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  1. T_DOG94 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 11, 2005
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    EYE COLOER:Brown
    Hair color:white
    Hair Style:balding
    Facial Hair:N/A


    Goals:Restore and keep alive the jedi order.

    P.S.This is my 3rd guy last character.Thanks.

  2. WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    OOC when are we gonna start
  3. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    OOC: lets start now, if this is not ok for me to start please just say tis post never exsited ok.


    Lando walked out to the landing pad to see a Imperial Lambda class shuttle arrive.Two imperial officers walked out,10 stormtroopers gaurded them.

    Imperial Offcer: hello mr Calrissian im very pleased to met you.

    Lando: well what do you want.

    Imperial Offcer: Well you do not fall under the deristiction of Empire law but we are willing to make a deal with you. we will give you 2 thousand credits if you let the empire make an imperial base here.

    Lando: Well im not going to let you make an imperial base here so that you can just take over another planet, now leave.

    Imperial Offcer: But your makeing a very bad choice, what if the rebals come.

    Lando: Then they will come now leave.

    Imperial Offcer: This is not over, youll wish you hade made that deal!

    The imperial officers walked into the shuttle. The shuttle lifted off and headed for the Star Deastroyer that was over Bespin.

    Imperial Offcer: Inform Lord Vader that we did not get lando to become part of the empire.

    Imperial Piolt: Yes sir, but wont he take the news badly.

    Imperial Officer:Im hoping he can understand.

    The Shuttle landed in the bay of the star destoryer.
  4. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2005
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    The-General-Grievous, just copy and paste that into the topic I am about to make for the actual RPG. Thanks. And I will take Leia.

    Prince Xizor - None

    Lando Calrissian - The-General-Grievous

    Chewbacca - *Whoever is Han*

    Boba Fett - WISE_JEDI12

    Lobot - *Whoever is Lando*

    Emperor Palpatine - Darth-Leahmic

    Luke Skywalker - Mr_Sith

    Han Solo - WISE_JEDI12

    Princess Leia - DarthNerezza21

    Darth Vader - DarthNerezza21

    Darth Truder - DarthNerezza21

    Yoda - T_DOG94

    Threepio - *Whoever is Princess Leia*

    Artoo - Mr_Sith

    Mara Jade - Sith-Lord-Gunray

    Jabba The Hutt - T_DOG94

    Admiral Ackbar - Darth-Leahmic

    Grand Admiral Thrawn - Tanis_Fel

    Tyler "Undertake" Walker - T_DOG94
  5. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2005
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    OoC: Well, as you can see I am new here, and I wasn't aware that you couldn't post two topics based on one RPG. So we'll do the story on here.


    A Star Destroyer moved through space, releasing Imperial probe robots from its underside.

    One of the probes zoomed toward the planet Hoth and landed on its ice-covered surface. An explosion marked the point of impact.


    A weird mechanical sound rose above the whining of the wind. A strange probe robot, with several extended sensors, emerged from the smoke-shrouded crater. The ominous mechanical probe floated across the snow plain and disappeared into the distance.


    "Lord Vader," Admiral Ozzel spoke through hologram, his blue image some two feet high. "We were unable to persuade Lando Calrissian to become part of the Empire."

    "Calrissian will not make the same mistake twice," Vader said, his deep voice coming from inside of his evil mask. "Ready my shuttle, so I can negotiate with him personally."

    Ozzel bowed. "Yes, M'Lord."

    Tag Lando
  6. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    Lando was happy to not have had any confrintaion with the empire. He walked throught the streets of cloud city to go get a drink in the cantina.Lando walked in to here music and see dancers, he sat at a table by a windo. A droid came up to lando and asked if he wanted somthing.

    Cloud City Service Droid:What do yu want today lando?

    Lando:The normal thing a get everytime, i want a drink and some water.

    Cloud City Service Droid: Yes Sir coming right up.

    Lando looked around, he was close to a holoscreen. The holoscreen was playing one of his favirote shows Imperial Cops, the theam song came on and showed what was gonna be on the show, there was gonna be stormtroopers investagating illegail use of spices busting someone for voicing out aggenst the goverment. The channel suddenly changed and it was Galactic News, there was a speeder chace in the middle of coruscant, then commercials came, the commercials where the same,go imperial army commercials, get a new speeder today and will cut off 40% of the price for a new windo,he paid no more atenion because his drink came.

    OOC:i hope its ok for me to put star wars version of tv commercials and shows here.

  7. T_DOG94 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 11, 2005
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    The rebellion just heard about Lando's rejection to the empire having a base on Bespin idea.So I and the other leaders of the rebellion decided to try and talk Lando into letting us construct a base on Bespin.We could use the fuel.

    The public transport I'm in lands the walk way opens up and a voice comes over the intercom saying, "Plese step out of the transport in a orderly fashion.thank you have a good day."

    I step out of the transport and immediately put my hood on.I walk to the the nearst rode.The problem is I don't know where Lando is.

