Anakin had some disturbing visions.

    They had found his mother injured badly on Tatooine and sent her ahead to Naboo for some medical help. She was hurt but not severely. He hoped she would be alright when they arrived.

    Anakin?s mind began to wander and he was thinking about what he was supposed to do now.

    I know what Master Yoda means about not giving into the darkside. But how am I supposed to understand the darkside if I have to block it out entirely. What if I looked at it to know how I am supposed to bring this balance to the force. What does the prophecy mean by balance anyway?

    He stared out at the lines of stars passing as the sheep reeled through hyperspace. He began to doze off when suddenly the ship lurched and came out of hyperspace.

    What happened? We won?t arrive at Naboo for another 2 days?where are we?

    Just then Padme wandered groggily into the cockpit, ?Ani? What happened, we can?t be there yet??

    ?I think we were pulled out of hyperspace by something but I can?t figure out what, I don?t even know where we are!? He looked out and saw what looked like a fleet of ships. They looked different than any he had seen before. Padme followed his gaze.

    ?Ani? Where are we and who are they??

    ?I?m not sure but they aren?t firing on us yet so they may be friendly. I?m going to hail them and ask for assistance, I?m afraid our hyperdrive may be damaged. I don?t sense any hostility from whomever they are.?

    Suddenly a voice came over the communicator ?Unidentified ship, please identify yourself and your destination.?

    ?We are in need of assistance. We are on our way to Naboo and our hyperdrive is in need of repair.?

    There was silence on the other end and Anakin sensed uneasiness from the person they were communicating with. ?Unidentified cruiser, please dock in the bay directly ahead of you, we will have people there to help you.?

    ?Thank you sir.? Anakin guided the ship into the hangar and saw several interesting looking ships. He was all of a sudden very interested as to who these people were and where this ships came from. One caught his eye, it was disc shaped and looked like a piece of junk on the outside but Anakin suspected it was a find piece of machinery.

    ?Ani, can these people be trusted?? Padme looked at him worriedly.

    ?My angel, would I ever put you in danger? If I had sensed any hostility from them, I would have gotten us out of here long before now.?

    ?Of course Ani, I?m sorry, I?m just a little worried about this. We need to get home soon, things are changing so much, I?m afraid Naboo is going to be in danger.?

    ?We?ll get home as soon as we can but I want to find out what is wrong with the hyperdrive. I don?t want to take any risks. I want us to arrive safe and sound for our wedding!? He pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his shoulder. ?I love you Ani. And I can?t wait to be your wife
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    Ok. Critique. I have a little more but I thought I'd see what everyone thought of this much first. This is my first fanfic so go easy on me. :) Thanks for reading.

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    Interesting premise, I would like to see more of this. Also welcome to JC, I'm supposing your new....I'm Amidala_Skywalker, but please call me Am.

    Welcome and good luck with this fic, I'll keep an eye out for more

    Am [face_love]
  4. Jedinight-A Jedi Youngling

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    I like this too. :D I hope that Luke and Leia can help Ani and Ami.

    Keep up the good work. ;)
    Up! Up!

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    Okay here goes, thanks for the feedback!
    My italicized type didn't transfer which indicates what a character is thinking. Therefore I will use <> for a character's thoughts. Enjoy and feedback is appreciated...I hope this all makes sense!

    Part 2

    Anakin and Luke were the first back to the dining hall and Luke felt this was the right time to tell Anakin who he was.

    Anakin looked at the young man who was not much older than himself. He noticed a lightsaber attached to his belt. <He carries a lightsaber and is powerful with the force but he does not dress as a jedi. He couldn?t be a knight yet, he could only be a year or so older than me.>

    ?Anakin, I?m glad it?s just us, we need to talk about some things.?

    ?Yes, I can sense that. I never did catch your name by the way..?

    ?Luke, Luke Skywalker.?

    Anakin now looked at the man and realized why he had not revealed his identity yet. He was being careful because obviously he knew that anything he could say or do would alter the future. This was his son?a son who looked like Anakin but with darker hair like?like Padme?s <This is our son, and we are at least 20 years into the future...>

    ?You?re my?.son??

    ?Yes Anakin, um..father??

    ?Why do you look at me like you?ve never known me?? Anakin couldn?t understand the feelings he was reading from Luke. A little apprehension? Why?

    ?I didn?t ever know you father, that is why we must talk.?

