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    Luke Skywalker is trying to reform the jedi order after the death of his father, Darth Vader, and the destruction of the empire. He sends out many of his closet jedi all over the universe to look for young hopefuls that are strong in the force. Luke decides that he wants Tantooine,Naboo,Alderaan,Endor,Hypori, and Penforium( a newly discovered planet with transodians living in isolation).

    Luke is the Jedi Master as was Yoda, I would like some one to play him.
    We will need 6 jedi, Luke, and 3 jedi council members so we can start more can join once we have those numbers. You can play as one of the force sensitive kids you find but you will have to have go into his or her story.
    I have to approve your character so post it on the thread then I will tell you if it is approved or not.
    This is the character sheet to use

    Character Sheet:
    Home Planet:
    Eye Color:
    Other Features:
    ---Length: 5 meters
    ---Hyper drive:

    Here is my jedi that I will be using:

    Character Sheet
    Name:Magot Gurn
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Coruscant
    Affilation: Jedi, Galactic Republic
    Rank: Jedi
    Eye Color:Unknown, always wears mask
    Build: Muscular, fit
    Clothing:Dark brown robe, light brown tunic, with mandalorian mask
    Armor:Mandalorian Heavy Armor
    Weapons:Lightsaber, green
    ---Name:Creten V
    ---Type:Jedi starfighter
    ---Length:4.5 meters
    ---Weapons:Front mounted Ion blasters
    Personality: A solitary jedi who is sometimes rash, and is always eager to fight.
    Bio: Was discovered by Mace Windu on Coruscant and trained by Ki Adi Mundi. He showed great potential in the force. As all Gen' Dai are able to be wounded and just grow back there limbs, it allows him to be a little careless when fighting with his lightsaber. During the Clone Wars he lead an army into battle. He would have been on Hypori with Ki Adi Mundi had he not been on a covert mission into a seperatist base. After he came back from his mission he was promoted to Jedi rank. He never got an apprentice because he took most of his time training and fighting in the Clone Wars. He is thought to have been killed in the jedi purge.

    I will eventually play one of the kids we find on those planets too. Thank you and lets keep this fun and appropriate.

    NP edit: You can only run one RPG at a time.
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    Dec 23, 2005
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    *Stumbles in*

    You know it's only One RP per GM right?

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    sorry I didn't know I would rather have this one deleted than the other one>
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    Eh, PM the Moddess, NaboosPrincess, and request deletion.

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