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GALACTIC CIVIL WAR,The Complete Version

Discussion in 'Greenville, SC' started by Dark_side_fatty, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. Dark_side_fatty

    Dark_side_fatty Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 26, 2002

    Star clusters fill the sky as a large ship comes into sight.It is a star destroyer,the most feard of all the imperial ships.
    A warning is issued as the fist shots are fired.The observation deck is hit,the smaller ship dives violently into the planet.

    ''Captain,we got them sir!''Said Commander Rajin,an officer for the imperial land forces,who is on the ship to learn about how to handel arrial landings.
    Capt. Sepa: ''Good,inform the Admiral that our patrols in the area are finished,''
    Rajin: ''Yes,sir.''
    The commander snapped his boots and walked out of the hanger.As Rajin was about to push the little white button on the elevation platform,he noticed something strange,a shuttle was landing, not so strange was it to see a shuttle land in the hanger,but to see the cheif of the ground forces at Roxius on a star destroyer.What could he possibly want?

    Rajin did not have to wait long to see the stormtroopers pour out of the shuttle behind him.The commanding officer must have been charged with treason.Suddenly,shots rang out from above.The ship burst a flame.Rajin could do nothing but stand and whatch as the Star Destroyer fell to pices.What's going on?

    Rajin borded the shuttle and did not wait for the systems check to complete.The shuttle flew out of the hanger,only to see the Super Star Destroyer Executer bombard the small Imperial II Star destroyer.

    ''Shuttle Txeria,prepare to be borded!''

    ''You have failed me,commander,that rebel ship warned the fleet of our arrival,''
    Vaders words haunted the mind and minipulated the tounge.
    ''I had nothing to do with the Sanctosa!I was learning arrial assulat,I...''
    Vader walked away.

    ''Admiral,you might want to look at this report,it comes from the area east of Mon Calamari,'' Well,that wasn't so hard.Thought Cadet Enirff.
    ''Thank you,cadet.''Aserio said,this was his fist time ordering the fleet to retreat.
    Sirens went carzy,the warning bells started flashing.How could the-
    ''Admiral,enemy ships in sector 328!''
    ''Prepare to jump to hyperspace on my mark!''
    ''We can't,they've got us in their tracking beams,''
    ''Then fire away!Send out those fighters,tell them-''
    The cruiser shook as flames erupted from portside,only a few fighters managed to get away from the blast.
    ''Get us out of here you fool!''

    ''Ahh,General Talka,what troubles you old friend,''said the Emporer
    ''It's the Death Star sir,most of my best men were taken from the palace,and I was''Talka stopped himself he knew he had said to much.
    ''All will be revield in time,but,you,Talka will be going to that Death Star as well,''The Emporers voice was so inocent and calm, it could drive a man insane.
    There was something about the Emporer that he could not figure out,something that helped him see into his soul and change it to his will.Could it be?It is something not widely spoken of,and if so only in rumors around the palace.
    A smile spread across the Empores face.

    Rajin stood,gazing out among the stars,he wonderd,what was Vader searching for that was so important,that he would crush anything in his way.

    Enriff cried,if only the ship had escaped.If only he had not fumbled about with the controls after the 3rd star board ion engine had exploded.The ship was in bad shape,and was scraped for its parts.Most of the fleet made it away in time.But,the ship I was on,thought Enriff,was nearly destroyed.After the skirmish,the total loss was 10,000 lives,and 3 ships.

    And here we are on this Icy hell!Running from the Imperials when we should make them pay for what the did!I will make them pay.

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