    ?Is it wise Luke, although we could severely alter the future.?

    ?Anakin, if we can alter it, it would have to be for the better. Right now things are about as terrible as they could get.?

    Anakin was now aware of that as Luke pointed it out. He could only feel Luke?s presense in the light side of the force. It wasn?t just their being father and son, there weren?t any other light side users in this time. He felt a massive dark presence, so strong it sent chills through him.

    ?Luke, I sense something awful, it?s dark and evil. Are there any jedi other than yourself??

    ?I?m not exactly a Jedi yet, my sister and I are the only force sensitive people I know of.?

    ?Your sister? You mean I have a daughter too??

    ?Yes, Leia is my sister, we didn?t find out until recently. Master Yoda told me just before he died that there was another, then Obi-Wan explained it to me.?

    ?Obi-Wan is still alive? We must?? Anakin felt the man?s sadness and realized?

    ?Obi-Wan died 3 years ago at the hand of?Darth Vader.? Luke was afraid of how Anakin would react, hopefully he had no idea who his other self was.

    ?Darth Vader must be a Sith Lord. I fear that the Sith are ruling the galaxy in the dark side of the force.? Anakin could feel this in the force.

    ?Yes Anakin, there is more but I should wait to tell you because Leia and Padme should arrive soon. How will?mother take this? Should we tell her??

    Anakin nodded understanding??Let me go and explain to her before we are all together. She may not take it well and I wouldn?t want you to see her?.your mother upset?. I?ll make sure she understands.?

    Luke nodded at his father. He was so calm, so much like himself. How could he have fallen to the dark side?he and mother loved each other so much, of that Luke was certain.

    ?Luke, Leia hasn?t known this for very long has she??

    ?No, in fact, I just told her. I only arrived back from seeing Yoda a few days ago. We are preparing to leave on a mission but we want to wait until we can get you safely home.?

    ?Let us know if you need help Luke. If we are stuck here, at least we can help you in defeating this horrible darkness. Of course, we have to get back home, or you wouldn?t be here.?

    ?Anakin, that is well put. Han and Chewie know what to do, they?ll find the parts needed to fix your ship, even if they have to remove them from the Falcon.?

    ?Is that the disc shaped ship in the hanger Luke? It is a beauty. I would like to talk to Captain Solo about it sometime.?

    ?Yes, I?ll tell him, he?ll be happy that someone takes interest in that hunk of junk.?

    ?Luke, that?s just looks, most of the best ships aren?
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    Thanks Am. I have been reading JC stories for a while now and was inspired to start sketching my own ideas. I finally joined, I don't know what took me so long! ;) Let me know what you think.
  7. Amidala_Skywalker Manager Emeritus

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    I'm glad you decided to post your own ideas. Though you may attract more readers if your subject line read something like 'What if Padme and Anakin travelled to the time of ROTJ?'

    Terrific post, loved the Ani/Luke interaction!

    Am [face_love]
  8. Jeanne_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    Thanks Am. I'll see if I can change that. ;)
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    Here's Part 3--

    Anakin walked into the small room they had been given to freshen up in and saw Padme twisting her hair into a braid down her back. She was so beautiful. He leaned against the doorway and smiled at her, ?You must be an angel?you are so beautiful.?

    Padme smiled and turned to face him still braiding her hair??Thank you my love.? She walked over to kiss him and he took her in his arms. She dropped the braid and reached around his back as he held her tightly and kissed her.

    He began stroking her hair as the braid fell out and her hair cascaded down her back.. He spoke very softly ?You should wear it down, it?s so beautiful.?

    She looked up at him and said teasingly ?Well, since you just interrupted my attempted hair styling anyway, I guess I have no choice.? She walked over to the table looking in the mirror and fastened enough hair back from her face that it didn?t fall in her eyes. ?Does that meet with your approval??

    ?Anything my love. You always look beautiful.? He drew her into his arms again and kissed her on the forehead. He held her for several minutes feeling tears welling up in his eyes realizing what had happened to them by this time in the galaxy.

    Padme felt his tears fall against her forehead and looked up to see him crying and looking at her. ?What is it Ani? Oh force, what is wrong?? She took his hands and begged him to tell her what was wrong.

    He sat on the bed and pulled her to join him. He took her hands and turned to face her.

    ?You remember the young man we met when we arrived here??

    Padme nodded, ?Yes Ani but I never caught his name. Did you talk with him??