    The first place i'm going to look is the cantina I got a gut feeling hes there.

    I walked in the cantina.First I walked up to the bar tender to ask if he knows where administer Calrissian is he points to a man watching the HOLO SCREEN I walk up to the man.

    I didn't prepare a speech so I just say "Administer Calrissian I have a proposel for you to build a rebel base on Bepin."

    But while I ask, Darth Vader's shuttle just arvived at the docking bay.

    OOC:Sorry for any grammer or mis-haps this is the first time I did role-playing.

  8. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2005
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    OOC: T_DOG, can you write as if you were a random narrator telling the story, not having Tyler tell the story? E.g.: Instead of I step out of the transport and immediately put my hood on., put Tyler stepped put of the transport and immediately put his hood on. If you could start writing like that, it would help me to understand it more (I tried to explain it the best I could :)).
  9. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    Lando finshed his drink and was walking out when he heard to trandoshins speaking to a Mon Calamari

    Trandoshin:iv been hearing rumors that the empire is coming to bespin to make lando sign a deal to let the empire bild here.

    Mon Calamari: Thats just rumors you cant be serious the empire tried earlyer this morning, it still dident work.

    Trandosin: but they where officers i hear someone higher is coming

    Mon Calamari:like who darth vader the emperoir they dont care about a small out of the way place like bespin

    Trandoshin:will see then when darth vader comes you gotta pay me 40 credits

    Mon Calamari: your own

    Lando left the cantina and headed for the command center
  10. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2005
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    IC: Vader

    There he was. Vader saw Calrissian walking to the command center. He got out of his shuttle and walked towards the man, cape blowing in the wind.

    "Calrissian," he called. "We have things to discuss."

    Tag Lando
  11. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2005
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  12. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    OOC: we need more people to post


    lando heard the voice and started to run, he ran past the gaurds of the control center into the base.


    the gaurds rushed and fired at vader, the main blasters and ion cannons turned to vader and started to fire there blasts at him. Lando got on the speakers and told the citizens what hade happened Panic erupted and people started to turn over tables and shout and scream.Lando thought to himself.

    Lando:(thinking to himself) that should slow vader down

    Lando walked in his command center and met up with Lobot

    Lobot: what do you want us to do lando

    Lando: tell all cloud cars to attack any imperial ships

    Lobot: yes sir

    speeders crashed around vader poeople runnning in every direction soon laser where everywhere.A fule frahter exploded in the middle of the streats, fire everywher some poeple and alines where lit on fire, a cloud car split into 2 and a pod of the cloud car crashed and exploded infront of vader

    Lando:Whats happining out there

    Cloud City Police:its its chaos out there sir

    lando walked and looked out a windo, a tear almost cam to his eyes as he saw his city in chaos, suddenly lando backed away and saw to Tie fighters zoom past the windo

    Lanod:this can only mean one thing vader wasent coming to make him sign a traty to make a base on bespin but he just came here to invade another planet.

    The Police lined up as civialns ran past them

    Police Chef: ok lando himself has told us the empire has invaded bespin, now its our job to push them back out of here.

    The police marched and stared to fire at a batttalion of stormtroopers
  13. Mr_Sith Jedi Knight

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    Luke Skywalker- Hoth, Echo Base

    Frost covered the middle of the small window, nearly concealing the young Rebel hero. Luke Skywalker had been transfixed on the snowy, misty landscape of Hoth for a few standard hours. It was still early morning, but the fortress was already teaming with life. A convoy of speeder bikes rushed out to check the perimeter turrets, and 3 Taun Taun scouts had already left by his count. Despite having an abundance of friends, Luke still felt isolated from everyone else. His thoughts kept coming back to Ben.

    I swear, if I ever get my shot at that blasted Vader, it'll be the end of him.

    Skywalker also didn't know how he was supposed to become a Jedi. He had no teacher, no training, no guidance. The boy was better off blind. All he had was a lightsaber, which he toyed with just about anytime he was free. The mechanism was clearly on the brink of shorting out, as the blade crackled and collapsed all too often. It was beggining to become a nuisance. Sometimes, it seemed that things would never get better. He had heard stories from travelers and smugglers about an Imperial Fleet that stretched as far as the eye could see. The Rebellion couldn't hope to battle that, and guerilla tactics would never win them the war. Everything was bleak, and you could tell it by the way everyone's face settled. He wouldn't be surprised if they had to relocate the entire operation again. Regardless of all that, and all the inner turmoils, Luke still felt the responsibility to be a leader.

    Ben, why can't you be here?
  14. Darth-Leahmic Jedi Youngling

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    Palpatine's Throne Room, Unfinished Death Star II

    Palpatine sat in his throne looking out into the far distance of space. He sat still as if he were inanimate, his eyes never moved. You would wonder if he were alive. His thoughts began to wonder about the current situation the empire was in. The Death Star had been destroyed, his massive battle station seemed invicible, but compared to a single force user it was nothing.

