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G-ville FanForce meeting???

Discussion in 'Gainesville, FL' started by JRHermle, Nov 17, 2002.

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  1. JRHermle

    JRHermle Jedi Youngling

    Jun 7, 2001
    I understand the holidays are fast approaching, but I was wondering if there was interest in holding a FanForce meeting in Gainesville some time in early December?

    The reason I ask is since the fall semester is about to end, this would be a good time now to circulate flyers amonst the colleges to see if there is an interested fanbase before everyone heads home for the new year.

    As for location, perhaps a local library in Gainesville or neighboring Alachua would be best for everyone. Most libraries have a separate reading room that would allow us to conduct our meeting. That way, we could sum up the previous year, determine how much fan turnout we have and plan the first few months of 2003.

    Any takers?

  2. Forja-Bingbey

    Forja-Bingbey Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 12, 2002

    This is Forja-Bingbey from the Daytona Boards. I just wanted to let you know that if you are still interested in being a active member we had our first meeting yesterday and I just wanted to let you know about the second one coming up. It's a planned trip to see the IMAX presentation of ATOC in Tampa either in late November or early December, before exams and holiday schedules get out of hand.

    If you need to email me back please direct it to

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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