    ?Yes my love. Please hear me out, this is going to be a little confusing.?

    ?Ok, Ani, just tell me what?s wrong. You?ve got me worried.?

    ?Don?t worry Padme, we can fix it. The young man?s name is Luke, Luke Skywalker. He?s around our age??

    ?Wait, Ani?. You are telling me that this is our son?? He nodded as she continued.. ?Why didn?t he recognize us, or did he not want to until he could talk with us alone..how could he not know his own??

    Anakin raised a finger to her lips to stop her questions??Remember, I said to hear me out.? He then caressed her cheek with his hand and kissed her forehead.

    ?Padme, you must be patient while I explain things. We are about 20 or 25 years from our own time. We are no longer alive and our children never knew us??

    ?Children? We have more than just Luke? Who else, Ani?.?

    ?My love, we must be careful, we are already finding out too many things but this is important. The young woman we met, Leia, is our daughter. She and Luke were separated at birth and hidden from each other. They only met about 3 years ago and only found out in the last few days that they are brother and sister.?

    Padme looked down, realizing the state of the galaxy must be awful. She looked back up at Anakin with tears in her eyes??The Republic? The Jedi? What did we do wrong Ani? What did the Republic do wrong..??

    ?Padme, I don?t know but I intend to find out why things are the way they are and I?m going to ask Luke to tell me how we can prevent all this. He knew Obi-Wan for a brief time and said that he trained with Master Yoda. I hope they told him what happened so we can change it.?

    ?Ani, we could be altering things for the worse..?

    ?From what Luke says, things can?t get much worse. He is the last of the Jedi?that is how grave the situation is.?

    ?How could he be the last? There were thousands!! How could they have all??

    ?Padme, I have a horrible feeling about this. There is a horrible darkness plaguing the galaxy here. Thankfully Luke was shielded from it and doesn?t feel it but I have this feeling that I had something to do with this.?

    ?How Ani? You?re almost a Jedi Knight. How could you have anything to do with this?something so awful??

    ?My love, as you pointed out, I am ALMOST a knight but not yet. Who knows what could happen in the next few years, but one possibility that I have had nightmares about is that I turn into this horrible monster??

    ?You have to
  10. KnightWriter Administrator Emeritus

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    Please tell me that defeating the Clone army is speculation, not a spoiler. If it is a spoiler, please give fair warning next time.

    If it is a spoiler, there will be a lot of upset people like myself, who are trying to avoid spoilers. I hope I just didn't ruin the movie for myself :(.
  11. Jeanne_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    Defeating the clone army is no spoiler that I'm aware of. It's just pure speculation on my part. I won't include any spoilers, this is purely put together of my own ideas obviously in this story Shmi doesn't die but who really knows what happens. Sorry about the confusion. I'll be more careful in the future. ;)
  12. KnightWriter Administrator Emeritus

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    See, the idea/fact that Shmi doesn't die is a spoiler, as you said. People who are trying to avoid spoilers don't want to know that. I mean, if you're going on "spoilers from ATOC," as you said, then I'm not sure how much is left to be revealed.

    In short, I'm confused. You said you won't use any spoilers, and then in the next line, say, "which we gather from spoilers from ATOC." So I don't know how much of what you wrote about is actual fact and how much is speculation.

    Or perhaps I just misunderstand.
  13. Jeanne_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    True, I suppose I should reword that. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll edit it now.
  14. KnightWriter Administrator Emeritus

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    And I thought Shmi was going to be killed.

    So much for that :(.

    Please post a spoiler warning, if you could, before any of the story. The non-death of Shmi is an instant spoiler.
  15. Jeanne_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    Point well taken. Go easy on me, this is my first story after all. I've reworded a few things. I hope they eliminate any possible spoilers. We of course can't know for sure on any spoilers. I hope you understand. Sorry for the confusion.
  16. KnightWriter Administrator Emeritus

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    I understand.

    Thanks for rewording.

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    looks interesting...i'll be watching this ;) :D
  18. Amidala_Skywalker Manager Emeritus

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    Lovely Chapter, especially the A/A talk...they seem very much in love. I hate when Ani always falls to the darkness, it angers me somewhat.