    He wondered if Vader started to betray him, Vader would try to take Palpatine's place, there was no denying that fact. But, if young Skywalker was to be turned by Palpatine, the darkside would force the boy to destroy his own father. Skywalker would not be able to defeat Palpatine...he would have a new apprentice.

    Palpatine's mouth began to move into a wicked grin. He saw the visions in his head, young Skywalker would be before him kneeling calling him master, while Vader would be dead. The rebellion would be dead, they would try to attack this Death Star, thinking it wasn't finished.

    But oh when they find out and come to attack, the Death Star II would be fully operational.

    His smile grew wider, there was no stopping him this time.
  15. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2005
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    Cloud City

    The empires troops stormed the bridge connecting the residental sector to the mining center, the police hade made some barracades to stop the adavance but there was not much anyone could do. Lobot hade pushed back the empire some ways but not far enuf to make an attack on landing pad 1e2f where all the imperials where coming from. Two large pillars colapsed becaude of the empirs constart fire. Civlians still ran wild like animals in the burning streats of the now dieing cloud city,lobot hade made his way to the door of landing pad 1e2f and was perparing to blow it up, he saw what look like 2 imperial landing crafts coming so he had to act fast, lobot busted open the door and blaster where blazing he tok the last stoormtrooper out with a blaster to the head, lobot placed a bomb to the bottom of the landing pad and ran back twenty feet, BOOM the landing pad fell to the lower reaches of the city, the craft departed to anoth sector. Lando was sending a message as fa as he could to see if anyone would help him

    Lando:please anyone help me, im lando callraision and this message is from cloud city i need you help the empire hase come please i need your help

    the message traveled to hoth to dagoba as even far as coruscant this was a dark hour for cloud city and lando, lando ran past to policeman stationed in the entertament region, lando ran into the cantina and got a gun, he cantina he hade gottin a drink from an hour ago was not covered in smoke and had barrackdes in it and turned over tables, lando taked to the man in carge of the cantina

    Lando:has the empire attacked here or gotten anything

    Cantina Owner: weve been attacked three times its crazy im going to leave as soon as possibel.
  16. DarthNerezza21 Jedi Youngling

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    OoC: I am going to take limited amount of control of Lando.

    IC: Vader & Lando

    Lando's throat began to fill with pain. It got worse over the passing seconds, like someone was literally choking him to death. Then he began to float in the air.

    Vader kicked over a table seperating him from Lando. "You will cooperate," he told the choking Lando. "Or suffer the consequences." He tightened his Force grip.
  17. Only-One Cannoli Ex-Mod

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    IC: Mara Jade

    The Emperor was up to something. Mara was sure of it...and she knew for a fact that it had something to do with that Skywalker. The wretched little scurrier had slipped out of the Empire's grasp one too many times. Maybe at last, Palpatine would grant her the privledge of wiping him from existance. No Jedi was above her skillz.

    Mara stalked down the hall of the Emperor's ship, towards his thrown room. She was in need of a challenging assignment...perhaps an assasination.
  18. Darth-Leahmic Jedi Youngling

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    Emperor's Throne Room, Unfinished Deathstar II

    IC: Palpatine

    His young hand walked into his throne room, his throne slowly creeked to face her. His face looked ancient and old, yet it showed power. He knew what hand had wanted, he always let others speak, even if he knew the situation.

    "What is it you request, my hand?" He asked with his yellow eyes fixed on her.

    Tag: Mara Jade.
  19. Only-One Cannoli Ex-Mod

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    IC: Mara Jade

    Mara gazed emtoionless back at the Emperor. "I believe that I must ask you the same question...I do not understand why I have undergone such tedious training, and yet still, I'm assigned to novice missions. I need something more challenging...perhaps, involving this Skywalker?"
  20. The_General_Grievous Jedi Padawan

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    lando slow droped to his knees gasping for air

    Lando: vader please vader ill do what want just let me go, ill do anything with no hesitation vaderrrrr
  21. David_Skywalker Jedi Youngling

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    Darth Nerezza was banned.
  22. O-Zone-angel05 Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Princess Leia
    Species: Human
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120
    Eye Color: blue
    Hair Color: brown
    Hair Style: long
    Facial Hair: none
    Alignment: good
    Occupation: princess
    Bio: she is a princess,she kicks butt and find her self in love with luke/adaking sky walker... which ever!
  23. Only-One Cannoli Ex-Mod

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    banned? ahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good stuff.
  24. masterjedi343 Jedi Master

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    banned for what?

    good rp so far.im gonna keep a eye on it
  25. kiskolou Jedi Knight

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    name:leia organa
    hieght:1.5 meters
    eye color:brown
    hair style:cinnamon buns
    facial hair:none
    occupation:rebel alliance commander and former alderaan embasador
    goals: to destroy the empire and bring peace to the galaxy!!

    notes: by the way, i'm really not a girl.
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