    Am [face_love]
  19. Jeanne_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    Thanks for the support everyone! I'll probably have another post up tonight or tomorrow. I am posting a lot of what I have now because I will be out of town for almost a week. I'll try to keep up but after tomorrow there may not be a post for about a week. Thanks for reading!
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    Okay, I'm not too sure if this one makes sense. I hope you can follow the train of thought. Let me know what you all think.


    Part 4--

    Leia looked at Padme and Anakin. <Our parents..> They weren?t married yet but she could sense how much they loved each other. She recognized Padme now. She could remember only her face, a little older than she looked here and it was a very sad face. Not the beautiful happy glowing person in the arms of their father. She could see a lot of Luke in him, his eyes, the calm expression they wore.

    Padme smiled at Luke and Leia as they entered and greeted them. ?Well, Ani, at least we know what to name our children.? She smiled at them and reached out to hug Leia. ?Ani told me about everything. I hope we can find a way to change things for the better. Ani and I have decided that we want to know everything that happens to cause this or at least what went wrong in the Republic.?

    ?Mother?? Leia hesitated, this woman didn?t look much older than her.

    ?Leia, if it?s more comfortable you can just call me Padme. We must be all around the same age. Ani is 20 and I am 24 why don?t you just call me Padme and him Anakin, that will make things a little easier and less confusing to your colleagues.? Padme suggested.

    Anakin looked at his fiancé. <Always so perceptive! She knows our children very well.> He smiled to himself?<Our children?wow. We will make this work.> He promised himself.

    ?That sounds fine to me Padme, I remember you but only vaguely, Luke and I are both 22 so we are around the same age. Luke was contacted by Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan showed him what happened after the time you left your time up until what we know of things.?

    ?Obi-Wan, he is gone now as well?? Padme?s face dropped?

    Ani took her hand reassuringly ?My love, he is with the force now, not dead, only in another life??

    ?Of course Ani, it is so hard to imagine such terrible things happened to everyone we know.? Tears began to form in her eyes but she held them back and looked over to Leia.

    Leia?s heart went out to her mother, <How could they have known. They were only trying to do what was right.> She thought of how to explain everything..

    ?Padme, Luke had to dig but he found some back up files that were erased when the Empire took over control. He found information back to the time you were ruler of Naboo. We have never been able to see these records before because the Empire wiped out everything when they took over.?

    Padme looked at Luke, ?What happened to the Republic Senate??

    ?Padme, it was dissolved when the emperor took control?? Padme was shaking her head at Leia?s words. <How, how could it happen.>

    Sensing Padme?s feelings and confusion, Anakin calmly spoke up, he was going to find answers. ?Luke, you have mentioned this Emperor to me and this dark sith lord. Do you know who this emperor was just before all this happened??

    Luke and Leia exchanged knowing glances. Luke nodded, he knew Leia was having trouble coming to terms with things herself so it would be best for Luke to explain this. He first looked at Padme when Leia spoke up.

    ?Padme, please brace yourself, this may come as a shock for you.? She reached over and took Padme?s hand to reassure her. ?Thank you Leia, we must hear this no matter.?

    Luke leaned forward and chose his words carefully. ?There was a case pleaded to the Senate from your planet Padme, I found the minutes from this meeting and it seems that there was a move for no confidence in the Chancellor at that time??

    Padme nodded, ?Yes, the Senate was taking no action and all the people on my planet were dying. What does this have to do with..well, I?m sure you?ll tell me..? She felt Ani squeeze her other hand as if to give her strength to hear this.

    Luke continued, ?In the minutes it says that Antilles and Palpatine were nominated for the position, Palpatine being the Senator for Naboo.?

    Padme nodded remembering the events. ?He became Chancellor so I decided to decline re-election to the monarchy and become a Senator for Naboo.?

    Luke nodd
  22. Amidala_Skywalker Manager Emeritus

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    Sweet...........I loved Han's request that he met Leia again. It really shows their love for each other. I really do hope to see Luke finding about the old ways of the Jedi and what the Master/Padawan bond meant,

    Am [face_love]
  23. Lonewolf89 Jedi Master

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    This is great!! Post more soon!!

  24. GS335 Jedi Padawan

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    oooh, I love this story. Please post more soon, hun :D.

    God bless :)
  25. FTeik Jedi Grand Master

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    Great idea, but a little to sweet.

    I thought Han or Leia would cause trouble. They (and the rest of the rebels) are a little bit to easy with them. Will Anakin and Vader met?

    I hope you will continue to write, after this story is finished. You are good.
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